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tv   Armed With Faith  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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russia and turkey would have a biggest say in northeastern syria the only reason syrian government troops are struggling to bring under their control russia backs. and rejects any attempt to sideline him turkey on the other hand backs the opposition and fears a permanent presence of the s.d.f. on its border the 2 countries though have a different view about the future of the country and this may be an obstacle to finding a solution. the israeli military says 10 rockets have been fired from the gaza strip into its southern territories the army says the rockets were intercepted by the country's iron dome missile defense system local media have reported air raid sirens being heard across southern israel there have been no reports of injuries or deaths a number of soldiers have been killed in a suicide attack on a military base in northeastern mali the mullion army says 35 soldiers died in the
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attack at an outpost in the main in the monarch or region but they have warned that number could change local sources with the death toll at 54 no group has claimed responsibility. still ahead on al-jazeera banks unlock the doors in lebanon as a sense of normality returns after weeks of protests but the political future remains uncertain. drop the deal the leader of the breaks that party threatens an election fight unless the u.k. prime minister abandons easy withdrawal deal. how the weather slightly set fair for a good parts of china at the moment the majority of the west or whether the heavy
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rain that stand across northern parts of vietnam will them the central area saying some pretty disturbed weather live. as shallow as drifting their way through the south china seas picking up the moisture dumping a fair bit of wet weather here as we go on through the next couple of days the sinking a little further south which is we go through sunday for much of time as i said it does look fine and dry what is 2 showers over tools the western side of the country but hong kong gets up to around 29 celsius in the sunshine sunshine and showers through southeast asia we got those showers them around vietnam cambodia could see some wet weather russia showers into central and southern parts of the philippines as well some of them alive. so wet weather now starting to show his hand into indonesia as we go on through the next couple of days but the wetter weather will certainly be reserved for vietnam some pretty wet weather continuing to insist southern areas of in the air we have got this tropical system making its way into the arabian sea pulling away from the western side of india but we have got some
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showers there just around the west of the country the wetter weather remains across the southern areas and also for lanka. sponsored by town and. on the scale of modern slavery in the u.k. is enormous we've just seen the tip of the i spent really do something called the modern slavery act i'm just been surrounded with commerce you can punch someone in the stall i have companies need to understand that this is exploitation if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and there are some very very nasty people out there al-jazeera investigates britain's modern slave trade.
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you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour more than a quarter of a 1000000 people in somalia have been forced from their homes by severe flooding i should say at least 10 people have been killed another tropical storm is said to back of the bridge protest against economic inequality continue in chile with thousands of people botching in the capital santiago the on the rest across the country has hit the tourism industry hard with hotel reservations down by. u.s. president donald trump is said to address his supporters at a rally in mississippi shortly as the impeachment inquiry against him is about to go public easy cues to pressuring you trying to lead or to investigate his democratic rival during a call in july. schools and banks of reopened in lebanon off to 2 weeks of antigovernment protests but fears people will rush to withdraw money have led to
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restrictions on can be sent abroad prime minister saad hariri stepped down earlier this week after allegations of corruption at a downturn in lebanon's economy stephanie deca has more from by right. after 2 weeks of closure the banks finally unlocked their doors there are more people than usual but no panic if you will see it for all sorts of the us some to produce to actions it is not very annoying the crowds are not that big i was expecting long queues it is above the normal days by a little there are some distinctions on the dollars in sections with a give us $2500.00 per week only but they placed no distinctions on lebanese pounds the capital withdrawals in foreign transfers are a way to prevent a mass outflow of funds lebanon's economy is already at breaking point so the banks are open schools and universities are slowly following suit and despite some back and forth most of the roads are open to so a sense of normalcy is slowly being restored across the country but by no means is
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lebanon's political crisis over in fact you could argue it's only just beginning. for the 3rd time since the protests began hezbollah's secretary general and arguably the most powerful man in the country address the nation has honest honest said he didn't support prime minister saad how did his resignation and question the road ahead and walk and what we worry about is a power vacuum and that is our concern supposedly in the coming days they will have to designate a new prime minister to form a new government all the lebanese must cooperate in order to avoid a power vacuum and the new government should be the government there regains the trust of the people and that should be a priority. president michel aoun spoke on thursday night a scheduled speech marking his 3 years in office he hinted at a possible nonpolitical government saying ministers from now on should be chosen
