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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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politicians and i think the public is right we lost confidence in the politicians now what we want is to have a new government now whatever presides or government is really not important or the ones that had it has the last chance to do so but we need a new government with fresh faces so the public can really get the confidence of the public can really go back and can really increase so so far i think we're waiting we're in a in a period where we we don't know what's going to happen in the open on of course the banks have yes banks have opened today there will not be capital controls i mean what's happening today is that the banks are to prove them are cared for and which is really correct i think it's the right thing to do because you're you live in a troubled country and that troubled region you cannot really open up and just say if we are in business as usual so what's being done is prudent it's not controlled
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. well the weather is next but still ahead fears of off to shocks in the philippines after thousands were displaced by powerful at quake. also hunt for managers in colombia they followed the fight to bring charism indigenous leaders to justice. hello again to welcome back well here across the northeastern part of turkey we are going to see quite a few clouds pushing into the higher elevations and that means it's going to be rain in the lower elevations as well as snow up into the higher elevations as we go into sunday so overnight lows are going to be dropping down below freezing but during the day should be coming back up for about cooler though that means some rainy conditions and some cooler conditions you with the temper there of 15 degrees but down towards the south in kuwait city we do expect to see a nice day at 28 well here across the gulf of course we have been watching all
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tropical cyclone that system is still causing a few problems down here across the coast of amman now the system has weakened to a tropical depression but maybe some clouds maybe some rain coming into us a lot over the next few days up towards misc out though finally some nicer weather for you with a temperature of $31.00 but we are going to be watching that trouble cyclon in the arabian sea and that is going to bring some clouds as we go into the weekend and then here across parts of southern africa it is going to be quite nice in the interior but over here across the coastal areas for durban that does mean some clouds for you as we go into saturday johannesburg at $22.00 degrees but down towards cape town it is going to be the winds and we are going to be some sun at 20 but for her you expect to see attempters come up with plenty of sun at 32. on the streets. are victims but a new force is approved. female police officers are combative
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sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and life behind the badge for india's leading. and again i'm. reminded of our top stories this hour turkish and russian troops have started joint patrols in northeastern syria's so-called safe star and it follows a deal to remove kurdish y p g fighters to a distance of 30 kilometers south of the border. thousands of people protesting
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against pakistan's government have started to rally in the capital a convoy dominated by supporters of a conservative opposition party and today it's on about on thursday demanding that the prime minister in mancala resign. and after weeks of protests and roadblocks across lebannon schools and banks have reopened their doors there's concern of a father who's being sent abroad because of reports that some banks may impose restrictions. now the testimony of an aide to acting white house chief of staff in the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump has now been postponed until monday robert blair is among those who listened in all not july 25th fine call between trump and the u.k. . anion president the postponement comes as u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has been offering more detail about what happens now that follows monday's vote to move towards public hearings while i white house correspondent can be held that joins us now live from washington d.c.
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can be it seems things are moving pretty quickly over there. yet nancy pelosi the speaker of the house laying out a pretty tight timeline essentially saying that sometime between now and the american thanksgiving holiday that's about 3 weeks from now there will be a public impeachment hearing this is something that she says is necessary in order to make sure that the process is ironclad in other words that there's the transparency that the public has been asking for as well as lawmakers after that it would be the all important vote the house of representatives we expect that could come sometime before the christmas holiday or 3rd week of december so a very tight timeline in the midst of this the white house is certainly laying out its defense of the u.s. president we do expect that the president will be talking a lot about why he says there is nothing to see here with regard to his call in july with the ukrainian president he'll be holding a rally in mississippi later on on friday here in the united states he's leaving
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the white house in the afternoon where he also has an awful lot to say usually but he's already taken to twitter to make the case that he's done nothing wrong saying the public is watching and seeing for themselves how unfair this process is he's called the democrats corrupt he accuses them of trying to take down the republican party he's also pointing the finger at the man who's overseeing much of this that's the house intelligence chair adam schiff saying that he's on a power trip well democrats make the argument that this is something that is a constitutional responsibility and oversight of this is why they need to push forward with these impeachment hearings the president for his part says he's done nothing wrong candy how could that white house correspondent thanks very much coming. i spoke to steve clemons who is the host of the bottom line that's out there is new weekly show and he's also the washington editor at large at the hill he says the impeachment probable continue to unruh the loyalty and the republican party as it progresses. we've seen 2 behaviors from republicans we've seen
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republicans stand together in voting against what was largely the beginning of a process in a procedure on impeachment rather then voting on the content and the substance of the president's behavior and these are 2 different things or just some degree this vote that we just saw that saw 2 democrats defect in all the republicans voted against the impeachment process beginning was one that was a free vote for people because it doesn't indict the president we don't go forward it just initiates the process many republican senators have begun to tell mitch mcconnell that they in the senate that they would not be pleased if he moved to just dismiss these charges that the information that is coming out has greater gravity so we see 2 impulses one this substance may become a problem for the republicans and you may see some republican defense defections down the road that's what some of these foreshocks mean but right now every
