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tv   Egypts Squash Champions  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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that has been governing them for decades that was taken them and is the formation of a new cabinet from experts people who have expertise. so they can govern and conduct the transitional phase and next the demand would be the early parliamentary elections we are staying on the streets until these demands are met overthrowing post-war leaders won't be easy so far they are refusing demands to hand over power . beirut local journalists say one person may have died after shots were fired at bridge as anti-government protests continue in the iraqi capital baghdad the prime minister. the is under growing pressure to resign after days of them stray sions thousands of iraqis have gathered in baghdad square ahead of a curfew which begins in a few hours time the along with the president and the speaker of parliament will hold talks later to find a way out of the crisis they will also look for
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a new prime minister earlier the shia cleric. called for the resignation. 2 u.s. government officials who served on the former special envoy to ukraine are testifying in each month inquiry into president donald trump christopher anderson and catherine croft are expected to describe how state department officials efforts to support ukraine were stymied by the white house the pair follow alexander the national security council official in charge of ukraine policy who testified on tuesday when was the 1st witness who listened there on a phone call between the u.s. and ukrainian presidents at the center of the inquiry our white house correspondent kelly halkett has more on this from washington. the testimony on wednesday on capitol hill by 2 state department officials are expected to be particularly damaging to the white house once again this is an effort by the democrats to offer
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further timelines and a deep dive into ukraine policy under the administration of donald trump we expect that at least one of the witnesses will testify that there was a request to withhold military aid to ukraine and that this came at the direction of president trump but all eyes are also on what will take place in the u.s. house of representatives on thursday that's when a vote is expected under the direction of the speaker of the house nancy pelosi to formalize the process impeachment inquiry that's already underway but until now the white house has alleged this has not been transparent it's been conducted in the shadows this is to counter that narrative so while this is not a vote to impeach president trump what it is is a vote to formalize the process the testimony will still be under way a request for documents still under way but it now becomes much harder with that vote to for the white house to essentially obstruct the democrats allege no longer will they be able to instruct witnesses that they cannot testify or not provide
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documents now all of that will become much harder. a new wildfire has broken out just outside the of los angeles in ventura county city valley firefighters say dry winds forecast for the next few days are likely to fan the flames the fire is burning just a few kilometers from another fire near the getty center museum in los angeles that fire has been burning for 2 days and as the place thousands of people here watching al-jazeera live from london still ahead london's fire department defends its response to 2017 grand fellow power plays after a government inquiry finds more lives could have been saved and russia's vladimir putin lands in hungry for a meeting. picked on that well oiled and you prayed sanctions on them and.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast here across eastern europe we have seen a big drop in temperature over the last few days and that is all due this frontal boundary that is pushing down towards the south and behind the front and to the north we're talking about temperatures that are in the single digits and actually minus 3 here in moscow so that's going to stay over the next few days but things are going to stay quite clear and cold across much of this area now out to the west it's a different story we're talking about a weather system that is coming in off the atlantic and things are going to get a little rough particular over here towards the southern part of the u.k. and if you do have travel plans on friday for london for paris for birmingham expect to see delays across that area we're going to see a lot of rain across the region and very gusty winds coming into play across the region there so it is going to be a problem of delays and probably even cancellations there down towards the south that we're going to see a little bit of rain for rome with a tempter of $22.00 degrees for the northern part of africa it is going to be more
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rain in store down we did have a break here for tunisia but as we go from thursday into friday expect to see more clouds and more rain coming into place some of those showers could be quite heavy so for tunis expect to see a rainy day at 22 algiers at 24 but cairo a nice day for you with clouds in the forecast at 28 degrees. another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strew through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment of phillis bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of a relentless taliban onslaught. armed with faith a witness documentary. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the clashes broke out in northeast syria between government troops and turkish forces it comes less than 24 hours after a deadline ankara said for kurdish their troops to leave border towns chile's president has canceled both the upcoming asia pacific trade summit and the e.u. and climate change conference because of ongoing anti-government protests presidents have us as his priority is to restore order. and thousands of anti-government protesters are demonstrating in the lebanese city of tripoli this by the prime minister said hello baby handing in his resignation to the president
