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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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series of weather fronts a very messy picture to go through the next couple of days some very stormy weather coming into those piles of western europe so we do have warnings in forceful some areas of england wales wet and windy weather streaming in as we go on through saturday some very strong winds and some very heavy rain as well some of that weather also affecting a good parts of france northern parts of spine of portugal also seeing some very disturbed weather too is that unsettled weather policy sway in from the atlantic then further a state is looking a good deal quasi rather gray but at least it is lousy quat winds coming in from a southerly direction the temperatures getting up to about 11 celsius in kiev there for what it's worth of jewels west as you can see more disturbed weather continues to stream in central areas of the mediterranean also seeing some of that wet and windy weather as well so northern parts all the area and all the marys it could see a little bit sad weather as well as we go through saturday and on into sunday perhaps more so for algiers for example as we go on into saturday to the east of
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that you much just catch you know it's out there the cholera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour. fired back at attempts to impeach him at a rally in mississippi. investigation is about to go public after the house approved a resolution setting the rules for hearings trump is accused of withholding aid to pressure ukraine's president to investigate his democratic rival joe biden. israel has launched air strikes on gaza. were fired into the southern territories at least one person in gaza was killed israel says it was responding after 10 rockets were fired in the palestinian territory health officials in gaza say 2 other people injured. anti-government protesters are gathering in hong kong prominent. 100000 people to march in what would be the 22nd straight weekend of demonstrations many are angry at china's increasing influence in the territory and let's get an
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update from the get go paul and she's joining us from hong kong so the call is 410-0000 people to come out onto the streets how do we expect today to play out. well during we're not near anywhere near that 100000 mark just yet but the protests technically just started about 15 minutes ago people were supposed to gather in this park here they were denied permission to go on a march but they said they would go on on a quote unquote walk to the center of the financial center about 3 kilometers away but what's happened is that police have created a cordon around the park stopping people from entering and been telling people the protesters to take off their face saying it's illegal so protesters have gathered again just outside the park confronting the police have already warned that they may use force if people don't disperse and they're shouting at them revolt as police tell them to take off their mosques and disperse meanwhile people are still
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trying to come to the park we would say there are a few 1000 here already all wearing black many of them wearing mosques this rally here was also in support of joshua long's call for people to support a democratic process in hong kong he had put in his candidacy for the local district council elections but was denied that and so either democratic candidates were coming to the park here to to address the people and talk to them about the elections that were going to take place in about 3 weeks during ok it did here thank you for that update from hong kong. and tens of thousands of people are protesting against pakistan's government there demanding that prime minister imran khan resign people involved in the so-called freedom march have gathered in his lot about after arriving from towns all over the country the group led by a conservative opposition party is over pakistan's faltering economy and iran khan's leadership so they've given conduit days to step down but the prime minister
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has refused let's get an update from come on hi there he's joining us from islamabad so if the prime minister does not step down after the 2 day deadline that protesters have given him what are they saying they'll do next. when is the government options on your jet they have already called a meeting of the call committee who are mulling on how to deal with this large protest and their main time the leader of the protests what i know follow them on of the jumping out there with my islam has given them 48 hour days even threatened their days before the real goal and that is the prime minister to have necessarily the opposition reloads to be meeting although it should be understood that they did their j u who had brought the bodies of the protesters head up for prepared from rural areas and by the 2nd day now they have been camped on a main highway which is known as scotch made highway and it is
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a key highway as you read it go people started it and on the other hand the military has also spoken saying that the country cannot afford more political instability when it faces external grettir's so all eyes now on the government as to how they are going to defuse this crisis but the people there are determined and they say that david to follow the orders of their leader what i know for the ramadi and for those people that have converged on islam about and come out what would you say their their biggest grievances are is it more or less mostly about the economy . well there are multiple issues i mean let's not forget that the political parties are taking advantage of the economic crisis and then progress on the opposition is also not very clear on their future strategy it's not just the economy because previous governments are also to blame for
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mismanaging the economy but they did playing a white good role in the broader good because this is a country where the politicians have been promising to be burning all kinds of. promises and saying that they will improve their lives lives and they will improve the economic condition but by word increasing beepers or not clean drinking water they don't have enough money to support their families so where did those poor people or don't have much of what stake because they've just come here were dry bread and water and they're managing with may get it so it's good but they have a determined because of their leaders god wow this plays out is going to be very important the government also has to be very careful not to use any tactic which may inflame passions go ahead after all this is a major crisis and it has to think very carefully of how to go forward but these are people from rooted pockets on most of this paper that live below the poverty
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line ok come out hyde i thank you. thousands of protesters have again turned out for an anti-government rally in chile they've been protesting in the capital santiago about economic inequality police used water cannon and tear gas on the demonstrators the unrest across the country has hit the tourism industry and hotel reservations are down by half many are canceling trips after chile pulled out of hosting 2 major summits all those antigovernment protests have led to accusations of police brutality stuff from the u.n. human rights office are in santiago investigating allegations of human rights abuses are latin america editor lucien newman has more yes. a secondary school student leader is seen here being dragged out of his home by security forces without an arrest warrant. another student leader is taken away illegally from her apartment building scenes reminiscent of chile's former military dictatorship.
