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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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his take on a new wildfire that's broken out on the fringes of los angeles has california about close to contain blazes ranging across the state do stay with us here on al-jazeera . hello again it's good to have you back well we have been watching what has been happening here across parts of the caspian closely we've had in the clouds and some rain pushing across much of that area but we do have a new system that's coming into play across parts of turkey and that's going to bring some more rain in towards georgia rashaun we're going to see some snow in the higher elevations they are getting even more intense as we go towards friday with more rain as well as some more snow across much of that region down towards the south though we're looking at temperatures in baghdad quite nice $27.00 degrees and quite city 28 as your forecast high here on friday well that system that has been
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parked in the arabian sea is continuing to really bring a lot of problems across parts of coastal oman we're talking about storm surge in this area as well as very dangerous rip currents and as we go towards friday the system slowly makes its way down here towards the southwest now for solid that means we could be seeing some showers in the forecast but all up the coast that is where we're going to see some of the heaviest rain and the rip currents will continue as we go towards friday and then it would make a way down here across parts of southern africa it is going to be a rainy day for durban with a cool temperature few of 80 degrees a little bit warm up here towards the north at $26.00 and as we go towards friday more clouds in the forecast at $21.00 for cape down and heavy rain for johannesburg at $22.00. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill the person when they're suffering new but it didn't have the power to do it he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. and the
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cure is to draw. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families. if i could just kind of think about i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm so robin a reminder of our top news stories the iraqi military says one person has been killed after a rocket was fired into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone it happened shortly after a separate incident at the should not bridge i would just say security forces shot at least one protester dead and injured dozens more palestinian politician
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co-leader giraffe has been arrested by israeli forces during a raid on a home in the occupied west bank city of ramallah she's a member of the palestinian legislative council. and a 3rd powerful earthquake has hit the southern philippines in the space of 2 weeks buildings collapsed with a 6.5 magnitude quake hit the island of mindanao. security forces in lebanon have fired tear gas to disperse protesters in the town of. government demonstrations continue across the country despite prime minister saad hariri resignation he quit on choose state saying he. didn't dealing with unprecedented protests that have paralyzed the country president bashar has asked her reaches stay until a new government is in a hotter house more from the lebanese capital. the roads are now open so will schools universities and banks lebanon may no longer be paralyzed but the political
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crisis is far from over protesters who blocked roads across the country for almost 2 weeks toppled the coalition government prime minister saddle had resigned after failing to form a government free from the influence of political parties the president michel aoun has still to set a date to start consultations with members of parliament to agree on a new prime minister a post held by a son a muslim replacing heidi won't be easy he is considered the representative of that community. but hariri will insist on a semi technocratic government but the ruling coalition is insisting political parties remain represented hariri want to accept that so the other scenario is hezbollah forming a government that is more dominated by the group something it wants to avoid. hezbollah and its allies are the majority in government and parliament but it is under u.s. sanctions like its iranian backer that is why it needs
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a partner like heidi who is supported by the west house speaker to be a birdie is warning against international intervention it seems lebanon is yet again caught in the arena of the u.s. iranian struggle both countries have weighed in the crisis which began as a protest for better living conditions iran is accusing the u.s. saudi arabia and israel of supporting the pro. while the us is calling for a government that will be responsive to the needs of the people protesters who are now confining their street action to public squares are promising to push for radical change they say they are ready for a long struggle to bring down a system that has been governing them for decades that was 2nd in mind as the formation of a new cabinet from experts. so they can govern and conduct the transition phase and next would be the early parliamentary elections so
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they are staying on the streets until these demands are met overthrowing post-war leaders won't be easy so far they are refusing demands to hand over power. the pentagon has released declassified footage of the raid which led to the death of. more details about the u.s. special forces operation. today that ended with killing him self and his 2 children with explosives. these are the 1st pictures of the u.s. operation to kill the leader of eisel the short declassified footage initially shows u.s. troops moving towards the compound in northern syria where they've tracked abu bakar al baghdadi those who came out of the building were checked for weapons and explosives and moved away from the immediate area u.s. forces detained and later released the noncombatants the group was treated humanely at all times and included 11 children the assault force drew the attention of
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fighters in the area they're not thought to be isolate but when they fired on u.s. aircraft involved in the operation they were killed inside the compound eisel fighters staged a last stand 5 isis members inside the compound presented a threat to the force they did not respond to commands in arabic to surrender and they continue to threaten the force they were then engaged rather a force and killed there were 4 women and one man general confirmed baghdadi to 2 of his children into the tunnel when he tried to escape the assault force not 3 as a originally reported there he detonated his suicide vest killing himself and the children after baghdad his murder suicide or assault force cleared significant debris from the tunnel and secured baghdad his remains rhydian identity confirmation which were flown with the assault assault force back to the staging base he could not confirm president trumps a session that the leader of eisel died screaming crying and whimpering d.n.e. confirmed his identity the operation only growing to 2 hours forms and computers
