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tv   Up Front 2019 Ep 12  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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the small companies you can. employ the would reflect people the government will have to. measure. congress has in fact passed a bill at lightning speed freezing electricity prices until the end of next year and obliging the power companies to reverse a 10 percent tariff hike that when to do effect this month. it won't be enough to appease the widespread demands for profound social and economic reforms but to many it's proved that their politicians will only listen when they are under extreme pressure. you see in human scent. now hundreds of people have gathered at the international monetary fund building and one aside is demanding the organization leave a protest as well the government to spend money addressing poverty instead of paying the country's debts argentina is facing a deepening economic crisis owes a record $57000000000.00 to the i.m.f.
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. more and more people are taking to the streets they are mobilizing because there is no work and there is more and more hunger here in argentina we say that money does not have to be paid to the i.m.f. banks and capitalists should pay the debt and not the working people. bolivia's president evo morales has called for a truce with his political opponents as election results undergo an international order that the organization of american states is checking the result which saw maurice win a controversial 4th term sparking riots throughout the country the street violence left 2 people dead and several others injured. now hong kong protesters have taken advantage of how to win to defy a ban on wearing masks demonstrations were held in a busy party district but police using shields and tear gas to disperse crowds anti-government demonstrators have been protesting against a ban on face coverings at rallies which came into effect in a towboat. now as traders national carrier quantas has grounded 3 of its planes
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after cracks were found in their wings the airline said complex repair work is needed on its boeing 737 next generation jets and other carriers around the world have grounded jets after finding similar cracks us federal aviation regulators have called on all airlines to check their 737 engine planes that have made more than 30000 troops. we are working with the civil aviation safety authority of australia and boeing to get those 3 aircraft back in the air it is a complex process we expect it to take through to the end of the calendar year to get our 3 aircraft flying again to see you really are now we're 10 but exports are resuming as the government tries to make up for lower mining revenue and this environmentalist say risks undoing 10 years of reforestation efforts at interest reports. another forest giant comes to the chainsaw.
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this tree took about 25 years to grow. but less than a minute to bring down. the rosewood is most preferred by loggers across forests instead of the border of these majestic trees are being cut down illegally to meet an increasing demand for timber. or to say they are struggling to enforce the law we had to cut by in own in adequate shortages in our ranges to mend the forest so what we've done is to design programs where in of in the future of us we have to target areas that are prevalent in. rosewood and have listed. where joined mahogany
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trees once stood all this past brush and undergrowth are left environmentalist's estimate that only 3 percent of sterile yards forest cover remains still bleeding from the cut its young trees like this and i mean targeted by loggers simply because the giants of the forests are gone and environmentally sound warning that in a short while there won't be trees this size to be cut any more. near the port here in the capital freetown the timber is prepared for export to china. a large scale logging is not presuming it but the timber is exported to stop it from rotting away. in front of office we came or were met a situation wherein there are a huge backlog of timbers that were already have a stead sit in the bush and some actually started going bad and a case was made to governmental lived a temporary ban on the exploitation of timber access that allowed those who
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actually invested in. the timber production to allow them to all to whittle export their words on the logs so that is in place and the process is still ongoing. these forests are slowly transforming into grasslands environmentalists say with the level of deforestation so even the shrubs will disappear they argue that the decision to live the timber export by and temporarily set back the gains of the past 10 years to regenerate the forest initiative 3 years of this country. will never get them back once they are gone a new species some endemic you can't find them anywhere around the world except incidentally if we lose those in the any species and we've lost the whole lot i've lost something it's clear those concerns for now i know by loggers was
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only focus is the money they get in a country where it's a struggle to earn enough to survive. al-jazeera more than sorry. still ahead on the. professional wrestler why he's still.
