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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 35  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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and 16 refugees currently living in overcrowded migrant camps on greece's eastern islands will be transferred to the mainland and asylum seekers have had their applications rejected will be deported without appeal the government also plans to activate a maritime surveillance system which had not been put in place under the previous government it also wants to reunite more than 100 unaccompanied minors with family members already residing in other european union countries people continue to cross from turkey to greece despite a 2016 deal between turkey and the european union well earlier i spoke to research here on greece and cyprus at amnesty international she said she says that these measures by the greek government won't stop people from coming as many don't consider turkey to be a safe country people still want to stick security my activists watch spork on the island have told me that the lot of them are from afghanistan but they're also syrians coming it's so i suppose they really really feel scared
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that they don't consider turkey to be a safe country for them as women tend repeatedly so this is where they're seeking the safety. the the all cars made the island's open preserves for the people who are stranded there and then you government does not transfer quite many of them since it came into power so that transfers were diminished through in the summer so that has also caused this kind of very difficult situation where we have or near 11000 people stranded in the morea what sport in dire conditions. in the u.s. hurricane dorian is gaining power and full cost is a warning that a category $4.00 storm is likely to grow even stronger it's expected to bed down on the bahamas early next week before scuttling along the florida coast and then making its way up the coast of georgia and the carolinas it sustaining top wind speeds of 230 kilometers per hour raising fears that dorian could become the most powerful hearkened to hit florida's east coast in nearly 30 years on these affairs
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simpson hurrican windscale a category 4 hurricane packs wind speeds of between 209 and 251 kilometers per hour according to the scale it's likely to cause catastrophic damage to buildings snapped trees and downed power poles prompting widespread power outages even behind a trail of destruction that renders the area uninhabitable for weeks or even months and there is particular concern for the impact this storm could have on the bahamas unfortunately we have forecasted to still be out of the bahamas and credibly dangerous situation for the both of us because if you think about it that point right there 8 pm sunday this is monday this is tuesday that's not a lot of movement so that has incredible amounts of rainfall that's a major hurricane force winds over the bahamas for that extended period of time rain winds and the storm surge keeps rolling off so you buddy viewing us today from
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the bahamas listen to the local officials i can't stress it enough is a very dangerous situation for the both of us. florida's kennedy space center in cape canaveral nasa staffers have moved a mobile launcher to secure it during the american story and is posing a significant threat to the state as he was saying and could cause major damage to the space launch site commercial flights in and out of orlando have been halted and walt disney world in orlando is expected to be affected as well governor ron dissenters has activated 2 and a half 1000 national guard troops with another $1500.00 on standby donald trump sold himself to republican voters as an expert deal maker he said he would boost u.s. exports to china and fix discrimination against u.s. firms instead he's escalated a trade war with china and triggered fears of a broader global slowdown as the u.s. prepares to sit down with beijing for more trade negotiations in september our
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white house correspondent kimberly hulk it takes a look at trump's record on trade. on the campaign trail donald trump boasted that no one strikes a trade deal better than he does and we need a truly great leader now. we need. a leader that wrote the art of the deal but after more than 2 and a half years in office trump has negotiated only one major deal that hasn't been approved in 2018 he withdrew the united states from the north american free trade agreement or now after a deal to replace it known as the u.s. m.c.a. has been signed but has still not been passed by the u.s. congress i think if we're looking at. trade. policies. with the global economy we have to see that his trade policies have been.
