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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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as far as my dad and it's only a small group that took that action most protesters were around milling around peacefully police dispersed them from their foreign tear gas pepper spray protesters are once again come back to this area and they've been firing in indiscriminately tear gas at not only the protesters but also at passers by many of them the elderly people with young children but police have yet again failed to clear the area protesters will disperse along with their philosophy of be like water they will come right back set up barricades again i have to point out that these police actions are not are protesters are defying the police actions despite the fact the police are trying to clamp down harder on them and there have been more than 200 arrests earlier this week including teenagers. right and as we said earlier this is what the 22nd week how much much resilience do you think this protest movement actually has to sustain this campaign do you think that they
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can continue because it seems very much as the authorities are basically going to sit his house and just wait and see. well 'd and the general sense is as soon as it starts to somewhat away in a little bit the government or the authorities do something to anger the people of hong kong again and you have the protesters coming back on the streets this week what made them take to the streets again in anger was the fact that these. joshua won amongst other pro-democracy icon's were denied being able to take part in local cattle council elections just one himself said it was politically motivated and called for people to come out in the streets also worrying people as earlier this week china's plenary the communist government had a closed door meeting and they mentioned hong kong which. very unusual and released
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a communique saying that they were going to improve quote unquote hong kong's legal system and look into hong kong security situation now that worries hong kong people because that. fact means that china will be tightening and tightening its grip and their access to freedom or their freedom of expression will be tightened even more . than live in hong kong thank you. roadside bomb in northeastern afghanistan has killed 8 children the victims between the ages of 10 and 15 it happened in the province of taka no one's claimed responsibility so far though the air is seen frequent fighting between the taliban and government forces in recent months. we've got lots was callin this al-jazeera news hour including violence in chile as fountains of protest as keep up the pressure on the government. and more than a quarter of a 1000000 people in somalia forced out of their homes by severe flooding and in
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sport the golden state warriors lives in the n.b.a. and then landed more bad news find out how long their star players up for. that the u.s. state department accused iran of being the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism in an annual report it praise gulf countries for making progress and says more needs to be done victoria case in the reports of iran's spends nearly a $1000000000.00 a year supporting what the u.s. describes as terrorist groups that's according to an annual report on terrorism by the u.s. state department. it says iran uses its proxies to expand its influence around the world on the gulf region the report paints a mixed picture it says that despite serious efforts by governments some individuals and groups is still financing attacks in particular it says the u.a.e.
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government works well with the u.s. intelligence agencies but hasn't done enough to prevent terrorist organizations from exploiting financial loopholes certainly u.a.e. did not succeed entirely in its pledges did not succeed. in its efforts to eradicate terrorism certainly it had most of its success in preventing attacks in u.a.e. so i would have received in that respect but in terms of terror and for terrorist financing back into news to flow in the u.a.e. there needs to be a lot more done the state department also says the 29 month blockade imposed on cattle by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt is hampering regional counterterrorism efforts u.s. position is very clear and that is that. gulf reconciliation is a core national security interest and more than that in the state department report that was just released today it specifically stressed that lack of
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a lack of coordination between the g.c.c. actually hampering counterterrorism cooperation in the region as the blockade continues the u.s. position is that outside pressure on either side would not help end the blockade and thought regional instability can only add to rising tensions with iran the turia gates and be al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump defended himself on the campaign trial against the congressional impeachment inquiry that's come off the democrats approved rules fall they hearings is a pretty as the proceedings go public al-jazeera israel central has the latest. it's one thing to attack your political opponents on twitter the democrat party has gone completely insane. it's another to do what all your political