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based on their qualifications and not political affiliations but for many here they are empty words decades of mismanagement and corruption have eroded all layers of trust between the people out protesting and those who have run this country for decades there is also still no date set for the next step in the political process the binding consultations between parliamentary parties and the president and they're needed to propose a name for the position of prime minister a role reserved for a sunni muslim sad how did he who's now serving as caretaker prime minister could be nominated again. the message from the street is that words and promises will do nothing to appease the they say the only way to end this is through real palpable action and real change stephanie decker al-jazeera beirut. there's been a catalogue vigil for more than 250 people killed in protests across iraq in the past month hundreds marched in basra in memory of those who have died since
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demonstrations began more than 10000 people have also been wounded in the rallies which were sparked by anger of a corruption and unemployment the president is valid to hold elections but has yet to announce when there's the tests are going on reports from baghdad demonstrators rejecting those life as promises from the government. the current iraqi government remains in power but protesters say they own tahrir square friday marked one month since demonstrations in baghdad and other iraqi cities began against a government protesters view as corrupt dysfunctional and oblivious to the needs of the average iraq on thursday the president announced prime minister ayad a lab head he would resign and elections would be held but did not offer a timetable. but if i believe it's meaningless and useless we want to change the whole constitution the iraqi human rights commission says more than 250 people have
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been killed and 5500 injured in protests from baghdad to karbala many have been injured by tear gas and returned to protest with gauze bandages on their heads arms and legs and the army they throw it on any person they see whether it's a woman a child or a men it makes no difference to them their goal is to people in baghdad bridges leading from tahrir square to the fortified green zone have become deadly standoff between protesters and security forces and amnesty international report says security forces in the capital are using military grade tear gas grenades 10 times more potent than typical tear gas canisters and they're intended to. killed not disperse protesters the group says it has documented 5 cases of the canisters imbedded in protesters skulls in the last week and there is no crowd control need
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to fire tonight and pretty grim come and go to calls such as such when it doesn't matter if you're firing a bullet or you're trying to kind of. the truth is you know protesters are being killed in baghdad my biggest fear is that was the end of our party. and pass tried to weapons experts say the earlier this week the police didn't baghdad said this security forces are being attacked and yet not a single bullet has been fired he says excessive force has not been. protester after the 1st wave of protests in early october the iraqi government vowed to hold those responsible for killing demonstrators to account now amnesty international is calling for an independent investigation into the use of tear gas and the deaths of all iraqi protestors natasha game al-jazeera baghdad more
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funerals of being held for some of the 5 indigenous leaders killed in colombia the government is blaming the groups connected to the drug trade leaders and activists who stand up to traffic is often targeted. at the reports from corporate profits in southwest colombia. indigenous nasa community held funerals traditional funerals for 3 of the 5 indigenous leaders that were killed in this location last tuesday allegedly by members of a dissident group of the former fire rebels but the reality is that these killings is just the tip of the iceberg of an increasingly complex reality of different armed groups that are operating in this region trying to fill the vacuum that was left by the demobilization of the fire in the signing of a peace deal back in 2016 and truly the colombian government has been unwilling or
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unable to implement that peace agreement and then as a people here say that so they have been left essentially to deal with this problem as their own as these groups have been moving and and try to get the population increasingly killing indigenous leaders and also members of the indigenous guard this volunteer group of indigenous people to protect their territory and it's also clear that this situation is not going to be easily solved the car that you see behind me it was crippled by a bullet on tuesday but somebody in the night between thursday and friday burnt to the ground in another clear terrifying message to the community here telling them that they will have no peace. british prime minister has ruled out striking a deal with. breaks at party ignoring the advice of his ally. mr ferrars has
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called on the prime minister to drop his brakes a deal or face a break sit party candidate in every seat in the december election they've baka has more. in according to bookmakers prime minister boris johnson's conservative party will win britain's general election but don't count on anything entered 9 to for a leader. he wants to leave the e.u. without a deal and now wants johnson to ditch his brakes to plan and build a leave alliance can johnson's deal agreed with the e.u. last month to a used car tested us to break down i'm going to say this or. drop the deal. drop the deal because it's not. drop the deal because these weeks go by and people discover what it is that you've signed up to they will not like it ferocious proposer non-aggression pact with johnson he wants the conservatives not
