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tv   The Cost Of Living  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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down the mountain sweeping away homes and people living in them more than a 1000 people were killed hundreds are still missing environmentalist warned that the risk of mudslides happening again is very high but what happened here has failed to discourage developers construction still continues in the shadows of the mountain. with extensive damage already done to the environment government has ordered demolitions and introduced to penalties for illegal logging mining and land grabs we have asked people to go to multitask communities and see if we can draw the greenbacks so that people don't go beyond those areas so we are going over that in terms of planning we know how to ground that insurance before you act any beauty you don't erect your building on water catchment areas in disaster prone areas. but environmentalists say government actions may be too late for some areas and warn of more tragedies if we continue this is going to happen and it will happen again and
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again until we don't stop the disaster is here and it's going to be we toss it happened very recently last this rain this is him and if you happen to get the penalties for environmental destruction are now in place trouble is demand for housing timber and the money they make remains so high that many are still prepared to take the risk degrees al-jazeera freetown sierra leone. now in the indian capital new delhi all construction has been shut down and there are strict traffic restrictions your forty's so that this will help to clear this is worse pollution this share no building activity will be allowed until next week schools closed as a toxic haze from farm fires hangs over the capital on friday an index measuring air pollutants hit 484 anything about 400 is
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a risk not only to people with existing breathing problems but to those with healthy lungs to. a cave in thailand is reopened out a year after young footballers were rescued from its flooded depths about 2000 people lined up to get a look at the entrance of the cave complex which stretches several kilometers into a mountain among them are some of the navy seals who were involved in the rescue the 12 boys in their case were trapped for 18 days. coming up next in sports up with south africa lead in the world cup roughly 5 nil and can they hold on to win their title. a firsthand glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists in the age of donald trump we are fighting the fake tears falling the enemy of the people through the eyes of a veteran white house correspondent what do you base your legs on the series or
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down the press is not after truck after that we're not the enemy of the people we are the people u.s.a. the current battle ground truth is it anyway on al jazeera. oldest muslim undertakers working here is a 7 day a week job that's grown with a community my father purchase a black ambulance man started to do the funeral in london and their families we saw stop being part of indonesia and became is this part of the stories we told our team here told by the people who the gift is such a level that i should east and undertakers this is europe an artist era.
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right time to be only for the school's news of course what's going on in japan lia yeah the rugby world cup thanks martine south africa are leading england with just minutes remaining in the world cup final 100 pollarded the star for the springboks he slotted 6 penalties in a conversion to give the springboks a 2512 lead as they look to win their 3rd world cup title for me the miller joins us now from a fan zone in johannesburg for me what is the mood like there where you are must be crazy. the you can only imagine how excited people here are just comes off to that 2nd try and people are shouting cheering singing psalms just waiting for the final minutes of this game to confine south africa 3rd time winners of the world cup but i want to bring in 2 fans who are here
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today lawrence out the way as well as up enough to torino p.r. how are you feeling at this point we're just minutes away from a victory for south africa oh man i'm so excited to just hopefully folder to school there is so amazing so your really good for us and shake you know if you get going to come back so will be forced to. i think this would be the title for south africa how important is it for so that the kids it's actually very important for the african because that's the group that the season next year i was just making its way to this so. 6 that yet thank you very much people here are very excited i'm not sure if you're able to hear all of it oh but you know the gentleman be speaking to clearly able to keep their eyes off the screen just waiting for the final minutes of the game to wrap up. thank you for me to enjoy the rest of that match what's going to rory chalons now who's with the
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english fans in london maybe not as much of an exciting town where you are tell us what. like there. are no i mean this is normally in england performance the ages certainly when you were married to the role during new zealand in the semifinal and so the atmosphere here in this bar in london i think it's been a bit frustrated with what they've been watching on the screen since a mixed crowd here this is central london obviously lots of people from lots of different corners of the world there are even fans and when there are as many south african fans as well they've had planes easy chair about for from the england corner. this has been a frustrating performance england never really beat in the game they've had penalties kicks against them and just seen a couple of tries run cost airline in the 2nd half of the game so not one is given much for england fans to cheer about and consequently here that i
