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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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we would go back on our own we must remember the ranch among the most persecuted minorities in the world. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the given this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. for better seclusion as a crime against humanity said to years of imprisonment the international criminal court sentences a former congolese rebel leader for war crimes that include murder rape and using child soldiers. a prominent cambodian opposition leader is frustrated in his efforts to go home to campaign. u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei oh calls for a blow bill rejection of what he says is iran's nuclear extortion. and it's only becomes the 1st country in the world to make it mandatory to study climate change in public schools. and in schools some of the biggest stars in athletics it's been excluded from its premier competition world athletics announced a major overhaul of the diamond league and many high profile events have been dropped. the international criminal court has sentenced a former congolese rebel leader to 30 years in prison bosco ntaganda was convicted of 18 war crimes that including murder rape and using child soldiers to serious catherine sawyer reports now from one judge in the eastern democratic republic of congo. mada rape and conscripting children
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a soldier's offenses committed by. that along with other war crimes have led to him being sentenced to 3 decades in prison he ordered fighters to carry out attacks in the tora province over to yes in 200220032 drive out one ethnic community judges of the international criminal court in the hague described his involvement in atrocities carried out by rebel soldiers as a substantial parade of syrians as a crime against humanity and as a war crime went the 8 years for a murder and attempted attempted murder as a crime against humanity and as a war crime said yes for prosecution as a crime against humanity said 2 years of imprisonment in both going tug and i has been nicknamed by the people of eastern democratic republic of congo as the tommy
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he's a former rebel leader queues of human rights abuses in several parts of the region judges of the international criminal court found him guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes including model using child soldiers and sexual slavery finding the crimes committed in a tory province between 200220035 the patchy arctic force for the liberation of congo rebel group. and i led the military wing thomas flew bangle was the head of the group and they serving 14 years in jail at the i.c.c. this man says his 2 brothers were killed by the fighters were they given the we lost many family members sisters brothers uncles we also lost a lot of property. you turi might be the focus of this case but you know of a town more than 800 kilometers south victims of
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a massacre where 150 people were killed in one day in 2006 have been falling court proceedings kinley they sent a gun to was one of the leaders of rebel fighters who attacked their villages he says to have been passing the in charge of the q one to killings almost everyone here in q one lost a loved one of those we talked to said. and the fighters he led them off protecting a rival rebel they also say they want justice when the q. and a rebecca shows us has cause she says her husband and one year old son were killed in. what's happening with entire gonda should be a deterrent to all those who want to come and terrorize us in the villages those people destroyed our lives into a gun that is a flawed person to be convicted by the i.c.c. . sais he deserves to be in jail for life rebecca.
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is still waiting for justice catherine saw al-jazeera q one job he's done democratic republic of congo. is a professor of law at the university of amsterdam and the australian national university he joins us now via skype from amsterdam good to have you with us what do you make of this verdict has justice been done. well it's an extremely important verdict for the i c c of the 1st thing to note is that it's twice as long as the next longest sentence which was given to thomas lubanga it is by far the longest sentence to date that in itself is a major accomplishment for the prosecutor's office sent to the court. by the same token it's also quite a short sentence if we compare it to national jurisdictions if you and i were in most countries and we personally murdered an elderly priest we would probably get more than 30 years in jail just for that. mr into gandhi's responsibility goes well beyond personally killing just one individual they held him responsible for dozens of murders and rapes and sexual slavery and so forth and so in that regard he's
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probably quite happy today that is not serving a life sentence to what extent there is the i.c.c. treading a fine line here that all those of course who are arguing that the i.c.c. is far too africa focus that it's biased courts. well this is really the catch 22 that the court finds itself in on the one hand it's constantly criticized for not being effective there's been a number of major acquittals that are babo jump here. but on the other hand they're criticized for targeting africa by convicting him to gondor in sentencing him to to such a long period of time on the one hand it is showing that it can be effective but it is certainly not doing anything to help with the perception as being focused on africa i mean there have been no non africans successfully convicted by the court in the 1st 21 years of its existence this may seem naive question forgive me but why doesn't baffert to have its own courts perhaps working under the auspices of
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the i.c.c. but in geographically placed within africa what would that help do you think with the accusations of bias. well there is certainly been efforts by the african union to create a regional criminal court that in some ways could handle the kinds of cases that the i.c.c. is handling now they've been talking about it for a long time and it hasn't really gone anywhere i think it would be a wonderful thing if it did ever be created but until then really the only choice is the i.c.c. or individual states there are certainly african countries who could prosecute international crimes effectively if you think of the hissene harbor a trial in senegal that was a very successful africa based prosecution so that certainly is something that needs to be encouraged but whether it's a substitute for the i.c.c. at this point is a much more debatable question could still to professor many thanks indeed. cambodian acting opposition leader sam rainsy says that he's been prevented from
