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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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whether they were to be a brit would throw their weight behind this particular market but the government on the other hand. think that this. time when their country is freezing. in and red then front i don't drink your 4th. grade renewed iran and saudi arabia. and the next you're dead it will be critical for your thoughts on. the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump is moving to a public face with open hearings in congress the democrat led house of representatives approved the resolution on thursday laying out the guidelines president trump is calling it the greatest witch hunts in u.s. history how does a castro has more from washington historic words from the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives as we gather here on that opening day with their families
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gathered around to proudly raise their hand to protect and defend the constitution of the united states as congress took the 1st vote in the impeachment inquiry of president donald trump the measure which authorizes the inquiry to enter a public phase passed 232 to 1962 democrats joined a unanimous republican caucus in voting no those in favor they say. those opposed say no. democrats are trying to impeach the president because they are scared they cannot defeat him at the ballot box that's not my words that's the words of my colleagues from the other side of the aisle that has offered impeachment 3 different times this impeachment is not only an attempt to
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undo the last election. is it an attempt to influence the next one as well. over the past weeks more than a dozen witnesses have testified before impeachment investigators behind closed doors leaked portions of their testimony paint a narrative of trump using the power of his office to pressure ukraine to investigate his political rivals to morrison the russian expert on the national security council appeared on capitol hill on thursday despite white house orders not to previous witnesses have said morrison described having a sinking feeling after he learned a trump wanted ukraine's president to go to a microphone to announce investigations into korma vice president joe biden the problem here for the republicans and the president's the fenders is that the the evidence is pretty damning the road toward impeaching president trump is still a long one and democrats into size that impeachment is not
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a foregone conclusion but thursday's vote paves the way forward and forecasts a bitter partisan battle ahead with trump's presidency at stake castro al-jazeera washington still ahead on al-jazeera they claim they're up against a dictator as bad as gadhafi we go to the frontline with fighters allied to the libyan government's who are battling a warlords. almost inaccessible rights groups criticize a new asylum law in greece details coming up. hello again it's good to have you back well here cross parts of vietnam there were news is going to be some better weather down towards the south but still some very rainy conditions up along the central and northern parts of the coast i was all due
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to the remnants of the storm system. did move through a little further south the across parts of central indonesia we are going to see some rain across job as well as into bali here on saturday as a make or you were here towards parts of our strong yet well still it's been very warm across much of the east but we do have this one from the boundary that is making its way slowly across the bight so for adelaide expect to see the clouds as well as the rain today that front is going to be moving through bringing those temperatures down as well as we go towards saturday we're going to see sydney at about $28.00 degrees melbourne with some rain at 21 and for brisbane we are going to be seeing your temperature starting to rise as we go towards monday with some very heavy showers by the time we get to monday as well and then here for the north and south island of dizzy when things are going to be looking quite nice as we go into saturday auckland it's going to be seeing a fairly partly cloudy day for you at 18 degrees parts of christ church at 90 but up here across much of fiji as well as new caledonia it is going to be quite cloudy
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we do expect to see temperatures into the mid twenty's with suv vosa temperature if you of 25 degrees. which you are the girls on the scale of modern slavery in the u.k. is enormous we're just seeing the tip of the ice that we had is something called the modern slavery act i've just been surrounded with thank congress you punch someone in the stone i haven't companies need to understand that this is exploitation if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and there are some very very nasty people out there al-jazeera investigates britain's modern slave trade.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera. schools universities banks in lebanon have reopened after weeks of anti-government protests demonstrations however continued overnight in lebanon with activists demanding that all political leaders step down. turkish and russian troops have started joint patrols in the north eastern syria in syria so-called safe so it follows a deal between the 2 countries to remove kurdish y p g fighters to a depth of 30 kilometers south of the border inside syria. thousands of people who say they're fed up with pakistan's government has started demonstrating on the streets of the capital a convoy dominated by supporters of a conservative opposition party entered islam about on thursday demanding prime minister in montana resign. almost 1500 people have been killed since libyan warlords have launched an attack on tripoli in april fighters have come from across
