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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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foreign countries are not really going out chasing those groups but in big cities concerned about their own safety so lots of interested factors they're playing a role in making this operation very difficult and making it less fruitful anti-government demonstrations in lebanon are coming down on friday banks open for the 1st time in 2 weeks but there are some restrictions on foreign currency transactions schools and universities also reopened their doors the commander in chief of iran's influential revolutionary guards made a veiled reference to those protests in lebanon major general hussein salami seemed to hit back at criticism over iran's influence in iraq and lebanon you know if. iran does not have an eye on any country we will extend our power to the point that if any enemy wants to use a location to attack iran we will destroy that location so our reaches beyond our own borders meaning that we will extend our area of power to any where our enemy
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intends to plot against us we have achieved this power. while tens of thousands of people are protesting against pakistan's government and calling on prime minister iran contra resign people involved in the so-called freedom march have gathered in this town a bad after arriving in towns across arriving i'm sorry from towns across the country the group led by a conservative opposition party is angry over pakistan's faltering economy and iran contra leadership they've given him today is to step down but he's refused kamal hyder has the latest from the capital. a day that 2nd day of protests most of the protesters are living on their own. dead making their own bread and whatever they can find in order to get by most of these people are poor people who have traveled from all over pakistan from baluchistan province from the khyber book was from the punjab and even interior of then prague and most of the people say that they will
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stand behind their leader modify the ramón and are waiting for him because they have come here and they say that they are determined to stay here for months if they're made to do soft progress on is going through an important part critical political crisis the political instability is going to bite hard into the economy but more free for like growth buggers than are fed up with the economic crisis they want clean drinking water they want jobs and their warn their children to be able to get a proper education by days did work their fine escort up for leadership which has been taking money from the papers and spending it on themselves in exile or get a petition yeah but again. it's been almost one year since imran khan took over but he's failed to deliver the prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed and it's hard to live we want change and we want to now suddenly downloads but you imran
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khan has not only been protected by the tea party but also by all opposition parties one he came through the elections and 2 he didn't fulfill the promise he made that he will provide jobs houses and improve the living standard applause instead he made people jobless and homeless will stay until he resigns even if he has to stay for months. the next 24 to 48 are going to be critical of the leader of the broader role on a 400 m. on carriage able to make a proper noun. after that deadline. the government of emraan current had her day ignored very very strong recorded judged government and a miscalculation on their part. crikey well just some a bunch of aid spoke with the government just a short while ago now assad says worries about inflation on adjustment that he
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insists the pakistan strained economy is on the right track so far. but it's all. a definitive announcement. it is my personal assessment is that it is unlikely to take a turn for the us the man who is leading the charge. the man who defeated in the. election again. is. going through a difficult adjustment. is on the right track for stabilisation it's coming from a very very difficult situation and it's starting to improve so that's the international view about what's happening in parts of the economy which is. people are body that is inflation there's no doubt about it and it is going to be 2nd.
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believe that the problems of. the difficult situation. is that is the mistakes made by the government and. improve the situation when you go to a stabilization program after a crisis. but as i said even the international agencies are starting to move in that i. and there's plenty more ahead here on this news hour including sierra leone's illegal mining and the deadly consequences of stripping away in nature. the british government hopes the controversial oil extraction process of fracking just weeks before general elections. and unschooled the golden state warriors feel the pain on and off the basketball court. in china a protest for social reforms have entered their 3rd week an estimated $45000.00
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people gathered in the capital santiago on friday and another nationwide demonstration is said to begin in just a few hours this time calling for the president's resignation in america at us as you see in human as in the chilean capital you see we see these demands for pinera as resignation just how much support does that reason to have had an assassin where in what is fast becoming ground 0 at least here in santiago for the demonstrations both peaceful and otherwise in fact we can still smell the tear gas from friday's demonstrations that statues see behind me is absolutely plastered with graffiti a lot of it accusing president. of responsibility for what is being considered violations of human rights and police brutality in this country now at this moment the call for his resignation i wouldn't say is the most widespread demand in this by any means it's much more to do with social demands for better salaries but are