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boarding a flight from paris to bangkok he wants to return to cambodia to lead protests against prime minister hun sen those protests are due to take place on saturday earlier ramsey told al-jazeera that he was shocked that he wasn't allowed to board . they say they have received instructions from very high d not to let me vote 9 very disappointed and very angry i am trying to buy another ticket with a a plenty to go to another a country nearby can go jobs so that i can go back to cambodia # soon as possible there are many people in those countries neighboring countries as young countries who support because of democracy among parliamentarians and among human rights activists among the free press there are people who
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helpers it one way or another so we are 9 not alone we can see so did our duty in a nutshell among democrats all over the world because my people are all waiting 1 for me we have to be together to all the nice big demonstrations to bring down the current dictatorship in cambodia. sam rainsy was born in cambodia but studied and worked in france before returning in 1902 he became the finance minister in a government that was shared between the 1st prime minister not on brother lead and 2nd prime minister hun sen in 1997 raines escaped a grenade attack on a political rally that killed 16 people and shortly afterwards one sent seized power in a coup raincy then set up his own opposition party but left cambodia many times to avoid government charges against him his last departure was in 2015 after he was
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found guilty of criminal defamation become bodhi and government banned his opposition party ahead of the 2018 election meanwhile trains is deputy has been released by malaysian officials. move had been taken into custody on wednesday after she also tried to travel to cambodia to other cambodian activists were also released malaysia's human rights commission says that she would be allowed to stay in malaysia but no other details have been provided as yet phil robertson is deputy asia director of human rights watch and says the cambodian government must allow the leaders to return to freely resumed political activities . i think it's highly unlikely that taiwan is going to allow them into the country much less let them go from the airport to the border overland to. sort of organize migrant workers to march across the border we have seen actually on the
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cambodian border that there are posters everywhere with photos and the names of these cambodian exiles saying that they will be arrested if they are brought across we've heard information about consultations going on between the thais and the cambodians about the situation so our assessment right now is that it's probably highly unlikely that they're going to be able to get into thailand much less get to the border cambodia is trying to bully all its neighbors to keep c.n.r. p. exiles out or to arrest them and send them back we don't think that anybody's going to actually do cambodia dirty work to arrest people and actually deliver them to one fan but our view is that c.n. r.-p. visuals like all cambodians have the right to return to their country this is actually an international human rights that is guaranteed that the right to leave your country and also to return to it and under the international covenant on civil
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political rights that cambodia's ratified they should allow brand c. and his compatriots to fly directly into phnom penh and if they're arrested at that time well that's the next step in the situation here but they should not be barred from being able to return to that country. the e.u. and the united states of expressed concern over iran's detention of a u.n. nuclear watchdog inspector one of the international atomic energy agency staff was briefly held last week and her travel documents seized iran has since cancelled the inspectors accreditation it's believed that this is the 1st such incident since the nuclear deal was signed in 2015 or wednesday iran began the process of injecting uranium gas into centrifuges it's at its 4th all plant was observed by inspectors from the international atomic energy agency al-jazeera store such a body reports now from tehran. the international atomic energy agency has been
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holding a special meeting on their wrong on thursday in vienna to discuss the latest developments when it comes. down since about it's the clear program the meeting that's also been discussing the treatment of one of the spectre's in iran that is because this inspector who is one of $150.00 inspectors that passed through the country's nuclear facilities on a regular basis she was briefly detained last week before entering the natanz nuclear facility for allegedly having suspicious material with her there when ian's briefly detained her and then she was sent out of the country this treatment is now drawing condemnation and the e.u. has issued a statement saying they're deeply concerned about the way this inspector was treated this all comes at a time when tensions are high about iran's nuclear ambitions this was something president hassan rouhani even predicted himself when he announced their wrongs 4th step in reducing its commitments to the nuclear agreement of 2015 he said that as
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of wednesday the 4 joe nuclear facility will restart its centrifuges and they did exactly that over a 1000 centrifuges are now spinning at that underground facility producing about 4.5 percent enriched uranium the iranians have said this is a serious step and they are very much trying to put pressure on the remaining european signatories that are left in the nuclear agreement since the united states withdrew from the deal iran has said that they will not stay in this deal by themselves they have not seen any of the benefits since the united states imposed a series of sanctions on iran's oil and banking sector for now there's a lot of condemnation about iran and its nuclear program and the iranians are adamant that they will continue to reduce their commitments until they see some tangible results from this nuclear deal and until then these measures will continue . well u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or tweeted iran's plans to increase its nuclear activity at fordo really raise concerns that iran is positioning itself for
