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day and going on in seas sunday is sweeps its way through northern parts of iran could see some of that wetter weather to run it around 20 degrees celsius south of that is generally try $29.00 celsius there for baghdad of kuwait city in the low cloud just coming back into syria maybe into lebanon as well as we go on through the next couple days but beirut around 24 degrees them ounce of sunshine here lots of sunshine meanwhile across the arabian peninsula we do still have some raw the murky conditions still affecting the far south of a man from kabul cycle that's going to continue drifting towards the horn of africa wet weather coming in here there is lot is to be some flooding as a result of that system dry weather talking back in behind in the next system waiting out into the open waters for next week that said we want to keep an eye on some of the syrians to central and eastern parts of south africa at the moment that's got to get to new making its way further east winds. the letter
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sponsored by katherine. told us there are winners they don't believe in the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said it was that pakistan would never start a war i am anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the ground 0. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me so hold rob
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a reminder of our top stories donald trump fired back at attempts to impeach him at a rally in mississippi the impeachment investigation is about to go public after the house approved a resolution setting the rules for hearings also protests against economic inequality continue in chile with thousands of people marching in the capital some tiago good rest across the country as have the tourism industry hard with hotel reservations down by half. also russia and turkey have started joint patrols in northeastern syria wants to establish what it's calling a safe zone in the border region and it wants fighters from the largely kurdish syrian democratic forces to retreat. now there's been a candlelight vigil for more than 250 people killed in protests across iraq in the past month hundreds marched in basra in memory of those who died since demonstrations began more than 10000 people have also been wounded in the rallies which was sparked by anger over corruption and unemployment the president has vowed to. hold elections but as yet to announce when but isn't going to reports from
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baghdad demonstrators are rejecting the late his promises from the government. the current iraqi government remains in power but protesters say they own tahrir square friday marked one month since demonstrations in baghdad at other iraqi cities began against a government protesters view as corrupt dysfunctional and oblivious to the needs of the average iraq on thursday the president announced prime minister idol lobdell mehdi would resign and elections would be held but did not offer a timetable i don't mind if i believe it's meaningless and useless we want to change the whole constitution the iraqi human rights commission says more than 250 people have been killed and 5500 injured in protests from baghdad to karbala many have been injured by tear gas and returned to protest with gauze bandages on their
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heads arms and legs and the may they throw it on any person they see whether it's a woman a child or a men it makes no difference to them their goal is to hurt people in baghdad bridges leading from tahrir square to the fortified green zone have become deadly standoff between protesters and security forces and amnesty international report says security forces in the capital are using military grade tear gas grenades 10 times more potent than typical tear gas canisters and they're intended to kill not disperse protesters the group says it has documented 5 cases of the canisters imbedded in protesters skulls in the last week and there is no crowd control need to fire to engine or to ground coming. into coles which wins it doesn't matter if you're buying a bullet or you frank. kind of. the truth as you know protesters are being killed
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in baghdad prime minister study was going to be recorded. and passed tried to weapons experts say earlier this week the chief of police did baghdad said this security forces are being attacked and yet not a single bullet has been fired he says excessive force has not been. protester after the 1st wave of protests in early october the iraqi government vowed to hold those responsible for killing demonstrators to account now amnesty international is calling for an independent investigation into the use of tear gas and the deaths of all iraqi protestors natasha going to. baghdad a sense of normalcy is returning to have been enough to 2 weeks and to government protests that power lies the country schools and banks have now reopened but instead new deca reports the political crisis of history far from over. after 2
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weeks of closure the banks finally unlocked their doors there are more people than usual but no panic for you about it for all sorts of the us some to produce dictions it is not very annoying the crowds are not that big i was expecting long queues it is above the normal days by a little there are some distinctions on the diligence actions with they give us $2500.00 per week only but they placed no distinctions on lebanese pounds the capital withdrawals in foreign transfers are a way to prevent a mass outflow of funds lebanon's economy is already at breaking point so the banks are open schools and universities a snow day following suit and despite some back and forth most of the roads are open too so a sense of normalcy is slowly being restored across the country but by no means is lebanon's political crisis over in fact you could argue it's only just begun. for the 3rd time since the protests began hezbollah's secretary general an arguably the
