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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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to a civil war now his comments come as antigovernment protests continue with demonstrators calling for political leaders to resign plans to reopen schools and universities are still being cancelled and to lead to more hard to look many today we are shrink into a government and we hope the upcoming government will live up to the aspirations of the people it should gain the confidence of the people and members of the parliament it must be a government which is capable of achieving what the previous governments had failed that's why ministers should be based on their qualifications and expertise not a political or sectarian leadership lebanon is that they are very critical crossroads it is in dire need of harmonious government. pakistan has launched an investigation into a train explosion and fire which killed at least 70 people witnesses say some passengers were killed when they jumped out of the moving train to avoid the fire or forty's of confirm the blaze broke out after 2 gas cylinders under stove exploded the railways minister has announced compensation for the families of the
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deceased is the country's worst rail disaster in more than a decade a day after the philippines was struck by a powerful earthquake people are worried of possible aftershocks the 6.6 tremor struck the southern philippines killing 5 people it was the 3rd powerful quake to hit the region in 2 weeks our correspondent allan dogan joins me now from north to bartow on mindanao and of course jamil a day after the quake and the real enormity of the task ahead and the help that's needed is coming to light. that is exactly correct so hale i am right outside the district hospital in a town called north of about the province and behind me basically are patients who have been injured by the earthquake most of them are the elderly basically and they have were not able to run away in time but because the building that this district hospital may have been already condemned it isn't safe for patients to stay inside
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there are older people here there are also very very young children babies who are just about a month old who are slowly starting to get sick with fever cough and flu because of the difficult conditions another town we visited earlier through hail also showed a very difficult condition of people who have been displaced there's not enough food there's not enough water people are afraid of the constant hourly aftershocks here we're seeing mothers holding on to their children tight refusing to let them go because the fear of these very strong aftershocks just earlier today about 3 hours ago there was another earthquake though a minor one there was no damage. extensive damage and no tsunami warning it is enough really to make it difficult for everyone here just to give you a sense of how devastating it is even if the fatal it is that the number is relatively low around 5 were killed from yesterday about a total of about 12 or 13 from 2 days ago the devastation is still overwhelming
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because the earthquake covers so many towns across them and in our region so it remains to be seen how these resources are going to be laid out and be given in time for those who need it most so indeed this is a developing situation that will continue with you. the moment you listen to. still ahead here on al-jazeera they say they're up against a dictator as bad as gadhafi we get on the frontline with true libyan government forces fighting a warlord. that's another problem facing battling the australian airline kong to ground 03737 cracks found in the wings those stories after the break. how i once again we've got plenty of disturbed weather across parts of the middle
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east yet again a fair bit of cloud just spilling out of the black sea towards the caspian sea parts of turkey looking rather unsettled over the next couple days around the caucuses as well over the high ground we're looking at snow here that will push its way through georgia armenia azerbaijan and as we go on and see where saturday that slides a little further south as northern parts of syria also seeing some of that unsettled weather baghdad temperatures around $28.00 celsius similar temps to fall kuwait city around $24.00 in beirut generally dry and fine around the levant generally try and find say across a good part of the arabian peninsula we do have a 2 tropical systems in the vicinity the 1st one here kiran that's making its way further west was brushing the coastal fringes of the man pushing towards the gulf of aden towards the horn of africa fizzling a little as we go on through the early part of next week we will see some possibly some flooding coming in here possibly some flooding too into parts of south africa
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and around the high ground some rather lively showers in place a little more cloud just coming into the western cape as we go on through friday that all drive its way further east saturday. a young girl in the film the last of the bio is wendy. going to have this opportunity to. the limit so the young girls both through secondary school with the stuff going to be able to stay and play that's one pest and able to change have fun meet the women in going out who are going places when it comes to education women make chains on al-jazeera.