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a rapid nuclear breakout it's now time for all nations to rejected nuclear extortion and increase pressure but we're expecting a news conference from peo who's in berlin right now and sometime later this hour we'll bring you that live 1st though let's get some reaction from the u.s. our white house correspondent kimberly help that is live for us in washington what are we to make of the timing of the pomp a statement can really. well it seems to be strategic given the fact that these secretary of state is in europe right now it appears that that message is geared towards the united states european allies he is there in germany commemorating the fall of the berlin wall and his tweet is kind of an abbreviated version of a broader statement that the u.s. state department put out in the last couple of hours where essentially a seems to be sending a message of how the u.s. is interpreted in the latest actions by iran and how it hopes that the
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international community will as well not just the concern that all have raised but the united states believes iran is attempting to extort the international community into accepting violence and terror is what the statement says very strong language coming from the u.s. state department and in the midst of all of this there is a little bit of amazement in the fact that just 3 days ago the secretary of state was saying that the united states strategy was working that they were defending this that the sanctions were very tough very rigorous the ones in the oil in the banking sector that they had already seen tangible proof that they were working now you have to remember the goal of the united states when it said it was withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear agreement to limit iran's nuclear program was to get it to the table to negotiate a broader agreement that would address what the united states calls iran's destabilizing activity in the broader middle east that does not seem to be happening so it appears not only is the secretary of state in some way eating his
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words but he's now seems to be taking that next step appealing to the international community saying look at this isn't working we've had our differences perhaps you'll consider joining us. we'll bring you the press conference that might prepare a press conference a little later in this hour as when it gets underway for the moment white house correspondent kimberly how could in washington many thanks. from al jazeera still to come to justice keep up the pressure and let them ask politicians begin. closed door negotiations for a new government. will tell you how the recent global movement against climate change influenced $29.00 teens word of the year. and in sports south africa's world cup winning world cup winning rugby team kick off a 5 day victory lap of the home country.
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in iraq security forces have shot and killed at least 2 protest and sent back that the demonstrators were trying to remove barry is leading to 2 bridges in the capital earlier the european union condemned the use of excessive force being used by security officials that said the attacks on demonstrators undermine the right to peaceful assembly and the expression of legitimate tamala statoil should the name reports now from baghdad. each day since the protests began hider raw it has been working this stretch near tahrir square selling iraqi flags good less than a dollar each the teenager dropped out of school when he was 8 to help support his family he says typically he would stand on a main street in the capital all day selling water but with iraqis he tree out at fervor flags have become big business is about and we want a new country better than this one rubaiyat a lot donati he killed young men every time young people come to buy flags and go
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back they start shooting live ammunition suffa else serai is one of the nearly 280 protesters killed in iraq since october 1st protesters say they're fed up with corruption and a lack of jobs and they're demanding the government's resignation else arise friends say a tear gas canister he's had last week while he was trying to protect other protesters under attack on a nearby bridge and at that i then am and have. it has affected us greatly he was an irreplaceable person because he was educated and had a strong impact on the street especially among young people the protesters have started a radio station and are publishing this newspaper it's on top after the automated rickshaws that are transporting the wounded medics and supplies in and out of tucker square but the internet blackout the last few days they've been forced offline and are now printing these fashion newspapers it's
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a way for iraq to create a document of their experiences. blocking the internet is a catastrophe it's equal to oppressing shooting and killing your thirties have totally isolated us from the world and start killing us a spokesman with the iraqi military says social media sites are showing killing and hatred that are poisoning the minds of youth almost daily men entire career stop to tell us if they die during these protests at least they would have achieved something greater than the dead end existence they've been living in al-jazeera baghdad. a high level aide to u.s. vice president by pens could reveal just how much he knew about donald trump's efforts to push ukraine to investigate his presidential rival and says senior
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adviser jennifer williams is to testify behind closed doors williams was one of several seamy a ministration of national security officials privy to president trump's conversation with ukraine's president back in july she said to have been concerned by what she heard. zeros how did you castro joins us now live from washington d.c. so what could jennifer williams adds to the impeachment inquiry. later williams is now testifying on the hill and not only was she on this phone call between trump and the lewinsky in which trump said please do me a favor open investigations into his political rivals but williams was also in a follow up meeting between her boss the vice president of the u.s. mike pence who was dispatched to go meet with selenski as a follow up to this phone call that meeting happened in september and according to
