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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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what is the health of the. other people because in order to see they have got to be enough of it in their culture more than the public to be. what danny is because some guy up until until bernanke is because i'm going to get but people need to be driven by and i want to be in. the police station the scene near portland we keep putting up with joe loads of gun news gets out someone you've got to have because he has a counseling get out get out get in go short out get out the only media but i'm going to say when. i was meant to retire i want opening up a new office and. i'm going to mr the citizen to let me go because in the. little castle so much check out may not be. always be there but it won't really get you gathered about me and what you do not get as much good will when there is a maximum going to get you to listen to me that it's not going to get to the oh my
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goodness yes my family did not even among those who are glued to the american side of the program are these 4000000 americans are going to be very tough girl walked over to you about their government regular members on the ground . who are our mothers here this little bee as it goes on the maid anybody. that always anscar mother mary got again the money is the meaning and i just follow you get a scheme and he's out of the a lot of. our club you're going to scream a mean because he had already look out a little get you can you also. have that now for the summer that. the oil industry at the top of the. committee of the d.c. objects will. love to. take additional and. learn to keep it to make it seem they got it out there though we will tell you you could be made as many men would you we. saw say all
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around me they were not meant to get me to go to. war do all sorts candles out of the city but that the will provide. what you need to get what you need the media that it was running in your god local good that it was only did. not blow up in a way that a vehicle audio of what you're going to emerge over things is a little nobody here they keep idea of a change the new model or the dietary leg of a can't. let's listen to the line up please do this one element of these the lifting of my money. that is my observations of a good 2nd one is a lot of you have a good living on the line with it well you know that's all and i know that when you got to. do that i was really excited for the man who will wall street looks and all of that in the book doesn't even live month and do all the busyness of the cockpit . to get what it's all busy lives are but that doesn't do not equal.
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but you would talk to as a mom women would be doing. like. i don't have money because you go that was never the warm up baby thing. when you put on a mean little bit of something all of it other than good beach kids are so michelle they were going to be the most of why nancy get anybody want to go to be a. model officers idea that little bit. she gets on the course of the boards and doing a little. but heavy on what are you doing to move. here are the new numbers we're. going to be do you go up there to get. the message to me.
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than you do or do people about me got a call but a lot of we donate opening here john oh boy the odds of it all which will need. to be up and he got a little bit done to me is we will look back in the home in the senate do you do your essay do you know what i'm saying. over here because you don't come i could have got my proposal just as hard to put as number moved up big by the amount of good. i never been going to you but i think that a lot of you believe that to be to cold and i think i've given up you know i don't know any let up on me that they know that i'm going to get that we're about all those orders or does he look for. them to run to the. side of multiplayer or to go to the gym membership i mean you know i'm never i'm not. you know again but you never know what i need to buy that
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bullied me. to get monsanto man up but. you know he doesn't mean it when he. took the woman to go but you know also what i mean i'm getting people to look at the. good national day and i will come you will be a good thing you have been so yes i hate. to be like what he was doing montezuma's people. took to get out of. the failure you got to get the feel. good guy you know look. for the one who looks i'm not that old good about
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the work but. the robot always. days are gone. what do you. do to get the blood. 'd the. female hand it done before alan speed why do you go to be. just maybe i want to do all investigation accounting get some woman is going to talk to me how many. but he was out of the big 3 which a number that would jump at. the time a child left a message by getting. your bill had. been. told. bouncer resilience and finally we're going to. get him when we know he
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has. to give you time to continue to. screw the good people in as a fake id you feel you. are monday morning here. at the do but they removed your we feel pretty want to do not. hear them in a book you don't honey but it did what he wish of you believing it was any other name calling you think give me a break you think. they. either don't. because i'm going to
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put on your thumb a case by home. now that i'm supposed to be going on who made the. movie again this was a home in which i'm going but you're going to be. you know what i was doing on my own child being the child of a child going to. achieve what they will because. you know where they will be in the room when it's a plant with. some ozment which and some of them in this meanwhile while. they. are not. women in india today are better educated and more independent than ever still