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the country just stopped have to have forces entering the city they say they got rid of a dictator in 2011 and now cannot let a military ruler take control off their country mahmoud i've been well had reports from tripoli. these government fighters on high alert in southern tripoli. we went with them as they drove to the frontline they recaptured this area after battling fighters loyal to the warlord flee for have to cause loyalists have now fled the area. but the sounds of his warplanes can still be heard in the sky this detachment came from the western the coastal city of so broad are to defend to tripoli mohammed ali says have there is a replica of a mammal gadaffi. now cause is the cause of all 3 libyans who rejected tighter ship and a totalitarian regime that we just want
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a civilian state this is what we've been fighting for since 20000000. have those forces moved on tripoli back in april according to them to rid the capital of armored groups. forces loyal to the you and recognize the government have resisted the attempted takeover of this checkpoint in the vicinity of the old airport was hit immediately before we arrived here 3 of mohammad fighters were killed in the attack those who survived say it's a foreign war plane the airstrike was so powerful it apart the bodies of the fighters. civilians and cars are not allowed to move further beyond this checkpoint for their safety. could also be targeted from the air has that faces opposition from fighters both in tripoli and in other libyan cities all want to stop the warlords imposing a military rule across the whole country for many though the battle is more
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personal and immediate they are fighting to save their land and their families. here in the rest a little cation the fighters take a break for getting along good bloody day is not easy. we want the government to provide us with an air defense system an advanced weapons and demand un s.c. to impose a no fly zone if that happens we can defeat have terrorist forces in a matter of days their ground forces are not very strong but they have foreign fighter jets. since the beginning of the fighting have to as warplanes have been targeting many locations in and around tripoli including residential areas and many civilians have been killed or wandered the forces from sobrante say they will continue no matter what it takes but with no restrictions to prevent to have to as warplanes launching attacks from the sky it's likely that
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a battle will go on for some time. tripoli. greece has a new law that will make it more difficult to claim asylum there the government says it makes the process more efficient but human rights groups say the law fails to comply with european standards johnson rubble us reports from athens. alecia left his native town of daters in eastern syria last year when the civil war then made it unsafe for him and his family he applied for asylum in greece and was told to wait 2 years for his hearing if he's given international protection it will be up for renewal every 3 years a new asylum law that takes effect on january 1st forces renewal every year i asked me how he would feel if that applied to him. it's cruel and unfair instead of focusing on renewing papers every year and whether i can maneuver them or not i could just focus on supporting my family and being
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a good citizen and supporting greece but they're doing this on purpose to drive us away and also don't allow us to go to another european country to apply for asylum there another want nor want us to leave greece is a turning point for 6 years it's tried to keep up with asylum applications but constant new arrivals keep lengthening its backlog of cases greece's a-g. and islands where asylum seekers arrive from turkey are in constant crisis reception camps are built for 6000 people now housed 30000 the 3 month old conservative government says greece needs a tougher asylum law that keeps economic migrants out of the system and allows only true refugees to apply human rights groups are crying foul. what this law does is to deregulate the asylum procedure in this country and expose many people to real danger of being sympathetic without their asylum applications being seriously examined and it introduces so many obstacles that the asylum procedure is an
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accessible to many people who truly need it these government wants a faster procedures we want to separate who is really a refugee and who is an economic migrant from africa to pakistan countries that aren't at war see europe as paradise because it has social security rule of law infrastructure and stability the government. believes the new law will allow it to deport $10000.00 unqualified asylum seekers next year that's 5 times more than it's deported in 3 years under an e.u. turkey agreement greece also wants other e.u. members to take asylum applicants off its hands. greece has received 6 out of 10 migrants who've crossed the mediterranean this year and it's processing one in 10 e.u. asylum applications that's 7 times that under the european commission rules there's currently no burden sharing mechanism for countries like greece with external e.u. borders and that's perhaps what frightens greece most it's the recipient of
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a phenomenon it can't control europe is happy to send money and rules but little else jumps at all pull us out jazeera athens. a day after the philippines was struck by a powerful earthquake people are worried about aftershocks the magnitude 6.5 tremor struck the southern philippines on thursday killing at least 5 people some 12000 stay in shelters in the islands of mindanao and there was another aftershock another earthquake on friday off the southern coast but no reports of injuries or damage. australia's national carrier concerts has grounded 3 if its planes after cracks were found in their wings the airline said complex repair work is needed on its boeing 737 next generation jets other carriers worldwide have grounded jets after finding similar cracks us federal aviation regulators have called on all airlines to check their boeing 737 planes that have made more than 30000 trips we