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it is time to pull when we have started with news next is a lumpectomy yet in tokyo and the governor of tokyo reluctantly gave her support to move next year's olympic marathon and race walked north to sapporo to dodge the
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heat local organizers were shocked when the international olympic committee and now it's the move 2 weeks ago without consulting many of them 1st the i.o.c. has agreed that no other events will be moved and that tokyo will not bear the cost of changing the venue i saw i thought you know on. as the host city of tokyo in view of its importance for the success of the games we cannot agree or concur with the decision of the i.o.c. but the i.o.c. has the final authority to make changes and we will not obstruct the decision i made a decision but i dare say it is a decision without an agreement so. we didn't want to bad memories of take care. we didn't one type being you know with all of the good with that's gone into your preparations. we didn't want to take here being remembered. in minds of some of you know if minds of you know people at the mines internationally. by some of the scenes we saw and said. health of the
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athletes and good memories and i was very much front of my interest in this decision. well new zealand have put the disappointment of their rugby world cup semi final loss behind them winning the 3rd place play off against wales the all blacks started in dominant fashion with loosehead prop joe moody charging the best part of 25 metres to cross the line for the opening try a pair of been smith tries in the 10 minutes before half time ensured the 3 time champions were in no danger of losing they ran in 6 tries in total in the $4017.00 when the match was the last for both new zealand coach steve hansen and his welsh counterpart warren gatland. by this disease you know it does mean a lot you know it's been kind of off for a long time and it's just you know for me it's. you know it dictates are you trying to leave it in a fit place and now this is my my entire career it's a gift and. the diverse make up of the english and south african sides plain and
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saturday's world cup final are in stark contrast to the sport's white upper class roots england go into the match as favorites but there are hopes that success for south africa could encourage millions across the continent to try the sport themselves paul rees for poor it's real homma believe it it's 24 years since south africa's highest achievement in rugby was also part of a turning point in the country's history but now a team of play is born in the early days of nelson mandela's rule showing that the springboks victory at world cup $9095.00 was not a false dawn as they prepared for saturday spinal against england. mandela's presidency was just over a year old when he handed the trophy to captain from. uniting a deeply racially divided country behind that team even side the squad was all whites apart from wing at chester williams who died just 2 weeks before world cup
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2019 began in japan last month. now the team's 1st ever black captain c. achilles is leading a line up studded with stars from the rural areas and the townships coach rossi rasmussen achieving a step up in performance alongside the transformation of the squads racial balance of the group to see the. good. guys you know that are really. excellent deserving of the places in the squad so i think he was really honest you know right from the ones we did we need to get the balance grit and we'll unity in the really represents our country and i think you know we have achieved good a south african win on saturday could have ripple effects beyond its borders african rugby leaders believe the sight of a black african lifting the world cup would give the rest of the continent a sporting icon it's been looking for you don't think you need to get along in
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africa despite all the talent we have there's not the same opportunity we have a 1000000 players it's a big number but it can triple quadruple there's no limit and victory for the south african team representing africa can help attract that with youth towards this ideal of being the best in the world blocking the way in yokohama will be a formidable england team whose own diversity has also been an advantage players of nigerian and pacific island heritage among others making a traditional rugby powerhouse even stronger england's performances so far make them favorites to repeat that world cup triumph of 10003 and avenge their defeat to the springboks in the final 4 years later but with south africa struggling both a traditional rugby territory and a potentially huge new on victory for them here could mean lifting a continent as well as a cup pole race al-jazeera yokohama. in horse racing some trainers are
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uneasy ahead of the breeders cup but the troubled santa anita park 36 horses died at the southern california venue since the season started last december a record number of vets will be at the track checking each horse before they race. major league baseball's champions are back in the home in the u.s. capital the washington nationals were saluted with water cannon arriving less than a day after winning their 1st world series they beat the houston astros $62.00 in game 7 it's the 1st time a team has won all 4 away games in the series. and david new orleans pelicans earned their 1st win of the season the denver nuggets could not guard against top scorers julio 4 and brandon ingram engram has scored at least $22.00 points in each of his 1st 5 games for new orleans after coming over from l.a. lakers. former heavyweight boxing champion tyson fury still unbeaten after winning his professional wrestling debut very took on a superstar bronze stroman in saudi arabia media him by
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a count out he now turns his attention back to the boxing ring and a february rematch with dante wilder. that's all yours were back over to live thank you for that and that does it for the news hour but do stay with us we're back in just a few minutes with a mouth of around all the world's news thank you for watching. too often on the street to. our victim but a new force is that played. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's. across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for
