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reservations that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. there should be then ok let's see well if wrong in this case why there's no evidence or why the evidence isn't but now and make sure that that's not happening yet. this is al-jazeera. will come on peter w. watching the news hour live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes with the parliament dissolved campaigning for the u.k. snap election finally gets underway. around starts the process of activating that your brain and richmond facility just 5 mornings i'm concerned in the u.s. and begin. as pollution worsens in india one of the 7 wonders of the world faces the real threat of collapse news of
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a groundbreaking piii deal for women's sports australia's women's football team said 3 party decide as the man details coming up. the u.k. parliament has been formally dissolved ahead of december the 12th snap general election and that means campaigning can finally begin bracks it and the u.k.'s national health service are expected to be the central themes in the 2nd general election since the original breaks it referendum back in 2016 and both the prime minister boris johnson and his main labor challenger jeremy corbyn have been making their pitches to the voters as you take back control of our borders we go straight in style points based system so that we can attract the workers from song just to agricultural workers that are clearly actually needs. judge us on
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whether patients are still waiting more than 4 hours in a any departments and tens of thousands of waiting months for cancer treatment judge us on whether we got sorted within 6 months by offering the people the final say between a credible leave deal and remain so we can get on with delivering the real change that this country needs paul byrne joins us live from london so as far as mr johnson is concerned it still get done then paul indeed we actually saw the the the fledgling signs of another bracks its slogan or another election slogan from the prime minister in that address given in the last 15 minutes outside downing street come with us he said instead of korban come with us we will deliver x. y. and z. ed and he repeated it several times so keep help steer public services and make
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sure that the service 'd levels are guaranteed so that the battle lines are being drawn big picture breck's it funding of public services n.h.s. and over the next 5 weeks those 2 main parties and the other party's lib dems bracks it party too will be fighting it out for seats in the u.k. parliament mr johnston today however losing his welsh secretary doesn't look good on the day that you've gone to buckingham palace to ask permission to dissolve the parliament. it's been an extraordinarily bruising day one for the conservative campaign to be perfectly honest i cannot remember a single campaign previously where a cabinet minister a minister of state is written as actually had to resign on day one of an election campaign i mean it's extraordinary. i'll gloss over the details it's basically alan can't he's the well secretary he's alleged to have lied in fact he's accused of brazen like a direct exactly what he knew in relation to what
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a former aide did in relation to a rape trial which took place in april of 2018 he said he didn't know anything about it then e-mails were uncovered showing that he'd actually been aware of it as late as early as august of last year so he was put in an impossible position it's not the only setback the conservatives have had jacob riis more prominent conservatives have been forced to apologize for some rather crass and insensitive comments that he made about the victims of the grand fell fire tragedy and the other big criticism today and relevant to the campaigning is that the conservative party media office has been caught out doctoring a video which was put on to social media doctoring a video involving keira starmer the labor secretary it's not been a good 1st day for the conservative campaign paul for the moment thank you iran's
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taking more steps away from the 2050 nuclear deal and will soon start activating its uranium enrichment facility iran soon expected to start pumping uranium gas into centrifuges underground area near the city of qom the u.s. called the move the big step in the wrong direction and the e.u. says it is concerned dorsett bari is the reaction from tehran. the spokesperson for iran's atomic energy organization made the statement on state t.v. earlier on wednesday announcing that the 1st phase of restarting the centrifuges at the for no nuclear facility is under way let's hear some of what he had to say. earlier today 2000 kilograms of us 6 was delivered to ford a nuclear sought under the supervision of inspectors the restarting of centrifuges will take a few hours and from the process of injecting you randy i'm guessing to them will begin. this latest measure that's being taken by the iranian authorities is just
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another indication that iran doesn't believe the remaining european signatories to the nuclear deal of 2015 that is france britain and germany are no longer abiding by this deal since the united states withdrew from it last year and imposed a series of sanctions on iran the iranian president hassan rouhani has said that iran will continue to scale back its commitment to the g. c.p.o. she added about because it became a complete research facility after the nuclear deal was signed but now the iranians have decided that it is time for it to become fully operational at least one person has been killed and 7 were injured during protests in the iraqi city of kabul in the capital baghdad large anti government demonstrations are again taking place protesters want the government the prime minister. denies he's trying to stay in power repeating his call for politicians to find a replacement more than 260 people have been killed since demonstrations began last bombs. in a statement the u.s.