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were removed from the compound before it was razed to the ground by american missiles they don't want the area to become a shrine and donald trump announced the death of baghdad it was hailed as a significant moment in the fight against isis and while the general believes it may disrupt the organization he's warned there could be retaliatory attacks he says the group would disappear warning eisel is an ideology and you can't kill an ideology alan fischer al jazeera washington. former u.s. national security advisor john bolton has been asked to testify at the impeachment inquiry into doll trump's controversial phone call to his ukrainian counterpart some of even speculated that bolton could be the democrats' impeachment hero of his there is heidi castro has been. impeached been investigators are eager to question john bolton the former national security adviser to president trump was a central figure in the administration's policy toward ukraine and one who said to
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have used colorful language to describe efforts to compel ukraine to investigate trumps political opponents a drug deal is what bolton's assistant said her boss called a july 10th meeting between ukrainian and u.s. officials at the white house the assistant testified bolton walked out of the meeting after sensing other u.s. officials had an agenda apart from solidifying the relationship between the 2 nations to get ukraine to investigate trumps domestic rivals i think that we've heard over the last several weeks a lot of lower level people and now the house is going to start moving up the food chain but bolton's attorney said late wednesday his client will not accept the invitation to testify democrats will likely issue a subpoena but whether or not bolton complies is an open question he's been quiet since being forced out of the white house in september due to policy disputes with the president but 2 weeks before he left his position bolton visited kiev on
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official business and delivered this message to the ukrainian people people of the united states fought for their independence their sovereignty we understand what that kind of struggle means and the people of the united states are with the people of ukraine at the time ukraine was expecting the delivery of u.s. military aid to help fight russia but trump was temporarily withholding the aid as his surrogates continue to pressure ukraine to investigate democrats on capitol hill wednesday nominee to become u.s. ambassador to russia was asked to comment do you think it's ever appropriate for the president to use his office to solicit investigations into a domestic political opponent. soliciting investigations into a domestic political opponent i don't think that would be in accord with for our values and no other assistant to john bolton is expected to testify on thursday to morrison is the director of european and russian affairs on the national security
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council and named by previous witnesses as having key information into the president's decision to withhold aid from ukraine and drumming up expectations further is morrison's announcement on the eve of his expected testimony that he is resigning from the white house hi joe castro al-jazeera washington fans in california continue to spread through the north and south of the state driven by strong winds firefighters battling the blaze which spans at least 80 hector has been implemented and about 3 quarters of a 1000000 people remain without power in an effort to prevent more wildfires jennifer bill clinton has more from healdsburg in california. we have 5 percent humidity in the air in los angeles and some dangerous winds the air is so dry the winds are coming from the desert they're not the cool ocean breezes and that's part
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of the problem the fire that was burning in in the hills over los angeles that burned a dozen homes a few days ago the cause has been traced to a branch that blew from a tree and into power lines sending showers of sparks into the air and spotting fires in the neighborhood that is why the power has been cut in many many of the areas in northern california where i am in california's wine country and sonoma county where the largest fire of the last week is still burning this one at 76000 acres it has burned 200 buildings half of those being home some of them wineries schools churches stores in this area 90000 homes are still in the path of these fires so very difficult times for firefighters who are working to fortify the lines before the wind kicks up again. twitter has been
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political messages may be misleading the new policy goes into effect next month the company's c.e.o. jack dorsey says political messages should be pulled he also says into it advertising is powerful and effective but it does bring risks to politics where it can be used to influence votes that affect the lives of millions of people erica is a us political analyst and author of the g.o.p. civil war he says this change will have political term pain teams scrambling to strive to jews. this is huge not only for the business and social media community but more importantly for the political landscape not just in the united states but across the globe we're talking about a major vehicle major lane for getting out one's message is now being closed off completely and so what this does is this campaign messaging. people from various campaigns scrambling trying to find a way to reach their audience and as we know twitter has
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a large audience and able to reach many millions of people and so now that lane is completely cut off leaving people trying to figure out how in fact they reached their audience but of course many are looking and wondering what in fact will mark zuckerberg of facebook do now that twitter has made this momentous decision this move is i think it will be much welcomed by at least in the united states by the democratic liberal community we do know that 2016 election president donald trump his primary vehicle for reaching his audience was through twitter and now the president has to find another way to reach that audience on a daily basis without the benefit of using political ads. 2 asian art were supporters of one of pakistan's largest islamic parties are heading to the country's capital as part of a man's anti-government protest now these pictures show demonstrators in lahore a day before large gatherings are expected in the capital islamabad jim are the