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relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence the disproportionately impact indigenous communities tribal police departments are understaffed and under-resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns up. federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials are declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. there should be then a ok let's see well i'm wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that that's not happening yet the 1st time glimpse
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of the challenges faced by journalists and the donald trump we are fighting the fake tears fake moaning fi enemy of the people through the eyes of a federal white house correspondent what do you base your legs only sales are down the press is not after truck after the fact we're not the enemy of the people we are the people usa the current crop of. truth is that anywhere on jersey ago. turkey sends more tanks to its southern border as it begins joint patrols with russia and northeastern syria. and again ominous of a problem in the sense al jazeera live from doha in so coming up lebanese banks
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reopened for the 1st time following 2 weeks of protests but customers are facing restrictions on transfers abroad. those in favor. say. the u.s. house of representatives votes to proceed to the next public phase of its impeachment inquiry into president donald trump last. decades old trees falling in sierra leone as its cash strapped government tries to replace lost mining revenue. turkish and russian troops have started joint patrols in northeastern syria it follows a deal between the 2 countries to remove kurdish fighters from the area with a so-called safe zone and ancora wants to create runs along the turkish syrian border that extends about 30 kilometers into the syrian side the russian and
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turkish joint patrols will run about 10 kilometers deep along the border from jobless to maliki let's go to our correspondent there he is joining us live from shan or for that's near the turkish syrian border so what he hearing about the 1st day of patrols this is a significant development in the war. it is indeed elizabeth because this is the 1st instance where the russians and the turks will on the ground very fire that the. is pulling out from all those areas inside the sieves now russia has given reassurances to the turkish government that $34000.00 as defiance is mainly from the white b.g. with tria to turkey says that it will only make sure that that does really happen in fact when it sends its own teams on the ground to verify that this is happening so this is what is happening now on the ground east of us and i mean is where the
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joint patrols will start all the way towards al maliki on the border with iraq there is also to the west of. places like kabbani like men biz and like. and in fact the vet's where the turks would like to ensure that all s.d.o. fighters have but at least managed to put out east of the euphrates here is a problem though in those areas when the as the of fighters were retreating they struck a deal with the syrian government allowing the syrian army to take over some areas so that could pose some enormous challenges for the turkish government which insists in a safe zone there must be no presence of the as the and if and it's hosted it was recently taken over by the syrian government that could lead to further friction in the near future between the russians between the syrian government yeah and to turkish military and we've heard from the syrian president bashar assad he's not happy about. about turkey's involvement in syria what's he been saying.
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it's not happy because elizabeth has been saying over the last few months this just about a month sort of time before his army takes over and regain control of all the territory in north northern syria now with a safe zone that changes the reality on the ground so to give you an idea about what's happening in the area that's russia's from. tell us the line is a new tattoo which is not by the syrian opposition the syrian national army with the backing of turkey that creates a new political and military realities on the ground glass that all save zone in the area which is going to create enormous challenges for the syrian government and this explains why but that is saying that in the near future if the turkish army does not put out the force comes to worse it's going to be a war let's listen to what a solace that had to say. the hostile youth the whole the syrian land is one and the theater of operations is one from the far south to the far north the turk is
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the american agent in this war we were fighting this aged turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and who will get to war there is no other option for them to. you know as all eyes are all safe zone area if you go back all the way east towards labor and toward what sort it's was and let's out here the situation has been tense there's been intense fighting between the opposition and with the syrian army the opposition is trying to prevent the army from taken over those areas it looks like president bush says he's determined that it's time he has it up or should see his edging closer and closer his aim is to take over if that happens the rebels will
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lose this last stronghold in syria russian thank you for that for now that's the latest live and shanower thank you we're going to move on to other news now and after weeks of protests and roadblocks across lebanon schools and banks have reopened their tolls but there's frustration about limits imposed on daily with trolls and some bags restricting how much money can be sent to broad protest as main while maintaining their demand for the entire government to resign let's go to our correspondent stephanie decker she's joining us live from the capital beirut and we've been hearing from has been the leader has on the throne the stephanie what's he been saying. this is very good news 1st speech since the resignation of prime minister saad i'd be. writing a bit of a more conciliatory tone than his previous speeches where a lot of protesters were angry at his accusations of their protests actually being
