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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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yes and now in the city of basra it looks like their protests are blocking operations of critical utilities local sources are telling us that protesters and security forces in basra have been fighting in front of the room hostile report since last evening there was a sit in there and from what we understand protesters had been blocking the entrance and halting operations for them to the port for about 6 days security forces came in cleared the sit in and that's when local sources tell us about 100 people were injured some of them seriously protesters remain there carrying signs that say iran out of iraq the affairs another one is a sign being seen is. the iraqi government made by iran protesters are upset they say that the ports revenue is being diverted away from their city
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and leaving them with poor basic services in another part of basra 6 at the shell own measure noon oil fields we understand that were tossers are also blocking the entrance there they're asking that the companies stop hiring foreigners and instead give jobs to iraq e.-s. they say that again that all they're getting from the oil fields are pollution and cancer and we understand that there are even cancer patients among the protesters so a lot of basic services a lack of jobs accusations of foreign meddling by the united states and iran and alleged government corruption are a big themes that have emerged in these protests basra specifically has been an area where there has been simmering tension for more than a year specifically due to a lack of reliable electricity and clean water speaking of basic services martín here in tahrir square in baghdad a high. of civic duty is emerging all along here today i've seen people have set
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out these garbage bags with signs encouraging people to keep the area. all right natasha thank you for that natasha came in live in the iraqi capital baghdad well let's look at lebanon now because the situation there is that the anti-government demonstrations they're coming down on friday the banks opened again for the 1st time in 2 weeks but there are restrictions on foreign currency transactions the schools and the universe is they've also reopened their doors well the commander in chief of iran's powerful revolutionary guards has made a veiled reference to the protests major general me seem to hit back at criticism of iran's influence in iraq and in lebanon you know if. iran does not have an eye on any country we will extend our power to the point that if any enemy wants to use a location to attack iran we will destroy that location so our reaches beyond our
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own borders meaning that we will extend our area of power to anywhere our enemy intends to plot against us we have achieved this power. or listen to our correspondent also jabari she's there in the arabian capital and how should we be reading this intervention then coming from this senior figure from the revolutionary guard this is a direct it's a replying directly to those protests taking place both in lebanon and in iraq. well martin it appears that the head of the revolutionary guard is saying that iran will not shy away from defending its interests beyond its borders that means be it in syria lebanon or iraq the major general said that the iranians will defend themselves that wherever the enemy decides to attack them be that on foreign soil or along their own borders the general also said that iran has now reached the
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capacity of stockpiling missiles that they are now they have more than enough missiles that they have stored away and they are ready and able to the found themselves from whatever threat comes their way this was a significant event where it was the unveiling of new murals that have been painted outside the former u.s. embassy in tehran since the university students over took it in november 4th of 1979 on monday the iranians will mark 40 years of that event which severed ties between iran and the united states and the gist of this 30 minute speech was hinted it was directed at the united states and their policy in the region the general said that the united states is responsible for the insecurity that we are seeing unfold in this entire region all right thank you for the correspondent live in tehran. the u.s. state department has labeled iran as the world's worst state sponsor of terrorism
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it's all part of an annual report which claims that terror spends almost a $1000000000.00 a year in support of what the us schools terrorists groups it says the groups of as iran's proxies and expand its quote malign influence across the globe. we're going to come on this out is there a news hour including at least 19 killed in the line of juicy this year so what's being done to protect journalists as they try to uncover injustice and abuse. more than a quarter of a 1000000 people in somalia a force out of that homes by severe flooding. that the u.s. president donald trump defended himself on the campaign trail against the congressional impeachment inquiry it comes off the democrats' approved rules for the hearings as the proceedings also go public out there is roslyn joel now has the
