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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2019 6:00pm-6:56pm +03

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i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as it i was that's what this job. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian from again this is the live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes i just beamed to see how much she the queen and she agreed to dissolve parliament. the campaign for an election that could result of the breaks that controversy is often running also. and slipped in the steadman and then backed away moving towards the policeman several tourists were among 8 people stabbed
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a visit to northern georgia. deal with claims of faulty safety measures made against boeing the world's largest airline manufacturer plus. 2 major victories for u.s. democrats are viewed as bad news for donald trump's chances of winning a 2nd term in office and in sport 5 teams can progress to the knockout rounds of the champions league this wednesday by nina could just find that coach but could still secure their last 16 spot olympiacos. the u.k. parliament has officially been dissolved by the queen signalling the beginning of the campaign for an election that could help to bring an end to the question of when britain leaves the european union prime minister boris johnson met with the queen at buckingham palace ahead of his 1st official campaign speech outside
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downing street he used briggs it as his platform and promised to put a briggs it deal through parliament on day one if his party wins the right to form a government. parliament is paralyzed it's being stuck in a rut for 3 and a half years and i'm afraid our m.p.'s are just refusing time and again to deliver bricks it and on to the mandate of the people i can tell you i've got to the stage where i be willing to chew my own time in frustration because in a sense we're so nearly that we've got a deal i've been ready by which we can leave the e.u. in just a few weeks it's a great deal for this country let's go live now to london as it is paul brennan isn't chewing his tie paul it feels like my selection campaign got on the way weeks ago but today was indeed the fischel starting up. indeed to be fat labor started its campaign last thursday so the labor campaign the opposition party
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campaign is almost a week old and the liberal democrats which is the minority opposition party began as yesterday but this was the 1st day of official campaigning because parliament wasn't dissolved until the early hours of weapons day morning and then the prime minister had to go to buckingham palace to have the queen formally sign off on that dissolution of parliament and he came out to downing street and you heard him lay out that it was a small snippet but it was about a 12 minute address to the media outside downing street he laid out the philosophical and practical differences that the concert he sees between the conservative party and predominantly between them and labor he spoke for example about the dynamic free market economy that the conservatives believe in he also spoke about the come with us he said it was a recurring phrase and you wonder whether it's going to be a slogan of that's come with us instead of going with labor we will deliver on bracks if we will deliver on on taxes we will deliver on public services shaping up
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for what appears to be a kind of arms race in relation to pledges of spending for britain's public services obvious a jeremy corbyn the labor leader has also been out and about on the election trail up in the midlands of the u.k. today too and he is equally strong defending and promising that the labor will look at public services very benignly as well judge us on whether patients to still waiting more than 4 hours and i any departments and tens of thousands of waiting months for cancer treatment judge us on whether we got sorted within 6 months. by offering the people the final say between credible leave dale and rene so we can get on with delivering the real change that this country needs if this were a horse race poor you could say that boris johnson's conserves of posse have
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stumbled out of the stools it's a marathon not a sprint but it's not been a great 1st 24 hours if you're also include choose day as well yes the government lost its welsh secretary the minister of state for wales on weapons day having to resign after apparently being caught out in a lie about when he knew of the actions of a former aide of his in relation to a rape trial which collapsed in 2018 he said he didn't have known about this alan cans is the man he said he had known about it when the emails have emerged which appear to show he knew about it as long ago as august of last year so he's had to quit on the 1st day of an election campaign not a great start and there was controversy also on wednesday morning almost before the campaign a properly begun when the conservative party press office put out a video purporting to show the labor breck's it spokesman kissed on
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a stumbling over a question a live t.v. about labour's bricks of policy in fact that video had been doctored by the conservatives and they were called out on that and instead of apologizing they've actually stood by it said oh it's all part of the knockabout nature of politics today you can see it's going to be a long bit silly contest it perhaps even an element of fake news but certainly one thing to expect over the next 5 weeks is the unexpected for many thanks indeed al jazeera of paul brennan there live in london. a group of environmental activists known as extinction rebellion has won a court challenge against london's metropolitan police it was in response to a ban on protests last month a high court judge ruled that the restrictions were unlawful that decision could allow hundreds of protesters to sue the police for unlawful arrest al-jazeera to marseille reports now from london. environmental activists welcomed their decision