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most powerful man in the country addressed the nation a son this drama said he didn't support prime minister's sad how did his resignation and questioned the road ahead. what we worry about is a power vacuum and that is our concern supposedly in the coming days they will have to designate a new prime minister to form a new government all the lebanese must cooperate in order to avoid a power vacuum and the new government should be the government there regains the trust of the people and that should be a priority. president michel aoun spoke on thursday night a scheduled speech marking his 3 years in office he hinted at a possible nonpolitical government saying ministers from now on should be chosen based on their qualifications and not political affiliations but for many here they are empty words decades of mismanagement and corruption have eroded all layers of
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trust between the people that protesting and those who have run this country for decades there is also still no date set for the next step in the political process the binding consultations between parliamentary parties and the president and they're needed to propose a name for the position of prime minister a role reserved for a sunni muslim sad how do you see who's now serving as caretaker prime minister could be nominated again the message from the street is that words and promises will do nothing to appease the they say the only way to end this is through real palpable action and real change stephanie decker al-jazeera beirut it workers fear that severe flooding throughout somalia could lead to an outbreak of cholera or malaria although a quarter of a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes and at least 10 have died more than a 1000000 people across east africa have been affected by higher than expected rainfall the region is now bracing for another tropical storm with rains expected to last
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for up to 6 weeks. the city europe now where the british prime minister boris johnson has ruled out striking a deal with nigel for arjun's breaks at party ignoring the advisors ally donald trump for archer has called on the prime minister to drop his brakes a deal or face a break that party candidate in every seat in the december election the barca small . the odds are in according to bookmakers prime minister boris johnson's conservative party will win britain's general election but don't count on anything entered nigel for a leader of the brics a party he wants to leave the e.u. without a deal and now wants johnson to ditch his brakes to plan and build a leave alliance can johnson's deal agreed with the e.u. last month to a used car destined to break down i'm going to say this is johnson drop the deal. drop the deal because it's not. drop the deal because as these weeks go
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by and people discover what it is that you've signed up to they will not like it ferocious proposed a non aggression pact with johnson he wants the conservatives not to stand in 150 different constituencies where they've never won he thinks his party can do much better especially in constituencies under labor control where the majority of people voted to leave the e.u. johnson has until november the 14th to accept the breaks of parties terms johnson has consistently ruled out a pact with the party if the breaks a party stands against the conservatives it could split the leave boat in individual constituencies to risk having many seats to other parties and to be honest with you this person who definitely backs a pact is the us president donald trump who had this to say during an appearance on my show for raja's radio show every year and he get together. and stoppable force and corbin would be so bad for your country he'd be so buried take you in such
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a bad way he'd take you in just such bad places the labor leaders accused trump of meddling in british politics and trying to buy britain's treasured national health service in a post trade deal trump denies this. on the other side of the breaks of debate pro remain parties are also in talks the liberal democrats green party and others could agree to avoid running against each other to ensure m.p.'s who pack a 2nd breaks it referendum are elected or. forget conventional calculations this will be no ordinary vote need barkha al-jazeera westminster. british police say they now believe all $39.00 migrants than died in a refrigerated lorry truck near london were few from vietnam the news comes as a 2nd band from northern ireland was charged with multiple counts of manslaughter 23 year old a man harrison appeared in court in dublin where he faced $41.00 charges and is
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waiting extradition the truck driver who was arrested at the scene was charged on monday with similar offenses there also been 2 arrests in vietnam. funerals have been taking place in pakistan of the victims of a train fire at least $74.00 people were killed in those days blaze making it the worst rail disaster for more than a decade the fire broke out when a gas stove used for cooking exploded happens in australia are calling on the government to speak out against recent violence in the indonesian province that they fled dozens of people have been killed since mid september with indonesia's government banning foreign journalists and diplomats from visiting the province to help focus attention exiled popcorns have put together a book and a music album describing a previous massacre under thomas reports. the song commemorates massacre one. survived in 1908 hundreds of
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papuans gathered around independence flag people had raised above the water tower at the highest point on. parts of papua they called for an end to what they considered in an easier occupation a new book and digital album of britain testimony pictures music and animation describes what happened next. the flag flew for 4 days before indonesian troops took it down brutally this recent video shows a bullet hole in the water tower saw more than 100 people scaling way in asia. we wanted to come up with something that was really had a really strong melanesian sand. so it was artistically strong culturally strong and politically strong as well.