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republican that i can think of perhaps other than maybe mitt romney in the senate is basically saying they can get away with voting and you know on the process and quibbling about that well across the atlantic now and. has promised to help our us johnson win the u.k. election but only if he abandons his withdrawal deal with the european union says the deal forces the u.k. to continue following some e.u. rules and he's threatening to run candidates in every seat against the concept of policy if the agreement isn't drops the back suppose he maintains that a no deal brecht set to crash out is the best way to leave the e.u. . he inherited mrs may's appalling surrender treaty and he did it with the clock running down to the 31st of october and i don't doubt for a moment that he tried his best to improve it and perhaps the one significant achievement was that great britain is not committed to being in the customs union
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but the price of that was appalling well i also spoke to jonathan ileus who is the deputy director of the think tank british influence a pro europe and business advisory group he says barra's johnson may have to face the repercussions of falling short all his promise to leave the by the 31st of october. i think that boris johnson is defined by his confidence and that's why he was determined that we would leave it on the 31st october even though parliament was saying we would and so i think confidence is the issue for when i think that the real problem he has is that he has broken this cardinal pledge he made to leave the e.u. by the 31st but either he is also angered people here in favor of no deal by nailing his slide to the mast over deal and of course he's inferior to the us in northern ireland and elsewhere in the u.k. by agreeing a treaty which persecutor in the irish sea and that's what knowledge of raj comes in because he knows that the only chance he has is to try and claim those voters
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who are now ditch the illusions that boris johnson about how successful he is will determine the whole election i think there bracks it poses a problem for all the parties and that is why the labor party in particular want to talk about issues way beyond we're going to hear a lot about the rate electorate the rate to sort of the financial system for example are we going to hear about the phase of capitalism going to hear a lot about the n.h.s. and the conservatives will also try to make a big claim about the n.h.s. and their spending commitments while the liberal democrats will try and claim the territory of stopping bracks it by being the revoke party so what we may well see in this election which is the most unpredictable in 30 years is that the remain vote who split between labor and the liberal democrats in many cities seats the conservative party and the pope breaks it very to split between the conservatives and the breaks the party which could actually hand cease to labor or the liberal democrats so we simply don't know what's going to happen but as things stand the
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conservatives looks set to be the biggest party even if they don't get a majority now staying in the u.k. and an inquest into the $27000.00 london bridge attacks is raising concerns about the security service the chief carina has questioned the suspension of investigations into the ringleader prior to the attack. 8 people were killed when 3 attackers drive a van into pedestrians and then stabbed numerous people chalons has more on the inquiry from london. these barriers were in place in june 2017 when free men. and drove it into pedestrians on london bridge before jumping out and stabbing anyone they could now. cross prevention of future death report isn't a damning document by any means but it does raise numerous concerns and make recommendations to security service m i 5 would be most ring with one of the attackers occurring before the incidents but to drop the investigation a couple of times to reallocate reserves he says. counterterrorism police should
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communicate better with each other and the way the wonderful sights were identified could be tightened up london bridge wasn't considered to be one if it had been maybe those barriers would already have been in place the current also concerns that the police had medics away from the injured for too long he says that in the main those who could be saved were saved and of the police medics back because some areas are still considered too dangerous pretty recommends the london ambulance service and police talk better with each other and the police are given better training in providing medical assistance to the injured he also says that there should be new laws in possessing the most serious material that as he puts it glorifies or encourages terrorism. a day after the southern philippines was struck by a powerful earthquake people are still worried about aftershocks
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a magnitude 6.5 quake struck on thursday killing at least 5 people it was a powerful quake to strike the philippines in just 2 weeks about 12000 people are staying in shelters on the island of mindanao there was another quake on friday off the southern coast but no reports of injuries or damage general allen duggan has more from. we are outside this chick hospital of town in north of out of province where the situation is clearly difficult the devastation of the building brought about by the series of earthquake this month has forced doctors to attend to patients right outside the hospital and they're very difficult conditions extreme heat and basically according to doctors there's a shortage of medicine and water here there's talk piles of medicine have been stuck inside the pharmacy and they have no way of getting it for now they say they need help because the situation is getting even more difficult with hourly
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aftershocks and more patients coming in and. most of the patients here are old people and some of them even tell us they were not able to run fast enough when the earthquake struck many of them are being treated for minor injuries here and those with serious injuries have been brought to the city the biggest city closest to north about the province and beyond the immediate need of medical food and water patients you tell us they're also worried about the long term impact of this earthquake many of them have lost their homes and their livelihood and they're hoping for a promise from the government of assistance beyond just now this week also but in the coming years to come for them now hong kong protesters have taken advantage of halloween to defy a ban on wearing mosques demonstrations were held in a busy district with police using shields and tear gas to disperse crowds