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limit your slimy party has been rallying its followers across the country to take part in a so-called freedom march it's calling for the removal of the prime minister imran khan and a new election. was staying in the region merely downs and suci as again called for ethnic groups to end decades of fighting between armed groups and the army the peace talks were a focal point of the campaign when her party was elected 5 years ago but it's called highly reports not only does the fighting continue there are more accusations that mere miles military is carrying out atrocities in myanmar's north for more than 50 years shan state has been the battleground for armed ethnic groups fighting the country's army for more autonomy. during a recent army offensive military helicopters were seen opening fire in civilian areas in a township of northern shan state in the on how they sound of helicopters and allow explosions were terrifying and it doesn't matter if they were in town on the edge
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by the sound was very frightening for the children just this month an amnesty international report accused the military of committing war crimes against civilians in northern shan state the report also said that armed ethnic groups abusive tactics as they fight the army and among themselves as they battle for control in shan state an area rich in minerals and where much of the world illegal opium and heroin is produced civilians fleeing the recent fighting gathered at a buddhist temple seen as a safe haven. most of them are part of the duck hill tribe for generations they have cultivated t.v. as their main source of income. because they have been fighting like this you can't go and pick the one of this cause this is a big problem the tea ever ripens and nobody will want to buy it and that's because economic problem especially. northern shan state is one of myanmar is at least developed regions of the fighting continues there's little hope that the situation will improve for the people here an example of the failure of
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a nationwide ceasefire agreement signed 4 years ago but it could also mean political difficulties for a leader on song suchi once she starts campaigning for next year's election it's got harder al-jazeera donald trump's the federal judge nominee has broken down in tears during a grilling by the us senate judiciary committee lawrence fund diag had been nominated by trying to fill a seat on the 9th circuit court of appeals he was asked about the contents of a letter from the bar association which gave him a rating of not qualified the letter questioned whether van dyke would be fair to l g b t people the prompted his response. i pod. sorry . sorry no i did not say that i do not believe that. it is a fundamental belief that all people are created in the image of god they should
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all be treated with dignity and respect. a large fire has destroyed the unesco world heritage scientology pan southern island of okinawa firefighters are battling the blaze which has got at the main hall and surrounding buildings the issue recurse all was built more than 500 years ago. a cleanup is underway after a tropical cyclone kyar changed course and crashed into a man waves of up to 8 feet high slanted to the south west coast and we start with the far governor of that oman national emergency management center has cut power in some areas as a precaution. the watching al-jazeera piece a whole rama reminder of our top stories the iraqi military says one person has been killed after a rocket was supplied into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone it happened
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shortly after a separate incident at the bridge eyewitnesses say security forces shot at least one protester dead and injured dozens more syrian state media is reporting heavy fighting between government troops and turkish forces near the border syrian government forces have taken up positions following a recent kurdish withdrawal palestinian politician co-leader gerar has been arrested by israeli forces during a raid on a home in the occupied west bank city of ramallah she's a leading figure in the popular front for the liberation of palestine a party that has been banned by israel her daughter says she's being held without any evidence against her. just as her previous detentions by the israeli for says the 1st one being on april 25th teen where she was held for 15 months and the 2nd one odd july 2 in july 2nd
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2017 where she was held for 18 months and this time as well my mom was detained under. the so-called administrate of detention which allows israel to hold palestinians without any evidence a battle of quakers at the southern philippines sending people fleeing from their homes schools and shopping malls buildings collapsed when the $6.00 magnitude quake hit the island of mindanao security forces in lebanon have fired tear gas to disperse protesters in the northern town of. antigovernment demonstrations continue across the country despite prime minister hariri reserve resignation he quit on choose day saying he'd come to a dead end in dealing with unprecedented protests that have paralyze the country. former white house national security adviser john bolton has been asked to testify at an impeachment inquiry into president donald trump's controversial phone call to his ukraine counterpart
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a lot more on those stories of course in the news as the day progresses that's it for witness is next here on al-jazeera. the molding the magnet for tourists from around the globe the behind the beach risk landscape young man leading by groups in syria but i went east investigates on al-jazeera. so. so. so. who in this country. certainly didn't want to be this one but i just feel like. both afghanistan and sardar won't
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. be. many consider this luxury hotel to be one of the safest spots in kabul but late thursday taliban gunmen stormed the serena who tells restaurant killing 9 people including prominent journalists sardar achmad his wife and 2 children all 4 shot point blank to the head afghan authorities say the 4 gunmen hid guns and ammunition in their shoes to evade security we are still waiting for for all those investigation to take place. where will i go how much is a what you know you cannot go wrong. i was for a moment. in the. machine when i would come out but
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the list goes from. god would go to would most of them out. raising money is money that can become a. boon when you go to shrink post but it will be a journey that of most informative insulated they chosen they can even have bought as it shows. by the vegas i'll go to more of a hook on the graph my expose me going to good yes and then you. have me because in the washroom if i'm going to fuss because. tony is human other than good. i would be going to a lot of. this is sardar and these are things that i got his boss at the f.b.i.
