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tv   Schooling Koreas Grandmas  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2019 8:32am-9:00am +03

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chickens. we're living in an era in which we don't need to think about wealth but about survival if you have enough to buy shoes you can produce food which are the essentials along with health you can live well chico is one of the founders of a sustainable development settlement here in one of who there are 160 families who live off the forest without destroying it but this oasis is being increasingly ravaged this is what the untouched amazon rain forest looks like almost impenetrable and just across the road here is the perfect example of what brazil's president calls opening up the amazon for economic development and progress protecting the forests trim illegal loggers and cattle farmers is dangerous she could takes us to see the charred remains of what was the settlements community center. the land grabbers wanted to take our land and thought if they burned down our community area we wouldn't be able to rebuild again and leave. 1000 people have
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been murdered here in our pool in killings related to land disputes she shows us where he was stabbed a few years ago the knife pierced his lung this with only 3 environmental agency officers assigned to an area larger than all of england it's almost impossible to protect the community or the forest has passed a prosecutor said that. the legal activities that impact the environment such as mining and logging are done in the most remote areas where the local power structure is linked to criminals and now we have severe budget cuts for policing along with the government discourse that encourages illegal activities. most of the members of the community would too afraid to appear on camera but she remains defiant. even so you don't have to look far to see that at least for now he's losing the battle to preserve his rain forest you see in human and up in brazil.
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in the united states the former south carolina governor mark sanford says he's entering the race for the republican party's presidential nomination he becomes the 3rd republican to challenge president donald trump who remains popular within the party former massachusetts governor bill weld on the former congressman joe walsh have also launched campaigns. the u.s. agency which monitors elections has effectively shut down the federal election commission says it no longer has enough members to operate after the resignation of its vice chair last month this despite intelligence agencies warning that the 2020 presidential elections or at risk from foreign meddling are white house correspondent kimberly reports well a political revolution. more than a year away but u.s. politicians are already campaigning to become america's next president but there is
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fear foreign governments will interfere with the 2020 vote both congress and u.s. intelligence agencies warn foreign meddling from not just russia but also china and iran is now threatening the next u.s. election the russians are absolutely intent on trying to interfere with our elections making matters worse the federal election commission or f.e.c. that preserves the integrity of u.s. voting has stopped fully functioning that's because last month the commission's vice chair resigned the 6 member agency is now down to just 3 members it needs 4 to operate. the f.t.c. is considered one of the frontline agencies combating election interference it was working to bolster transparency for online political ads the same ads used by russian operatives to manipulate voters on social media in 2016 there was no collusion whatsoever
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a justice department investigation found kremlin linked associates contacted the campaign of donald trump in 2016 even though authorities determined none of it was illegal we know different state actors and non-state actors could be trying some of the same things that were tried in 2016 or expanding that playbook to more ways the f.e.c. also investigate campaign finance violations and fire. campaigns not following the law when it comes to so-called dark or secret money donations from potentially illegal sources but without a quorum the f.e.c. can't do its job we're dealing with a situation where the money is pouring into the election more money than ever is coming into the presidential election the congressional elections but right now there's no $1.00 poring over that to make sure the rules are being followed the influence of dark money on the 2020 us presidential election is expected to exceed
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$1000000000.00 and it's not clear when the f.e.c. will be fully staffed to investigate that spending that means that money attacking political candidates will continue to flow from the shadows denying us voters election transparency can really help get al-jazeera the white house swartz's this coming up in just a moment and this chicago cubs player decides to take the phrase keeping your eye on the ball literally. over the decades millions of arabs have moved from the middle east many refugees but others economic migrants taking their skills abroad. al-jazeera world meets to talk to us to forge new lives and a story and the u.s. . never forgetting their roots. but each committed to building
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a new life helping others. arabs abroad. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we must go through to the better we are diagnosed we can proceed mexico you know stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can move according to the fishing line section al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you moved winning documentaries and deny news.
