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tv   Guantanamos Child - Omar Khadr  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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as he's off spring he's sweet child i would say the united russia party has been busted in moscow and seriously beaten in the regions after opposition candidates were banned from running in the elections tens of thousands took to the streets in the largest protests in russia in years when the band remained in place and i found he called for a so-called smart vote against united russia his strategy worked in moscow with the ruling party lost one 3rd of its seats mainly to the communist party 4 years elect enough has been the subject of investigations and the attentions the most vocal critic of florida may put in has spent hundreds of days in prison in the last 8 years but never before he managed to hit united russia and indirectly with him as hard as last sunday night vali says he won't give up but looking at the rates today he could be facing some difficult times ahead that fasten al-jazeera. google has agreed to pay a fine and taxes totally more than
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a $1000000000.00 to france the payment ends a 4 year investigation into the u.s. tech giant and may create a legal precedent for other large tech companies with a presence in france the french government is pushing ahead with new taxes on major technology firms despite u.s. president donald trump's threatening to impose retaliatory levies on french wines. a saudi princess says being given a 10 month suspended prison sentence by a french court for ordering a bodyguard to beat a plumber who came to do some work at her paris residence princess has been sound man a daughter of king solomon and sister of crown prince mohammed bin salon claimed the worker had filmed her on his mobile phone the plumber top police he was punched and kicked by the bodyguard and forced to kiss the princess's feet her lawyers say that they will appeal. still to come in this half hour a rout breaks out between robert mugabe's family and isn't about when government of
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a shattering the former leader is lying in state and joe biden prepares to go head to head with bernie sanders and for the 1st time elizabeth warren in the latest debate between the democrats vying to snatch the white house from donald trump. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast or here across parts of the iberian peninsula things are going to be looking much better than what they had been over the last few days we've been seeing a lot of rain across much of that area now friday will still be a rainy day across the area so flooding is still going to be a potential particular down towards the southern part of spain but watch what happens as we go from friday to saturday a lot of that rain begins to dissipate we're finally starting to see some better weather we did have a lot of flooding going on across much of the area there will be
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a few scattered showers across much of the region but nothing like what we saw from the beginning to the end of the week across much of that area with that stalled out area of low pressure across the region for the rest of europe it is going to be a little bit cooler appeared towards the northeast we have a front pushing through temperatures dropping into the high teens down towards the south though we're into the thirty's low thirty's for many locations with rome seeing 30 degrees there bucharest at 30 a little bit cooler in athens with a temperature of 28 now we also saw a lot heavy rain here across the northwestern part of africa better conditions there but the temperature is on its way up in many locations so going to see algiers here starting the day at 29 degrees as your forecast high but by the time we go toward saturday temperatures are into the low thirty's tunis is going to see plenty of sun as well at $32.00 and over here towards tripoli we're going to see a northerly wind at $28.00. this is a. dialogue let us decide not to have children it's what the stake is really going
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to survive all everyone has a voice that must start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a he didn't want this is a horrible creation literally be able to do a ph and ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on mountains iraq. a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera says more than 2000000 people face starvation in somalia after its driest rainy season in more than 3 decades it's
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calling on the world to act before it's too late sudan's new prime minister and several armed groups are meeting to formulate a roadmap for peace talks next month and the british prime minister has been forced to deny lying to the queen about his reasons for the current 5 part. the mourning for former zimbabwean president robert mugabe has been marred by a dispute between his family and zimbabwe's government the government wants to stay burial on sunday at a national shrine in the capital but his family wants him to be laid to rest at a private ceremony in his home village at a date yet to be decided thousands of people have been paying their respects to the former leader at a stadium outside had several people were injured in a crush when the crowd surged towards mugabe's coffin he died in singapore on wednesday at the age of 95. more now from the stadium in harare.