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previous impeachment witnesses the lewinsky opened this conversation by asking where was the money where was the more than $400.00 of a close to $400000000.00 and u.s. security aid that was at that time being mysteriously withheld from ukraine and that it needed to fund its fight against russia well according to those witnesses the vice president pence didn't have an answer he said he would bring that question to trump but immediately following the meeting between the vice president is a lengthy that is when a lower level aides including the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. ordered saw on land that is when he then made the explicit request to one of the lead skis aides that there had to be a statement saying that ukraine was investigating trumps political opponents and only then with this money be released and that is at the heart of this entire impeachment inquiry with democrats saying that that request amounted to
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a bribe that it was sanctioned by president trump and that that is worthy of impeachment so far it's all been behind closed door testimony. even though some of the transcripts of what's been said has been released what is the significance then of these hearings becoming public from next week. well going public is the key here a.j. because if we look at this big picture where do we stand now is that still the current status is that of trump or impeached today and if he were to be considered for removal of office he would not be removed from office because senate republicans are still close squarely in the president's corner and democrats hope to change that by moving the public opinion or strongly toward in pietschmann and remove all polls show that that's about a $5050.00 split about whether they support or do not support that move among the american public and it's simply not enough yet to move those republican senators
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towards taking what they fear to be a very divisive step of of defecting from their president and so moving these hearings into american living rooms through their television sets which starts next wednesday could be a huge opportunity for democrats and they've indeed been working up toward that entire purpose it could be argued of these closed door hearings has been a dress rehearsal of sorts to vet these witnesses find the most compelling ones and what nuggets of information may best sell the case to the american public that what trump did was corrupt that it amounted to bribery and that is worthy of impeachment and removal from office adrian out of there as how do you know castro reporting live from washington how many thanks elizabeth and because an associate professor of american studies and political science at george washington university she joins us now by of from the the u.s. capitol and is what i just want to pick up on what heidi was saying that about
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public opinion how do people feel about the impeachment process ahead of this public hearing for phase has as the the release of the transcripts have had any of impact upon public opinion. you know i was on a couple weeks ago and it seemed that public opinion at the beginning of some of the impeachment inquiries was not moving people who had supported from before continue to support him people who did not like trump. you know were very supportive of the inquiry but we've actually seen a significant shift over the last couple weeks there now seems to be a smaller group of people who say they definitely do not support the impeachment only about 30 percent and there are now 25 percent of people who seem very receptive they are not yet sure whether they support the inquiry or they support the inquiry they're not sure if they support impeachment yet so that's a huge number about a quarter of the electorate so right now the publicity of what's going to be
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happening next week is in many ways tailored to these people they are spread out across the country they have senators representing them across the country and i think the public city of the event the slow release each day that we've seen of the testimony that was behind closed doors now being released into the public one each day in a very dramatic fashion all of these are meant to switch people's affiliations as to whether they think impeachment is the right move given what trump has been doing prior is the republican merits is this is a fuss about nothing it's lies it's a witch hunt is that going to continue to work with the public people being persuaded by that. right there are definitely are competing narratives the democrats have actually been very consistent and we believe that what trump has done is that his quid pro quo trying to investigate an american citizen through a foreign government that these constitute high crimes and misdemeanors and we need
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to investigate this and move toward impeachment the republicans have actually had a scatter shot of narratives you know their narrative just a couple weeks ago was that this didn't happen then when trump admitted that it happened you know that there was a quid pro quo in some sense the narrative was well it doesn't matter that this with this is not illegal this is what happens all the time now they're trying the narrative well this is a witch hunt this is just people who already hate donald trump and that seems to work a little bit but i think it works amongst the people who are already supportive of trump i'm not sure this is getting any new voters and we even see a new narrative today that's been tried by rudy giuliani that the trump administration is actually so disorganized and incoherent that they could not have done anything as nefarious as the democrats say we'll see which ones stick and what about the tactic of showing how does how does the inquiry deal with people who failed to show up and how does that go down with the public. this is actually
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a real difficulty because you know the white house is telling people not to show up we know that they also told the trump excuse me the penn state today not to show up but then she was subpoenaed and she showed so we're actually seeing someone of a split most people are being told not to show up to the inquiry the people who are showing up are the people who are career civil servants people who are nonpartisan who's they have held their jobs across different republican and democratic presidential administrations and their loyalty seems to be you know to the law and to the constitution and they are showing up the people who aren't showing up are the republicans who are specific political appointees of trump and whose loyalty seems more to be to trump than to you know to the legal process democrats are in a bind about how to respond to them because the problem if you don't show up to a subpoena that is considered to be in contempt of court you generally can be held
