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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 174  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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another hung parliament then what we need to see is whether burris johnson or jeremy corbyn whoever it might be actually has the political skills to govern as a minority other leaders one should do it but so far british politicians sort of you know grow up thinking that if they get to be prime minister they get to come on a majority pliant parliament and maybe they need to do a bit of a reset to how they think about governing. parliament is dissolved automatically 25 working days before a general election that's next wednesday november the 6th the country is heading towards its 3rd election in 5 years a decision that could end the deadlock or deepen the crisis leave barca out 0 westminster boys' chief executive is rejecting calls for his resignation after a 2nd day of questioning from u.s. politicians then a small number good message responsibility for mistakes which caused 2 major crashes but insists he wants to see the crisis through 2 of the companies 737
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maxine jets crashed within a 6 month periods killing 346 people politicians accuse boeing of keeping technical issues quiet and peace in profit before safety john hendren has more from chicago. it was 2 days of intense grilling for the chief executive officer of boeing company and it happened 1st in the senate then in the house on what was the one year anniversary of the 1st of 2737 max flights that crashed killing a total of $346.00 people and the criticism was harsh one senator said he would rather walk than take the plane another liken the plane to flying coffins and dennis miller the c.e.o. of boeing had to answer for a text exchange in which a test pilot said that the plane's problems were a green juice and then said that he essentially lied to regulators loewenberg apologized and said the company had made mistakes but that did not stop heated
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exchanges like this one so you're saying you're not giving up any compensation and all your continued work and make $30000000.00 a year after this horrific 2 accidents that caused all these people relatives to go home to disappear to die you're not taking your cut pay at all congressman in our board will make those terminate you're not accountable to them you're saying the board's accountable boeing says it has already made software fixes to its flight automation system that would prevent crashes like those that happened but the question now is will the company face intense regulation from now on some senators and members of congress say it should this was after all a plane in which many parts were sealed certified by boeing officials themselves and on capitol hill many people are now asking why. sensitive main opposition leaders says the government's has failed to push through a peace deal in that ending years of fighting former rebel leader react mashallah
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says a unity governments cannot be achieved before the mid november deadline will 400000 people have died during the 6 years of conflicts and internationally mediated peace deal is still in place but there's still violence between armed groups around the country supporters of one of pakistan's largest islamic parties are heading to the country's capital as part of a mass antigovernment protests these pictures show demonstrators in lahore a day before large gatherings are expected in islamabad the german jamir. party has been growing its support followers across the country to take part in a so-called freedom march it's calling for the removal of prime minister imran khan ants a new election government has been under pressure for months over the purse states of the economy. indeed administered kashmir will be split into 2 centrally
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controlled territories on thursday it's been nearly 3 months since india revoked the region's autonomy and sent in troops and shove or a visited the valley to see what's happening on the ground. cars have started flying on the roads in srinagar the capital of indian administered kashmir but commercial vehicles have not. both speedball and connections have been restored but the internet is still cut off shops have reopened but only for a few hours. almost 3 months after the indian government stripped indian administered kashmir office autonomy and imposed severe restrictions some have been east but the people of kashmir valley are in limbo they are caught between the indian army and the rebels between the need to register their protest and for survival. 16 year old. student is doing last minute preparations for his social sciences exam even when the school officially reopened
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his parents thought it was unsafe for him to. they feared clashes between the indian army and the rebels and worried about him getting caught in the middle. and boys belted stornes my parents were afraid i may get caught in the protests so they didn't send me to school. riaz am a shopkeeper and a father of 2 says he is forced to open his shop in the mornings but he keeps a chop the rest of the day to protest new delhi's decision reopen the shop because it is a livelihood because we have to support our family but i shut it down now in protest to abrogation of article $370.00. businesses across the kashmir valley are following a self-imposed strike the people hope that one day the world may take notice of their silent protest. they could not open eyes like previous times because anyone who could leave was apprehended by the indian government. the incidence of attacks
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and security officials are on a rise in recent attacks officials said 5 truckers and 5 laborers from india what gunned down by suspected rebels has resolved their resistance will yield results eventually the indian government is hoping to dial him out in a battle of wills do you believe this indian government will give in the press really protesters in general continuing their opposition just because they taking their kids to school or going to work does not mean they have accepted. as a war on al-jazeera srinagar do not mean. a large fire has destroyed or you know school world heritage sites on japan's southern island of okinawa firefighters are battling the blaze which gutted the main hall and surrounding buildings the council was built more than 500 years ago.