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embassy in baghdad condemned the violence saying it is increasingly clear that the government of iraq in the country's political leaders must engage seriously and with iraqi citizens who are demanding reform we deplore the killing and kidnapping of unarmed protesters threats to freedom of expression and the cycle of violence taking place iraqis must be free to make their own choices about the future of the nation meanwhile a un report says iraqi security forces are committing severe human rights violations the latest report indicates a demonstration related violence from the 25th of october to november 4th caused at least $97.00 further deaths and thousands of injuries although iraqi security officials can displayed more restraint that in previous protests earlier in october particularly in baghdad the unlawful use of lethal and less lethal weapons by security forces and armed people requires or detention natasha going to those protests in fact that this is an issue of trust protesters do not trust the current
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political leaders in power to enact substantive change it's also an issue of pace they want immediate results now this is what the government says it is doing right now a constitutional committee committee is meeting looking at amendments to the constitution and those amendments would include transforming iraq's political system from a parliamentary system into a presidential system and abolishing the revile the provincial council people are so angry with these provincial councils they have been setting fire to buildings across the country protesters understand that this is a process that it may not happen suddenly and that it could be a gradual change but there is thing no signs from the government that the prime minister abdullah abdullah now he will step down and a timetable given then there is thing no indications of why. the only elections may
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be held the president has said that a draft of a new election is being formed it's going to be presented to the parliament this week he has also said that the new election committee is going to be informed and that the members will be prioritized by credentials as opposed to political party affiliation but when you consider the fact that protesters in this country have been in the streets on and off for about a decade and in that time they have seen their economic prospects here in the educational system deteriorate to him for structure crumble and not as a result. a number of people have been stabbed in jordan the attack happened in the tourist city of jeddah rush the victims include for tourists from mexico and switzerland for jordanians are also among the number of people injured one person has now been arrested. it's 50 he was heading towards the cafeteria and i was standing by the door behind me will the tourists a little into the cafeteria he passed in front of me and i lean towards him i
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slipped and he stabbed me then backed away moving towards the policeman gave the policeman a slight step i tried to attack him from behind and i pushed him to the ground afterwards all the policemen came and took him. russianness strikes have killed at least 3 children in syria's province a hospital for women and children was among the targets over the past few weeks russian and syrian gov this is what has become of the only hospital incident visits . and their strike has damaged the building many patients are injured it's now closed and patients have been evacuated to other hospitals. used to provide services to 15 religions in the area. then which most of the buildings were unable to look after patients anymore. north of sigint government troops targeted volunteer rescuers known as the white helmets in the town of either dan as the
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attacks intensified the building was evacuated. our building was targeted more than 60 times over the last 2 days mostly mortar out of there and shells in the attacks damaged our vehicles and the facility is out of service. the escalation in live is in breach of the deescalation deal russia and turkey signed in 2018 that's created. that's meant to be free or verbal forcers more than 3000000 people live in the province of it which is under the control of the opposition group. and just by the deescalation zone russia and syrian government insist rick upcher in the province is just a matter of time but i just. want to take his border with syria. plenty more still to come for you here on the news including 9 members of one american family a shot and killed in mexico. the united states waves into a dispute over
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a controversial dam on the river nile. and in sport we'll tell you why the final of south america's biggest cup competition has been moved to a different country. the french government has unveiled tougher new immigration reforms the prime minister felipe said the that france needs to quote take back control of migration the measures include title laws for asylum seekers including curbing access to non urgent health care and the 1st time a quota for skilled migrants will now come into effect the decision is being seen as a move to counter the rise of the far right in france out of the 2022 presidential election from paris his natasha butler. well the french prime minister and one of the leap and a number of ministers have revealed 20 new immigration measures may fall broadly into 2 categories one is