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without a body is now lying in state at a foreign aid because there's been so much confusion in the way of you going to be very the program just keeps on changing the latest update so fond of you that they've been writing a line they've handed our stadium back that available we will turn them in the national coordinator in the capital a liberal if the they are that the state mainly from ethnic sunday bloody goes is religious it's a my way united states people say but it will blow up us be it buddy say goodbye one of the last time the family say right now they don't feel that way no way if you close p.b.s. president and most of that doesn't make a great move on the life early on there's a trampin with a real family made visible so been meeting all day the government is the same with us of all those telling them not to believe everything they hear in social media the insists they are plonking them a loving family trying to find out way and away with law they will be berated but emotions are mixed in zimbabwe about mugabe see it here inside the stadium it's
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a jovial mood the people you see walking the they've just been so lots of pasta and they got to see him one last time the gotta say goodbye they say this cost him a president his life which is not outside the stadium it's a poor neighborhood lots of unemployment levels and of housing some people don't have enough to see the people that have bad days running water people are just trying to do a common thing in zimbabwe these days is just finding fuel people wait for hours in want to get a car holds to get some feel what they want to buy in the country right now that something bob is suspended above in the name of obviously ruining most was a prosperous economy but in the morning p.s.a. right now it's time to celebrate the life of the man they call the founding father of the mob. 4 people have been killed and 13 injured after an improvised explosive device detonated in southeast turkey the explosion near the town of cole a vehicle carrying villagers who were returning home after gathering wood and qatar
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has blamed it on kurdish rebels for afghan soldiers have been killed in a suicide bombing targeting an army base in the capital kabul at least 3 other soldiers were injured in the attack it's the 1st significant attack since u.s. president canceled peace talks with the taliban tony berkely has more from kabul. the suicide bomber struck in the afternoon at an afghan army special forces basic who are 25 kilometers from afghanistan's capital kabul the taliban claim responsibility for the last week there has been apprehension on the streets of kabul for the taliban would launch a violent backlash in response to president trump's cancellation of peace talks so far a major response hasn't materialized inside the city one rocket landed close to the u.s. embassy in the green zone there was little damage and no casualties the lack of attacks is being seen by some as a positive there are still thinking that there is
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a possibility for resumption of talk so if there are war attacks in kabul there will further exasperate the situation we did not want to sign a sign of hope for that. trumpet said the talks were dead but secretary of state mike pompei always indicated the u.s. is still interested in striking a deal and the departure of the national security advisor john bolton who oppose the taliban talks is seen as another encouraging move it has given hope that there will be a resumption of talks but the result was a cab yet now this process can go either way either day would resume the peace stuck or either there will just try to double their power in a very harsh in deadly situation. there is growing international pressure for the u.s. to get back to the negotiating table but also an expectation that any talks should include a cease fire and with good reason. away from the capital the fighting is reported
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to have intensified with the u.s. and the afghan government forces claiming big successes against the taliban the afghan army says it captured this base in buttock shan province on wednesday after 5 years in taliban hands the u.s. claims its recent aerial bombing attacks killed 1000 taliban fighters in a 4 day period and those bombardments may be affecting taliban morale as well including our province more than 150 taliban and i saw fighters have surrendered to government forces but the civilians caught in the fighting are still paying a high price for the. many civilians are still being killed as the fighting intensifies we have asked all sides to reduce the use of or so heavily populated areas but they don't listen if there is some hope that peace talks will be resumed but probably not until after the forthcoming afghan presidential elections they've always been a catalyst for attacks and violence but with the prospect of new talks many here
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are hoping that this time it will be different tony berty al jazeera kabul. the government in the bahamas says dropped the number of people missing following her we can dorian from 2 and a half 10021300 the count fell off the government checks at evacuation centers you official death toll currently stands at 50 but the authorities still expect that number to rise significantly the united states has announced that $4000000.00 in new humanitarian aid will be given to the. politicians in the u.s. to move forward with investigative procedures that could eventually lead to the peach mint of president donald trump the measure allows the democratic led panel to define the rules of an impeachment investigation was approved despite unanimous for public opposition and allows the enhanced questioning of witnesses it's the 1st step in a long process that could ultimately lead to an impeachment. i mean while the us
