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effective protection for the civilian population can best be achieved by a continued cease fire and it's a situation where humanitarian aid can access the country will continue to build on the fact that promises given by turkey with regard to the return of refugees rights respecting human nature geography it will be complied with garbage we also talked about ports i approach towards china if you've just joined this is al-jazeera at the moment we're live in berlin where u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or is about to speak following meetings with his german counterpart stay with us which of your was true or pay a visit to think nicholas just the place where the monday demonstrations and the press for peace took place once again thank you very much for visiting. welcome to germany. thank you good afternoon i'm delighted to be in germany
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for the stork week this morning for a while and mr moss and i spent time. we were vividly reminds me did ride it on the highway in full separation it. would cause by the wall we saw guard towers bunkers remains of the very structure president reagan called as a scar of a wall i thought it was a bit of a walk down memory lane for me or memory or a memory struck. you could. you could say i saw a piece of history that i was a tiny little part of back in the late 1980 s. there was a plaque honoring american troops who protected peace and freedom in western europe i was proud to play that small role i think it's indicative of the incredible important relationship between our 2 countries over decades and decades and decades and decades as we move forward together as well as you said i caught him a little while a continue my visit here in leipsic will visit st nicholas church a sacred birthplace of german freedom. i'll talk with some of the brave
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demonstrators who 30 years ago helped bring down the wall that divided people will then have a chance to visit the heart of a synagogue the side of the vicious and he said the medic attack just last month on yom kippur war a sickening reminder of how there remains much work to be done and the vigilance in the fight for religious freedom remains an imperative for each of our 2 countries you know the events of 989 remind me of what binds us our 2 countries free societies transatlantic allies and friends. we share a strong belief in the rule of law and democracy human dignity free speech freedom of religion and so many other an a the right things we know to be central to these values link us together as people in this nations and they define our policy our foreign policy choices. not all nations share these liberal values i spoke last week in new york city about the
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nature of how the chinese communist party trying his governing entity views the world and we should speak frankly about such things i know germany too is facing its decision about how to handle its telecommunications network this isn't just a simple decision it's complicated but it comes in the face of the challenges that are presented by the chinese communist party i quote i spent a fair amount of time this morning as he said talking about syria and the united states will continue to monitor the cease fire and hold human rights violators they're accountable we're investigating allegations of war crimes and will continue to deliver on our humanitarian mission there and we'll keep our urging russia and turkey and the regime its allies not to take steps that would further destabilize that already difficult region that has caused the mass displacement and refugee flows that we have already seen. i know too the germany prides itself on being an important and valuable multilateral partner and i express my deep appreciation for
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germany's commitment to multilateral efforts that are in both our interest as well as in europe's interest germany's been a great partner in supporting our efforts to attempt to denuclearize north korea you maintain pressure on russia to meet its commitments to implement the minsk agreements you stood alongside the united states and many european partners trying to achieve democracy in venezuela and in september you stood along with france in the united kingdom in ascribing responsibility for the iran attacks or 1st before the attacks by iran on saudi oil facilities. each of these issues as at its core the mission of protecting an animal rights and human dignity something the communists of east germany failed to do for so many years i look forward to working with you heiko to protect our shared values there's no better way to do that than to be here to remember the victory of 1989 i go thank you for hosting me on this
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very memorable visit i will certainly never forget it thank you the. time a couple of questions and the 1st from this coming from. yes. for you just want to talk to. him mr secretary you mentioned the events in northern syria the french president in an interview that he caved to camp that night it was brain dead and the chance like strongly rejected that statement do you do that to kind of question it as to the secretary. oh. i'm sorry what was the 2nd question. i didn't get the 2nd question. he.
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wanted. us. to so you know i think you asked that in the right context that we were in this place where. nations of democratic values work so closely together for a long time to achieve what happened in 1989 and then again in 1990. remarkable work that created freedom and brought millions of people out of very very difficult situations i think nato remains an important critical perhaps historically one of the most critical strategic partnerships in all of recorded history that's why it's frankly that's why when you hear president from talk about the fact that we need to make sure that every nation shares that burden every nation works alongside its why i walk on the comments from. a k.-k. who said we're prepared to do this by 2031 to get to the west commit by 2031 i'm
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happy to hear that it's that relationship that is that nato alliance that is so central so important that's why it is an absolute imperative the every country participate and join in and contribute appropriately to achieving that shared security mission. no i do not believe that nature it's brainard a problem fest i'm the internet's or not it's as a mom i mean when i was in court. all turned about fall because we are increasingly facing challenges of a global character and nato is the aligns in which we cooperate on security policy issues our core issue interest is to in guarantee our security interests in europe and nato does just fact and this is why we are grateful to our american partners for their contribution to. europe's is security.