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the aim is a full investigation into the b. act massacre in 2015 indonesia's government did set one up into it and other human rights violations in papua but by late 216 the investigation had stalled. a team to collect. evidence from the police from the local military command from the national commission on human rights from the attorney general's office but it's right there no more progress after august 2016. these human rights violations happened a long time ago the president does care but because it's such an old case opening the documents is complicated the president is paying attention and we want a future where human rights violations won't happen again. but the release of the album and book comes just as violence in papa has spiked
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once again behind this music wanted to draw attention to a past atrocity but also to what's happening now. dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks in violence which began with protests against racism but which as in the past developed into calls for independence from indonesia president djoko widodo says he is ready to meet pro independence leaders in papua to resolve the crisis but it's unclear whether independence itself will be up for discussion. in the meantime papuans in exile hope that in part through music they can help keep attention focused. the province. andrew thomas al jazeera. economics is expected to overshadow human rights at a meeting of asian leaders in the thai capital bangkok trade and the dispute over the south china sea is set to be high on the agenda don't expect to hear much about
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crises like the plight of the rohingya as wade he reports. these should be uncomfortable times for me i'm as leader as she attends another international summit but on sun sujit knows she'll face little if any public scrutiny your criticism from her fellow southeast asian leaders when they meet in bangkok it's expected there will be discussion on the potential repatriation of ribbing from bangladesh to me and and providing humanitarian assistance but it's likely the difficult issues of why they fled in the 1st place and how to stop it happening again won't be given high priority many of these countries including i n.g.o.s have been trying to seek a compromise a part where to access me and to access dialogue with me and well and what they're really training here is the political rights of the right wing every time they make
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a deal with. the government. eroding the rights of. hundreds of thousands of rigging garron camps in bangladesh after they fled attacks from me and my security forces in 2017 i repatriation process was supposed to start almost 2 years ago but most don't want to return until their security and rights can be guaranteed in a country where the largely regarded as illegal immigrants when it comes to issues like human rights the association of southeast asian nations has proved time and time again that it's largely a toothless body this summit isn't expected to be any different instead the main focus is likely to be trade with the host country thailand hoping to. the finalization of the 16 nation deal the regional comprehensive economic partnership includes all 10 members plus 6 others including china japan and india but not the united states negotiations started 7 years ago and after several delays the members
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hope a deal can finally be reached particularly now and mid trade tensions around the world china is in a high stakes tariff war with the united states led by president donald trump who is regarded as a protectionist who prefers bilateral rather than multilateral deals we need something tangible we need something strong enough to confound that we still support the idea of. trade and investment the partnership would be the world's largest free trade zone and constitute a 3rd of the global economy it would also be a major symbolic and strategic victory for china as it competes with the united states for influence in asia when hey al-jazeera bangkok. your children there with means the whole romney reminder of our top stories donald trump fired back at attempts to impeach him at
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a rally in mississippi the impeachment investigation is about to go public and of the house approved a resolution setting with rules for the hearings trying told a supporters that those days vote is an attack on democracy itself the american people are fed up with democrat lies hope says that extremism the democrats outrageous thunder. has created an angry majority that will vote many do nothing democrats out of offers in 2020. protests against economic inequality continue in chile with thousands of people marching in the capital santiago the unrest across the country has hit the tourism industry hard with hotel reservations down by half marble repeller has more from santiago. thousands of people have once again taken to the streets other chilean capital today now marks the 40th day in a row the 2 week mark since the arm rest began here and she led if it's not those
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of people it's tell you the thousands of people mostly peaceful protesters that are once again calling out a number of grievances here in the country but the one thing that all of these demonstrators have in common is this perception of growing inequality. health officials in garza saying least one person has died and 2 others injured during israeli airstrikes israel's military carried out brazen cams belonging to palestinian groups in the gaza strip it comes after at least 10 rockets were fired from the gaza strip into israel's southern territories hundreds of people in the iraqi city of basra have marched in memory of those killed in protests across the country at least 250 people have been killed in the past month aid workers fear that severe flooding throughout smollett could lead to an outbreak of cholera or malaria more than a quarter of a 1000000 people have been forced from their homes and at least 10 have died the region is now bracing for another tropical storm of course you can follow those
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stories on our website at al jazeera dot com it's updated through the day next on our show there it's talk to al-jazeera to stay with us. i don't deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you just said oh i disagree with that toy this sounds like i would be labeling the public the country for the knowledge of anybody these people well trained as much a part of the islamic state machinery. of a very. populous and altered future join me as i put the questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate. al-jazeera you'll be able to see. it's the world's number one telecom gear supplier and number 2 smartphone vendor route to south korea. while ways revenue grew almost 20 percent in 2018 so passing $100000000000.00 for the 1st time but the chinese technology companies at the
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center of the trade war between china and the united states huawei is blacklisted by the white house huawei is something that's very dangerous you look at what they've done from a security standpoint from a military standpoint it's very dangerous santa maria in doha why is huawei regarded as a cyber security threat by the united states and is it in independent company which is an arm of the chinese government we find out as well ways chief security officer in the united states and he talks to al-jazeera. and he pretty thank you so much for talking to al-jazeera today you work for the number one telecoms provider in the world the number 2 smartphone provider in the world and yet in the research that i did for this interview i came across a podcast called what's so scary about huawei and i want to do ask you that or
