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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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passion. and very soon just. a date has been set for public hearings for the impeachment inquiry of president donald trump will be live in washington. hello i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i just been to see i don't see the queen. and she agreed to dissolve parliament for an election. campaign for an election that could resolve the pranks and control the sea is often running. a slipped in the stepney and then backed away moving towards
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the policeman several tourists among 8 people stabbed during a visit to northern georgia. and new whistleblower claims of faulty safety measures made against boeing the world's largest manufacturer. open hearings into any impeachment of u.s. president donald trump to begin next week until now evidence has only been given been given behind closed doors i want to let you know as you may know already that we will begin our open hearings in the impeachment inquiry next week we beginning with the testimony of a bastard taylor and a bastard can't on wednesday and we will have a mastery of a lot of it's testify on friday this will be the 1st of the open hearings. and i think you will see throughout the course of the testimony not only their testimony but many others the. most important facts are largely not contested
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we are getting an increasing appreciation for just what took place during the course of the last year and the degree to which the president and listed the whole departments of government in elicit a move trying to get ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent as well as further conspiracy theory about the 2016 election that he believed would be beneficial to his reelection campaign live out of washington our white house correspondent kelly how could is with this company some small. well i think you've really captured the headlines there the announcement you've just played an entirety that for the 1st time there are going to be public hearings this is what the american public has been waiting for now the republicans have made the allegations that this is been in secret this is been closed door the president has not had the opportunity to defend himself now. they certainly can't
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make those claims the republicans will have the opportunity to potentially ask questions there certainly will be very closely monitored the president's attorney watching this very carefully and the white house from the podium of the press briefing room wherever it chooses to do so will be able to counter some of what is said so this is certainly a significant shift because now this puts this out to the public realm where the public has the opportunity to decide for itself whether or not donald trump has done anything wrong now we should point out that kellyanne conway the adviser to the president has been speaking earlier today from the white house she said that up till now the testimony in the eyes of the white house has not been damning in any way that these are interpretations these are presumptions made by career officials but now the public will have the opportunity to judge for itself the house committee is leading the impeachment probe into president trump we're going to
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release a transcript later on wednesday of the deposition of ambassador william taylor the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine his statement was viewed as one of the most damaging to date this isn't looking good for the president as it. well if many would it would suggest that but the latest poll numbers coming from a reliable outlet politico which is watched very widely in terms of sort of the pulse on capitol hill if you will has just released a poll saying that the american public has in terms of its support for impeachment it's actually declined now i don't take a whole lot of stock in polls because it often seems that the sampling can be very small but what this suggests is that there are still many americans that don't particularly like donald trump but certainly may like some of the things he's done with respect to the economy and that's what we see the white house trying to focus
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on trying to change the narrative almost every day now today no exception u.s. president donald trump tweeting about the stock market highs we heard kellyanne conway as she was speaking to reporters suggesting and reminding reporters member when you said a recession was coming a few months back yes it isn't so they're trying to carefully craft the argument what you're seeing is them not sort of trying to counter some of this testimony which you're right is very damning instead what they're trying to say is don't look at that look at this the question becomes now we're down to the countdown of the election day in november 2020 whether that all matters when voters finally do go to the polls a white house correspondent kimberly heloc at their reporting live from washington kimberly many things. the u.k.'s parliament has officially been dissolved by the queen signalling the beginning of the campaign for another action that could help to bring an end to the question of
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if and when britain leaves the european union prime minister boris johnson met with the queen of alice ahead of his 1st official campaign speech outside downing street he used briggs it's his platform promise to put a briggs deal through parliament on day one if his policy wins the right to form a government. parliament is paralyzed it's been stuck in a rut for 3 and a half years and i'm afraid our m.p.'s are just refusing time and again to deliver breaks it and all of the mandate of the people i can tell you i go to the state of the willing to chew my own time in frustration because in a sense was so nearly we got a deal i've been rady by which we can leave the e.u. in just a few weeks it's a great deal for this country opposition labor leader jeremy coburn is taking a different tack putting more emphasis on issues like that actual health service saying the brig's it must be sorted so the country can move on judge us on whether
