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tv   The Cost Of Living  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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really. focused on trying to expose what's going on in their own community we're also seeing journalists killed in places that maybe we didn't immediately associate as having any kind of. expression crisis like. some of journalists have been murdered in recent years the european union. increased. journalists killed in an attack in maryland in the u.s. last year so we're seeing not just high numbers that we're just seeing some other disturbing trends. as qatar gears up for the 2022 football world cup there's a big focus on technological innovation the fans and stadiums and the public average of health visit that the smart city expo in doha to see some of the high tech solutions. the latest advances in robotics
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technology and 5 g. gaming can always wow a crowd. were transported us to a digitized future in this case football fans are getting a taste of what's in store for the 2022 world cup from the ticketing to hologram selfies with players. beyond sports projects for what's being called the smart city cats are is working to transform itself into a smart country to digitize and revolutionize the way transportation health care and vironment and logistics are managed. established businesses and startups from around the world are hoping to get a piece of the action is a 3 d. printing machine that's been modified to do gardening operations so you can use it to plant seeds it can do for sitting watering using the amount and specific location of water for each plant it also does moisture testing soil testing and if it can do weeding it has a smartish a camera that's able to determine what is a plant and what its weed. hundreds of initiatives will be picked up by cats are
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smart program known as task which plans to spend $1600000000.00 over the next 5 years to improve the quality of life another device that's connecting people to the services they need is the console station if you're sick you can enter a booth like this one and a path through to a doctor who will run tests and provide treatment remotely the inventor says that it can be placed in shopping malls and your apartment block but it can also go to areas that are lacking access to public health care we are talking the way you can talk about loans to deploy the sky and off so we'll show you where to put leaves where people are where recompiled go to make connected and the city of the world. government officials hope such technology can reduce dependency on hospitals shorten queues and provide information that can save precious time in an emergency but there is a huge and always increasing demand for medical infrastructure but no matter how
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much we increase at them for such a demand will always increase but with a virtual consultation people can actually connect to doctors from home without having to go to a primary case and with so many smart solutions to our age old problems these new technological advances could help many here in qatar and elsewhere in the world enter chapelle al-jazeera doha. still ahead on al-jazeera. spirit the hunt out of south africa's rugby captain civil rights his story will tell play. in the land of the free the cost of medication is killing people this particular pill is going to be anywhere from $800.00 to $1100.00 and citizens argh. desperate
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entire bus load of americans coming to walmart and came to the to buy insulin because just where they can afford it faultlines investigates the spiraling costs of prescription drugs in the usa i will have to make a decision as to when to stop treatment and choose to die so that i can leave my husband with enough the cost of living on and just how much. for the girls on the scale of modern slavery in the u.k. is enormous we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg the result of something called the modern slavery act i've just been surrounded with congress you can punch someone in the stall i haven't companies need to understand that this is exploitation if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and there are some very very nasty people out there al-jazeera investigates britain's modern slave trade.