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anti-government demonstrators have been protesting against that ban on face coverings that came into effect last month protests have raged now for 5 months over chinese mainland influence in the territories affairs. house trail is national carrier quantas has grounded 3 of its planes off the cracks were found in the a wings the airline said a complex repair work is needed on its boeing 737 next generation jets other carriers worldwide have also grounded the jets after finding some of the cracks us federal aviation regulations have called on all airlines to check to 737 engine planes that have made more than $30000.00 trips we are working with the civil aviation safety authority of australia and boeing to get large 3 aircraft back in the air it is a complex process we expect to get tight through to the end of the calendar year to get our 3 aircraft flying again. colombia has announced a military offensive to find the gunman responsible for the murders of 10 people
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including 5 indigenous leaders in the southwestern province as of kalka it's believed that a dissident faction of the fark and now demobilized rebel group is responsible for the killings. as well. caravan of grief. governor. christine about this there was the top spiritual leader of this semi autonomous indigenous reservation in the southwestern province of kalka. she always fought against the presence of weapons in our territory against drug trafficking and working to strengthen our process. she was killed on tuesday together with 4 indigenous guards by armed groups who profit from the drug trafficking of cocaine and maybe one in this conflict or even region criminal groups she openly confronted him was to the armed groups i want to say this is our house and dorothy's we tell you you are not welcome here. the colombian government
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is blaming at this event faction of the now demobilized rebel group fight for demurred hers the attackers crippled the governor's car with bullets in a grenade as a community tried to stop them from entering their territory 6 other men were wounded. others caught up in via tact save themselves by jumping off this cliff president traveled to the region to condemned the attack and announced that the ploy meant of $2500.00 troops to the region that have made laws clearly the murderers and those responsible for this crime a drug trafficking organizations dissidents outcasts what they want is to maintain the drug traffic light business and seek to silence them and and digital communities. yet his announcement rang hollow for many here threats and attacks have increased since the signing of the peace deal with fire in 2016120 indigenous
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people have been killed in the last 14 months there's anger and fear among the community most believe the government's response has been too little too late and could even prove to be counterproductive but i know this is useless it will only bring more violence more conflict and more did all military presence is not the solution the solution is social investment in the communities to in the need for drug trafficking for the people of track where you know their response to their repeated calls for help has been inadequate leaving them mourning the dead of their last tragedy and wondering who will be next i listen to them and just see it that way you. know this is out there and these are the headlines turkish and russian troops have started joint patrols in northeast unserious so-called safe zone and follows
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a deal to remove kurdish y p g fighters to a distance of 30 kilometers south of the border but syrian president bashar al assad has warned that all war would be the only option if political solutions fail . the syrian land is wired and the theater of operations is one from the far south to the far north the turk is the american agent of this war we were fighting this agent turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and it will get to war there is no other option for now thousands of people protesting against pakistan's government held a rally in the capital a convoy dominated by supporters of a conservative opposition party entered. on thursday demanding prime minister iran can resign and staying in pakistan funerals have been held for some of the 70 people who died in a train explosion in pakistan on thursday with r.t. say d.n.a.
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tests will have to be used to identify most of the victims of the fire schools and banks in lebanon have reopened for the 1st time in 2 weeks after anti-government protests rocked the country there's frustration over restrictions imposed by some banks on how much money can be sent abroad protest is a maintaining the demand for the entire government to resign the testimony of an aide to acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney in the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump has now been postponed until monday robert blair is among those who listened in on that july 25th phone call between trump and the ukrainian president the 1st moment follows monday's vote to move towards public hearings brecht's a party to nigel farage has promised to help boris johnson win the u.k. election but only if he abandons his withdrawal deal with the european union he's threatening to run candidates in every seat against the conservative party if the agreement isn't dropped now those are the headlines and the news continues here on
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al-jazeera the inside story stay with us. after weeks of anti-government protests iraq's president says the prime minister has offered to quit and promises an early election but will this be enough to stop the anger and can the sectarian political system that many made for the crisis survive this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm fully back to bowl for a month now people in iraq have been protesting for change many are angry at the high unemployment and poor services they want ministers to resign and iraq's sectarian political system to end saying it's led to rampant corruption and abuse of power more than 200 protesters have been killed by security forces over the past several weeks iraq's president made some concessions in a televised speech on thursday by him saturday says the prime minister will resign but only if political parties agree on his replacement and he is promising new elections what will lead to a new or kick. in as president of the republic i want to stress that i will agree to early elections based on the new election law and the new election commission the legitimacy of any governance comes from the people and there is no eternity if . but the protesters say the presidential announcement doesn't go far enough.