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by the courts on wednesday as a victory for freedom and democracy they say that the police's attempt to ban the extinction rebellion protests which took place in october under the so-called all some uprising to raise awareness against the dangers posed by climate change to this ban was in effect a democratic one the court cited the police's reference through the british law a specific section within its section 14 of the public or the rock which gives them the power through preventing any public assembly or gathering which they see to pose a threat to properties or team wider society to disband was in fact illegal and the reason why they said that it was up to these protests that were taking place in october were protesters gathering to cross the roads and entrances to sensitive buildings like the bank of sites and therefore gave them the right
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support into the north to prevent what the judge has said was no that even though they were under the same banner for the same cause they weren't geographically connected and therefore they couldn't be seen all these different parts of pockets rather across as can be seen as one large one on the police had no right to further to this not only does this judgement mean that the protesters could potentially stage similar demonstrations especially in the lead up to a general election here in the united kingdom but it means that those who are arrested some $1800.00 or so protesters could potentially sue them on the metropolitan police for unlawful protests and obviously those who are charged there was a roughly around $160.00 those charges would be dropped this isn't the final verdict in the sense that the police do have the choice if they so wish to appeal it's whether they'll do that or not we'll still wait and find out. a number of people have been stabbed in jordan the attack happened in the city of daraa. the victims include. for tourists from mexico and switzerland for jordanians are among those
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injured one person has been arrested. he was heading towards the cafeteria and i was standing by the door behind me were all the tourists a little men to the cafeteria he passed in front of me and i linked towards him i slipped in instead of me then backed away moving towards the policeman gave the policeman a slight step i tried to attack him from behind and i pushed him to the ground afterwards all the policemen came and took him. iran is taking further steps away from the 2050 nuclear deal will soon start activating its uranium enrichment facility to iran is soon expected to start pumping you raney and gas into centrifuges at an underground area near the city of qom the u.s. has called the move a big step in the wrong direction and the e.u. says that it's concerned just to restore such body reports now from tehran the spokesperson for iran's atomic energy organization made a statement on state t.v.
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earlier on wednesday announcing that the 1st phase of restarting the centrifuges at the for nuclear facility is under way let's hear some of what he had to say. earlier today 2000 kilograms of u.s. 6 was delivered to ford a nuclear site under the supervision of inspectors the restarting of centrifuges will take a few hours and from the process of injecting your rainy and gas into them will begin. this latest measure that's being taken by the iranian authorities is just another indication that iran doesn't believe the remaining european signatories to the nuclear deal of 2015 that is france britain and germany are no longer abiding by this deal since the united states withdrew from it last year and imposed a series of sanctions on iran the iranian president hassan rouhani has said that iran will continue to scale back its commitment to the way until the european signatories uphold their end of the deal for now the rain ins are adamant that 4
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door will become fully operational this was a nuclear site that was very much negotiated about because it became a complete is not surprisingly pretty complex his own 0 laura bush. iran is moving away from the 2015 nuclear deal and further enriching uranium now let's take a look at just how this is done you're radium is a mind metal that contains 2 isotopes 99.3 percent is uranium $23.00 eights and the rest uranium 235 and it's that much smaller isotope the can release enough energy to fuel a nuclear reactor or a bomb but for that it needs to be enrich and this is done in centrifuges that spin the element 4 senior iranian 235 into the center but that's time consuming and
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difficult but it becomes easier as uranium is further refined now before the nuclear deal came into effect iran was a rich in uranium at 20 percent now it's 5 percent which is enough for the moment to meet its nuclear fuel needs but it would need between 85 and 90 percent to make a nuclear weapon it's also using more advanced i r 6 centrifuges to enrich uranium faster now the country's leaders say the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. at least 3 people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations in iraq's capital large groups of protesters again gathered in baghdad on wednesday iraqi human rights council says that 17 people were injured more than 260 people have been killed since demonstrations began last month of a corruption and high levels of unemployment iraq's prime minister said that the blocking of the main gulf port by the protesters has cost the country over
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$6000000000.00 so far on tuesday a demonstrator was killed and dozens injured to security forces opened fire to disperse them protests have been blocking the port now for days the port brings in most of iraq's food and medical imports through the city of basra where in the last few hours iraq's military spokesman said that security forces have been ordered not to use live fire on protesters. to avoid any confusion clear and strict instructions have been handed down that no live ammunition be used would have also been given not to allow any live ammunition on the scene but a u.n. report says that iraqi security forces are committing severe human rights violations. the latest report indicates that demonstration related violence from the 25th of october to november 4th caused at least $97.00 further deaths and thousands of injuries well the iraqi security officials could displayed more