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pensions and dictation and so forth but that could change if the president is an able to curtail these growing charges of human rights abuses that many people in chile thought were saying of the past. yes. a secondary school student leader is seen here being dragged out of his home by security forces without an arrest warrant. another student leader is taken away illegally from her apartment building scenes reminiscent of chile's former military dictatorship. community activist daniel mina has been sleeping in a different place every night since he filed a complaint with chile's human rights institute so for security reasons he asks to meet us in a park where they would be said to me i was beaten by the police and then they choked me for a long period that was in a 20 or 30 a police station of. his and of them he was eventually released but then nearly
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lost his right eye 10 days ago when he was hit with a lead pellet during another protest you know what i guess. they operated on me here to take out a pellet to hit me here and fortunately stuck in my eye socket and one of the lucky ones who didn't lose his eye are no people who have lost both eyes off to be shot by pellets and tear gas canisters. a mission from the u.n. commission for human rights is in chile investigating hundreds of charges of abuses by security forces from illegal detentions to excessive use of force to torture and rape the international says they've been scores of complaints of sexual abuses even against minors i couldn't let him go but you must take into account that many people are afraid to take legal action against those who may have abused them or family members even after the state of emergency was lifted on monday the police continue committing human rights violations against peaceful protesters. a member
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of the human rights institute was shot by police with pellets earlier this week while monitoring a peaceful protest. here in the capital demonstrators commemorated all saying stay with us. silent march to protest against those allegedly killed by security forces in the last 2 weeks of social unrest the human rights charges are contributing to mounting calls for presidency of us to get his resignation and in an unprecedented move and chile return to democracy and impeachment request has been presented in congress by members of the opposition. authorities insist that with rare exceptions security forces are respecting international protocols. will continue. seems to indicate otherwise when you say there have also been i can say actions that foreign countries from russia to venezuela and cuba have all been interfering in trying to destabilize how all those claims being regarded over there.
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where the stats say you know the president came out and accused cuba and venezuela of sending agents here to try to destabilize the situation of trying to increase the protests and making them more violent then the white house came out and suggested president trump himself in fact that the russians are using the kremlin is try is using particularly the social networks to try to stir up violence and destabilize the country now curiously the chilean government has had absolutely nothing about that the kremlin came out just a few short while ago and said that that is not true that it has not interfered whatsoever in other countries elections or in their political systems or upheavals but the chilean government says it is at least investigating the possibility of foreign interference in what's going on here although so far there is no evidence
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of it and these 10 human there are latin america as i live for us in santiago thank you zain. well and lying in sierra leone is being blamed for triggering environmental disasters and causing catastrophic loss of life the government is introducing stiff penalties now for the people behind it but there are fears that it may be too little too late and address reports from. syrians beauty is framed by it and you lately mountains rivers and the atlantic ocean. just a 7 and a half 1000000 people call this hole so also a wide variety of plant and animal species but the country's beauty and the terrain are changing fast mainly because of unrestrained exploitation of the environment in search of natural resources. large scale mining and deforestation have exposed it's fragile ecosystem father was saying the country's vulnerability to natural
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disasters such as flood and mudslide the forests call for if a big stability for the land structure we don't have huge granites in what we have a lot right rocks and those rights rights rocks are liable to weakness is when once it is exposed the water gets into it and it happening all over several young from the mountain ranges to the low lying areas than 2 years ago tragedy struck in 2017 this side of sugarloaf mountain broke lose rocks and debris cascaded down the mountain sweeping away homes and people living in them more than a 1000 people were killed hundreds are still missing environmentalist warned that the risk of mudslides happening again is very high but what happened here has failed to discourage developers construction still continues in the shadows of the
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mountain. with extensive damage already done to the environment government has ordered demolitions and introduced to penalties for illegal logging mining and land grabs we asked people to go to. communities and see if we can draw the greenbacks so that people don't go beyond those areas so we are going or that in times of planning we now want to be on the ground that ensures before you act any beauty you don't erect your building or water catchment areas in disaster prone areas. but environmentalists say government actions may be too late for some areas and warn of more tragedies if we continue this is going to happen and it will happen again and again until we don't stop the disaster is here and it's going to be we toss it happened very recently last this rainy season and if you happen to get the penalties for environmental destruction are now in place trouble is demand
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for housing timber and the money they make remains so high that many are still prepared to take the risk of a decrease al-jazeera freetown sierra leone. still ahead on al-jazeera and us on altera point says the blockade against cattle is hindering efforts to combat problems in the region. as a prank victims in the philippines pick up the pieces after a series of devastating traumas i don't support the reigning light which i play while trying can't stop and except back in asia. hello the winter chill went through eastern europe through its have crossed turkey less than stay behind and that's the end of the frontal system is not particularly