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but president michel on has asked me to stay on until a new government is formed. boeing's chief executive has admitted the company made mistakes in the development of a key safety system then this will limburg face the 2nd day of questions from u.s. politicians he says to find to the house. as for taishan and infrastructure committee 2 of the company's 737 max 8 jets crashed in a 6 month period killing more than 300 people well emberg acknowledged some issues in the development of an anti stall system that automatically pushed the plane's nose down leaving the pilots fighting for control 12 migrants have been found alive inside a refrigerator truck in northern belgium the men who are originally from syria and sudan were discovered by police in a motorway parking area outside and probe the driver of the vehicle which was carrying fruit and vegetables alerted the officers this comes exactly
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a week after $39.00 migrants were found dead in the back of a truck in southeast england. london's fire department has defended its response to the 2017 grand fell tower blaze after a government inquiry found more lives could have been saved the report found residents should have been evacuated sooner instead of being told to stay put but it also found combustible cladding fitted during building renovations and the regular kitchen fire became an inferno john hall has more. the 1st phase of a public inquiry into the 2017 grand felt our disaster examined what happened on the night of the fire to pull points to systemic failings by the london fire brigade including the so-called stay put strategy with residents ordered to remain in their flats as the blaze in gulf the building but campaigners say the inquiry
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should have started with the safety of the building itself then inquiry took a determined to get it. started in the middle as opposed to starting at the beginning and then the middle and the really in terms of scapegoating the 1st. i think it's inevitable if they started on the night that the firefighters but then it's come out instead of the people who believe really really all thompson is the local authority does the decision makers and those that might profit. well while damning in his criticism of the london fire brigade sir martin more big the retired judge chairing the inquiry did identify the cladding that was applied to the exterior of the building in a 2016 renovation with a highly combustible polyethylene core as the reason the fire spread so quickly he recommended immediate safety improvements to buildings like grunfeld around the country. the london fire brigade commissioner who told the inquiry she would not
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have done anything differently now says lessons have been learned obviously knowing what we know now about buildings. clearly we are doing things differently and we will do things differently until all of that terrible calving is removed the scene of horror and parliament prime minister boris johnson said he would act on the facts but there is skepticism on the ground after recommendations made following a similar high rise fire in south london 10 years ago were never addressed. his name was. 57 year old man lived in the top floor of one full time i was told to stay put several occasions. and sadly he lost his life because no one came for him it's a it's a good report it's fair it's strong but we need to be very clear it's not giving us justice we are nowhere near near that at this stage. the end of phase one of the
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ground for the inquiry is a welcome measure of progress for many of those affected phase 2 that begins next year we'll delve deeper into what and who may grant felt so vulnerable bringing justice perhaps a little bit closer jona whole al-jazeera london. russian president vladimir putin has held talks with and garion prime minister viktor orban an unofficial visit to the country the leaders discussed the turks stream pipeline which will supply russian gas the central europe step fast and has more now from moscow hungry is the main ally of russia inside a european union and president putin is a regular visitor to budapest his trips are seen as a way to show that he is still welcome in the european union despite sanctions but the relationship between viktor orban and flooded near put in who share similar anti liberal ideas has concerned some european nations and oregon is also being
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called the trojan horse for britain to get inside europe but today's discussions were mainly about energy although inside that is very keen to join the so-called turks stream project which brings russian gas through turkey inside the european union and it's important to sustain a reliable supply of gas into europe now the discussions with ukraine which is the main transit country for russian gas still ongoing and on the gas front russian got some more positive news today now denmark has agreed to join in the so-called controversial north's for him to project and has allowed by blinds to run to its territory the united states has was very angry about this north korean project because it wanted to avoid russian dominance of. this repudiation in europe while also protecting its own economic interest but as it looks now and then market
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agreeing it's very likely that nordstrom too will be up and running by the end of this year. south sudan's main opposition leader says the government has failed to push through a peace deal aimed that ending years of fighting the former rebel leader says a unity government cannot be achieved before the mid november deadline and its call for a 6 month delay the peace deal agreed in september brought an end to more than 6 years of conflict which left $400000.00 people dead meanwhile the international organization for migrants in south sudan has suspended some of its ebola screening services after 3 of its aid workers were killed here but morgan has more now from khartoum in neighboring so that. the killing of the 3 aid workers happened in the southwestern part of the country in a place called model county now that is a place where the national salvation front an armed opposition group that has been fighting south sudan's government for more than 2 years is known to operate both