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almost impossible goals of the 19 experience harassment all violence from men. such men unknown as eve jesus. combating them is the job of the school. as it were to me and many of your female. us lead. will escape. now walk the walk. walk a liquid you need. to get going to need. we all knew it was fair so one would know me it was but. you swallow it all is gone they all go we'll never need to be going to. do all a lot of good some good. while black woman going to be only a very. young lady get on a unique move to human dignity and one day visit without someone from july yet i'm
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going to lobby won't even admit that i have to go over to. the altar not call make out on their name yeah i can guarantee you. if he does not put that he will make good on their pleas for love without all that for going to the car not leaving nothing to do or do things that i think are any good i'm told finishing in for spinning at the samedi presence couple that living in the world will be hauling off with them some depression even though. it's nearly 2 o'clock the busiest time for this cooties girls are leaving college and the patrol has found 3 boys acting suspiciously at a bus stand. it was time to get. the boys have been reported for taking drugs but me alone wants to bring them in before their behavior gets out
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of hand. to my advantage not look to the bottom little bit with. on for the love of all that it will become of learning the art of the. somewhat. on the job. for you toward a new opportunity over. although much of the look. going on where the sun comes. but it gave that advantage for the love. of all right for him a lot of the social. media because i've never been on the fringes of the. teams around the farm or. even in the band does something you don't but then i'm up in the last ones at that. because i see that it's all that's going to lead to the
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deal and sort of. come of the book was exciting to. do it with that i've done to get it. on the record that really brought out the greatest love he. doesn't even know the word of. the column today. but i do love the new yorkers you name the price down. a little bit you know that it's not written all over well pretty good but a little bit tough because he did. not shout the. odds you know in a court on the. family will get what you are good luck good luck all morning is it . legal action being in love with you renie. or are we victim comparing solving
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a parent's sultanpur wheezing. corpse deal with many or fences committed not on the streets but in the home. often these relate to doubt the custom of the bride's family giving presents and money to the groom and his relatives. it's a tradition open to abuse so while it's still acceptable to give presents making demands for them is now illegal hard to see who can give money but they're looking 100 point one people long enough because. when i got sick. the only again i did it mom vulcanic yardley are your normal. people have to pick up the cold water but only when you don't get. chatty and usually exactly. the moment i mildly tell you the words are the
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boundaries. of that you know how you can do harm to the one who got the immediacy and that was it was a critical. person who recalled cars. to us ago it was a. mystery since he's with me and it hasn't met. buddy he's no money you do this you out of me dating michelle. pregnant how much about. who gets all the work you've got there you did me good. and then he comes on your kidneys to say he started them and we hear. that he goes again likelihood that by 10 o'clock or i'm out. you did because of the book you would think you have
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a tie but it was me down because i have to take it with you. the police are obliged to treat diary crimes as serious offenses some women claim their diary victims because they're nor they'll be heard other than scum planum as they watch. but we're still remember to get our image on a. whole new not that of. the one going to she's in league of we've got one. and her team resolve many disputes by counselling so families can avoid legal formalities but the lady cops are increasingly on the frontline of more traditional police work. it was the big guns were going to get released among the people hard to people who would. all be. other related to them as well as on a positive line with
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a. group. but a boy you are probably one of them. it's been a while. then when we could see guys are they but the log of one of them gets out. tomorrow morning the lady cops will join forces with other police to maintain law and order if the protest violent just come back for you you know what i said boy bieber i'll make ordered only that it will be a. date i never said it was delayed for service just. a show. november on al-jazeera planet s.o.s. returns with a new series to sort out the facts and the science behind the climate an ecological crisis affecting our planet. spain will hold its 4th election in 4 years after 8
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bills inconclusive vote join us for coverage. a new series brings people together to discuss some of the big issues of our time turkish president aragon will meet with u.s. president donald trump at the white house we'll bring you the latest and exiled explores the historical context of the regime the crisis and the increasing violence in mayan mars rock einstein 8. november on. why objections of the world beaters in the sport of squash. from some of the top players themselves. in the data that's fun to watch us play because we focus on skillful in part challenging shop. al-jazeera world examines why egyptians dominate the sport egypt squash champions on al-jazeera.