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colonized not to bring any more snow has been a bit in georgia but i think john in this part of iran is going to be rain the cold air is tucked a long way north it'll keep going eastwards give the western side of the tibetan plateau of the himalayan plateau some snow other was a joke about fine weather and still sunshine for the most part nor is it particularly cold is 30 in baghdad still 22 and aleppo and 17 in ankara no cloud in the sky come monday has been a brief change in the weather the humidity is gone from the gulf states particularly encounter with max and have his near 30 than 35 for the most part but it's only a subtle change in the wind direction determines it all this normally changes to an easterly this is come monday so it could be a bit warmer and dusty but probably no more humid and this circulation here this tropical cyclone in the arabian sea will probably stay in the arabian sea but it might throw the potential storms again off towards a mom. southern africa is becoming more and more active now not more of this cloud
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has brought rain but it was some past and useful rain that no longer has it to halt in botswana. rewind returns with a series. updates of the best around to see documentary. green line continues with renditions inside libya's prison when the rebels came to tripoli. so she ended with gaddafi regime it was and the office of spy chief about found a stash of documents which reveal the collaboration between british and libyan intelligence services on al-jazeera. running 6 continents across the. al-jazeera is corresponding sleeping during the stories they tell me on a few of them was enough. of
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a letter. where as they were still barrage an account for palestinian refugees al-jazeera did world news. and i again i missed our mind of our top stories this hour turkey's defense ministry has officially accused kurdish forces of a car bombing that killed at least 13 civilians including children and more than syria about 20 others were injured in the attack near a market in tel aviv at. tear gas has been fired in hong kong as thousands of
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people rallied for the 22nd straight weekend a large crowd was stopped from entering a park where anti-government gatherings planned demonstrations have grown over the past 5 months many of the china's increasing implants. and at least 120 people have been injured in the iraqi city of basra the country's human rights commission says many were hurt when security forces moved to break up the protest camp hundreds have been dropping roads leading to the ports and several oil fields. now the u.s. state department has accused iran of being the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism and an annual report that praised gulf countries for making progress but says more needs to be down the reports. iran's spends nearly a $1000000000.00 a year supporting what the u.s. describes as terrorist groups that's according to an annual report on terrorism by the u.s. state department. it says iran uses its proxies to expand its influence
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around the world on the gulf region the report paints a mixed picture it says that despite serious efforts by governments some individuals and groups is still financing attacks in particular it says the u.a.e. government works well with the u.s. intelligence agencies but hasn't done enough to prevent terrorist organizations from exploiting financial loopholes certainly u.a.e. did not succeed entirely in its pledges to not succeed. in its efforts to eradicate terrorism certainly it had most of its success in preventing attacks in u.a.e. so i will succeed in that respect but in terms of terror terrorist financing back in tin used to flow in the u.a.e. there needs to be a lot more done the state department also says the 29 month blockade imposed on cattle by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt is hampering regional counter-terrorism efforts u.s. position is very. clear and that is that. gulf reconciliation is
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a core national security interest and more than that in the state department report i was just released today. specifically stressed that lack of lack of coordination between the g.c.c. actually hampering counterterrorism cooperation in the region as the blockade continues the u.s. position is that outside pressure on either side would not help and the blockade and such regional instability can only add to rising tensions with iran the turia gates and be al jazeera well for more on this we can speak to bret brennan who is the director of global engagement in the white house under president obama and is currently the president of the global situation room and he joins us now live from washington d.c. so mr bone as a tory i was just reporting that the state department saying iran remains the wild west state sponsor of terrorism and 20 also that the gulf crisis is straining regional counterterrorism efforts just how much are these regional tensions
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hindering us attempts to contain iran now. well i think on the iran front it is only going to get worse as the pressure mounts on tehran they are going to look for other ways to act out and to try to increase the cost on countries in the gulf as well as the u.s. for the sanctions when it comes to regional cooperation without a doubt the countries in the gulf as well as the united states and other allies have got to get on the same sheet of music some of this conflict between countries some of the unilateral action is not helping in the fight against terrorism let's also talk about because i noticed the language in this report like major strides to defeat and degrade isis that isn't as definitive about a victory as president trump has for instance being but i know this is all in reference to last year so with all that's been happening recently with the raid that killed baghdad ian and the u.s.