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base is cheering you on that's how us president donald trump spent his friday night . first day engineer to russia hoax that was a total hoax the single greatest flaw. ever foist year upon the american people then the motor what shut it never ended and now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi. and shifty adam shift shifting. and the media are continuing with the during. impeachment which as this is one i never thought to be involved in the word impeachment to me it's a dirty word. the rally was trump's 1st since the house of representatives formally endorsed the impeachment inquiry against him on thursday trump told the crowd he
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never pressured ukrainian president claude mayer selenski to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter and that he did not withhold nearly $400000000.00 in military aid to 4 selenski to comply. at the same time several democratic candidates campaigned for votes in iowa and joe biden used the event to fire back at trump vladimir putin don't want me to be president. and number 2. donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. spend a lot of money to make sure i'm not i'm flattered on capitol hill next week democrats once again will question trumpet ministration officials behind closed doors while some officials have already appeared others are refusing to show up the latest energy secretary rick perry who says there was nothing wrong with
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trump's call to zelinsky yeah i wanted to present my phone call because i thought it was important. if you brace which i do everything to do with us back to the point that the united states has the ability to give ukraine. a alternative to russian gas legislators could issue a subpoena forcing perry to appear or risk being arrested and we will make america great again. raising the ante and the pressure on a president who says he will fight what he calls illegal effort to undermine his rule russell and jordan al-jazeera washington. and the democratic presidential hopeful better rawk has pulled out of the race even seen as a promising new force in the policy after narrowly losing
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a senate spot in texas that's a state that's normally fiercely republican addressing supporters he said his campaign didn't have the means to move forward but he said he would stay active in the fight to defeat donald trump a fire has been threatening homes all fields and orchards in southern california even as winds helped crews get on top of the fires elsewhere in the u.s. state the laces flare up is around 100 kilometers northwest of los angeles about $1305.00 ases including many from other parts of the country have been called in to help we are in the middle of a big fire. week into this and the end is not yet inside we are finding that the winds are starting to change a nappy sense its own challenges all by itself is a when. we have a whole new fuel that opens up in a subject to a pretty significant. anti-government demonstrations in lebanon are coming down
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a little on friday the banks open for the 1st time in 2 weeks and there are restrictions on foreign currency transactions schools and universities they've also reaffirmed that office. the commander in chief of iran's influential revolution we girls made a vague reference to the protests in the region major general casey and some army seemed to hit back at criticism over iran's influence in both iraq and lebanon you know if. iran does not have an eye on any country we will extend our power to the point that if any enemy wants to use a location to attack iran we will destroy that location so our reaches beyond our own borders meaning that we will extend our area of power to any where our enemy intends to plot against us we have achieved this power more now from our correspondent in toronto. major general hussein we iterated iran's position that they will continue to defend their interests in the middle east he
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said that iran will not shy away from protecting its interests in the neighboring countries hinting at the fact that the events that have been unfolding in syria lebanon and iraq is something that has been instigated by foreign powers mainly the united states and iran will not stand for it that they will defend their own interests in those countries the major general also announced that iran has now got more than enough missiles in its stockpile to defend its interests anywhere in the region and that they are ready and able and willing to defend themselves the events that he was speaking at is the upcoming 40th anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover by university students on november 4th 1979 which led to the relations between iran and the united states being severed at that point they were indians have now unveiled a series of new murals outside this building which is now a museum the murals really reiterate the position and the relationship between iran
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and the united states and how strained they have been over the past few years. thousands of protesters of again turned out for an anti government demonstration in chile they've been protesting in santiago the capital basically about economic inequality the police have responded with water cannons and tear gas the armrests has had a bad impact on the tourism industry hotel reservations are reduced by about 50 percent and chile has as you probably remember canceled to international summits that it was due to host. well meanwhile the u.n. is looking into allegations of police brutality there his latin america editor lucien human. a secondary school student leader is seen here being dragged out of his home by security forces without an arrest warrant.