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sides south sudan's government and the opposition group accuse each other of 1st starting the attack now let's remember that the national salvation front unlike other warring parties did not sign a peace agreement with south sudan's government however those who signed the peace agreement here in the south in sudan's capital her tomb last year are yet to come to an agreement with regards to forming a transitional government on november 12th that deadline is in jeopardy because the armed opposition leader requests are has said that he is not going to go back to south sudan and form a transitional government and less the issue of security arrangements and number of states are sorted now let's look at the security arrangements as part of the deal $83000.00 troops are to be brought together trained and then unified and restored redistributed across the country that has not happened now it all comes down to the mediators and the regional countries the intergovernmental authority for for development called i gad is saying that the 2 sides should come back to the
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negotiating table and reach an agreement and it says it is down to the mediators sudan and uganda to talk to the sides so that they can come up with a final verdict whether south sudan's transitional government will be formed us pray the deadline of november 12th without opposition leader rick much are aware that the 2 sides should come back together to the negotiating table and agree on a new extension while the people of south sudan wait for a final peace and stability in the country. more than $4000.00 people have died for measles in the democratic republic of congo so far this year it's the largest outbreak of the disease in the world a vaccination campaign is ongoing but efforts are being hampered by security concerns and poor access to health centers one of the worst affected villages is in the province of. katherine soy has more. in remote villages in banda region of the democratic republic of congo's province thousands of children
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are brought against measles. it's a waltz largest outbreak having killed more than 4000 people many of them children this death toll is higher than that. in the east of the country that has killed 2000 since the outbreak began in 2018 bandon dunes one of the most affected provinces many children have died more are critical sick louise my d.d.'s children . for nearly 2 months. my 4 children have measles and 2 of the much too weak to hook i try to treat them using alternative medicine i hope that somehow. these children can at least access treatment many others in the more remote areas where there are no health centers and security is a problem that. the conditions in some hospitals that there are no medicine no money or any kind of medical aid coming and we have many cases of measles west and what you're saying. you don't have to go very far to see children in very poor
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health this is the main hospital in kashi banda children with measles are treated for free but many are brought in when it's too late so. we try to what's in it of many children of the them but the problem is we don't appropriate equipment or money for logistics like troubled areas where there are no. medical aid agency doctors without borders say nearly 2000 children have died since january in cost more than 200 cases are reported every week you have to make choices and very difficult choices because we have to choose. one place. other than. it's been. so and he said he's appealing to have the bigger response and response means medical care to patients while seeking
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means urgent vaccinations and the truth surveillance system. for now health workers have to do what they can with limited resources to make sure as many children as possible are vaccinated catherine saw al-jazeera. and the world organization for animal health says no country is immune from being hit by african swine fever that deadly animal virus is spreading further across asia where it has devastated herds the disease originated in africa before spreading to europe and asia. and now a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera there has been fighting between government troops and turkish forces in northeast syria it comes less than 24 hours after a deadline that ankara set for kurdish led troops to leave border towns syrian state
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t.v. is reporting heavy fighting near the town of ras al-ain. there's been some clashes in 2 areas on the outskirts of the last line tama the syrian government and the us the say there were heavy mortar attacks are totally attacks by the turkish military targeting those areas over the syrian government pulled out from 8 villages and moved south of tama now the syrian opposition army the said they said that these were very limited clashes and that they were not was with the syrian army and took a square tree and that rather there were between the syrian army and the opposition fighters positioned in those areas. chile's president has canceled both the upcoming asia pacific trade summit and u.n. climate change conference because of ongoing anti-government protests president.
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says his priority is to restore order after the largest demonstrations in the country in nearly 2 decades thousands of anti-government protesters are demonstrating in the lebanese city of tripoli despite the prime minister. handing in his resignation to the president michel hariri resigned on tuesday saying he'd come to a dead end in dealing with unprecedented them stray sions that have paralyzed the country but i would. say all until a new government is formed local journalists say one person may have died after shots were fired at senate bridge as antigovernment protests continue in the rocky capital baghdad prime minister the is under growing pressure to resign after days of demonstrations the along with the president and the speaker of parliament will hold talks later on to find a way out of the crisis it will also look for a new prime minister right those are the headlines this stream is coming up next
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that i'm going to have news for you in half an hour thanks for watching by. the internet never forgets but people are starting to say that it should i'm femi oke i'm really good be loud and you're in the stream today we're discussing the right to be forgotten why have you ever wish that you could delete something off of the internet about yourself yes tell us about it maybe a twitter or in our live you jack.