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you know the police can come and get you and require you to come to court i think the democrats actually tried to bring the police to you know force any of these high level trump appointees to come to the court that would you know look terribly i think it would be a publicity disaster disaster so right now they are in a bind and i think they are hoping that the testimony from the people who were in many of those same meetings who know a lot of the same information but who are the career appointees will be able to fill in some of the gaps that many of the political appointees are not showing up to fill and could still to prefer somebody thinks do for being with us. we're going to weather update next here on the news out then an ultimatum from bolivia as opposition is anger against the president spreads out to rural areas plus threats to rape or being referred to that and yet it's only adding that horrified to find out why women m.p.'s in the u.k. say they face intimidation and threats of violence. and in sport the motor racing
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series with one big difference and they will be here to tell you more about that a little over 15 minutes. hello again welcome back we're here across labatt we're looking quite nice down here towards the southwest out here towards the east still quite cool you can see that gray dissipating that is the cold air in the morning getting a little bit warmer as the heating of the day progresses over here towards kabul though on friday we do expect to see a cool day but a clear day for you at 14 degrees in the northern part of afghanistan it is going to be into the single digits overnight though we are getting into the freezing numbers there is going to be quite nice with attempt a few of 30 degrees on the coast well here in doha things are going to change as we go through the weekend into the beginning of next week we're going to start to see some rain coming in as well so on friday 32 degrees is going to be expected high
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with a few clouds in the forecast a saturday quite nice with sunny conditions but it is on sunday we do expect to see storms coming across the gulf brings some thunderstorms in the mid day with a temperature of $27.00 and this will also be affecting parts of bahrain as well as into saudi arabia and then down here across the southern part of africa we do see some clouds pushing across durban those clouds will stay in the forecast as we go towards friday a little bit cooler a few at 20 but if you go a little north we are going to see a a lot of sun in the forecast for johannesburg 32 degrees as your expected high but for cape town some clouds deal with a temperature of 22 degrees there. from the london broadcast center to special guests and conversation they only want to protect life for 9 months i want to make use of all your your old unprompted uninterrupted black people for as long as we've been fighting back has been labeled
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as terrorist intimately reflecting on the issues of our time people like to think that their nationalism is not as ugly as someone else's national studio be unscripted coming soon. the 1st time glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists in the age of donald trump we are fighting the fake tears fake phony the enemy of the people through the eyes of a veteran white house correspondent what do you base your legs on the caesar down the press is not after truck after. we're not the enemy of the people we are the people usa the current battleground whose truth is it anyway.
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again it's good to have you with us adrian from going to here in doha with the news from al-jazeera headlines the international criminal court has sentenced a former congress rebel leader to 30 years in prison posco into gonda was convicted of 18 war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in 2002 and 3. d. an acting opposition leader sam rainsy says he's been prevented from boarding a flight from paris to bangkok is trying to return to cambodia to lead protests his deputy who sukumar was detained in malaysia but a since been released. the e.u. and united states of expressed concern over iran's detention of a u.n. nuclear watchdog inspectors the u.s. called it just provocation iran has since cancelled the inspectors accreditation.
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italy is the 1st country in the world to make it compulsory to study sustainability and climate change starting in september next year weekly lessons on the subject will be mandatory for public schools the education minister says the students will also be allowed to miss class in order to participate in climate protests on fridays and speak to italian politicians want to go for sony skype from finland she's the co-chair of the european green party welcome good to have you with us what do you make of this initiative that what exactly are kids going to be taught in italy. well according to the proposal we've. not yet to adopt. the proposal the idea is to make a difference to. according to the ages of the children and their and their. need to the compulsory school or rise the more or less 4 years of age and the idea is to make. one primary school
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a sort of fairy tale story and then go on with some more scientific based only. course this is something that will need some training. teachers the minister said to teach that the training starts as early as january and that the lessons we know will be more or less 33 hours every year or so it is not a huge amount but it is something that is according to me a very very good idea because we know that kind of change is not only a scientific question is not only a political issue but is very very much ponselle ones nonetheless there are people who are pretty skeptical about climate change despite the science of a both sides of the climate change debate going to be taught initially. now that is actually one of the most torney issues you should to be are to be decided that he
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needs to be as in many other countries we don't have a lot of climate negations people that think that common sense doesn't exist or at least is not well by human activity and therefore cannot be stopped and this is going to be certainly something that. is going to be controversial but i believe that we have to base ourselves on science and that mean it's a very linked discussion also to the agenda 2013 the un goals and sustainable development which are accepted by everyone so i think that there are ways in which it is possible of course to present a discussion because not where there is not only one way to be the government changed but the fact the presenting what the issue is and what the consequences are really are of climate change i think with this is beyond in doubt italy is leading the way here the 1st country in the world to make it compulsory to study sustainability and climate change is anyone else in europe considering doing the