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top sport now his anti. thank you very much south africa have won the rugby world cup for the 3rd time in their history the springboks were convincing when is a new yorker hama beating pretty much favorites england by 32 points to 12 reports . england and south africa were meeting in a world cup final for the 2nd time in history but this time the weight of expectation was on an england team with blown away the all blacks in the semi. there was to be none of the electricity of that display in the early exchanges here england losing carl sinclair to an injury in just the 2nd minute of the game. south africa pressed home their advantage with a forward display that kept air as the boot of 100 part giving them
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a 126 halftime lead. despite their 2 world cup crown so far south africa had never scored a try in a final. but that's all changed late in the 2nd half england stilling with a fighting chance before they were floored by. one of the 11 black players in a springbok squad that has previously struggle to move on from its all white past. his opposite wing chair's lynn cole they made sure of the highest margin of victory in a final since australia beat france all the way back in 1999 south africa winning 32 to 12. their 1st ever black captain see a khaleesi lifting the trophy in yokohama repeating the fate of francois pienaar in 1995 no you can't be giving birth to 3 susan we couldn't give you the one who don't want to do it you are really good we've done that for so it goes to show that you could be do you know you want to win but she said south africa courage ross erasmus
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has a masterminded a huge turnaround for that springbok side and this array when he took over last year they're now world champions are once again and this time it's a team that people from across south africa. can truly call our whole race how does it. well it is the 1st time any world cup winning team has been led by a black captain and 6 elisi wasn't short of support back in his home town. these were the scenes in his rooting for solicitousness police he helped his country to that's how to win in japan the images of lifting the trophy set to rival the pictures of nelson mandela joining the south african seamen best celebrations back in 1905 across from us i made a miller watch the final unfold in jams but. i do know that i guess i just watched on the big screen the web it was not being handed over to see nothing these days
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this great love that said people love roads to the springboks when the that was the rugby world cup tight so this is one man and how excited are you we are 7 words get out of there said it's amazing that so much as you can see this man has created so much unity within the country it's amazing it's amazing thank you so that ricans context chris how happy they all about this when it's been observed the country economically it's not doing while but. a lot of the big. suburbs have been looking to find out how to bring light at the end of the tunnel. 'd dubroca deserves the swift boat size does good and gold sun but. reduce it to that 12 years ago
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sickly she didn't. discriminatory chancing by fans calls the suspension of the game in its least stop football league play briefly stops in the run the police area game and the referee heard round the fans singing offensive songs about naples running out an ad in jacko pleading with his team's supporters to behave and the game did eventually resume romo going on so when he was. lewis hamilton will be looking to win his 6 world champ title of the us grand prix on sunday and aside his driver needs to finish eights all bets in the race to claim the title i hope has been looking back what's been a remarkable career for the 34 year old pretty. well lewis hamilton has had racing in his blood from an early age he began karting aged 8 and 2 years later he
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won the british championship by the time he was 12 hamilton was already becoming the one to watch on the karting circuit and it was around this time that he met the mclaren boss ron dennis telling him that one day he wanted to drive his cars dennis was clearly impressed so much so that when hamilton was 13 he signed with mclaren making him the youngest driver to have a contract with an f one team but after a few more years karting how milton graduated to car racing growing up the various cheers from formula ran out of formula 3 and then g.p. to his success at those levels meant that in 2007 he was given an f one driver with mclaren his teammate was double world champion fernando alonso now incredibly how melted overshadowed the spaniard during his rookie season as they both fought for the driver's title they even made fun of their riflery and its t.v. advert but behind the smiles there was tension in the team resulting in both missing out on the world championship for a year later and with alonso out of the team houghton did claim its maiden world title winning it by a single point from philippe massa following
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a dramatic final race in brazil and at 23 he was at the time the sport's youngest ever world champion well the next 3 years at mclaren brought plenty of do. 3 victories but not world titles in 2013 how will turn made the move to miss avies joining childhood friend nico rosberg as this team mate but that friendship was stretched to breaking point as the pair battle for their 2014 world title which hamilton eventually won beginning an era of mistake is dominance and that dominance has continued hamilton picking up further world titles in 201-520-1720 extension 18 if he can secure another 6 on sunday that he'll be just one behind the all time record held by michael schumacher while title leader mark marquez has suffered a big crash in qualifying for the malaysia moto g.p. race. mark has will start sunday's race in a season worst 11th place after losing control there on the 2nd turn he did escaped