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maybe i would rephrase it a little bit for you and i would say what is it that you think makes people. i'm quite scared of huawei well i think right now we have a geo political battle between the us and china and it's the largest privately owned company in china and active in telecommunications markets in 170 countries were kind of caught in the middle and a number of government people have said it's not really about the company it's about the country china so i think the fact that we're based in china raises some concerns and certainly the u.s. government some others rights of the common misconception is that. huawei is in some way shape or form and of the chinese government so how do you respond to people when they question that and i'm going to presume you get a lot but securely in the united states what's the response you give to them well it's a couple things 1st of all the documentation that we've made available to experts to command to analyze the ownership of the company it's pretty clear the records
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are i think are convincing and powerful evidence as a former prosecutor familiar with weighing evidence were privately owned company the next issue though is the u.s. government is concerned that because we're headquartered in china the chinese government can force us to do things that the so that becomes the 2nd question. well the fact is no our founder mr rudd has indicated he'd close the company before he would succumb to that kind of pressure we have not received that kind of pressure from any government anywhere in the world and we have measures in place and we can add additional measures in those places where it's necessary to provide assurance and transparency that we are not subject to young to influence of the china government or any other government when you say one way is a privately owned company can you explain that a little because it's not it is a little bit more of a technicality within it in the way that the shareholding is done to correct well we have 80 or $90000.00 shareholders in china who have an equity interest in the company and they get the vote on the governance group that runs the company there
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is a structure of the governance group which is a union committee they call it which helps in the process of leading to the actual selection of the board of directors so some people are confused or concerned about this union committee well they would think a union in china and stating incorrectly that there is some connection between that committee and the china government or sitting incorrectly that committee actually runs the company the company is run by the founders under the supervision of the board of directors frankly one of the reasons i was hired by what was 7 years ago is to help promote stronger cybersecurity privacy protection the fact. security and privacy is that increasingly important issue both here and around the world and so i have tried to promote the kinds of measures that are necessary to address cyber security risk and privacy protection in a way that provides assurance and transparency so there's a basis for knowing which products are worthy of trust the bad guys going to hack through everybody's products everybody's equipment so we as
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a global community need uniform standards and conformance programmes and independent product testing so we can have trust through verification australia new zealand the united states to a degree the u.k. and germany as well these are all countries who have in one way or another said no to what way and i'm talking about the 5 g. networks wanting or not wanting in this case to have quite a way equipment involved in the 5 g. rollout whenever it happens those are big countries they're influential and they make a big noise about the sort of thing that and go to the point of banning you where are all these fields coming from ben and how will you not managing to allay them is well 1st of all we are only banned in the united states in australia we lost a contract in new zealand we are not banned in new zealand and so you see around the world a multifaceted campaign by the u.s. government to block wall way from participating communication networks the us government has been remarkably unsuccessful in doing that for example 2 weeks ago
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germany one of america's closest allies announced that they've come up with a comprehensive program to address cyber security risks that will not be on wall way from the 5 g. networks the european union is working on a similar approach that's what we recommend is a comprehensive approach based on an internationally recognized standards with conformance programs that's how you address the risk particularly given that the sophisticated nation states can have through anybodies equipment so is that a model you can take to other countries and say look this is what we're doing with germany this is how we can cooperate well that's a message we've been taking the us government started putting extreme pressure on wall way around the for. of the year and we are seeing a remarkable pushback around the world about the idea that while it would be banned without serious consideration for respect of geisha the kind of risk mitigation that's should apply to all all countries so we see a very good receptivity to the message of cyber security experts and the global cyber security assurance program that we're implementing and the work we do with
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telecom and mobile operators around the world to help make sure that the shared responsibility in cyberspace is being taken seriously with transparency and providing adequate assurance let's go into the u.s. spend a little bit more depth donald trump exact words. something that is very dangerous look at what they've done from a security standpoint from a military standpoint it's very dangerous that is in many respects a typical broad generalization that president trump likes to use but still it's coming from the president and i think it speaks to the areas that are being put up in front of you well right now in the context of the u.s. china trade talks the kinds of conversations with u.s. government officials that we would have such as when i was in the government at the white house and department of homeland security years ago they're not willing to talk to us there so that the context of the u.s. trade talks is impacting everything and despite the strong message from the u.s. government countries around the world are pushing back and saying we recognize
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cyber security privacy risk is important and we're going to use a comprehensive program to address at risk and we think that's a very good thing so they just just feel that they the united states are just made up their mind already and hence don't want to talk to you. well there's no question that they aren't talking to us and you know as i said in the normal context normal time who would have these conversations because you take for example nokia and ericsson european based companies they have very deep connections to china so take nokia for example they have a a joint venture with shanghai bell which is owned by the chinese government dramatic deep research and development assembly and manufacturing in china there are allowed both companies are allowed to do business in united states because there are government monitored risk mitigation programs that they're governed by we want to talk with the u.s. government about a similar kind of approach because if it works for nokia and ericsson it should work for a while way you've become the bogeyman in in in that respect. my words carefully
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about the scary chinese company even though as you were pointing out and have got ties actually to a chinese government's company and you become almost a scapegoat well as as i mentioned a number of government officials said it's not about the company it's about the country the u.s. is deeply concerned about china and the rise of china economically and militarily in the u.s. like the world better when the u.s. was sort of alone as a powerhouse economically militarily so these issues about market access for example and tariffs those issues are very important and so we seem to be use being used as sort of a bargaining chip in a way as part of those china u.s. trade talks and we don't want to be a bargaining chip because the china government doesn't speak for us and we don't want to speak through the chinese government so you've mentioned a trade war if i think that might have been in your very 1st down so i'd like to get your views on that sort of thing not necessarily just as a while way executive but as a business person watching this so-called trade war between the united states and china i say so-called because well wars they usually things which are won or lost