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community activist danielle mina has been sleeping in a different place every night since she filed a complaint with chile's human rights institute so for security reasons he asks to meet us in a park where they would be said to me i was beaten by the police and then they choked me for a long period that was in a 20 or 30 a police station of point 3 out. he's in a gun and he was eventually released but then nearly lost his right eye 10 days ago when he was hit with a lead pellet during another protest you know what i guess. they operated on me here to take out a pellet to hit me here and fortunately got stuck in my eye socket and one of the lucky ones who didn't lose his eye i know people who have lost both eyes off to be shot by pellets and tear gas canisters. a mission from the u.n. commission for human rights is in chile investigating hundreds of charges of abuses
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by security forces from illegal detentions to excessive use of force to torture and rape. amnesty international says they've been scores of complaints of sexual abuses even against minors. but you must take into account that many people are afraid to take legal action against those who may have abused them or family members even after the state of emergency was lifted on monday the police continue committing human rights violations against peaceful protesters. a member of the human rights institute was shot by police with pellets earlier this week while monitoring a peaceful protest. here in the capital demonstrators commemorated all saints' day with a silent march to protest against those allegedly killed by security forces in the last 2 weeks of social unrest the human rights charges are contributing to mounting calls for presidents of us to get his resignation and in an unprecedented move in chile return to democracy and impeachment request has been presented in congress by
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members of the opposition. authorities insist that with rare exceptions security forces are respecting international protocols. the continuing accusations of abuses seem to indicate otherwise you see a human al-jazeera santiago fracking in england has been stopped after a report by the regulator raised new concerns about its link to earthquakes the government's decision follows research by the oil and gas off 40 which found its not able to accurately predict the strength of tremors linked to the gas extraction process and investigation was prompted by a magnitude $2.00 quake at a site in northern england in august the u.k. previously banned truck fracking for 7 years due to earthquakes. top ones in australia are calling on the government to speak out against recent violence in the indonesian province they fled dozens of people have been killed since mid september
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with indonesia's government banning foreign journalists and diplomats from visiting the province and to help focus attention exiled popcorns i put together a book and a music album describing a previous massacre andrew thomas reports. the song commemorates massacre one. survived in 1908 hundreds of papuans gathered around independence like people had raised above the water tower at the highest point on. paul's of pop where they cooled for an end to what they considered in an easier occupation a new book and digital album of written testimony pictures music and animation describes what happened next. the flag flew for 4 days before indonesian troops took it down brutally this recent video shows
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a bullet hole in the watertown so more than 100 people scaling why. we wanted to come up with something that was real had a really strong melanesian sound. so it was artistically strong coach really strong and politically strong as well. the aim is a formal investigation into the b.s. massacre in 2015 indonesia's government did set one up into it and other human rights violations in papua by late 216 the investigation had stalled. a team to collect. evidence from the police from the local military command from the national commission on human rights from the attorney general's office but it stopped right there there was no more progress after august 2016. that on how.
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these human rights violations happened a long time ago the president does care but because it's such an old case opening the documents is complicated the president is paying attention and we want a future where human rights violations won't happen again. but the release of the album and book comes just as violence in papa has spiked once again behind this music wanted to draw attention to a past atrocity but also to what's happening now. dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks in violence which began with protests against racism but which as in the past developed into coolness for independence from indonesia president joko widodo says he is ready to meet pro independence leaders in papua to resolve the crisis but it's unclear whether independence itself will be up for discussion. in the meantime papuans in exile hope that
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in part through music they can help keep attention focused on the province they fled andrew thomas al-jazeera. more than a year after a spectacular rescue of the thai cave where a group of young footballers were trapped for almost 3 weeks has now reopened so these are the 1st visitors to the town lying cave complex since the boy's dramatic escape about 12000 people lined up to view the entrance of the complex among them were some of the navy seals involved in that rescue the 12 boys in their coach were trapped in the cave for 18 days because of flooding. as qatar gears up for the 2022 football world cup there is a big focus on technological innovation for fans in stadiums and the public at large and visited the smart city expo in doha to see some of the high tech solutions being considered for the tournament and beyond.