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a so-called economic migration and the other asylum seekers now in terms of economic migration and what felipe says that france will introduce for the 1st time quotas for workers now what that means is that the french government which it would assess which industries in france have a skilled labor shortage and they would adjust the quotas accordingly it's the sort of system that is in place in countries like australia or canada now in terms of asylum seekers the french government want to crack down on people they say are abusing the system and what they're going to introduce is they'll be more limits and more curbs on the access to health care for asylum seekers asylum seekers who are claiming benefits will be more tightly controlled last year the french going to the far right and could risk alienating some of their more left wing or centrist voters but the french president tomorrow mike ross says that it is very important that the around immigration is lifted those were his words earlier this year
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because he said otherwise the issue of immigration ends up fueling the far right ends up feeling populist sentiment in france and that is something of course he wants to stop particularly as there is a presidential election coming up in less than 3 years france and china trade deals worth $15000000000.00 emmanuel micro and she jinping announced the agreements after me to beijing the deals cover aeronautics energy and agriculture including approval for 20 french companies to export poultry beef and pork to china. protesters in lebanon surrounding government buildings in a bid to force politicians to resign demonstrators want a new government is not divided along sectarian lines they're also angry over delays in forming a new cabinet after the prime minister saad hariri resigned. now the u.s. is mediating talks between ethiopia egypt and sudan to reduce tensions over 102 electric dam on the river nile ethiopia has been building what it calls the nissans
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to near its northwestern border with sudan for 8 years egypt fears it could reduce the flow of the oil down stream which accounts for nearly 90 percent of its water supply the $5000000000.00 project is part of ethiopia plan to produce enough energy to meet its growing demand and less fear the dispute could escalate if a deal isn't reached before the project is finished in 2022 mike hanna reports now from washington. the u.s. treasury department an unlikely mediator in a decades long conflict in a region thousands of miles away a new party attempting to resolve the dispute over a multi-billion dollar water project being developed on the nile river as it flows through ethiopia neighbors egypt and sudan have been deeply concerned at the consequent impact on their own water supplies this round of negotiation flowing from a meeting between u.s.
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president donald trump and is a gyptian counterpart abdel fattah el-sisi at which the us leader was asked for help in resolving the but a dispute between the countries. and this week the 2 presidents held a follow up phone call after which the white house released the statement president trump expressed support for egypt ethiopia and sudan's ongoing negotiations to reach a collapse in which egypt and sudan agreed as to how much each state could take from the nile every year but the struggle was again intensified when in 2010 at the height of the arab spring ethiopia announced the grand ethiopian renaissance down project. the dam is 70 percent complete and the argument is now centered not on construction but on how much water will be diverted to build the dam at them and. to sort or on i hope the diplomatic efforts would lead to some flexibility from the ethiopian side because egypt is not asking to stop the dams construction but rather
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to slow down its construction which might be too late now because it is believed that a major part of the dam is already constructed but we could think about the way the dam will be operated and how the lake will be filled last month ethiopia's prime minister ahmed was awarded the nobel peace prize for his efforts in ending the war with eritrea a few weeks later he told his parliament ethiopia could mobilize millions in a conflict with egypt but insisted only negotiation could break the deadlock the d.c. talks are a major breakthrough because in the past ethiopia had bigger asli opposed calls by egypt and sudan for 3rd party mediation president trump has assigned his treasury secretary steve to host the talks and apparently curious decision to bypass state department which would traditionally handle such negotiations but the inclusion at the meeting of world bank president david. ok let's talk now to abdullah abdullah
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salaam formally director general of unesco's water resources division he joins us from khartoum is to ask when what you think will come out of these talks that we're discussing in the united states. the loss the loss of. life. really for giving them the support the unity. i try to investigate. what behind there mediation of the u.s. in this very complicated issue already. grant as you can reciprocate is as dumb. as you know i mean this negotiation was being started long time ago and each time the day they didn't reach any any any conclusion because from the 1st.