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you're watching officer of the cell robin a reminder of our top stories president donald trump could become the 1st u.s. leader to be impeached and seek reelection after the house of representatives passed a resolution to formalize the investigation as head back describing the move as the greatest witchhunt in u.s. history also iraq's president has vowed to hold early elections and says prime minister mehdi will resign but only once a replacement is agreed soon after the elves with large crowds again gathered in tahrir square in central baghdad. but hundreds of firefighters are struggling to contain fast moving fire sweeping across a dry land in the u.s. state of california the flames driven by strong winds have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes. the battle falls control of the so-called
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safe zone in northeastern syria has intensified kurdish fighters and troops from the syrian army have exchanged fire with opposition forces it comes as turkey and russia plan to start joint patrols on the area friday. reports from the turkey syria border. there's panic here in syria's north east as fighting flares up near tel tama and us a line caught up in the fighting are civilians who are fleeing the area and moving to the province of has under the control of the largely kurdish as the but syrian government troops have military bases in the region. took over western parts of the town people are bad enough each time someone controls the area it ends up being worse. as the fighting got worse syria troops sent reinforcements to tell tom or. but opposition fighters say they are determined to expand their
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influence south of russell i mean and that is just a matter of time before tell tama comes under their control. the turkish backed syrian opposition fighters the syrian national army or. has launched an offensive and taken over areas that were under fighters of. syrian government troops took part in the fighting but were forced to retreat damascus accuses the turkish military of targeting their positions with heavy artillery. since the start of the turkish military operation in north eastern syria thousands of civilians have been displaced these people say they've been on the run for months or regionally from their us or their escape the fighting between i still and the syrian government last year they thought their journey was over when they
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were sent to the camp and control. and then there will be a letter any 10 days ago we were taught syrian government troops were coming to the town even scared they might arrest us we had our 1st listen marc noyce and me and my 70 year old has been locked a long distance before reaching that. a few weeks ago and her family and thousands of people had to once again leave the camp and resettle in tel aviv now under the control of syrian rebels. kurdish fighters denounced the turkish military offensive as an invasion but a deal between turkey and russia last week left with only one choice those in kabbani a member must retreat east of the year for raters wherever and those near. east must withdraw. the latest fighting poses enormous challenges for turkey and russia
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who are expected to start joint patrols in the safe zone where turkey plans to set up observation posts to ensure as their fighters won't be able to state's economy back by the syrian government fears the safe zone would pave the way for a prolonged turkish military presence in northeastern syria. china over on the border with syria though greece has a new law that will make it more difficult to claim asylum the government says it makes the process more efficient but human rights groups say the law fails to comply with european standards john psaropoulos has more from athens. left his native town of daters in eastern syria last year when the civil war then made it unsafe for him and his family he applied for asylum in greece and was told to wait 2 years for his hearing if he's given international protection it will be up for renewal every 3 years
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a new asylum law that takes effect on january 1st forces renewal every year i asked me how he would feel if that applied to him. it's cruel and unfair instead of focusing on renewing papers every year and whether i can maneuver them or not i could just focus on supporting my family and being a good citizen and supporting greece but they're doing this on purpose to drive us away and also don't allow us to go to another european country to apply for asylum there another want nor want us to leave greece is a turning point for 6 years it's tried to keep up with asylum applications but constant new arrivals keep lengthening its backlog of cases greece's a-g. and islands where asylum seekers arrive from turkey are in constant crisis reception camps are built for 6000 people now house 30000 the 3 month old conservative government says greece needs a tough asylum law that keeps economic migrants out of the system and allows only
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true refugees to apply human rights groups are crying foul. what this law does is to deregulate the asylum procedure in this country and expose many people to real danger of being sympathetic without their asylum applications being seriously examined and it introduces so many obstacles that the asylum procedure is an accessible to many people who truly need it these government wants a faster procedures we want to separate who is really a refugee and who is an economic migrant from africa to pakistan countries that aren't at war see europe as paradise because it has social security rule of law infrastructure and stability the government. believes the new law will allow it to deport $10000.00 unqualified asylum seekers next year that's 5 times more than it's deported in 3 years under an e.u. turkey agreement greece also wants other e.u. members to take asylum applicants off its hand. greece has received 6 out of 10
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migrants who've crossed the mediterranean this year and it's processing one in 10 e.u. asylum applications that's 7 times its share and the european commission rules there's currently no burden sharing mechanism for countries like greece with external e.u. borders and that's perhaps what frightens greece most it's the recipient of a phenomenon it can't control europe is happy to send money and rules but little else jumps are up a loss athens almost 1500 people have been killed since libya warlord pleased to have to launch an attack on tripoli in april fighters have come from across the country to stop half to us forces entering the city they say they got rid of one dictator in 2011 and cannot let another ruler take control of their land of the white reports from tripoli. these government fighters are on high alert in southern tripoli. we went with them as they drove to the frontline they recaptured
