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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 44  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 1:33am-2:01am +03

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the last few catching up you're fighting in for the real on the. day for the only suspense is confronting you know you don't. continue you know what i want to go with that was also you can also. use of air which is. just enough to. jog on from all over this ridge officer was a mall a small. one i was supposed to go. back for the strip was i can come in. through it would you care for. the sick you move
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to long as you work when you do need a place to sit you. still left the jungle coming musser to. the most unusual look fella diggin. in the book with an instant you something sickly wooing to me he's been leaking water with. you to your limits yet in the office you're then the enemies yet. you see. that they don't. you get you. don't you know i'll. keep you said was official. us. with this it is available collision. you do. it was unfortunately for long before feeding me on into one key
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committee. that not even if i was home ponder you couldn't accept that she did it did you but really she is just all over the net political. news and a potential swimming lesson i want to. come. home. i didn't intend to like just keep templeton could you guess right i'm pleased to pounce on the news and assist create remained silent knew. they were. about it before copy spoke up
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a deal so they set to come on the scene and if you miss it then call for the da the results and still come up with. the click the truth the truth if just took for the give us a look at the sun to the book for. bob well the snow was just like the tree of my son. but for the others you know. some of us read your book. on the close up of the pretty people. last week just about sick with what you can do and what you know of a chemical it took. this crystal ball when it's on which to mean what you produce diaf it will for. this interim develop. rely so much on the good of the earth i want to know your mother will move the load so 1st of all mortal lives his fault
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will do those of us in the ga can you see the joy of the thing. i was either going to use it outside of all goddesses i said love once in the love where does the roses become just a kid looks at the computer but if. the good luck on those and talk with the person as you go. i'm sure the ritual to show. you how most pieces. will cut because the fiscal deficit to follow through all that good we just did once again i'll stop it i will tell you about but that's what i thought of a common moves up when he did this to so called him pushing a stick on shit if we say no no no no you got to. pick up my ass from the. you know who knows all the financial and political just because it includes a central. office of the ok. of
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a criticism complex and i think very invested over self is one of those i for one just because it is easy. to survive this is something of a motel. as if it is to deny to yes it is a fuck you will not want to know the from of they do it because it tried to depict beautician still to do for you know when you know the real cause it is almost a full blown budget thing going to do well bunch me i don't deserve. to be in the good stored up only going to. do it was only through those only when he's so he's simply effected you think you're dumb of course you have a feel sick after his behavior but. it's good to more so when children are so much on the enough detail functional as it always happens i mean. that it was bullshit from him was when he comes up with something because you're black or something to do it your idea about the. look of. the cuckoos i think
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that's the reality of it we're going to go oh a couple you're going to the concert was going to do before anything else at all or if it was miserable for somebody who doesn't even know you come over look i don't think i'm very. close on this you know moment we're going to put this you know we're going to. be there must be something to give us the that you would offer to do you want to be a mile off your island would live on what you know how much i write most things as you know you but i don't listen talk. to sympathy going to bush i just want a podium was not like that kind of 10 o'clock yes i'm going to go to my house because you know for people making over 2 looks if we don't listen to the vote or should i push this no not that i could just get all of us to believe apparently on top of that all focal point is your money. let's talk about buster olney her missing on the mood of your company is not new to this country become. this shook
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up this a couple some of them the. comments of mr dobbs i mean 3rd member of congress as a result comparable to continue going to schools and. good to down there for. the government officer following on some traffic to the very well we might go up to the. best for last time. it was about the public to blame for his ip the muscle cars. these are some of the simplest question. the officer was. innocent wasn't asked. nothing but bush and. oh oh. like a valuable novel could lead to. some of the civil rights of the.
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one of the us of the next. government over. there if you. ever miss that but i thought it was a lot. of really almost to like visit. the load of. laundry. because from seeing all you do so just goes on plan c.