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to go so we have to make sure that the alliance continues to cooperate in the face of a number of difficult tests we've been put to. the challenges and should not be downplayed in their importance those that we are facing but we have an interest in the unity of nature and its ability to take action we should or would have that very interest . trees. i think. are that go mr miles you mentioned ukraine. as it struggles to fight corruption i should feel like creigh suffered a setback with what happened. in washington and he's of the ukraine traveled ministrations actually this this year and mr pun pale secretary pompei oh you have said that investor mckinley. did not make known. his
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objections over the recalling of ambassador out of it but he has testified that 3 times he directly appealed to you to make a statement and her support you did not why not. do they call. this. repeal leave to there is a very positive momentum in ukraine right now which began with the election of presidency linsky and this is why we intend to support the president in his endeavors yes 2 priorities the 1st of which is fighting corruption. over the past 3 years germany has already supported the ukraine with 1500000000 euros and we will continue to support projects in crane that are being set in motion as part of the refocus and his 2nd priority is to achieve peace in don boss and he had to thanks for being with us we want to take that to the press conference there from berlin with the u.s.
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secretary of state might compare his german counterpart because we want to hear my compares reaction to what the several things french president emmanuel mccrone has described the nato alliance as brain dead due to a lack of u.s. leadership the secretary of state addressed that just a few moments ago and earlier in the day my pompei i had been tweeting about iran saying that iran's plans to increase its nuclear activity raise concerns that its position itself for a rapid nuclear breakout is now time he said for all nations to reject its nuclear extortion of increased pressure as yet this press conference has touched on iran let's get some reaction to what we've just heard bow for some analysis rather from adversaries alan fischer who's been listening in in washington what do you make of it allan. i actually do you know i'll be interested to hear what my pump is going to say but the question on ukraine because he's been directly asked why he may have misled the american base was not
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a cause is that someone said and well what happened in washington this year was that we provided $250000000.00 worth of security assistance defense assistance and i $140000000.00 or so of additional security assistance just like happened in fiscal year 18 and fiscal year 17 and the united states' efforts to continue to fight corruption continue throughout this year so that's what happened in washington with respect to ukraine this year and i think that's important because here i sit in europe a place that understands deeply the challenges of corruption in ukraine to stocks about those risks to europe incessantly and properly and importantly and our administration to the united states has been very worried about ukrainian corruption it's been something that's been at the center of the state department's mission set and something that we worked last year and we will work again in the year ahead trying to make sure that presidents lynskey has the opportunity to root out corruption inside of his own country and as for best we can i i clearly follow this
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a lot less than you do i haven't had the chance that pretty busy world out there i've had a chance to follow this but with respect to master mckinley i think i think he said at the opening statement that he put out that he wasn't particularly involved in the ukraine fall so it's not surprising that when embassador event of issue return to the united states that he didn't raise that issue with me. that's that it should it shouldn't it shouldn't surprise anyone that in may when that took place he didn't say a thing to me. ok let's go back to washington that was the answer you were waiting for allan what did you make of that. well that's kind of interesting because that links same to impeachment anytime a senior official in the u.s. administration is asked the boat ukraine you know the underlying question is water boat impeachment and certainly the question there was that donald trump said as one point in his defense with ukraine he was holding back money because others were doing their share and the german foreign minister is saying look we put in
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1500000000 euros so we were the question about the ambassador the ambassador evidence said that 3 times he said to my pompey oh you need a statement supporting the bastard or that was being recalled by donald trump at the behest of rudy giuliani and others. saying there that it was never raise so that's very interesting to go back to the original question that you asked about iran certainly thinks there is a window of opportunity here we know that they pulled out of the iran nuclear deal because they wanted to force around back to the table to restart negotiations something they raney and have always been vehemently opposed to and certainly something that the european allies have said that they're not interested in doing at the moment because they see iran very much in compliance with what was agreed however there is some concern among european allies that iran is stepping up its nuclear activity and so might prompt sees