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same. well to be frank i heard some years ago my good friend and colleague and former colleague at karen look at talking about that she's a member of parliament in the u.k. and this idea of our teaching change related issues in school are certainly not new and by the way a lot of the reason why the reasons why in the streets are so many students demonstrating is also because a lot of teachers are taking these issues even if it does not mean that we could have that in their school already we know that in many in many schools bass is a topic that is espoused by still with that teaches. the point is to make it indeed compulsory and of course you know scientific framework and not be the logical framework that it is more based. on that say some kind of obligation and is more be a teacher deciding to talk about these issues one day in his or her own class good
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to talk to monica many thanks indeed monica for sonny there the co-chair of the european green party in new zealand has passed a climate change law aimed at reducing its net carbon emissions to 0 by 2050 the bill was passed with near unanimous support an independent climate change commission will be filmed to monitor progress in denny's appellation is still very unhealthy at very unhealthy levels according to what data from the u.s. embassy there has been a slight improvement since its peak on monday rushing. a light wind and rain have helped improve the air the river. is covered in thick thick foam at the moment and that people say signals that there are high pollution levels in the water of the river. british police have formally identified all $39.00 bodies
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found in a truck last month the reuters news agency says that vietnamese officials have confirmed all the victims were viet the me is from east of notified the families of the victims the bodies were found in the trailer of a parked truck in essex late last month. police in france have begun to dismantle migrant camps as part of a new crackdown they started in northeastern paris up to 3000 people have been living there for years without any sanitation critics say the move is a political and an attempt to win over voters from the far right. unfortunately these large scale operations have taken place before every time we're told it won't happen again but we need proper processing procedures when people arrive in france in order for them to have their rights respected in camps like these about 20 percent of people are refugees who are here legally but have not been offered any kind of housing there are also homeless families who are people
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living in often squalid conditions and migrant cramps right across france several of those camps have been cleared including what was known as the jungle in cali as well as core since dunkirk and. in normandy but hundreds of people often return to the sites after they've been cleared. reports now from paris. with or to say about 1600 migrants refugees asylum seekers living here in northern paris under this network of roads and i can tell you that the conditions are extremely they were intense cardboard boxes there's no sanitation there is of course no food people are really relying on the charity of strangers or just having to take in the streets a desperate situation the mayor of paris had called repeatedly for this makeshift camp to be cleared and that is what happened on thursday morning as about 6 o'clock
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local time 600 police officers came move people along put them on the buses and we are told that they will be taken to shelters in the paris region where they will be processed those who are illegal also supposed to be deported others who can perhaps apply for asylum help. to do so now of course his clearance comes just one day off to the french prime minister announced a series of immigration measures he says the government wants to look tough on immigration and for the government this is perhaps this clearance is perhaps a sign that they want to be a serious i take it very seriously when they say so but it has to be said that there are others who say that this is little more than a p.r. exercise because these camps are evacuated quite regularly and the problem is people are often taken away to shelters but then very often they end up being released and they end up back on the streets the president of chile has warned that any police or security personnel suspected of human rights abuses will be
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prosecuted it follows allegations of crimes committed during weeks of violent protests in which at least 20 people have been killed. reports. in sheila's capital protests continue against wealth inequality but many are now turning their attention to state prosecutors who intend to investigate 14 police officers accused of torturing demonstrators. there are more than 800 allegations of torture beatings and rape committed by security forces over the last 3 weeks of protests. that's added to widespread anger and calls for presidents of a stampin yanna to resign he says guilty officers and soldiers will be prosecuted. you need to get those that work that. will bring them to justice with the same authority and particle any excessive use of force by police will also be investigated by prosecutors and by the courts this is what happens in a democracy and under the rule of law. the president signed an order to increase
6:43 pm
the country's minimum wage 16 percent to about $470.00 a month congress will now decide if that measure moves forward some she lands are skeptical. the president is 1st and foremost a salesman he is an economics speak honestly i would not be surprised to place like the companies that are making money and profits from this crisis i what 1st began as a protest against an increase in public transportation fees has now expanded to the capital's major highways with complaints road tolls are too high. high workers' sessions have been in place since 2006 companies have earned back their investment 8 times over yet they continue to charges they're taking advantage of us and people are in debt on the streets protesters are talking about extending their rallies to wealthy districts that they have so far ignored. the u.n.