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are working with the civil aviation safety authority of australia and boeing to get those 3 aircraft back in the air it is a complex process we expect to take through to the end of the calendar year to get there is 3 aircraft flying again. the government of syria leon is resuming timber exports in an effort to counter a falling revenue from mining but environmental activists are concerned it could erase gains made over the past decades to regrow the country's forests. reports from northern syria leon. another forest giant comes to the chainsaw. this tree took about 25 years to grow. but less than a minute to bring down. the rosewood is
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most preferred by loggers across forests instead of these majestic trees are being cut down illegally to meet an increasing demand for timber. or to say they are struggling to enforce the law we had to cut by in own in adequate and intense shortages in our ranges to amend the forest so what we've done is to design programs where rain of the few them of as we have to target areas that are prevalent in our notable fall and have listed. where i joined my whole going to trees once to all these past brush and undergrowth left environmentalist estimate that only 3 percent of sterile yards forest cover the remains still bleeding from the cut its young trees like this and i mean targeted by loggers simply because the giants of the forests are gone an environmentally
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sound warning that in a short while there won't be trees this size to be cut anymore. near the port here in the capital freetown but embrace prepared for export to china . a large scale logging is not presuming it but the timbers exported to stop it from rotting away. resumption of office we came or were met a situation wherein there are a huge backlog of timbers that were already have a stead sit in the bush and some actually started going bad and a case was made to government to lift a temporary ban on the exploitation of timber access that allowed those who actually invested in. the timber production to allow them to all too little export their woods or the logs so that is in place and the process is still ongoing. these forests are slowly transforming into grasslands environmentalists say with
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the level of deforestation so even the shrubs disappear they argue that the decision to leave the timber export by and temporarily set back the gains of the past 10 years to regenerate the forest initiative 3 years of this country. will never get them back once they are gone a new species some endemic you can't find them anywhere around the world except in syria and even if we lose those in the me species and we've lost the whole lot have lost something it's clear those concerns for now i know by loggers was only focus is the money they get in a country where it's a struggle to earn enough to supply. more than 70. the marathon and race walk events at next year's summer olympic games will officially be held in sapporo after tokyo's governor reluctantly agreed to change
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the venue local organizers were shocked when the international olympic committee announced the move 2 weeks ago over heat concerns the i.o.c. has agreed that no other events will be moved and that tokyo won't bear the costs of changing the venue. not on as the host city in respect to the importance of building the system to strive for the success of the games although we cannot guarantee with the i.o.c. as decision the government of tokyo has decided not to interfere with the decision of the i.o.c. which owns the authority to make the last decision. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour school sandbanks and the lebanon have reopened after weeks of anti-government protests demonstrations continued overnight with activists demanding that all political leaders step down turkish and russian troops to start
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a joint patrols in northeastern syria so-called safe zone it follows a deal between the 2 countries to remove kurdish fighters to a depth of 30 kilometers south of the border inside syria has about about one has more from. you having the safe so that was just completely changing the political reality of the ground you have the syrian opposition there said they backed by turkey taking over huge area that stretches from to libya to us and i plus the so you so wish that we're talking about 440 kilometers alone so if you took a deep this is changing political realities on the ground cities who want to conserve that turkey could just stay there for ever this explains why he's what's inning that's of course comes to was that mr confrontation is. thousands of people who say they're fed up with pakistan's government have started demonstrating on the streets of the capital a convoy dominated by supporters of a conservative opposition party entered islam about on thursday demanding prime
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minister imaan khan resign has the latest from islamic. people have gone where they have gone where their food supply campaign on the road and a moron are giving an interview to a local television station they did given in giving their government are dying. to be up to it. big move so that situation. if it indeed a very big rally in the us the impeachment inquiry into president trump is moving to a public phase with open hearings in congress after the house approved a resolution formalizing the procedures. australia's national carrier qantas has grounded 3 if its planes after cracks were found in their wings the airline said complex repair work is needed on its boeing 737 next generation jets other carriers worldwide have grounded jets after finding similar cracks those are the headlines