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a very small window of opportunity here where he can perhaps push some of the waverers in europe to back their campaign of maximum pressure to try and force iran back to the negotiating table he already believes that there is certainly pressure on the banking an oil sector we know about the sanctions that have been imposed by the u.s. this is know about a diplomatic push so he is saying look there is a. window of opportunity here and that is why he is making the statements he's making particularly in europe to europe to try and get them to alter their position on iran and add even more pressure on to the government in tehran or it will stay listening to that press conference in berlin we'll bring you anything newsworthy that comes out of it al-jazeera is alan fischer reporting live from washington alan many thanks indeed well on thursday the international atomic energy agency met to discuss the latest developments out of iran including the brief detention of an
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inspector from the u.n. nuclear watchdog al-jazeera store such a bari is in tehran. the international atomic energy agency has been holding a special meeting on their wrong on thursday in vienna to discuss the latest developments when it comes. down cements about its nuclear program the meeting that's also been discussing the treatment of one of the spectre's in iran that is because this inspector who is one of 150 inspectors that pass through the country's nuclear facilities on a regular basis she was briefly detained last week before entering the natanz nuclear facility for allegedly having suspicious material with her there when ian's briefly detained her and then she was sent out of the country this treatment is now drawing condemnation and the e.u. has issued a statement saying they're deeply concerned about the way this inspector was treated this all comes at a time when tensions are high about iran's nuclear ambitions this was something
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president hassan rouhani even predicted himself when he announced their wrongs 4th step in reducing its commitments to the nuclear agreement of 2015 he said that as of wednesday the 4 joe nuclear facility will restart its centrifuges and they did exactly that over a 1000 centrifuges are now spinning at that underground facility producing about 4.5 percent enriched uranium the iranians have said this is a serious step and they are very much trying to put pressure on the remaining european signatories that are left in the nuclear agreement since the united states withdrew from the deal iran has said that they will not stay in this deal by themselves they have not seen any of the benefits since the united states imposed a series of sanctions on iran's oil and banking sector for now there's a lot of condemnation about iran and its nuclear program and the iranians are adamant that they will continue to reduce their commitments until they see some tangible results from this nuclear deal and until then these measures will continue
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. that's the rest of the day's news the international criminal court has sentenced a former congress' rebel leader to 30 years in prison bosco ntaganda was convicted of 18 war crimes that include murder rape and using child soldiers in the democratic republic of congo catherine sawyer reports from q one ger in the east of the country modern rape and conscripting children a soldier's offenses committed by. that along with other war crimes have led to him being sentenced to 3 decades in prison he ordered fighters to carry out attacks in the tora province over to yes in 200220032 drive out one ethnic community judges of the international criminal court in the hague described his involvement in atrocities carried out by rebel soldiers as a substantial parade of civil unions as a crime against humanity and as
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a war crime went the 8 years for a murder and attempted attempted murder as a crime against humanity and as a war crime said he is for prosecution as a crime against humanity he said the years of imprisonment he moved into gander was called the time in a town by people in eastern democratic republic of congo the crimes committed by the patchy arctic force for the liberation of congo rebel group included mada sexual violence and the sexual slavery of female child soldiers one as young as 9 and tug on the lead the military wing thomas lubanga was the head of the group and he serving 14 years in jail at the i.c.c. this man says his 2 brothers were killed by the fighters were they given me a little bit we lost many family members sisters brothers uncles we also lost a lot of property. it to remind be the focus of this case but in another town more
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than 800 kilometers south victims of a massacre 150 people were killed in one day in 2006 have been following court proceedings keenly they claim to have gone to was one of the leaders of rebel fighters who attacked their villages in q one and was in charge of the killings almost everyone here in q one lost a loved one of those we talked to said. and the fighters he led them off protecting a rival rebel they also say they won just this one the q. and a rebecca shows us has cause she says her husband and one year old son were killed in. what's happening with and tug on those should be a deterrent to others who want to come and terrorize us in the villages those people destroyed our lives and a gun is the 4th person to be convicted by the i.c.c. . turi sais he deserves to be in jail for life rebecca.