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democratic party presidential candidates leading in recent polls will debate each other later on thursday it will be the 3rd party debate but the 1st time that poll leaders joe biden elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have all shared the stage from houston here's rob reynolds. it's a showdown in used with the leading democratic candidates all together on stage for the 1st time former vice president joe biden is the front runner followed by senators bernie sanders elizabeth warren and kamel heiress trailing in the polls are south bend indiana mayor pete. senator cory booker former cabinet secretary who leon castro former congressman bait to o'rorke senator amy clue which are and businessman andrew yang viewers can expect spirited discussion of democratic priorities expanding health care reducing gun violence and overhauling the
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immigration system but polls show democratic voters have one overriding priority 1st and foremost they want to beat donald trump next year and while they may not always articulate electability quote unquote as a major concern in polling the unifying theme is fight and beat trump the candidate who can you know show competence in doing that i think is likely to attract a lot of support so far that has benefited biden who's seen as best able to reach out to voters in rust belt states like michigan and wisconsin where trump narrowly won in 2016 but the choice of texas as the venue for this debate is also significant for decades democrats have dreamed of moving this state into the democratic column analysts believe this could be the election in which that happens texas is a dynamic and changing state we've got urban professional suburban professionals
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from around the country moving and we've also got a large multicultural population coming of age and beginning to vote those the combination of those factors is changing the state's politics and a massive and rapid way a lot of the president's rhetoric against immigrants the policies in these detention centers around the whole. order most of which are in taxes by the way that combination of factors has begun to galvanize latino's in a way in this state that they haven't been previously if texas went democratic to republicans would have virtually no chance of winning the white house just before the debate the democrats gut some good news the new poll came out showing that top 4 candidates biden sanders war in and harus all running ahead a president trump by significant margins but it's still more than 400 days until the election rob reynolds al-jazeera houston hong kong protesters have made singing their latest act of resistance in their campaign for the macross them
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a present freedom. come. the. thousands of people belted out glory to hong kong at a shopping mall adopting it as their new anthem the sing a longs are a new way to get their message heard by a forces the lyrics reflect the demonstrators valen the surrender with more protests expected at the weekend police say that they've arrested more than 1300 people since the protests began in june. all call was one of the world's most visited cities in 2018 but after almost 100 days of unrest tourism is suffering there this week the government confirmed the number of people visiting in august was down 40 percent compared to last year adrian brown reports on an economic downturn that looks set to worsen. burned performs in an almost deserted theme park this is disneyland normally one of hong kong's most
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popular tourist attractions but there are no queues to the rides and other attractions today. on average $18000.00 people visit each day many of them from mainland china. but the unrest that began on june the 9th has made it harder for hong kong to sell itself as a fun destination in. the neighborhood of mom called the scene some of the worst violence the bravo close boutique unprincipled road regularly has to close early but always opens the following morning only the graffiti hinting at what had happened a few hours earlier. the shop faces mancow police station a frequent target for demonstrators since mid june businesses food and by 80 percent get the solitary sales assistant says she supports the protest because she . he says they want what she wants. of course freedom freedom
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since i'm not the boss and just an employee i think freedom is more important but my boss would think business is more important. at the nearby noodle 11 restaurant customers are still coming the business is 30 percent down on a month ago and while the owner remains confident hong kong's economy will recover he still worried. it's hard to sustain the business how to pay the rent and the staff in more prosperous districts sale star found a number of customers in some luxury boutiques visitors from the chinese mainland are still arriving but they're spending less time here and list money some appear indifferent to the unrest once i got here it seemed fine it's not as hard as i imagined and even before the protests began on june the 9th it had not been a good year for hong kong's economy it's been fading the effects of the trade war
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between china and the united states as well as the slowdown in china's economy and all of that argue some economists could be enough to push hong kong into recession . this is a city where divisions in society are deepening and no matter how it all ends many people on both sides agree on one thing hong kong is unlikely to be the same again adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. and you can find out much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering on our website al-jazeera dot com. now a quick reminder of our headlines the u.n. says more than 2000000 people face starvation in somalia it's calling on the world to act before it's too late the country is experiencing its driest rainy season in more than 3 decades sudan's new prime minister and several armed groups are meeting