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talk to notice their own winners they don't believe in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i just said it was the pakistan would never start a war i am anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldiers 0. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera turkish and russian troops have begun joint land and the air patrols in northern syria this follows a deal between the 2 countries to clear kurdish y p g fighters from a so-called safe zone along the turkish syrian border the zone extends for 30 kilometers into syrian territory turkey's president her better than says he plans
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to resettle millions of syrian refugees in the area but serious president has warned turkey against it. the sophos will use the whole of the syrian land as one and the theater of operations is one from the far south to the far north the turk is the american agent of this war we were fighting this turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and it will get to war there is no other option tens of thousands of anti-government protesters are rallying in pakistan's capital demanding that the prime minister imran khan and his government resign within 2 days they say that khan's leadership is illegitimate and propped up by the military the process is being led by one of the country's largest conservative parties but it's gain the support of other opposition groups funerals have been held for some of the people
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who died during a fire in a crowded train in pakistan at least 74 people were killed when the blaze tore through 3 carriages on thursday authorities say d.n.a. tests will have to be used to identify most of the. schools and banks in lebanon have reopened for the 1st time in 2 weeks after anti-government protests brought the country to a halt but there is frustration of the restrictions imposed by some banks on how much money can be sent abroad. u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says she expects the 1st public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump to begin later this month on thursday the house of representatives voted to formalize the inquiry meaning the closed door testimonies will now be open to the public trumps accused of withholding military aid to pressure ukraine into investigating his democratic rival joe biden those are the headlines i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour
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for you in just under half an hour coming up next though india's lady called scandals.
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are going to meet. the love and. don't deal only with crimes against women they also have to handle traditional public order challenges in very poor little secret. doesn't learn again we're allowing me to some man forget to get on the get a pretty. good product and. go pee. but i want to continue the. motto but it doesn't want.
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to did the construction of a super highway. but the land it crosses is contested and local protests as might turn violent. the lady cops presence is essential because of a change in the little not only female officers are allowed to have physical contact with women. in the. hall. they've got to be the cause of. a lot of. sort of god gave the public deviant mean davey would. get hauled home like. the horse list. might. go morning caricaturing a. big fish. in the name of the.
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god is leading the protest he owns 2 plots of land. in the path of the proposed development and he doesn't want to sell our yukon on a modicum a year. each american the young because why did you all be on sex until he's going . to need money to get out you know. if arguments over you want to know where and. management with. the other. not so boy. named had the audacity to call made him back or you feel all god needed to give your dad that's all our community i mean give me a bundle of them up with the mother god why don't ya go i don't want to have little i don't know where i'm going but don't want to walk if you don't want to hear i keep up with a totally forgot about the bottoms of maybe i don't have time to be. going to that then back out in the open out in the early. one genuine hand.
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one piston using force. and then you can see them coming. to me. because. when you sing the side of me kind of thing. about the. 2 i was led to a decision is made. the rules must be built without for the deed live on and be will there be any community here to those who believe the. sucky rules without a little simpler. some
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protesters detained while the land is cleared but no one is arrested. 2 villages have been leveled to make way for the new. month. this sunday god didn't have
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so he could be had god made a big deal based on his men because hard man i mean hans is that i'm going to. give you all make use of the whole gable would go. but the man will literally do excuse i mean he will sit them in the. welcome did almost all of it up at the wall cannot of been. funny you know who she was the clip that you pointed the gun home to the film study. law as anything other people got on so clearly isn't because she this against kids it was bullshit she was. going to live up. to the no comparison you're going to me that's. what it's going to get if you're the guy you're ever going around. with the could.