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the latest advances in robotics technology and 5 g. gaming can always wow a crowd. were transported us to a digitized future in this case football fans are getting a taste of what's in store for the 2022 world cup from the ticketing to hologram selfies with players. beyond sports projects for what's being called the smart city cats are is working to transform itself into a smart country to digitize and revolutionize the way transportation health care environment and logistics are managed. established businesses and startups from around the world are hoping. to get a piece of the action is a 3 d. printing machine that's been modified to do gardening operations so you can use it to plant seeds it can do for sitting watering using the amount and specific location of water for each plant it also does moisture testing soil testing and if it can do weeding it has a smartish a camera that's able to determine what is
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a plant and what its weed hundreds of initiatives will be picked up by cats are smart program known as task which plans to spend $1600000000.00 over the next 5 years to improve the quality of life another device that's connecting people to the services they need is the console station if you're sick you can enter a booth like this one and he had through to a doctor who will run tests and provide treatment remotely the inventor says that it can be placed in shopping malls and your apartment block but it can also go to areas that are lacking access to public health care we are talking the way you can talk about loans to deploy these kind of so we'll show you where people live where people are where recompiled go to make do all distrust connected and the city and the world. government officials hope such technology can reduce dependency on hospitals shorten queues and provide information that can save precious time in an emergency but there is a huge and always increasing demand for medical infrastructure but no matter how
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much we increase at them for such a demand will always increase but with a virtual consultation people can actually connect to doctors from home without having to go to a primary case and with so many smart solutions to our age old problems these new technological advances could help many here in qatar and elsewhere in the world enter chapelle al-jazeera doha. and for more information you can have a line to al-jazeera dot com. well again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour donald trump fired back at attempts to impeach him at a rally in mississippi the impeachment investigation is about to go public after the house approved a resolution setting the rules for hearings trump is accused of withholding aid to pressure ukraine's president to investigate his democratic rival joe biden
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antigovernment protesters are gathering in hong kong a prominent activist joshua wall has called for a 100000 people to march in what will be the 22nd straight weekend of demonstrations many are angry at china's increasing influence in the territory to fear gopalan has more from hong kong people were supposed to gather in this park here they were denied permission to go on a march but they said they would go in on a quote on top unquote walk to the center of the financial center about 3 kilometers away but what's happened is that police have created a cordon around the park stopping people from entering and been telling people the protesters to take off their face saying it's illegal so protesters have gathered again just outside the park confronting the police who have already warned that they may use force if people don't disperse. at least $53.00 soldiers have been killed in a suicide attack on a military base in northern eastern mali it was carried out on an outpost in the
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region no group has claimed responsibility it's just a month since dozens of soldiers died in 2 attacks on army bases near the border with. at least one person has been killed after israel launched airstrikes on. the group that controls gaza. to other people have been injured israel says it was responding after 10 rockets were fired from the palestinian territory iraqis have held a ceremony to mourn the 250 people killed in protests across the country in the past month hundreds marched in the southern city of the president has promised to hold elections but has yet to. tens of thousands of people are protesting against pakistan's government demanding prime minister resign people involved in the so-called freedom march of gathered in arriving from towns all over the country the group led by a conservative opposition party is angry over. those
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are the latest headlines. coming up right after inside story thanks for watching. to hold is there a. reader who believes in the 2 state solution the do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen to what i just said it was that pakistan would never start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the go to 0. after weeks of anti-government protests iraq's president says the prime minister has offered to quit and promises an early election but will this be enough to stop the anger and can the sectarian political system that many blame for the crisis survive this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm fully back to bowl for a month now people in iraq have been protesting for change many are angry at the high unemployment and poor services they want ministers to resign and iraq's sectarian political system to end saying it's led to rampant corruption and abuse of power more than 200 protesters have been killed by security forces over the past several weeks iraq's president made some concessions in a televised speech on thursday by him saturday says the prime minister will resign but only if political parties agree on his replacement and he's promising new elections what will lead to an or kicked in as president of the republic i want to stress that i will agree to illegal actions based on the new election law of the new election commission well the legitimacy of any governance comes from the people and there is no alternative to that it's but the protesters say the presidential
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announcement doesn't go far enough over the long woman and since we are the authority now. the parliament and government are now expired they should all resign and real reforms should be introduced that meet the aspirations of the iraqi people you know you document and children have taken to the streets to let the world know that this is a great revolution and we will not give up or back off until our demands are met and i will bring in our guests in just a moment but 1st name has a date is from baghdad. these protesters have returned to talk near square to mark the one month of protests here in baghdad when it was announced on thursday evening that president barham saleh would make a televised speech to the nation protesters had high hopes those who quickly turned to anger and disappointment president sila said their prime minister idol i build my city will step down but not until its successor is named no word on when that