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trucked last month announced a deal to sell more american beef to europe but he's untag and eyes europeans with levies on foreign steel and is threatening tariffs on cars at a recent g 7 meeting floated the possibility of a free trade deal with britain after breck's it but he's offered no specifics having heard. him very very also at the recent g 7 meeting trump announced a deal with japan on agriculture and e-commerce but until signed even in trump's words it remains just an agreement in principle i'm not saying they're stupid i like china. i believe they want to do a deal with the tariff so hard in a fairly short period of time china and the united states of raise tariffs on one another in a back and forth trade dispute that continues to escalate and threatens the global economy so why is it so hard for president trump to complete
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a deal he has shown himself to be. not a credible negotiating partner and that's not how you close deals but how that's how you get people to walk away from the table president trump's record on trade has become a political liability with fears of a global recession investors are nervous and u.s. farmers hit hard by chinese tariffs are losing hope that's a problem for trump and unless resolved could hurt his chances for reelection kimberly hellcat al-jazeera the white house. we are on al-jazeera going to bring you all the latest wild sports news that peter will be here with the story of golf's number 402 making his presence felt. in switzerland i. around the world title and to use
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a word to manipulate and influence us trolls thoughts take you just algorithms that a clean developed and designed to push content that says click me every click we make is a value of software but what and in the further 5 part series i did raise in mexico examining how propaganda and proper shape content all through the algorithm on a. set in the discussions police in cape town has struggled to getting steadily down by examining the headlines now under president putin russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform among today's and inspired me but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. time
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after all this bore with peter. mary and thank you very much 22 year old and one who has been killed in a horrific accident during a formula to race in belgium last year's g p 3 champion hit a tire barrier at almost 2 and. and 60 kilometers per hour he's caught in spun back into the path of one man well. he was unable to avoid the frenchmen and he's cost side on subsequently ripping it in half the race was abandoned following the crash as well sunday's 2nd race which was due to be held before the formula one grand prix if one champ lewis hamilton paid tribute on social media saying that and one
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was a hero as far as he was concerned for taking the risk he did to chase these dreams and hamilton was lucky not to be injured in his own high speed crash at spa he almost missed qualifying after crashing heavily into the final practice session is mechanics had just 2 hours to completely repair the front end of his car and they finished with the 1st qualifying session already underway hamilton will start from 3rd behind an all ferrari front row of the charlotte clare secured pole position 7 tenths of a 2nd ahead of sebastian vettel. it's painful because you know how many people worked so hard to build those parts and then you know how hard the guys work to put the party get there and i knew that to be a tough challenge but you know my my guys that they always work and give 110 percent and i'm so grateful for that and really trying to just pay them back with a good qualifying session so considering i meant to be 3 and a lot of the one actually really. liverpool have maintained a 100 percent winning start to the english premier league this season on saturday
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a chris would only goal together with saudi oman a and rebirth of amino golds wrapped up a 3 no win against burnley that's 4 wins from 4 as part of a club record run of 13 straight league wins now. but this team creates wants to write their own stories and want to create their own history and doing and doing and doing so that it can that's one is the number of 13 games in a row the other thing is in the 13th game of serious showing the attitude to boys showed today that makes it that makes it all you have to show. respect to all opponents in the boys to that bit attitude. it's been far from a record store for manchester united they have now won just one of their 1st 4 games that's after they were held to a 11 draw by southampton daniel james scored for united early in the 1st off but yet it vested god equalized and even when they went down to take him in southampton held on to share the points. we've dominated the last 3 games and we know that we
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are on the right track getting used to that way of playing in the last 3 games they haven't given us many points in return but we're getting there we're getting better and better. playing this way and we've got to get used to the old team that will get used to it. for today was a matter of we just got the game we wanted we were winning one nil that's when you can get a counter-attack if all chelsea thought they were on their way to a regulation victory against united to tammy abraham goals gave the blues the lead but the premier league new boys fought back and thanks to a late could zuma own goal were able to secure a 22 draw. start defense not defenses crusade in the same so the lack of concentration of mistakes or goals a moments but you defended it same as much as you attack as a tame so we can say because we switch off. there were plenty of
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goals in the premier league's other afternoon games leicester were too strong a term for bournemouth newcastle and watford played out a 11 draw goals from kevin the brain and sergio agüero and should manchester city beat brighton well they were also wins for crystal palace and west ham united. it was a goal 1st when also soon a host of barcelona in legere on saturday roberto thought is put the hosts and friends after only 7 minutes before and sue fatty equalized the boss or put the visitors in the lead but they couldn't stay in front tories would score the 2nd of the match this time from the penalty spot as it finished 22. meanwhile bologna a coach since some holiday cheer is been making his return to football following a month of chemotherapy for leukemia you see most of it special belong is little better soriano headed in a stoppage time go to seal a one victory. rafael nadal has eased through to the round of 16 at the
