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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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this morning a what china does not want you to see the united states as the superpower is reclaiming land in the south china sea the fact that we're dealing with a situation right now where we the u.s. has to be much more aggressive in dealing with the chinese government c.n.n. has learned that the u.s. navy has about this and it destroyer there let's go to our scene and see if it got exclusive access to classified u.s. surveillance flights over the islands and. the threat to china is becoming big news the media is beating the drums of war as the world is being primed to regard china as a new enemy china's alarming creation of entirely new territory in the south china sea is one part of a broader military push that some fear is to challenge us dominance in the region. china is building and strips in the south china sea on disputed islands condemned by an international tribunals this is now a flashpoint for war between china and america. what is not
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news is that china itself is under threat. these american bases form a joint news been circling china with mrs obama's warships all the way from a straight through the pacific to asia and beyond. i mean if you were in beijing looking out stood on the tallest building in beijing and looked out at the pacific ocean you'd see american warships you'd see guam is about to sink because there's so many missiles pointed at china you look up the korean see american armaments pointing at china you'd see japan which is basically. japan's a glove over the american fist i think if i was chinese i'd have a little to worry about about american aggressiveness and we have china surrounded and we're doing more all the time to try and keep it surrounded and deepen that
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containment of china. but china presents a fascinating case of a country that is independent doesn't have foreign bases on its territory. growing very rapidly not as rapidly now as it did for 30 years but still the 2nd ranking economy in the world we have an adversary and that adversary is china and that adversary unless there is dramatic reform inside china will be our enemy some day when miss. i think really the needs to be dispelled somehow china's aiming to replace america and going to run the world. well 1st of all the chinese are not that stupid the west with this christian. roots are about converting other people into their beliefs the chinese are not about that it's just the again i'm not degrading the western
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culture i'm just pointing out being hara nature of the d.n.a. is a 2 different cultures the chinese 2000 years ago built the great wall to keep the barbarians out and nothing made them. as the world's economic power moves rapidly to asia the response of the united states is to deploy the majority of its naval forces to asia and the pacific this massive military buildup is known in washington as the pivot to asia the target is china. the great power game in the 21st century it's called put petrol. for america's unchallenged dom's industry the annual prize is huge profits from almost $600000000000.00 of military spending.
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once an imaginary weapon on star wars the electromagnetic gun is now reality you're sitting there thinking about these next generation and futuristic ideas and we've got scientists who have designed these and it's coming to life. and the smog of weapons made enemies as a pacific nation and the united states will play a larger and long term role in shaping this region and its future i have directed my national security team to make our presence and mission in the asia pacific a top priority in one sense. is the us already a pole with china yes on the ground and in the air the winner of the nobel peace prize president barack obama has committed to trillions of dollars of to our nuclear arsenal he's committing trillions of future dollars to war in space
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and we need an enemy for all this money and china is the perfect enemy. the aim of this film is to break and silence the united states and china may well be on a path toward a nuclear war is no longer unthinkable in a few years china has become the world's 2nd biggest economic power the united states is the world's biggest military power with bases ships covering every continent and. china is a threat to this dominance says washington who is the threat this film is about shifting and great danger but it's also a film about the human spirit and the rise of an extraordinary resistance among people on the frontline of a coming war where the words never again have an urgent meaning for all of us.
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why. this is bikini the room of an agent underwater volcano in the marshall islands with its necklace of $23.00 islands bikini is a place of beauty and silence and made us. look closely where the emerald. suddenly folds into a vase black hole this is the crater of one of the greatest manmade explosions the hydrogen bomb. they called bravo. if a private an entire island and poisoned almost everything and everyone. has a plane flew low we seem to touch it's deathly void.
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the marshall islands lie in the foss pacific ocean between the united states and asia captured from the japanese in world war 2 they have long been america's strategic secret its stepping stone to asia and china. 7 hips take position 3 miles off to stop are the shattering impact but tomic by. the moderate warships was assembled in bikini. in order to blow them to bits. the decks of the 73 test ships anchored indicating that dawn are steamed up the bridge activity and this but experimental program designed to furnish data on blast
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effect of the mighty atom by animals up many animals were strapped to their decks like a snow was on. the experiment was to see how they'd done it. right all right but out of pride to determine their protector. are part of your care bear to the atom black. today bikini is unfit for human life radiation poisons the food and water.