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to stand in 150 different constituencies where they've never won he thinks his party can do much better especially in constituencies under labor control where the majority of people voted to leave the e.u. thompson has until november the 14th to accept the practice of politics terms johnson has consistently ruled out a pact with the party if the breaks the party stands against the conservatives it could split the leave boat in individual constituencies to risk having many seats to other parties and to be honest with you this person who definitely backs a pact is the us president donald trump who had this to say during an appearance on my show for rogers radio show and he get together. and stoppable force and corbin would be so bad for your country he'd be so buried take you in such a bad way he'd take you in just such bad places the labor leaders accused trump of meddling in british politics and trying to buy britain's treasured national health
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service at a trade deal trump denies this. on the other side of the breaks of debate pro remain parties are also in talks the liberal democrats green party and others could agree to avoid running against each other to ensure m.p.'s who pack a 2nd bret sit referendum are elected order to get conventional calculations this will be no ordinary vote need parka al-jazeera westminster. british police say they now believe all $39.00 margarets found dead in a refrigerated lorry truck near london were from vietnam the news comes as a 2nd man from northern ireland was charged with multiple counts of manslaughter 23 year old iman harrison appeared in court in dublin where he faced $41.00 charges and is awaiting extradition the truck driver who was arrested at the scene was charged on monday with similar offenses they've also been to wrists in vietnam
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funerals have taken place in pakistan for victims of a triune fire at least 74 people were killed in thursday's blaze making it the worst disaster for more than a decade the fire broke out when a gas stove used for cooking exploded opposition politicians are calling for the country's run away minister to resign google is stepping into the health market buying fitness track if it did for just over $2000000000.00 if it was one of the 1st in the market but its value is plummeted following fierce competition the takeover is pending approval from regulators fitbit says it's never sold personal health daughter and this won't change after the cyo to go. fitbit is a fitness band it's not technically a direct competitor to the apple watch but there are models that fit bit which have essentially most of the features of the apple watch certainly many of them and there are the potential for fit to evolve into
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a much more advanced product competing with the apple watch also offering such things as a for be a lay ssion and electrocardiogram monitoring things of that nature which makes it not just a fit if device but a health device but as you point out there's a lot of data that can be gleaned from all of the people wearing these devices including things like their heart rate and their fitness activity than their flipping patterns google did faith or fitbit it did say that they are going to continue with their strong privacy regulations and they would not merge their data with google ads but going forward one doesn't know what could happen in the future but it is a concern i think that privacy and security of course the concern here and you wildfire in the u.s. state of california has destroyed homes and forced thousands of people to leave the area this video shows the mother the so-called reify erupted in the hills above ventura county about 100 kilometers northwest of los angeles the flames quickly spread across more than 3 and a half 1000 picked is at least 13 wildfires are burning across the stage. and
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police of blame to greek flag ship for an oil spill that's damaged thousands of kilometers of the country's coastline all began washing up 2 months ago in brazil's northeast killing scores of wildlife and forcing the closure of hundreds of beaches police a geo location data showed the ship was the only one in the area at the time of the spill. all schools have been closed in new delhi after a health emergency was declared in the indian capital a thick haze is shrouded the city for the past week caused by farm fires made worse by construction now all building work has been banned and there are plans to restrict the use of cars next week pollution particles in the area or in the air have reached 9 times the saif level.
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this is al jazeera these are the top stories more than a quarter of a 1000000 people in somalia have been forced in their homes by severe flooding. at least 10 people have been killed another tropical storm is said to batter the region which could affect about a 1000000 people in the east africa region protests against economic inequality continue in chile with thousands of people marching in the capital santiago beyond rest across the country is it the tourism industry god without so reservations down by half a rappel has moved from santiago. thousands of people have once again taken to the streets other to lane capital today now marks the 40th day in a row the 2 week mark since the unarrest began here in sheila and if it's not thousands of people it's tell us of thousands of people mostly peaceful protesters that are once again calling out a number of grievances here in the country the one thing that all of these demonstrators have in common is this perception of growing inequality the u.s.