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u.s. open the spaniard needed just under 2 hours to beat south korea and a young child in the straits sits at flushing meadows defending u.s. open champion their soccer players american teen sensation corey goff later on saturday in a much anticipated 3rd round earlier another team bianca who made it through to the round of 16 for the 1st time the canadian beating former world number one caroline wozniacki in straight sets 646 while. argentina's under saddam era leads the european masses with just one round to go but the story of the 3rd day's play at the tournament taking place in switzerland was that of italy's really not all parts or a given me is ranked 402 in the world there is a good chance that most people haven't even heard of him but those shots on the 13th hole guaranteed him some fame at least for one day he is tired from the final shots behind a medal so he will certainly feel he has a chance. and that's where we'll leave it for now most of all coming up again later
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marion thanks very much. that's the news out that i will be back with a full and used very short to round up of the day's top stories coming up they say without is there now. september on al-jazeera with ethiopia taking its 1st steps into democracy al-jazeera meets for diversity europeans who are reshaping the country's political landscape world leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly
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global issues are on the table and listen host dissects the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover global warming and possible solutions to climate change are on the agenda of the united nations a special 2 part series exposed how human activity has damaged much of the planet and cause some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind september on al-jazeera. one comes in the cost $15.00 of the most polluted cities in the world are in india we look at the cost of people's health also on the government protesters a want hong kong could be plugged into recession an attribute of fortune built on oil and gas know what prices up the climate challenge is. counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is a dialogue let us decide not to have children to save the planet it's what the stake is really human survival everyone has a voice but a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's
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a he did want to visit a little b.h. and literally be able to do a page and ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on al-jazeera. the actions of hong kong police once again in the spotlight as pro-democracy protests descend into violence. i know i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al jazeera also coming up saddam's ousted president tomorrow bashir is charged with corruption and the illegal use of
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foreign funds. q point 2000000 people could be made stateless off to india or excludes them from a citizenship register in assam state. thousands take to the streets across the u.k. to protest against boris johnson's move to suspend parliament. we saw a sour with some breaking news coming to us from the united states there are reports of an active shooting in the city of adesa now this is in the state of texas and as i said this is news that is just coming in to us there are reports from the police there have been some comments being made they say that there are multiple gunshot victims of this according to the police we understand that the suspects hijacked a mail truck and then started shooting at random now this has taken place in the
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middle and and adesa area adesa. in western texas we understand that around 20 people were shot in that area this according to the reuters news agency in terms of the number of attacks at least one gunman at least one attacker possibly 2 shooters and they were in separate vehicles but that is a local t.v. station that has reported that there may be not just one but 2 shooters in separate vehicles one suspects it was me. 2 shots of police officer. and another is believed to taken a us post office vehicle so that the mail truck and they were shooting at random 20 people are ported to have been shot but will try and get some more on that story
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a bit later on. of course we're also following developments in hong kong very closely where i please have stormed a metro station targeting pro-democracy protesters who are accused of vandalizing property the operation disrupted train services and left several people injured it comes after violent confrontations near government headquarters where police fired tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators throwing rocks and petrol bombs when hey as the latest. this has become a weekend ritual in parts of hong kong street battles breaking out between anti-government protesters and police. but this was one of the most intense rounds of violence since the protests began almost 3 months ago. the day had started peacefully the police rejected an application from organizers to hold a rally additionally it was just small religious and student groups that defied the
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ban we need to pay for home sold off and some of them are 1st on the they also have the same idea but the numbers grew throughout the day as people paralyzed some of the city's busiest roads turning them into walkways. by doing so they risked a rest but there was safety in numbers they shouted their 3000000 cries of stand with hong kong and left their mark as they went but it was inevitable that this day would develop like so many others have in hong kong recently the violence started when some people stopped at the offices of the government which adjoins hong kong's parliament this is a building that they stormed back on the 1st of july so clearly once they came to this building the police were in no mood to muck around no mood to allow them to stay here and throw things at the building so that to get started fairly quickly. the protesters have developed a relatively new and dangerous tactic of throwing petrol bombs along with bricks
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and other objects on the other side police fired. guests and deployed water cannons this time laced with dye to try to mock those who had broken the law eventually those demonstrating moved on but the fight wasn't over. the protesters have retreated from the area around the legislative council conflicts but not very far coming to a place close to the headquarters of the hong kong police of bollocks this road this intersection here and sit fire to their barricade taking things to a new level directions were designed to send a clear message to the police and the governments far from being afraid their intensifying they campaign and in doing so the city's crisis is worsening wane hey al jazeera hong kong. well earlier i spoke to sharon hong the executive director of the ngo human rights in china she says that on kong's chief executive kerry land must listen to the protesters. 1st we really must tackle the question of the