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woman since we are the authority know the parliament and government are now expired they should all resign and real reforms should be introduced that meet the aspirations of the iraqi people and not about it you document in children have taken to the streets to let the world know that this is a great revolution and we will not give up or back off until our demands are met and i will bring in our guests in just a moment but 1st name has the latest from baghdad. these protesters have returned to talk near square to mark the one month of protests here in baghdad when it was announced on thursday evening that president barham saleh would make a televised speech to the nation protesters had by. those who quickly turned to anger and disappointment president silence said their prime minister idle i build my city will step down but not until its successor is named no word on when that
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would happen and exactly who would select a successor also says that elections would be held but no timeframe was given he said those elections can't be held until until a new election law is drafted and the electoral committee is formed he says that next week the parliament will review a draft of a new election law protesters here called the speech a joke a disappointment and evidence that there is still a very wide divide between what they want and what the government is doing meanwhile in the city international released a report saying that security forces in baghdad have been deploying one. they call military grade tear gas grenades that are intended to kill not disperse crowds the report says that they are 10 times more potent than the typical tear gas canister and they are being aimed at protesters in bodies at close range mistook and still
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many protesters who had wounds on their arms and legs a spokesman for the prime minister says they had steely amnesty international report it has been sent on to the government's experts and they will make a statement when necessary more than 250 people have been killed more than 5500 injured since these protests began on october 1st. all right let's bring in our guests now in erbil in northern iraq. dean president of the middle east research institute here in doha as aidan political analyst writer and contributor to open democracy an online publication and in london we have 3 nats months or director of the iraq initiative at chatham house welcome to inside so you so much for being with us. in erbil what do you make of president by his announcement the protesters are rejecting it but do you think it could be
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a reasonable way out of this crisis that it could accomplish perhaps what the protesters are demanding. well the president underlined the principles of care and democracy he expressed his willingness to cooperate and to carry out the steps that people are asking him to within the confines of the constitution and his role he also explained the word should be the process on what could be the road a road map towards this the end of this demonstration issue but it was expected that it will be rejected by the opposition by the demonstrators by the camp that is now demanding more and more because at the end of the day the people the demonstrators are such a monthlong escalation their demands are is escalating too they went from having
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a government providing services and jobs into rejecting the government then rejecting the parliament now rejecting the entire political process and some even demand the rejection or the change of the constitution so we knew that there is nothing that the president would say that would actually meets the eye that the satisfaction of the crowd or their blessing so therefore all he could do was actually just to underline the principles explain the situation and express his willingness to help bring out months or in london testing times no doubt for iraq's leadership bhansali didn't provide a timeline for when a successor to prime minister abdel mahdi will be named all for when elections could be held what did you make of this announcement and do you think the resignation of abdel mahdi if it happens will help or will it creates more chaos. i think a question that we need to ask is why was his speech rejected fundamentally the
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protests and from their perspective what they're calling for is a change of the entire system now when the president came out and gave a speech he said we could change the prime minister we could have early elections but only once we use the system to try and change it so from the perspective of the street iraqis are saying yet again the same political elite will choose a new prime minister that's not what we're demanding i think they have been consistent for many years now that they're not against one certain leader or a certain political party but they're against this entire system and the president's speech was still using the logic that the elites have tried to use for several years which is to try and remedy the demands of the people by going back to elite bargains and it just isn't cutting it more and more for many iraqis changing the political system is indeed what many of the protesters have been demanding and we'll get into that in just a moment but hey don let me get your thoughts on the announcement made by the
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president iraqi security forces as we heard natasha name mentioned have killed over 200 people in recent weeks can iraqi leaders come back from crossing that line and maintain legitimacy in order to make reforms and address people's grievances it feels like it has gone too far with the death of all these protesters in recent weeks. absolutely the iraqi government can't take a step forward anymore and approach the iraqi people with short term economic reforms or even political reforms through the very same system as a recluse were not mentioned the the violent crackdown that has been met by the iraqi protesters as an evidence as a great evidence actually why the iraqi protestors or the people shouldn't believe the economic reforms shouldn't believe the short term or the long term political solutions that the government is proposing to the people the people in the demonstrators have been very clear since october 1st that they want a downfall of an ethnic sectarian kota the have failed to provide the most simple
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public services to the iraqi people and most definitely not through having one figureheads such as are their identity as an entire regime and having and in the new elections through the very same system means the same political parties on the same interest groups will be able to form the new government that they have always been doing every 4 years and this is what it's looking like it's going to happen. the ball now seems to be in the court of the political parties that nominated and in fact confirmed as prime minister do you think the 2 major part of entry blocs. will be able to agree on a replacement for mahdi if indeed he quits and a replacement that's acceptable not just to iraqi people but also to outside powers like iran and the united states because we know that these outside powers have huge influence on what's going on in iraq. i think the 1st thing is for the power