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. i was m.b. on me while i. was jim cooper. from what i have. seen i do play. a solo spot i was always for some in. the area even fellow. my son though was all the important priest love me from hell he decides he says one is. what i'm going to do my just. flies. in the hole there. i just thought what if i'm just for you but some of this is some of some of us haven't found songs you know from stuff to oh oh. a local mayor where my least you live in justice ozzy the 2 of them well for help those who. have
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heard more money please only the offer to. say to the only club on a limb put. us in a bunch. of clothes and i. know you're supposedly over the 1000 votes soon been coming movers should. go see movies now in the us in this if that's what some of us were talking to one of us all. and it's really really mysteriously existed for we think. but how does your
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view. who come up with excuses up the national affair how. it's known let's dust in the news this hour how comes it because now you're examining the interesting point with the protector of the club affair by the political. skookum say buckwild is uk and i felt i was sexist choctaw county police don't pay me but i can say you see sicko who does the old when you want to see now you got that bush up the bum i didn't always just hormone the poor new male who don't come south says poor men who will sit in their 2nd months put is our job to secure while he do the hundreds of photos in iraq and are showing yourself to raise
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a compound up north i've supported could you continue to have you. spent. on a fishing vessel this is how could it. by getting up early by get a couple going to a city of hollywood. i guess i just don't make any show. of a new face it your body as you might i felt about it difficult it was a focus i will be. demeaning me dimmy convey thought that's it i'll just laugh if the. other was a public domain g.d.p. but. just good i mean others will grow up to see books most of us i know it's a lot of this and. foremost and buddhism. was done on of us move where was the 1st scholar. she taught to.
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transpose or to start one or push project to george. on the future to say because of foresight extras for this school. year old dismissed. an undertaker's working here is just 7 days a week that's grown with a community my father purchase a black ambulance man started to do the funerals in london and their families we saw stopping father and daughter and we can visit spot the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is your up on al-jazeera.
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this to simply make the heroes of europe asia africa the middle east oceania close. to a stage played for the germans a connection still makes mistakes pizza deep on becoming its best city excite the shorts i want to be. told this fee for the club. cuts off your goal. the prime minister. mission is to deliver british on the 31st of
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october and making this country the greatest place on a person's departure is delayed but for how long followed the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera the multitudes the magnet for tourists from around the globe the behind the beach risk landscape young men leaving to live with groups in syria but i want east investigates on al-jazeera. turkey sends more tanks to its southern border as it begins joint patrols with russia and northeast syria. and i'm just on the attack and this is al jazeera live from tire also coming up thousands of anti-government protesters marched to pakistan's capital demanding
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prime minister imran khan's resignation. lebanese banks reopen for the fast time following 2 weeks of protests but customers are facing restrictions on transfers abroad. and in britain nigel that party launches its campaign and calls on the prime minister to build an alliance to finally leave the european union. now turkish and russian troops have started joint patrols in north east and syria and follows a deal between the 2 countries to remove kurdish y p g fighters from that area the so-called safe crn and for once to create runs along the turkish syrian border and extends about 30 kilometers into the syrian side the russian and texas joint patrols will run about 10 kilometers deep along the border from. russia and techie have started those patrols turkish does want to establish what it's calling the
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safe zone in that border region the mission is to ensure the largely kurdish. retreat from that area as reports from a sunny often near that border. the most crucial phase of the turkish russian agreement on a safe zone in eastern syria is on the way the joint patrols will fill the void left by the withdrawal of the laws do you see. democratic forces or. last month turkish backed opposition fighters swept through s.d.f. territory they now control an area that stretches from. toss a lane along the border with turkey the joint patrols will be conducted west and east of that area. they include the outskirts of khobar any man bitch fired and all towns and villages east of us a lane to maliki on the border with iraq syrian president bashar al assad has
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promised to recapture all the territory including even if it means going to war with turkey as the whole the syrian land is wired and the theater of operations is one from the far south to the far north the turk is the american agent in this war we were fighting this aged turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and it will get to war there is no other option. this is tell of recently taken over by turkish back syrian national army or as a day 8 years since the start of the conflict in syria the city has changed hands many times. our assault demand and that of our people since the start of the revolution is the downfall of the dictator who has killed people and destroyed the
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country for the time being russia and turkey would have a bigger say in northeastern syria the only reason syrian government troops are struggling to bring under their control. russia backs of asylum and rejects any attempt to sideline him turkey on the other hand backs the opposition and fears a permanent presence of the s.d.f. or this border the 2 countries have a different view about the future of the country and this may be an obstacle to finding a solution. now thousands of people he said they're fed up with pakistan's government have been demonstrating on the streets of the capital a convoy dominated by supporters of a conservative opposition and today is on about on thursday demanding a prime minister and run congress sign the group left corruption on sunday picking up supporters as they stopped in several cities along the way they say khan has refused to step down hasn't fulfilled his promise of strengthening the economy on