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restraint that in previous protests earlier in october particularly in baghdad the unlawful use of lethal and less lethal weapons by security forces and armed people requires urgent attention to zeros and sasha the name is among the demonstrations in baghdad. this is an issue of trust protesters do not trust the current political leaders in power to enact substantive change it's also an issue of pace they want immediate results now this is what the government says it is doing right now a constitutional committee committee is meeting looking at amendments to the constitution and those amendments would include transforming iraq's political system from a parliamentary system to a presidential system and abolishing the revile the provincial councils people are so angry with these provincial councils they have been setting fire to buildings across the country protesters understand that this is
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a process that it may not happen suddenly and that it could be a gradual change but there is thing no signs from the government that the prime minister. will step down and a timetable given and there is thing no indications of when the early elections may be held the president has said that a draft of a new election law is being formed it's going to be presented to the parliament this week he has also said that a new election committee is going to be formed and that the members will be prioritized by credentials as opposed to political party affiliations but when you consider the fact that protesters in this country have been in the streets on and off for about a decade and in that time they have been there. prospect the educational. the infrastructure and not a top level government official has been held to look out for corruption you can understand why doctors are saying they will not stop their campaign until they see
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the real results. they were there from 000 still to come on the program the united states wades into a dispute over ethiopia on the blue nile. find out why france is changing its immigration rules ahead of its 2022 presidential election. and in sport the bron james makes more n.b.a. history and he will be here in the backs of the rest of the sports a little later. the u.s. is mediating talks between ethiopia egypt and su done to reduce tension over hydroelectric dam on the blue nile it has been building what it calls the renascence damned near its northwestern border with sudan for 8 years now egypt fears the dam could reduce the flow of the nile river downstream which accounts for nearly 90 percent of its
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water supply the $5000000000.00 project is part of ethiopia's plan to produce enough energy to meet its own demand and analysts fear the dispute could escalate if a deal isn't reached before the project is completed in 2022 a speech to the cold us in cairo by skype he's a fellow at the top of the institute for middle east policy one of these talks going to achieve some of the. i think it's really hard to say they've been having talks now for nearly a decade and have made virtually no progress in terms of finding some sort of compromise that satisfies all parties the egyptians have been trying to get a 3rd party involved for quite some time in the ethiopians have been opposed to that so it is actually i mean as far as the egyptians are concerned an important victory that they have gotten the united states to bring all the parties together to discuss this with the secretary of treasury. nation as well as the head of the world bank and i think the egyptians are hoping that these parties might be able to
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introduce a new dynamic that could help. the peons to perhaps make some concessions on the timeline for filling the reservoir is the u.s. a fair mediator who wants its position in this debate. to my knowledge the u.s. hasn't expressed any public position with respect to that this disagreement amongst the parties. it's certainly a government that has had a lot of sympathy with the egyptian government and has close relations with them and so i understand why the egyptians would think that the perhaps they could help to move things in their direction that said i don't think that there's any antagonism between the united states needs yoke and i don't think they've been looking to create an a so hopefully they can find that deal or inject. some new possibilities for the ethiopians that makes it worth it for them to reconsider their approach on the reservoir at the same time help the egyptians avert any sort of problems with their
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access to fresh water ethiopia's prime minister has more or less said that he's prepared to go to war over this what could the international community olfa to ethiopia in terms of sweetness to slow the project down. well the prime minister of ethiopia was actually responding to increased. increasingly bombastic statements in the egyptian press that were suggesting that this was a national security threat and he was simply saying that he was ready if it was necessary but he didn't want to go to war. but with respect to what could be offered for ethiopia this is about their economy it's about. the more of the public on the power grid and so it's possible the united states the world bank together could come up with a package in which they help support the development of the electrical grid any of the opiah. there's also been talk about exporting some of their electricity eventually and perhaps they could support some of the infrastructure for that as
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well as an incentive for the ethiopians to to make a compromise with the egyptians could still to do with the many thanks indeed to the countess there in cairo thanks for having me. and saving us dollars and they say their car and survive and here are some of them who came out onto the streets protesting saying something has to change as they can't afford to pay rent a constant their children to school they just can't make ends meet some say they will struggle to come to work because they can't afford transport fees now you have 834-0000 civil servants give or take in the country but only a few dozen showed up to this march and you need to say that's because they still a climate of fear here and lots of people are afraid to protest i want you to. drive now if you were a civil what. you if you would wanted to come for this much and you.