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holders people outside the parliament those who have the blocks on the other tools to maneuver they should come to some kind of agreement other the moment the gap between them is too wide and remember they represent 2 different camps and within each camp there are too many actors those actors are not necessarily liaise in coordinating or a green strategy for example the camp of the government in the power holders and the paramilitary forces as well as iran pro iran group all of these guys have got too many actors in there but not necessarily united in their approach except that they are united in preserving the government and inside the parliament the factions that they have and actually waiting for the ultimate decision makers outside the parliament to make that decision and on the other count and the opposition cam again we see too many of groups and they do not have the at the moment the clarity to go ahead inside the parliament to greet
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a way forward otherwise there are mechanisms within the parliament where they can trigger a process that could lead to legislation for reforming the election law and other laws as well as a nominated somebody and either withdrawing or giving confidence to any government but at the moment in iraqi parliament we are not going by the book having the majority minority or factions that are able to solve problems because conflicts are not solved the inside iraqi parliament it has to be in other places like not just like around like within the factions like in fact that leaders and the sudras leaders so essentially every eyes on them this is actually exactly why the government is unable to solve the problem or come up with any fast magical solutions neither the president nor the speaker of the parliament nor the government leader the prime minister they are just part of this is thane accepted. are not power so at the moment we have
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a gap between the 2 camps that is not reconcilable so easily a gap that's not reconcilable you say not months or is said to many actors any iran reportedly stepped in recently to prevent the ouster of prime minister abdel mahdi even though cleric whose bloc has a large as seats in the parliament wanted. to resign what does this say about the influence of these outside powers and do you agree with to a certain extent that it has to be these powers that intervene in a way to solve this crisis. so there's a bit of a contradiction between what the people are demanding and those that are looking to preserve the system and preserve the government so iran stepped in and there seems to be a coalition of forces that want to keep this system and to keep the prime minister in place that includes the paramilitary forces but of course that also includes the
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kurdish parties like the k d p as well as sunni parties so what you really have is that kind of post 2003 order which has been this order of agreement between kurdish and some sunni groups continuing to maintain the system now on the outside of the you have as you mentioned someone like mark the southern and others smaller opposition groups that are trying to challenge it but they face an uphill battle because at the moment he may have won the elections but he doesn't have enough seats on his own to be able to have a mandate and in fact if the kurdish parties if the sunni parties and if the shia parties all come back together as they did in 2003 they may be able to have the largest block and to kind of keep most of the way right well let's take a closer look at iraq split whole system because as we mentioned protesters have been calling for economic reform and old soul for an end to iraq's go to base power sharing political system after saddam hussein was toppled in 2003 the government
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was restructured around a sectarian system it was designed to empower people and parties of his 3 main communities shia sunni and kurds the prime minister comes from the shia majority the president is kurdish and the speaker of parliament is sunni but pon i'm an also been divided along sectarian lines in last year's election a shia parties won the most seats followed by sunni and kurdish blocs aidan of the defining feature of these protests i guess is the fact that they would need to call for by it religious authority or another political leader and i guess that says a lot about the way rocky's you this political system that governs them and they want to do away with it but can they do away with the system especially when you consider that it has helped to a certain extent reduce sectarian violence in iraq. well 1st 1st and foremost we have to look at this sectarian notion that we're looking at into the iraqi parliament when we talk about post sectarian iraq we don't mean pull sectarianism
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and the most ideological or societal way. to face even exists within the religious and the political blocs in the parliament and in government there is an interest free there is an interest in the rivalry there is a very old intricate this rivalry and this is an evidence to the people the justification to the people to realize that it wasn't sectarianism that drove the politics in iraq it was the it was political interests that utilized the sectarian differences amongst the iraqi people that prevented iraq from developing prevented iraq from having a successful political democracy people in iraq today are protesting against the sectarian regime you are not protesting against that from an ideological perspective they're protesting against that from an institutional perspective they're fed up by being governed as sunni's shias kurds they want to be they want to be governed in an equal way as iraqis were through a government that focuses on providing them the right education infrastructure
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security glower your thoughts on this the iraqi public fed up with sectarian politics and looking for a new leader that can unite the country who could this leader be any if not this sectarian based political system then what replaces it. well they will never find a leader who's beyond that we never had those father figures in iraq but remember iraq is ethno religiously diverse different sects this could have been a richness of the community and the country could have been good for politics community as well as economy however the decades of division polarization and dictatorship brought us here this far and this new elite that designed the constitution and let politics also further deepen those divisions and militarize did they became the most disappointing the ruling elite but remember when they got together in 2005 they wrote one of the best constitutions that actually was not designed to be sectarian but ignored the fact that iraq is
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a sectarian divide or ethno religiously diverse so it's actually the failure of those so implement the constitution made iraq what it is and now where are we now we have a state that has got actually little control over the state institutions it's at least institutionalized country with the rule of law being weak so we go from fragility to more fragility and therefore if the government the government of president the speaker of the parliament when they are in the forefront and they are seen as representing the establishment they do not any longer command that authority or power over the security system or with the economy of the budget over the corruption that is ongoing so sexually we are now living in a situation where the state or the legislative or executive leaders are seen as or get the blame and they are confronting the demonstrators but actually the power behind them are the ones that are outside the system of governance so essentially