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and in this case i don't know if that's actually an accurate description of what's going on in fact both sides are possibly losing here well it's like it's like the race for 5 g. it's not a question of winners and losers so in terms of that the. trade situation it's really interesting when you look at why we situation in the us it appears that while he is more important to the us than the us is to wally given our global increase in revenues the 1st 3 quarters year over year were over 24 percent what's at stake in the united states $130.00 american companies want to sell the $11000000000.00 a year or so over $40000.00 in jobs so they're putting a hold on the ability of american companies to support $40000.00 american jobs when those products have already cleared national security concerns and we sell to the rural customers we're not really making substantial money we want to support our suppliers we want to support our customers and so the kinds of concerns the u.s. government has these can be addressed as they are with nokia and ericsson they can be addressed for a while way so the whole idea of the trade war in tariffs is do you think and
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certainly see commentary along these lines that it's a fundamental misunderstanding of how tariffs actually work and that actually they can hurt your own people in this case the american tariffs hooting and hurting the american people will i'm i'm no expert and the terrorist aren't directly impacting the ability of american companies to sell the way but certainly this is part of the political dynamic that so bigger fish to fry than just walk away that hopefully that some of these issues between china and the u.s. can be worked out because it's going to affect american china can affect the whole world and we all need to make sure that we can have reasonable economic growth in the gulf and throughout the world something that did affect my weight directly was the issue with google and google products no longer being able to be installed and used on. anecdotally i heard people say that was when they went well this is actually something which does affect you know i'd heard about these problems between china and the u.s. but if i can't access the google play store on a while i phone and i can't use google parts on what we find then that actually
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changes things how do you actually combating that are you making any headway then well google certainly an important supplier to us the android platform is is fundamentally open source. we are going to try to find we are trying to find alternatives to that platform and the support we get from google would prefer to to work with google as the 2nd met number 2 manufacturer in the world behind samsung samsung and while we are major users of the enjoyed platform we think it's a good platform we think it provides trust we're not sure exactly how things are going to work out but we've sold we've shipped over $240000000.00 smartphones this year about 26 percent over last year so while there may be an impact on our growth and revenues perhaps as much as a $10000000000.00 reduction in growth we're going to make more money and we're going to do fine the question of whether the american companies are going to do fine if they can no longer sell the waterway is another question how were you able
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to sell that many phones because i think most of the fanfare rightly or wrongly goes to a new apple phone launch or a new samsung phone which we didn't hear about the ones but it's not seen almost on the same tier and yet as you say what was the number you just said 20240000000 this year are you doing that. we have very good products we have very good phones we have loyal customers and we have delivered on the innovation that's necessary the quality and the form factor of the artistic nature the phones the tremendous cameras these are things that resonate around the world i think our users will be able to download google apps directly onto the phones but we want a platform such as google where the apps are preloaded and that we can share with whoever the supplier is with the revenue so everybody benefits so you customers don't have a problem with weiwei clearly it's governments that have a problem with you how do you reconcile the 2 things that you know i mean you're a huge success on one hand but battling very publicly on the other hand well but it shows that the pushback from countries around the world with the exceptions of the
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united states and australia demonstrate that it's not all about the u.s. wants something the u.s. says this is the case the world saying we want to take stock ourselves you know we're not looking for anybody to bully us we want to make sure that we get the best in technology and competition is critically important whether it's in smartphones whether it's i.t. infrastructure whether it's 5 g. i.o.t. artificial intelligence so we believe that these kinds of things are resonating and we will find an alternative to the google android platform if we have to what we would rather stick with google him use the word bully there and said you don't want to be bullied fair enough but they have been incidents and bring up of course the founders daughter man one joe the c.f.o. of your company being detained in canada for well that was technically violating sanctions against iran. i mean what sort of chill i guess does that send to you and your colleagues that's why wait that you did thinking that you could be picked
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up at an international airport like that well the that issue is certainly of great concern it's very personal with with our founder and others that our chief financial officer we're close to. but the fact is when you look at the larger issue of. allegations or actually fear is that why you would do bad things you look and you see the u.k. and germany both came out and said despite the best evidence the best shot the us government could give there was no evidence of significant wrongdoing by walk away so they're going to continue to consider doing business with us based on the actual technical merits and the cyber security measures in place it's an update on what might happen to her i believe extradition is possibly happening in january of next year well as a long time lawyer now recovering lawyer one thing i do know is that the process for extradition and canada is is is sure to dodge very burdensome and very time consuming in the end we have confidence that the judicial systems in canada and if
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she's extradited to the eastern district of new york we believe there will be fair conclusions on the legal proceedings and of course we hope there's a positive outcome the business you're in and in fact everything we've talked about and you've brought it up a lot it's security it's online security it's everyday security that is your role it is your your your title chief security officer how do you balance the needs of customers and the security they want. of governments and avoiding through all the minefield that you've talked about and then also the fact that you are a business and you've obviously got your own business needs as well how are you finding the task of balancing all of that well it's an exciting process and i'm just thrilled to death to be part of it every day i wake up looking forward to taking on the challenges it's really about risk management that's the concept within cybersecurity identifying the threats the vulnerabilities in the systems and the consequences the potential impact if those are if the threats impact the vulnerabilities so it's about managing the risk you can't nobody can eliminate all