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violence is not taking that aside carry lem's call that 1st we must have peace and then we can have dialogue that's ludicrous 1st you must have you cannot have peace in this situation where is clearly rampant violence and i would characterize it as urban guerrilla warfare that state sanctioned by the police against the population you can also see not in these you know very compelling zooming in on the violence of a small group but if you look at the bigger footage in the bigger picture the the residents the community residents every sector of hong kong society have all stood firm and said what we need to move forward is we need an independent investigation of these clearly disturbing acts of state sanctioned use of force and we clearly need a complete withdrawal since she clearly had lied that it was dead it's clearly not dead the extradition bill must be fully withdrawn because that is what is exposing
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everyone to the threat in the danger of a complete assisted. by sudanese judges from any charge president tomorrow bashir with corruption and possession of an essex currency bashir told the court he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound money but that he had not used the money for his own benefit about morgan has been following the trial from the sudanese capital hard to. in the 3rd session of his corruption trial ousted president obama gave his 1st statement today judge. and admitted receiving $25000000.00 from saudi arabia's crown prince but said the money from him had been sold mine was a personal gift and that none was spent personally but given as donations for the judge denied his lawyers request for release on bail. however the judge also
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formally indicted bashir of illicit financial gains and illegal possession of foreign currency his team of more than $120.00 defense lawyers pleaded not guilty on his behalf. but they listen to the prosecutors now it's the turn of the fans now we have the chance to present all the evidence so all the charges are baseless that we prove that the charges of illicit financial gains against the former president. bashir was ousted by military leaders in early april after months of anti-government protests there were sparks by rises in the price of bread and the poor state of the economy days after his overthrow millions of dollars were allegedly found in bashir is home in its worst of fates most of the laws that backed the charges against the former president were drafted during his 30 years in rule and they were passed by the former head of parliament might be brahim up by her who is now head of the defense team the most recent laws were included in a state of emergency bashir declared in february when he banned anyone from
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possessing more than the equivalent of $3000.00. she was the only serving president to be indicted by the international criminal court for work crimes and genocide in the western region of darfur some analysts say while there are reasons as to why bashir would receive money from foreign leaders the corruption charges are just a distraction from what he should really be prosecuted for whoever is. putting up this they are trying to deflect the attention of the public from senior issues that my. bringing those who are already empowered to trial i mean what we know that the genocide has not been committed by one of bushehr himself there are many others included in this scene for now prosecutors are painting a picture of a former president illegally receiving millions from a foreign government while his people suffered an economic crisis and dozens were killed demanding his removal from power people morgan al-jazeera heard some turkish
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president i do want says plans are in place to set up a turkish led operation to secure a safe zone in northeast in syria in the coming weeks meanwhile at least 13 people have been killed and at least 2 dozen engineered in an attack in syria's province but it's myth has more now from hatay near the turkey syria border the u.s. led coalition is confirming that it targeted a building to the east of city that it says was connected with a group linked to al qaeda or a training facility in al jazeera sources on the ground we've spoken to sources who confirm that they say that this was a training center for this group connected with al qaida it encourage people from all ages young boys to teenage men to older men to come to training that's why we we have seen video where at least there is clearly one injured child in the video but that it was the issue with the scent of the all age groups but it was believed
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to be this training center for this al qaeda connected group and it's an indication really of the concern not just that turkey hasn't of the russians have but also that the americans have that in this last rebel held part of syria the northwestern part of syria there are these hard core groups resisting conducting a last stand. in india nearly 2000000 people have been excluded from a citizens' register in assam and are at the risk of being declared stateless they will now have to prove they are not foreigners or face detention the national register of citizens was created more than 60 years ago to determine who came to the state from what was then east pakistan now called bangladesh during the partition of india priyanka gupta reports from galati. anxious saturday in the south people lined up since early morning to find out if their names are on the state's final list of citizens 47 year old we generally have
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on a farm would probably village is on the list but his wife and 3 children. i'm very worried about in my heart if you're very sad. this elderly couple who go hearty also trying to understand what went wrong. was born in assam and has lived here all his life his entire family is on the list except him and his 2 daughters i wanted you to know between who are on the list submitted the same document my daughter and i submitted that as well so how can we be excluded those excluded from assam's final register of citizens will have to appeal and foreigners tribunals like these with $120.00 days wide screwups including amnesty international are calling for transparency as they have been several reports suggesting that some proceedings have been biased and discriminatory as we
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were the group that spearheaded the protest movement against foreigners the all the some students' union says the list should be longer is number does not mean you will be all of it declared regard by the government to be going to us and we expected more that's our feeling so we are not happy. so you feel that there maybe somewhere or in the process. and the answer is not complete so for a remedial mr will it proves to be honorable supreme court of india. and the hindu nationalists b.g.p. the ruling party in both italian assam state says it's alarmed it says it will appeal to india's high scored to rivero fi the documents of indians living in post and dominated puerto districts the b.g.p. try to pass a law earlier this year.


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