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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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has a voice on the changes for the discussion is for real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera. no let up the u.s. imposes new sanctions on iran after it moves further away from the 2015 nuclear deal. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. starts its year long process of withdrawing from the paris climate agreement. these people are lunatics. the us president on tour in kentucky continuing his attacks on democrats in the impeachment investigation bills more stain. and mainland china and
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hong kong increasingly becoming the target are protesters anger. the united states has impose new sanctions on iran targeting the financial assets of 9 people close to the supreme leader it came as iran announced it was taking another step away from the 2015 nuclear deal doubling the number of its advance and refuses percent of our imports from tehran. the head of iran's atomic energy organization at one of the country's most important nuclear facilities this is where ali akbar salehi announced that iran has now added another 30 advanced centrifuges. zines you do see tell you what we want supposed to have 30 chinese centrifuges we wanted to work on it after we tested 20 chinese centrifuges then 3 to 4 years later that to work on the 30 chinese centrifuges but we faced political challenges and senior thorough decided to show iran's potential power and
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determination. this is another step taken by iran to scale back its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal authorities here say since the united states withdrew last year and imposed if syriza further sanctions on iran the remaining european signatories have yet to uphold their end of the green meant and until they do iran will continue to advance its nuclear program that is something to european union is continuing to warn against we have continue to are trying to reverse such steps without delay and to refrain from any 4 dimensions that would undermine the nuclear deal you know that we as the european union remain committed to the implementation of the j c p a way because it's a matter of respecting international agreement it's a matter of our security but we have also been consistent in saying that commitment
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that our commitment to the nuclear deal depends on the full compliance by this announcement was made on the 40th anniversary of the takeover of the former u.s. embassy in tehran where thousands gathered to mark the occasion they were demanding the return of the former shah mohammad reza pat levy to iran to stand trial the shah had been allowed into the u.s. to receive medical treatment for cancer those anti-american sentiments are still strong and for many here the united states withdrawal from the nuclear deal is yet another example. let's go now to tehran where our dorset bar is live for us so or so what is the reaction been out of a tehran to these these sanctions. well we've heard from the spokesperson for the foreign ministry at post mousavi he issued a statement late last night following the announcement from the u.s. government he said that this is just another example of the bullying behavior by the united states towards iran and that these kinds of approaches will not do
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anything there are they need there needs to be a diplomatic and logical solution to the issues between the 2 sides these sanctions come at a time when tensions are so high between the 2 sides the sanctions are targeting very very close members to the supreme leader including one of his sons and a former defense minister as well as the current head of iran's judiciary ebrahim bracy these sanctions are seen as another example of how the united states doesn't really understand the right approach when it comes to dealing with iran and officials here say that they are really meaningless they're more of a symbolic gesture because these figures i've never really see even set foot into the united states let alone have any financial dealings with the u.s. so they're seen more of as gesture and they're being waved away from the officials here saying that they're really not meaningful but the gesture shows that the united states doesn't really understand how to deal with iran all right or so
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departed with the latest from tehran dorsett thank you to iraq now where there is an internet blackout in the capital and several provinces protestors are blocking roads in baghdad including 4 bridges as they step up the pressure on the government . rounds were fired at demonstrators gather near the state television headquarters on monday killing at least 5 people another protester was killed during a rally in the southern town of there is anger over unemployment and corruption. in turkey says that it's captured the sister of the isolator ababa car alba dadi who was killed during a raid by u.s. forces in northwestern syria their arrest took place in the syrian town of azaz she's being interrogated along with her husband and daughter in law. the u.s. has begun the formal process of withdrawing from the paris climate accord president trump announced his intention in 2017 but monday was the earliest he could legally make that move the global pact to fight climate change was written in 2015 and