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iraq by nature just like lebanon and the rest are diverse but these these divisions have become more deep and polarized as well as militarized any so that the demonstrations in both iraq and lebanon have similar grievances especially when it comes to. so this political system. do you think in iraq this system can be changed without changing the current constitution which now i mentioned and also how does the product protest movement change the system and not merely the government is how do they do it maybe well 1st of all i think there's a sense of hope that these protests actually present were many people would have easily written iraq off for being a sectarian or ethnic sectarian sort of state and this is what the iraqi leaders were moving towards they created a constitution to promote if not sectarianism through politics the people are saying no it's and this is where not and we actually want
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a state that represents us to provide services so there is a bit of hope and so they're pushing back against sectarianism on the street right now where does this go that's a difficult ellison downright sounds like mission in and who can leave who can unite iraqis which he who is a leader that could unite iraqis is this someone that comes to mind. well this is a challenge because quite clearly most of iraq's leaders in the elite are not willing to put their job on the line are not willing to play sort of and take a risk and be a leader and kind of represent the people they all kind of think that iraq will continue to muddle through and so everyone wants to keep their place in the system until now it's hard to find enough devours that it's hard to find any real leader emerging who is willing to take a risk is willing to represent the street because that logic that 2003 logic and keep in mind most of the parties and most of the leaders are from that era if you
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look at the president prime minister there from that era they're still guided by similar logic some for the kurds some for the sunnis some for them and some for the sheet based on this and the people you know most of the people protesting today are youth they don't even remember saddam's time and they only remember this hostel so they only remember this isto and so those the leaders can't keep promising and failing to deliver they don your thoughts on this can it can status coal be maintained and you know if there is going to be a change to the political system in iraq what needs to happen in order for that to be achieved well 1st and foremost we need a transitional government a transitional government that is led by the intellectual elite that could be involved or welcomed by the protesters focusing on having a leadership or a political organization that would represent the protesters and in the early stages of the protest movement can be a very dangerous thing to the movement in itself because the movement has been trying to prove itself that it's not politicized it's not represented by any
2:42 am
regional power players of players by any or by any interest groups so trying to seek a structure that i would define in their leaders that would define their representation can actually make them fall into the chop or being accused by the government that they are already a group that carries its own political agenda by different political part. yes so i think we should focus on how the protest movement can achieve the 1st steps which would be changing the system getting a transitional government that too would exist in a temporary period to ensure that the kinds that you wish and tell you that relational government is aidan that you talk about and this intellectual elite that you talk about will it be accepted by the outside powers who again have such huge influence on iraqi politics or not just iran because we've talked about iran but also the united states of course of course all the external players that are involved in the iraqi domestic affairs would intervene whenever they find any future politician whom would have conflict conflict and
2:43 am
a conflict of interests where there are policies in iraq where this is a part of the protest movement in iraq the protest movement in iraq is against the entire reality in iraq today whether it be the government or the ethnic sectarian quota or the militias or the on the ground or the external factors that are intervening in iraq a domestic affairs a canonically and politically this is a part of the of the of the targets and the aims and objectives of the protest movement against the entire reality of the iraqi domestic affairs whether it be the external factors whether it be the government or whether it be the religious establishment so in erbil where do you see things heading do you think like many people that the current outbursts of anger will eventually run out of steam and be brought under control or do you think that it still has momentum and could actually lead to some sort of change in iraq. i think it has momentum it will get
2:44 am
a little bit worse before it gets better we're rocky's we know our country and the dynamics locally regionally and globally we have been through this we have history including in kurdistan as well as the the south of iraq at the moment the 2 camps are both very polarized very armed they are backed by forces by theological sources like in niger and as well as in iran the 2 are at the moment not talking and there are interferences or influences from the region so we've got local actors regional actors global actors all intertwine some working via proxy son directly this is actually a recipe for getting into a kind of dissidence sending into more chaos and more violence however there is a way out this could lead to a milestone in changing the system of governance changing the mentality and possibly agreeing a new era but at the moment where the peak of it we're nowhere near the end of it it has not ended yet ok but i'm hopeful that there are efforts at the moment to
2:45 am
prevent that level of violence and very much we hope that it will never get that all right we not months or i'll give you the last word are you as hopeful as now where and when he see this protest movement heading. so oddly as sort of see what's happening as i speak to different protesters it's hard to be hopeful i mean as i say there is hope in some of the messaging and the changing of the post 2003 narratives but what you see are that if the elites are unable to use the promise of reform to try and quell protests some of them are willing to use violence and some of them are willing to work with external actors to maintain the system so it's really hard to see and is sort of this is the moving in a positive way when a majority of a good majority of the elites are quite willing to use violence to use to use external intervention to stop the people from having
2:46 am
a voice thank you so much would leave it there gentlemen thank you for a very interesting discussion. and every nat's months or and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by the sitting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for stash a.j. incised or you can of course all to join the conversation on twitter handle is that a.j. inside story from me fully back to boy and a whole team thank you for watching i found out.