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not. do them with you that let them give money from the evil woman going to seek with the people you had the most of because of the exalted. good women learning when you go to school only you could buy bond to get a fair making was with you a. level of think you're going to be you don't want to be. good engine met her husband at a school for the deaf. he's a local boy but her family is from neighboring punjab they've been married less
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than a year but cultural differences are already creeping in here expecting to ship for you. guys come. on out on the like cut back in a couple of. oh you didn't eat enough meanwhile take a look at me a lady who. was really good in the end. is the god.
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of england and he's going to go good news with you in a. little bit do you want to do there's. when usher and the puk married for love 8 years ago they defied both the communities. it's rare in india for people of different costs to marry. another man says yes which is when you can see that going to be a little good to another year will you take him on a. new career as it would be a wonder i think you always going to have a lot of good jim how come you don't want to you know we're going to get the ok. into all or a couple months time when i don't call them a yob or talk to a young woman my back to me. where most people at the moment you are doing but.
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there was a clerical group and you got a b. and you can say to your son they are going. to get will begin to go to school but it will be easy but i was going to get some of that is for you. were covered in a car right. now going back to the copy of my freaky you know it is. hard to get in the months maybe need to touch 10 years already pretty much. give me a middle span our financial into the man have to get out so didn't interrupt me in get us to the best and oldest kids out there would be many 1st. party admin that it would eat like a chore gathering place. to mid size and a mini torito the guys that don't know me put up with a compass and then. it's a criminal offense to discriminate against
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a person because of the cost skin color also shield standing. always tries to get people to deal with the grievances informally. their friend they say is out of the it and i was going to work out the. books i get to go to do screw the promotions are going to get more than i was good on it look at the. other cases are there throws at them one of them you are logan a song that you put up or whatever to poor wife and what your entirely her kid you . know trying to get courses good bye suddenly go back to school move. not be but you certainly feel good like it was you stupid capital city maybe quarter human metal time. i. think with him only got it all in the one with the divine number one of them does he have might have an accent the moneybox in the moses the god of the other 92 do you want to get out of the hole to go to lay her lip or
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beginning to get up ok right and you can see her grunting by going to a local. martin and you could end up in yours much support your dad what will get married you can live your whole lab ileka t.k. you simply want to introduce you to all your money qualities and you will be so continue. to see the monthly bill the sentiment not court on day unless you can get it all it will make is in a cowboy. with this woman as an excuse to stick around with the love. obvious paranoid percent because of this terrible day i got no need to need to do obviously there was some legs or. so would do a day or leg next door some logic of yvel i will cut them all again i would but not the knee i'm going to use some of that up but am talk of beyond that out but i'm meant to be a good thing without oh i'm going to go on a lot of moscone more like god i've done. whatever to.
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help us a little. when they saw you get the economy. stupid if you. didn't call them of. the day. today as you appear to deny it going to bring you just this week to we will new hampshire. who can do it genius you mean again you want to have the article i may 5th of but it's a once you begin to. look good. and. you know it will. be about the other is menards report and 2 year old obama joe that another navy has succeeded in give us some of the complaint of a quick on new car radio show danny. made a mix of the he tries to use going out for opening up. some hours for me. barebone
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another name whopper bad about the out of him. the verse is actually that at the start of my new book the new good i'm. serious but still on the let me love man not this one stay on you this is not a money. market only a love that the child a boy took it. to be a good citizen and see if it be. less of that which. is good. coming up in. a good interview the purpose of a look at the. middle of the game food in the past is to just go for the good best of both. or didn't give us back. to.
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the introduction of women police stations has led to a sharp increase in the reporting of this and 6 will violence. and that it bearable helga risk of other company if this is only. a son then you know in. many cases. you are. station coffee some coming out on someone in particular our family yes it is and you. already are no one in the you.
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would do it guy could that of the head of home and pull millionaire. rapists there now face the death penalty. to be certain that every single claim of rape is investigated fully. in modern. new complained the. get go which allegation and i. do no one else will form going to all go. on every year. they normally. do it is holy. crime all sense to you we were. so they are going to.