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in juba to formulate a roadmap for peace talks show jewel for next month it's a ballot box 1st official state visit since taking office where he also hopes to improve relations with neighboring south sudan british prime minister boris johnson has been forced to deny lying to the queen about his reasons for the current 5 week suspension of parliament was spent westminster isn't due to sit again until just over 2 weeks before the u.k. to leave the e.u. thousands of people are feared dead in the democratic republic of congo after a train derailed in the eastern province estimates of the number killed vary from $10.00 to $50.00 and the freight train was carrying illegal passengers when it crashed russian security forces have carried out met mass raids on the homes and offices of opposition figures searches were carried out in more than 40 cities and towns targeting allies of prominent kremlin critic and they say never in the valley
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denounced the raids as a clear attempt to timid ate and demoralize the opposition. tell you again this case against the 80 corruption. it's clear to everyone that it is fabricated they were just saying that all of your donations to the anti corruption fund the relief i would like to say that i work will not stop so don't worry. the morning for former a zimbabwean president robert mugabe has been marred by a dispute between his family and zimbabwe's government the government wants a stay burial on sunday at a national shrine in the capital but his family wants him to be laid to rest at a private ceremony in his home village at a day to eat yet to be decided thousands of people have been paying their respects to the former leader at a stadium in the holiday but those are the headlines here on out there are coming up next it's the street where i'll have more news for you at half an hour i hope
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you'll join me then thanks for watching for by. high as the me out. here in the stream today how will fail us taliban talks impact afghanistan's future where look at the prospects for a diplomatic solution to war and here how afghans want the peace process to me for it what are your thoughts on how the war in afghanistan could be resolved share them with us via twitter or in our live chat ringback. i'm
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excited again advanced or not. you are and. during an event honoring the victims of the 911 attacks u.s. press than donald trump or wednesday threaten the taliban with even more military action and i'm playing the group for the sudden end to peace talks between the u.s. government and afghan taliban leaders. we had peace talks scheduled a few days ago i called them off when i learned that they had killed a great american soldier from puerto rico and 11 other innocent people they thought they would use this attack to show strength but actually what they showed is unrelenting week that's the last 4 days we have hit our enemy harder than they have ever been hit before and that will continue. trauma called
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off peace talks in a series of tweets on saturday he's tweets also revealed at cannes saw secret meeting with taliban leaders that was to be held at the presidential compound in cape david maryland just days before the 911 anniversary a taliban spokesman criticised the us president for calling off the dialogue and said the move would result in even more casualties and what has become the longest for an american history so today we'll look at how this shift in diplomacy could impact security for the afghan people and joining us to talk about this in kabul also deeks of the spokesperson to the president of afghanistan and london her she's the executive director of the conflict and alice network and a human rights campaigner with the afghan group time for real peace and in doha al jazeera correspondent charlotte ballasts welcome everyone to this story and want to start online where there are so much conversation over the past few days about
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these peace talks of what's much for secretive and about the calling off of them so start here with danny is an afghan journalist who writes unexpectedly calling off the peace talks with the taliban which were in its final stages president trump raises doubts about his determination to responsibly in the inless war of the u.s. in afghanistan so the i'll give this one to you because after 18 years of war is this how the government of afghanistan views it as well. 1st of all let me say hi to you and your colleagues on to others the war on the show you know i think we should put the blame on the taliban because. imagine the united states opened up. a new of negotiation with them with a group which is a minority small group to work the afghan government to the to our allies or so they never committed themselves to
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a piece you know to conduct in which all of us in the u.s. and western allies we wanted to get them and fortunately a political settlement in which we can end this war but after 10 minutes or one year of negotiation with the united states taliban and justified their attack then the reduce the level of violence so the enemy can only be doing that because on the other side we did not see any sign of commitment toward peace we are committed to peace the u.s. is committed to peace but it is not committed to peace so it's not that we have to recall this and look into other unfortunate ease in which we can. end this war so you've been covering these peace talks some time now i'm just looking here on my laptop the u.s.