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president donald trump is said to address supporters at a rally in mississippi these pictures coming to you live as the impeachment inquiry against him is about to go public he's accused of pressuring ukraine's leader to investigate he's democratic rival during the call in july trump has labeled the inquiry which aren't. russia and turkey have started joint patrols in northeastern syria ankara wants to establish what it's calling a safe zone in the border region and it wants fighters in the kurdish lade syrian democratic forces to retreat israeli fighter jets have started striking targets in gaza that's after the israeli military says 10 rockets were fired from the gaza strip into its southern territories the army says the rockets were intercepted by the country's eye and misao defense system local media have reported a right sirens being heard across southern israel have been no reports of injuries or deaths those are the headlines and news continues here on out zeroth after
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inside story. after weeks of anti-government protests iraq's president says the prime minister has offered to quit and promises an early election but will this be enough to stop the anger and can the sectarian political system that many blame for the crisis survive this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm fully back to bowl for a month now people in iraq have been protesting for change many are angry at the high unemployment and poor services they want ministers to resign and iraq's sectarian political system to end saying it's led to rampant corruption and abuse of power more than 200 protesters have been killed by security forces over the past several weeks iraq's president made some concessions in a televised speech on thursday by him saturday says the prime minister will resign but only if political parties agree on his replacement and he is promising new elections well you need to and or kick in as president of the republic i want to stress that i will agree to illegal actions based on the new election law of the new election commission well the legitimacy of any governance comes from the people and there is no alternative to that it's but the protesters say the presidential
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announcement doesn't go far enough over the lawn woman and since we are the authority know the parliament and government are now expired they should all resign and real reforms should be introduced that meet the aspirations of the iraqi people a lot of iraqi women and children have taken to the streets to let the world know that this is a great revolution and we will not give up or back off until our demands are met that will bring in our guests in just a moment but 1st name has the latest from baghdad. these protesters have returned to talk near square to mark the one month approach us here in baghdad when it was announced on thursday evening that president barham salam would make a televised speech to the nation protestors had high hopes those who oakes quickly turned to anger and disappointment president silas said their prime minister abdul i built my house he will step down but not until its successor is named no word on
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when that would happen and exactly who would select a successor also sad that elections would be held but no timeframe was given he said those elections can't be held until until a new election law is drafted and electoral committee is formed he says that next week the parliament will review a draft of a new election law protesters here called the speech a joke a disappointment and evidence that there is still a very wide divide between what they want and what the government is doing meanwhile industry international released a report saying that security forces in baghdad have been deploying what they call military grade tear gas grenades that are intended to kill not disperse crowds the report says that they are 10 times more potent than the typical tear gas canister and they are being aimed at protesters that embodies that close range missile into
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many protesters who have wounds on their heads arms and legs a spokesman for the prime minister says they have steely amnesty international report it has been sent on top and experts and they will make a statement when necessary more than 250 people have been killed more than 5500 injured since these protests began on october 1st. all right let's bring in our guests now. in erbil in northern iraq. dean president of the middle east research institute here in doha is a. political analyst writer and contributor to open democracy an online publication and in london we have remax months or director of the iraq initiative at chatham house welcome to inside story john mentioned you so much for being with us today. in erbil what do you make of president obama's announcement the protesters are
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rejecting it but do you think it could be a reasonable way out of this crisis that it could accomplish perhaps what the protesters are demanding. well the president underlined the principles of care and democracy he expressed his willingness to cooperate and to carry out the steps that people are asking him to within the confines of the constitution and his role he also explained the word should be the process and what could be the road a road map towards this the end of this demonstration issue but it was expected that it will be rejected by the opposition by the demonstrators by the camp that is now demanding more and more because at the end of the day the people the demonstrators are after such a month long escalation their demands are is escalating to they went from having
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a government providing services and jobs into rejecting the government then rejecting the parliament now rejecting the entire political process and some even demand the rejection or the change of the constitution so we knew that there is nothing that the president would say that would actually meets the either the satisfaction of the crowd or their blessing so therefore all he could do was actually just to underline the principles explain the situation and express his willingness to help bring out months or in london testing times no doubt for iraq's leadership bhansali didn't provide a timeline for when a successor to prime minister abdel mahdi will be named all for when elections could be held what did you make of this announcement and do you think the resignation of abdel mahdi if it happens will help or will it creates more chaos. i think a question that we need to ask is why was his speech rejected fundamentally the