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november on the. planet s.o.s. returns with a new series to sit out the facts and the science behind the climate and ecological crisis affecting our planet. spain will hold its 4th election in 4 years after close a vote join us for coverage of the new series brings people together to discuss some of the big issues of our time turkish president will meet with u.s. president donald trump at the white house we'll bring you the latest and exiled explores the historical context of the rohingya crisis and the increasing violence in mayan moslem state. november on. the multitudes a magnet for tourists from around the globe but behind the picturesque landscape young men to bond with groups in syria what i want to waste investigates on
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al-jazeera. counting the cost of health care special u.s. insurers of patients of the world's richest country one of the poorest nations above was health services on the brink of collapse but can the u.s. hit its goal of universal health care for all by 2030 counting the cost of al-jazeera. al-jazeera. the italian this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey sends more tanks to its southern border as it begins joint patrols with russia and northeast area. thousands of anti-government protesters marched to pakistan's
2:49 am
capital demanding prime minister imran khan's resignation. and barbara starr in london with the top stories from europe including the u.k.'s breaks it party leader offers to help prime minister boris johnson with the election but only if he abandons is withdrawing deal with the european union. for new zealand's old plants there rugby world cup campari with the way the 6 tries to be world's of the minds off from the other look ahead to saturday's final how they are. now russia and turkey have started their joint patrols in northeast and syria to he wants to establish what it's calling a safe zone in that border region the mission is to ensure the largely kurdish s.t.'s fighters retreat from the area how to mob are reports from sunday near the
2:50 am
checker syrian. the most crucial phase of the turkish russian agreement on a safe zone in north eastern syria is underway there joint patrols will fill the void left by the withdrawal of the largely kurdish syrian democratic forces or as the last month turkish backed opposition fighters swept through s.d.f. territory they now control an area that stretches from tel aviv to arthur lane along the border with turkey the joint patrols will be conducted west and east of that area. they include the outskirts of could by any man bit telerate fired and all towns and villages east of us a lane to maliki on the border with iraq. syrian president bashar al assad has promised to recapture all the territory including even if it means going to war with turkey with
2:51 am
a who's who you thought the syrian land is wired and the theater of operations is one from the far south to the far north the turk is the american agent in this war we were fighting this aged turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and it will get to war there is no other option for. this is tell of recently taken over by turkish back syrian national army or as they 80 years since the start of the conflict in syria the city has changed hands many times. our assault demand and that of our people since the start of the revolution is the downfall of the dictator who has killed people and destroyed the country and for the time being russia and turkey would have a biggest say in northeastern syria the only reason syrian government troops are
2:52 am
struggling to bring under their control russia back. and rejects any attempt to sideline him turkey on the other hand backs the opposition and fears a permanent presence of the s.d.f. on its border the 2 countries though have a different view about the future of the country and this may be an obstacle to finding a solution. now after the withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria last month russia has filled that void acting as a power broker in the region but analysts stress that russia may not know what their end game is in the middle east step ason reports from moscow just. this was the moment russian troops and to the hastily banded u.s. military base in membership in the north east of syria defeat deal was shared on social media in russia as a moment of victory it was shot by embattled russian war correspondent all in on october 15th and titled member is our us all week later president vladimir putin
2:53 am
stepped up as a peacemaker and signed a 10 point memorandum with turkish president ratchet tayyip erdogan that agreement will put russian and syrian forces in control of border areas and pushed goodish fighters out as long as putin can succeed and expand his influence and his role here will continue to do that i have to say i'm generally not a fan certainly not a fan of domestic politics. but we have to give him his due he is succeeded quite a lot and i think he is given to even by those people who strongly dislike him globally but while putting success in syria i was discussed on russia's state channel it's known for pro-government coverage it did not get the same conference as the war in ukraine or russia's annexation of crimea 5 years ago recent polls suggest that most russians are
2:54 am
a lot less interested in russia's foreign affairs compared to 5 years ago during the height of the conflict with ukraine he also indicated that the number of people who cross state television really hard since then so while put in so obsessed in the middle east might not have much impact on his approval ratings at home it could help him abroad. but analysts warn to turn this when into a real fixed. syria a lot more needs to happen what russia needs the moment russia needs exit strategy from syria where it will translate military refer to some political gain so far we have not seen that that's why it is not fair to say that russia has achieved all the goals and the game is not or with a joint russian and turkish patrols now underway it remains to be seen whether the 2 countries will be able to prevent further escalation in northeast syria but is still no solution for the situation around and beastie plans on the fragile