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would happen and exactly who would select a successor also sad that elections would be held but no timeframe was given he said those elections can't be held until until a new election law is drafted and the electoral committee is formed he says that next week the parliament will review a draft of a new election law protesters here called the speech a joke a disappointment and evidence that there is still a very wide divide between what they want and what the government is doing meanwhile industry international released a report saying that security forces in baghdad have been deploying what they call military grade tear gas grenades that are intended to kill not disperse crowds the report says that they are 10 times more potent than the typical tear gas canister and they are being aimed at protesters that embodies that close range missile
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contin silm many protesters who have wounds on their heads arms and legs a spokesman for the. prime minister says they have steely amnesty international record it has been sent on to the experts and they will make a statement when necessary more than 250 people have been killed more than 5500 injured since these protests began october 1st. all right let's bring in our guests now in erbil in northern iraq. dean president of the middle east research institute here in doha as aidan political analyst writer and contributor to open democracy an online publication and in london we have a gnat's months or director of the iraq initiative at chatham house welcome to inside story john mentioned you so much for being with us today. in erbil what do you make of president by his announcement the protesters are rejecting it but do you think
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it could be a reasonable way out of this crisis that it could accomplish perhaps what the protesters are demanding. well the president underlined the principles of care and democracy he expressed his willingness to cooperate and to carry out the steps that people are asking him to within the confines of the constitution and his role he also explained the word should be the process on what could be the road a road map towards this the end of this demonstration issue but it was expected that it will be rejected by the opposition by the demonstrators by the camp that is now demanding more and more because at the end of the day the people the demonstrators are after such a month long escalation their demands are is escalating to they went from having
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a government providing services and jobs into rejecting the government then rejecting the parliament now rejecting the entire political process and some even demand the rejection or the change of the constitution so we knew that there is nothing that the president would say that would actually meets the either the satisfaction of the crowd or their blessing so therefore all he could do was actually just to underline the principles explain the situation and express his willingness to help renounce months are in london testing times no doubt for iraq's leadership but i'm sally didn't provide a timeline for when a successor to prime minister abdel mahdi will be named all for when elections could be held what did you make of this announcement and do you think the resignation of abdel mahdi if it happens will help or will it creates more chaos i think a question that we need to ask is why was his speech rejected fundamentally the
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protests and from their perspective what they're calling for is a change of the entire system now when the president came out. and gave a speech he said we could change the prime minister we could have early elections but only once we use the system to try and change it so from the perspective of the street iraqis are saying yet again the same political elite will choose a new prime minister that's not what we're demanding i think they have been consistent for many years now that they're not against one certain leader or a certain political party but they're against this entire system and the president's speech was still using the logic that the elites have tried to use for several years which is to try and remedy the demands of the people by going back to elite bargains and it just isn't cutting it more and more for many iraqis changing the political system is indeed what many of the protesters have been demanding and we'll get into that in just a moment but hey don let me get your thoughts on the announcement made by the
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president iraqi security forces as we heard natasha name mentioned have killed over 200 people in recent weeks can iraqi leaders come back from crossing that line and maintain legitimacy in order to make reforms and address people's grievances it feels like it has gone too far with the death of all these protesters in recent weeks. absolutely the iraqi government can't take a step forward anymore and approach the iraqi people with short term economic reforms or even political reforms through the very same system as a recluse were not mentioned the the violent crackdown that has been met by the iraqi protesters as an evidence as a great evidence actually why the iraqi protestors or the people shouldn't believe the economic reforms shouldn't believe the short term or the long term political solutions that the government is proposing to the people the people in the demonstrators have been very clear since october 1st that they want a downfall of an ethnic sectarian kota the have failed to provide the most simple
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public services to the iraqi people and most definitely not through having one figureheads such as are their identity as an entire regime and having and in the new elections through the very same system means the same political parties and the same interest groups will be able to form the new government that they have always been doing every 4 years and this is what it's looking like it's going to happen. the ball now seems to be in the court of the political parties that nominated and in fact confirmed as prime minister do you think the 2 major parliamentary blocs. will be able to agree on a replacement for mahdi if indeed he quits and a replacement that's acceptable not just to iraqi people but also to outside powers like iran and the united states because we know that these outside powers have huge influence on what's going on in iraq. i think the 1st thing is for the power