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did your 1st instinct would be to say this is not an ideal place for. a free expression because you have turned us there you have. police. and the court and of the police and everybody who's coming in some time some have been retreating and we can bring in the numbers government officials have been in those shaking with workers for months trying to tell workers that they're looking for the money but right now they say it is not there they say they're also dealing with other pressing issues in the country like trying to source foreign currency trying to deal with the drought that's affected much of the country and that means finding money from somewhere to bring in grains help people in need of food doctors had been on strike for more than 2 months now safe to go to the public sector hospitals they are barely functioning the doctors say they also concert on the poor
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wages the government reacted by firing 77 of them for not coming to work they warn more people will be fired if they don't report for duty that's one concern here in somalia. this is a high unemployment rate some people here say to size 80 percent many people know if they come into this state there is that real fear that they're lose their jobs and some of those unemployed desperate for work even though the stabbings are very very small who come in take positions one reason why the outcome today was also very small. the u.a.e. has announced that it's bringing together $25.00 defense companies to form one of the middle east's largest defense conglomerates the new group will be called edge and will invest in technology that includes artificial intelligence and research and development it will target cyber security and drone threats the u.a.e. is one of the top buyers western arms and defense systems mostly from the united states let's get more on this now from james shires a research fellow at the harvard kennedy school side of projects and
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a professor at the university level he joins us now via skype from amsterdam good to have you with us james this announcement seems at face value at least pretty straightforward it's lacking a lot of key details is there more than this more to this than meets the eye what's missing and why. so it's a big announcement this will be a strategic change in the defense landscape in the gulf and in the middle east more widely that's because some say it was largely dominated by the u.s. and europe and this is the u.a.e. recently become a key player can consolidate its various companies on assets to do so maybe the main. area country so maybe the main gas in the announcement will be how used it with a company that isn't going to be part of all of this this new conglomerate. yes so i'm fine i will not it's a. mirage business leader who has been having
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a dark matter now it is in the cyber security industry it has a large profile in the u.a.e. space that and it's been sort of a lot of reporting recently about its offensive technologies about as well as its defensive actions now dahmer is not involved because this is a white a defense condiment and it's not clear whether he will be using his expertise to transfer to drones and other major equipment rotman staying in the area of cyber security is there a risk that that information could ultimately end up being weaponized rather than used for defensive purposes especially after that the project raven revelations last year where the u.a.e. was using alleged defensive side the technology to spy on activists on academics and. those critical of the regime that. exactly there's always a risk that difference a technology will be weaponized it is a very live problem because exactly the same technologies can be used in lots of different situations it can be used against interstate and festering and also
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against domestic opponents as in the reporting that you mentioned the question of offensive uses of that is the technologies i would imagine that's a very important question for this new company or conglomerate because they will be looking specifically at engaging in hartley wolf at and i squarely in researching offensive technologies including scarves churchy the u.s. already does a lot of this as a big industrial base researching offensive uses this is the u.s. trying to move into that space as well so eventually united states what role would would outside governments and saudi arabia the u.s. itself have in this conglomerates. really important point so the announcement has said that they would mind this defense conglomerate to work not only in the u.a.e. but with allies in the arab world and with international partners whether it has the trout to compete at an international level with the big different companies
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from the u.s. and europe remains to be seen by then there is a high likelihood that it will at least have a large profile in the ghost especially with saudi arabia a key saudi was were involved in the announcement and was supportive immediately so i suggest some sort of prior arrangement they are trying to do it in a consolidated fashion goods talk to james many thanks indeed for being with us here's the boss thing security situation in the country. hello again welcome back we're here across much of the levant we're going to be watching some cooler conditions across much of the area notice the gray that you see across parts of iraq as well as over here towards pakistan what that is is actually the satellite seen that cold air in the morning and it really does dissipate in the heating of the day so not
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a lot of clouds here so the overnight hours those temperatures that do drop very close to freezing across many areas tehran and 18 degrees on thursday down towards point city though we do expect to see some clouds in your forecast with a temper there of about 30 degrees one here cross doha things are looking quite nice we are seeing our temperatures staying about 32 degrees there but we are going to see some a clearer skies down here towards lola the system we're watching in the arabian sea is really going to be dissipating as the remnants push onshore towards india up here towards up a dummy though here on friday we do expect to see a nice day for you with a temperature of 30 degrees there and as we go down here across parts of johannesburg temperatures few still very warm of the next few days we did have some clouds pushing across durban those are now dissipating we're going to sing still some close to clouds across much of that area but for johannesburg do expect to see attempted there of $34.00 degrees here on thursday dropping down to about $32.00 as we go towards friday and for durban a cloudy day at 22 degrees. dreams