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toss out for their job very well a double. dose of i'm going to look us up which get he. doesn't look good we get to go home to make you feel such as it was on the negotiation of being. a little you could see this i can see no doubt yourself head . only. down lack of maturity i'm going to have a disagreement so we all please i'm going to continue to make. the last of money and can't. buy in this house which will get. larry king a do i don't think you made his. name the look he. can make you put his big name in the accord and be quite bold. all. of you in the new deal. yet you've done that damn apple and. 100 biggest companies.
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but. it would check out all things are going to and the. recording. did roll because it's going off to do you think all these guys with you know who's going to pull over to get a sense wasn't funny. i think it's ridiculous that we couldn't. there's no need to give me a call ya say will buy a ticket. how do ya know let's not forget more the bills that he had recently but even he did not consider folding wasn't a ton of money at home. but as sunday yankee home. doesn't say they think it may be
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easy this make you got away but man do we got up. walked up to the little stuff that lived in a lot you know the mess up which in the owner was using it at the you can hold some . thing i got to hold a man who can help in. a lot of. it's morning after the 91 up. off me and. if you see a. lot of arlo. a man's best buddy could deliver his 1st book. of the for those minutes before you moved was it on. me or did you know i was
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using a. misconception to smuggle a plane in the tree. it was as though there's a lot of him going to. so for you and i'm going to walk a minute what i will go live and i would be. a little bit of an offense in the view to deliver you the scope of what the people. feel needed to maybe taking in call now what led them to the point why they. all would tell you the c.r.u. is there will. be good for in the mostly on colored bins and the why. didn't you george i mean
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i remember that you gave me. a big. hand will know the one you don't need to another location but. i'm going to use unocal. time to explain to the government. going to them this is going to be mothered. be the little they can and i'm going to mitigate the lot of the. things that if he was unable to get help. because money from you know. his mother got love and i think that he was. with all those who are. being you been diminished all 3 the kids are going to be with god to enjoy football match and you got to be. there for the. one who matters now those final tumbling.
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it ball game does not it all came about that tonight in the long run up to comprehend. clear how long ball jockey. god band big fan of the new if i give 20 without the police i was a young man just getting got to get on bucky sit down gotti said believe don't appear on me all because i'm not going on my. joy there but believe it or not is number 2 it will bore you to. who did find a colleague who needed a. clue to garner the bombs on leg not one of the closest races so folks are going to go to the real thing to do more to be approved by the new thought beginning up as if god know them and you are to not go to we. need you to give us a little holiday to do you know that all totaled excitement visitors are not people
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queued up to touch. all ignore the time that i have told all of. you would you can i want to help them on a cold day i don't now go by the bell or go. to. other. need pushed let me guess a few just conky he had been to many p.d. who comment on new york by. the gentle manner but i have read. i was new but we won't need to go to him you would say die go to god a got additional list could get him. in fact but found no evidence to support the woman's claims she concluded the accusation was
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folds no arrests were made. on me. just. the way estonia. or did maybe a lot of going. up there. will be on this i look sick on my. visit i need to be born again for you to learn about us and when. we. leave you let the old dog out the afford. you don't want.