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principle i mean that there is no. agreement i mean there is no more solid ground from where i mean these talks should start this is why i mean each side and they reach. i'm saying fairly or no conclusion but if the 3 really 3 countries says it together and they have the real commitment and intention to beach a conclusion and put the corporation in front of them that they will reach. an agreement without any mediation from any outsider ok i y. self i don't i don't i don't think i don't think usa have any any. pressure or peepers which. can inforced these
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countries to reach conclusions ok water security is potentially a big issue for many many countries around africa around north africa and where north africa bumps into the middle east with so many countries of water critical just in a matter of days if not hours. are those worries realistic on the part of egypt and to the other countries involved in this get that they understand it i think the border security is at issue. for sudan and egypt. and the the the a man disadvantage. when we have this. project stream sudan border it died there is an outside controller for the hotel
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really should run before that naturally we was in sudan to have a envisioning point the border of a sepia to operate our bomb or said is done for example now or as ruth said is dumb and other dams and all the downs along along the 9. would be controlled by the operation system of the that i mean by saying is the round as you been read it mr dum so the whole system will be controlled by a superior if there is no real as an imminent how to operate the begat in a way that. the other down sood be in it to be a put it in harmony with we see with gatt so it's controlling the whole world the
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whole thing's seeing downstream understood mr mayor good to talk to you thank you for your company here on the news of. a group of environmental activists known as extinction rebellion they have won a court challenge against the london police it was in response to a ban on protests last month the high court judge ruled the restrictions were unlawful that decision could allow hundreds of protesters to sue the police for unlawful arrest a model child joins us live from london jamal what does this mean. for french really what i mean. the decision that was taken by the metropolitan police after you reks or go to ban all types of these environmental protests that were taking place in what was the british law gave them the rights to. prevent to ban any gathering go or public assembly that they saw would cause significant damage either true public property or to greater society and what they said was that
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because these protests were taking place across london in different areas pacifically in sensitive locations like the bank outside the bank of england or london city airports and other places that these constituted one large protests that actually brought together all of london society to a standstill what the court said today was that even though these different pockets of demonstrations were under the same banner because they were do graphically not connected then they could not be seen as one diet warning saying our climate crisis is getting worse their research shows rich countries are doing far more to destroy the planet than poorer countries and greenhouse gas emissions will be increasing the report warns that going beyond certain irreversible climate tipping points could lead to big areas in which people won't be able to live but they say it's not too late they recommend urgent changes including stopping deforestation and
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population growth taxes on carbon and leaving fossil fuels in the ground. well thomas newsome is one of the lead authors about reports and a lecturer in the school of life and environmental sciences at the university of sydney he explains what needs to happen next to lessen the impact of global warming the timescale is difficult difficult to predict and it's probably a topic of debate as well however we feel like even though some of the impacts of climate change are already evident and climate change impacts appear to be accelerating and happening at a faster rate than predicted we still feel like there is time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and hopefully change the trajectory of the graphical indicators that we presented in the paper lots of small individual changes that that people make in their day to day lives in terms of what they're eating in terms of reducing made consumption reducing air traffic air travel using renewable sources of energy all
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of those small changes i going to make larger scale impacts and it's also going to influence policymakers the business communities and governments to to really start taking the much bigger steps that are needed at a global scale to tackle this problem of climate change all of the indicators in our paper a heading in the wrong direction and we are clear in advocating for global action against what we are calling a climate emergency. time he will whether his cabin kept still rather eventful in europe that's right the last 5 days across much of western europe has been windy cloudy and rainy and we have had a flooding situation here in the northwestern part of france here and kalai the leon river has actually flowed its banks and we are talking about evacuations going on 120 homes have been affected because of this very heavy rain across the region we saw over 80 millimeters of rain just in the last 2 days which was quite
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a bit of rain across this region and unfortunately we are looking at more rain coming into play as we go towards tomorrow another area of low pressure parked over the u.k. really bring some very heavy rain across parts of western europe and not only the rain but we're going to see some snow developing across the pyrenees as well as across the alps we could be seeing 80 centimeters of snow across much of this area over the next 72 hours and it's not just the snow but down here across parts of italy this area of low pressure pushing over here towards the east while this is going to bring quite a bit of rain across much of the balkan peninsula actually in the region of montenegro we could be seeing well over $150.00 millimeters of rain just in the next 3 days so flooding is a big problem that we expect to see there you want to see some better weather though through an attack on the security checkpoint and in sports news the bron james makes more n.b.a. history rubble here explaining that story in about 20 minutes.