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special representative valmy cousin yes he said on august assad fast we're at the threshold of an agreement that we justify that's and open the door for afghans to sit together take a stand and honorable a sustainable peace and a unified self in afghanistan that does not frighten the united states its allies and any other country now all during that time of course that have been violence with the taliban they have been attacked they haven't stopped attacking but still it's cooling off some of them coming off from the u.s. special representative so what happened. so there was an optimism from both sides the entire time no matter what was going on behind closed doors and i mean cus they were happening in cus i would go down to the diplomatic club and we'd sit in this cafeteria and watch both sides and you could tell the body language was tense but the end of the day that always put out a tweet saying you know positive steps excellent steps to go to a joke where the americans and the taliban were looking up at the saurus as to say
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like what kind of positive would come today to convince everybody that things things are moving in the right direction so when that we're not from him. they were right on the cost they seem to deal in principle the taliban told me this week that they had actually an issue with a deal and given the deal to the qatari negotiators and the americans to take forward they thought that it was you know a sign of them to live it and that have a signing ceremony with in the wake and they were very surprised when the when the tweets went out i'm just wondering because to decrease saying that the taliban blew it but you're saying that things were continuing. is it possible that the idea of the strategy to keep fighting in afghanistan by the taliban did did they stop the peace talks all could it i could i think all
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tweet us it is a tweet by somebody who is very well known for being quite mischievous on twitter could that the rail thing entire process. well yes is the short i think that essentially the taliban overplayed and that was what i got from i was in the talks on tuesday when neil's that and general miller snuck out of kabul 2 days before this was all called off they showed up at the diplomatic club things were very tense because the taliban the kind of the game if you will in the battlefield last week why nobody knows i mean they had a deal right via and essentially that overplayed their hand looking for more leverage they launched attacks and provincial capitals they did too big a texan who they killed an american soldier i mean how can you go forward as an american and trump with those kind of optics and say ok finally signed the deal in just get about what happened in the last week it doesn't show that the taliban were
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negotiating in the right spirit of the agreement and your take is interesting there specially given some of the skepticism from people online who you're saying that the taliban overplayed their hand and i think many people would agree with you but i want to share this from a non you tube who says the taliban was and is ready to negotiate they have only one demand leave afghanistan it's their country they are the majority they will govern themselves and someone else wrote back to snow wales who says this is something that we wish to do speaking as an american trust me a lot of americans oppose staying in afghanistan but leaving now would be a risk to our national security again speaking about the united states who what has this meant for the afghan people and people in afghanistan. well. the issue of the piece. is a marriage to the public the day it opened quite a lot of time because honestly for the company that's going to force the kids
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of war with this it's written in so many cities human rights violations this look alike like opportunity but unfortunately what he does all parties to the conflict including you is ringback the part of the taliban using civilian life. as a 12 feet for getting moved leverage sucks that's a little easier than that is for the whole issue. of the same time i do believe does you know the peace option will it sucks sometimes again but what has really the most because certainly. many of the one we hope for the best at the same time but i mean i know what is ringback why all this stuff happening in
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secrecy why do some of us care we. we are the ones who are the ones who are paying for the war that's that's has a subject we'll see years ago and this is going on since it is the right of people to know what is on the table. a lot of being created of the piece but unfortunately you is full of this one of the. details and this is the moon. i would say for reasons that come from many of the guns that if this piece is about why it happened behind the closed why it happened in the briefing i think that's a question to him go ahead. yes. so 1st the point when we look at to call them and you need to realize what kind of a group the caliber or we should not forget what are their agents why they continue
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to kill. in a very vicious way in a very violently what is the end game so the end game is to conclude that we're a jug or 3 which is the one they don't care about people. it's very obvious because they have continued killing people for all time now so they want this geography to turn this into a safe haven to many other radical groups in the region so there was a friend who said you know the u.s. should go and let the taliban come because their majority are gone they are a minority group that too late it's strongly with many of the terrorist groups not only in the region but also internationally you know the number 2 kind of whining is that they can use that last year and they have used this to the you know if i may because we are also very direct questions she wanted to know why are the people
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in afghanistan not being told how the peace talks are going at she was right are you saying because you don't want to talk to the taliban you don't want to deal with em. no she was right because we were also left in the dark as a government so so most of the details of that long process were not shared with the afghan government so we were not included in that. little oshea ship that was happening so i would say the same thing as mrs will say that's why we don't race and we're concerned about that probable peace peace deal that was about to come out so we mainly listen to the concerns we had an understanding of this deep and and its consequences so that's why we openly and publicly came out and actually showed that over
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a position to this. deal that was about to come. to the agreements between the taliban and. so on i have to jump into the process yes. hi sorry mr sake it's a challenge here i know you say you know and the dark you are the spokesman for the president why and it's your country your your the legitimate posse that controls it why not say to the americans when they come to you with the peace deal i'm sorry it's our country and wait aren't accept it or we do accept it or we want these changes made i never really think that sometimes they don't and that seemed sort of mission there. so we say that just basically to melissa saying that you know believe that things are now moving in the bus with many women that's not going to bring a sustainable peace. so the peace process or any peace peace process from one of the might be led by the arab government must be owned by the afghan people so the
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loya jirgah or the consensus peace come so that got there in the call on may see 1000 of them from across the country they draw for peace to give it to the president so we asked. many occasions. and that's why he said. key to conflict would be to the afghan people would be to the afghan government any legitimate government that was coming in a couple of weeks so i want this to be over but because this to me should not be. the issue with the cutoff and flow of other somewhere else so the initial nice change that we have. never been a. nation which is what know what to do and the nation wants to lead its way i'm probably we. even the president.