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this area after battling fighters loyal to the warlord flee for have to cause loyalists have now fled the area. but the sounds of his warplanes can still be heard in the sky this detachment came from the western the coastal city of to defend the tripoli mohammed ali says have there is a replica of a mammal get their feet. over the now cause is the cause of all 3 libyans who rejected tighter ship and a totalitarian regime that we just want a civilian state this is what we've been fighting for since 20. have those forces moved on tripoli back in april according to them to rid the capital of armored groups. forces loyal to the u n recognized the government have resisted the attempt to take over this checkpoint
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in the vicinity of the old airport was hit immediately before we arrived here 3 of mohammad fighters were killed in the attack those who survived say it's a foreign war plane the airstrike was so powerful it tore apart the bodies of the fighters. civilians and cars are not allowed to move further beyond this checkpoint for their safety could also be targeted from the air has their faces opposition from fighters both in tripoli and in other libyan cities all want to stop the warlords imposing a military rule across the whole country for many though the battle is more personal and immediate they are fighting to save their land and their families. here in the rest a location the fighters take a break but for getting along good bloody day is not easy. we want the government to provide us with an air defense system an advanced weapons
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and demand un s c to impose a no fly zone if that happens we can defeat have terrorist forces in a matter of days their ground forces are not very strong but they have foreign fighter jets. since the beginning of the fighting have to as warplanes have been targeting many locations in and around tripoli including residential areas and many civilians have been killed or wounded the forces from say they will continue no matter what it takes but with no restrictions to prevent to have to as warplanes launching attacks from the sky it's likely that a battle will go on for some time in. tripoli the u.s. is imposing new sanctions on iran this time targeting the construction sector trading in materials used by its military the state department is accusing iran's elite revolutionary guards of directly or indirectly controlling tehran's construction industry it's also identified for materials allegedly used in the
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rolls ballistic missile program and has issued an embargo on its trade. tens of thousands of people are protesting in guinea's capital to show their support for president for cold day the rally is in response to weeks of violent protests against a possible change to the constitution that would allow condi to seek a 3rd term in power large crowds lined the roads in color creed to welcome the president home for a trip abroad. chile's government has been meeting with opposition leaders in a fresh bid to end protests over economic inequality the talks and a cabinet reshuffle have not appease protesters although thursday's demonstrations were smaller than usual in santiago there were some clashes between protesters and police. australia's national carrier quantas has grounded 3 of its planes after hairline cracks were found in their wings u.s. federal aviation regulators called on all airlines to check their boeing 737 planes that have made more than 30000 trips u.s.
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manufacturer boeing has already grounded dozens of its 37737 next generation jets for repair because of the same issue car bailey is an aviation analyst and was a member of the u.s. federal aviation administration he says it's concerning that the cracks appeared much sooner in the plane's lifespan than expected. we should be very worried because you know what's particularly alarming in this instance is the airplane the quantised airplanes have about 27000 takeoff and landing cycles this part was designed to have greater cycles of that say about between 60 and 80000 take the landing cycle so these cracks are developing at fairly mid lifespan and. you know what the part the courts are still asking tell but you know thankfully you know the federal aviation administration earlier this month issued a directive that these planes have to be inspected and the airlines are doing the
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appropriate thing and kudos to quantised they actually completed all their inspections in 7 days and that was far ahead of. what was recommended. this is and has them leads all the top stories president donald trump could become the 1st u.s. leader to be impeached and seek reelection after the house of representatives passed a resolution to formalize the investigation the means witness appearances will be made public trumpeted describing the move on as the greatest witch hunt in u.s. history house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff says the democrats take no joy in the impeachment process but would shy away from it. we recognize that. we have been compelled by the circumstances to move forward. when
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a president. abuses his or her office when a president sacrifices the national interest when a president refuses to defend the constitution. and does so for the purpose of advancing a person or political agenda. the founders provided the remedy. iraq's president has vowed to hold early elections and says prime minister the day will resign but only wants a replacement as agreed soon after the announcement large crowds again gathered in tahrir square in central baghdad on thursday more than 200 people have been killed in the weeks of violent antigovernment protests hundreds of firefighters are struggling to contain fast moving fire sweeping across dry land in the u.s. state of california the flames driven by strong winds have forced thousands of people out of their homes demonstrators in algeria have rejected plans for fresh elections in december fearing they'll be neither free nor fair.