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on al jazeera more news coming up after one of its. the big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and if you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air and things seem pinned to realize even witness history in the making. with sandy white beaches and palm trees the moldings is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. but behind this picturesque landscape looks a darker reality. that includes asian said this go to a different level where people would not hesitate to queue in the capital market
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with buildings battle for space in a sea she divided by street gangs the future appears bleak for many multi-vitamins before in a lot of this is a paradise but we don't get the white sandy beaches or the any off that they were created it is a concrete jungle and so many problems political problems and people problems one o one east asks why so many mall divisions have taken up arms to fight in syria. this is the moldings a small republic of 1200 islands that stretches across 800 kilometers in the indian ocean. it's
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sandy beaches and turquoise waters attract nearly a 1000000 and a half tourists each year. interaction with locals is limited. most of the hotels by even by visit is are on private islands cut off from regular multi view. the local population is concentrated on $200.00 islands the most tourism nisei. d.d. is one of them. the 2 kilometer long island has a population of 4000 papal. here there are no women in bikinis and the
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violent consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. in the moldings sharia is the lore of the land. in the islamic republic the constitution requires that every citizen must belong to the religion of the stoics. life revolves around prayer and fishing. ali hutcheon was born indeed and has been married the island since 27 teams. today is children's day and the school has organized a celebration to mark the event it's a happy occasion but ali is concerned about some of the more negative changes in his community over the years i think it's basically are we have the right of moratorium is where we're. going to go just right. for the family and
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culture the peaceful place. the safety security and the people granted. and nobody really placing a question for that but we shouldn't. think the word. is country has. this island has also changed it hard to say the residents a weary of revealing. we've got a gun guys going to through all these places. we can we. go. among those 5 men from d.d. was. in early 25th date he left to fight with groups in syria. up to the north sea it was working for the.
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the multics and was barely 23 years old when he left his country. he died in battle . we managed to track down his parents. and god love him in the image and it's like not only is he right and then i lose my calling he. his family refused to say any more. on the pretext of a fishing trip we talked to some young men from the army who knew abdulla in the field.
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if you are not my friend we are in syria we thought he was he was a long. and all of sudden who. nobody knew why he went he just went in and he gave us i think spared and told them. they were heartbroken and said do we have a problem. this extremisms extremes people here. it is a big problem here. and i'm sure you must and i don't see this. big. sums and they invest them and send them to syria. it's a problem that spread across the archipelago according to muhammad the former president
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of the molding we are the highest per capita of any country got has gone to war in syria the figure is $300.00 but i think intelligence agencies around the hugs a figure of about one policy. those who make the journey to syria leave from the capital my leg. networks operating from the city handled the logistics but these departure. inside these press buildings parents are mourning for their children who live to syria. we're here to meet one of them refine. refine believes her son once he was influenced in child after being arrested for a phone then and i thought don't come and i would i'm with them then it has the any . guy today my it day by law in
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a mean one with them with my man here i with the lid am i'm a connected and. the caucus will miss it without their vocal follow. on with i don't want to modify the you know what i look back on i did the any come to think of what i get that it was minimal bound to go there being me. me come the 2nd knowing day and i had a comic on what i mean if i was the you know number one with a concept what i know my it with a voc and we didn't and then it was i am born without of a company must live on about love about what i mean when it can no me me up i'm a mama my model the film is kind of on the phone and on because i took on that that it did in one. a few months after he was released from prison mincey left the country with his wife. he was 28 years old. he told his relatives that he had a medical appointment in sri lanka after that there was no news from him for several days then me fully have was in on them but i don't read them anyone for
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a half hour to turn are. more known come on dr o'keefe late only that article mr. denham universal had in me a have tucked area the fast one of my my me muscle i was at the head a what am i to see him one way into a whole me. with him but i meant to be again a mist coming in there not a minute the way it devoured in the dew and it up pretty well and then before. them for not only for iraq and rest of the. thing it was a lot of rules. that if you're a mom. you know mom i'm behind on my mother cannot.