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racist tweets drunken facebook photos tat us email in today's digitally connected world these things can come back to haunt you years into the future with a google search influencing everything from job office to relationships what people are pushing for control over their digital history the european union has addressed these concerns by granting residents the right to be forgotten on search engines but this privacy law hasn't really been adopted anywhere else that's why europe's top court recently ruled that google doesn't have to block search results in any countries outside of the union the ruling is a big win for free speech proponents who save it europe's law goes against the public's right to factual information but with lawsuits to remote remove embarrassing information popping up all over the world the debate over the right to be forgotten is heating up so joining us to discuss today's topic is jamie court from los angeles california jamie is president of the nonprofit group consumer
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watchdog which is pushing for the u.s. for adopt the right to be forgotten with us in studio is seamless waco she is the director of a new play in washington d.c. dealing with this exact subject it's called the right to be forgotten we're also joined by danny o'brien danni's the director strategy for the electronic frontier foundation f f a digital rights nonprofit based in san francisco california and finally from pharaoh portugal frankie pete's a right to be forgotten advocate who speaks from personal experience good to have you here everybody danny can you imagine a situation where there is something online about you about something you care deeply about that you wish you could take off and. you have no offense and. i don't need to mention i have plenty of stuff online that i wish would go away and i definitely have friends who are in the same situation the tricky thing is that
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everybody knows it's really very difficult to get something done offline and i think as people trying to introduce laws and proposals to deal with that. they risk introducing the principle that the right to still leaves the content online all they go too far and you end up with an incredibly draconian stop regulation that can end up being used by the rich and powerful to really change history so what we're dealing with an awful. ok i think we can continue to work this out i think that we can from anything else i think a lot of people i'm most concerned about and this is what we saw in the your you might be the goal is is google sit in trees right when people think about searching these days they think about google the giant company that controls what the
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top 10 things they can see about somebody or. i think that's a lot of talent but one company and i don't think the right to be gone actually fixes that because what it really means is that now google still decides whether you will content is the next stage from the i think that i think that's just not that's just not right i mean this this law is specifically targeted designed to get google google. requests in the e.u. to not remove things online this is about removing things on this like this is removing things from the top of google's search history so that when you know you have a family like the source family do it at a picture of their to capitated daughter in a car accident leaked online but by the california highway patrol and it became the thing when their family's name was searched that came up all the time when that family went to google and wanted to say hey can take that out of the the search
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algorithm so it's not on the 1st search page not offline but not on the 1st search history google said no so the right to be forgotten is all about telling google and search engines only that you can't prioritize results that are. that are for nonpublic figures these are for the families who want their privacy you know information that got their it wrongly or information that that is irrelevant to a nonpublic figures like a new picture guppy a push teacher got fired because that nude picture nude picture showed up in a. this is. because of this you know jamie it's so interesting to me and danny i see your point there and i think it's so interesting that you mention google because so much of this has to do with the search engines so we asked our community their thoughts on that in particular at this poll do you think people should have the right to have google remove content about themselves from search listings overwhelmingly 85 percent people said yes the poll is so open so
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those of you watching can go vote now but you reached out to the stream bear this hash tag were using what would your answer to this question be. well for me i'm coming from as from a person perspective. i am one of those people thus it is on google for the wrong reasons for is stark issues were criminal kind of sort a long time ago and at the time the corporate boards weren't very accurate and they were very one sided in that into putin's run going fast and i just went online and stayed there. is very frustrating for me but i knew that i was going to better myself i go out there or cart and prove to everybody that i wasn't that person i don't that i've spent the last 67 years working very hard. working is really your cancer portugal i don't want global war. i've got interest from huge