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foreign funded basically what he's saying he's also addressing some of the accusations that hezbollah is the most political powerful political force in this country that wasn't against the collapse of this government because it was has been the let it boarding to no solid but because of the dangers of a political vacuum in this country but when it comes to that vacuum there is still no answers because at the moment yes you have the resignation of the prime minister it is now a caretaker government but everyone is waiting for this is what the protesters are waiting. or is for what's called these binding parliamentary consultations which is what the president didn't address last night and that basically means a new name for prime minister so at the moment you're still in the stalemate so yes you have that on the talking to the streets saying that the protesters are should continue to protest but they need to adjust their methods he's calling them out for using persis because some of the chaunce that have evolved of the last 2 weeks here very much using swear words against the politicians and things like that says god was giving them and that's it and how to behave that same way but the big question
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remains there is still no wants as to what any sort of interim government is going to look like and yes protesters will tell you that they are giving it a couple of days but they're still there wants and stephanie what do we expect in the meantime reporting 2 weeks of protests a prime minister who has resigned but finally banks and schools have reopened so what happens while people wait. yes so as you mentioned today that the banks reopening their doors people did queue up but there was an en mass panic if you will the schools universities are slowly following suit and also you have a back and forth a little bit when it comes to the road closures but in general life is returning back to normal but that doesn't mean that this political crisis is by any means over you could almost argue that it's only just beginning because you're going to have to have these politicians now agreeing on a name for prime minister are they going to agree is the public are the protesters
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going to agree. the president hinted that this government could be made out of nonpolitical 9 people this is what the the people want by technocratic these are nudes of russians up in the are nothing has been decided yet nothing has been hinted yet so people will tell you that they're impatient they want to have they don't want the politicians to play with time they want to ensure is that is coming at the moment we understand behind the scenes the president is talking to. try and get those names far down as the prime minister the prime minister will that have to be charged with forming a government then the question is will the people of greece is certainly still a big question marks are going ahead thank you stephanie that is stephanie decker with the latest live in beirut. now after weeks of hearings behind closed doors the impeachment process targeting u.s. president donald trump is moving into a new public phase the house of representatives which is controlled by tribes
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rivals the democrats watcher to advance and formalize the investigation a for a phone call between trump and ukrainian president for not a man selenski is at the center of the inquiry tromso accused of withholding military aid to pressure ukraine into investigating political rival joe biden and if the house ultimately votes to pursue impeachment the trial would happen in the republican controlled senate and trump's removal from office would require a 2 thirds majority vote among fences so hopefully as we go forward with this the clarity of purpose a clarity of procedure a clarity of fact a clarity of troops it's about the truth it's about the constitution we will do so in a way that brings people together that is healing rather than dividing they are trying to impeach the president of the united states less than 13 months before an
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election based on anonymous walsall blow works with no firsthand knowledge who has a bias against the president it's reported that the whistleblower worked with vice president biden and on it goes. the american people see this for what it is because the american people are fair people they are just people they are people with common sense and they will not tolerate this well let's go now to our correspondent white house correspondent company health who is joining us live from washington d.c. the day after the votes and so naturally the president has been has be busy tweeting about this company what's he been saying yeah he continues to make his case to the american public and picking up off that last comment from the representative jim jordan there the u.s. president very much appealing to those kitchen table issues in terms of his defense centrally in the last minute he just tweeted that the stock market is up big he also noted that there are 128000 jobs that have been added to the american
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workforce in the last month these are the types of issues he's trying to appeal to the ordinary voter in order to make his case since he knows that in the house of representatives it's going to be a challenge the fact of the matter is that there has been a parade of trump administration officials who have said they were uncomfortable with the phone call between the u.s. president and the ukrainian president that the u.s. president may have overstepped his bounds in terms of withholding aid suggesting to withhold military aid in exchange for looking for the promise of an investigation into one hit of his political rivals the u.s. president also pointing to those who are conducting their constitutional oversight responsibilities in the house of representatives namely the chair of the intelligence committee adam schiff tweets that adam schiff is on a power trip many witnesses were called if you had problems with a call.


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