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risk but we have to remember that the telecom operators have major responsibility we're an equipment vendor people forget that the telecom operators have a critically important role they've got their standards their best practices we in working with the global community have standards and best practices to address the risk so it's about risk management we believe the world is moving toward a system of internationally recognized standards conformance programs and testing of the products of all equipment vendors so we can have a system of trust through verification we think that's the way that that citizens and governments can take advantage of the benefits of technology in a way where the risk is addressed i'm glad you used the word trust because that was going to be my next question and this is a broader question i'd like to ask you not necessarily about huawei itself but the fact that this is all about who we are it's our data it's our money it's our personal details and it requires from us the consumers a lot of trust of you the creators of the of the technology the telecom companies there has to be a lot of trust these days and people's trust gets shaken when you hear of the
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cambridge analytical scandals and things like people's trust gets chicken. how do you again make sure that people trust you well that's why the following of the standards and best practices the specific requirements in individual countries or such as in europe with the european union having the programs in place to provide. a open system that provides assurance and transparency so there's an objective basis there's an evidence basis to know whether the addressed the risk is being addressed whether it's the telecom or mobile operators or the equipment vendors that's the message and that's why we work with governments all over the world to make sure that the requirements make sense to make sure there conformance programs and the appropriate testing is in place in the end do you believe everything you've told me and what you've been telling other governments and you talk about the pushback from other governments that it can eventually get through to the united
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states i take your point that you don't make everything about the united states but it's a big important market and they make a lot of noise about this topic as well do you feel that everything that's starting to work with other countries will eventually would well i certainly think at some point the united states is going to have the comprehensive program in place that they need that they don't have now to make sure they can address the risk from the telecom operators and the equipment vendors when the time comes i don't know how soon it will be will be allowed to compete but the fact is we are succeeding globally despite the fact that we make very little money from the united states it is the biggest market and we do want to participate and we hope that as a senior u.k. intelligence official said there needs to be a clear eyed focus on national security where there are objective requirements and conformance programs that's what's necessary for everybody to be able to have a level of comfort that they and a basis for trust so then how do you change the narrative i know you're not a p.r. man you're a security man you're an executive at how do you change the narrative because that story which is pushed out by the united states as
1:41 pm
a state it's loud and it overrides maybe i mean i was personally surprised to hear how many phones you're selling it gets the. noise drones that well the voices of experts are coming out so the european union just issued a major risk assessment for $55.00 g. that goes through the kinds of analysis necessary to understand the risk to understand the threats and the vulnerabilities and create a system that the risk is managed and have appropriate standards for testing of the products and germany just came out with their program for a similar kind of approach so all i'm not saying trust wall i'm not saying trust china i'm saying don't trust anybody but let's put the measures in place so that there is an objective and transparent basis for trust and that's the kind of thing we're working for and we're seeing some pockets of places around the world that that's bearing fruit do you were with other similar companies to push to you so you're trying to push in and an open playing field where everyone talks and all the information is out there you want to make it not a while way issue you get cooperation absolutely and it's not led by all such that
1:42 pm
that's the beauty of it so for example the the 5 g. standards that are going to create a platform that's going to be more secure than 3 g. and 4 g. so the 3 g.b. peace standards it's a coalition of 7 organizations and scores of companies and governments participate in creating those standards after doing threat modeling the other that the mobile operators and you could have vendors are working on is called the any s.a.'s the network equipment security assurance came b.s.i. in germany has studied that scheme the european union is considering that scheme and that's the scheme to provide standards in the mobile industry and testing and certification so in that sense it's not about huawei getting traction it's moving toward a more secure cyber space that everyone's going to benefit from and we're moving in that direction you know we're just throwing around the term 5 g. i think there might be viewers who don't necessarily understand what a step up it is if you're talking about 3 g. to 4 g. to 5 g. it's not just steps like that is it it's more like that right and significantly the
1:43 pm
community is working together to make sure that you will be more secure than 4 g. . developing these standards and conformance programs but 5 g. is going to enable trillions of dollars in increases in gross domestic product around the world as it not only does speed which people focus on not only about throughput the amount of data that connects but it's also about latency the delay in the signal getting through so that's what's going to make driverless cars much safer that's what's going to make remote surgery the kind of thing that you can rely on and 3rd is multiple connections and lower power consumption devices that the carbon footprints going to be significantly reduced by by the the energy used for the base stations so that combination is going to help digitize vertical industries and it's going to lead to tremendous job growth so 5 g. and a i that comes along as well will service platform for serving up humanity and creating additional jobs so that's why people are so worried about it bring it back to way
1:44 pm
itself this is why people because there is so much potential there is so much in the future that is clearly going to rely on 5 g. and if they don't trust you and your components going to be used or not be used that's where the problem is coming from isn't it well so for example we have an offering for 5 g. that is a 3rd party application to monitor the various security gate was in security mechanisms and to make sure that conformance can be demonstrated with assurance so a 3rd party provides the basis for trust in that case and of course in cooperation with telecom operators that kind of measure is what we need more of and we're working toward that now you may have noticed in this interview i've got my patio and apple product and you'll see i was recently photographed with an i pad as well i wonder what that says is that saying that executives want to know their competition that they respect the competition that i think the competition actually does a better job than them. do you think now it means the company doesn't force even
1:45 pm