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let me have a few things from his desk he had this really weird cute love of pine cones one time he was like hold out your hand so i did any put a pine cone in my hand i think it was this one actually he was really into the free a.j. staff thing in cairo and we had a day here where we all went to the al jazeera bureau. that sort of missed it and so he came to my office and he had me take a picture of him holding this and it's like now like a widely used photo of him so i don't know i feel like trying to find out what happened to him is maybe would bring some closure is that i don't really know what else to do.
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there are so many unanswered questions as per usual the taliban claimed responsibility but we think there's more to the story. so he was a well known and i think. if one knows him and when it deserves it and he deserves that definitely and he deserves that. me a new journalists so this is one responsibility we don't have guns on arms to go and fight with at the wrists our pen our camera our newspaper as our own guns so let's fight through death when. so let us work over this issue to follow that what happened with some of the worst case what happened within the investigation which the afghan security officer
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in a certain manner. actually resulted in a normal for. an idea that i don't care and trying to move on past very. very small school the only people the crazy person to do it and it's it was a very good reasons all reason to do it which got us all great to hear over and over and. also that instant pomp and i have never been here in philly i've never been here you know a thing i hate this place. where nightmare happened. to me this is definitely amazing that such a p.h.p. hotel with 90 ports how it's possible a few tourists can get inside this plates everyone gets away with everything here
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you can go in an attack a hotel and kill people and kill children and nothing happens. so now we're going to try to get answers from the ministry of interior because obviously. they're the ones that were 1st on the scene and should know more about who these people were and what happened and how it all was even allowed to happen with duping what was in one's findings well unfortunately one of the exact findings because we submitted everything the scene. and all of those proofs and evidence to the n.d.s. because they're responsible for the investigation of these complicated terrorist attacks and then to morning if we want a place like cyrano with more than mine t. courts can be counted and how did it happen how is that possible to do rather than the right person to every security person or in this who know the company or of the person or everyone or they were out and just to get the government doesn't hold us
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every night accountable doesn't seem to keep going on they have their conference is people go still so this is just a staircase yes we've got a new security company and then that they're allowed to continue without paying and the story is the government would not be able to comment that when insider was killed some of the guys were saying courtney john this is afghanistan as if that makes it ok you know her and i think that we should never accept that just because you have suffered attacks over the years in that they continue that this never again but the world should know that we are here to price and it's not ok we shouldn't question love because it could lose the right to have you know it really is a for the people around the world. george w. are covering a lot of it because the most loved ones thong with us on this would call. for could
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not them because of course i am mostly a. mum. mistress i discover the girl moment the lights all of this absorb those of us that only have joined with a yearning for joy without your who does it with. should i give an example yet it would be a great life like what well my personal time was your 1st but i love you most of you know well it's good to hear that i ask is up but not in the people who died for it worse but if you want to say it i was going to do it no i don't want to say it it's probably the whole personality is not ideologically stupid like it is a lot of things just because of blows labor but it's just used to how but. talking about my concerns for my family members when something happens 1st then comes the moment i make sure that everybody at home is far and then i go to judge to do my in the order to get it.
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that was the worst thing was when we were at the mosque. before the burial here and when the 4 ambulances came. where does the banner say freedom of speech and priests suck the blood of thousands of aware young journalists and since then the father of 5 years old almost 40 years old. thought of our own home.
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i think it's a good bye to. the overnight when. you have it they weren't supposed to then. it will go hard on less. noticeable one them what they really. don't make them in the film i'll just miss i myself was adamant though i mean they got caught i mean can i get mystic to rest what he. thought and. not yes. then he like a book i had on me or in years they're going to be in the thick forest they learned the. more they honcho them and then you can have
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a mobile homes and then you become could solve the problem british just to get them . from some luck of the presumably skin to. come i mean listen. first of. all for the full. oh. for the last let me go. for a moment when faced with a. oh what's the. hold of the. player in play. courtney's on that this is the security footage from the c.c.t.v.
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cameras from the night of talk when they go through the. x. ray like they don't all 4 of them must have beeped yeah right and they have didn't stop them didn't i know the security guy when i see such people they're still suspicious yeah i'm going with unusual clothes in such a place. and it happens when they see that you're not for example normal yeah or something strange must you did we were going. to just from the very beginning when they have a body search right until here it shows that no one is also kingdom that we're going. to just love see here this city become a moves right that's amazing they were tracking them the whole time yeah how did they not stop them this is the t.v. cameras didn't want zoom when it's normally somewhere and the.


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