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then what i was going to mean only a time deal to. me. then so not time then what are you gonna laugh about what i decide then you're not training that they must overtraining. none of us i mean world and they get it done time by the hour how come the ned. of a bang and then ere going to sum up. my world that i'm going to. give us. the avani of a mom. then. when we come back a mighty that if another the name of. a me too well they're. putting
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it on a front to come i hate anybody if anyone and even that are the heavy bet that if a deal with my friend. still reached to ross has written a book about the mel devean stanley who left the syria he says many citizens began following a strict a form of islam after the 2004 tsunami. under the guise of. helping people a number of saudis sponsored n.g.o.s suddenly started sprouting in mali's it is very easy to isolate people who are basically living marginally about the power 'd to live in and then to tell them that this unfortunate set of events that has come upon you is because you are strayed away from the path of true islam and over the last decade and
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a half this slow brainwashing and infusion of salafi of a hub is them that is what leads to and radicalization of an entire country. shirish says mel debian's a particularly popular among recruits is in iraq and syria. deviance where preferred as good soldiers because a an islander is a very strong robust person reap if they are part of a gang then they are already wall and they are used to bloodshed and seek more importantly because of the saudi influence in these they are they are considered to be stronger more rigid and more islamic recruits from india they're not given weapons to fight in syria. because india teaches softer what is sort of islam
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maldivians where many immediately warriors and given weapons. to keep up a constant flow of new recruits these let me state publishes a variety of propaganda magazines including one indeed they hear the language the moldings they also have a subset magazine which is only for maldivians fighting in isis these magazines are very glossy with these readability attractive they believe they are going wrong way in helping recruitment and to promote the message of the caliphate i would say that 90 percent of the maldivian is either went to isis or do. little of the religion but rather a real nice. job but a new survey made to rename high a town tree a shop appeared in syria in 2012 this propaganda video shows functions in training
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. in the us soon. and this is the you tube channel of bilel abdul karim an american citizen who claims he is a journalist since the beginning of the war in syria he has conducted dozens of interviews with fox's i am be allowed abdul karim fall on the ground news and we are outside of the studio here today and we are in the middle of it live city which has become pretty much the de the de facto capital oh the rebel fighters here in syria this controversial activist gained access to mold t.v. and fighters on the ground in syria by devoting a whole series of reports on. in this video he shows they day to day lives there this is this is. leslie here.