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pullout from syria how much does the united states with god i still now as an ongoing threat. well let's be quite clear just taking back territory even the death of al baghdadi does not reduce the significant serious threat that i still poses to the united states to our allies in the region in fact in several ways the threat becomes much more complicated now because you don't have as definite a target it is spreading across the region it is moving into places like africa and it is certainly moving online with greater vigor and greater potency and that could result in terrorist attacks popping up in many places around the world well you mentioned africa then earlier this news out also talking about the spread of terrorist attacks in the hell region and this report says that in that region they doubled last year so is there a concern that as this caliphate has been squeezed basic came to nonexistence that
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fight as a now looking to new battlegrounds and and what can western countries do to try to combat well 1st i would say increased aid to africa unfortunately when it comes to a particularly from the united states has been seeing the faucet increasingly tour and go off and not just for the counterterrorism programs but on a whole host of democracy human rights as well as economic programs it is important that that aid is there to shore up support to not leave that territory as vulnerable to extremist groups. wants to bring one other thing that really struck me in this report was the observation that white supremacist and other racially motivated terror organizations are now copying strategy is from on business crepes took us through that. it really interesting development what you're seeing is
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racially ethnically motivated both groups and individuals that are taking a page out of the playbook of isis and what did isis do they were able to use propaganda to fill their coffers to fill their ranks and that is a path that can be replicated by other groups such as those like the racially and ethnically motivated individuals and groups i think it is a issue that merits more attention and efforts to combat bret brown that president of the global situation room joining us from washington d.c. thank you for your analysis on out as an instagram good to be with you. now u.s. president donald trump has defended himself on the campaign trail against a congressional impeachment inquiry that comes after democrats approved rules for the hearings as the proceedings now go public and as they are as roslyn jordan has the nicest. it's one thing to attack your political opponents on twitter the
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democrat party has gone completely insane. it's another to do it while your political base is cheering you on that's how u.s. president donald trump spent his friday night. first day engineer to russia hoax that was a total hoax the single greatest laws ever force church upon the american people then the motor what shut it never ended and now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi. and shifty adam schiff shifting. and the media are continuing with the during. impeachment which as this is one i never thought to be involved in the word impeachment to me it's a dirty word the rally was trump's 1st since the house of representatives formally
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endorsed the impeachment inquiry against him on thursday trump told the crowd he never pressured ukrainian president long to mirrors the lenski to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter and that he did not withhold nearly $400000000.00 in military aid to force alinsky to comply. at the same time several democratic candidates campaigned for votes in iowa and joe biden used the event to fire back a truck vladimir putin don't want me to be president. and number 2. donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. spend a lot of money to make sure i'm not i'm flattered a capitol hill next week democrats once again will question trumpet ministration officials behind closed doors while some officials have already appeared others are
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refusing to show up the latest energy secretary rick perry who says there was nothing wrong with trump's call to zelinsky yeah i want to present my phone call because i thought it was important. if you brace which i do everything to do it is back to the point that the united states has the ability to give ukraine a alternative to russian gas legislators could issue a subpoena forcing perry to appear or risk being arrested and we will make america great again thank you mr. raising the ante and the pressure on a president who says he will fight what he calls an illegal effort to undermine his rule rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. well as president trump hits the campaign trail us democratic presidential hopeful better overall has ended his
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campaign he's been seen as a promising new force in the posse losing a senate spot in texas a state that's normally fiercely proud republican addressing supporters iraq said his campaign did not have the means to move forward but he said he would stay active in the fight to defeat donald trump. now fracking in the united kingdom has been stopped after a report by the regulator raised new concerns about it's going to earth quakes the government's decision follows resets by the oil and gas with r.c. that found its unable to accurately predict the strength of tram is linked to the gas extraction process now the investigation was prompted by a magnitude $2.00 quake at a site in northern england and the oldest fracking is a revolutionary technique to tap into oil and gas reserves by turning the drill horizontally and driving hundreds of me says into a shale formation the casing of the well as and punctured with explosives and then a mixture of water says sand and chemicals as forced through the hole is
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a very high pressure this all breaks apart the shale rock creating pathways for the oil and gas to flow into the well well jamie pieces is a campaign against fossil fuels at friends of the ethnic a and he told us what this means for the people who have been fighting against fracking or we are delighted and i've been on the phone all morning with friends not to show his face these affleck's and fought this industry for over 8 years and they fought until force of the government to make it happen the government is not just decided they've decided because of this uprising from the grassroots across the country and it truly is a testament to their hard work compassion to stop us guns lessen the safety can open a good friend to their friend account dinners across the country we're always going to push for a complete ban in front and not just an ngo and across the world not here not anymore is the motto and you're right not to bombard is absolutely a moment to celebrate so many people's lives have been taken over by this industry