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radio stations and still there's not a week that is when somebody so something from google to my employers or to advertisers are trolls to use me or i get turned off or jot last minute so i can for into the house and it's been ongoing and there's a balance there because people make mistakes and they deserve to be punished which i was but the punishment has carried are known to just sleep and still ongoing and my last offense was generally to not let frankie i sorry i can't help it so i googled here and this is what i found on the 1st page it got your story is right out there have frankie shani went for a criminal in ireland thing you can click on that and that tells the so if you just tell us then there's a twitter and then here is the start of when it gets quite colorful no more criminal records i leave the sunday times islands greatest comment that that's you
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and i get a couple more pages in it tells me some incredible stories like a car you borrowed permanently and there's a genuine jumped on the bonnet of the column you drove the car that gentle. i happen to be a place where is that true did that come to be not i didn't know that's the word in your search i'm looking at thinking wow oh is this guy. well you see i was never i was never described as aren't. the problem one of the one journalists is easy aren't great is con men and this was like. 12 years ago or so based on your he said it is he was because of the way people look at google owns their that. is that's and that it's nice and all right you know harvey titled up close friend i didn't actually call this frankie it's really interesting to hear your story this is seema in the studio and this play that i've directed here at arena stage in
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washington d.c. called right to be forgotten asks precisely the question that you sort of have going on in your life this question of how do these very human things of forgiveness or 2nd chances how do they co-exist with technology with the internet can we forgive and give 2nd chances with a technology that is permanent and thus with that permanence on forgiving and and forgetting and in your case and in the case of the story in our play untruths are also then added on to what was your original original offense so you know part of it is not your story i think that's the point of the race for it to be forgotten though what's what's happened to this story is there's a corporate robot this is a lot of people really love this so let's put it on the 1st page where that the capitated picture of a got all those hits was preserved and there is no mediation with that corporation about our human values or social mores our ethical customs as people now this is
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part of all the orders you know we have the problem was no it was. all this does is allow us to petition google to say this is wrong please take it down it doesn't say google has now it allows a petition to be heard and to be given its spirit do because frankly google doesn't care i don't like i don't want google to judge in those sort of decisions right this is what we create what it already says or doesn't is right based on what search comes up 1st how. things are indexed so it already is your judge and judy cater there and execution exit exec and i have a question for the 3 of you i'm really curious you know some say the internet is this wild beast that taken over us and others will say it's merely a reflection of our human nature so you know as i ask this question about humanity and technology about can we forgive on the internet is it is it really just
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a reflection of who we are as human beings that we as humans have forgotten how to how to forgive and indeed instead we run to blame shame. and tearing people down revenge rather than forgiveness so and curious what the 3 of you would think about that all you have to do is look at the common. good. i mean years ago if you have a problem with something you know it's your new. song. no to use you can type online fortunately it's there forever so it's not just a throwaway comment that's meant. so here to the brother you know it's really about your question i want to jump in here bring in our community who are watching live another answer to the question from joe in a way he says i believe being able to control the narratives of your life should be
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a fundamental human right there are certain things such as criminal actions that i do believe should be documented but there are plenty of other non-criminal things that should be our right to control and he goes on to say i'll read one more tweet from him he sent us a whole thread of really interesting things but i'll end with this one he says what were you doing when you were a teenager would you like all of those things to go public there are periods in our lives where we're learning and mistakes happen is the ability to have these experiences and learn without condemnation and permanent marks that allow us to grow so i'll give this one to you his point there in the beginning about criminal actions being the line where do you fall on that. i think that actually the idea that any individual can reshape what people think about them and what people know about them is a pretty risky line to be walking through you know if we look at the me too movement if we look at situations where powerful people that been able to silence
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others who are criticizing or or all removed from their history books what what 'd actual facts about them that gives them an incredible power that i don't think we should. assume it's a right i do think that we need to be able to develop in the face of more and more information the greater tolerance people's mistakes and honestly i think we kind of moving in that direction as all of us have grown up with the internet with getting to the point where we realize that minor infractions in the past shouldn't prevent a political career for instance. but the idea that the solution to this is rather than learning tolerance sort of medically excised true facts about people so that no one will ever know it's something that really really concerns me and in particular to go back to what i did that i think we all agree with which is that