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dawns and entertainments a way for people to rise above the violence around so it's my role to give these girls a different idea that they can leave the wards of this community 3 short films show how book moments creates a home and family and gives hope and opportunity. a.j. selects on al-jazeera. the u.s. is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 near us the world's leaders fail to agree on a solution people are taking matters into their. top be talking about how to. put trying to suction to get people to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now it's ridiculous both drugs were to the
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people stores on al-jazeera. land. well again it's good to have you with us adrian fenty going to here in doha with the news from al-jazeera the headlines campaigning has officially begun ahead of the u.k. as general election of december brings it down to health care the main issues both the opposition and the governing conservative party. a number of people have been stabbed in the open jordanian city of jetta ash tourists are among the victims one person has been arrested. and the u.s. is brokering talks between ethiopia egypt and saddam to try to reduce tension over
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a dam on the river not but nile river if he has been building the so-called from a song there its border with saddam for 80 is egypt fears that reduce the flow of water along the river. democrats in the u.s. have unseated a number of republicans in state polls just a year from the presidential election it's a setback for president donald trump who campaigned for fellow republicans before tuesday's elections al-jazeera is kathy lopez all day i reports. democrat andy bushehr says he's won kentucky's race for governor. it was a tight election especially for a conservative leaning state. it's a message that says our elections don't have to be about right versus left they are still about right versus wrong. it seemed as
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a setback for president donald trump who easily won kentucky in 2016 the kentucky is leading the way and personally campaign for republican governor matt bevan who's recent fights with labor unions and teachers made him among the least popular governors in the country he's just a few when they go to make it. and if you lose they can say trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world this was the greatest you care let that happen to me. in the one swing state of virginia democrats won the majority. of reeves took the governor's seat against the state's attorney general jim hood the victory seen as a sign of stability for trump a year before the presidential race these elections are a glimpse into what president from could expect in his 2020 reelection bid including whether the democratic led impeachment inquiry is swaying his base. most
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of the young al-jazeera lived out of washington a white house correspondent kimberly how could so kimberly how much of a setback is this for the president. yeah you know the signs were all there when i was down in kentucky it certainly did appear that the republicans were going to have trouble now we have the results to confirm that there's no question that democrats have done very well and you have to remember that this comes one year after democrats did very well in the midterm congressional elections taking control of the house of representatives so this is a trend it's a troubling sign for the u.s. president particularly since he did invest in self heavily in backing particularly in kentucky the republican candidate but here's the reason that it's not a slam dunk for democrats looking ahead one year 1st of all we're still one year away and also the fact that this election these off year elections often are sort of heavily invested in terms of the local issues so that has a lot to do as well so the republicans are watching this very carefully we know the
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white house watch this very carefully the president vested heavily but in many ways now the pressure is on democrats that 2020 in that presidential election is the democrats to lose given this trajectory so certainly many people watching this closely but also saying this might not be the bellwether it doesn't necessarily mean donald trump is going to lose in 2020 but it certainly means republicans are going to have to work hard and there's pressure on the democratic candidates now to talk about the impeachment inquiry then a key witness has changed his story tell us more. yes so the the united states still reeling from this dramatic development in this impeachment inquiry the fact that a creator diplomat gordon sunland has now changed his testimony and contradicted the president's sensually saying that while the president maintains there was no quid pro quo in this july 25th phone call with the ukrainian president the clear diplomat is saying yeah there was and now he's reversed his testimony that's
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problematic given the fact that there have been a string of officials now coming forward either in the testimony that's been made public or in the hearings that are still ongoing essentially contradicting the president now in the midst of all of this president trump has one big supporter in congress and that is senator lindsey graham he was caught by reporters and reacted to all of this saying look at it it doesn't matter what the testimony is saying in this impeachment inquiry what matters is what's on the telephone call and the ukrainian president maintains that there's not a problem take a listen if the person being threatened with withholding the aid they say i wasn't the red one i don't care what anybody or credit says if the price is in the ukraine says you keep saying no i did not feel that i had to do anything to get you . to cuba changes nothing and you're the one they got the money. and the president
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of ukraine is the guy that you would call if you made a case you have a quid pro quo when the person who is the subject of the procession didn't have. so what the white house is saying in fact kellyanne conway an advisor to the president was speaking on the drive with the white house earlier is that look at the testimony is not a slam dunk in terms of trying to impeach president donald trump a lot of these career diplomats as this testimony is coming out are saying they presumed that the president's policy meant there was some sort of quid pro quo they interpreted the policy to mean that and this is where the white house seems to be building its defense saying none of this is definitive none of this can definitively impeach a president so you see this crafting of argument in the talking points now having said all of that this inquiry continues adrian we do know that david hale another career diplomat one of the highest ranking career diplomats in the u.s.