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is still waiting for justice catherine saw al-jazeera q one job is done democratic republic of congo. cambodia is acting opposition leader sam rainsy says that these prevent prevented from boarding a flight from paris to bangkok renzi wants to return to cambodia to lead a protest against prime minister hun sen those protests against take place on saturday earlier rangy told of 0 that he was shocked that he was not allowed to board. they say they have received instructions from very high d not to let me vote 9 very disappointed and very angry i am trying to buy another ticket with a a plenty to go to another a country nearby can vote you are so that i can go back to cambodia # soon as possible there are many people in those countries neighboring countries as young countries
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who support the cause of democracy among parliamentarians and among human rights activists among the free press there are people who helpers it one way or another so we are 9 not alone we can see so did our duty inaction among democrats all over the world because my people are all waiting 1 for me we have to be together to all the nice big demonstrations to bring down the current dictatorship in cambodia. well sam rainsy was born in cambodia but studied and worked in france before returning home in 1902 he became finance minister in the government shared between the 1st prime minister none of them run and run a raid and 2nd prime minister hun sen in 1970 raines escaped
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a grenade attack the political rally at a political rally rather that killed 16 people and shortly after one sent seized power in a coup brains he then set up his own opposition party but left cambodia many times to avoid government charges against him in 2015 he was found guilty of criminal defamation the cambodian government banned his opposition party ahead of the 2018 election labor rangers deputy has been released by malaysian officials who. have been taken into custody a witness to after she also tried to travel to combo cumbria to other cambodian activists have been released as well but this is human rights commission says she would be allowed to stay in malaysia but no other details were provided through robinson is the deputy asia director of human rights watch he says the cambodian government should allow the leaders to return and to freely resume their political activities. i think it's highly unlikely that it's going to allow them into the
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country much less let them go from the airport to the border overland to. sort of organize migrant workers to march across the border we have seen actually on the cambodian border that there are posters everywhere with photos and the names of these cambodian exiles saying that they will be arrested if they are brought across we've heard information about consultations going on between the thais and the cambodians about the situation so our assessment right now is that it's probably highly unlikely that they're going to be able to get into thailand much less get to the border cambodia is trying to bully all its neighbors to keep c.n.r. p. exiles out or to arrest them and send them back we don't think that anybody's going to actually do cambodia dirty work to arrest people and actually deliver them to one fan but our view is that c.n. r.-p. fishel like all cambodians have the right to return to their country this is
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actually an international human rights that is guaranteed that the right to leave your country and also to return to it and under the international covenant on civil political rights that cambodians ratified they should allow brand c. and his compatriots to fly directly into phnom penh and if they're arrested at that time well that's the next step in the situation here but they should not be barred from being able to return to that country. security forces in iraq have shot and killed at least 2 protesters in baghdad the demonstrators were trying to remove barriers leading to bridges in the capital earlier the european union condemned the use of excessive force being used by iraqi security officials it said that the attacks on demonstrators undermine the right to peaceful assembly and the expression of legitimate demands. while the head of baghdad security forces says there's now a ban on the use of military grade tear gas grenades on demonstrators that's after
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amnesty international released a report saying that the grenades were being used to kill protesters not disperse them at least 260 people have been killed so far in iraq's protests. at least 8 people have drowned trying to reach spain's canary islands their boat capsized near land's rossy in the atlantic ocean 4 people were rescued the islands are just off the coast of north west africa. police in france have begun to dismantle migrant camps as part of a new crackdown they started in northeastern paris up to 3000 people have been living there for years without any sanitation critics say the move is political and an attempt to win over voters from the far right. unfortunately these large scale operations have taken place before every time we're told it won't happen again but we need proper processing procedures when people arrive in france in order for them to have their rights respected in camps like these about 20 percent of people are
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refugees who are here illegally but it's not being offered any kind of housing there are also homeless families police in britain the formally identified all $39.00 bodies that were found in a truck last month the reuters news agency says that vietnamese officials have confirmed that all the victims were there at the maze police have notified the families of the victims the bodies were found in the trailer of the truck in essex just outside london at the end of last month. campaigning as you know is underway in the u.k. for next month's general election but several prominent female m.p.'s have announced that they won't be standing due to an increase in threats of violence and intimidation against them a parliamentary report found that abuse directed at politicians is commonplace with barker reports from london it was a dark moment in british politics joe caulks an opposition labor m.p. was fatally shot and stabbed outside her constituency office she'd campaign to