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so far.
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thank you very much little ball have survived a 10 go through are against arsenal to keep their hopes alive of winning 4 trophies the season with a place in the english league cup quarter finals on the line penalties were needed after it ended 5 all at the end of regulation time the bulls penalty takers held their moves to win the shootout 5 for manchester united and aston villa also
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advance to the law states on wednesday in the italian city are napoli and atalanta played out a thrilling 22 draw on a wednesday napoli actually took the lead through nicola maxima which in the 16th minutes although atalanta would go on to equalize just before half time in just 90 minutes left napoli might have proved their wallets when cardiff restored their lead but then with only 4 minutes to play your subpoena church need to equalize a much to the anger of napoli boss carlo and lottie shone a red card for his troubles the world champion u.s. women's football team has a new coach 43 year old black co and an ascii from macedonia has taken over from joe ellis who stepped down after leading the u.s. to 2 women's world cup titles and then ask a start in the job with every member of the squad to gauge the gender discrimination lawsuit against the u.s.
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soccer federation and their respect for love. of the drive of the push that the players the players have in fact the sun does positive for me because they were translated they were transferred to the field and i have no doubt in my mind wants to step on the field that they're going to be focused on on what is important that time want to put the jersey on the put everything else on the side and they're focused on winning games to prove that in the past and. i've no doubt in my mind that they're going to do that in the future. well the one member joke of it is through to the food around the paris masses but he was made to work hard on wednesday joke of it was up against france's current hammoud say at the bottom of your screen in the blue shirt here even though the serve but wonder 2nd round match in straight sets he spent one hour and 46 minutes on court with a proving a tough opponent with the home crowd behind him jack of which eventually winning this $176.62 to reveal. men's world number 5
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dominate seam came through a tough test of bookies place in the last 16 of the paris masters the austrian was taken 3 sets by canada's millers around each who himself was once so good number 3 team eventually took 876576446 when a row joining team in the last 16 in the french capital is greece's world number 7 stephanie pass he was up against american taylor fritz after battling his way through a 1st set tiebreaker he wrapped up the 2nd set 63 to progress. defending champion alina for italy now has booked a spot in the last 4 of the w.c. a finals in change in china the ukrainian beat one of the favorites wimbledon champion simona halep to seal her spot with alina winning the match in straight sets 7563 if she does manage to retain her crown it will be her 1st title in $29.00
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. meanwhile u.s. open champion bianca rare screw has crashed out of the finals at one sit down the canadian had to retire from her match against catalina pushed over because of a knee injury before the means she's no longer in contention to progress. the controversy over the decision to move the marathon away from tokyo at next year's olympic games just will not go away the international olympic committee decided to move its a poor because of heat concerns the i.o.c. says it wants to understand the reasons why but they continued to be resistance from the tokyo organizes. this came as a tremendous shock to say the truth to the tokyo government and our citizens as well this proposal was made with no explanation at all to they talk your government or the tokyo metropolitan assembly. and to the last moment we are even receiving angry opinions as to what hostility really implies tyson
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fieri really steps in the ring with someone as big as him but he may have met his match on thursday the undefeated heavyweight makes his pro wrestling debut at a w w event in saudi arabia theory will be fighting broom stroman better known as the monster among men and as you can see it's hard to argue with that moniker well the w w e is stage the entertainment phiri says he's taken more impact in wrestling training than in boxing nonetheless the briton calibrate for his w w e debut. it's going to be a brilliant show you know massive stadium. it's going to be sold i'm going to put on a great show you know debris to be a superstar's pole kogan ric flair right down to the me once today it's going to be an amazing show it's a great opportunity for me. it's a big cross promotion here with the boxer world unties
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a fury that i'm in charge of very special for herself he's a phenomenal athlete of what he's been able to do is awesome but you know i'm looking forward to be of the man to give miss 1st last and that's all the sports news we have for you from now we'll see you again later for more. on that set from 8 cd stay with us here on out this year. for you protesting about how does this include when they're on line life facing mental state directly translated slavery or if you join us on sound this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on how to 0. in this life the most
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incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the on from you know for me. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater so in this long walk to want to use is freedom of expression. the right to put it. into the top. because you dislike the design and to understand the. make sure she. and the human condition is universal. and young. based on biased when we have to absolutely sure.