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the past few years and it was found on thank you believe me you're going to be at the stage we were talking about moratoriums but less in our frock and bad in the u.k. sure why not. people in the southern philippines are struggling to recover from 4 earthquakes there over just the last few weeks the devastation has left thousands displaced to maryland oregon reports on the worrying humanitarian crisis looming in our region. many to some below one is desperate she has lost her home her farm and was forced to move to this evacuation center with her family where the earthquake struck north took about a province where. my children's future is destroyed we've lost our home look at the rich situation here now this is all what we managed to save my daughter and granddaughter are sick. thank you almost
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20000 people have been displaced since a series of earthquakes struck many areas of the southern mindanao region last month there are over a 1000 families in this evacuation and the situation is similar all across north about the. place for days there and the situation is dire a short supply of water and food is running out. why now. these people are keen to hear about their village and whether they can return and retrieve any belongings but they're told not yet so for now this evacuation center will have to do in the town of the situation is worse aid is harder to come by and many people are hungry homeless and choma thais . like. a single mother of 6 she tells us they are lucky
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to be able to eat twice a day now. i don't know where to begin we don't have anything to eat no place to sleep it is harder for my children parents like hagin are keeping their children close these see the aftershocks are strong and they have to stay vigilant today is all souls' day and people usually come to cemeteries to remember the dead but not this year for many there is no time to grieve because there are too concerned about how to survive. dogon al-jazeera northcott about a province central philippines. happens in australia according with the government to speak out against recent violence in the indonesian province that they fear had dozens of people have been killed since mid september with indonesia's government banning foreign journalists and diplomats from even visiting the province to help
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focus attention put together a book and a music album describing a previous massacre andrew thomas reports. on. the song commemorates massacre one. survived in 1908 hundreds of papuans gathered around independence like people had raised above the water tower at the highest point on that part of papua they called for an end to what they considered in an easy an occupation a new book and digital album of britain testimony pictures music and animation describes what happened next. the flag flew for 4 days before indonesian troops took it down brutally this recent video shows a bullet hole in the watertown so more than 100 people scaling way i know nature.
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we wanted to come up with something that was really had a really strong male an asian sound. that was artistically strong culturally strong and politically strong as well. we're seeing. the aim is a formal investigation into the p.f. massacre in 2015 indonesia's government did set one up into it and other human rights violations in papua but by late 216 the investigation had stalled. a team to collect. evidence from the police from the local military command from the national commission on human rights from the attorney general's office but it stopped right there there was no more progress after august 2016. these human rights violations happened a long time ago but the president does care but because it's such an old case
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opening the documents is complicated the president is paying attention and we want a future where human rights violations won't happen again. but the release of the album and book comes just as violence in papa has spiked once again behind this music wanted to draw attention to a past atrocity but also to what's happening now. dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks in violence which began with protests against racism but which as in the past developed into calls for independence from indonesia president jacques i would otoh says he is ready to meet pro independence leaders in papua to resolve the crisis but it's unclear whether independence itself will be up for discussion said the local in the meantime populations in exile hope that in part through music they can help keep tension focused on the province i fled
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andrew thomas al-jazeera. the hometown. captain said it's a historic wild. story. a story of blackmail. and. you'll have to kill i have strangled i have a story of carnage a lot of the fear is real. passion. i and it's very serious just. the latest news as it breaks difficulty classes have been employed mostly young people coming here to protest against the taliban clashing with the police with
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detailed coverage is meant to be a chance for people from different walks of life to political affiliations to work together to shake their futures together from around the world but many people buy physical newspaper over what the front pages represent a much older place. and now it's time for sport and ethan to tell us all about the rugby excitement yeah absolutely the world is watching as south africa won the rugby world cup for the 3rd time in their history the springboks convincing winners in your home abasing pre-match favorites england by 32 points to 12 poorest reports. england and
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south africa were meeting in a world cup final for the 2nd time in history but this time the weight of expectation was on an england team would blowing away the old blacks in the 70s. there was to be none of the electricity of that display in the early exchanges here england losing col sinclair to an injury in just the 2nd minute of the game i south africa pressed home their advantage with a forward display that kept forcing aras the boots of 100 pad giving them a $126.00 halftime lead. despite their 2 world cup crown so far south africa had never scored a try in a final. but that's all changed late in the 2nd half england stilling with a fighting chance before they were floored by his own light by pimping one of. 11 black players in a springbok squad that has previously struggle to move on from its all white past.