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protests and from their perspective what they're calling for is a change of the entire system now when the president came out and gave a speech he said we could change the prime minister we could have early elections but only once we use the system to try and change it so from the perspective of the street iraqis are saying yet again the same political elite will choose a new prime minister that's not what we're demanding i think they have been consistent for many years now that they're not against one certain leader or a certain political party but they're against this entire system and the president's speech was still using the logic that the elites have tried to use for several years which is to try and remedy the demands of the people by going back to elite bargains and it just isn't cutting it more and more for many iraqis and changing the political system is indeed what many of the protesters have been demanding and we'll get into that in just a moment but hey don let me get your thoughts on the announcement made by the
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president iraqi security forces as we heard natasha name mentioned have killed over 200 people in recent weeks can iraqi leaders come back from crossing that line and maintain legitimacy in order to make reforms and address people's grievances it feels like it has gone too far with the death of all these protesters in recent weeks. absolutely the iraqi government can't take a step forward anymore and approach the iraqi people with short term economic reforms or even political reforms through the very same system as a recluse were not mentioned the the violent crackdown that has been met by the iraqi protesters as an evidence as a great evidence actually why the iraqi protestors or the people shouldn't believe the economic reforms shouldn't believe the short term or the long term political solutions that the government is proposing to the people the people in the demonstrators have been very clear since october 1st that they want a downfall of an ethnic sectarian kota the have failed to provide the most simple
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public services to the iraqi people and most definitely not through having one figureheads such as other identity as an entire regime and having and in the new elections through the very same system means the same political parties on the same interest groups will be able to form the new government that they have always been doing every 4 years and this is what it's looking like it's going to happen. the ball now seems to be in the court of the political parties that nominated and in fact confirmed as prime minister do you think the 2 major parliamentary blocs. will be able to agree on a replacement for mahdi if indeed he quits and a replacement that's acceptable not just to iraqi people but also to outside powers like iran and the united states because we know that these outside powers have huge influence on what's going on in iraq. i think the 1st thing is for the power
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holders people outside the parliament those who have the blocks on the other tools to maneuver they should come to some kind of agreement out of the moment the gap between them is too wide and remember they represent 2 different camps and within each camp there are too many actors those actors are not necessarily liaise in coordinating or a green strategy for example the camp of the government in the power holders and the paramilitary forces as well as iran pro iran group all of these guys have got too many actors in there but not necessarily united in their approach except that they are united in preserving the government and inside the parliament the factions that they have and actually waiting for the ultimate decision makers outside the parliament to make the decision and on the other camp and the opposition cam again we see too many of groups and they do not have the at the moment the clarity to go ahead inside the parliament to greet
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a way forward otherwise there are mechanisms within the parliament where they can trigger a process that could lead to legislation for reforming the election law and other laws as well as a nominated somebody and either withdrawing or giving confidence to any government but at the moment in iraqi parliament we are not going by the book having the majority minority or factions that are able to solve problems because conflicts are not solved the inside iraqi parliament it has to be in other places like not just like around like within the factions that are confined to leaders and the sudras leaders so essentially every eyes on them this is actually exactly why the government is unable to solve the problem or come up with any fast magical solutions neither the president nor the speaker of the parliament nor the government leader the prime minister if they are just part of this is train accepted. are not power at the moment we have
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a gap between the 2 camps that is not reconcilable so easily a gap that's not reconcilable you say not months or said to many actors any iran reportedly stepped in recently to prevent the ouster of prime minister abdel mahdi even though cleric whose bloc has a large as seats in the parliament wanted. to resign what does this say about the influence of these outside powers and do you agree with to a certain extent that it has to be these powers that intervene in a way to solve this crisis. so there's a bit of a contradiction between what the people are demanding and those that are looking to preserve the system and preserve the government so iran stepped in and there seems to be a coalition of forces that want to keep this system and to keep the prime minister in place that includes the paramilitary forces but of course that also includes the
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kurdish parties like the k d p as well as sunni parties so what you really have is that kind of post 2003 order which has been this order of agreement between kurdish and some sunni groups continuing to maintain the system now on the outside of the you have as you mentioned someone like the southern and others smaller opposition groups that are trying to challenge it but they face an uphill battle because at the moment he may have won the elections but he doesn't have enough seats on his own to be able to have a mandate and in fact if the kurdish parties if the sunni parties and if the shia parties all come back together as they did in 2003 they may be able to have the largest block and to kind of keep most of the way well let's take a closer look at iraq's political system because as we mentioned protesters have been calling for economic reform and old soul for an end to iraq's go to base power sharing political system after saddam hussein was toppled in 2003 the government