6:44 pm
human rights mission and amnesty international say they're investigating allegations of the government committing abuses and sheila the president insists his administration has nothing to hide. this of a young al-jazeera. people in bolivia continue to call on president every one of us to step down many are angry over the results of last month's election which they say was for didn't bow reports was in sumburgh. the heart of agricultural industry a move is underway to disregard the presidency is there was a. government we are symbolically taking over public institutions because it meetings nationally we have decided to believe ian's are not in agreement with the frog this fraud that is being seen internationally we want the vote to be respected by all citizens from bolivia last month it will more or less won the presidency
6:45 pm
with a 10 point difference. denounce fraud when the vote count was halted for at least 24 hours when the vote showed a shift that favored it. and that's why people are demanding a new election. he should resign that is what the people are demanding and he owes that to the people that is why we are radicalizing our methods and we are in permanent peaceful protests to recover our democracy and our freedom. on wednesday violent clashes broke out between protesters and those who support him an example of the deep divisions in the sand in nation. first indigenous precedent continues to enjoy support mostly in rural areas he's followers say more alex opponents are racists and they vowed to defend their president. we're calling for justice prison for someone needs to pay for their crimes. he's the
6:46 pm
leader of the. group that has consistently challenge to us since he won the presidency in 2006. i this would be more or less 4th term in office his critics say he has ignored a referendum in which were voted to restrict terms. the organization of american states is auditing the vote and it is expected to be completed before the middle of the month but until then tension is unlikely to end anytime soon. several prominent female m.p.'s they won't be standing in the u.k.'s parliamentary election next month because of an increase in threats of violence and intimidation against them a parliamentary report abuse directed at politicians place barco reports from
6:47 pm
london. it was a dark moment in british politics. an opposition labor m.p. was fatally shot and stabbed outside her constituency office she'd campaign to remain in the e.u. a killer had shouted keep britain independent if he carried out the attack police of warn people not to inflame tensions caused by bragg said but politics has rarely been so toxic especially for women caroline spelman was an m.p. for 22 years her stance on breaks had led to months of rape and death threats she carries a panic button and her children's bedrooms have steel doors i asked my male colleagues whether they also get threats of a sexual nature threats to rape or being referred to about their genitalia then they're horrified why is it that in our culture that this is been allowed to happen spelman is one of a slew of prominent female m.p.'s standing down at the next election including the
6:48 pm
former home secretary amber rudd all because of abuse and intimidation. this of course is where many politicians begin their careers knocking on doors meeting supporters and of course opponents rarely find a single politician that would do this alone these days many citing fear of violence and abuse despite the risks olga fitz-roy is campaigning to become an m.p. in south london she blames an all boys network of m.p.'s that includes the prime minister of fuelling the song jenny forrest johnson has been really irresponsible in his language you know he is called muslim woman letterboxes and he just keeps coming out with things like that because he is a privileged white man who is very well protected he doesn't face any of the issues that some of the female politicians and female politicians of color face politics is now full of divisive terms traitor betrayal surrender words used in death threats to female m.p.'s words also regularly used by the prime minister when asked
6:49 pm
to modify his language this is how johnson responded and the same is just the prime never heard such humbug in all my life. but johnson can't afford to be complacent the female vote matters household names well known to female voters they will be accepting stage left i think voters will notice that and they will take it seriously in terms of how they just haven't ever and earlier this year the m.p. and the supremes confronted by a mob outside parliament and led to sample arrests despite calls for calm research by cardiff and edinburgh universities found that most leave and remain voters now think violence towards m.p.'s is a price worth paying for brick said the finding shocked the research is weeks away from the election the relationship between politicians and people has never look so troubled barker al-jazeera london. just ahead on the. force
6:50 pm
a lucky escape for these boats. to crash.