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state department is testifying today behind closed doors it's expected that we will see hear some leaks of that testimony coming if not made public even sooner and as well there were a couple of other officials that were invited but we understand they will not be appearing they were the acting director of the white house budget office they were invited requested by these congressional committees we know that that individual be a no show we also know that the the energy secretary rick perry another big backer of president trump is saying very publicly he's also said on his twitter account he is not going to appear before the congressional investigators even though he has been requested to do so a white house correspondent kelly live in washington can believe anything. problems continue to mount for the world's largest airplane manufacturer with safety concerns about yet another of boeing's planes this time it's the popular 787 dreamliner whistleblower has told u.k. media the passengers could be left without oxygen in case of
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a loss of cabin pressure a former quality control engineer says that around a quarter of the plane's oxygen systems failed to deploy properly boeing's 737 next generation is also facing problems with dozens now grounded worldwide ryanair is the latest to suspend some of its aircraft after finding cracks in the wing structure but of course boeing's entire seventh's $37.00 max fleet remains grounded after the malfunction of a safety system was found to be a factor in 2 crashes that killed more than $300.00 people and likes much of us is an aviation analyst he says the latest issues are critical but will damage boeing's already shaky reputation. it is more concerning whistleblower reports specifically from the south carolina plant where boeing produce the 787 dreamliner now boeing is a manufacturer they produce the 787 from 2 plants one in seattle and one here in south carolina and for
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a long time there have been questions over quality at boeing south carolina plant specifically on the 707 dreamliner so of course with new reports now suggesting that in some tests oxygen was failing to leave the cylinder and come through 2 passenger masks as much as a 25 percent failure rate during some tests that is concerning but what i do want to clarify is that boeing did for the 1st time a quota for skilled migrants would come into effect that's a similar approach implemented by a straight here and canada and there'd be tougher requirements for obtaining french citizenship many believe the changes are a way to counter the rise of the far right in france ahead of the 2022 presidential election lou sources in. the city. the general purpose of our action is that of sovereignty we want to regain control of our migration policy taking control means expressing and assuming clear choices about reception and integration it has to ensure that the issue of residence permits is more
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a matter of principles of the objectives we see it rather than a person statement as has been the case for too long taking control means making sure that when we say yes it is really us and we say no it's really not in lebanon protesters surrounding government buildings as they try to force politicians to step down demonstrations want a new government that's not divided along sectarian lines also angry over delays in forming a new cabinet celta prime minister saad hariri resigned. russian air strikes have killed at least 3 children in syria's it liberal fence a hospital for women and children was among the targets over the past few weeks russian and syrian government air strikes on the last remaining rebel stronghold of intensified al-jazeera as hashim al but i reports now from gaziantep near the turkish syrian border. a search for survivors this house was destroyed in an airstrike after hours of searching rescuers retrieve bodies
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from under the rubble of that government troops backed by russian fighter jets have stepped up attacks south of it lip to force rebel forces from out of norman. and all areas north of huntsville home. this is what has become of the only hospital incident village. and their strike has damaged the building many patients are injured it's now closed and patients have been evacuated to other hospitals. used to provide services to the religious in the area to airstrikes then which most of the building unable to look after patients anymore. north of it live sigint government troops targeted volunteer rescuers known as the white helmets in the town of either dan as the attacks intensified the building was evacuated but on.