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serious injury the spaniard aiming to win his 7th world championship. well number c rafa nadal has pulled out of the paris masters ahead of his semifinal with denis shapovalov nadal's withdrawal means another jacket which will be world number one heading into the season ending sore finals in london. trying to win his 6th paris title beating grigor dimitrov in straight sets in his 7th. and hundreds of thousands of fans of welcome the new world series champions back to the u.s. capitol the washington nationals claimed major league baseball's biggest title with a 43 series win over the houston astros the 1st time a success for the nationals franchise in the city's 1st since the senators be the new york giants way back in 1924 it's been a little over a year now since the washington capitals were celebrating their win in hockey's stanley cup. but is only sport for now more later. and you can find
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much more on our website the address for that is w w w dot al-jazeera. that's it for me for this use i'll be back in a moment with more of today's. too often on the streets of india. are victims but a new force is that plain. female police officers are combative
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sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the bad. news as it breaks if you have been on point mostly young people coming home again. without police with detailed coverage was meant to be a chance for people from different walks of life to political affiliations to work together to shape their futures together from around the world not many people typical new type of thinking over what these front pages represent the much older title. on counting the cost of health care special u.s. insurers of failing patients of the world's richest country at one of the poorest nations zimbabwe's health services on the brink of collapse but can the un hit its
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goal of universal health care for all by 2030 counting the cost on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world sentimental you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to. al-jazeera. as you can see everybody's running now in this direction. reporters caught in the middle as police move on protesters in chile's capital. stan grant this is al jazeera life and also coming up more best instructions in
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iraq the biggest since the fall of saddam hussein. a car bomb kills 13 in the syrian border town recently taken by turkish backed force and from poor beginning the captain with rugby's most treasured trucks after leaving south africa to recruit equaling we. began his protest against the cost of travelling on the train is gathering momentum and turning against chile's begin a president they've been more angry scenes in the capital santiago in the past few hours as police fired tear gas and water cannon at demonstrators president sebastian pinera has become the target of the growing anti-government protests people are upset about low incomes poor public health care and the increasing gap between the rich and the poor. latin america editor of the scene human got caught
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up in the demonstrations while talking to lauren tyler in london. there are a lot. tear gas a lot of mourners had in near the main area where the protests have begun for the last more than 2 weeks now this protest was called to ask for the resignation of president sebastian pinera a much more a protest than the ones we've seen normally but the police is running very very heavy handed it's not allowing people to congregate and they're basically playing cat and mouse with the security forces. as you can see everybody is running now in this direction. but the do as i say the groups are much smaller than they have been in the last few days but the police for the once is not allowing them to gather at all and it might be because friday's protest a small group of protesters broke down a piece of one of the most emblematic statues here in santiago that is at that
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plaza italia where people gather and talking as riot police took over that area at about 3 hours ago and. oh dear and so the protesters are now throwing rocks at them and it's getting very difficult to breathe here i have to tell you lauren and the water cannon is now from what i can see coming in our direction. now the protests began a month ago against an increase in fares on the veteran said they've since grown nationwide and become more about economic inequality than just transport prices president sebastian pinera last week announced a series of concessions including a minimum wage increase the protests have continued with people valuing to keep demonstrating until the president resigns the actions of police are being questioned as they used tear gas pellets and water cannons to disperse demonstrators the un is investigating accusations of police brutality.
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tens of thousands of iraqis have joined another mass protest in what's now the biggest uprising since the fall of former leader saddam hussein in 2003 this was the scene in central baghdad where anti-government demonstrators rallied in tahrir square they're angry about economic hardship corruption and what they call interference from iran and the u.s. more than $250.00 people have been killed since those protests began last month. those people who are protesting there only demanded the fall of the government and the parliament. now look at the dollar going to this is going to already took is not enough for them and they also want to take more from us we want to block this process in order to get our demands now the people want the fall of the government for the government to resign they're asking for change we want a new government to give us our rights and be fair with us we don't trust them now because there are no reforms for iraq he says. well fossil is true body is
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a former iraqi ambassador to the united nations he says young people are the driving force behind these protests. i hope that we are. a moment in which the use of the country have turned their back on the politics of the political. iraq. and not just in the. period of the great 2003 period also became the area highly oppressive i think the ending for something more they live in a country. or. in the world and yet they have no basic services in 16 years the road we have in the school. they look around at the other countries in the region and they see how well their population lives they want to have. life for themselves and for future generations and they want.