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time for the sports sins with leah thank you so much well we start with formula one and ferrari have claimed their 1st home victory in nearly a decade charles look cleric won the italian grand prix to claim his 2nd straight victory after winning and belgium last week the last time for everyone at monza was just 12 years old and racing go carts mercedes is about to be both us was 2nd and championship leader lewis hamilton 3rd look clerk overtakes his ferrari teammate sebastian vettel in the overall standings after the german finished way down in 13th. danny. why there are no words to describe this feeling i mean i think it's yeah it's going beyond my my dreams yeah a podium with so many people so many red people singing exactly the same thing and
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just cheering for for the same for the same color and for the same team so it's absolutely amazing it's a it's an incredible day. 1000 year old bianca and the risk who was crowned canada's 1st tennis grand slam champ after she stunned serina williams in straight sets to win the u.s. open women's title david stokes has more since. this was surreal to williams his 4th chance to equal the grand slam record standing in a white a playoff her age bianca and rescue williams had will support this one make it buckle sitting alongside her coach bob and sister venus in the players' books but it was the youngster he looked all comfortable in this battle of the generations playing in the main draw or flushing meadows for the 1st time address who showed great skill and power to lead williams hopeless on the other side of the net the 15th seed took the excess 6 games to 3 but she did relent breaking 2 more times to meet 51 in the 2nd set and out of serino was on the push of
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a heavy defeat i had risking tightened up but failed to convert to championship points and sure enough back to 4 days old i thought the american crowd were back on their feet but their excitement was short lived and rescue broke once again i managed to wrap things up at the 3rd time to basking. he's the 1st canadian to wear the tennis slab of prime minister justin trudeau tweeted that she made the country proud address who is also the 1st teenager to win in my guitar too since maria sheriff popa at wimbledon in 2004 at the start of the year she dhoni played 6 to level much is what she's won total of indian wells. toronto and now the u.s. open a place in the history books is secure but no doubt she'll play a big part in the sports teach it to you are 2019 u.s. open the women's champion here not to underestimate. this year has been
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a dream come true and now being able to play on this stage against. a true legend of the sport is amazing as for williams she's now lost for strike major finals and her disappointment was clear to see. just been a bit more serene and. honestly don't think soonish and i'll have you can. show up in. a dress cruise now it's a 5 in the world rankings the pocket so with his check of $3500000.00 not bad for a 19 year old david stokes al-jazeera. australia have retained the ashes after beating england by 185 runs in the 4th test in manchester england needed to bat out the final day to save the ashes trophy but the australian bowlers were able to get
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the 8 wickets they needed it's the 1st time in 18 years that australia have retained the famed urn on english soil. could be a medal of is now unbeaten for $28.00 career fights after unifying the u.f.c. lightweight title he stopped interim champion dustin pouri a bye submission in the 3rd round in abu dhabi and then jumped out of the octagon to celebrate with the u.f.c. president dana white much more welcome scenes than last time he jumped into the crowd when he started a brawl after his victory over qana mcgregor all the talk is about who's next for it could be and he has an idea. my next opponent. very good steak. even if you've been to an old mill and you. use everybody people are going to talk about you have to fight with him you have to fight with team you have to fight with give me justice make. chicago cubs
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shortstop addison russell left the game against milwaukee after getting hit in the head by a 150 kilometer an hour pitch. to go. after undergoing on field concussion tests russell briefly carried on playing in the 3rd inning he stole a 2nd base on the next pitch and then scored before he was ruled out of the rest of the game for their pain for the cubs as they went on to lose $85.00 after more than 90 events the red bull air race series has come to an end with a new world champion australia's matt hall finally grab the title by a single point in japan after competing for it for 10 years paul will be the last ever winner of the competition since sponsors decided to discontinue the race after this year he got the news while he was still airborne. and that put you in 3rd place for the cheap the race but congratulations you have won the 29 world
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championship well done that. skateboarding will make its alleged big debut next year in tokyo and japan are in a strong position to pick up medals if their performance at the park series world championships are anything to go by it's occur to me one that the women's title and japanese scares swept the podium in the men's event sweden's oscar rosenberg helberg pulled off some impressive moves to win another title to go along with his 2017 victory. surfie will also make its 1st appearance at the tokyo games and athletes have been vying for a lympics spots at the world surfing games also in japan many of the surfers are excited about the possibility of being able to call themselves and olympian. pretty early on special to think about you know i had the chance to pop 5 of the tokyo to interview an exit it's just even crazy to even say that they'll be surfing in the olympics i'm i feel so proud i am hoping to move to stay with this sport is going
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to be a part of this incredible. moment well it's all your sport for me will have more for you later. thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera back in just a moment with much more off the day's news coming your way see you in a minute thanks for watching. this for. me the
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cost of priceless results on the threats of the amazon rainforest is a blaze in its links to brazil's drive for would be some sort of production most advanced always global ambitions which have left investors missing some big losses . counting the calls on al-jazeera.