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think the atmosphere is being rather steve. all right mary thank you for joining us there in london will paul reeses outside the stadium and yokohama and he is live for us as well paul what's at stake in this final would you say. well what's at stake is obviously well it's no longer at stake really south africa are going to win that 3rd world cup but this one almost means as much as the really iconic victory in 1995 that was a victory that really united a a racially divided nation at the start of nelson mandela's rule but at that time there was only one black player in a virtually all white springbok side now there are 11 black players in the squad in a short time their 1st black captain he's not behind me i don't know i'm looking to see it is going to lift the world cup which is going to be really iconic moment for i think i think all africans seeing what they can what they can aspire to in
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a sport that i think can really take root in on the continent but once you start with south africa side you know. over the last year they were in disarray that had record defeat to new zealand a record defeats our island they had lost to italy he's completely turned it around they've they've only lost once in 2019 that was their 1st match against new zealand they've gone on to a romp and to win against england in this final mark is only pimply has scored their 1st ever world cup final troy he was playing rugby just a few years ago he only made his debut last year as well as his captain khaleesi he's a symbol of what people from the townships and the rural areas in south africa can be motivated to do for the springbok side in the future all right paul well thanks for joining us and for covering on what's going on behind you. ari to tennis now rafa on the dollars continuing his bid for a maiden paris masters title and
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a chance to regain the world number one ranking in the spaniard is into the semifinals there after beating. 7661 on friday. world number one novak djokovic also until last for on friday he wasted little time and getting revenge over its finest sits a fast who beat him in shanghai 3 weeks ago djokovic totally dominating this time when 6162 in western. at the finals and then china defending champion alina's battalino won her final group stage game on friday the ukrainian was up against american sophia cannon who was only playing here because of bianca and the injury with drop that alina coming out on top in straight sets waiting for her in the semifinals is switzerland belinda. world number 2 carolina is also into the semifinals she took the 1st set against him on a 6 love but lost the 2nd 6 to the czech though when the decisive set 64 to set up
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a semi final showdown with world number one ashley barty. lewis hamilton was quickest during 2nd practice for sunday's american grand prix in austin texas the mercedes drivers could win his 6 world title on sunday ahead of that race formula one have announced brand new rules and a revolutionary new car design for the 2021 season in an effort to make the sport more competitive the new regulations followed 2 years of negotiations between the teams f one and the sport's governing body the f.i.a. mixed martial arts fighter khana mcgregor has been convicted of assaulting a man in a pub he was also fine just over a $1000.00 in court mcgregor said his actions were very wrong and assured the judge that nothing of this nature it will happen again the 31 year old hasn't fought in the m.m.a. since losing by submission to could be. before that he was banned for 6 months for his part in a post fight brawl. to the n.b.a.
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in golden state stephanie steph curry will miss 3 months of games after breaking his hand this week and there's even more bad news for his team who lost to the san antonio spurs they struggled without their shooting guard that they did manage to hold their own until patty mills scored 31 points to put the spurs ahead final score 127110. well that's all yours for me and you back over to my team there thank you very much indeed now as katha gives out for the 2022 football world cup there's a big focus on technological innovation i think the fans in say the years as well as the public pal has been to the small city x. for. the latest advances in robotics technology and 5 g. gaming can always wow a crowd. or transport us to a digitized future in this case football fans are getting a taste of what's in store for the 2022 world cup from the ticketing to hologram
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selfies with players. beyond sports projects for what's being called the smart city cats are is working to transform itself into a smart country to digitize and revolutionize the way transportation health care environment and logistics are managed. established businesses and startups from around the world are hoping to get a piece of the action for about is a 3 d. printing machine that's been modified to do gardening operations so you can use it to plant seeds it can do for sitting watering using the amount and specific location of water for each plant it also does moisture testing soil testing and if it can do weeding it has a smartish a camera that's able to determine what is a plant and what its weed hundreds of initiatives will be picked up by cats are smart program known as task which plans to spend $1600000000.00 over the next 5 years to improve the quality of life another device that's connecting people to the services they need is the. ult station if you're sick you can enter
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a booth like this one and the pads through to a doctor who will run tests and provide treatment remotely the inventor says that it can be placed in shopping malls and your apartment block but it can also go to areas that are lacking access to public health care we are talking the way you can talk about loans to deploy these kind of so we'll show you where people live where people where recchi people go to make do all distrust connected and the city of the world. government officials hope such technology can reduce dependency on hospitals shorten queues and provide information that can save precious time in an emergency but there is a huge and always increasing demand for medical infrastructure but no matter how much we increase at them for such a demand will always increase but with a virtual consultation people can actually connect to doctors from home without having to go to a primary case and with so many smart solutions to our age old problems these new
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technological advances could help many here in qatar and elsewhere in the world enter schapelle al-jazeera doha and very quickly this go back to johannesburg south africa where as you can see there are celebrations as a spring brought box of wine the rugby world cup 32 to 12 is this call that.