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a big company like google shouldn't be the only deciding factor i think i will reiterate that when people petition google as though it's the king of the internet it's still going to build that makes this decision and that's it that's what she wanted when removing quotes from this equation where removing any kind of redress from the from the journalists for instance and write those articles like the exists so this is important point to this with a writer held to a standard ok it's a legal standard for which they can be sued and the problem is we have on the internet with google and other kind of content pushed by a 3rd party absolutely new legal liability because. indications decency that's not true actually 2 very true to me and you know it is actually true that last year we got the 1st liability for our online child sex trafficking but then that then you know what does it have to go on line sex or now why would you know what google look you know i google posted because it believes anything done on the internet is free
4:36 am
speech even trafficking judicial free and not have to meet a kind of push back home that's because to me because we actually represent some of the people who been affected by supported by that law you know what happened after the law passed i think you do what happened is that sex workers people can communicate online about the huge risks they face all instantly removed from me since you know what i was going to be able and means companies don't know where the family sure it was not jensen allocatable is it fascinating i'm going to just break it out for just a 2nd but i want to show our audience who do not let live in europe and have not had need to ask if they could take something down have a look here on my laptop there is a way in europe there's a privacy law so you can request to delist something about you that's online and then this is the form that you use and then you put the person information here you
4:37 am
put the you are out maybe you add some other files etc and then you put in a request frankie why would this not have helped you. i'm 4 years filling in those forms. and each year they move the goalposts the 1st year i the 1st year i took a bunch and i was like ok i committed the crimes you know there was depression involved twice and commission them so i took it on the chin they said google says we look at it next year i was very nice they were there were communication which was good. the 2nd year they said it was in the public interest leave it there. i got the data commissioner in ireland. and she couldn't get anywhere. this year google so that's when there's one positive story there now so don't be true been negative. i was i would say i would say in this case though you are becoming a public figure as well what i'm really concerned about is people who are public
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figures people who get fired people get discredited people can't rent an apartment because google prioritizes a search result but still going to be on the internet if they don't put the top of the algorithm and all you're seeing in the google is move it down no i do have a lot of sympathy for your story but you're obviously. there are a lot of people who don't have a voice that's what this law is really all i would i would love to you've mentioned the katsaris family quite a bit and that's a family who had a tragedy in the family away one of the family members was killed in a horrific way they spoke about this event on a documentary and about how they were able to get the picture of their family member offline and these were horrific pictures have a listen to the experts trying to tell with the right to be forgotten challenges that they are right now have a look we were told there was nothing that could be done because there's no loan in place for pictures of deceased people because
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when they possible way their privacy rights go with them i didn't know such depravity existed in humans and i think dogs treat their kind better than humans treat their kind it's just there is no dignity or respect on the internet because we're not held accountable nobody's there to tell us not to. sima this is such a robust debate we're in it right now it's been going on globally for some time and you experience from directing a play called the right to be forgotten your having conversations you're having panels yourself what are you learning where do you form this should we be out to delete some things from our personal histories on life as i've been working on this play my own personal opinion has flip flopped back and forth but where i stand right now is yes i do think we actually should have the capability to have some
4:40 am
power over how we are represented particularly if you're a regular human being not a public official yeah but i also think you know the miracle in this play is the miracle of humanity there is a character in this play who makes a choice of her own critical thought despite what she reads on line she actually listens to her heart looks at the person she's connecting with and makes her own choice and i think that sometimes one of the things we've forgotten how to do is hold on to the old the power that we do have in terms of how we make but if you're going for a job and your boss your future boss googles your and find something that's not that attractive yeah line you've already lost the job right absolutely but probably haven't even gotten the inner exactly you know jamie i think brought up the communications decency act section 230 and there are so good you are or your research yes i learned. there's sharing our. and there are some congresspeople in the u.s.