the family of a founder to have only one way equipment so that the idea that we use bring your own device i can use a wall a phone i can use an apple phone i can use a samsung phone what do you use i use a wife on the p 30 pro which is probably the best phone on the planet actually but you would say that but then that was part of a partnership right you punt it up with like a which is known as you know that very strong camera brand and partnership for a while which is what it's all about it's not getting all the market share so if we get to compete in the u.s. we will be part of the radio access network in the u.k. there are multiple providers to help provide resilience and to manage risk and we've got $26.00 joint innovation centers around the world it's about partnerships it's going to help the global community prosper i pad is considered an industry standard i think for tablets it's become a bi would forward do you foresee a day when it's a product when they seen at the same tier as as an i pad or an i phone or something
1:46 pm
some of the like that we're not necessarily concerned about being number one on a particular type of voice or are different kind of function we want to compete globally we want to partner globally we want to grow our revenues because as an employer while we believe the 2 things fundamentally we want to be part of something very special and we are and we want to really provide well for our families and we're able to do that with wall way. so you're not concerned about the competition even though you've proven you're up there with them if you selling that many smart phones are you what you want to do next then well i think we're underestimating the importance of competition globally the importance of competition to drive innovation to drive greater security enhancements to provide more information on which to determine whether a product is worthy is trust why do you think the china government lets nokia and ericsson compete and win contracts in 5 g. in china against chinese company they obviously must believe and i've never spoken to them they obviously must believe that competition is critically important to
1:47 pm
help keep the prices down help keep the innovation up and to help provide additional security and resilience in the products and the chief security officer while the u.s. i thank you so much for talking to al-jazeera we do appreciate it you're welcome. is a popular filming location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes interpreted sammy do you mean it's reclaiming its image by putting its younger that in behind the camera. this truth be don't often hear told by the people who the put them. in the news what this is your read on al-jazeera. and the land of the free the cost of medication is killing people this particular pill is going to be anywhere from $800.00 to $1100.00 and citizens are desperate entire bus load of americans
1:48 pm
coming to wal-mart in canada to buy insulin because just where they can afford it faultlines investigates the spiraling costs of prescription drugs in the usa i will have to make a decision as to when to stop treatment and choose to die so that i can leave my husband with enough the cost of living on a. the american people are fed up with them a threat lies hope says that extremism. hitting back at the impeachment process the u.s. president turns up the heat on political rivals at a campaign rally. so
1:49 pm
robin you're watching all of is there a lot of my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes syria's president vows to recapture all territory lost during the conflict even if it means going to war with turkey also more than a quarter of a 1000000 people in somalia forced out of their homes by severe flooding. and clashes in chile as thousands of protesters keep up the pressure of the government . could have a complete double troublous fired back at attempts to impeach him as he steps up his campaign to be reelected as u.s. president with the election a year away he's been addressing supporters there to keep america great rally in mississippi impeachment investigation against him is about to go public the house of representatives approved a resolution on thursday to set the rules for hearings trump is accused of pressuring ukraine's president to investigate his democratic rival joe biden during a call in july. the american people are fed up with democrats lies hope says that
1:50 pm
extremism the democrats outrageous thunder. has created an angry majority that will vote many do nothing democrats out of office in 2020 mostly in jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. president donald trump went to the state of mississippi on friday evening and used a campaign rally to attack his democratic opposition the house of representatives on thursday had voted to formalize its impeachment inquiry surrounding the president's phone call with the president of ukraine in late july it's alleged that president trump had asked president zelinsky to investigate one of donald trump's political rivals the former vice president joe biden if that did not happen the u.s. was prepared and apparently did hold up military aid to this former member of the
1:51 pm
soviet bloc that is considered illegal under u.s. law and so congressional democrats are trying to put together what they hope will be an unimpeachable case to impeach the president however mr trump who has long been on twitter complaining that this is nothing more than a political witch hunt spoke to an arena packed with political supporters who cheered on his every attack on the house speaker nancy pelosi and adam schiff the congressman who is leading the committee's inquiry into the president's behavior and on other members of the democratic party this is a situation where the impeachment inquiry could very much influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential campaign a campaign which donald trump would very much like to win once again. as
1:52 pm
a republican strategist and the women's public leadership network she says even the public impeachment hearings are unlikely to sway the president's base. the party has remained by these presidents signed no matter what they have said that we're going to stick to it no matter what whether it be the terrorists whether it be what's happening in syria and the kurds this party has been completely remade the images part of it and some to me there's no question whether the party or his base will at all here supported him the question becomes will public opinion there are people who will perhaps not top posters but will be undecided until the deal apps will build people say that there is not there is there they are there to not read of president reelection and to say that mr president perhaps deserves to be tried in the senate like a criminal i think that's what we're at what's at the heart of matter here
1:53 pm
everything that's we're still in a very big the what's been private is now public but people are so polarized here states that there's a sense that it could go either way every call the kind of the bully pulpit saying that this party has never been for me each they've wanted me out of office since day one they're trying to deny what are democratically held elections i think that's where republicans actually took great populist this president coaster election u.s. democratic presidential hopeful better rule cousin and said he's ending his campaign. or was a to run for president by many democrats who were energized by his no senate loss last year in texas a reliably republican state addressing his supporters and i were all excited his campaign did not have the means to move forward but he did vowed to stay active in the fight to defeat president. the middle east now where israel has launched air strikes on gaza after rockets were fired into israel southern territories at least
1:54 pm
one person has been killed israeli warplanes and drones targeted sites that they say were fellated with hamas the group that controls gaza the israeli army says the targets included a naval site a military compound and weapons manufacturing site the strikes continued until the early hours of saturday morning health officials in gaza say 2 other people have been injured in the it. now those strikes followed the launch of 10 rockets that were fired from garza israel's military says i and defense system intercepted 8 of the rockets although it is say our home was damaged but there were no reports of casualties russia and turkey have started joint patrols in northern eastern syria ankara wants to establish what it's calling a safe zone in the border region and it wants fighters from the largely kurdish syrian democratic forces to retreat. reports now from the turkey syria border.