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another student leader is taken away illegally from her apartment building scenes reminiscent of chile's former military dictatorship. community activist daniel mina has been sleeping in a different place every night since she filed a complaint with chile's human rights institute so for security reasons he asks to meet us in a park where they would be said to me i was beaten by the police and then they choked me for a long period that was in a 20 or 30 a police station of points. he's in a gun he was eventually released but then nearly lost his right eye 10 days ago when he was hit with a lead pellet during another protest. they operated on me here take out a pellet to hit me here and fortunately stuck in my eye socket and one of the lucky ones who didn't lose his eye are no people who have lost both eyes off to be shot by pellets and tear gas canisters. a mission from the u.n. commission for human rights is in chile investigating hundreds of charges of abuses
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by security forces from illegal detentions to excessive use of force to torture and rape the international says they've been scores of complaints of sexual abuses even against minors i couldn't let him go but you must take into account that many people are afraid to take legal action against those who may have abused them or family members even after the state of emergency was lifted on monday the police continue committing human rights violations against peaceful protesters. a member of the human rights institute was shot by police with pellets earlier this week while monitoring apiece. still protest. here in the capital demonstrators commemorated all saints' day with a silent march to protest against those allegedly killed by security forces in the last 2 weeks of social unrest the human rights charges are contributing to mounting calls for president to get his resignation and in an unprecedented move since chile
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return to democracy and impeachment request has been presented in congress by members of the opposition. authorities insist that with rare exceptions security forces are respecting international protocols. will continue in accusations of abuses seem to indicate otherwise you see a human al-jazeera santiago. a severe flooding across large parts of somalia more than a quarter of a 1000000 people looking for shelter and it's about to get worse aid agencies say at least 10 people have died already in the town of belet wayne that's west of mogadishu the capital a more than 250000 have been displaced with large parts of central and southern somalia underwater priyanka gupta reports. roads have turned into rivers in central and southern somalia i people here are struggling with rising
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floodwaters after days of unexpected heavy rainfall in the towns and villages are submerged families are displaced. thousands of hectares of farmland are destroyed. aid agencies say to try to diseases like cholera malaria are real. and hunger latch. was going to be we desperately need help here from anyone who can help us things are bad and help means to come fast before it's too late. the october down pose came after one of somalia's tries trini seasons in more than 3 decades. before the flood there was a serious drought here now many of these areas are cut off because of floods with people trapped inside their homes there are casualties but it's not known just how many people have died. we are working on rescue operations we so far have managed
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to find the dead bodies of 5 people thanks to a law we did our best and will continue looking for more dead bodies more than 1000000 people are affected by floods across the east africa and people in somalia south sudan and kenya i'm now bracing for more green that could last for up to 6 weeks and a tropical storm in the coming days priyanka gupta al-jazeera. well from that severe flooding to drought it's time for look at the world weather is rob i'm against right to the opposite really feel like the middle of the red heart of the desert constant australia or is no longer climb a bowl but here too we do get whether it's quite possible this grass fire was started by lightning for from that went through whether or not it was just of a point tonight but this sort of thing is been very active this is spring of course in australia we've seen temperatures and rain come and go quite wildly there is a drought in new south wales any rain is welcome however it doesn't always come the
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way you wanted for example this is the warhead of that cold front that is a wall of sense of dust if you like in the vertical rain in it there are thunderstorms there at the moment and they are making a welcome witness in one of 2 places however temperatures have been the telling thing in melbourne just ahead of this cold front has up to 34 degrees couple days ago the average is 20 the record by 37 so we were on the high side and we just started the melton melbourne cup festival horseracing if you like awful start to it today saturday but temps will drop in the rain will go through the picture for sunday 20 degrees in melbourne but look at the greed that's the good thing this is rain for new south wales still suffering from drought rotting. thank you very much indeed come on this. sierra leone's illegal mining in the deadly consequences of stripping away nature. of.