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holders people outside the parliament those who have the blocks on the other tools to maneuver they should come to some kind of agreement other the moment the gap between them is too white and remember they represent 2 different camps and within each camp there are too many actors those actors are not necessarily liaise in coordinating or a green strategy for example the camp of the government in the power holders and the paramilitary forces as well as iran pro iran group all of these guys have got too many actors in there but not necessarily united in their approach except that they are united in preserving the government and inside the parliament the factions that they have and actually waiting for the ultimate decision makers outside the parliament to make the decision and on the other camp and the opposition cam again we see too many of groups and they do not have the at the moment the clarity to go ahead inside the parliament to greet
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a way forward otherwise there are mechanisms within the parliament where they can trigger a process that could lead to legislation for reforming the election law and other laws as well as a nominated somebody and either withdrawing or giving confidence to any government but at the moment in iraqi parliament we are not going by the book having the majority minority or factions that are able to solve problems because conflicts are not solved the inside iraqi parliament it has to be in other places like not just like around like within the factions like unfettered leaders and the sudras leaders so essentially every eyes on them this is actually exactly why the government is unable to solve the problem or come up with any fast magical solutions neither the president nor the speaker of the parliament nor the government leader the prime minister they are just part of this is thane accepted. are not power so at the
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moment we have a gap between the 2 camps that is not reconcilable so easily a gap that's not reconcilable you say not months or said to many actors any iran reportedly stepped in recently to prevent the ouster of prime minister abdel mahdi even though cleric whose bloc has a large as seats in the parliament wanted. to resign what does this say about the influence of these outside powers and do you agree with to a certain extent that it has to be these powers that intervene in a way to solve this crisis. so there's a bit of a contradiction between what the people are demanding and those that are looking to preserve the system and preserve the government so iran stepped in and there seems to be a coalition of forces that want to keep this system and to keep the prime minister in place that includes the paramilitary forces but of course that also includes the
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kurdish parties like the k d p as well as sunni parties so what you really have is that kind of post 2003 order which has been this order of agreement between kurdish and some sunni groups continuing to maintain the system now on the outside of the you have as you mentioned someone like mark the southern and others smaller opposition groups that are trying to challenge it but they face an uphill battle because at the moment he may have won the elections but he doesn't have enough seats on his own to be able to have a mandate and in fact if the kurdish parties if the sunni parties and if the shia parties all come back together as they did in 2003 they may be able to have the largest bloc and to kind of keep most of the way right well let's take a closer look at iraq split a whole system because as we mentioned protesters have been calling for economic reform and whole soul for an end to iraq's go to base power sharing political system after saddam hussein was toppled in 2003 the government was restructured
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around a sectarian system it was designed to empower people and parties of his 3 main communities shia sunni and kurds the prime minister comes from the shia majority the president is kurdish and the speaker of parliament is sunni but paan i'm an also been divided along sectarian lines in last year's election a shia parties won the most seats followed by sunni and kurdish blocs aidan of the defining feature of these protests i guess is the fact that they would need to call for by it religious authority or another political leader and i guess that says a lot about the way rocky's you this political system that governs them and they want to do away with it but can they do away with the system especially when you consider that it has helped to a certain extent reduce sectarian violence in iraq. well 1st 1st and foremost we have to look at this sectarian notion that we're looking at into the iraqi parliament when we talk about post sectarian iraq we don't mean pull sectarianism
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in the most ideological or societal way the post sectarian or the face even exists within the religious and the political blocs in the parliament and in government there is an interest free there is an interest in the rivalry there is a very old and trucker this rivalry and this is an evidence to the people the justification to the people to realize that it wasn't sectarianism that drove politics in iraq it was the it was political interests that utilized the sectarian differences amongst the iraqi people that prevented iraq from developing prevented iraq from having a successful political democracy people in iraq today are protesting against the sectarian regime you are not protesting against that from an ideological perspective they're protesting against that from an institutional perspective they're fed up by being governed as sunni's shias kurds they want to be they want to be governed in an equal way as iraqis were through a government that focuses on providing them the right education infrastructure
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security glower your thoughts on this the iraqi public fed up with sectarian politics and looking for a leader that can unite the country who could this leader be any if not this sectarian based political system then what replaces it. well they will never find a leader who's beyond that we never had those father figures in iraq but remember iraq is ethno religiously diverse different sects this could have been a richness of the community and the country could have been good for politics community as well as economy however the decades of division polarization and dictatorship brought us here this far and this new elite that designed the constitution and let politics also further deepen those divisions and militarize did they became the most disappointing the ruling elite but remember when they got together in 2005 they wrote one of the best constitutions that actually was not designed to be sectarian but ignored the fact that iraq is