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his opposite wing chosen colby made sure of the highest margin of victory in a final since australia beat france all the way back in 1999 south africa winning 32 to 12. their 1st ever black captain see it lifting the trophy in yokohama repeating the feat of francois pienaar in 1995 and graeme smith in 2007. with no you can't be different but those different reasons and we could give you that with one goal and want to achieve it all really well but we've done that for so it goes to show that we can pull together if you want to win the chance of south africa courage russell erasmus has a masterminded a huge turnaround for the springbok side and disarray when he took over the now world champions i once again and this time it's a team that people from across south africa can truly call are in the whole race. but it's the 1st time any world cup winning team has been led by
12:40 am
a black caps and he wasn't short of support back in his home town i was with a sings in sweden near port elizabeth as khaleesi helped his country to the title winning japan the images of lifting the trophy sets arrival the pictures of now some mandela joining the south africa team in their celebrations back in 1905 a correspondent for me to watch the final unfold in johannesburg. and. now that i guess i just watched on a mix breed the way it was not being handed over to see nothing really the biggest breakthrough was an evil young girls 7 to see the springboks. the rugby world cup title this is one and how excited are you we asked other words get out of there said it's amazing. it so much as you can see this man has created so much unity within the country and solve some amazing amazing thank you so that i
12:41 am
would reconsider context chris how happy they are above this when it's been a tough call the country economically. a lot of civic. sobriquet have been looking to. come to bring light at the end of the tunnel c. every kid deserves this way bolton says does good in gold some familia. manager said today 12 years ago she clearly she didn't. well england have been the favorites going into that final particular after that convincing win over new zealand in the semi's rory shellings was with english fans in london. while with a final whistle gone it's disappointment for england rugby fans a match that they were never really in they will not be lifting the weight and this
12:42 am
trophy this year it would have been the 1st time since 2003 here at this bar in london i'm with some england fans who are watching that going to clara victoria what do you make of that it was my favorite going away from the front i. mean it's a disappointing result i think at the end of it they outplayed a statement about the team on the day and it is the way i would find my about being there with the right of i guess they think they did obviously given everybody i know thinks it needs money and i think given up a bit i don't really really until they start to say really because i'm actually going to leave them with a meal or we're ready. and we go bring bang and we'll give her some are you going to run a smear again oh yeah yeah i think we'll see everyone is going to take. the side effects of itself in the way the finals going quite live up to the. you so much
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expectation on the chain you know and as he said they were behind it from the very start of a series of a couple of ali great to see how you. thank you very much it's always great. i saw over the disappointment for england there is of course always mixed time but yes again they are looking for another overseas eat out somewhere down the line so if that choice 3. core fine for sunday's us girlfriend gets underway later on in austin will champion lead to lewis hamilton closing in on yet another title he was quickest in 2nd practice if he finishes 8th or better in sunday's race than the sadie's driver will claim his 6 world championship path and looks back must be a remark. well career for the 34 year old person. to lose hamilton has had racing in his blood from an early age he began karting aged 8 and 2 years later he won the british championship by the tommy was 12 hamilton was already becoming a man to watch on the karting kit and it was around this time that he met the
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mclaren boss ron dennis telling him that one day he wanted to drive his cars dennis was clearly impressed that when hamilton was 13 he signed with mclaren making him the youngest driver to have a contract with an f one team but after a few more years karting how milton graduated to car racing growing up the various cheers from formula formula 3 and then g.p. to his success at those levels meant that in 2007 he was given an f one driver with mclaren his teammate was double world champion fernando alonso now incredibly how melted overshadowed the spaniard gearing his rookie season as they both fought for the driver's title they even made fun of their rivalry and its t.v. advert but behind the smiles there was tension in the team resulting in both missing out on the world championship for a year later and with alonso out of the same houghton declared his maiden world title winning it bar single point from felipe massa following a dramatic final race in brazil at $23.00 he was at the time the sport's youngest
12:45 am