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patients are still waiting more than 4 hours and i in a departments and tens of thousands of waiting months for cancer treatment judge us on whether we've got sorted within 6 months by offering the people the final say between credible leave jail and remain so we can get on with delivering the real change that this country needs more from our zeros paul brennan in london. so the race is underway and the gloves are off boris johnson the prime minister has given his address in downing street formally starting the start of the campaign by the conservative party and we saw in his address at the start of a new slogan that hasn't been heard before come with us he said repeatedly comparing and contrasting the conservative approach to various policies with the labor approach other things he said was let's get it done and unleash the potential
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of the whole of the united kingdom he said if the conservatives could be returned to power that they would get on with it and 2020 would be a year of unleashing the potential of millions of pounds of investment he said rather than a year of did which he said would take place if labor won the election by contrast the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn has been saying and telling voters that he would be a very different kind of leader to boris johnson that he would be more consultative that he would not just hold open the door and allow it to slam back in the face of anybody following behind he would be holding open the door and letting people come through very much more collegiate but the conservative campaign in this 1st day of proper campaigning has been hit by a number of setbacks 1st of all and most prominently the well secretary the cabinet minister responsible for wales who would have led the campaign and by the conservatives wales has been forced to resign because of he's been caught out in
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a lie sensually over when he exactly knew about the behavior of a former aide in relation to the collapse of a rape trial in wales allan cans the well secretary said he hadn't known about it but emails have emerged saying he knew about it months and months ago and as a result of being caught out in that he's had to resign has referred himself to the ministerial body to be investigated for that another setback was the conservative media office being caught house doctoring a video on social media showing apparently the labor. spokesperson kids start being stung by a question about labour's breck's of policy when in fact in the reality of the interview he had answered promptly and completely so it's not been a good day for the conservative party on this 1st full day of campaigning but it's that's not the it's a marathon it's not a sprint we've got 5 weeks ahead it's going to be plenty more bumps in the road as we go forward to that december 12th election. a group of environmental activists
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known as extinction rebellion has won a court challenge against london's metropolitan police it was in response to a ban on protests last month of zeros jamal a child reports. a victory for freedom and democracy that's how environmental activist described wednesday's decision by u.k. courts to police ban on their protests was illegal the case was brought by lawyers acting for extinction rebellion a movement of climate change activists behind the so-called autumn uprising a series of protests held across london last month demonstrators have blocked roads and entrances to several key sites and buildings including parliament square the bank of england and london city airports the police made $1828.00 arrests and charged $165.00 people the protests cost an estimated $30000000.00 to police a decision was made to ban all extinction rebellion protests across london with the
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police citing section 14 of the public order act as justification it's gives or thirty's the right to prohibits public assemblies if they believe they may result in serious public disorder or serious damage to property or the life of the community early chalons a member of the european parliament for the green party was herself arrested during the police crackdown today's ruling is incredibly significant actually and it will have a big impact it's significant because it's about defending the right to public assembly and protest and those rights are fundamental to a functioning democracy the ruling by the high courts not only means that environmental activists can hold similar protests again this time potentially during the current election campaign it's also paves the way for those who were arrested to sue the police for compensation several 100 of activists who were arrested under this ban will now. have the choice. which is against the drops and
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if they don't have other charges against them they'll be able to sue the police for false imprisonment and they have the right to compensation the police can appeal against the decision about extinction rebellions noirs say they are ready to continue to fight the extinction rebellion movement said that their protests were designed to raise awareness about the urgent need for action to save the planet today's ruling means that not only can they continue their protests but it's also giving their message more public city. london. 8 people have been stabbed in jordan the attack happened in the more than tourist city of jos the victims include 4 tourists from mexico and switzerland 4 jordanians are among those injured one person has been arrested barbara has more for. a day out for tourists took an unexpected turn in jordan witnesses say a man wearing a mask jumped over a fence and stabbed 8 people the victims include for tourists from mexico and