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musicians with a message at a time when an indonesian province is beset by violence find out more. south africans go wild understandably to celebrate that rugby world cup win win explained why this is historic. the prime minister. mission is to deliver british on the 31st of october and making this country the greatest places all over britain japan is delayed. follow the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera the bold and the magnet for tourists from around the globe the behind the picturesque landscape young men
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leaping to bond with on groups in syria but i went east investigates on al-jazeera . dismiss the undertakers working here is a 7 day a week job that's grown with a community my father purchased a black. started to do the laundry and we saw the stopping part of indonesia and became business partners the stories we told our team here told by the people who the gives you such a level. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. tarver 2nd of the top stories here of the al-jazeera news out to gas has been fired
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in hong kong as thousands of people rallied for the 22nd straight week and a large crowd was saw from entering a park where the anti-government gathering was planned the demonstrations of grown over the past 5 months mainly over china's perceived increasing influence. at least $53.00 soldiers and one civilian are being killed in an attack on a military base in northeastern mali was carried out on an outpost in the minako region. at least 120 people have been injured in the southern iraqi city of. the country's human rights commission says many were hurt when security forces moved to break up a protest hundreds have been blocking roads leading to the polls and all fields. 34 civilians have died in russian airstrikes in syria's northwestern if province fighting there is intensified and by the mountains around the latakia region on saturday rebel forces launch an operation to halt the advance of syrian government
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troops that's hasham a whole bar explains many civilians fear the worst is yet. to come. hardly a day goes by without strikes or glasses on the ground the province in northern syria is controlled by rebel forces opposed to president bashar assad thanks the main group operating in the area is hate at. h.t.s. . it's opposes talks with the government and its fighters are deployed south near hansei horn where government troops are on the offensive a few days ago president bashar al assad made a surprise visit to newly captured territory south of it. reinforcements are pouring into the area and for the 3 and a half 1000000 people living there the buildup is
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a sign that war fighting is imminent and a new one if that iraq regime is going to end its aim to move its troops to a position territory and recapture that he's using the same tactic that helped him take over homes and there are further north not far from the battlefield it's another relatively quiet day in at him a village south of it live city this is where i was born 9 years ago his only known life in a war zone he goes to school in the morning and then spends long hours in the afternoon collecting firewood ahead of the harsh winter when temperatures can fall below 0 a little him is one of hundreds of thousands of children in syria who have been traumatized by the war. i'm happy as long as my brothers uncles and relatives are still alive. but if any one of them or our neighbors got killed in iraq strikes i will be sad people in villages in the south of it are planning to
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evacuated if government troops launched their offensive in the past the could flee to rebel held territory but this time they have nowhere to go there's growing anxiety among the people of. the rebels are no match for russian support your a-t. and government troops are determined to use all means to take back and deliver a final blow to their opponents about al-jazeera over british police now believe all 39 people who were found dead in a refrigerated truck just outside of london were from vietnam a 2nd man from northern ireland has been charged with manslaughter a man harrison appeared in court in dublin that's in the irish republic he faced $41.00 charges and is awaiting extradition to the u.k. the truck driver he was charged on monday he was charged with similar offenses including people trafficking and 2 people have been arrested in vietnam there
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fracking in the u.k. has been stopped after a report by the regulator raise new concerns about its link to earthquakes the government's decision follows research by the on and gas with already there found it's unable to accurately predict the strength of tremors linked to the gas or oil extraction process the investigation was prompted by a magnitude $2.00 quake at a site in northern england in august well fracking tapped into oil and gas reserves by turning the drill horizontally and going out hundreds of meters into shale formation the casing of the well is m. punctured with explosives explosives in a mixture of water sand and chemicals is for through the holes at high pressure this breaks apart the shale rock creating pathways for the oil and gas to flow into the well. jamie peace is a campaign against fossil feels that friends of the earth u.k. joining us now from scotland from glasgow thanks for talking to us you must be
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delighted that boris johnson has turned around and this is a moratorium at least on fracking in the u.k. or we are delighted to have been on the phone all morning with friends in lancashire whose face these are questions for the sender straight for over 8 years and they fought through force of the government to make out that the government is not just decide to be decided because of this of rising from the grassroots across the country and it truly is testament to their hard work compassion to stop was scandalous and this recently can open a group but it's just a moratorium my suspension rather than outright ban. that's right friends of the earth and campaigners across the country were always going to push for a complete ban in front in not just the mainland across the world not here not anymore the motto you're right it's not obama but is absolutely a moment to celebrate saw many people's lives have been taken over with us and