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the afghan taliban says the u.s. has more to lose officer donald trump or broccoli counseled secret peace talks in the u.s. . watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm dead navigator also ahead another week of wrecks at showdowns looms france warns the u.k.
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it might not get another delay even if it asks for one. lined up like tombstones thousands of school backpacks are placed outside the u.n. headquarters to highlight child deaths and conflicts and step inside the museum honoring the german artistic movement that helped. the 20th century. fellow the taleban says the u.s. has the most to lose from donald trump's decision to cancel a secret meeting with the president blamed a series of recent taliban attacks for his shock announcement and the u.s. secretary of state negotiations are dead at least for now reynolds we'll have more from washington shortly but 1st tony brooklier reports from kabul. president trump's early morning tweet canceling the meeting with the taliban surprised many including the afghan government but it has actually welcomed the decision the main
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goal of our piece is is a ceasefire and indicted negotiation with the taliban so these 2 components are very important. the taliban refuses to talk directly with the afghan government who she regards as illegitimate and corrupt but it did agree to negotiate with the u.s. these forces invaded afghanistan 18 years ago after the 911 attacks on america there have been 9 rounds of talks it's october last year but during that time taliban fighters have carried out numerous attacks and suicide bombings and america has also continued its air campaign who just hit the taliban but this year has also caused the biggest number of civilian casualties the latest taliban bombing was in kabul last thursday in which 12 people were killed including an american soldier 2 days later the u.s. president in a tweet ditched what he said was going to be a secret meeting at camp david even as the taliban was claiming responsibility for
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thursday's attack zalmay khalilzad the u.s. chief negotiator was on his way to katter for further talks that were later described as positive but the afghan government said the talks gave the taliban recognition the taliban has responded angrily to trump canceling the talks in a statement released on its website they said the agreement was finalized on saturday both sides agreed to all points they talked about intra afghan talks to begin on september the 23rd but warned that their struggle will continue and the u.s. would suffer more the u.s. has been criticized for offering the taliban too much for raising fears that the country could descend into civil war once the bulk of american forces withdraw if there is a new agreement between the problem in the united states government about the role of the party following forces. that will be the wedding. not the only part of that would be the way the world situation part of that region and the
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international community and that is something that troubles many afghans a lot of arguing as we know the taliban is not trustworthy and they do whatever they want and they misuse islamic laws in a terrifying way this country boy be better with them in the government. we are free of the taliban come out not only will women's rights be violated but also all human rights. all sides appear to agree that militarily they can be no winner in this conflict but also achieving a lasting peace is not going to be easy either where this leaves the peace process is anyone's guess it depends largely on what the taliban chooses to do next either escalate the violence or return to the negotiating table in a different frame of mind afghanistan waits to see which one it will be tony berkeley al jazeera kabul. talks between the u.s. and the taliban are dead at least for the time being following donald trump surprise cancellation of
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a secret summit with taliban leaders at the president's retreat at camp david we made real progress and then the taliban failed to live up to a series of commitments that they had made when that happened president trump said i'm not going to take that deal i'm not going to work with someone that can't deliver on their commitments pump a also said the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan is being recalled and he warned that things are about to get worse for the taliban after fighters took responsibility for a suicide bomb attack that killed 12 people in kabul last week including a u.s. soldier trumps national security adviser john bolton and republican party politicians have been dubious about the nearly year long negotiations hosted by cantars saying taliban leaders are not to be trusted it doesn't seem to get better but i'm sure it will get worse if we leave frankly i think backing away from where we were just dealing with the taliban is the right thing to do leaving troops there for right now is the right thing to do democrats criticized drops to go shooting
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style saying he doesn't take advice from experts that our president isn't listening to his generals to his diplomats to the intelligence community frankly that's largely why general mattis for whom i have huge respect resigned in protest was our president tendency to make a proper decisions without knowing the context or the region and without relying on the advice of the skilled diplomats and generals we have trump has promised to withdraw around $14000.00 u.s. troops based in afghanistan failure to fulfill that pledge could have adverse political consequences in the presidential election a little over a year from now whether the talks are truly dead remains to be seen pompei own noted that trump has employed similar tactics before only to resume negotiations later he walked away and annoy. from the north koreans when they wouldn't do a deal that made sense for america will do that with the iranians when the chinese