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oldest muslim undertakers working here is just 7 days a week that's grown with a community my father purchased a black ambulance man started to do the funerals in london and on the whistle stop being pounded into a chair and became. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level. east and undertakers this is us. an al-jazeera. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening kind city as we turn the cameras on the media when the intelligence services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president to focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already have the information they're listening
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pounced on al-jazeera. welcome every just joining us while come back if you've been with us after now these are your top stories. u.k. parliament has been formally dissolved the head up some of the 12th snap general election that means campaigning can finally begin the national health service the beloved n.h.s. in the u.k. expected to be central themes in the 2nd general election since the original bracks of the referendum back in 2016. iran's taking further steps away from the 2050 nuclear deal and will soon start activating its uranium enrichment facility tirant
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expected to start pumping 2 radium gas into centrifuges at an underground area in the city of qom. and a number of people have been stabbed in jordan the attack happened in the tourist city of java the victims include for tourists from mexico and switzerland 4 jordanians are also among the injured one person has been arrested. now problems continue to mount for the world's biggest aircraft maker with safety concerns about yet another boeing aircraft this time is the popular 787 dreamliner a whistleblower has told u.k. media passengers could be left without oxygen in case of a loss of cabin pressure a former quality control engineer says around a quarter of the airplane's oxygen systems fail to deploy properly when they are needed meanwhile boeing 737 n. g. is also facing issues with dozens no ground due to worldwide ryanair is the latest
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tire 737 max fleet well that does remain grounded still after the failure of a safety system led to 2 crashes in a period of 6 months that killed more than 300 people let's bring in a friend of the news alex machar us aviation analyst joining us from the shot in london alex great to talk to you again the 787 what's your reading of what the whistleblowers been saying and can we believe it. good afternoon peter well it is more concerning whistleblower reports specifically from the south carolina plant where boeing produce the 787 dreamliner now boeing is a manufacturer they produce the 787 from 2 plants one in seattle and one here in south carolina and for a long time there have been questions over quality at boeing south carolina plant specifically on the 787 dreamliner so of course with new reports now suggesting that in some tests oxygen was failing to leave the cylinder and come through 2 passenger masks as much as a 21 or 15 jean used to
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a former union rep and she was saying she had heard lots of maybe apocryphal kind of over a cup of coffee conversations from former employees and current employees seeing the checking and the self checking boeing is an issue of course we cannot say that is a fact but there are people out there who've worked for the company or the work for the company still they do not feel comfortable here. right and our jazeera 2014 war the pioneers of any investigation into boeing's south carolina plant where they did expose quality concerns that was over 5 years ago if i bring you forward to this summer june 2019 the flag carrier of the netherlands k l m they publicly slammed boeing's production at south carolina they said that quality is quote way below standard and that was referring to the $77.00 dreamliner that they took
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delivery of this year so to think that we are 5 years down the line and there are still concerns over quality at boeing south carolina plant that is something that the industry needs to take a long and hard look at and the irish carrier ryanair they've taken the decision to grow in several of the $73.00 servers they're not flying the 737 max nobody is flying is the is the order 737 a solution because the phone what are called pick call cracks pickle fork cracks where the wings meet the main body of the aircraft they're clearly putting passenger safety 1st which is great thank you ryanair but that's another issue which boeing have to address. it is so there are 7000 boeing 737 n.g.'s flying worldwide currently 1000 have been checked 50 have been found to have these cracks on this large structural component that joins the fuselage the aircraft body with the wing ryan air they are one of the many airlines who have now