ever world champion well the next 3 years at mclaren brought plenty of grown 3 victories but not world titles in 23 seen how wilson made the move to miss avies joining childhood friend nick her role as the same age but that friendship was stretched to breaking point as the pair battle for the 2014 well it's hard to watch hamilton eventually won beginning an era of miss id's dominance and that dominance has continued with hamilton picking up further world startles in 201-520-1720 extension 18 if he can secure number 6 on sunday that he'll be just one behind the all time record held by michael schumacher. golden state stuff kerry will be out of action for 3 months after breaking his hand only this week the team of reach the n.b.a. finals 1st 5 straight years they've struggled so far the season's one is losing 1271 stands for the san antonio spurs on friday. night so g.p. world title leader mark has suffered a big crash in qualifying for the malaysian race marquez will start sunday's race
12:46 am
similar season worst 11th place after losing control of the 2nd cern there the spaniard aiming to win his 7th world championship ok that is how the sport is looking for thanks so much andy that's it for me but i'll be back in just a moment. talked to notice there are winners they don't believe in the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that pakistan would never
12:47 am
start a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldiers era. culture of downs thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are a weather problem this is a suburb of the it be a capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up ira businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. yaps oldest muslim undertakers working here is just 7 days a week job that's grown with the community my father purchased a black family so i started to do the funerals in london and their families we saw
12:48 am
a stopping father and daughter and we can is this part the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the very gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is europe and al-jazeera. at least 13 people were killed by a car bomb near the syria techie border. hello again i'm not saying this is al jazeera live also coming up dozens of soldiers dead in mali after the 2nd major attack on the military in just over
12:49 am
a month. tear gas canisters off fired at protesters as the 22nd weekend of protests in hong kong descends into chaos. on south africa's springboks trample england to claim their rugby world cup title. now a car bomb has exploded at a market in the syrian town of tell our bad not far from the border at least 13 people have been killed more than 20 injured. one of the 2 major towns that have been the initial focus of turkey's cross border operation to capture territory from kodesh y p g fighters and it regards as terrorists well our correspondent. how someone else turkey is now pointing the finger.
12:50 am
yes turkey took us mr minister of defense is pointing a finger at the white b.g. saying that the responsible for the car explosion which took place in tel aviv in a crowded area the car was backed with explosives and apparently it was remotely detonated at the to at a time when the area was was busy and this explains the high number of casualties in tel aviv and this explosion is the latest in a series of blasts that took place in different places on the border with turkey in between and i says and also on the outskirts of this comes as the turkish military house started joint patrols with russia in the safe zone but then when you go further west the situation is also intense with fighting between the syrian rebels and the government troops the rebels are trying to halt or push by
12:51 am
the government to take over the rebels last stronghold in north in northern syria as we're going to see in this report. hardly a day goes by without strikes of glasses on the ground the problems in northern syria is controlled by rebel forces opposed to president bush. the main group operating in the area is he at the who. h.t.s. . it to poses talks with the government and its fighters south neo-cons he holds government troops out on the offensive a few days ago president bashar al assad made a surprise visit to newly captured territory south of. reinforcements are pouring into the area and for the 3 and a half 1000000 people living there the buildup is
12:52 am
a sign that war fighting is imminent and then there's one yes that iraq regime is bowing to him it's him to move troops to a position territory and recap truth he's using the same tactic that helped him take over homes and there are further north not far from the battlefield it's another relatively quiet day in s. him a village south of it live city this is where i was born 9 years ago his only no live in a war zone he goes to school in the morning and then spends long hours in the afternoon collecting firewood ahead of the harsh winter when temperatures can fall below 0 a little him is one of hundreds of thousands of children in syria have been traumatized by the war. i'm happy as long as my brothers uncles and relatives are still alive. but if any one of them or our neighbors got killed in
12:53 am
airstrikes i will be set people in villages in the south of it planning to evacuated if government troops launched an offensive in the past could lead to rebel held territory but this time they have nowhere to go. a spokesperson of the us the the laws of the kurdish military organization based in north eastern syria has just issued a statement saying that turkey is to blame for the blast accusing turkey and its main ally in the area of the main opposition group the said they for failing to provide security for civilians in tel aviv other than the areas recently conquest by the s.l.a. that's race all the way to words that are so lame we're talking about now a serious escalation in those areas and wish raises many questions about the future when it comes to the joint patrols where are they going to be able to
12:54 am