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remain in the e.u. a killer had shouted keep britain independent if he carried out the attack police of warn people not to inflame tensions caused by bragg said but politics has rarely been so toxic especially for women caroline spelman was an m.p. for 22 years her stance on breaks had led to months of rape and death threats she carries a panic button and her children's bedrooms have steel doors i asked my male colleagues whether they also get threats of a sexual nature threats to rape or being referred to about their genitalia then their horrified why is it that in our culture that this is been allowed to happen spelman is one of a slew of prominent female m.p.'s standing down at the next election including the former home secretary rod all because of abuse and intimidation. this of course is where many politicians begin their careers knocking on doors meeting supporters and
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of course opponents really find a single politician that would do this alone these days many citing fear of violence and abuse despite the risks fitzroy is campaigning to become an m.p. in south london she blames an all boys network of m.p.'s that includes the prime minister of fuelling the forest johnson has been really irresponsible in his language you know he is muslim woman letterboxes and he just keeps coming out with things like that because he is a privileged white man who is very well protected he doesn't face any of the issues that some of the female politicians and female politicians of color face politics is now full of divisive terms traitor betrayal surrender words used in death threats to female m.p.'s words also regularly used by the prime minister when asked to modify his language this is how johnson responded and the same is just the prime
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never heard such humbug in all my life. but johnson can't afford to be complacent the female vote matters household names well known to to female voters they will be exciting stage left i think voters will notice that and they will take it seriously in terms of how they just have an effort and earlier this year the m.p. and the supremes confronted by a mob outside parliament and led to several arrests despite calls for calm research by cardiff and edinburgh universities found that most leave and remain voters now think violence towards m.p.'s is a price worth paying for brick said the finding shocked the research is weeks away from the election the relationship between politicians and people is never look so troubled the park al-jazeera london. these ilands passed a climate change law aimed at reducing its net carbon emission. 0 by 2050 the bill was passed with near unanimous support an independent climate change commission
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will be formed to monitor progress and italy is the 1st country in the world to make it compulsory to study sustainability and climate change starting in september next year weekly lessons on the subjects will be mandatory for public schools the education minister says that students will also be allowed to miss class it all to participate in climate protests on fridays. good to be with us a very unforgiving here in doha with the headlines and al-jazeera the international criminal court has sentenced a former congolese rebel leaders a 30 years in prison bosco ntaganda was convicted of 18 war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in 2002 and $3.00 the e.u. and united states of expressed concern over iran's detention of the u.n. nuclear watchdog inspect the u.s. called it an outrageous provocation iran has since cancelled the inspectors
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accreditation acting cambodian opposition leader sam rainsy says that he's been prevented from boarding a flight from paris to bangkok raincy is trying to return to cambodia to work lead protests his deputy who was detained in malaysia but has since been released sam rainsy spoke to us by phone from paris he says that he will still try to make his way back to cambodia. i asked the company boss they say they received instructions from d. the boat so 9 the point. i am trying to fly. with a a i'm pretty good too i'm not a a country be a buyer for gold. for go back to the board. # or to. the head of baghdad security forces say there's now a ban says rather there's a ban on the use of military grade school mates on demonstrators that's after
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amnesty international released a report saying the grenades were being used to kill protesters most disperse them at least 260 people who've been killed so far in iraq's protests police in france have begun to dismantle migrant camps as part of a new crackdown they started in northeastern paris up to $3000.00 people have been living there for years without any sanitation the government says it will take them somewhere safe police in britain to formally identified all $39.00 bodies found in a truck last month the reuters news agency says that the at the mes officials have confirmed that all the victims were vietnamese police have notified the families of the victims those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after whose truth is it anyway next.
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and i want you all to know that we are fighting the fake 2 news speaking phoning the enemy of the people this president has undermined us from the very beginning he's called this enemies of the people he has told us that we are fake media and he is trying to undermine and try to wedge between the electorate and us the fake news is creating violent. if the media can't be trusted to report the news then that's a dangerous place for america what you just did is inflammatory and everybody in this room is only trying to do their job they are the same fake discussing news.
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good to the children.


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