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latest. it's one thing to attack your political opponents on twitter the democrat party has gone completely insane. it's another to do what all your political base is cheering you on that's how us president donald trump spent his friday night. first they engineered the rush a hoax that was a total hoax the single greatest laws' ever foist upon the american people then the motor which it never ended and now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi. and shifty adam schiff shifting. and the media are continuing with the during. impeachment which as this is one i never thought to be involved in the
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word impeachment to me it's a dirty word the rally was trump's 1st since the house of representatives formally endorsed the impeachment inquiry against him on thursday trump told the crowd he never pressured ukrainian president claude mayer selenski to investigate former vice president joe biden. and his son hunter and that he did not withhold nearly $400000000.00 in military aid to force alinsky to comply. at the same time several democratic candidates campaigned for votes in iowa and joe biden used the event to fire back at trump lattimer prudent don't want me to be president. ah and number 2. donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee who. spent a lot of money to make sure i'm not i'm flattered on capitol hill
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next week democrats once again will question trumpet ministration officials behind closed doors while some officials have already appeared others are refusing to show up the latest energy secretary rick perry who says there was nothing wrong with trump's call to zelinsky yeah i want a president make a phone call because i thought it was important. if you brace which i do everything to do with this back to the point that the united states has the ability to give ukraine a alternative to russian gas legislators could issue a subpoena forcing perry to appear or risk being arrested and we will make america great again thank you mr. raising the ante and the pressure on a president who says he will fight what he calls illegal effort to undermine his rule rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. where every year the u.n.
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sets aside today that's november the 2nd is a day to draw attention to the low global conviction rate for murders and violent crimes committed against journalists that is thought that between 20062018 more than a 1000 reporters and other media workers were killed around the world unesco says almost all murders involving media go unpunished syria is one of the most dangerous countries to be a journalist at least 144 people have been killed since the start of the war in 2011 and these are figures coming from the committee to protect jan this now is big to barbara triomphe who is the executive director of the international press institute she's joining us now from vienna thanks for talking to us and he stands to reason doesn't it conflict is or often lethal it stands to reason that syria is the most dangerous place in the world for journalists to operate so we shouldn't really be surprised by that. indeed conclave either
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a very dangerous place but what we have seen in the past that is that even in complex situation join the list are not only caught in a crossfire but they are directly targeted they're targeted because they're bringing out the news that bringing out information that the parties at war do not want to get revealed and that is a major problem that we have seen in the developments over the past decade if you want to. turn to the also we see a lot of killings of george anything countries that are not at war. the leading candidate sorry here the leading country in terms of join a list killed it's mexico with 9 joined a list serv murder because of their coverage of corruption so war is not the only reason why jonathan being killed right and so is also the environment that is being created in many parts of the world and when you've got a lot of social upheaval in particular thinking about this particular moment where
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you're seeing people taking to the streets in vast numbers around the world in order to protest against what they see as social injustice about against corruption and so on shouldn't it be there for expected that german this is ordinary members of society will be caught up in exactly the same phenomena that civilians are if you like. indeed i mean it's certainly we also see campaigns by certain political leaders against join the list the campaigns trying to discredit join the list trying to. pitch join a list as the enemies of the people the enemies of those people who are fighting for social justice well we will know then joining in itself is one of the strongest force has to keep those powerful to account however these campaigns also need to attacks to physical attacks and a perception that physical attacks against your analyst are legitimate and the