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a sectarian divide or ethno religious leader verse so it's actually the failure of those so implement the constitution made iraq what it is and now where are we now we have a state that has got actually little control over the state institutions it's at least institutionalized country with the rule of law being weak so we go from fragility to more fragility and therefore if the government the government of president the speaker of the parliament when they are in the forefront and they are seen as representing the establishment they do not any longer command that authority or power over the security system or with the economy of the budget over the corruption that is ongoing so sexually we are now living in a situation where the state or the legislative or executive leaders are seen as or get the blame and they are confronting the demonstrators but actually the power behind them are the ones that are outside the system of governance right so
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essentially iraq by nature just like lebanon and the rest are diverse but these these divisions have become more deep and polarized as well as militarized any so that the demonstrations in both iraq and lebanon have similar grievances especially when it comes to. so this political system. do you think in iraq this is simply can be changed without changing the current constitution which now i mentioned and also how does the profit protest movement change the system and not merely the government is how do they do it maybe well 1st of all i think there's a sense of hope that these protests actually present where many people would have easily written iraq off for being a sectarian or ethnic sectarian sort of state and this is what the iraqi leaders were moving towards they created a constitution to promote not sectarianism through politics the people are saying no it's and this is where not and we actually want
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a state that represents us to provide services so there is a bit of hope and so they're pushing back against sectarianism on the street right now where does this go that's a difficult ellison downright sounds like to shine in and who can leave who can unite iraqis which he who is a leader that could unite iraqis is this someone that comes to mind. well this is a challenge because quite clearly most of your ox leaders in the elite are not willing to put their job on the line are not willing to play sort of and take a risk and be a leader and kind of represent the people they all kind of think that iraq will continue to muddle through and so everyone wants to keep their place in the system until now it's hard to find enough devours that it's hard to find any real leader emerging who is willing to take a risk is willing to represent the street because that logic that 2003 logic and keep in mind most of the parties and most of the leaders are from that era if you
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look at the president prime minister there from that era they're still guided by similar logic some for the kurds some for the sunnis some for them and some for the sheet based on this and the people you know most of the people protesting today are youth they don't even remember saddam's time and they only remember this hostel so they only remember this isto and so those the leaders can't keep promising and failing to deliver they don your thoughts on this can they can status coal be maintained and you know if there is going to be a change to the political system in iraq what needs to happen in order for that to be achieved well 1st and foremost we need a transitional government a transitional government that is led by the intellectual elite that could be involved or welcomed by the protesters focusing on having a leadership or a political organization that would represent the protesters and in the early stages of the protest movement can be a very dangerous thing to the movement in itself because the movement has been trying to prove itself that it's not politicized it's not represented by any
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regional power players of players by any or by any interest groups so trying to seek a structure that i would define in their leaders that would define their representation can actually make them fall into the chop or being accused by the government that they are already a group that carries its own political agenda by different political part. yes so i think we should focus on how the protest movement can achieve the 1st steps which would be changing the system getting a transitional government that too would exist in a temporary period to ensure that the kinds that you wish and tell you that relational government is aidan that you talk about and this intellectual elite that you talk about will it be accepted by the outside powers who again have such huge influence on iraqi politics or not just iran because we've talked about iran but also the united states of course of course all the external players that are involved in the iraqi domestic affairs would intervene whenever they find any future politician whom would have conflict conflict and
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a conflict of interests where there are policies in iraq where this is a part of the protest movement in iraq the protest movement in iraq is against the entire reality in iraq today whether it be the government or the ethnic sectarian quota or the militias or the on the ground or the external factors that are intervening in iraq a domestic affairs a canonically and politically this is a part of the idea of the targets on the aims and objectives of the protest movement against the entire reality of the iraqi domestic affairs whether it be the external factors whether it be the government or whether it be the religious establishment so in erbil where do you see things heading do you think like many people that the current outbursts of anger will eventually run out of steam and be brought under control or do you think that it still has momentum and could actually lead to some sort of change in iraq. i think it has momentum it will get
4:44 pm
a little bit worse before it gets better we're rocky's we know our country and the dynamics locally regionally and globally we have been through this we have history including in kurdistan as well as the the south of iraq at the moment the 2 camps are both very polarized very armed they are backed by forces by theological sources like in niger and as well as in iran the 2 are at the moment not talking and there are interferences or influences from the region so we've got local actors regional actors global actors all intertwined some working via proxy son directly this is actually a recipe for getting into a kind of dissent descending into more chaos and more violence however there is a way out this could lead to a milestone in changing the system of governance changing the mentality and possibly agreeing a new era but at the moment where the peak of it we're nowhere near the end of it it has not ended yet ok but i'm hopeful that there are efforts at the moment to
4:45 pm
