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tv   Schooling Koreas Grandmas  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2019 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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released this video in a boy's sailing on the long haul why. would the i know you're. hosting say it is highly softly. outsold take comfort from. it was a characterization with significant legal implications. anyone charged with rioting faces up to 10 years in prison. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. ah ah ah ah it was a sea of black as hong kong was returned to the streets on the 16th of july. they marched despite an announcement by lamb that she was suspending debates on the extradition bill indefinitely although harry lamb has postponed
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a tradition. do not allow the people or even the pan democratic legislative council has to stop extradition from passing in fact in 12 days the governments can restart their extradition bill can restart the whole legislation process. of the. costs and signs reflected the growing anger towards the police. last who are accused of using excessive force in clearance operations outside government headquarters. adding to the outrage the death of a protester a day earlier. he had been staging a one person demonstration when he fell from a building. in the weeks that followed 6 protesters killed themselves for reasons that may or may not be linked to the movement.
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really don't want to see more some size happening. you know understand that this coming. contagious this. campaign. when you. talk to us we are. together with. 9 days off of the 1st major protest jeffy. executive carrie lam told the people of hong kong that she was sorry the concert was over the past few months have been caused by deficiencies in the work of the government over the amendment exercise this has led to controversies this bill was announced in society. for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong.
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for these protesters it wasn't enough when right when the model so i don't know how i'd sit with my own money so i get to try was they also wanted nam to stop categorizing the june 12th protest as a riot and to set up an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality. but lam wasn't budging. police for their part insisted that actions were necessary and proportionate my office is empty you know cauldrons was our guidelines. and they rightfully use some force to protect themselves and other people at the scene was protesters responded with increasingly radical action. was police headquarters was surrounded and
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besieged multiple times bad entrances blocked buildings vandalized. it was an embarrassment for a forest once known as asia's finest. probating nor make-a michael 10 believes lam should shoulder much of the blame. all does discarded by the chief executive herself she made a pretty good decision it backfired she's a new one to carry resulted putting the police in between really. isn't fair to the police. or what's made things worse for the police of the new tactics employed by protesters. they've taken pains to hide their identities. and have no known leaders. most of the organizing is conducted online most or more people are using on my forum for l. i e p.g.
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. have a lot of mobilize ation actually originated from that for us all and bad they moved the telegram and anyone can speak i didn't follow all the messages those messages are being over flowing like crazy over a 1000 and say had to fit their minutes. the approach can generate a lot of noise but also plenty of ideas. ahead of the g 20 summit a series of advertisement calling for international support for the movement appeared in major newspapers across the world. strikingly there was now a 5th demand for universal suffrage or free and fair elections for the city's chief executive and football its lawmakers. the project was run by volunteers many of whom had never met each other in the start but crowdfunding on 25th of june which
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is a tuesday and then within 8 hours 6700000 were collected. everything was just let them come like that and then within 2 days even the newspaper were published. at around the same time a different group decided to organize a march. on aids if i go where i was i'm going to hire you to go off that i see will not come hey mom told oh i see it are her alive i see how he's hanging i got my fingers on at each stop protest is urged g. 20 nations to raise the issue of hong kong during the summit in osaka to. protest this said both this and the advertising campaign evolved separately and organically in line with the philosophy embraced by many in the movement. of water . a same popularized by hong kong screen legend bruce lee meaning to be adaptable and to go with the flow. that also means nothing about the movement as predictable
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as the events of the 1st of july what to show. it was the 22nd anniversary of hong kong's handover to china and for the 1st time ever the ceremony was taking place indoors. outside 3 metre high barriers surrounded the venue. in various chat groups they had been calls for protesters to disrupt the ceremony police when taking any chances. was. looking good but they didn't see this coming. on able to get past police lines protesters turned their attention towards a different target let's just it's of council building. to move on the old guard. or the having a party or carry guns all they didn't know what the. were going to. you
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know all of. them all and all the long time they got to the meeting it was several croton more procedural make has a right soon after the morning of severe legal consequences oh. hello dolly was on the knock. out of. the ball. lock. stock was. going on the other 7 thing. on the other side of the blast panels dozens of armed police looks on.
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the break in happened as hundreds of thousands of hong kong has marched peacefully at the annual july 1st rally. and on the way there were greeted by these protesters. many he did the cool although few went to the front line. instead they showed their support in other ways human chains postone supplies to those trying to break in. at around 9 pm the 1st group of protesters were finally entering the lets just as of council. police were nowhere to be seen. a protester the face the emblem of the hong kong special administrative region was . others draped the city's colonial era flag on the speaker's podium.