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she. called her because. this is my 1st try. he also explores the raisins that compelled the small debian's to travel to syria. that he too asian in syria is a lot worse and here going transgression. like ongoing operation against the muslims. back in the baltics this message appeals to a young generation of social media savvy maldivians. with jobs in short supply many feel they do not have any options. some become addicted to heroin or other illegal drugs making them an easy target for recruits. this 24 year old moldavian is
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a former drug addict he agreed to speak to us on condition of anonymity they have nothing much we can do or we're here for recreation we're going to go there for them and basically about it and my way is such a small and can just play with i lived my life off drugs and alcohol. i was a teenager. at one point i was approached by people who started giving me advice on certain little things that apparently that i had all wrong while i pray this and that and and then saw some of them come and ask me to join their. they know all we have broken and we are trying to find a way to get out of something that's been kind of destroying all that i. actually take in that interview losing it to brainwash us they started telling us of all of
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the crisis and everything that was going on in no muslim countries all over the world and i was how we as muslims had to be responsible and go join the jihad. and the thing is they they're very calm in seeing because they're actually showing these verses from the good on out of context of each suggests that you have to do these these these these things i had close friends who had gone to syria and who died over the. most of them joined. us. before you know they don't want to do this is a paradise but for us the ones who live here especially the ones who live in mud we don't get the white sandy beaches of the ne oh i think what we get is the concrete jungle. that so many problems the political
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problems and people problems. those problems who brought out into the open in 24 to hang on to support it's brandished a black flags in the streets of the capital. mohamed nasheed the former president of the moldings $5150.00 citizens including the islamists to have freedom of speech. you cannot suppress it i would but he said that's ok you say you think. revisit the thing. it was a move that backfired as the same islamists then turned on him the big 2 secular written the security forces there are people in statistic positions us all of us who have who are radical people who have a very radical view of society of islam so that they in customs in
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immigration they had embedded themselves they in a crude. in the maldives. and they still have a network going on even wired they're losing it in syria our people are still going and they have also all i've got to kenaz the guns and they using the guns as their religious beliefs. they've gangs carved up territory in the capital mali the violence reached a peak when free speech advocates began to be eliminated. i should check he witnessed this firsthand losing 2 of her close friends ahmed real one and yemeni rashid. ahmed real one was a news reporter the last time he was seen he was on a ferry going home it was oldest 2014. since then no
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one has heard from him. an independent inquiry recently found that he was killed by a local group linked to al qaida. i cannot believe it happened. you know where i was hoping that will heal you know eventually it may turn up and you know we'll have a lot. but then it became months and that is 3 years later another voice was signed. you mean rashid was so well known to his feelings rising and secular voices. he described himself as a disobedient writer on his twitter account and used his blog to express his views in the situation still. one of the most prominent bloggers in the country pro-democracy activists geometer she was stabbed to death in a brutal attack early morning on the 23rd of april. i checked the news and
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on the heading it says there's a picture of family and he says he's been killed. and. at that moment i kept thinking ok it has finally happened. that thing that we were dreading it on that might happen but it has finally happened. according to the police he was killed by a group of young men who believed he was guilty of insulting islam. the ministry of islamic affairs says $229.00 clerics are authorized to preach anywhere in the archipelago. that includes deed. to nosh this village is getting ready to welcome old devean cleric shaikh mohammed ibrahim . we can do anything here. and the problem is that these are
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licensed shakes by the government so if they try to stop that that would be a problem and i don't think the government checks on what they preach and when they speak about and this is a big problem for us and i regard in this show which we have tonight we have searches background has got some extremist who we use and however he is registered and he is licensed by the government to preach in public the very word in a box this this is the way in which the shakespeare infiltrate into the community especially in iran communities. almost the entire island turns up to hear him speak . general korea months is the director general of the national counterterrorism center. mission from the. best method to. this of their conduct.
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also have to contend with citizens who are returning home after fighting in conflict zones. a c.e.o. was when the phase minister from 2014 to 26 days. he faces several divisions who for. the prosecution during his tenure. be prosecuted 3 people. and it's the prosecution the sometimes not successful because the c.e.o. of the junta c.d.o. you. they don't go to turkey you know and then they cross the border i don't know cause full of you know nothing like this so it's clear it's good to prove that. we checked with turkish authorities and they confirmed that the number is much bigger . they have deported 25 mile didion citizens suspected of having links to conflict zones and 134 multi-billions a car only on the turkish blacklist. this security challenge was inherited by the
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new government reelected to power in april 29th to meet. president ibrahim soli has promised to strengthen democracy in them only. one of his 1st news was to bring the symbol of democracy former president mohamed nasheed could be living in exile back into the country. is a change of government i think the policy is for them to be occupied all the time with u.k. sharing their sports recreation and gainful employment and we need to keep focused on those things so they can have a better life and decide that. but in the us to come in they will come and preach because their life since to do that i don't think it could be changed in the near future but we have to counter that to the different policies we have to counter
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their ideologies what they're preaching here. shortly after this interview ali has sheen was forced to resign he came under fire for defending a liberal activist on twitter. the president has said that he will not tolerate religious unrest in the moldings but the battle to stamp out trouble in paradise appears far from over. business updates. going places together.