2:55 am
relationship between turkey and russia step fasten al-jazeera moscow. moving on now and thousands of people who say they're fed up with pakistan's government have been demonstrating on the streets of the capital a convoy dominated by supporters of a conservative opposition party entered as well about on thursday demanding prime minister iran can resign the group left korat chief on sunday picking up more supporters as they stopped in several cities along the way they say khan who's refused to step down hasn't fulfilled his promise of strengthening the economy and some of the nge of aid has more from the capital tens of thousands of people from across pakistan have gathered in the frederick capital which is being called the largest show force in recent years these are people who belong to all political parties who are in the opposition most of them belong to a lot of other among his followers will be coming here from all corners of the country they're saying that they will stay here for the next 3 days until the prime
2:56 am
minister resigns 60 strict security arrangements have been made in the federal capital the red zone has been sealed containers all over the federal capital and are blocking roads and access raised and people have been telling us but despite all of these all of these blockades they will march to words the credit up and the word the seat of power if their leader. asks them to so far for the room on the chronicle meeting this protest called the march of freedom march wants the government to resign he says he will not budge unless he gets the resignation we heard from the government saying that this is out of the question the interior minister saying that he will facilitate all protests as long as they remain peaceful and do not disrupt the peace of the city security officials here in this marjah been telling us for about 18 kilometers there is hundreds and thousands of people who according to organizers are gathered here and then continue to stay there for the next 3 days and wait for the orders from their leader whether he
2:57 am
wants the demolished words the seed of capital the preferred polymer which has been blocked not just by containers but a large contingent of security officials as well all anger there about the economy of an anger turn pakistan about train safety funerals have taken place there for the victims of a train explosion and a fire where at least 70 people were killed making it the west rail disaster for more than a decade victoria the reports. that a 100 people gather after moving prayers for the funeral of mohammed sleeve a comic headache from a small town in southern pakistan where many of the victims of this rail disaster lived at least 42 residents boarded the packed train on thursday mooting bound for a religious festival nearly a whole officials say many of the bodies are so badly burned the have to be identified through d.n.a. testing a process that could take up to a month for the relatives of the missing the wait is on bearable.
2:58 am
there are many people who are still missing they can only be traced after d.n.a. tests there is no information about them we can never forget that. the accident happened. after the train's departure from kharaj in the south headed for the city of rawalpindi investigators say the fire broke out after aghast. linder exploded in the pool suggests passages were using gas to cook breakfast witnesses say the addition to those who opened a life many people died as they tried to jump from the high speed burning train in an opposite him on march will reach home i heard about the accident or rushed home immediately and consoled my father my mother and sisters were crying. it's pakistan's worst rail disaster removed in a decade pakistanis have long complained about a lack of investment safety standards mismanagement and corruption prime minister imran khan has launched an investigation and these relatives are demanding justice
2:59 am
victoria case and be there come out has more on that inquiry from the sound of that pakistan has a very high rate of train accident at an average joe or $100.00. over the past 2 years hundreds of people have been killed in train accidents progress on the railway system is obsolete needs modernization and also necessary strict security measures have to be put in place at all the public on a railway station to prevent people from carrying and flammable material or gas and on board this was considered to be negligence on part of the security forces who are supposed to ensure that their trains run and that the passengers on them do not carry had material the pakistani government has called for an inquiry the operation of course once the resignation of the railways minister but pakistan will have to do much more in order to make train drivers because the major mord of
3:00 am
transport over 70000000 people in this country depend on the rent for their drivers . moving on to lebanon where schools and banks have reopened for the 1st time in 2 weeks after anti-government protests rocks the country there is frustration over restrictions imposed by some banks on how much money can be sent abroad protesters maintaining their demand for the entire government to resign earlier this week prime minister saad hariri handed in his resignation stephanie decker has the latest from beirut so friday a day that sued the reopening the unlocking of the banks to the people the schools and universities starting to open their doors in the roads pretty much back to normal so a sense of normalcy is being restored across lebanon but massive questions still remain about how it's going to move forward politically these are essential and import.


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