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and other tour up a copy of hong kong's constitution the basic law. almost. all up almost. all of all but perhaps the person who made the bold this move was this young man was going to hold up i know much of it i got it all is a lot of the time like it was when i heard about what was only choices i saw him a lot of yourself putting on months and weeks and we got some thoughts like oh it was. brian learn a ph d. student based in the us. after this extraordinary night we've managed to speak to him on the phone. in the city council as you know very undemocratic system
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of laws to a very undemocratic politics and deprivation all about freedom over the past you know you the moment you step into don't like to say to change there's no turning back and it's going to be and now will now have a moment that we have to join forces to. do something. i got by would you like they could reach to release a statement reiterating that to mons but the cool to occupy the chamber didn't draw much support you know like the look of the. day but i've been taught and i do tend to live with all those who leave the will bow bow a high moral value and i want them home i don't want to quit their home with on target on either would think. they want their young to god you gonna say oh ok i'm going to. despite knowing the risks rex was one of a handful of protesters who decided to remain. but some of their
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fellow protesters had the other ideas was. and was was much was the gun play on by thing and yet it was kind of all some thing that would all agree with what was was it colonel up on the point i wanted a warm. feeling a little bent imo about the law. by yes busy when you think that old. thing then highly unlikely they don't call them from hey go home don't you know what my new
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movie is that kodak i want. us. outside police moved in with tear gas. but by then most of the protesters were gone. at 4 am that morning the chief executive. if cool the press conference i hope community at large will agree with us that with these fallen acts at we have seen it this right for us to condemn it and hope society will return to normal a soon as possible and we're not be feet you know let us see here the walk for put the public condemnation didn't quite materialize for hong kong's protest as the fight was far from over next week on people i'm po-r.
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questions i'm recriminations auto suspected try of members attacked protest as and commutes has i to train station and then a climb down the government will perform money with trolled a bill in order to truly a lay public consents but would it be enough ah 3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale that would virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition law escalated into a broader pro-democracy movement so how and why did this crisis develop and what would follow in the 2nd of 2 special reports people in power examines the cool
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susan possible consequences of homegrown summer of defiance on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. the bahamas prime minister describes a historic tragedy after hurricane dorian produces parts of the island nation to rubble. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i'd rather be ditch his plans are in tatters but you case prime minister says he'd rather die
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than ask the e.u. for another box that delay. as sudan appoints its 1st female foreign minister we hear from other women fighting for a leading role in the political transition. and we'll tell you what scientists suggest could be hiding at the bottom of walk pass and it is not a monster. dorian is battering the east coast of the united states we have live pictures from wilmington north carolina that is on the. the atlantic coast of the state dorian has killed at least 4 people in the united states by far the greatest impact of course was in the bahamas and as for the country's prime minister says his country has been devastated by a historic tragedy because of hurricane dorian at least 30 people are confirmed dead that number though is rising as rescue workers struggle to recover bodies nearly half of the homes on the worst hit islands of grand bahama are estimated to
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be destroyed or severely damaged but the u.n. says $70000.00 people need immediate relief shelter drinking water food medicine the damage has been catastrophic with one estimate putting property losses at $7000000000.00 that is without considering infrastructure and vehicles have satellite images showing the before and after of dorian's landfall it demonstrates the scale of the destruction on the island nation nearly half of the homes on and grand bahama are estimated to be destroyed or severely damaged and are apple has the latest from marsh harbor on the island. it's early morning in the bahamian island of abaco and esther is sifting through what's left of her home. in the same house you slipped in for the last 56 years. don't worry but if they get things back . and it's hard it was more than how. you quoted. the woman.
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down the road at a nearby airstrip the chaotic scene is playing out everywhere and everything stops in the never goes off if the bottom is go back up the 1st airplanes have arrived to evacuate survivors of hurricane dory t.r.e. nubile is here with her children but there are hundreds of others trying to evacuate and there simply aren't enough claims it's a disaster a lot of people don't live. that's passed away a lot of bodies it's ridiculous no have no homes there's no shelter and it's really really bad here. driving down the road toward marsh harbor it becomes clear why so many people are fleeing this region of the bahamas was the worst hit by the storm. this is about as bad as hurricane damage gets as you can see the scene here in marsh harbor is nightmarish there is debris everywhere there are boats in front of people's driveways the floodwaters have not receded yet and for thousands of
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residents we've lost their homes here that nightmare is far from over. for many of the injured and displaced one of the only places to go is this hospital the only health facility left standing after the storm it's just. this i don't know what the faith of. any minute you can check it they were they would take all good from here . and they give you no hope for you know there's no hope and that may get. it's the but. 7 it could be months before life returns to normal on abaco. some of those who have managed to evacuate may never return in the meantime there are still hundreds of others waiting for their turn to get out. marsh harbor of the bahamas 4 people have died in the u.s. or dorian as bringing high winds tornadoes and flooding to the states of north and
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south carolina and gallagher reports from charleston. as hurricane dorian lingers dangerously close to the u.s. east coast residents of charleston to dealing with downed trees are flooding and tropical storm force winds thousands lost power here tidal surges remain a danger and more than 300000 south carolinians have moved to shelters but most agree things could have been a lot worse this used to it i'm ex-military and this is nothing compared to combat . you know it's it's it's ok as south carolina prepares for a cleanup dorian is now tracking towards north carolina's outer banks the eye of the hurricane may not make landfall but this will be a close call for an area already under mandatory evacuation this will be a brush by whether it comes ashore or not the eye of the storm will be close enough to cause extensive damage in north carolina tornadoes produced by the power of