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the anti-government activists want anyone linked to president of the reasons beautifully could be removed from power he was false trouble for said april but many of his former allies still hold senior positions more mass rallies are planned for friday and chile's government has been meeting with opposition leaders in a fresh bid to end protests over economic inequality the talks and the cabinet reshuffle have a lot of peace protesters although thursday's demonstrations were smaller than usual in santiago there were some clashes between protesters and police those are the headlines and back with the headlines in about half an hour's time here our knowledge is there next it's we've been make change to stay with us. my objections are the well to beat is in the sports of sports. i'm some of the top players like you so. it's fun to watch us play that because we focus on skillful
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and hard challenging shot. obviously your own world examines why addiction to dominate the sport egypt squash champions on al-jazeera. so you'll be the best generation in your family as women going to school. and i let me show you something this is a $1.25 a where i live it will buy you
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a very small cup of coffee millions of people around the world exist on less than this amount a day of the numbers have gone down but there's still a lot of work to be done at a time when the world is looking at how to reduce extreme poverty the spotlight has been towed on women wherever they have the opportunity to be actively involved in the local communities and economies the huge benefits to the people around them to local economies and researches know that investing in women. it's not just the right thing to do it's small it's economics because there's a ripple effect the sprites into the wider community so let's take a look at how this works out of the. if you grow up in the developing world getting an education can be a challenge thanks to a huge global push there now will children primary school than ever before girls still lack behind though and often drop out of secondary education altogether into mali guyana delores dixon and saying it and that
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a working hard to make sure. is a. as. there is no one. here you know you are very angry. and i'm here this week on our bed she program. is being office the this
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is great i'm through then it's over it's never so the whole idea is to support a gal through a journey and to get them to a point where they become economically independent so the young girls go through secondary school with the support they receive everything that they need to be able to stay and progress was the complete school vs saving as lenna got its way the going back to the schools to support boys and girls to improve their performance. so they were going to talk about needs and wants. so don't tell me what's basic human need yes me much. you learn to speak and that's.
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actually i'm here to introduce my race so all those there and we're going to introduce by counseling to help lenders in the senior high school to overcome their learning challenges all of us remember things we want in life. you want money money yes your golden. she was a vacation my dogs needed occasion you wanted cation ok so album i see the high school i have to be part of the program when i completed the. guide so i can help my youngsters my lessons there's been elva since there was so overcome that challenges and to be about some people a better person in the community. if your mother went to school is up your hand and. so there's the global to school
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so you'll be the 1st generation in your family as women going to school. so i don't know if you're really gonna. do you know in the female doctor. for now i don't know. so if you become a female doctor make a change. why i do want to be a teacher own sink or go. to chair use. today i want to encourage them to learn. a young girl in ghana usually face a lot of bias when they have to access a cation and particularly for communities where poverty is very endemic saw for these communities where they have large families as well they have to make decisions around who gets the opportunity to go to school so it's an opportunity
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cost for parents and usually they tend to focus on the boys sometimes you go to can actually see that even more girls than the are boys thinking that that that is because the population of ghana has more female than male but as they grow up you see that that trend is changing when you get to these 6 you read lies that they'll be more boys in the classroom than gals as they keep going up you see that not particularly. and that's because they can be used to really generate income for the family and marriage is very prevalent child marriage is very prevalent and so these are issues that the young girls particularly face and the huge hurdles to them being able to continue did cation before we started working off your head must actually that one day take 400 from one people only 85 and gets their rest our voice. isn't
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a shock in not that big else now you see the number of. dates over 50. academic year 2015 we're supporting 36000 clearly there is a huge need and that is what we're trying to address. is very difficult to. go. into. so. highly to be secondary school and be from. the sense that even.
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just one. of the. bones of. the. original. was that the. seed of. the local. tell them why let the one in the moment come as dented.
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then they give me a slow political who don't go. as ben said the babineau ballard's well you know your big kitchen and so now i'm going to mine yours and. back no make a rush out of. may i know my love. because when one moves sure you know more i've
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been in the measure by dumbo my book though i do good to those don't become. smoke oh no i was i don't go by the. guns of the sun. will. live in there are not only horror. that's going to bring me down it's pushes me how. i look up to role models i have.
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mentors and one of my biggest moans as my mother mentors me every day. she's a great one. and. actually my mom is the break here because she takes care of the house. other green. an age of. 10 to 15. easy cos of the period my dad passed away. it was very difficult for me to continue my education and they have to change me school because of the money. getting to their senior high school was some kind of little bit challenging to me because in the senior high.


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