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when we have this opportunity because the limit so the young girls go through secondary school we're going to be able to see and provide that one pair able to change him. meet the women in ghana who are going places when it comes to education women make change on al-jazeera. the violence breaks out in iraq's capital where protesters remain defiant big cities heavily fortified green zone has been hit by rocket fire. alarms the whole robin you want jobs their life my headquarters here in doha coming
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up in the next 30 minutes the pentagon releases the 1st images from the u.s. raid that killed ice the leader. also u.s. impeachment investigators think testimony from donald trump's former national security advisor. and chile is forced to cancel 2 major international summits after weeks of antigovernment protests show no sign of easing. welcome to the program the iraqi military say one person has been killed after a rocket was fired into baghdad heavily fortified. it happened shortly after another incident at the nearby bridge witnesses say security forces shot at least one protester dead and injured dozens more thousands of demonstrators defying a curfew to continue antigovernment protests as laura burton manley reports
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0 6. defying clouds of tear gas and reports of live ammunition these protesters a tearing down concrete barriers their aim to reach the highly secured green zone home to government offices and embassies. iraqi human rights commission says many protesters were injured after being hit with tear gas canisters as they face government forces in the synoptic bridge in central baghdad. it's the 3rd night since a curfew was imposed by the iraqi military but the lockdown is largely ignored by protest as. hours before the curfew these are the scenes in tahrir square an area that has become the symbol of an uprising that began in early october. to when will restyle like this we're a nation that loves life our country's reach you still from us we will remain
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steadfast men and women together. these protesters are angry about high unemployment for meddling in domestic affairs from the u.s. in iran and what they call top level corruption was. your interests quest supporting our son's brothers and friends who are protesting to show a civilized image to the world. we come to tahrir square every morning to treat injured protesters we mix water and yeast and distribute it to people here. thousands of people are demonstrating in made. just cities in iraq including kabbalah and basra the government should make a real serious reform in the political system in the electoral system also earned you know iraqi you require real democracy ideal
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democracy as protesters call for prime minister up to mahdi to step down his position is becoming increasingly more fragile share character of saga who leads parliament's largest bloc is also working towards removing him the. over the past months scores of people have been killed and thousands injured and despite the violence some protest has created a festival atmosphere with some people playing dominoes others dance and some of it free had cuts to the crowd the on the protests have become increasingly more diverse with women and students joining the crowds about a manly al-jazeera. syrian state media is reporting that heavy fighting between government troops and turkish forces near the border is happening around the time the russell syrian government forces have taken up positions following a recent kurdish withdrawal it's all part of a deal between russia and turkey to start joint security patrols. reports now from
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the turkey syria border syrian government and the s.t.'s say that they came under heavy artillery attacks from the turkish military particularly in the areas of tel tama and on the outskirts of the lane now the syrian opposition on the other hand is saying that those confrontations were very limited and that the fighting was not between the syrian army and the turkish military rather between the syrian military and the syrian opposition the senate which is backed by turkey and the situation remains very tense in those areas it is clearly an indication that all the parties are vying for the biggest say the syrian opposition backed by turkey for example is saying that it wants to extend its influence particularly in the area of us wes's front of your top tell us elaine and prevents the as the air from moving back to those areas and ensuring that the syrian army is not trying to take advantage of
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the withdrawal of this as the effort to redeploy or these areas the tension that you see now in those areas would pose enormous challenges for the turkish military and the russians who are likely to start the joint patrols in the safe zone which has been a pretty requisite for the turkish government turkey is also them and it wants to set up an observation post along that safe zone and this is going to be a delicate mission for them if the fighting continues what pleased if the syrian military is determined to maintain a military presence in the area that stretches from merkel bayani to low fat men beach all the way east towards miss lee and maliki on the border with iraq however we are dealing with a situation where now you having the. turkish military turkish turkish government