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right of problem and of course today is really to draw attention to the fact that those who carry out attacks against this are offered are rarely pursued a rarely held accountable the kind of impunity that surrounds it i'm just wondering whether the phenomenon of fake news and the position of journalists in society in the regard with which they're held generally is affecting the whole position if you like of of a germ this in society. certainly it is the phenomena of fake news and the defeater to distinguish clearly between what is properly giornale which is accurate fairly report that information and what is other information being posted on social media which has nothing to do with you want to listen and which is what is commonly defined as this information is is a major problem and it it has challenge to credibility or jordan is and also in insight that hatred against jordan is but as you mentioned today we celebrate the
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day and team puny international day to end impunity so basically the fact that the joint is not only there are attacked they are killed but the perpetrators of these type of attacks are never almost never brought to justice almost 90 if over 95 percent of the killings are remain. are are unpunished sort of perpetrators never come in front of a court or end up in prison and that's a consequence of a lack of political will yeah ok thank you very good to talk to you as ever barbara triomphe be talking to us live from vienna thank you thank you very much less severe flooding across large parts of somalia has left more than a quarter of a 1000000 people in search of shelter and it could get even worse aid agencies say at least 10 people have died already in the town of belad wainer that's west of the capital mogadishu and 270000 people have been displaced with large parts of central
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and southern somalia underwater priyanka gupta reports thanks routes have turned into rivers in central and southern somalia. people here are struggling with rising floodwaters after days of unexpected heavy rainfall in towns and villages are submerged families are displaced. thousands of hectares of farmland are destroyed it. agency say the try to diseases like cholera malaria are real. and hunger nums latch. on to the we desperately need help here from anyone who can help us things are bad and help means to come fast before it's too late. the oktober down polls came off to one of somalia's tries trini seasons in more than treat decades. before the flood there was
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a serious drought here now many of these areas a cut off because of floods with people trapped inside their homes there are casualties but it's not known just how many people have died. we are working on rescue operations we so far have managed to find the dead bodies of 5 people thanks to a law we did our best and will continue looking for more dead bodies more than 1000000 people are affected by floods across the east africa and people in somalia south sudan and kenya i'm now bracing for more rain that could last for up to 6 weeks and a tropical storm in the coming days. al-jazeera. and a little bit later on the rob meteorologist will have more on the situation in east africa and somalia in particular also coming up indigenous communities in colombia have become targets after taking a stand against drug cartels sierra leone's illegal mining how stripping away nature is having dangerous consequences and in sports the golden state warriors
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lose in the n.b.a. didn't handed all that he's done it how long they're stopped playing it out from. now there isn't much clout of a whole new africa at the moment as you can see but this time of year the short range really is very difficult to know how much right before east africa so it's not just somalia has suffered badly this year and did last year frankly part of the reason this year and you've already seen some of these shots already the flooding in rural somalia is because this western side of the arabian sea the indian ocean is much warmer than usual and there were until those factors further from the atmosphere that held everything to get bigger for example we still got to you could
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almost call them both tropical cyclones kenya and baja and this just didn't happen you might get one or 2 in the whole season but to the same time now that's an unusual sight chiar which is really defines a tropical sort of a city truck or depression formatter of the cycle is just off the horn a moment of a circle more or less and so there's more rain coming into somalia as a result directly of this the showers for the south will keep going and just talk about what's already there it's worth considering what might happen tomorrow as well because being in the arabian sea off the coast of india this one might do you might think well did recently which is head towards the coast is turning off not much rain over the indian mainland the stolen so so we static. whether sponsored by katherine ways. for the girls on the scale of modern slavery in the u.k. is enormous with just seeing the tip of the ice the result of sunday call the
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modern slavery act i'm just. going commerce you know punch someone in the stone why haven't companies need thought to understand that this is exploitation if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and there are some very very nasty people out there al-jazeera investigates britain's modern slave trade. a story 1400 years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. tells the story of foundation and the emergence of an empire. of the caliph that was sold one. jersey to.