prevent that level of violence and very much we hope that it will never get that all right we not months or i'll give you the last word are you as hopeful as law where and when he see this protest movement heading. so oddly as sort of see what's happening as i speak to different protesters it's hard to be hopeful i mean as i say there is hope in some of the messaging and the changing of the post 2003 narratives but what you see are that if the elites are unable to use the promise of reform to try and quell protests some of them are willing to use violence and some of them are willing to work with external actors to maintain the system so it's really hard to see that is sort of this is the moving in a positive way when a majority of a good majority of the elites are quite willing to use violence to use to use external intervention to stop the people from having
4:46 pm
a voice thank you so much will leave it there gentlemen thank you for a very interesting discussion. as a done and a gnat's months or and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by the setting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside so he can of course all to join the conversation on twitter handle is that a.j. inside story from me fully back to boy and a whole team thank you for watching i found out. i don't deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you just said oh i disagree with that toy this sounds like are blaming the public the country for the problem not that there's any fighting these people ah well trained as much of the islamic state machinery as we have been very easy and grants for merging of populism and
4:47 pm
search for you to join me man of the house and as i put it up for questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. the multitudes the magnet for tourists from around the globe the behind the picturesque landscape young men leaping to mind with groups in syria when i went east investigates on which is earring. what are you protesting about how does the in question whether online life face minstrel see him directly out of trance like it's lately or if you join us on set this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice in the true she's thrilled the discussion is real and not in europe we talk about the solutions on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every you are. dozens of soldiers killed in mali and the 2nd major attack targeting the military in just over a month. you're watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha i'm glad you navigate also ahead antigovernment protesters
4:49 pm
gather in hong kong for what's being billed as an emergency call for autonomy from china. hitting back at the impeachment process the u.s. president turns up the heat on political rivals at a campaign rally. and who will come out on top in england on south africa the parents of face each other in the rugby world cup final. hello at least 53 soldiers have been killed in a suicide attack on a military base in northeastern mali it happened at a no post in the minako region no group has claimed responsibility our correspondent joining us now he's reported extensively from the region how much what are you hearing about what happened in this attack. what i heard from my sources is that. our sources as well is that this attack took place yesterday on friday 3 suicide bombers exploded themselves inside this compound somali in
4:50 pm
army camp near the border with nisha in the northeast of the country and they have killed a big number of our troops there and also another attack was launched immediately after those suicide bombings and that's where more of the modern soldiers have been killed the mullins our 1st modern government has not given exact details or the final numbers but then it came up one of the ministers came up with the details talking about 53 soldiers and one civilian we know that this is just one in a series of attacks that took place over the last several weeks last month you mentioned about 40 were killed and the real numbers were said to be even about $100.00 the authorities did not disclose that but sources in the region talked about about 100 people killed in an attack actually 2 attacks near the border with working a fossil and why are we seeing these types of attacks take place considering international
4:51 pm
intervention in the region in the form of what's known as the g. 5 saha force. that's right everyone is asking this question in the region and the outside the region why do we have this increase of attacks why the al-qaeda and isis groups are keeping their momentum on the rise at the same time when lots of troops are there in the region $5000.00 troops by the g 5 those 5 countries that are cooperating there militarily with the support of the european countries and also particularly with france france itself has troops there and the un has to peacekeepers there as well the question is whether these troops from various countries are really doing the job they are there to do are they targeting the the real culprits or the real targets in the region or it's something different we have seen recently about the mali an army is taking the biggest toll in this war and as
4:52 pm
far as it is mali an army some observers say that this is not going to trigger more international and more serious effort from those western powers to crack down again or to wage a comprehensive war on those are those groups al-qaeda is there isis is there several other groups some of them are supported by the maliki government they are hitting at those so-called terrorist groups but also that's not giving the results that have been expected from the countries involved in that area ok val thank you for that update. at least one person has been killed in gaza after israel launched airstrikes on sites it says are linked to hamas the group that controls gaza health officials there say 2 other people have been injured israel says it was responding after 10 rockets were fired from the palestinian territory. u.s. president donald trump is here saying defended himself on the campaign trail against
4:53 pm
a congressional impeachment inquiry it comes after democrats approved rules for the hearings as the proceedings go public i was there as roslyn jordan was the latest. it's one thing to attack your political opponents on twitter the democrat party has gone completely insane. it's another to do it while your political base is cheering you on that's how u.s. president donald trump spent his friday night. first day engineer to russia hoax that was a total hoax the single greatest laws' ever forster's upon the american people then the motor which it never ended and now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi. and shifty adam shift shifting. and the media are continuing with
4:54 pm
the during. impeachment which i this is one i never thought to be involved in the word impeachment to me it's a dirty word the rally was trump's 1st since the house of representatives formally endorsed the impeachment inquiry against him on thursday trump told the crowd he never pressured ukrainian president london mayor selenski to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter and that he did not withhold nearly $400000000.00 in military aid to force alinsky to comply. at the same time several democratic candidates campaigned for votes in iowa and joe biden used the event to fire back at trump. vladimir putin don't want me to be president. and number 2. donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee.