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on many occasions talked with criticize the way he was doing and the outcome that we were predicting was not something that could lead to sustainable peace so i think you mentioned your political destiny and afghanistan's political destiny need to be decided in afghanistan i want to go to kabul i want to bring in the voice of ali let t.v. journalist a former al jazeera journalist as well here's all these take on that. so i know for a fact that the cancellation of the peace talks will change anything on the ground enough on the phone because the fact is that the average person never understand what was being discussed and also because the taleban in the us who are the main parties to this agreement for the suppose it agreement never stop their attacks but the more dangerous thing is that no one not the president and his team not the
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presidential candidates not the united states seem to have any kind of real plan of how they hope to reach a negotiated settlement because the fact is that you know these military ways aren't succeeding enough on them so far but i wonder if you can speak to that especially given the fact that you were reporting in afghanistan during the length of these talks and so you got to witness firsthand the aftermath of what people are going through the attacks that are not committed just by the taliban but also by i saw and other armed groups what were people telling you about what their lives are like and whether or not they recognize the importance or significance of these talks. i think people were just dealing with the aftermath of essentially both sides leverage i mean the taliban up their attacks. their foot off the gas over the last year and they were kind of record numbers of civilian casualties this year so they were feeling it a lot and the city can sure can attest to that as well and i think with these peace
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talks going on. it's only going to mean more really because you know people will just look for more leverage to try to get the other side back to the table. however long it takes guess i'm just going to show you this guy jump in here yes he said take a half. yes 1st of all going to security forces. with the support of the u.s. forces we were trying to. deny any. advantage to the taliban that was more defensive operations because the taliban were launching attacks so we could not do anything to leverage any position as the taliban were doing this at some point given. the level of violence spiked but we were defending you know that actually by the taliban we were almost in defensive and we pushed back on to talk about that was the push back was not for
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the negotiation to be leverage there because the negotiation was taking place with the taliban and the u.s. but the taliban and the dup is that the taliban you know look at the level of violence that went up so what well it's going to taliban to free today you know are worried about the consequences of this. right now and we are concerned of the future violence to what extent they can go there would be gone soon to that highest level of violence so they could have done anything that they wanted to do if i can so we will be back at the status quo is there let me just finish this the status quo is there. that violence or increasing the violence or the attacks and the understanding of the taliban with that. is absolutely wrong it is not good let me just emphasize that with a statement from
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a taliban spokesman. we're just going to throw it up on the screen so when hans can also read it at the same time. so that gives you an idea of what the issue. if we push. hurriya when looking at possible this why has not been an inclusive peace process does this opportunity of talks. on ports right now help that needs an opportunity for it to be more inclusive can you reset when i think the other is on the opportunity. the speech stops more inclusive because you know. part of 40 years of war in the country. you know unfortunately from the right to be giving also. seems that.
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you might get some of the well i'm almost the same by americans. allies which are unfortunately a lot of. people this is what needs to be. really really that peace could be unsuspended in a country like. has to be inclusive it has to come from within. and we have to deal with without dealing with. dealing with. the. perpetrator or. not but if you want the people of any peace deal can i give you back. i mean let me just ask you because it also makes the show how do you do that because you haven't had access to these talks so far today talking about how the actual country that is being talked about that is out war is being pushed out of the peacemaking process so how do you get
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a seat at the table it is your country. fortunately in the whole peace process there has to yes sure that we have more of peace peacemakers these as point of peace exclude the voices from the peace why don't. they use. you how you use counting the can teach to peace without including. this is a very basic question 2nd if you use laws to predict how they will why do you want all the truth in 1st place in 2000 lux why because so much more. and so much more suffering to do so this is why i think keep calling on a little true dissident campaign through diffidence platforms both at the national and international level and your calling for inclusion of girls in the peace.