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moved away from the trade agreement with the talks on hold the longest war in u.s. history will continue to drag on approximately 2400 u.s. service members have died in afghanistan since 2001 and more than 100000 afghan civilians soldiers and fighters have lost their lives robert oulds al jazeera washington. in what's become a familiar pattern a day of protest in central hong kong that began peacefully has ended in chaos police fired tear gas to disperse people who have walked frode said barricades on fire and vandalized a metro station earlier large crowds rallied without incident at the u.s. consulate some holding signs calling on president trump to liberate the chinese controlled territory from hong kong divya gopalan has more. this is one of hong kong's main shopping districts usually a very busy place on a sunday night and as you can see it's been brought to
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a standstill with white police over here blocking the road they chased the protesters here from the financial district and tried to disperse them using tear gas among the shoppers and the crowds on a sunday night long long ago we saw people running with small children without any protection away from the tear gas so instead now up just protesters here confronting the police well we're seeing as regular shoppers and regular people trying to confront the police off them why they're using such excessive force when there are people who have nothing to do with the protests this has been a constant refrain and this has been the next step in the protests that we are seeing where people want to leave accountability for their actions this is in stark contrast to the protests we saw earlier today when thousands of people marched to the u.s. embassy calling on the u.s. to push through a bill that would give them greater powers to safeguard hong kong's autonomy.
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the british government is preparing for more showdowns this week prime minister boris johnson insists he's sticking to his e.u. departure plan and won't seek an extension beyond october 31 this is despite the fact that a law is about to come into force compelling him to ask for a. delay if no withdrawal agreement is in place well any delay must be approved by the e.u. and france is suggesting it would block any british request for a one. with how things are now it's still no to pushing back to break that deadline the u.k. says they want to push forward alternatives to avoid a no deal but we haven't received anything so we'd still know we're not going to start over every 3 months it's up to the u.k. to show us the way forward prime minister johnson's short time in power has been tumultuous the past week so johnson's own brother resigned from the government
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along with a senior cabinet minister has also lost his conservative government's majority and expelled $21.00 so-called rebel m.p.'s one of whom is the grandson of winston churchill lawrence the reports. london's parliament square is graced with a statue of britain's most famous politician and the ghost of winston churchill his legacy and beliefs have very much been on people's minds in this extraordinary contradictory week. when parliament resumes prime minister boris johnson himself a biographer of churchill invoked the language and even the intonation of the wartime leader to suggest that the u.k. was somehow in a conflict with the european union he used the very same words about the e.u. that churchill had done about nazi germany in 1945 you never surrender that sort of language comes from the playbook of johnson's new chief of staff dominic cummings a brick said idealogue behind the slogan take back control and cummings many
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believe was also behind the brutal treatment of those conservatives who could not accept johnson's agenda contrary to the prime minister's assertion one of those was cynical assumes a conservative grandy summarily sacks with 20 others for refusing to support johnson's do or die approach to leaving the european union but his speech after being told he was no longer welcomed johnson's conservative party was extraordinary not least because johnson had sacked the grandson of winston churchill here they were together in 1954. i'm truly very sad that it should end in this way only does my most fervent hope that this house will rediscover the spirit of compromise humility and understand that will enable us to finally to push ahead with the vital work in the interests of the whole country sitting in front of soames was another conservative rebel richard benyon who was also sex the next day
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he told me of his concerns about the direction the party he loved was being taken in the attitude of some of the people. who were around the prime minister not the not only coming to speak about that yes and you know i think they have a big responsibility for the size of the rebellion last night and some of the things that were said to colleagues of mine more extraordinary. the generally held view is that the johnson administration is now so terrified of nigel farage as breck's it party that despises the european union but it will no longer brook any dissent that was to status in british politics forced the referendum in the 1st place and now it seems he is driving the conservative party.


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