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who are questioning it something that we need to oppose it and and i think that's a valid conversation to have i think it's also valid that the attorneys general 50 attorneys general in the in the u.s. are investigating big tech and looking at whether there's an antitrust case i do think. our data has almost become like a property right and we have property rights but we don't seem to have rights over our own personal data and our own personal stories here in the u.s. and i'm thrilled that we're having this conversation it is complicated and certainly working on this play has demonstrated to me how complicated all the perspectives of our guests are represented in the play that we have and and others also the rep the perspective of a woman who was stocked. it's the former stalker in our play who wants to get this removed and saying i'm going to show you play one more time and we don't have to
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talk about to and here it is here on my lap top how many showing so they every can i say it's in washington d.c. sima thank you moving on so you talk about data and i think that's one of the things that people online brings up a lot which is not having control over the data and not having access to it calvin here watching live on you tube so is it actually possible to erase your digital footprint in the modern media era that is a question that's talked about in a video comment we received from someone who talks about the ways that it could be possible this is joseph jerome is a privacy advocate here's what he told the story. asking google or some other data broker to erase our entire digital footprint from the internet isn't possible asked but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't have basic rights to delete our information the e.u. is correct that at some point in time information about us just isn't relevant you know i don't know what my web browsing history from college would tell you about
4:43 am
who i am today so we need to have the ability to erase that type of information and there are some tools to do that google put out a new tool that arlo deletes your location information after 3 or 18 months you know we ought to be thinking about rules and regulations that force these sorts of retention limits i think that's really meaningful and frankly a practical right to be forgotten that would also benefit our privacy. so to me what do you make of that because he seems to say there are ways to do this it's kind of already happening how do we push that forward well again with google the real question is how do you get google that deep prioritize those results and there's only one way we have that a right to petition them but we do have a lot of california that's going to affect anyone that says for personal information that companies can't share data without your permission you have a right to opt out and they can sell it without your permission they can't deny you a service so those type of privacy laws are
4:44 am
a whole nother wave of laws that have to hit nationally ours is taking effect january 1 but what we're talking about today really is is a different issue i think it's the issue of the balance between liberty and equality you know on that there's a lot of liberty on the internet and we haven't balanced it out with equal rights for instance we did pass a law president trump did sign it and it was because we had this web site back page it was an online brothel not of families with young children got caught in that and basically they shut it down and they created a lot says if a website party content and they get it and there's online sex trafficking then you know what happens they are basically liable and if we start to make companies like google more liable for counterfeit drugs for illegal activity sold online through their sites if we give them not the same standards that a newspaper publisher has but more responsibility accountability they will sell police but until we amend the communications decency act to get more countability
4:45 am
they will never tell me what's right to mount irrelevant information or a legal opinion jenae i. thank you in the very last last loss seconds of the show from somebody whose experience having a online history that you'd rather have deleted all pushed about some people didn't see it and the 1st couple of such as what you suggest just in a sometimes what we don't. it's it's all about balance people make mistakes and i have to be honest there ask you ask you know what i asked for in my case 10 years later 11 years nature. creates a part of our soul or it creates a person that i want you to what do you want. to have the power has been taken we've asked you and us overseas i thank you so much gets me i will end with this tweet from right to remove rights and that the right to be forgotten a sort of a right to speech in terms of empowering people to have a say regarding their information but as modes of speech become more sophisticated
4:46 am
we need more sophistication in defending and understanding from speech a good way to wrap that up thank you guest thank you for what he's been following online and watching on t.v. that's our show for today see you next time take. my. november on al-jazeera. 30 years after the fall of the ballon will be looking back at the $500.00 moment in history whose truth is it anyway follows journalists
4:47 am
from around the world who are taking on those determined to modify the truth. spain will hold its called the election in 4 years after april's inconclusive vote join us for coverage a new series brings people together to discuss some of the big issues of our time and takesh president agile on will meet with u.s. president trump at the white house we'll bring you the latest. november on. in the land of the free the cost of medication is killing people this particular bill is going to be anywhere from $800.00 to $1100.00 and citizens are desperate entire bus load of americans coming to wal-mart in canada to buy insulin because just where they can afford it faultlines investigates the spiraling costs of prescription drugs in the usa i will have to make a decision as to when to stop treatment and choose to die so that i can leave my husband with enough the cost of living on and told to notice their own when they
4:48 am
don't believe in a 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what artists it was the pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the coaches their own. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera there's been renewed fighting between government troops and turkish forces in northeast syria the clashes broke out at less than 24 hours after a deadline set for kurdish led troops to leave border towns syrian state t.v. is reporting heavy fighting in the town of ras al-ain on tuesday russian defense
4:49 am