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odd. probably. the. business of. going places together. when it comes to story.
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behind the camera. we don't often hear. people. this is you. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the news hour with me it is a plot of coming up the next 60 minutes lebanese banks reopened for the 1st time following 2 weeks of protests by customers are facing transfers aboard.
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turkey sends more tanks to its southern border as it begins a joint patrols with russia and northeastern. those in. the u.s. house of representatives votes to proceed to the next public phase of its impeachment inquiry into president donald trump plus. one decades old trees falling in sierra leone as its cash strapped government tries to replace the lost mining revenue and i'm only a hearting with sports and the marathon and race walker on the move tokyo's governor reluctantly gives her support for those races to be relocated to the city of sapporo because of heat concerns. after weeks of protests and roadblocks across lebanon schools and banks have
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reopened their doors or people were out again after a speech by president michel aoun last still demanding the entire government step down despite assurances that the next administration should see ministers elected based on their competence rather than political affiliation and to not be more hearted menu today we are shrink into a government and we hope the upcoming government will live up to the aspirations of the people we should gain the confidence of the people and members of the parliament it must be a government which is capable of achieving what the previous governments had failed that's why ministers should be based on their qualifications and expertise not political or sectarian leadership is that they are very critical crossroads it is in dire need of harmonious government. let's go to our correspondent zain harder now she is joining us live from the capital beirut and a busy day for banks saying a reopening for the 1st time in 2 weeks is there
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a fear there of capital flight off people trying to take all their money out. well no people some people of course are afraid uncertain times lie ahead in the banks could close that once again especially if the protest movement decides to take to the streets yet again 2 weeks really of massive demonstrations paralyze this country but the central bank is not taking any chances it hasn't made any formal statement about ensuring that there are no there is no capital flight but after talking to customers and bank employees it is clear that you cannot transfer your money outside lebanon unless you have a valid reason for doing so now what is a valid reason if you have to pay for example for your children situation fees or family expenses so they are trying to make sure that the. would go all their savings their money abroad because even before the crisis began levanon so economy
6:52 pm
was in a shaky on shaky ground there was a lack of foreign capital even the lebanese leader after the 1st time in 20 years was devalue would devaluing on the on the black market so the central bank is not taking any chances but clearly what the authorities are trying to do is bring back to lebanon to normal sea schools universities anti-government protesters last night took to the streets yet again but these security forces were called in they moved in quickly so this is what the authorities are trying to do but this crisis really is far from over and they are the protesters as you mentioned you know continuing to despise president our own acknowledging yet again he has said this before the system is broken and needs to change. yes he said that before but his speech was very different from his initial speech the 1st speech when the crisis began when he said you cannot topple the ruling elite from the
6:53 pm
streets you can only do that through constitutional tools he was very defiant the 1st time around yesterday he was more conciliatory trying to reach out to the people telling the people that in the next government the ministers are going to me technocrats people who have qualifications and not politically affiliated which is really one of the demands of the protest movement but still the reaction from the street has been one of defiance even though we are hearing some in the civil society saying that well there's an opening there maybe we can try to work out some sort of a compromise because what is very clear is that the ruling elite they're not planning to leave power they're clinging on to power what they're trying to do is reach some sort of a compromise maybe a new government with a few new faces but what the street wants is to overhaul the whole political system that means not just the prime minister is going to resign he's already resigned but the president the parliament early elections so there's still a deep political crisis the president has still not called for binding
6:54 pm