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why injections of the world's beaches in the sport of sponsorship. from some of the top players. that's fun to watch us play because we focus on skillful and hard challenging shocks. al-jazeera world examines why egyptians dominate the sport egypt squash champions on al-jazeera. when an ethiopian mother put her daughter up for adoption she knew little of what was to come. with family been severed the traumatized child tone between 2 wounds struggles to return home in a profoundly human story exposing deep flaws in denmark's adoption system and. a girl in return a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was
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when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square 2 or 3. years ago. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. protesters in hong kong met by a water cannon and tear gas police break up a rally described as an emergency call for autonomy. to watching al-jazeera lie for a headquarters and. also
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a heads dozens of soldiers killed in mali during the 2nd major attack on the military in just over a month also. the democrat party has gone completely insane. donald trump raises the angry majority supports him against impeachment efforts plus. celebrations right now in johannesburg after south africa win their 3rd a run in. world cup defeating england emphatically 32 to 12. hello police in hong kong have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse thousands of people who are rallying for the 22nd straight weekend some protesters threw burning objects on to the roads in a bid to keep riot police away prominent activists joshua long had called for 100000 people to march on saturday the protests began over proposed changes to
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extradition laws which have since been scrapped let's get an update from difficult paul and joining us from hong kong to feel what are you seeing. i'm in the middle of hong kong's financial center this place is usually full of tourists at this time of the night people going out for dinner on a saturday night it's anti it's been cleared out protesters have taken over the streets that built up barricades that are slowly being dismantled as far engines fire trucks and riot police have walked through moments ago this area was thick with tear gas and protesters dispersed keeping up with their philosophy of be like water they are i hear they have gone to the other parts of the city once again they also have said far to the metro station something that been doing quite regularly taken up public property off the ground and using them as barriers to stop carson other vehicles from coming through so once again
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a nother weekend 8 of cat and mouse games with the police and protesters in hong kong once again throwing up a challenge to the authorities and what can you tell us about the presence of the police and the security services on the street right now. well the difficult thing about following these protests is that they move so quickly earlier i would say less than half an hour ago there were hundreds if not thousands of protesters here all black with black masks on setting up barricades police came in there are dozens or paul possibly in their scores firing tear gas canisters one after the other to. dispersing all the protesters there are now different parts of the city we're also hearing that for the very unusual move the set fire to the scene my new state agency that's you know the chinese government's mouthpiece that's about 4 or 5 kilometers away from here set fire to the entrance of the new
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state agencies building this has been something protesters have been doing in the sense that been targeting and very carefully targeting pro china are chinese businesses or any business or any and city that is seen as supporting the beijing government and the protest ok to feel we'll leave it there thank you for that update from hong kong at least 53 soldiers and one civilian have been killed in an attack on a military base in northeastern mali it happened at an outpost in the minako region but no group has claimed responsibility our correspondent mohammed vall is joining us now he's reported extensively from the region why would the military be a target in this attack and what can you tell us about what you're learning about this latest attack. yes. we've just received some information from our sources that you know a local source in the area said isis has claimed responsibility but we are still waiting for an official announcement we understand but this type of announcements
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takes time because of the security considerations because of the virus groups trying to coordinate if they have indeed worked together on this major attack they need to coordinate their what they are going to say to the media about the about the attack we know our we know that according to the mali and government official mali and government announcement that 53 soldiers were killed other sources talk about 38 militia members from those militia that work with the mali in government army and also with the french and the. and the west african troops 38 have been killed in the attack so it's a big blow against those troops trying to keep the peace in the region and trying to fight against al qaeda bases and groups related to them in that area and why do these groups continue to be so active in the region considering the international
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intervention force that's also there. well it's very clear that the the campaign that has been going on for years actually since 2012 has has failed to to finish those groups there despite the convergence of thousands and thousands of troops 5000 you have mentioned from the g 5 countries. including mali and 4 other side held countries you have thousands from false and you and has also a big existence there u.n. peacekeepers despite those efforts despite those armies it's very clear that that campaign has not given the results that were intended and thus probably according to analysts because the intension itself many accuse those troops of not really being their own lead to finish that phenomenon of so-called terrorism