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reported these cracks and they've taken them out of service in order to rectify this this is something boeing is addressing of course optics wise it's not a good look at this 77 max still grounded world wide and now more problems with the current and existing 737 alex good to talk to as ever thanks for joining us here on the news hour yemen's internationally recognized government assigned a power sharing deal with southern separatists the agreement was brokered by saudi arabia and aims to end months of violence between government forces and you you backed fighters dreamspace has that story. a deal is signed that it's hoped may bring peace to one part of the violent war in yemen presiding at a ceremony saudi crown prince mohammed bin so man those signing the government of yemen president had he a key saudi ally was among those present and the southern transitional council which was strongly backed by the united arab emirates even though all the while they've remained part of the saudi led coalition in yemen the real war in yemen is
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obviously between the hard government saudi that coalition and the who are these so this is just a sideshow and this is kind of a small breakthrough in the sideshow that only occurred very recently at the u.n. in new york the deal was welcomed by the u.k. ambassador the current president of the u.n. security council and this is a good step forward and agreement that brings the satin transitional council into the government and we hope that the agreement will last and will be the 1st step if you like on to increase we're meant recent clashes there only broke out this summer and in part this was linked to the u.a.e. which had the main international force in the south pulling most of its troops from the saudi led coalition the latest developments are important but they don't mean an end to the wider war and in particular the conflict between saudi arabia and the who who still control a large portion of the country including the capital sanaa james pays 0 at the
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united nations. thousands of bolivians have marched through the capital of la paz and protest against disputed election results critics of president obama alice say he committed fraud to get reelected as rob matheson. for more than 2 weeks supporters and opponents of president evo morales have been rally in the libya's capital. day and night demonstrations have continued and resolved on both sides as hard. we're going to radicalize the proteus and it does not matter if we give our lives for our children's freedom my mother fought for my freedom and rights in 2003 and i'm going to defend it for my children not getting. that there is yeah i do not want to be 70 the united states previous governments have always been sevenths to be less and even wealthy people. even more $1.01 october's presidential vote beating opposition candidate carlos
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mesa by 10 points but vote counting was halted for 24 hours when it we started there was an unexplained shift in favor of mud alice bolivia's 1st indigenous leader the vote is now being audited the results may not be available for several weeks morales says he now has a 4th term as president and the opposition is trying to seize control of the country. when they can't win the election they come up with a fraud you know we see that it's not a fraud but acquitted. supporters of but alice blocked an airport close to pas to stop opposition leader luis fernando come ashore reaching the capital camacho seen here wearing a black cap was forced to fly back to the eastern city of santa cruz camacho says he plans to return with a preview written resignation letter for president evil dollars to sign.
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just a year before the u.s. presidential election democrats of unseated a number of republicans in state polls it's seen as a setback for donald trump who campaigned for fellow republicans before tuesday's elections. as more. democrat anti bush years says he's won kentucky's race for governor. it was a tight election especially for a conservative leaning state. it's a message that says our elections don't have to be about right. vs left they are still about right versus wrong was it seem as a setback for president donald trump who easily won kentucky in 2016 the kentucky is leading there were no personally campaigned for republican governor matt bevan was recent fights with labor unions and teachers made him among the least popular governors in the country here's a story for you when they go to make it like ho hum and if you lose they can say
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trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world this was the greatest you can't let that happen to me. in the 11 big victory. you hate reeves took the governor's seat against the state's attorney general jim hood the victory seen as a sign of stability for trump a year before the presidential race these elections are a glimpse into what president trunk could expect in his 2020 reelection bid including whether the democratic led impeachment inquiry is swaying his base. most of the young al-jazeera. and staying in the states president trump has offered to help mexico quote wipe out drug cartels blamed for an attack that killed 19 americans 3 women and 6 children were targeted near the northern town of but the space after members of a cartel opened fire on their cause security officials say the gunman may have mistaken them for a rival gang warning the u.s.