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switzerland who has it in the northern city of. at least 2 jordanians are among those injured. and he was heading towards the cafeteria and i was standing by the door behind me were all the tourists a little men to the cafeteria he passed in front of me in a link towards him a slipped in instead me then backed away moving towards the policeman he gave the policeman a slight step and tried to attack him from behind and i pushed him to the ground afterwards or the policeman came and took him. fan footage appears to show 2 of the injured tourists being taken to hospital by helicopter the minister of health updated journalists about the victim's condition the only way to both of them as you know 2 people who are admitted to the operation room of the doctors at the public hospital in georgia still working on the bleeding has stopped the situation is under control and both people are stable them 2 cases were transferred by
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helicopter to king hussein medical city one was a mexican tourist and the other one was a jordanian guide we pray for them to recover. it's one of jordan's major tourist attractions and contains one of the world's best preserved raymond cities it's not far from the border with syria but it's become more popular over the last 2 as. one man has been detained but the metaphor the attack remains on can. out to sea around. a weather update next year and i was 0 then the united states wades into a dispute over ethiopia's dam on the blue nile. hello again welcome back we're here cross much of the levant we are going to be watching some cooler conditions across much of the area notice the gray that you
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see across parts of iraq as well as over here towards pakistan what that is is actually the satellite seen that cold air in the morning and it really does dissipate in the heating of the day so not a lot of clouds here so the overnight hours those temperatures that do drop very close to freezing across many areas tehran and 18 degrees on thursday down towards point city though we do expect to see some clouds in your forecast with the tempter there of about 30 degrees or here christo how things are looking quite nice we are seeing our temperatures staying about 32 degrees there but we are going to seeing some clear skies down here towards lola the system we're watching in the arabian sea is really going to be dissipating as the remnants push on shore towards india up here towards aba dhabi though here on friday we do expect to see a nice day for you with a temperature of 30 degrees there and as we go down here across parts of johannesburg temperatures few still very warm over the next few days we did have some clouds pushing across durban those are now dissipating we're going to sing still some coastal clouds across much of that area but for johannesburg do expect
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to see attempted there of $34.00 degrees here on thursday dropping down to about $32.00 as we go towards friday in for durban a cloudy day at 22 degrees. it .
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again this is there let's remind you of the main news this hour open hearings in the pitch for the inquiry of u.s. president total trungpa to begin next week until now testimony is only been given behind closed doors. campaigning is officially begun ahead of the u.k.'s general election in december. and health care elevate issues for both the opposition and the governing conservative posse. multiple people have been stabbed in the northern jordanian city of josh tourists are among the victims one person has been arrested . the head of the un's agency for palestinian refugees a stepped aside pending the outcome of an inquiry into alleged misconduct the internal investigation found management issues that directly relates to commission a general cromwell one of the main palestinian factions hamas has expressed concern
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saying that the decision comes at a sensitive time the un general assembly is deliberating whether to extend the mandate of the agency for the next 3 is iran is taking further steps away from the 2050 nuclear deal and will soon start to activate its uranium enrichment facility it's expected to begin pumping uranium gas into centrifuges an underground area near the city of qom the u.s. has called the move a big step in the wrong direction the e.u. says that it's concerned with a process to enrich uranium is somewhat complex al-jazeera as laura bush nunley explains. iran is moving away from the 2015 nuclear deal and further enriching uranium now let's take a look at just how this is done your radium is a mind metal that contains 2 isotopes 99.3 percent is uranium $23.00 eights and the rest you raney m 235 and it's that much smaller isotope the can
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release enough energy to fuel a nuclear reactor or a bomb but for that it needs to be enrich and this is done in centrifuges that spin the element for senior iranian 235 into the center but that's time consuming and difficult but it becomes easier as uranium is further refined now before the nuclear deal came into effect iran was a rich in uranium at 20 percent now it's 5 percent which is enough for the moment to meet its nuclear fuel needs but it would need between 85 and 90 percent to make a nuclear weapon it's also using more advanced i r 6 centrifuges to enrich uranium faster now the country's leaders say the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. iraq's prime minister says the cost of protesters
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blocking the main gulf port in the country is a pos $6000000000.00 demonstrates incident blocking the own cusser port for days now on tuesday a demonstrator was killed and dozens injured after security forces opened fire to disperse them operations at the port of come to a standstill it brings in most of iraq's food and medical imports meanwhile in iraq's capital of peace 3 people have been killed in large anti government demonstrations on wednesday that's according to the iraqi human rights council who say that 17 other people were injured in baghdad more than 260 people have been killed across the country since demonstrations began last month over corruption and high levels of unemployment. the u.s. is mediating talks between ethiopia egypt and sudan to try to reduce tension over a hydroelectric dam on the river nile if you have here has been building the so-called renesas on stand for 8 years now but egypt fears it will reduce the flow