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television it live is in breach of the deescalation deal russia and turkey signed in 2018 that's created a debilitating rise that's meant to be free of rebel forces more than 3000000 people live in the province of it which is under the control of the opposition group. and despite over deescalation zone russia and syrian government insist recap touring the problem is just a matter of time but i just got on turkish border with syria at least 15 people were killed in an overnight attack in southern thailand gunmen stormed a checkpoint in the province that believed to be part of a separatist movement armed groups of carried out attacks in the predominantly muslim region since 2004 mexico's president has promised to step up his government's fight against drug cartels at least 9 americans including 6 children and 3 women were killed in an ambush in northern mexico on monday president under
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as manuel lopez obrador says he'll make sure those responsible are brought to justice just a warning that you may find some of the content in john homans report disturbing. this burnt up car a mute witness to a tragedy this is for the record. needin for my grandchildren or burr. shot up. right on the road out of the mortar. 3 women and 6 children from the liberal family mormons originally from the us who settled in mexico decades ago was shot dead on the motorway in nor the mits co this was one of the relatives said trevor i used to live and also dead twins 6 months old the survivors a baby found by the side of his dead mother and children who fled into the mountains alex labor on
6:43 pm
a relative told us. what . was the lead but owns a well known emits code for the anti violence activism of some of their members because they us citizens that meant president donald trump got involved he tweeted that it was time to wage war on the cartels president lopez obrador as well he welcomes u.s. corporation rejected. the worst they could happen is war those who have read about it all suffered it know that. caustic spirit says the president killed in the western state of michu account then in the alleged call to lead a coup and let go in coolly cut well the city. and now this a new blow this case is attracted more published the it's not
6:44 pm
a lawyer. this unfortunately part offset of the mutation off of the warfare on off mexican organized crime scene over the past years is that family members children women innocent bystanders and general regular civilians on not off limits any more for this kind of file its needs of the police no president will preserve those new national guard seemed to have been enough to set those boundaries and there's a continuing cost john home and how does it a city. this is the news out from al-jazeera just ahead and they will tell you why the final of south america's biggest football competition has been moved to a different country.
6:45 pm
well i guess one of the world's most popular tourist attractions india's taj mahal is under threat it was built more than 400 years ago on wooden blocks but experts
6:46 pm
now feel that those blocks of drying out and pollution is damaging the monuments famous white marble al-jazeera reports from. having your photo taken in front of the taj mahal is on the to do list for millions of tourist visiting india's biggest bemis landmark. but just a few steps away is the. joke with rubbish and sewage and both the pollution and the reduced amount of water in the river because of barrages upstream are threats to the monument. was built almost 400 years ago on a network of wooden blocks polluted river could corrode them and if the wooden blocks dry out they may break up causing that to collapse. it has been designed in a manner that. is important both qualitatively and quantitatively for its survival number one it gives.
6:47 pm
then the formations of the rest of. the polluted waters of the river another problem a breeding ground for insects some experts say insects crawling up the. patches which need regular cleaning. and pollution from. also discoloring and attacking the white marble now back in the 1990 s. the supreme court of india had ordered nearly $300.00 industries to be moved out of the city but activists say it's the government that needs to do more to save the famous heritage site. the india government's representative in our grass says many projects are planned to ensure the city does its bit to save the young and that he says all of the city's sewage will be treated in treatment plants soon as soon as all these schemes are implemented. in all produce all the bins will be linked.