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a some of inch of aid has more from the capital tens of thousands of people from across pakistan have gathered in the frederick capital which is being called the largest show force in recent years these are people who belong to old political parties who are in the opposition and most of them belong to a lot of other amongst follows who've been coming here from all corners of the country they say that they will stay here for the next 3 days until the prime minister resigns 6th strict security arrangements have been made in the federal capital the red zone is being sealed containers all over the federal coffers and are blocking roads and access ways and people have been telling us but despite all of these all of these blockades they will march to words the credit up and the word the seat of power if their leader us them to so far for the room on the credit who leading this protest called the march of freedom march wants the government to resign he says he will not budge unless he gets the resignation that you heard from
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the government saying that this is out of the question the interior minister saying that he will facilitate all protests as long as they remain peaceful and do not disrupt the peace of the city security officials here in this march have been telling us for about 18 kilometers this is hundreds and thousands of people who according to organizers are gathered here and then continue to stay there for the next 3 days and wait for the orders from their leader whether he wants them to march to words the seed of capital the president column of which have been brought not to. what a lot of security. anger there about the economy but also anger and pakistan about train safety funerals have taken place there for victims of a train explosion and fire at least 70 people were killed at the west for more than a decade. reports. 100 people gather after moving prayers for the funeral of mohammed silly a comic headache from
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a small town in southern pakistan where many of the victims of this rail disaster lived at least 42 residents boarded the packed train on thursday morning bound for a religious festival near the whole officials say many of the bodies are so badly they'll have to be identified through d.n.a. testing a process that could take up to a month for the relatives of the missing the way. there are many people who are still missing they can only be traced after d.n.a. there is no information about them we can never forget that. the accident happened . after the train's departure from kharaj in the south headed for the northern city of rawalpindi investigators say the fire broke out after a gas cylinder exploded initial reports suggest passages were using gas to cook breakfast witnesses say in addition to those who were alive many people died as they tried to jump from the high speed burning train. when i reached home i heard
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about the accident or rushed home immediately consoled my father my mother and sisters were crying. it's pakistan's worst rail disaster removed in a decade pakistanis have long complained about a lack of investment safety standards mismanagement and corruption prime minister imran khan has launched an investigation and these relatives are demanding justice victoria. welcome alhaja has more on that investigation from this on a. very high rate that entered an average over a 100. over the past 2 years hundreds of people have been killed in train accidents on the railway system is obsolete needs modernization. 30. 3 security measures have to be put in place at all the bugs are needed. to prevent people from carrying and flammable material. on board this was considered to be negligence on
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part of the security forces who are supposed to ensure their training grounds and the. material the pakistani government has called for an inquiry the opposition of course warns the resignation of the railways minute bogged down will have to do much more in order to make train drivers because. major more drone support or what 70000000 people in the country depend on the rail . drivers. schools and banks in lebanon have reopened for the 1st time in 2 weeks after anti-government protests rocks the country there is frustration over restrictions imposed by some banks on how much money can be sentient broad protesters are maintaining their demands for the entire government to resign and this week prime minister saad hariri handed in his resignation but does remain in
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a caretaker role stephanie jacka has the latest from beirut. so friday a day that saw the reopening the unlocking of the banks to the people it's also seeing schools and universities starting to open their doors in the roads pretty much back to normal so a sense of normalcy is being restored across lebanon but massive questions still remain about how it's going to move forward politically these are essential and important and critical times we're now waiting to hear from the president us to set a date for what they call binding consultations has to do with the political parties putting forward a name of who they want to see as the next prime minister and it could again be sad how d.t. that person then needs to form a government the people want that government to be made of nonpolitical actors of technocrats. are the politicians going to agree are the people going to agree these are all still massive question marks and difficult ones because there is little time these economic reforms need to be implemented and you need
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a government to do that $11000000000.00 are attached to that something that this country desperately need so even though the protesters will tell you that they're waiting to see time is of the essence there is no denying that if they believe that nothing is being done and nothing is being done fast enough that people will again swell in their numbers on the streets start to block the roads again because they say that they want change they want the government to answer to them and they say that there is no going back when i was. here is a professor of economics at not saddam university he says the process has a having a hard time believing in the government's plans for the future. but i minister had made a proposal proposal was like wise a public however as a public it did not believe what he was saying it's not a question of what he proposed questions our politicians in lebanon now are not credible the public lost confidence in politicians and i think the public is that
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if we lost confidence in the politicians now what we want is to have a new government now whatever will preside the government is really not important or the ones that had he has a last chance to do so but we need a new government with fresh faces so the public and really good the confidence of the public can really go back and can really increase the so far i think we're waiting we're in a in a period where we we don't know what's going to happen in lebanon of course banks have yet banks have often today there will not be capital controls i mean what's happening today is that the banks are to prove them cared for and which is really correct i think it's that i think there's a will because you are you live in a troubled country and at that i was the region you cannot really open up and just we are in business as usual so what's being done is prudence it's not.


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