4:55 pm
spend a lot of money to make sure i'm not i'm flattered a capitol hill next week democrats once again will question trumpet ministration officials behind closed doors while some officials have already appeared others are refusing to show up the latest energy secretary rick perry who says there was nothing wrong with trump's call to zelinsky yeah i want to present my phone call because i thought it was important. if you brace which i do 'd everything to do it is back to the point that the united states has the ability to give ukraine a alternative to russian gas legislators could issue a subpoena forcing perry to appear or risk being arrested and we will make america great again thank you mr. raising the ante and the pressure on
4:56 pm
a president who says he will fight what he calls an illegal effort to undermine his rule rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. more antigovernment protests are expected in hong kong a prominent activist joshua long has called for a 100000 people to march in what would be the 22nd straight weekend of demonstrations many are angry at china's increasing influence in the territory it's getting updates from difficult pollen she's joining us on the phone from hong kong what are you seeing. i diary let's go ahead of you i am i am and i'm not victoria park the air is thick with tear gas smoke police have now entered the park protesters are trying to barricaded and trying to stop them from entering the this original protest are those rallies was sanctioned by police they had permission but the police are now saying it was a rally for democratic candidates and having legislative council election to speak to the public they say now turning to protest people need to take off their mosques
4:57 pm
and the 1st several ready fired several tear gas canisters on the parameters of the park and people 9 who lead the park i would also like to mention that the play in the park this is why paul section of people who have come to this rally which did start off very peacefully and many of them are over as are much older people some and wheelchairs are also very young children that were being shielded from the tear gas most of the protesters tell us they plan to try and stay off the police from coming into the park but the suspect not become the focal point to all the protests police have not allowed them to march into the city center as they have planned and as i am 'd you're just right in the middle of the park and see people run the crowds run but the morality and orton of police fired police in the act here with their tear gas canisters and pepper spray marching in as people run or are
4:58 pm
scrambling away it is starting to be chaos the archery and if you had there was a call for a 100000 people to come out onto this street what are you seeing in terms of numbers or are the developments in the past and then over to the waiting people go ahead. that were thousands of people right at the beginning of the valley in the heart never many many were trying to get into the park to the rally and police got blocked off the entrance 9 i'm saw them from entering like. you saw some people here as well many of them are running the police are dancing for me and i'm not absolutely that here otherwise i think i got to fight and i grabbed it here yeah all right if you know we'll let you go we'll let you get out of the tear gas if yes thank you stay safe thanks for that update from hong kong well iran kids have held a ceremony to mourn 250 people killed in protests across the country in the pos
4:59 pm
months hundreds of march of the southern city of busta more than $10000.00 people have also been wounded in the rallies against corruption and unemployment the president has promised to hold elections but has yet to announce when. but as the toss of a name reports from baghdad demonstrators are rejecting the latest promises from the government. the current iraqi government remains in power but protesters say they own tahrir square friday marks one month since demonstrations in baghdad and other iraqi cities began against a government protesters view as corrupt dysfunctional and oblivious to the needs of the average iraq on thursday the president announced prime minister i do a lot of dilma had he would resign and elections would be held but did not offer a timetable or not if i believe it's meaningless and useless we want to change the whole constitution the iraqi human rights commission says more than 250 people have
5:00 pm
been killed and 5500 injured in protests from baghdad to karbala many have been injured by tear gas and returned to protest with gauze bandages on their heads arms and legs and the army they throw it on any person they see whether it's a woman a child or a men it makes no difference to them their goal is to people in baghdad bridges leading from tahrir square to the fortified green zone have become deadly standoffs between protesters and security forces and amnesty international report says security forces in the capital are using military grade tear gas grenades 10 times more potent than typical tear gas canisters and they're intended to kill not disperse protesters the group says it has documented 5 cases of the canisters imbedded in pro.


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