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may find some of the content and john holmes report distressing. the top car a mute witness to a tragedy this is for the record need and for my grandchildren are bert. and showed up. right on the road out of the motor. 3 women and 6 children from the liberal family mormons originally from the u.s. who settled in mexico decades ago was shot dead on a motorway in nor the mits co this was one of the relatives said trevor i used to live and also dead twin's 6 months old the survivors a baby found by the side of his dead mother and children who fled into the mountains alex labor on a relative told us. what
4:40 pm
. was the lead but owns a well known emits code for the anti violence activism of some of their members because they u.s. citizens that meant president donald trump got involved he tweeted that it was time to wage war on the cartels president hope is on the door while he welcomes u.s. corp rejected that he little bit of. the worst they could happen is war those who have read about it all suffered it know they. past experience says that president obama's obrador is probably right more than a decade ago but it's kerry started an all out confrontation with the cartels and all that happened with more murders but he's in a tight spot now about 3 weeks ago his security minister said that his government was getting on top of the violence but since then it's been hit by crisis or an off
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mexican organized crime scene over the past 2 years is that family members children women innocent bystanders and general regular civilians are not off limits anymore for this kind of file its needs of the police no president will preserve goodall's new national guard seemed to have been enough to set those boundaries and there's a continuing cost john home and how does it a city. at least 15 people have been killed in an overnight attack in southern thailand gunmen stormed a checkpoint in the province of yala the believed to be part of a separatist movement and groups of carried out attacks in the mainly muslim region since 2004. one of the world's biggest tourist attractions india's taj mahal is under threat it was built more than 400 years ago on wooden blocks but experts now say they're worried that those blocks are drying out and pollution is damaging the monuments famous white marble and reports now from. having your
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photo taken in front of the taj mahal is on the to do list for millions of tourist visiting india's boast bemis landmark. but just a few steps away is the young man i've ever joked with rubbish and sewage and both the pollution and the reduced amount of water in the river because of barrages upstream are threats to the monument of. this in that the taj was built almost 400 years ago on a network of wooden blocks polluted river could corrode them and if the wooden blocks dry out they may break up causing the taj to collapse restricted only it has been designed in a manner that. is important both qualitatively and quantitatively for its survival number one it gives. it didn't then the formations of the rest of the need water.
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the polluted waters of the river pose another problem a breeding ground for insects some experts say insects crawling up the yellow patches which need regular cleaning. and pollution from vehicle exhaust is also discoloring and attacking the white marble now back in the 1990 s. the supreme court of order nearly $300.00 in industries to be moved out of the city but activists say it's the government that needs to do more to say the famous heritage site. the india government's representative in our grass says many projects are planned to ensure the city does its bit to save the young and the tards he says all of the city's sewage will be treated in treatment plants soon as soon as all these schemes are implemented. in all produce all the games will be linked. to the. british and his friends gather on the banks of the young every day and pray that the government delivers before it's too
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late archibald al-jazeera india. still to come for you here on the news of the sports news there's some trash talk from the world heavyweight champion deonte wilder ahead of his next fight raoul we'll explain more when we come back. it. was.