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was restructured around a sectarian system it was designed to empower people and parties of his 3 main communities shia sunni and kurds the prime minister comes from the shia majority the president is kurdish and the speaker of parliament is sunni but pon i'm an also been divided along sectarian lines in last year's election a shia parties won the most seats followed by sunni and kurdish blocs aidan of the defining feature of these protests i guess is the fact that they would need to call for by it religious authority or another political leader and i guess that says a lot about the way rocky's you this political system that governs them and they want to do away with it but can they do away with the system especially when you consider that it has helped to a certain extent reduce sectarian violence in iraq. well 1st 1st and foremost we have to look at this sectarian notion that we're looking at into the iraqi parliament when we talk about post sectarian iraq we don't mean pull sectarianism
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in the most ideological or societal way the post sectarian or the face even exists within the religious and the political blocs in the parliament and in government there is an interest free there is an interest in the rivalry there is a very old intricate this rivalry and this is an evidence to the people the justification to the people to realize that it wasn't sectarianism that drove politics in iraq it was the it was political interests that utilized the sectarian differences amongst the iraqi people that prevented iraq from developing prevented iraq from having a successful political democracy people in iraq today are protesting against the sectarian regime you are not protesting against that from an ideological perspective they're protesting against that from an institutional perspective they're fed up by being governed as sunni's shias kurds they want to be they want to be governed in an equal way as iraqis were through a government that focuses on providing them the right education infrastructure
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security glower your thoughts on this the iraqi public fed up with tech tarion politics and looking for a leader that can unite the country who could this leader be and if not this sectarian based political system then what replaces it. well they will never find a leader who's beyond that we never had those father figures in iraq but remember iraq is ethno religiously diverse different sects this could have been a richness of the community and the country could have been good for politics community as well as economy however the decades of division polarization and dictatorship brought us here this far and this new elite that designed the constitution and let politics also further deepen those divisions and militarize did they became the most disappointing the ruling elite but remember when they got together in 2005 they wrote one of the best constitutions that actually was not designed to be sectarian but ignored the fact that iraq is
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a sectarian divide or ethno religious leader verse so it's actually the failure of those so implement the constitution made iraq what it is and now where are we now we have a state that has got actually little control over the state institutions it's at least institutionalized country with the rule of law being weak so we go from fragility to more fragility and therefore if the government the government of president the speaker of the parliament when they are in the forefront and they are seen as representing the establishment they do not any longer command that authority or power over the security system or with the economy of the budget over the corruption that is ongoing so sexually we are now living in a situation where the state or the legislative or executive leaders are seen as or get the blame and they are confronting the demonstrators but actually the power behind them are the ones that are outside the system of governance so essentially
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iraq by nature just like lebanon and the rest are diverse but these these divisions have become more deep and polarized as well as militarized any so that the demonstrations in both iraq and lebanon have similar grievances especially when it comes to. so this political system. do you think in iraq this system can be changed without changing the current constitution which now i mentioned and also how does the profit protest movement change the system and not merely the government is how do they do it maybe well 1st of all i think there's a sense of hope that these protests actually present where many people would have easily written iraq off for being a sectarian or ethnic sectarian sort of state and this is what the iraqi leaders were moving towards they created a constitution to promote not sectarianism through politics the people are saying no it's and this is where not and we actually want
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a state that represents us to provide services so there is a bit of hope and so they're pushing back against sectarianism on the street right now where does this go that's a difficult ellison downright sounds like mission in and who can leave who can unite iraqis which who is a leader that could unite iraqis is this someone that comes to mind. well this is a challenge because quite clearly most of iraq's leaders in the elite are not willing to put their job on the line are not willing to play sort of and take a risk and be a leader and kind of represent the people they all kind of think that iraq will continue to muddle through and so everyone wants to keep their place in the system until now it's hard to find enough devours that it's hard to find any real leader emerging who is willing to take a risk is willing to represent the street because that logic that 2003 logic and keep in mind most of the parties and most of the leaders are from that era if you
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look at the president prime minister there from that era there still guided by similar logic some for the kurds some for the sunnis some for them some for the sheet based on this and the people you know most of the people protesting today are youth they don't even remember saddam's time and they only remember this hostel so they only remember this isto and so those the leaders can't keep promising and failing to deliver they don your thoughts on this kind of can't status colby maintained and you know if there is going to be a change to the political system in iraq what needs to happen in order for that to be achieved well 1st and foremost we need a transitional government a transitional government that is led by the intellectual elite that could be involved or welcomed by the protesters focusing on having a leadership or a political organization that would represent the protesters and the early stages of the protest movement can be a very dangerous thing to the movement in itself because the movement has been trying to prove itself that it's not politicized it's not represented by any