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signed by $187.00 countries the u.s. is the only nation to lee each country provided its own goals to curb emissions of heat trapping gases that lead to climate change the global goal is to keep the temperature rise to below 2 degrees celsius this century the obama administration promised to reduce u.s. greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 percent by 2030 from 2015 levels trump said that it unfairly hurts the u.s. economy the actual withdrawal will take a year and come into effect the day after the 2020 election charlatans as more from washington d.c. . this formal notification means that in a year's time the us will leave the paris climate accord the day off to the us presidential election so this could be reversed if a democrat wins that election they have 30 days them or they have to wait 30 days and then they can get back in to the court there are also other interesting interesting fact is that mean that perhaps all hope isn't lost on climate for
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a start local authorities both federal and and city authorities are doing a great deal now to try and combat greenhouse gases alone even they admit that's not enough without federal action in addition to public opinion is now key even republicans are increasingly worried about the climate say in a swing state like florida 44 percent of republicans now say they believe in manmade climate change and republicans are beginning to realize that they have to change their narrative to say that they too are concerned that they don't really care about their contributions from the fossil fuel industry or perhaps the lack of belief in science so there are interesting political moves underway that we all hope isn't lost from a federal level on climate change a u.s. appeals court has ordered president donald trump to hand over 8 years' worth of tax returns it's newer prosecutors really prosecutors to enforce a subpoena for the documents from trump's accounting firm trumpets try to prevent
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the release of his tax information as part of an investigation into alleged pre-election payoffs a lawyer for the president says they'll appeal the decision to the supreme court. another challenge for the u.s. president as the impeachment investigation in washington accelerates president trump continues to insist he never overstepped his presidential powers it's a message trying to kentucky as he sounded the alarm with his supporters and launched a string of attacks against those investigating his actions correspondent kimberly how could reports from the southern u.s. state of kentucky or trump travel to rally his base. it's a rural southern state known for its love of raising and racing prized horses in 2016 voters in kentucky voted overwhelmingly for donald trump who has descended on this state in advance of local elections and low kentucky where the
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2020 presidential election is a year away but kentucky is one of a handful of u.s. states holding an off year vote kentucky's republican governor is struggling so trump is campaigning on his behalf but there's another reason trumps here gauge just how much the impeachment inquiry is hurting him outside washington. as the impeachment inquiry continues to divide americans from supporters insist he's done nothing wrong and the investigations politically motivated by democrats. will lead to. i think it's. a publicist for democrats to trying to stretch it out to make the president look worse than it actually is but as democrats back in washington released transcripts of closed door testimony of troubled ministration officials
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alleging presidential wrongdoing trump is attacking the democrats backing the investigation house intelligence committee chair adam schiff and speaker nancy pelosi. with lance we the far left has declared war on american democracy to show these people are lunatics trumps allies in congress are also discrediting the whistleblower who complained about his july 25th phone call with the ukrainian president prompting the impeachment investigation pushing for the whistleblower to be exposed by the media i stated 9 to the media do your job and print is nice. to see is valid here in kentucky will be an important task for president trump he's determined to show that his presence is a political asset in local races also underscore again pietschmann in cory will not
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hurt his own re-election chances or can really help at al jazeera lexington kentucky. still ahead on al-jazeera a community displaced by diamond mining in sierra leone is fighting back. a large scale rally and march to a 3rd week of protests against the government. had a story whether the last 2 days is finally blown out through western europe you can see this not much in the sky now these a shower of these little dots of clouds the main bokes been blown eastwards and this is all rain the wind blew through did a certain amount of damage in southern france the rains views of it a bit of mine a flooding in italy and it's this place we should look i think it's only the southern alps not soon to all strain down to croatia montenegro and greece where the rain will repeat itself and head to this it's really quite mild now tempers are
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really shocked out for eastern europe with the exception of stockholm with the cold front lies for the other system north of this is still proper winter cold but most places it's a windy and mom. the thing be the the best description by the time we get to wednesday this is still the wet patch move to be fair the south still mild and east take a focus for example in bucharest at 24 degrees the next couple of days is just one billy one degree below its november record and 14 about normal quite a surprise obviously some of the spills over into north africa and the stuff that's coming through spy in the west and that train doesn't show much tendency to change your weather on tuesday 21 now jeers and breezy 18 robots full time to get to wednesday the rain is falling properly.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now states has impose new sanctions on iran targeting the financial assets of 9 people close to the supreme