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of water along the river which accounts for nearly 90 percent of its supply of zeroes mike hanna reports from washington. the u.s. treasury department an unlikely mediator in a decades long conflict in a region thousands of miles away a new party attempting to resolve the dispute over a multi-billion dollar water project being developed on the nile river as it flows through ethiopia neighbors egypt and sudan have been deeply concerned at the consequent impact on their own water supplies this round of negotiation flowing from a meeting between u.s. president donald trump and is a gyptian counterpart abdel fattah el-sisi at which the us leader was asked for help in resolving the but a dispute between the countries. and this week the 2 presidents held a follow up phone call after which the white house released the statement president trump expressed support for egypt ethiopia and sudan's ongoing negotiations to reach
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a collaborative agreement on the grand ethiopian renaissance dam the borders of the 911 long been a source of conflict in 821 egypt invaded sudan to protect its water supply a series of agreements in the 20th century prevented further major conflict including the nile waters agreement in 1959 in which egypt and sudan agreed as to how much each state could take from the nile every year but the struggle was again intensified when in 2010 at the height of the arab spring ethiopia announced the grand ethiopian renaissance down project. the dam is 70 percent complete and the argument is now centered not on construction but on how much we. water will be diverted to fill the dam at the moment. to sort or on i hope the diplomatic efforts would lead to some flexibility from the ethiopian side because egypt is not asking to stop the dams construction but rather to slow down its
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construction which might be too late now because it is believed that a major part of the dam is already constructed but we could think about the way the dam will be operated and how the lake will be filled last month ethiopia's prime minister ahmed was awarded the nobel peace prize for his efforts in ending the war with eritrea a few weeks later he told his parliament ethiopia could mobilize millions in a conflict with egypt but insisted only negotiation could break the deadlock the d.c. talks are a major breakthrough because in the past ethiopia had bigger asli opposed calls by egypt and sudan for 3rd party mediation president trump has assigned his treasury secretary steve newton to host the talks and apparently curious decision to bypass state department which would traditionally handle such negotiations but the inclusion at the meeting of world bank president david marr pass a clear signal that the trump administration sees economic leverage not diplomatic
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talk as the key to agreement mike hanna al-jazeera washington. government workers in zimbabwe are striking over low salaries they say their monthly income has been eroded by rising inflation al-jazeera is one of the tassel reports from harare. civil servants in zimbabwe are perhaps some of the no was paid workers in the country union leaders say people only about 1000. that if this is a local currency translate into the u.s. dollar that means they're taking home liston saving teach us dollars and they say they can survive and here are some of them who came out onto the street protesting saying something has to change as they can afford to pay rent. they can send their children to school they just can't make ends meet some say they will struggle to come to work because they can't afford transport fees now you have about 340000 civil servants give or take in the country but only
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a few dozen showed up to this march and we need to say that's because they still a climate of fear here in zimbabwe and lots of people are afraid to protest i want you to good the advertisement right now if you were a civil what. you if you would wanted to come for this much and you. did your 1st instinct would be to say this is an ideal place for. a free expression of religion you have turned us there you have. police. and the court and of the police and everybody who's coming then some have been retreating and we can bring in the members government officials have been in those shaking with the workers for months trying to tell workers that they're looking for the money but right now they say it is not there they say they are also dealing with other pressing issues in the country like trying to source foreign currency
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trying to deal with the drought that's affected much of the country and that means finding money from somewhere to bring in grains help people in need of food doctors have been on strike for more than 2 months now so if you go to the public sector hospitals they are barely functioning the doctors say they also conservation and they are poor wages the government reacted by firing $77.00 of them for not coming to work they warn more people will be fired if they don't report for duty that's one concern here in somalia because there's a high unemployment rate some people here say it's as high as 80 percent many people know if they come on the street it's a potence there is that real fear that those lose their jobs and some of those unemployed desperate for work even though the saudis are very very small who come and take their positions and create one reason why they are come today was also very small. the u.a.e. is bringing together $25.00 defense companies to form one of the middle east's largest defense conglomerates the new group will be called edge and will invest in