official said the kurdish withdrawal was complete the turkish intelligence says some fighters remain the deadline was established under a deal between russia and turkey has more now from. syrian government and the say that it came under heavy artillery attacks from the turkish military particularly in the areas of tel tama and all the outskirts of basra line now the syrian opposition all the other hand is saying that those confrontations were very limited the fight it was not just with the syrian army and the turkish military or rather between the syrian military and the syrian opposition he said there was he's backed by turkey and the situation remains very tense in those areas it is clearly an early indication that all the parties are vying for a bigger say the syrian opposition backed by turkey for example saying that it wants to extend its influence particularly in the area of us wes's phone to tell us
4:50 am
elaine and prevent the as the from moving back to those areas and ensuring that the syrian army is not trying to take advantage of the withdrawal of this as the you have to redeploy all these areas the tension that you see in those areas would pose enormous challenges for the turkish military and the russians who are likely to start the joint patrols in the safe zone which has been the pre requisite for the turkish government took is also it wants to set up observation post along with it safe so this is going to be a delicate mission for if the fighting continues what pleased if the syrian military. he's determined to be until a military presence in the area that stretches from the. man beats all the way east to words commish lee. maliki all the border with iraq however
4:51 am
we are dealing with a situation where no you having the turkish military turkish government along with the syrian with the russians becoming somehow the most important players in the north some part of syria allying clee to shape the future of that particular area chile has withdrawn as host of november's apec summit and the cop $25.00 climate summit in december it follows several weeks of violent unrest and mass antigovernment protests the president says his priority is to restore order the protests are estimated to have cost billions of dollars in damage to buildings and infrastructure including the closure of 3 of santiago's 6 metro lines a rocket has been fired into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone killing one member of the security forces as anti-government protests continue thousands of iraqis have gathered in baghdad have here square ahead of
4:52 am
a curfew which begins in one hour's time the prime minister. the is and the growing pressure to resign after days of demonstrations my idea long with the president and the speaker of parliament will hold talks later to find a way out of the crisis. meanwhile thousands of anti-government protesters are also demonstrating in the lebanese city of tripoli despite prime minister said the handing in his resignation to the president. everyone resigned on tuesday saying he'd come to a dead end dealing with unprecedented demonstrations that have paralyzed the country but owen is asked to stay on until a new government is formed to us government officials who served under the former special envoy to ukraine are testifying at the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump christopher anderson and catherine croft are expected to describe how state department officials efforts to support ukraine were stymied by the white house those are the headlines stay with this witness is coming up next and then
4:53 am
i'll have more news for you in half an hour by. i mean i don't even want to come to the attention of a. little bit of the. regular
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time in television of you learned through the motions doing with somebody like this but them doesn't look like it. they. all go. on that you wanted. somebody who was. going to the president that academic important that you didn't manage to find out that. we.
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have i was going to talk about a woman i mean i said i should go to get shot at. the ticket to somebody but i don't have it 60 miles. we shall be happy to be sure the minute you get hot it's monday evening punch you can. return and i'm going to. balmy got my bank and bought
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a bond need to move the monkees in my body. to not. sending the money when i know you're. not going to find the money even if. i'm going to. come. back to. you daryn i don't have the i'm not gonna. let you it's just that i'm drunk so i'm gonna. go to dinner got a bit you know good enough yeah but i'm going to look at you and i see you get older you know when to. pull it over the woman in the mud to be the. look i don't
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get when i be able to get everything oh i'm going out on the ice i mean that's a good. job i think you have been it's a good day. to get to be just us and. not going to be sad as it will be. this is important to us which such of the this is. because i'm going to be you know the star of this imperative you totally. this is given to us by going to be the fact people are beautiful. in the way the money to be done here miss me and want to know what the missing the news we ought to get get of the warsaw i think. we have facilities for and. the other because i mean nearly if you're thinking about now or let's say for they go to get on with
4:58 am
a prediction you will see 1000000000 dollar with a draw they get a little more disciplined a typical your. name. she gets a thank you so much thank you for the question on. the label but i love the idea of it that way though most of us or that they start are going to say that i go there were such a downer i just said to them that they were the ones who have you were willing. to push i want to go to trial which i would never done you know with out of you know. you know. i don't want to you know i mean i know one guy who got water here or you could die of his financial. market the market. place up with.
4:59 am
i don't know what a phony there most of us has a muslim of that if you were going to say what. i read a book without a referendum will there be a hoarder. i was not a semi-political try to get all the companies you want the bus i would think you do . know what they are would. almost assuredly. so hopefully. let. me go back when i was in the way there's been this. prospect. that this. government is. gonna start a morning along with the head of the ways in a little bundle in the here's. what i want to give us a moment. but i never got to get out as i want to was it i was never going to take it i think. but i thought i thought i was pretty. well does seem rather like
5:00 am
a young. child that i like the way they look. world. we're going to look at all. the money a little bit better although on the good old warner. bros i wanted out of there you are going to your best really what. the deal. with you can do that are trying to run you are one of them one of the hot. but. also get out of the one you have your own. sort of idea that are going to do more for the way i don't just go to them things are going to look there's a little good news that we're going to look at you're going to but you want o'dell you're there you might have told him if he got the jubilee.


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