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in the region but also countries have interests they have interest in staying there for a long time and coordination with them ali in government also is faltering because they accuse the modern government of not doing its share we have seen those defeats after defeats by them against a mali an army accusations there that whatever is give whatever is done whatever help is given to the modern army it's not making this army prepared enough to face the threat we also have their vast desert the fact that those thousands and thousands of kilometers of the son hell are uncontrollable those troops or so from foreign countries are not really going out chasing those groups but merely staying in big cities and mainly concerned about their own safety so lots of interested factors they're playing a role in making this operation very difficult and making it less fruitful ok and how many valves thank you. at least one person has been killed in gaza after israel
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launched airstrikes on sites it says are linked to hamas the group that controls the strip health officials in gaza say 2 other people have been injured israel says it was responding after 10 rockets were fired from the palestinian territory iraqis have held a ceremony to mourn $250.00 people killed in protests over the pa smog hundreds marched in the southern city of basra more than 10000 people have also been wounded in the rallies against corruption and unemployment president has a promise to hold elections but hasn't said when. and protests have started up again and we're reporting in a touch of a name explains more now in the city of basra it looks like their protests are blocking operations of critical utilities local sources are telling us that protesters and security forces in basra have been fighting in front of the room a hostile report since last evening there was the sit in there and. we understand
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protesters had been blocking the entrance and hole to operations forward to the port for about 6 days security forces came in cleared the sit in and that's when local sources tell us about 100 people were injured some of them seriously protesters remain there carrying signs that say iran out of iraq you affairs another one a sign it is. the iraqi government made by iran protesters are upset they say that the ports revenue is being diverted away from their city and leaving them with poor basic services. south africa have kicked their way to victory against england in the rugby world cup final andre pollarded was the star for the springboks he slaughtered 6 penalties and a conversion a south africa claimed their 3rd world cup crown with a 3212 win over favorites england for me as
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a miller is joining us from one of the found zones that was set up in johannesburg for me is a clearly people very happy where you are. people here are excited to see so bond reclaim their 3rd world cup title who have been watching the match on the big screen behind us a few 1000 people at this particular venue many others like kids across all that because specially in big cities we're speaking to 2 clowns excited to see saw that we could win ashes and do so just what does this victory mean for you oh i lied to you it means a lot especially for i was coming loads of eastern cape and she had written judging us very well without 2nd rotation stuff fault it was a tough game but that they strive both an amazing job with joy every moment of it even with the weather the sun to the super hot button state of the game was amazing . results as lot has been made about see how police believe in this team and how
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much it means to sell the africans the black south africans in particular in times of the transformation of the game representation but also with the south africans can take this game. so it is going to get their police see the captain of the team a black south african for the 1st time a lot has been made of it how do you feel about how the game is transformed and does it mean anything to you is it different in means a lot it's no i think this is the most amount of all that players those who had no walcott sport and have done you could do as well if not paid on so means that they really means a lot to us and for the those who have been there for 30 of the. that's why i think that's at that you what deserves to be in the squad and the biggest the meadow with where they come from that would be united as a country supporting the boys and i think they were all giving us something to smile about this year but thanks so much for your time so speaking to fans they among thousands you know in johannesburg who was thrown just.
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watching what's expected to be the handover of that trophy to the squad many years saying it's a tell a team that does not sit too many waiting to celebrate more ok a thank you for that update from johannesburg and let's now cross over to the stadium where that match was played it will bring in paula joining us from just outside in yokohama so a poll what's going on where you are now that the match is over. well as you can see quite a few disappointed england fans leaving you know they were really expecting great things in this final after the way they dismantled new zealand in the semifinal but south africa rather dismantled them in this one you know they they won all the unglamorous parts of the game but the break down the line amanda it was those 2 from toss stick troy's in the 2nd hole just south africa.


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