1:55 pm
the most crucial phase of the turkish russian agreement on a safe zone in north eastern syria is underway there joint patrols will fill the void left by the withdrawal of the largely kurdish syrian democratic forces or as the last month turkish backed opposition fighters swept through s.d.f. territory they now control an area that stretches from tel aviv to arthur lane along the border with turkey the joint patrols will be conducted west and east of that area. they include the outskirts of could by any man bitch teller or fired and all towns and villages east of us elaine to maliki on the border with iraq. syrian president bashar al assad has promised to recapture all the territory including even if it means going to war with turkey as the whole the syrian land is wired and the theater of operations is one from the far south to the far north the turk is
1:56 pm
the american agent in this war we were fighting this agent turkey everywhere and whenever it struggled to do what it wanted it left no option but war this is obvious but i say we will need to keep open the opportunity for the political process in all its forms and if it didn't produce results then we consider them an enemy and it will get to war there is no other option for. this is tell of recently taken over by turkish back syrian national army or as a day 8 years since the start of the conflict in syria the city has changed hands many times. our assault demand and that of our people since the start of the revolution is the downfall of the dictator who has killed people and destroyed the country and for the time being russia and turkey would have a bigger say in northeastern syria the only reason syrian government troops are struggling to bring under their control. russia backs up
1:57 pm
a saddle and rejects any attempt just sideline him turkey on the other hand backs the opposition and fears a permanent presence of the s.d.f. on its border the 2 countries have a different view about the future of the country and this may be an obstacle to finding a solution how about but i'll just show a little for. there's been a candlelight vigil for more than 250 people killed in protests across iraq in the past month hundreds marched in bandra in memory of those who have died since demonstrations began more than 10000 people have also been wounded in the rallies which were sparked by anger over corruption and employment the president has vowed to hold elections but has yet to announce when we're going to report baghdad demonstrators are rejecting the latest promises from the government. the current iraqi government remains in power but protesters say they own tahrir square friday marked one month since demonstrations in baghdad and other iraqi cities
1:58 pm
began against a government protesters view as corrupt dysfunctional and oblivious to the needs of the average iraq on thursday the president announced prime minister idol lobdell mehdi would resign and elections would be held but did not offer a timetable but it's not unusual it's meaningless and useless we want to change the whole constitution the iraqi human rights commission says more than 250 people have been killed and 5500 injured in protests from baghdad to karbala many have been injured by tear gas and returned to protest with gauze the edges on their heads arms and legs and the may they throw it on any person they see whether it's a woman a child or a men it makes no difference to them their goal is to people in baghdad bridges leading from tahrir square to the fortified green zone have become deadly standoff
1:59 pm
between protesters and security forces and amnesty international report says security forces in the capital are using military grade tear gas grenades 10 times more potent than typical tear gas canisters and they're intended to kill not disperse protesters the group says it has documented 5 cases of the canisters imbedded in protesters skulls in the last week and there is no crowd control need to fire to engine or to ground coming. into coles which way it doesn't matter if you're flying a bullet or you're flying kind of. the truth as you know protesters are being killed and by the prime minister a study that says the end of the reporting. and passed on to buttons experts say earlier this week the police in baghdad said this security forces are being attacked and yet not a single bullet has been fired he says excessive force has not been. protester
2:00 pm
after the 1st wave of protests in early october the iraqi government vowed to hold those responsible for killing demonstrators to account now amnesty international is calling for an independent investigation into the use of tear gas and the deaths of all iraqi protestors natasha going to. baghdad. still ahead here on al-jazeera. musicians with a message about a massacre at a time when an indonesian province is beset by move on it's.


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