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peace talks because they had sure these 3 has shown that you know back in 90 in 9090 when if you have any and you talk which will talk down which was between the government it doesn't bring the other peace but. the false with a little. over somebody displacement and many other human rights violations. so it's a bleak picture you're painting there but i think that our community would agree i want to play a video comment from romania and his assistant professor at red brown university on what this means going forward published and. if the talks between the us administration and the taliban are indeed off and we can be actually certain that they are to potential scenarios the most likely want to start the us administration warming tain forces in afghanistan and then that essentially business as usual
4:44 am
probably with higher levels of violence both in terms of counterterrorist operations and civilian casualties and in terms of terrorist attacks younger son oil is that the us started withdrawing forces relievedly quickly between now and the us presidential election of november 2020 if that's the case then we can expect a very harsh taliban regime combined with a return to full blown civil war including the taliban of course and former entitlement factions but also actors such as these on the state and that would be catastrophic for afghanistan so just as bleak as that of a picture that he's painting as well charlotte do you think there is any way to restart these peace talks i think they're still talking behind closed doors and trying to see if they can find some common ground again but i think that it probably comes down to trumpet the end that day and who knows what he will do or what he will tweet. can i just jump in on the what he mentioned about it because that is one thing that has really kind of scimitar under the talks this entire year
4:45 am
that it's gone on because the americans are really consumed that they've got currently about 2 and a half to 4000 fighters in afghanistan they're really concerned that the hardline taliban if they don't want peace may jump across to isis and it gets a real problem because if the americans are leaving and they're the ones currently keeping a lid on isis then if they leave and the taliban fracture in the hardliners go to isis you've got a mess of problem of counter-terrorism there. i'll end with the job it on twitter who says advice i would give to u.s. officials working on peace negotiations include the afghan government in the process as they represent afghans make concrete evenly spaced out bad lines to be met by the taliban and do not rush a deal that lacks substance there is a last word to think it would be a worse so yeah they were literally out profiting also right. that thank you so
4:46 am
much what is your what stake yet right now there won't be any common ground with this peace process to start this election government out you have to find a way live sorry to say you know there was advice for us thanks for watching you fight us always on take out. to strange indeed good you have to show your good all the more with it comes to fight against corruption. this fight needs hero heroes like know who are about to
4:47 am
refuse to $50000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror. in the heart of the amazon libyan families but then lives in peril to harvest brazil not. cancelling the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking you to believe me out. on al-jazeera. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. somehow time
4:48 am
is aiming to replace america and around the world all the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china to josie. hello i'm barbara sarah in london with the top stories on al-jazeera the united nations is warning that more than 2000000 people are facing starvation in somalia unless the world acts now the country is going through one of its driest rainy seasons in more than 3 decades mohamed had the reports now from the southwestern city of bi dil. there seems to be no letup in the flow of people into the
4:49 am
city or by door in southwest somalia. they've been displaced by drought and most are hungry and desperate. the few medical facilities run by agencies are full of sick and malnourished children. like most people here more than a limb had to walk more than 10 kilometers to get help for his sick child i don't think we get it. my son is a year old and has been sick for 2 months i had to bring him here for help i have no intention of returning to a village till he's fully recovered. on the outskirts of the city we meet more displaced people who've just arrived. during droughts in the past many left it too late before moving to seek help but that seems to have changed the must have movement of people to the cities ha seen a huge rise in the number of homes for the displaced in by door in 2016 there were just 70 such crimes today there are 401 3rd to 5 of them with
4:50 am
a population of more than 360000 people. that is more than the original inhabitants of the city aid workers say the world has failed to respond adequately and they need more donations to have a mission id be the numbers of those in need keep growing by day and far outstrip the resources we have the donors are trying their best but we've never seem to be able to catch up with a growing number of displaced. people united nations emergency aid coordinator husband visiting by door he says people here need much more than food aid patient development always solution ideally people would have a chance to go home and rebuild their lives is not always possible so then it's a question often of land access to services and support where they come to a man in that means there is a need for a supportive discussion from the local authorities some of the displaced told us
4:51 am
that also fled the violence of the fight is who also forcing children to join the group this crisis is happening as communities are already struggling to recover from a 2 year long drought thought and that in 2017 nomadic pastoralism has been a way of life for millions of somalis for centuries but the droughts are threatening that many of the displaced say they now have no farms or hearts to go back to and it's unlikely many of them will every time how about the world has either baidoa in southwest somalia. so that is new prime minister abdullah has arrived in south sudan for his 1st official state visit since coming to office he's there to improve relations between the 2 neighbors but also for talks between his transitional government and several armed groups how doc has made peacemaking with groups fighting the government one of his main priorities british prime