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regional power players players by any or by any interest groups so trying to seek a structure that i would define as their leaders that would define their representation can actually make them fall into the chop or being accused by the government that they are already a group that carries its own political agenda by different political part. yes so i think we should focus on how the protest movement can achieve the 1st steps which would be changing the system getting a transitional government that too would exist in a temporary period to ensure that the kinds that you wish and tell you that relational government is aidan that you talk about and this intellectual elite that you talk about will it be accepted by the outside powers who again have such huge influence on iraqi politics or not just iran because we've talked about iran but also the united states of course of course all the external players that are involved in the iraqi domestic affairs would intervene whenever they find any future politician whom would have conflict conflict and
9:43 am
a conflict of interests or their policies in iraq where this is a part of the protest movement in iraq the protest movement in iraq is against the entire reality in iraq today whether it be the government or the ethnic sectarian quota or the militias or the go on the ground or the external factors that are intervening in iraq a domestic affairs a canonically and politically this is a part of the of the of the targets and the aims and objectives of the protest movement against the entire reality of the iraqi domestic affairs whether it be the external factors whether it be the government or whether it be the religious establishment so our inner bear where do you see things heading do you think like many people that the current outburst of anger will eventually run out of steam and be brought under control or do you think that it still has momentum and could actually lead to some sort of change in iraq. i think it has momentum it will
9:44 am
get a little bit worse before it gets better we're rocky's we know our country and the dynamics locally regionally and globally we have been through this we have history including in kurdistan as well as the the south of iraq at the moment the 2 camps are both very polarized very armed they are backed by forces by theological sources like in niger and as well as in iran the 2 are at the moment not talking and there are interferences or influences from the region so we've got local actors regional actors global actors all intertwined some working via proxy son directly this is actually a recipe for getting into a kind of dissident sending in to more chaos and more violence however there is a way out this could lead to a milestone in changing the system of governance changing the mentality and possibly agreeing a new era but at the moment where the peak of it we're nowhere near the end of it it has not ended yet ok but i'm hopeful that there are efforts at the moment to
9:45 am
prevent that level of violence and very much we hope that it will never get that all right we not months or i'll give you the last word are you as hopeful as now where and where he see this protest movement heading. so oddly as sort of see what's happening as i speak to different protesters it's hard to be hopeful i mean as i say there is hope in some of the messaging and the changing of the post 2003 narratives but what you see are that if the elites are unable to use the promise of reform to try and quell protests some of them are willing to use violence and some of them are willing to work with external actors to maintain the system so it's really hard to see and is sort of this is the moving in a positive way when a majority of a good majority of the elites are quite willing to use violence to use to use external intervention to stop the people from having
9:46 am
a voice thank you so much will leave it there gentlemen thank you for a very interesting discussion. and every nat's months or and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by the sitting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for slash a.j. incised or you can of course l.t. join the conversation on twitter handle is that a jake inside story from me fully back to bill and a whole team thank you for watching i found out.
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was another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment a phillis bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of the relentless taliban on stilts. with faith a witness documentary. on al-jazeera. the multitudes the magnet for tourists from around the globe but behind the picturesque landscape young men leaving to buy with on groups in syria but i want east investigates on al-jazeera. by injections of the world beaches and the sport of sport. from some of the top players do so. that's fun to watch us play because we focus on skilful and
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hard challenges shock. al-jazeera world examines why egyptians dominate the sport egypt squash champions on al-jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera. severe flooding across a large why that's and somalia has left more than a quarter of a 1000000 people searching for shelter and it could get even worse at least 10 people have died in the town of bullet wind west of the capital mogadishu and 270000 have now been displaced with large parts of central and southern somalia
9:49 am
under water but there's another tropical storm on the way and that could affect about a 1000000 people in the east africa region gupta reports. the roads have turned into rivers in central and southern somalia i people here are struggling with rising floodwaters after days of unexpected heavy rainfall and towns and villages are submerged families are displaced. thousands of hectares of farmland are destroyed. aid agencies say to try to diseases like cholera malaria are real. and hunger. are going to believe that we desperately need help here from anyone who can help us things are bad and help means to come fast before it's too late. the oktober down pose came off to one of somalia's tris trini seasons in more than 3 decades. before the flood there was
9:50 am