6:51 pm
hello get out of the sport here's andy thank you so much more some of the biggest stars in athletics will not feature in the sport's premier competition in the diamond league next season that's after the sport's governing body the other playoff announced it will be ditching several high profile events that say were made says 3000 me to staple chase and triple jump just some of the disciplines that
6:52 pm
haven't made the cut organizes have reduced the number of and so the meetings can fit into a 90 minute cd wind are a 510000 meters one with a discus also on the way outs. of donnelly consist of a series of a new all track and field events held around the world now only $24.00 disciplines 12 mile and 12 female will feature at all meetings according to research done by the league the 100 meters long jump and high jump a most popular amongst fans relegated disciplines like the triple jump well they'll be moved to a 2nd c it's all his are sports correspondent lee wellings. it hasn't gone down well on monk stuff it's of course there are many who will remain unaffected in certain events so they're not going to be quite so vocal and straight away you know allows who's they were 280 jumping from the united states came out and said wow no 200 meters really this is going to have a big effect on him of obviously can have
6:53 pm
a financial effect as well as the glory that the diamond league brings but we shouldn't be very surprised by this the fact that there isn't a 5010000 meters the fact that they have done this because of time constraints it shows you how far the other laugh are prepared to push this if they're taking traditional events that dance of love without adventures too long it's not going to gain that event of research as it doesn't work that's not are again i would do anything to bring back fans to the sport but it's a lot of competition out there and i think the sport really missing you so i bought an awesome venue says he's not ruling out talking to buy in munich about the vacant manager's job the 7 year old has been away from the game since leaving arsenal in 28. i've never refused to talk to buy a munich because people really do club for 30 years you know was nearly going to buy a long long time ago and the moment. but all i can say i have not decided
6:54 pm
would i go back on the pitch or not i would make that decision in the coming days or in the coming week so if they do come to your definitely to it. are you always talk just i told you in fact i talk a lot here and what i like. we're interrupting and in the sport too we're take you live to berlin as expected u.s. secretary of state my point they are giving a press conference let's. listen in to work to what's being said he's with his german counterpart that. is the opposition the will give us isn't. this in these moments to give modern survive and good side india and they're going to. order it i'm flashing of a conversation is over the door after. this lesions you can solidify i've had a shot you. didn't bored me enough. desire or steve for the storage as i did when the time lords know that. i did more than once done. no
6:55 pm
wrong bit of change. defiance of camphor about our. ones of you to find you go and fight i don't vote i have x. . we're really good at films or what you're good at and decent decent veep. made him have more it's not going after george what would your lives of sugar just have people want to do you feel long skaf that merely because had this alternative you definitely going to it would not be this good on the whole having a few problems with with our translator at the moment i tell you what while we wait for my pump to speak let's let's get back to the sports with with andy for a few moments and they all speak english promise there's a huge police operation under way in rome ahead of last year i played games celtic 2 celtic fans were stabbed in the italian capsule by rival supporters on wednesday
6:56 pm
night that those are pictures of a police u.k. police pictures are being released aside class image who was attacked by robbers 2nd man has been charged in relation to that events. as a one of the other arsenal players that was involved in that incident. now in the european champions league eventis paris st germain and bind munich of all qualified for the knockout stages after winning on wednesday roma did also on the verge of going through they put 6 past us are at the bernabeu thanks largely to rod rigo who scored a hat trick in that one in the n.b.a. not for the 1st time younis and he cooper the start of the more walkie bucks against the l.a. clippers the clippers were without koala leonard who is being rested and they missed him is the unattractive $38.00 points and 16 rebounds he's had at least 10
6:57 pm
rebounds and 5 assists in the 1st 8 games of the season he's the 1st player to do that in more than 4 decades. what about this for a pass in the game between the utah jazz and philadelphia 76 is more like baseball and basketball utils donovan mitchell chucking the ball overarm and set up a joe english lay up mitchell had 8 assists altogether and 24 points is the jazz one bites. many thanks now that we have sorted out translation problems we go back to that press conference in your secretary of state my comparison and this german counterpart and to even intensify our efforts in 30 years after the wall came down security continues to be an issue here something that keeps us on our trading as if they were the end of the i.m.f. treaty means that if last part of our security in europe avoid and we're trying to harmonize our responses to the breach of the agreement by russia inside nato or to
6:58 pm
more i talked about this earlier today when i met with the nato secretary general the more important is that today that we have an excess pendency prolong the new strait and you start agreement we share the interest of the united states that the topic disarmament of arms control room to be discussed internationally amongst others with countries like china in order to reflect global realities by breach might compare about our efforts in ukraine and on the ukraine does seem we are working intensively with france to advance them into christmas ever since president events has come to our friends and trilateral contact group in many states working just as hard as our bringing peace in eastern ukraine is something that great cry is a lot of effort and stamina on our part but making headway when it comes to the
6:59 pm
issue of the cease fire and disengagement of trip that michael and i i believe it is fair to say are in agreement on the fact that after this very long standstill for genuine movement can be created with a view to imagine a summit meeting we also were in agreement on the fact that the reform process in ukraine continues to deserve our support and we intend to continue to cooperate step-daughter. we also spoke about turkey and the issues that come up in that context and despite the difference history maybe having with ankara these days we stand before stated that it is. a fact that continues to be central. in nato. and that's a dialogue we thank you out of trouble this religion. of course nor can syria also figure prominently on our agenda today where in if we meant that an effective
7:00 pm
protection for the civilian population can best be achieved by a continued cease fire and it's a situation where humanitarian aid can access the country will continue to build on the fact that promises given by turkey with regard to the return of refugees rights respecting human nature geography area will be complied will go with the old talked about course our approach towards china if you've just joined this is al-jazeera at the moment we're live in berlin where u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is about to speak following meetings with his german counterpart stay with us so which of you was to pay a visit to sync nicholas chant the place where the monday demonstrations and the press for peace took planes once again thank you very much for visiting. welcome to germany. i can thank you good afternoon i'm delighted to be.


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