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leader came the same day that iran announced it was taking another step away from the 2050 nuclear deal doubling its number of the ban centrifuges. brocky protesters are blocking roads in the capital baghdad including 4 bridges as they stepped up pressure on the government on monday live rounds were fired at demonstrators gather near the state television headquarters killing at least 5 people. the u.s. has formally begun withdrawing from the paris climate agreement is meant donald trump announced his intention in 2017 but monday was the earliest he could legally make that move pack between 187 countries was set up to fight climate change in 2015 chinese president xi jinping has backed hong kong's leader at a surprise meeting in shanghai she met kerry lamb on the sidelines of a trade event on monday expressed a high degree of trust in hong kong leader for her government's ability to tackle months of anti-government protests or tests in hong kong began in june over
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a plan to allow extraditions to mainland china china you joins us now from beijing so this meeting between the 2 katrina how much of a surprise was it. well richelle as you said this meeting is taking place on the sidelines of a big international exposure that's taking place this week and many world leaders are here for that event so it's not unexpected that they should meet but what was a surprise perhaps was the tone of the meeting now as you mentioned this follows 5 months of turmoil an increasingly violent person who called the economy hong kong is in recession tourism has taken a big hit and it's been a big source of embarrassment and concern for beijing so one might expect a sort of torn of reprimanding displeasure from xi jinping to to carry land when they sat down but we saw the opposite he said that he expressed full confidence and full trust in her leadership he acknowledged all the hard work that her government had been doing to try to calm the situation and really it seemed to be
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a message from xi jinping to the people of hong kong and indeed to the rest of the world that kerry land is here to stay now just last october just last month we had some speculation that they might actually be preparing to replace kerry because a chinese official said that they jing was thinking about ways to improve the selection of hong kong's leader and improve the way that the leader. would make that transition to a to a new leader so many saw that as an indication that kerry last days as the leader of hong kong would be numbered and this really seems to put that speculation to rest now many in hong kong are going to be really unhappy with that meeting and that also say that is just further proof of what they've been saying about this whole time that she's little more than a puppet of beijing now interestingly she didn't ping ended that me saying with an encouragement to carry land to continue discussions and dialogue with all of walls
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of hong kong society and to see what she could do to really improve their lives now that's important because it reflects what the beijing government believes about the protests in hong kong and what many here on the mainland believe about the purchase of hong kong and what. they say is that really this isn't about politics this isn't about wanting more democracy in fact the way we see it people who are frustrated about the lack of work opportunities about the lack of what things like affordable housing and people on the mainland believe that once those things are addressed then really these protests will start to peter out record for new ivan beijing katrina thank you. so as hong kong braces for more anti-government demonstrations many manned mainland chinese living in the territory say they're increasingly being targeted by protesters some say the threats and intimidation have become so bad they are considering leaving adrian brown reports. hong kong has suffered some of its worst violence in weeks antigovernment demonstrators increasingly taking aim at
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business is linked to the chinese mainland when chinese people living and working here say they've been attacked as well here i am going to. this assault on a j.p. morgan banker went viral further are moving chinese citizens who are the 1st banker get that person this hard because this child here in mad the ring that he said china is and that was shocking ricky z. is a mainlander working in hong kong's financial sector he says in public he no longer speaks mandarin the dialect most widely spoken on the mainland yes only a few angry and i also feel afraid that i mean. more frayed angry i guess and have been so many times. feel like at this hour this could happen to me my family and my friends this is a bad feeling frankly speaking ricky says some of his mainland friends who didn't
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feel safe here have now left he'll do the same if the violence worsens there have been tensions between mainland chinese and hong kong people ever since the handover in 1997 when this former british colony was returned to chinese sovereignty since then more than a 1000000 mainland chinese have come here to live and work and local people complain that that has helped to push up property prices as well as to increase competition for jobs and public services many of those migrants are from fujian province some who voiced support for the hong kong police and say that's led to their businesses being attacked. this restaurant owner agreed to talk to us if we didn't identify him he says he's worried about what could happen to him and his family if protest is discover where he's from gang you know why i'm a free person. and tekken nice to protest so all my