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time for sports with pick up thank you we start with the landmark deal that means the australian women's football team will now get paid the same as the men the matildas on the socceroos will each take an equal split of revenue generated by the national teams and a new contract system guarantees the top women's players will end the science as the top men traditionally the men have had a great to share and have been paid more despite being ranked 44th in the fee for rankings compared to the women who i. this new deal is enormous as a female footballer it's kind of what we've always dreamed of we've always wanted
4:46 pm
to be treated equally want to. step out on that pitch with equal opportunity in the equal facilities that the men have been exposed to a new c.b.s. show is signs of respect now we're going to be completely included i think. having these facilities that the men have been exposed to is now going to set us up for success or the australia deal will give hope to the u.s. women's team who are the current world champions of course every member of the squad is engaged in a lawsuit against the u.s. soccer federation over alleged gender discrimination when it comes to pary a court date is set for may 2020 off the mediation talks broke down. now the civil unrest in chile has forced the final of south america's top club competition the copper lavatories to be moved to peru game between brazil's flamingo and river plate of argentina was to have taken place at the study on nothing now in the chilean capital santiago later this month but the recent anti-government protests which is resulted in the deaths of several people forced to switch the guy will now
4:47 pm
be played at the monumental trade him in lima on november 23rd. we deeply regret not to go to such as we are also saudi for all argentineans and brazilians who push just flight ticket the game tickets will be refunded and we hope we can find a solution it's a pity that will not go to such it's a part of reality now welcome lima let's enjoy it and leave this unique final. moments. now we account i don't think it would have been nice to play a couple of at the door to its final in a country which is facing serious issues not just for us players but also for the fans journalists everybody that would be going there i think the protesters would have had a field day and something tragic could happen but thank god didn't change the location of the final to lima. if you're going kloppers come up with a novel solution for this team's fix to congestion next month the club are due to play aston villa in the english league cup on the 17th of december then it's hardly
4:48 pm
different lineup will play in the club world cup in doha the following day we asked . to come to qatar we can play the game there. know we don't know exactly yet we have an idea how we do it but it's too early to speak about that we had to make a decision we made a decision because all the other alternatives were more problems and solutions and didn't didn't work out so we said ok that's how we how we can do it as good as it's possible for us but all the rest we have now a bit of time to think about that. italian football club owner will have to close part of their stadium for one game following the racist abuse of mario balotelli. kicked the ball into the crowd after being targeted by fans on sunday rather have also banned the head of their foreign group for 11 years is just the latest player to be racially abused in this season and it's prompted the manager of the italian
4:49 pm
champion give ventus to call for a change in the law he says. because to put some issues i don't know if we have laws available to arrest them but if they don't exist i suggest creating a round table with the government to create those laws it's unacceptable that in 2019 someone can get insulted because of the country they come from or the color of their skin because it also makes me laugh when they speak about race there is only one race and that is the human one the brawn jerry and inspire the l.a. lakers to come back from 19 points down as they beat the chicago bulls on wednesday the 34 year old becoming the oldest player in n.b.a. history to record 3 straight triple doubles with 30 points 10 rebounds and 11 assist the lakers making it 6 wins in a row and 8 from world baffling jeremy grant saw denver win this one away to a snowy. world heavyweight champion dion terry world says tyson fury can't run away from their rematch forever while their takes on louis ortiz
4:50 pm
later this month but he still wants the face theory after their 4 last year ended in a draw or series had to fight since then even been resting in the doubly w e while the things fury is scared to face in the game. i don't understand how running you know your room as far as you can you know me but you got to remember he signed the contract you know me and we use our assumption anybody know that the pin is a silent warrior you know i mean you have to pay consequences to get out of this so the fight will happen unless they give us the money well this is here it's a sponsor on instagram just get for you fight with us do your own thing stop using my name for elephant you should be on 20 percent as you know i will see you 1st.
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the 1st hand glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists in the age of donald trump we are fighting the fake tears fake phony the enemy of the people through the eyes of a federal white house correspondent what do you base your laxalt leases are down the press is not after trump is after the blacks were not the enemy of the people we are the people the usa the current battleground whose truth is it anyway. in this life the most incredible stories are often true. and cheering go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar for me. in this life no versity makes no difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than our souls and this lawyer walked want to use
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his freedom of expression. the right to mortgage. sean and a lot into the darkness. because you're destroying. this parasite. and. delicious kill i have strength i have a story of current a lot of the fear is real. passion. and a very sicilian just. with the u.k. parliament dissolved campaigning for the snap general election finally gets underway.
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again on pieces you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up iran starts the process of activating it she rainman richmond facility despite warnings and concerns expressed by the u.s. and the e.u. . france on bills tougher new laws around asylum seekers on up migrants coming into the country. as pollution worsens in india one of the southern.


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