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however we got some cold weather coming into southeastern parts of australia are the next couple of days this area cloud rolling through the bites will really break the heat over the past few days temperatures not a late add in melbourne getting up into the mid thirty's can be a very different story as we go on through the remainder of the weekend they have a saturday adelaide touch is around 21 degrees some pretty wet weather coming in as well though with that around 900 for the cloud and the rain diving across a good part of victoria behind that it is generally dry 18 celsius the 35 in alice
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springs falling back to around 29 analysis we go on into sunday but 19 once again there for 5 and similar temperature on the other side of the country night is that wet weather still in place into victoria southern parts of new south wales as we go through sunday that's not a bad thing cools with the bush that will always be somewhat welcome as we go on into the early part of next week melbourne cup of course on cheese they should be fine and dry by then so i need to worry about that front and right see for new zealand over the next couple of days a little bit of cloud around at the moment but essentially there's a lot of central and sunny weather coming through and not looking too bad a whole we'll see temperatures getting up to around 24 degrees across bison. i'm counting the cost of health care special u.s. insurers of failing patients of the world's richest country at one of the poorest
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nations zimbabwe's health services on the brink of collapse but can the un hit its goal of universal health care for all by 2030 counting the cost on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey and russia begin joint patrols of the so-called safe zone in northern syria filling the void left by the
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withdrawal of kurdish forces a mass protest in pakistan tens of thousands rally in the capital demanding prime minister imran khan's resignation. chillis capital is engulfed by a major rally as protesters keep up their pressure on the government. and fitbit reassures users that their data is safe after google snaps up the wearable technology company for $2100000000.00. new zealand in their rugby world cup campaign with the way they run in 6 tries to beat wiles in the 3rd place playoff action from a look ahead to saturday's final between england and south africa coming up. welcome to the news hour russia and turkey have started joint patrols in northeastern syria where turkey wants to establish
5:50 am
a so-called safe zone on the border their mission is to ensure that kurdish fighters have retreated from the area and this follows the turkish incursion into syria last month shortly after u.s. troops pulled out reports now from san diego for near the turkey syria border. the most crucial phase of the turkish russian agreement on a safe zone in north eastern syria is underway there joint patrols will fill the void left by the withdrawal of the largely kurdish syrian democratic forces or as the last month turkish backed opposition fighters swept through s.d.f. territory they now control an area that stretches from tel aviv to arthur lane along the border with turkey the joint patrols will be conducted west and east of that area. they include the outskirts of could by any man bit tell of a fired and all towns and villages east of us
5:51 am
a lane to maliki on the border with iraq. syrian president bashar al assad has promised to recapture all the territory including even if it means going to war with turkey through his full youth the whole the syrian land is wired and the theater of operations is one from the far south to the far north the turk is the american agent in this war we were fighting this aged turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and it will get to war there is no other option for. this is tell of recently taken over by turkish back syrian national army or as a day 8 years since the start of the conflict in syria the city has changed hands many times. our assault demand and that of our people since the start of the
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revolution is the downfall of the dictator who has killed people and destroyed the country and for the time being russia and turkey would have a bigger say in northeastern syria the only reason syrian government troops are struggling to bring under their control russia backs. and rejects any attempt to sideline him turkey on the other hand backs the opposition and fears a permanent presence of the s.d.f. on its border the 2 countries though have a different view about the future of the country and this may be an obstacle to finding a solution house about al-jazeera. well russian forces are a key part of the new border patrols evidence of how it's filling the void left by the u.s. retreat to be a power broker in the region some analysts though are warning that russia may not have a clear long term strategy for its role in the middle east steadfast and reports from moscow just. this was the moment russian troops and to the
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hastily abandon us military base in membership in the north east of syria was shared on social media in russia as a moment of victory it was shot by a battered russian war correspondent only in an october 15th and titled member is our us all week later president vladimir putin stepped up as a peacemaker and signed a 10 point memorandum with turkish president red chip tayyip erdogan that agreement will put russian and syrian forces in control of border areas and pushed goodish fighters out as long as putin can succeed and expand his influence and his role here will continue to do that. i have to say i'm generally not a fan certainly not a fan of domestic politics. but we have to give him his due he is succeeded quite a lot and i think he is given to even by those people who strongly dislike him
5:54 am