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along with the syrian with the russians becoming somehow the most important players in the north some part of syria and allying clee to shape the future of that particular area now the pentagon has released declassified footage of the raid that led to the death of ice a leader. baghdadi is also reveal more details about the u.s. special forces operation in syria's province on saturday that ended with baghdadi killing himself and his 2 children with explosives helen fisher reports. these are the 1st pictures of the u.s. operation to kill the leader of eisel the short declassified footage initially shows us troops moving towards the compound in northern syria where the tracked abu bakar al baghdadi those who came out of the building were checked for weapons and explosives and moved away from the immediate area u.s. forces detained and later released the noncombatants the group was treated humanely at all times and included 11 children the assault force drew the attention of
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fighters in the area they're not thought to be eisel linked but when they fired on u.s. aircraft involved in the operation they were killed inside the compound eisel fighters staged a last stand 5 isis members inside the compound presented a threat to the force they did not respond to commands in arabic to surrender and they continue to threaten the force they were then engaged rather a force and killed there were 4 women and one man general confirmed baghdadi to 2 of his children into the tunnel when he tried to escape the assault force not 3 as a originally reported there he detonated his suicide vest killing himself and the children after baghdad his murder suicide or assault force cleared significant debris from the tunnel and secured baghdad his remains rhydian identity confirmation which were flown with the assault assault force back to the staging base he could not confirm president trumps the session that the leader of eisel died screaming crying and whimpering d.n.e. confirmed his identity the operation only growing to 2 hours forms and computers
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were removed from the compound before it was razed to the ground by american missiles they don't want the area to become a shrine and donald trump announced the death of baghdad it was hailed as a significant moment in the fight against eisel and while the general believes it may disrupt the organization he's warned there could be retaliatory attacks he says the group would disappear warning eisel is an ideology and you can't kill an ideology alan fischer al jazeera washington. for me as national security adviser john bolton has been asked to testify at the impeachment inquiry into donald trump's controversial phone call to his ukraine counterpart some of even speculated that bolton could be the democrats' impeachment hero. castro has. impeachment investigators are eager to question john bolton the former national security adviser to president trump was a central figure in the administration's policy toward ukraine and one who said to
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have used colorful language to describe efforts to compel ukraine to investigate trumps political opponents a drug deal is what bolton's assistant said her boss called a july 10th meeting between ukrainian and u.s. officials at the white house the assistant testified bolton walked out of the meeting after sensing other u.s. officials had an agenda apart from solidifying the relationship between the 2 nations to get ukraine to investigate trumps domestic rivals i think that we've heard over the last several weeks a lot of lower level people and now the house is going to start moving up the food chain but bolton's attorney said late wednesday his client will not accept the invitation to testify democrats will likely issue a subpoena but whether or not bolton complies is an open question he's been quiet since being forced out of the white house in september due to policy disputes with the president but 2 weeks before he left his position bolton visited kiev on
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official business and delivered this message to the ukrainian people people of the united states fought for their independence their sovereignty we understand what that kind of struggle means and the people of the united states are with the people of ukraine at the time ukraine was expecting the delivery of u.s. military aid to help fight russia but trump was temporarily withholding the aid as his surrogates continue to pressure ukraine to investigate democrat. that's on capitol hill wednesday trump nominee to become u.s. ambassador to russia was asked to comment do you think it's ever appropriate for the president to use his office to solicit investigations into a domestic political opponent soliciting investigations into a domestic political opponent i don't think that would be in accord with or our values and no other assistant to john bolton is expected to testify on thursday to morrison is the director of european and russian affairs on the national security
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council and named by previous witnesses as having key information into the president's decision to withhold aid from ukraine and drumming up expectations further is morrison's announcement on the eve of his expected testimony that he is resigning from the white house hi joe castro al-jazeera washington heading to asia know where a powerful earthquake has hit the southern philippines sending people fleeing from homes schools and shopping the world's buildings collapsed when the 6.5 magnitude quake hit the island of mindanao is the 3rd earthquake to strike the same area in the past 2 weeks well still ahead here on al-jazeera battleground for more than 50 years now 1000000 miles leader is trying to end the violence between ethnic groups and the army also find fighters take on a new wildfire that's broken out on the fringes of los angeles and it's kind.


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