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restaurants website have changed of ku seen through chin style to hong kong style. some people here say the protests are also about something else identity and even though many demonstrators can trace their roots back to the mainland they now see themselves as hong kong is 1st and chinese 2nd adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. protesters in chile are warning the government they're not going anywhere and they want a new constitution it's the 3rd week of demonstrations the government has proposed economic reforms by demonstrators saying they're not enough to tackle any holiday or end their calls for president sebastian pinera to resign a lot america is in santiago. that started i'm extremely pleased to be in private either so we have. a short while ago looting began about 150 meters from where we
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are now there were some vendors and also people with masks that we got just for 0 dollars to cocktails at police they have been responding with massive amounts of tear gas to drive the entire demonstration the way we see thousands and thousands of people leaving many people covering their faces because of the tear gas which we've had we all agree is much stronger than it used to be at the time has been up until now but that many have come back as you could see there's they're refusing to give up they say that it's now or never that there's no turning back now i would say they are think they are very tough by this you could see people running to want to know how to. situation i just want that kind of thing to manage the president right away the capital an opposition party was the exception that. the congress targets are refusing to even dialogue with the government. thanks
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thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks to make sure your function adequately. and is top court has some of the regional leaders demanding answers to the country's air pollution crisis or quality improved slightly since yesterday but it's still sitting at hazardous levels the supreme court has accused state governments of failing to take effective action against scrub burning and other polluting practices the capital new delhi is now restricting cars and diverting white's. australia's southeast coast has seen its heaviest rainfall in years bringing relief to residents and struggling livestock farmers areas of new south wales received nearly 100 millimeters of rain on sunday drought has gripped the state for the last 3 years was 99 percent of it suffering from dry conditions. the united nations has launched relief efforts for victims of deadly flooding in somalia at least 10 people have
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been killed more than 270000 forced to flee after heavy rains last week vital food packages and suppliers are being delivered to the displaced and approaching tropical storms expected to worsen the floods next week. a community in sierra leone has taken a diamond mining company to court residents of court to say the government failed to protect them when it handed over their land to a mining company while some families have moved to alternative accommodations hundreds more valid to fight their addiction when a tourist reports from cordo and. for decades artisanal diamond miners lived off the land in several years color district. until the arrival of multinational mining companies. in the shadows of one of the biggest mining forms in sarah leone these workers lay by in the pits with the hope of getting a store or 2 but they fear their homes and the pits will be off limits
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the government has handed their property to the octu mining company to expand its operations. jenna bio is among the hundreds of residents who've been affected but we don't know. why. they did not even allow us to pack our bags they sent down rocks and water should destroy our house our clothes money everything was covered in debris. trouble began at the end of the country's civil war when most people started returning home from refugee camps when most of them who came back the. place is now safe they start their rebuild their homes with proper documents the company challenge them that even though the op with enough legal homes protest followed in subsequent years killing and injuring a number of people. there are more more who are strapped and killed during a demonstration in 2017 is buried right here in the middle of the street as
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a sign of resistance to the mining companies and government are suddenly on the stand of i.q. is ations of abuse and displacement between the community the mining companies and the government has now escalated to west africa as regional court members of the community also claim their farms and water sources have been polluted by a mining activity is. here has built new homes for those who've been evicted. gena time billy was given a 4 bedroom house instead of the 5 they were living in. complains it small and that it leaks whenever it rains. produce boy most house and farm have also been marked to be taken over but he vows to fight on all because he says the terms are unfair. by all is the idea people are everything to do everything. because they have money and. they are using our own local authorities against us because they have money.