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dorian have been reported throughout the region forming and touching down with little warning for south carolina though the storm is passing albeit slowly some 3 have a lot of trees that have blown down but frankly the wind changed direction bearing the city from those large tidal surges dangers remain from flash flood thronged go through when the forecast is and i watching for that long predicted eastern turn of hurricane dorian and now north carolina will be vital residents in emergency staff in north carolina are now bracing for the power of dorian as it creeps northwards this may be the closest yet the dorian has come to the u.s. coast and the danger is a still life threatening stay informed no your zone if you're zone is an evacuation zone get out there's no reason to stay behind and become a statistic or become a problem for 1st responders to have to deal with as hurricane dorian continues its
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slow path hurricane and tropical storm warnings remain in place the system is so big there are watches in place as far north as message. suits but for now it's north carolina that remains in dorian's past the gallic road is era charleston south carolina. u.k. prime minister boris johnson has declared he'd rather be dead and a ditch then asked for another delay to bracks and he made that blunt remark after suffering heavy defeats in parliament and being abandoned by his own brother who's quitting the government andrew symonds reports from london. boris johnson may have suffered a humiliating defeat at attempts to call a general election but here in the north of england you could be forgiven for thinking the campaign had already begun do you want this government to take it's not. the 31st or do you want john recall being a labor party to go to that crucial summit in brussels table the 17th can you make a promise today to the british public that you will not go back to brussels and ask
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for another tonight yes and so you can and would you like that i'd rather be dead in a ditch it's a good day stale johnson's day had started in downing street with a visit from u.s. vice president mike pence and this was the message from the white house that the united states is ready willing and able to immediately negotiate a free trade agreement with the u.k. the national this is. the table as far as the gauge. and. we're not using all that already. we have we have a already thinking of already. then light sounds off the remark aimed at the labor opposition leader i've. shot thank you very much but it's time to move on and i thought i was writing the passive story i think apart there's nothing funny about the latest resignation and the prime minister's brother joe johnson quitting as
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junee a business minister he tweeted in recent weeks i've been told between family loyalty and the national interest it's an unresolvable tension and time for others to take on my roles like the prime minister was asked about his brother's departure. if your own brother come back you why should anyone else joe doesn't agree with me about the european union because it's a it's an issue that oversea do divides families and divides everybody but i think what joe would agree is that we need to get on and sort this thing out and so what next all seems set for boris johnson to again seek parliamentary approval to called an election next monday but does the labor leader jeremy corbin accept that all scupper it again with boxing in boris johnson even more than he is already under it simmons out 0 westminster patrick diamond is
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a senior lecturer at queen mary university school of politics and international relations he says a general election is almost inevitable but it's unlikely to provide any answer to the crisis. well the mood in the labor party is somewhat splits there is a group around jeremy cope and he would like to have an election as soon as possible so when the legislation is passed formally through parliament at the beginning of next week they would want to move very quickly to an election i think there is a mood also though among other labor m.p.'s and among some of the other opposition parties who would like to keep boris johnson hanging for longer this is partly of course to avoid the calamity of a new deal bragg's as they would see it keep johnson and say that the new deal is properly avoided but in addition to that wait longer and put johnson on the pressure there's a sense that he is perhaps too weakened to crumble the longer he stays in that position the more vulnerable to look an awful the easier he might be to beat in the general election give him a bit more rope essentially but he also points to a real crisis of trust doesn't it i mean half of that more than half of that was
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probably simply doesn't trust the word of this prime minister yeah that's been i think boris johnson's fundamental problem in all of this we have a prime ministerial system in britain not a presidential system and when the prime minister loses the confidence of the majority of m.p.'s in the house of commons let's not forget m.p.'s in his own party in some cases because of the 21 m.p.'s who lost the whip their position begins to weaken and as things stand boris johnson has fewer than $300.00 m.p.'s who support him on the whip that's not a tenable long term position so he is really running seriously out of options it's not clear where he goes from here for science and started a busy day by meeting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu they held talks inside 10 downing street both agreed on stopping iran from acquiring nuclear weapons but same but odds on how to do that johnson stressed the need for dialogue and diplomacy and netanyahu wants to up the pressure on tehran before there are any negotiations and iran has confirmed its further scaling back its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal which has been rattling since the u.s.
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pulled out and re impose sanctions on friday iran will begin developing centrifuges to speed up the enrichment of uranium which can produce fuel for power plants or be used at atomic bombs president assad rouhani has warned that his country's energy program will soon operate without limits. so dan as its 1st female foreign minister us magdala is among 4 women included in the cabinet which is separate from the sovereign council that will lead the country until elections within 3 years about morgan imports from khartoum after days of deliberation by the country's prime minister the names of members for sudan's 1st cabinet of ministers appointed since the ousting of longtime president already bashir were announced. that you either don't you know us and knew that if you. do some. we start today and you face for a country if you manage well it will pave the way for us to build a sudan that we are all proud of the 1st priority of the transitional government will be ending conflict.


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