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mistreated us for years and it just fell on thank you believe me you're going to be at the stage we were talking about moratoriums bar last in our bedroom you are i believe it or not i know but this i mean it's quite a dramatic u. turn is it on the part of the conservative government to take this kind of position regarding fracking can you see this as a cynical election ploy if you like to try to woo over those people who were in the fracking prespective fracking districts who happen to be potentially labor voters and this is the conservative party's way of just trying to woo them in. well the thing i was 3 years ago wasn't any political parties he said around to frock and no the liberal democrats agreed the green party goal was going against the labor he said to bomb frock and drug the tories to this point to the extent david cameron sent and george osborne that they're all over soon gas and no we're a stage where they're saying there are drawn from convincing credible we know
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there's an election coming up but ultimately people who need the government drop frock in this is been a hard for a factory and it's testament to these communities across england right or not all right ok well let's give you a victory set me on u.k. territory but what about fracking around the world i mean it's going from strength to strength isn't it from from the united states to canada to australia to algeria to argentina or to absolutely not ones from strength to strength fascism and this it will be defeated and it's an absolute jondo at any charity as defeats rock and doesn't matter if it's in lancaster or argentina or out judea we have to stop it and the unity government been involved in funding frighten operations and welcome left in argentina is a disgrace and something friends there for competing against as i said the mortal down to front commitment is not here are not anywhere and this industry will be defeated daily pieces of friends of the earth ek thank you very much indeed for
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talking to us live. thank you. now illegal mining in sierra leone sierra leone is being blamed for triggering environmental disasters and causing catastrophic loss of life the government there is introducing stiff penalties for the people behind it but some fear it may be too little too late a meticulous report from the capital freetown. sierra leone's beauty is framed by it and julie to mountains rivers and the atlantic ocean. just a 7 and a half 1000000 people call this hole so also a wide variety of plant and animal species. but the country's beauty and the terrain are changing fast mainly because of unrestrained exploitation of the environment in search of natural resources. large scale mining and deforestation have exposed eco system father was saying the country's vulnerability to natural disasters such as flood and mudslide the forests color is
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a big stability for the land structure we don't have huge granites in what we have a lot right rocks and those rights rights rocks are liable to rule to weaknesses when once it is exposed the water gets into it and it happening all over several young from the mountain ranges to the low lying areas then 2 years ago tragedy struck in 2017 this side of sugarloaf mountain broke lose rocks and debris cascaded down the mountain sweeping away homes and people living in them more than a 1000 people were killed hundreds are still missing environmentalist warned that the risk of mudslides happening again is very high but what happened here has failed to discourage developers construction still continues in the shadows of the mountain. with extensive damage already done to the environment government has
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ordered demolitions and introduced of penalties for illegal logging mining and land grabs. we have asked people to go to. communities and see if we can draw the green beds so that people don't go beyond those areas so we are going or that in terms of planning we know what. ground that insurance before you act and the beauty you don't erect your building on water catchment areas in disaster prone areas. but environmentalists say government actions may be too late for some areas and warn of more tragedies if we continue this is going to happen and it will happen again and again on till we just stop the disaster is here and it's going to be we toss it happened very recently last this rainy season and it will happen again the penalties for environmental destruction are now in place trouble is demand for
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housing timber and the money they make remains so high but many are still prepared to take the risk that it resists al-jazeera freetown sierra leone the authorities in new delhi have the shut down of all construction and traffic restrictions will help to clear the city's worst pollution this year there's no building activity allowed until next week schools are closed as a toxic haze from farm fires hangs over the indian capital on friday an index of air pollutants hit 494 that's when anything about $400.00 is a risk not only to people with breathing difficulties but with those without the lungs to. catalans in australia are calling on the government to speak out against recent violence in the indonesian province that they fled to thousands of people have been killed since mid september and then the government has banned foreign journalists and diplomats from going there to help focus attention exiled kaplan's a put together a book and a music album describing
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a previous massacre under thomas reports. the song commemorates massacre one. survived in 1908 hundreds of papuans gathered around independence like people had raised above the water tower at the highest point on. parts of papua they called for an end to what they considered in an easier occupation a new book and digital album of britain testimony pictures music and animation describes what happened next. the flag flew for 4 days before indonesian troops took it down brutally this recent video shows a bullet hole in the water tower so more than 100 people. we wanted to come up with.


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