globally but while putting success in syria i was discussed on russia's state channel it's known for pro-government coverage it did not get the same conference as the war in ukraine or russia's annexation of crimea 5 years ago recent polls suggest that most russians are a lot less interested in russia's foreign affairs compared to 5 years ago during the height of the conflict with ukraine he also indicated that the number of people who cross state television really hard since then so while put in so obsessed in the middle east might not have much impact on his approval ratings at home could help him abroad. but analysts warn to turn this when into a real victory in syria a lot more needs to happen what russia needs the moment russia needs exit strategy from syria where it will translate military. political gains so far we have not seen that that's why it is not fair to say that russia has achieved all the
5:55 am
goals and the game is not over with joint russian and turkish patrols now underway it remains to be seen whether the 2 countries will be able to prevent further escalation in northeast syria but is still no solution for the situation around italy and peace depends on the fragile relationship between turkey and russia step fasten al-jazeera moscow. tens of thousands of anti-government protesters are rallying in pakistan's capital demanding prime minister imran khan and his government resign within 2 days they say they can't leadership is illegitimate and propped up by the military some a binge of eid has more now from islamabad. tens of thousands of protesters from all over pakistan are gathered on the outskirts of islamorada the striped flag is dominant because it represents one of those rock bands party a politician and cleric who leads hundreds of religious seminaries he began the
5:56 am
march from the southern city of karachi and made many stops on the way gaining people and momentum further a man has encouraged people to reject the results of last year's election and what he calls a selected government opposition party say because of the ineptitude of the government economy's weak and there is more unemployment especially among the youth they have only one day a week that was not change this is the real change change will come it will bury the politics of magic and superstition the politics of lies and u. turns. participants have been told the conversion of the main gate the numbers kept increasing as we drove through the parked vehicles security officials have been telling us for about 18 kilometers this crowd stretches on both and this is by far the largest crowd that we've seen in the front and arrangements are being made to stop them from entering the red zone the red zone is an area of islamabad that includes government buildings and the supreme court continues even build the together in front of parliament the government says it's provided the venue and
5:57 am
expects the protesters to stay where they are it's deployed more than $20000.00 security personnel to ensure safety. the prime minister's team says his resignation is out of the question and called the opposition gathering in an attempt to avoid addressing corruption a lot of the man has issued a deadline for the government ah yes dr on this gathering so the world that the people have the right to rue pakistan not of the institutions of the government has 2 more days to accept our demands. people have brought bedding in essential supplies to camp out and say they are ready to stay as long as it takes to ensure the government's downfall in charge and i mean that i think you will see here for 3 or 4 days peacefully and if the government does not meet our demands we'll go for the 3rd option protesters are already drawing parallels with what's happening in the middle east they say in iran han should follow the example of the lebanese prime minister and resign the so far that seems unlikely but it has emerged as
5:58 am
the biggest test yet for hans year old government for some a majority down to 0 is on a park. well staying in pakistan the stuart relatives have gathered for the 1st funerals for the victims of the fire on a crowded train in the country at least 74 people died in the blaze making it pakistan's worst rail disaster in more than a decade the tory gated me reports. more than 100 people gather after moving prayers for the funeral of mohammed salie a comma cannick from a small town in southern pakistan where many of the victims of this rail disaster lived at least 42 residents boarded the packed train old thursday morning bound for a religious festival nearly a whole officials say many of the bodies are so badly they'll have to be identified through d.n.a. testing a process that could take up to a month for the relatives of the missing the way.
5:59 am
there are many people who are still missing they can only be traced after d.n.a. tests there is no information about them we can never forget. the accident happened . after the train's departure from karachi in the south headed for the city of rawalpindi investigators say the fire broke out after a gas cylinder exploded initial reports suggest passages were using gas to cook breakfast witnesses say in addition to those who were burned alive many people died as they tried to jump from the high speed burning train. heard about the accident or rushed home immediately consoled my father my mother and sisters were crying. it's pakistan's worst rail disaster removed in a decade pakistanis have long complained about a lack of investment safety standards mismanagement and corruption prime minister imran khan has launched an investigation and these relatives are demanding justice victoria. cummock hyder has the latest on that story now from islamabad.
6:00 am
pakistan had a very high rate of train accident had an average goal with 100. over the past 2 years hundreds of people have been killed in train accidents by just on the railway system is obsolete needs modernization and also next to city. take security measures have to be put in place at all departments on a day to a station to prevent people from carrying and member to make gas and then on board this was considered to be negligence on part of the security forces who are supposed to ensure that their trains that on and that the passenger. caddy had. the bloodiest on the government has called for an end quietly the opposition of course the ones that education of the railways minister just on will have to do much more in order to make train drivers.


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