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technology that includes artificial intelligence and research and development of targets cyber security and drone threats the u.a.e. is one of the top buyers of western arms and defense systems mostly from the united states james shires is a research fellow at the harvard kennedy school of cyber projects he says that the u.a.e. wants to be a notable global player an advanced technology. that difference a technology will be weaponized and it is a very live problem because exactly the same technologies can be used in lots of different situations they can be used against interstate investors and also against domestic opponents the question of offensive uses of that is these technologies i would imagine that's a very important question for this new company or conglomerate because they'll be looking specifically at engaging in heart wolf at and i squarely in researching offensive technologies including scarves churchy the us already does
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a lot of this it has a big industrial base researching offensive uses their own is this is the u.s. trying to move into that space as well the announcement has said that they would like to this defense conglomerate to work not only in the u.a.e. but with allies in the arab world and with international partners whether it has the clout to compete at an international level with the big different companies from the u.s. and europe remains to be seen right in there is a high likelihood that it will at least have a large profile in the govt especially with saudi arabia a key saudi were involved in the announcement and were supportive immediately so i suggest some sort of prior arrangement they are trying to do this in a consolidated fashion. problems continue to mount for the world's largest airplane manufacturer with safety concerns about yet another of boeing's aircraft this time it's the popular 787 dreamliner a whistleblower has told you k. media the passengers could be left without oxygen in case of
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a loss of cabin pressure a former quality control engineer says that around a quarter of the plane's oxygen systems failed to deploy properly boeing 737 next generation is also facing problems with dozens of them now grounded worldwide after finding cracks in their wing structure and of course boeing's entire 737 max fleet remains grounded after the malfunction of a safety system was found to be a factor in 2 crashes that killed more than 300 people alex michelle says an aviation analyst he says the latest issues are critical but will damage boeing's already shaky reputation. it is more concerning whistleblower reports specifically from the south carolina plant where boeing produce the 787 dreamliner now boeing is a manufacturer they produce the 787 from 2 plants one in seattle and one here in south carolina and for a long time there have been questions over quality at boeing south carolina plant specifically on the 707 dreamliner so of course with new reports now suggesting
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that in some tests oxygen was failing to leave the cylinder and come through 2 passenger miles as much as a 25 percent failure rate during some tests that is concerning but what i do want to clarify is that boeing did concede and say they recognize there was a problem in 2017 and they have since sorted that basically to ensure that none of those 40 cylinders ended up in commercial service. it is good to have you with us hello adrian sitting in here in doha the headlines and i was 0 open hearings of the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump to begin next week until now testimony has only begin been given behind closed doors will the impeachment hearings begin next week with 3 ambassadors set to work testify but we are getting increasing appreciation for just what took place during the course of the last year in the
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degree to which the president and listed the whole departments of government in an illicit aim of trying to get ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent as well as further conspiracy theory about the 2016 election that he believes would be beneficial to his reelection campaign campaigning has officially begun ahead of the u.k.'s general election in december breaks and health care the main issues for both the opposition and the governing conservative policy . parliament is paralyzed it's been stuck in a rut for 3 and a half years and i'm afraid our m.p.'s are just refusing time and again to deliver breaks it and all to the mandate of the people i can tell you i go to the state of the willing to chew my own time in frustration because it is since let's say nearly that we got a deal. radii by which we can leave the e.u.
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in just a few weeks it's a great deal for this country several people have been stabbed and then all the jordanian city of jeddah rashed tourists are among the victims one person has been arrested the victims include 4 tourists from mexico and switzerland for jordanians are also among those injured iran is taking further steps away from the 2015 nuclear deal and will soon start activating its uranium enrichment facility. tear on is expected soon to stop pumping uranium gas into centrifuges at an underground area near the city of qom the u.s. has called the move a big step in the wrong direction the european union says it's concerned those are the headlines the news continues here on us here on inside story next.
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climate is facing a climate emergency that's the dial warning from thousands of scientists who say we're not taking from it change seriously their report says unless we change the way we live humanity faces untold suffering so what would it take to save the planet of world governments and world leaders listen to these latest warnings this is inside story. but i want to come to the program i'm daryn jordan the world is facing a clear and existential threat climates emergency that's the stall warning by.


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