4:52 am
minister boris johnson has been forced to deny lying into the queen about his reasons for the current 5 week suspension of parliament westminster is not due to sit again until just over 2 weeks before the u.k.'s shuttle to leave the e.u. . dozens of people are feared dead in the democratic republic of congo after a train derailed in the eastern province of time then yaka estimates of the number killed vary from 10 to 50 as the freight train was carrying illegal passengers at the time of the crash. russian security forces have carried out mass raids on the homes and offices of opposition figures searches were carried out in more than 40 cities and towns targeting allies of prominent kremlin critic alexei navalny also says the crackdown is part of a criminal money laundering investigation amounts to nil. coming up next on al-jazeera sports doping the endless chase the 2nd part of
4:53 am
a worldwide investigation into drugs in sport of i. never in sport has cheating been so prevalent at the highest level never has the pharmacological range of performance enhancing drugs been so great something new and this is super sport to. cycling football power sports injury and sports technical schools doping is only present no discipline escapes unscathed but where do these products come from how does this underground activity work where studying
4:54 am
instigation of bad things parts could i talked. about that. you yes the part of russia's 800 metres champion in 2011 unveiled to the world how russia creates its champions that has damaged operetta bowden person spin on top of a culvert autumn's and the stars of high performance sports can spend up to 100000 euros a year on state of the art treatments that are often still under development the extreme growth of the sports business has gendered a lucrative black market in doping worth an estimated $30000000000.00 euros a year so in whose interest is it to unmask the cheats and clean up sport on the best of us get on the grid is useful even for a spec that. sponsors and sports federations are partly responsible for not the way with any car that did that there was a short one i keep out of control and he got to get the fuck out of the bucket on
4:55 am
that. in a world that values performance and competition so highly other proponents of clean sports fighting at losing battle. early because it was by far the i think. the only gay bars are i part of your brain going. to school that relies on technique would seem to be above doping scandals and yet it has been tainted by matchmaking and corruption as the last. case we had was during 994 what the united states but i don't. live in a journalist's conducted a lengthy investigation into doping in football because i did a large number of testimonies. so much before. that stuff and much in august. was listed as the middle of a lot of them yourself and also the food water exactly at the 1st push beatles
4:56 am
milena then but you want to take this can only go to become a devout sport lol at the human that are not generally quite if. fit can muster it for the terms of the quote if you got to admit it works for someone still in class or talking with. bring in football has taken much longer to be exposed. it was found that the german team were taking on 30 means during the 1986 world cup. you venters unknown to given their players blood transfusions and olympic demand say injections before matches were commonplace doping carried out under the supervision of the clubs yes for 4 quid from this tape he also come to stop the i mean clue what their hopes are thought to defeat the gangs and that's all and then fall fish short cut and then asked if i work on a ball or steel you can leave out how to me go get it. unstuck and i'm done fund in
4:57 am
football and often bargain with wooden of a cunt in for i in the office it's kind of hoping for an answer you don't get is going to get indecent if i. give you a fine stop. incumbents are going well and i noticed that i did on my opinion fine not too funny if you know non-value often moved out of all info i will look up to scrutiny thought side you ask him live now leads the german team and denies ever having doped the french coaches did and soon it ings it and also played for a club mentioned in a medical manipulation case. in texas or for both. and then. make. really. well about you know to tell you a lot of support me if you think about the stuff. but only.
4:58 am
one of. these alternative methods self arab peace intended to allow tendon and ligament injuries to heal quickly. the treatments were forbidden by wada in 2005 as they can artificially enhance performance. and yet in mass alone a doctor who got to practice is these therapies on the world's top football players . into the me and all the. he and. you know some muscular ass protein asked. me a specific asked debian and last like it be in their last. illuminati bucket. list of the name in recess anger eat with lust in their most yeah. any of us made them too and i think.
4:59 am
that this rich plasma is really injected into the wound to speed up healing. that she known all of us. oh the. body your skin and they were all america. and there's the ever see. they had to. mia was having. found the italian. this stem cell therapy has become indispensable to the clubs in healing their players to the extent that in 2011 they asked the world anti-doping agency to lift the ban. the theme was that this is of the
5:00 am
all. guess was the wonder senior. an email was cool that you know i mean this is where your. fans of you know. the best of your most. so football has used the band method and then still manages to get it validated by the world anti-doping agency the world's most popular sport has rewritten the rules on doping. caught helmet lead explaining we sure. you'll do all this your career national sport don't you do it but do you plan to do that then bash shakti she could be the girl it will be you know to your cult be such a vocal go toward go off it blue do person city get a quick.


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