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try to have a secular the top stories here on the outs as their news out tear gas and water cannons have been used in hong kong to disperse thousands of people who've been rallying for the 22nd straight week and the protests which of often become violent in the past 5 months and mainly against china's perceived increasing influence in the territory at least $53.00 soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military base in northeast somali it was carried out in in a town called menaka in love as a region actually in the north of the country no group has claimed responsibility so far and dozens of people have been injured in iraq the southern city of basra the security forces have moved to break up a protest camp protestors have been blocking the entrance to
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a port and several of the oil fields. that says a thousands of people are protesting against pakistan's government and calling on prime minister eman counter resign people involved in the same called freedom march have gathered in the capital islamabad after arriving from towns across the country the group led by a conservative opposition party is angry and the pakistan's faltering economy and imran khan's leadership kemal haida has had a cyst from islamabad. added a 2nd dale broad day most of the protesters are living on their own site dead making their own bread and whatever they can find in order to get by most of these people appalled preborn who have traveled from all over boggart on from baluchistan province from the khyber book was from the punjab and even interior of then province most of these people say that they will stand behind their leader modify
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the ramón and are waiting for his cause they have come ahead and they say that they are determined to stay there for months if they're made to do soft buggers on it going through an important part critical of political crises the political instability is going to bite hard into the economy but mostly for the growth buggers on are fed up with the economic crisis they want clean drinking water they want jobs and they want their children to be able to get a proper education but instead what defines its go top leadership which has been taking money from the people and spending it on them said the next $24.00 to $48.00 dodd would be critical to the leader of the proletariat fallen apart i'm on their table to make a proper announcement after that deadline partes the government of emraan hand had her day ignored or of their strong pro death rates boarded
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a serious challenge to its government and a miscalculation on their part gordon lead to a major crikey. papuans who are living in australia calling on the camber of government to speak out against recent violence in the indonesian province that they have led left dozens of people have been killed since mid september and in these years government has banned foreign journalists and diplomats from going there to help focus attention at south papuans have put together a book and a music out of him describing a previous massacre andrew thomas explains. the song commemorates massacre one. survived in 1908 hundreds of papuans gathered around independence like people had raised above the water tower at the highest point on that part of papua they called for an end to what they considered in an easy an occupation
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a new book and digital album of britain testimony pictures music and animation describes what happened next. the flag flew for 4 days before indonesian troops took it down brutally this recent video shows a bullet hole in the water tower so more than 100 people scaling way i know. we wanted to come up with something that was really had a really strong melanesian sound. so it was artistically strong culturally strong and politically strong as well. struggle. our pain the aim is a formal investigation into the b.s. massacre in 2015 indonesia's government did set one up into it and other human rights violations in papua but by late 216 the investigation that stalled.
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a team to collect. evidence from the police from the local military command from the national commission on human rights from the attorney general's office but it stopped right there there was no more progress after august 2016. these human rights violations happened a long time ago but the president does care but because it's such an old case opening the documents is complicated but president is paying attention and we want a future where human rights violations won't happen again. but the release of the album and book comes just as violence in papua has spiked once again behind this music wanted to draw attention to a past atrocity but also to what's happening now. dozens of people have been
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killed in recent weeks in violence which began with protests against racism but which as in the past developed into calls for independence from indonesia president djoko would otoh says he is ready to meet pro independence leaders in papua to resolve the crisis but it's unclear whether independence itself will be up for discussion. in the meantime papuans in exile hope that in part through music they can help keep attention focused on the province they fled andrew thomas al jazeera. their father has been threatening orchards oil fields and homes in southern california even as winds helped crews get on top of. it the latest flare up is around 100 kilometers northwest of los angeles about $1300.00. many from other parts of the u.s. have been called into hell. we are in the middle of a big fight about a week into this and the end is not yet in sight we are finding that the winds are
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starting to change a nappy resents its own challenges all by itself as a wind shift we have a whole new feel bad that opens up in a subject to a pretty significant fire fight. group of indigenous people in southwest colombia has vowed to rip up illegal drug crops that's despite 5 of their leaders being killed this week officials say they were murdered by groups who profit from drug trafficking alison reports now from kalka province in southwest colombia. traditional funeral for. who died defending their tribal land there are 2 or 4 indigenous guards killed last tuesday together with. the leading tory 3 of their reservation. the leader of the guard the volunteer army of native people who defend their territory armed only with their ceremonial