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the community has taken its case before west africa's regional court because they say the people have little faith in the justice system here. an official of the mining company what 1st denied knowledge of the court case later said he can't comment on the matter that's before the court. or just part the lawyer representing the government of sierra leone acknowledged receiving the court papers which says the government was yet to study them. with a lot at stake many people here expect a trial to be long and hard. on the decrease al-jazeera could do separately on. south africa title win at the rugby world cup wasn't just a sporting success story for the 1st time the trophy was lifted by a black captain fought his way from humble beginnings to lead his country to biggest prize in a miller visited hometown where there are few resources for those hoping to follow
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his example. images that have inspired a nation the springboks 3rd world cup triumph led by see its 1st black captain in the national team's 127 year history much like these boys khaleesi began playing rugby on this field at him sim gagne primary school in this media township almost 20 years ago it's here that khaleesi got what was often his only meal of the day playing rugby on patch of grass littered with stones eric some good play was can lease his coach and the deputy principal that the school he says it was after spotting police his talent that he pushed him to get a scholarship at the prestigious grey high school a school with more resources of i'm very proud you know i'm very proud so how young black men from a talents are lifting that where a list of you know that your sister as
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a boy could see played for this club of the african bombers while khaleesi moved on to provincial rugby and now represent south africa not much has changed for his former club team practices barefoot and with little equipment and much of what they do have has been donated by khaleesi members despite the challenges the players are determined to make it as far as their idol while excited about the world cup win and the possibility of realizing their dreams the reality for these players isn't the glick to the stadium with no running water or electricity to put is a try the not taken care off secondly you all do short with things like cones you need course you need balls. as will people to work with you because the 1st thing this thing is will internally they know and is keen to help out so you would be sometimes a coach one coach with class ministers to kids how to take care of them there are
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100. even team teams in the eastern province alone mostly made up of black play is many here say the springboks victory under black captaincy are clearly see as inspired play it's like the says they've seen anything is possible but some are questioning whether the excitement will be short lived and if players from poor communities will benefit those wanting to see another lisi emerge from these grounds say that if more resources and not ploughed into underprivileged teams and play is a future springbok may be missed for me to madonna al-jazeera day in the eastern cape province that is this famous gondoliers have begun swapping the new uniforms for wetsuits for a night time dive in the city's canals it's all part of an initiative to help clear up the famous waterways which are up to 3 meters deep and often they're often used by both horse and locals to top rubbish operation took place at night when the
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canals required or previous dives have recovered items as diverse as a computer a cassette player and even of the day. we shall carry these are the headlines right now on al jazeera iran's president has announced they'll be taking another step away from the 2015 nuclear deal on monday tehran said it's doubling the number of advanced centrifuges on the same day the united states impose new sanctions on iran targeting the financial assets of 9 people close to the supreme leader or sadr party has the latest from tehran. the foreign ministry spokesperson upmost mousavi issued a statement late monday evening saying that these sanctions are yet another example of the bullying behavior from the u.s. government when it comes to dealing with iran and that these actions really are not the correct and logical way of dealing with the issues that the 2 sides have with
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each other these sanctions are seen as more of a symbolic gesture because these figures that have been placed under the sanctions do not have any bank accounts or haven't even been to the united states ever so there are more of a gesture towards what the united states government thinks of these officials iraqi protesters are blocking roads in the capital baghdad including 4 bridges as they step up pressure on the government on monday live from rounds were fired at demonstrators gathered near the state television headquarters killing at least 5 people turkey says it's captured the sister of isolator abubakar alba dati who was killed last week during a raid by u.s. special forces in northwestern syria arrest took place in the syrian town of azaz she's being interrogated along with her husband and daughter in law the u.s. has formally begun withdrawing from the paris climate agreement president donald trump announced his intention in 2017 but monday was the earliest he could legally make that move the pact between 187 countries was set up to fight climate change
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back in 2015 chinese president xi jinping has backed hong kong's leader in a surprise meeting in shanghai she may carry a lamb on the sidelines of a trade event on monday expressed a high degree of trust in hong kong's leader for her government's ability to tackle months of anti-government protests protests in hong kong began in june over a plan to allow extraditions to mainland china. protesters in chalet are warning the government they're not going anywhere and they want a new constitution it is the 3rd week of demonstrations the government has proposed economic reforms a demonstrator say that there are not enough to tackle any policy or in their calls for president sebastian pinera to resign. as are the headlines keep it here i have another bulletin for you at the top of the hour in the meantime let's hand it over to inside story the 1st time glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists in the donald trump we are fighting the fake fake phony the enemy of the people through
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the eyes of a federal white house correspondent what do you base your maximally caesar down the press is not after trump is after the we're not the enemy of the people we are the people u.s.a. the current battle ground truth is it anyway on. it's saudi arabia as the oil giant around coal has finally been given the green light to go public a part of the crown prince's plans to overhaul the so the economy but come around close i.p.o. satisfied his ambitions and what if any are the risks this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm. so.


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