6:48 pm
to the. british and his friends gather on the banks of the young every day and pray that the government to deliver before it's too late archibald al-jazeera agra india time now for sports is at it thank you so much i asked the manager arsene wenger has said he misses coaching and hasn't ruled himself out of consentual for the buy in munich job the german title holders are in champions league action a little lights run but will be safe. without a full time head coach and something you don't miss. and so i enjoy this well being so i don't miss too much but on the other hand football game winning football games are preparing a team for the game and the players and great satisfaction emotions something with your midst. by in one of the 5 teams that can go through to
6:49 pm
the knockout rounds later on a let's go majority event is paris and your man in manchester city also on the brink of the last 16 last year's finest tottenville not having such an easy time of it spurs are in serbia supply red star belgrade having taken just all points from their 1st 3 games time did they beat red star 5 nil in london last month. we are going to show big respect but in the same time we need to play you know where this way to. to fight because the offer is going to be great but of course i want to deliver this brilliant and show this but it is because of many things from from lisa studio from the funds to the start of 8 games in all coming up a win for pearce she will guarantee their spot in the last 16 it's a similar situation for man city heading into the game against atalanta your ventus will also progress for the win let it go go through if they win and lokomotiv moscow lose iraq have been ordered by football's governing body thief it's a find
6:50 pm
a neutral venue for its upcoming world cup qualifiers by thursday because of a quote significant deterioration of the overall security situation in the country iraq were due to play iran and bahrain and for later on this month but weeks of anti-government protests have seen hundreds of people killed last month you know when a hong kong was the 1st time that iraq had played a competitive home international in 8 years. ongoing civil unrest in chile has forced the final of south america's top club competition the copper liberty doors to be moved to peru the game between brazil's for manco and river parts of argentina was to have taken place in the train capital santiago life from this month will now be played in lima on november 28th. now we're come i don't think it would have been nice to play a couple limited orders final in a country which is facing serious issues not just for us players but also for the fans journalists everybody that would be going there i think the protesters would
6:51 pm
have had a field day and something tragic could happen but thank god didn't change the location of the final to lima. now the australian women's football team will now get paid the same as their male counterparts thanks to a landmark deal the mits holders and socceroos each take an equal splits of revenue generated by the national teams and a new contract system guarantees the top women's players will earn the same as the men traditionally the men have been paid more despite being ranked 44th in the world compared to the women who are rates this new deal is enormous as a female footballer it's kind of what we've always dreamed of we've always wanted to be treated equally want to. step out on that pitch with equal opportunity in the equal facilities that the men have been exposed to a new c.b.s. show is signs of respect now we're going to be completely included i think. having these facilities that the men have been exposed to is now going to set us up
6:52 pm
for success. le bron james inspired the i like is to come back from 19 points down as they beat the chicago bulls the 34 year old became the oldest player in n.b.a. history its record for the doubles to 30 points 10 rebounds and 11 assists the like and i can get 6 wins in a row now if they went out when it seemed so once for once. miami and i will to kind their 4th win in a row they were beaten by the nuggets in denver twins will points from jamal mary along with 15 each from will bottom in johnny grant so denver winning this 11 a white 89. well i wrote champion down say while the says tyson fury can't run away from very much for a while the takes on the results is later this month but he still wants to face fury after their fight last year ended in a draw fury's had 6 points since as well as a professional wrestling appearance while the think fury escaped sufficing again afghanistan you know running you know if you're around as far as you care you know me but you got to remember he signed the contract you know me and when you sign or
6:53 pm
something anybody i know that the pain is a solid warrior you know me you have to pay the consequences would be another day so the fight will happen unless they give us the money well fear has swiftly parsed at this response on instagram just great for you fight with all tastes do your own thing stop using my name for relevance you should be on 20 percent not giving you a fair share because of my family i don't ask for anything in this walt i work hard for everything so the thing is we walter crocker your own business and i'll see you feb 22nd to finish what i started. and britain's take some of the boxing champion eclair adams has retired at the age of 37 says she's worried about her eyesight says any more boxing could lead to permanent vision loss ok that is it for me for everybody thanks dude that's it for from the news hour but i'll be back
6:54 pm
in a moment with more of the day's to do so see that. the prime minister's. mission is to defeat the british on the 31st of october and making this country the greatest place on a person to punch it is delayed but for how long followed the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. jail you're at the mercy of the state but in the land of the free shareholders have a stake it is this profit motive that continues to interfere with adequate health
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care being provided to people who are detained and incarcerated across the country salt lines investigates how the outsourcing of health care in american jails is impacting the lives and deaths of those behind bars sick inside on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be cut and the story needs to be told the police caught up on a pop pop pop with exclusive interviews using that was in the study and in-depth reports taking on the environmental and climate crisis battle on many fronts not least that of the others al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more road winning documentaries and life needs. in 2020 tokyo will close in the paralympics. but the nation has a troubled history the people with disabilities. japan's
6:56 pm
disability. 0. i just beamed to see how much she the queen earlier on and she agreed to dissolve parliament for an election. campaign for an election that could resolve the banks that control the sea is up and running. again i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera.


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