a serious drought here now many of these areas a cut off because of floods with people trapped inside their homes there are casualties but it's not known just how many people have died. we are working on rescue operations we so far have managed to find the dead bodies of 5 people thanks to our we did our best and we'll continue looking for more dead bodies more than 1000000 people are affected by floods across east africa and people in somalia south sudan and kenya i'm now bracing for more rain that could last for up to 6 weeks and a tropical storm in the coming days. al-jazeera. protests against economic inequality continue in chile with thousands of people in the capital santiago the unrest across the country has hit the tourism industry haad with hotel reservations down by half a regular has more from santiago thousands of people have once again taken to the
9:51 am
streets of the chilean capital today now marks the 40th day in a row the 2 week mark since the under arrest began here in she late if it's not thousands of people it's tells of thousands of people mostly peaceful protesters that are once again calling out a number of grievances here in the country the one thing that all of these demonstrators have in common is this perception of growing inequality u.s. president donald trump is addressing his supporters at a rally in mississippi as the impeachment inquiry against him is about to go public he's accused of pressuring ukraine's leader to investigate his democratic rival during a cool in july trump is a guy and labeled the inquiry a witch hunt now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi. and shifty adam shift shifting. and the media are
9:52 am
continuing with the during. impeachment which and this is one i never thought to be involved in the word impeachment to me it's a dirty word. israel says its fighter jets have struck saw it's in the gaza strip in retaliation for a rocket attack earlier 10 rockets were reportedly fired from the gaza strip into israel's southern territories israel's military says the rockets were intercepted by the country's on dog misao defense system. russia and turkey have started joint patrols in northeastern syria ankara wants to establish what it's calling a safe sun in the border region and it wants fighters from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces to retreat a number of soldiers have been killed in a suicide attack on a military base in northeastern mali the mali an army says $35.00 soldiers died in that attack on an outpost in dillema in the med a region but they have warned that number could change local sources put the death
9:53 am
toll at 54 no group has claimed responsibility those are the headlines and news continues after al-jazeera investigation. al jazeera is investigative unit reveals the true scale of modern slavery in suburban britain behind the high street there's a hidden workforce under the control of slave mosque has. now been chopped but he says they brought her to gary then they tied me to the back and the guys did her
9:54 am
job. most of the initial victims of the modern slave trade where women exploited for sex. how much will pay you for the. time on the. helicopter and. now the market for slave labor spawns a wide range of moneymaking activities from now till i can think of what. thousands of residential homes have become kind of his farms run by vietnamese gangs. in saw it. trapped alone and afraid the. eastern european car washes tell us they work all day all week and live in squalor.
9:55 am
about the amount of money. we can from those accused of modern slavery i'm just been surrounded with commerce you have punch someone in the stone why haven't. we revealed the blue chip companies that may have been caught with slaves in their supply chains. a scan of modern slavery in the u.k. is enormous we've just seen the tip of the iceberg. all new forms of slavery fueling the growth of rich countries in today's globalized wealth. across the world more people are on the move than ever before the driven out of their countries by war and persecution or they leave willingly hungry for a new life in the wealthy west. but mass migration has also led to
9:56 am
a new surge in the slave trade. like the human cargo of 2 centuries ago many victims of modern slavery are trafficked forcibly to the u.k. others a duped into going to britain with the promise of jobs that don't exist. thousands of others come voluntarily in search of a better life only to fall into the hands of criminal gangs of britain's ports the governments have set up special units to spot adults and children who are vulnerable to a life of servitude. what we've seen in the past is young phonak i was traveling maybe with an older woman or man who's controlling their passport and being quite dominating force i would look at people's behaviors 1st of all and then if we got any consensus to ask a few more questions about why they're coming into the u.k. . at heathrow one of the spotters briefs
9:57 am
a colleague on an incoming flight. out the moment we call the remaining a flight from b. cress coming very safe particularly on this point we've had a number of young near pinkos being trafficked into the sex trade. the spotters rescue some potential victims before their ordeal begins. today via cell phone turning with someone else. but the sheer number of people pouring into britain can be overwhelming. was trafficked to britain from his home in vietnam when he was just 15 his parents had both died by the time he was 10. he was taken to an orphanage in a nearby convent. after his father's death his sick mother had borrowed from loan sharks now they came for their money. they demanded the church sign over the family home when the church refused the men turned violent.
9:58 am
boy. they put my hands on a board they took a knife held my hand and chopped chopped off a part of a finger and wrapped it in a piece of paper. take it to kill me if i didn't sign the loan paid. the 7 finger was sent to the church as a warning and they signed over the property. but the loan sharks abducted and enslaved him in a warehouse. a few years later he was taken 86000 miles by lorry to account of his farm in the u.k. . already in the north pole the warehouse was huge. but there were many plants if you knew i said they were vegetables and there were lots of allotments you know i don't know. all that and.
9:59 am
i knew you know i worked day and night i had only 2 or 3 hours to sleep and only one blanket and it was very cold. weather you know like you know i was better off dead because i worked so much i was cold and hungry and beaten i was sort of miserable would have been more comfortable to die. and comes to me even city in central viet nam. the province is a hotbed of people smugglers and human traffickers to transport locals across continents and into britain.
10:00 am
using an undercover team we tracked down one smuggler to this large gated house. that were. for. more research is posed as a couple hoping to live in britain. that the law. that was. written for. her little. under. the smuggler makes it sound easy but the journey is fraught with danger and it costs a lot of money. that i thought that. already are.


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