maintain their operation all the way in those areas and the potential for a friction because there are moments when the turkish military will be stationed not really far away from the white b.g. and the as there will be position and that's good to create enormous problems in the near future the stars here and they want to know all those developments very closely here on out is there thank you for that update. and shania affair near the border now at least $53.00 soldiers and one civilian if an attack on a military base in northeastern mali and happened at an outpost in the manakin region and no group has yet claimed responsibility our correspondent mohammed vile has reported extensively in that region and he talks us through the security challenges in. it's very clear that the the campaign that has been going on for years actually since 2012 has has failed to to finish those groups there despite the convergence of thousands and thousands of to
12:55 am
5000 you have mentioned from the g 5 countries. including mali and 4 other side held countries you have thousands from france and you and has all sorts of big existence there un peacekeepers despite those efforts despite those armies it's very clear that that campaign has not given the results that were intended on bass probably according to analysts because the intention itself in many accuse those troops of not really being there only to finish that phenomenon of so-called terrorism in the region but also countries have interests they have interest in staying there for a long time and coordination with them ali in government also is faltering because they accuse the modern government of not doing its share we have seen those defeats after defeats by them against a mali an army accusations there that whatever is what is done whatever help is
12:56 am
given to the modern army it's not making this army prepared enough to face the threat we also have their vast desert the fact that those thousands and thousands of kilometers of the south hell are uncontrollable those troops or so from foreign countries are not really going out chasing those groups but merely staying in big cities and mainly concerned about their own safety so lots of interest that factors they're playing a role in making this operation very difficult and making it less fruitful. hundreds of people have gathered in the gaza strip for a funeral of a palestinian man killed by an israeli airstrike cherie died in the early hours of saturday morning after israel launched as strikes into gaza the military said it was talking sightseeing to hamas the group that controls the territory israel says 10 rockets were fired from gaza late on friday night. iraq's anti-government
12:57 am
protests are growing larger and more people took to the streets of baghdad on friday and any day since the downfall of saddam hussein they are being driven by anger at corruption lack of public services and unemployment $250.00 people have been killed just in the past month there have been more protests too and basra in the south and going to has the details how in the city of basra it looks like their protests are blocking operations of critical utilities local sources are telling us that protesters and security forces in basra have been fighting in front of the room the hostler port since last evening there was a sit in there and what we understand protesters had been blocking the entrance and hold the operations for them to the port for about 6 days security forces came in cleared the sit in and that's when local sources told us about 100 people were injured some of them seriously protesters remain there carrying signs that say iran
12:58 am
out of iraq e affairs another one a sign being seen is. the iraqi government made by iran protesters are upset they say that the ports revenue is be worried away from their city and leaving them with 4 basic services. now people in the southern philippines are struggling to recover from 4 large earthquakes in just the past few weeks to morale and ogun reports on a growing humanitarian crisis in the mindanao region. many to some below one is desperate she has lost her home her farm and was forced to move to this evacuation center with her family where the earthquake struck north took about a province where. my children's future is destroyed we've lost our home look at the rich situation here now this is all what reminded
12:59 am
to save my daughter and granddaughter are sick. thank you almost 20000 people have been displaced since a series of earthquakes struck many areas of the southern mindanao region last month there are over a 1000 families in this evacuation and the situation a similar story about the. place for days there and the situation is dire a short supply of water and food is running out. why now. these people are keen to hear about their village and whether they can return and retrieve any belongings but they're told not yet so for now this evacuation center will have to do. in the town of the situation is worse aid is harder to come by and many people are hungry homeless and
1:00 am
traumatized like. a single mother of 6 she tells us they are lucky to be able to eat twice a day you know i said. i don't know where to begin we don't have anything to eat no place to sleep it is harder for my children parents like hagin are keeping their children close these see the aftershocks are strong and they have to stay vigilant . today is all souls' day and people usually come to cemeteries to remember the dead but not this year for many there is no time to grieve because they're too concerned about how to survive jim duggan al jazeera northcott about a province central philippines coming up after a check of the weather britain's government holds all fracking but for how long.


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