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shoes registered unsafe on a geiger counter. the abandoned symmetry looks out to where the sun rose one morning then rose again as apocalypse. the equivalent of one hiroshima bomb was exploded in these on every day for 12. you this. beauty has returned to the island but the people have been. exiled to barren islands many of them spoke of in 968 president lyndon johnson told them people safe to go. but it wasn't safe and the u.s. authorities knew it was in sight. i mean.
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at sea then. the wrath. of the willing. yeah anyone and you named them on and on. and then on the cabin. and get on plane you and other that you had given what happened as a result of the bravo test was that a coverup was launched very shortly after march 1 mean there's such a history of wrong information outright lies deception there was no no attempt to take the most conservative approach and make sure that everybody was ok they knew where the right to fall that was going to go. and they took that risk and when they then made known full well equipped. they still had an opportunity to evacuate even on day of the shock but these people were not evacuated we were not
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evacuated and the people. so that only leaves one blown up one believe it number one in the united states and they this from guinea pigs they thought that. the effects of radiation would do. that it's a pretty strong indication that even if they should do it it seems extraordinary here we are this. and of the 21st century talking to people still frightened of all that nuclear fallout all those tests all those years ago the impression i get is that this little trust among people the us is trying to provide as much information as much good information as we can and so i wouldn't accept the characterization that that there have been lies and cover ups that would guinea pigs comes up a lot from these survives i would i would refer you to our embassy website on that
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i've read it and that question was looked at during the clinton administration and that was not the conclusion they came to. the secret of the marshall islands this project full point one declassified documents reveal a scientific program began the study of mice and became a study of human being exposed to radiation. chicago is where it all began i'm for the e.c. are gone lab in chicago last week came 7 men natives of the marshall island leben is from here in the rational radiated by a march 19th for hydrogen bomb. john is mayor of wrong which is 100 miles from the . john as we said. but a happy amenable to. his grandfather ran almost naked on his car and. a white man brought money and religion and a market for it. and is
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a pretty good mayor. iron room is a radiation detector for a human being. inside john. whose 1st visit to the white man's country men time francisco cable car and chicago skyscrapers and streamlined right. 1st visit to the white man's country and the iron rule. these people are getting paid as they are part of the experiment project 4 point one they are being returned to wrong an island a 100 miles from bikini by the u.s. navy they were told repeatedly it was safe to go home. they are being returned to an island described by u.s. atomic energy official has by far the most contaminated place on earth
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he added it will be interesting to get a measure of human uptake when people live in a contaminated environment. the people of. poison island for 28 years as guinea pigs. the objects of regular scientific examination. this is the largest of the islands. occupied by one of america's most important and secretive bases. known as the ronald reagan test site it's a missile. the pacific ocean all the way to asia and china.
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here the people of the mushroom islands of once again being subjected to the testing of weapons of mass destruction designed for a coming war on. the basis part of a remarkable. knownas vision 2020 devised in the 990 s. it's amos described officially as full spectrum dominance. this means control and sea. cyber space and space 54321. from california almost 5. the u.s. air force tests its intercontinental missile by firing them at the marshall.
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imagine a missile coming screaming out of the sky it's absolutely terrifying there i think that there is there's really nothing. that i can imagine that that would be more terrifying than this and we're talking about. devices that any one of them could go off course. none of this disturbs life on the base where small town america has been recreated a wonderland of the suburban good. that realize that there's nothing better than living on a tropical island i'm pretty much of each property you know it's great living here . just across the bay busybody. known as the slum of the pacific more than
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12000 people live here on the strip of land less than a mile long. moony of them refugees from what is now a missile base and from islands poisoned by nuclear testing. every day people from the by are brought to work on the missile base to water the gardens and the golf course. then the ferry back to the positive. this is apartheid in the pacific.
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you find me a. man. any medicine. and. page to pull them through here we've got the tropical. and you need vegetable and for. fish vegetables and fruit but once abundant only by. today fish is contaminated by toxic pollutants so the environmental protection agency. now the only food most people can afford is process and imported they have the highest rate of diabetes in the world. when someone gets really. do they go to the hospital live from the base because
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they've got a pretty modern clinic or. they don't train 3 of them with whom it is in. places where they are for taking the blood and then. what happens when somebody is seriously ill. to him maybe. the most consistent. example given is the example of the ronald reagan missile site and e.p.i. next to it on the ronald reagan missile site is a vivid example of the united states golf courses and. swimming pool.


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