consultations parliamentary consultations to appoint a prime minister he's holding behind the scenes negotiations with the different political parties to reach some sort of a compromise in order to facilitate the consultation process so dangerous times ahead in a country like lebanon where fault lines are deep the political divide are deep and the sectarian divide is deep despite the fact that the protest movement keeps on chanting that this is nonsectarian but what we have seen is that the different political parties have sent their supporters to the streets and they and the sectarian divide is there and i thank you for that for now that is a new horror with a name to live. now to another story that we're keeping a close eye on turkish and russian troops have started joint patrols the northeastern syria follows a day in between the 2 countries to remove. a kurdish y p g fighters from the area cycle safe saw an encore wants to create runs along the turkish syrian border and extends about 30 kilometers in went on the syrian side of the russian into joint
6:55 pm
patrols when one about 10 kilometers deep all along the border between us and maliki am as correspondent husham i had better he is joining us live from shan or for near the turkish syrian border so talk us through what the patrols will and volved hashim and how the not just the why p.g. but the bigger could group you know the s.d.f. the syrian democratic forces feel about this. this is a quite a challenging moment for turkey and for the un for russia because this is the moment there was to verify on the ground that the y.p. jewish is the most important military faction within the last year has retreated from either east of the euphrates so those positions in combine the sort of the 5 men that are moving east of the river raises all those closer to the border north
6:56 pm
along the border with turkey out of moving south away from the safe zone it is critical because just a few days ago in some areas like and also the outskirts of us that i there were have the clashes between the syrian opposition fighters the i said a and the syrian army and the all of the other hand turkey although it's had reassurances from russia that 34000 fighters from the white b.g. or retreated from the safe zone still it needs all the ground to verify on its own that that has indeed happened and this explains why this is going to be a critical moment for the 2 countries today we're expecting also the russian military delegation to discuss. the details of that were done at sea of the joint patrols in those areas. and the reason why you're getting those meeting from time to time explains to you the challenges ahead of the 2 countries face
6:57 pm
before they even say that cooperation militarily on the ground and hashim as took in russia began their joint patrols in syria we have heard from president assad and he had fighting words for turkey and their involvement in syria. has been very critical of president wasn't accusing him of all sorts of accusations that is an invader that has embezzled the resources of the syrian government in the north northern part of the country president bush said a few days ago was in india of saying that the fight to take over all the territory will continue and that with worse comes to worse his country is willing and ready to launch a war against to to fight against the turkish military in that area listen to what the present was a lesson how to say to her to leave the whole syrian land is wide and the theater of operations is wanted from the far south to the far north the turk is the
6:58 pm
american agent in this war we were fighting this turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and you will get to war there is no other option. well there are still some challenges ahead from a technical perspective to the joint patrols turkey is saying that once after the joint patrols it is determined to set up observation posts along with a safe zone but there are areas that were left by the by the now taken over by the syrian government and the syrian government is going saying it is not going to retreat on the country it is determined to further expand its influence on these areas and this is where the joint patrols are crucial the russians will
6:59 pm
interfere here as an intel misery trying to ensure these no friction because some of the observation posts will be implemented just kilometers away sometimes less than one or 2 kilometers from where the syrian army is position they want to ensure that the friction does not exist that good. just bait the with a full blown confrontation between the circus literally of the russian and the syrian army hushing thank you for that now that's husham but over the latest live in show on the over near the turkish syrian border thank you. now thousands of people who say they're fed up with pakistan's government and starting demonstrating on the streets of the capital a convoy dominated by supporters of a conservative opposition party entered islamic album 1st day demand and promised a emraan convent zines the group left at archie on sunday taking up most of what they stopped and several cities along the way if they can who's refused to step down hasn't fulfilled his promise of strengthening the economy come on high the has
7:00 pm
more from islamabad then the border there of the junkyard there were riots lamarck going was good in islamabad for several kilometer durden is direction from the renewal of the broad areas that are going to go regularly there brought people from the wall flung earlier the bloggers on the road there begging. for food some of them are now can go along the road to the mall and i had been speaking to our logo television network saying that is giving 3 days for the government to resign on the other hand emraan 100 refused to budge from a vision and said that while the marchers are predictable and our credit goes through the. day will be a red line and these people will not be allowed to enter their gabbert elaborated men started played by the security forces to stop people doubling their grandma droned the city the situation.


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