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a country that is not riven with secretary and. strife i am optimistic about iraq because of today's. well as iraq used to 5 that security crackdown a small vehicle has been making a major impact talked up drivers have been transporting injured activists and medical supplies to hospitals the test again i'm spoke to baghdad's young men behind the handle bought. some iraqis may view talk talks as a nuisance on 3 wheels recklessly weaving in and out of traffic belching out black smoke and honking all the while now during unprecedented protests the tough talks of tough rear have become a welcome sight on little man you know we want a country the important thing is our country mohammed me thak is one of the drivers offering what for many has become an indispensable service there transporting
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people wounded during anti-government protests to these medical tents and nearby hospitals they're also ferrying volunteer medics and delivering supplies to talk we are square before tech drivers are mostly female voice they've dropped out of school to help their money to support their families are hot and cold up there is no place he'd rather be but he's losing money driving here in tahrir square the tax says people are giving him donations and helping pay for gas but drivers are working for free to help protesters call why. one of the tuc took drivers was shot in the head and die it made me more committed to my job i want to be a martyr i am not afraid of dying on friday a medical student was killed while attempting to treat injured protesters the people working in these medical tents spread across the square and the surrounding area are also volunteering mohammed says each day he hopes will be the last
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day i come here i am motivated by my pitch a tism from my country when i see someone in severe pain it's impossible for me not to help them i stood in graduates and to saved. meanwhile a kind of civic spirit is spreading garbage bags have been put out encouraging people not to litter protesters are sweeping the streets and artists are transforming the walls of this tunnel into a colorful canvas to express their heartache and their hope for their country natasha going to name el jazeera baghdad to syria now where a car bomb has killed 13 people in the town of tal it's controlled by turkish backed opposition fighters 30 others were injured in the attack has seen some of the heaviest fighting since. launched a military offensive against kurdish fighters last month ankara wants the in the kurdish syrian democratic forces to withdrawal from border areas to create
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a so-called safe saw as melba has more from san luis ne the turkey syria border. the car was packed with explosives placed in a crowded market in other this explains the growing number of casualties the turkish military blamed the white p.g. for the blast and the white p.g. by the same time hit back saying that turkey is to blame for failing along with this. in the region the center of the syrian national army for providing security to superiors and this is the latest blast in a series of attacks that took bases. in areas on the border with turkey. and also. and this is going to further. challenges on the turkish military was how started joint patrols with russia there will be moments when the turkish military will be patrolling areas not far from where the
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white b.g. fighters will be stationed across north northern syria situation remains tense with intensified fighting in it live and also on the mountainous area around the city of latakia where the rebels are trying to stage an offensive to halt an attack by government forces as we're going to see in this report. hardly a day goes by without strikes or glasses on the ground the problems in northern syria is controlled by a bubble forces opposed to president bashar. thank the main group operating in the area is hate as to who is h.t.s. . you to pose as talks with the government and its fighters are deployed south and say hold government troops out on the offensive a few days ago president bashar al assad made
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a surprise visit to newly captured territory south of. reinforcements are pouring into the area and for the 3 and a half 1000000 people living there the buildup is a sign that war fighting is imminent and then there's one yes that iraq is going to him it's him to troops to a position territory and recaptured he's using the same tactic that. holmes and there are further north not far from the battlefield it's another relatively quiet day in s. him a village south of it live city this is where i was born 9 years ago his only no live in a war zone he goes to school in the morning and then spends long hours in the afternoon collecting firewood ahead of the harsh winter when temperatures can fall below 0 a little him is one of hundreds of thousands of children in syria who have been traumatized by the war. i'm happy as long as my brothers uncles
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and relatives are still alive but if any one of them or our neighbors got killed in air strikes i will be sad people in villages in the south of it are planning to evacuated if government troops launched that offensive in the past could lead to rebel held territory but this time they have nowhere to go. the blast in a 3 in is a clear indication of the tough challenges facing all the key players in north eastern syria the turkish army the russians who are joining the patrols. the air force has pulled out from the safe zone but still remains adamant it wants to maintain a presence in a strong cause and also the syrian opposition. which has conquered new territory that's russia's all the way from. by.


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