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sticks he says there's a plan on their way to exterminate them. they want to hit the indigenous because it's one of the strongest elements of the indigenous movement they want to control . there's an increasingly complex network of violent groups operating in long at the center of colombia's conflict that the mobilization of gravels left a vacuum the new groups are trying to fill after a brief lull in the violence following the signing of a peace deal in 2016. when the park existed and they planned on killing someone we knew someone was under threat we could reach out to the political structure ask what was going on we had some of you could talk to today we don't have anybody to talk. like in the days of the internal conflict graffitti along the road announced the presence of rebel groups but it's unclear what they represent
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except for the interests of the drug traffickers early on friday the car in which the indigenous governor that was killed travelling was burnt to the ground and we. are simply another terrifying message to the. despite the threats deniers announced a plan to rid their territory of illegal drug crops in 6 months even if it could increase the violence. that's why we need to do it collectively with the entire population and that's why we need the international community to assist us and protect us and avoid violence when we operate the plants on friday president said he was sending the head of the army to the region to coordinate a promise to increase the military presence but for most here it will do little to stop the vicious cycle of killings alyson them al jazeera. news of more protests taking place in the chilean capital santiago where thousands of
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protesters again turned out to protest against the government they've been protesting in santiago about primarily economic inequality police of use water cannons and tear gas the rest has hit tourism hotel reservations are down by half and chile has cancelled 2 international summits that it was going to host. the fracking in england has been stopped after a report by the regulator raised new concerns about its link to earthquakes the government's decision follows research by the oil and gas of already found it's unable to accurately predict the strength of travellers linked to the gas extraction process and the investigation was prompted by a magnitude $2.00 quake at a site in northern england in august. and british police now believe all $39.00 people found dead in a refrigerated truck near london but from vietnam
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a 2nd man from northern ireland's been charged with manslaughter a man harrison appeared in court in dublin in the irish republic where he faced $41.00 charges and is awaiting extradition to the u.k. the truck driver was charged on monday with similar offenses including people trafficking and t.v. would have been arrested in vietnam. now illegal mining in sierra leone is being blamed for triggering environmental disasters and causing catastrophic loss of life the government's introducing stiff penalties for the people behind it but some fear it may be too little too late i'm a dangerous reports are from the capital freetown. sierra leone's beauty is framed by it and you lately mountains rivers and the atlantic ocean. just a 7 and a half 1000000 people call this hole so also a wide variety of plant and animal species but the country's beauty and the terrain are changing fast mainly because of unrestrained exploitation of the environment in
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search of natural resources. large scale mining and deforestation have exposed it's fragile ecosystem father was doing the country's vulnerability to natural disasters such as flood and mudslide the forests call for if the big stability for the land structure we don't have huge granites in the what we have a lot right rocks and those rights rights rocks are liable to rule to weaknesses when once it is exposed the water gets into it and it happening all over several young from the mountain ranges to the low lying areas than 2 years ago tragedy struck in 2017 this side of sugarloaf mountain broke lose rocks and debris cascaded down the mountain sweeping away homes and people living in them more than
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a 1000 people were killed hundreds are still missing environmentalist warned that the risk of mudslides happening again is very high but what happened here has failed to discourage developers construction still continues in the shadows of the mountain. with extensive damage already done to the environment government has ordered demolitions and introduced of predators for illegal logging mining and land grabs we have asked people to go to. communities and see if we can draw the green beds so that people don't go beyond those areas so we are going or that in terms of planning we know how to ground that insurers before you act any beauty you don't erect your building on water catchment areas in disaster prone areas. but environmentalists say government actions may be too late for some areas and warn of more tragedies if we continue this is going to happen and it will happen again and
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again on till we don't stop the disaster is here and it's going to be we toss it happened very recently last this rainy season and it will happen again the penalties for environmental destruction are now in place trouble is demand for housing timber and the money they make remains so high that many are still prepared to take the risk haven't received al-jazeera freetown sierra leone now in the indian capital new delhi all construction has been shut down and there are strict traffic restrictions in already so that this will help to clear this is worse pollution this share no building activity will be allowed until next week schools are closed as a toxic haze from farm fires hangs over the capital on friday an index measuring appellations hit 494 anything about 400.


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