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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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cameras on the media focus on how they were built on the stories demand on al-jazeera. and the a supreme court clears the way for a tender temple to be built on a site disputed with muslims. welcome to al-jazeera life in my headquarters in doha with millions of the product and so ahead. i have a desire to prove that this country could be patched better when it has a government that doesn't lie as much on twitter as possible right does. a big boast of brazil's left former president lula leads to a supreme court ruling class. a wave of
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anger on the streets of chin a day after the president announced tougher measures against violence. and the human cost of u.s. airstrikes targeting al shabaab rights groups say a growing number of civilians are being killed in somalia. and the us supreme court has delivered a landmark woman on a disputed religious site that's announced a piece of land in iowa and the state of all that but the issue will be handed over to a government appointed board of trustees for construction for construction of a hindu temple and an alternative piece of land will be set aside for muslims to build a mosque when large crowds of people have gathered outside the courthouse waiting for the result both hindus and muslims claim the land where a 16th century mosque was destroyed by ultra right hindus and. 992 thousands of
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troops have been deployed in iowa the end security has been increased across the country well let's go to our correspondent on child border now she's joining us live from the capital new delhi it's a case that's been in the courts for decades until talk us through the judge's reasons for this ruling. where you are essentially water it was a 5 judge benj and the court said the chief justice of india says that it was a unanimous decision as they've said as you also informed our viewers back to the length of the disputed land would be given to a trust in over 3 months this trust is going to be comprised off for certain government officials and these people will then go ahead with the construction of temple or will decide how to go about the construction of temple the bottom line really is that the hindu believe as one the hindu side as one of the muslims have lost out the muslims or they'll have been given an alternative piece of land or
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will be given an alternative the piece of land somewhere else in the state off or whatever they should there were 3 claimants to this case one was a hindu group then a muslim group and the data we hear himself the court has said that the hindu groups claim is not valid so that claim has been rejected the claim of the muslim group has been acknowledged and the claim of day to ram has been a knowledge and the decision has been given in favor. this is still a little bit of confusion and this is a question that's been brought up by one of the muslim groups after the word game out that while the core technology is that there was a mosque there and that the demolition of that mosque was a violation of law the decision has been given in the favor of their dram and the hindus and not in the favor of muslims so the have expressed their doubts and said it's not quite clear why that has come about the judgment of the court is a $1045.00 pages long so it will be some time before the most. and groups can go
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through it still it's a fun clarity as to what exactly led the court to come up with this decision what they have said is that the hindus of believe is the birthplace of datagram and on those bases this verdict has been given and i'm sure i know that you've been talking to you know many people around the country about muslims especially about what they want to out of this ruling and so what have you been hearing and what security measures have been put in place around the country to avoid any violence as a result of this ruling. well many security arrangements have been. very secure security arrangements have been put in place in the city for the all of the state of whatever they show about 12000 police men and women have been deployed the security officials have said that they have at least $10000.00 meetings with war hindu leaders and muslim leaders on the ground to make sure that no while it's of rapt. news broadcasters association has taken in initiative to
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not broadcast any celebrations or or any protests so lots of security arrangements in place educational institutes have been shut because nobody actually knows what is going to be the reaction on the ground as far as muslim intellectuals elizabeth are concerned we've been talking to them even in the run up of this war dick and the some of the muslim intellectuals that said they would be ok with such a world where they are given an alternative site to build a mosque if this ends the dispute between hindus and muslims but that remains to be seen at the end of the day this word it is also a victory for the ruling in the nationalist party the b.g.p. bridges has always in every election said that we go to build run temple although at the moment they may not make any progress of statements but as elections come up in different states it is possible that they are going to go back to the people and say that they have delivered on their promise so many security arrangements in place but the mood still very tense and should thank you for that for now that is
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until border with the latest live in the capital new delhi we're going to take a closer look at the controversy now the dispute dates back to 855 over the ownership of about hector of land claimed by both hindus and muslims hindus believe it's the birthplace of one of the main dating law drama in the group say a temple was demolished to build a mosque in the 16th century known as the mustard and 1992 hardline hindus who wanted to build a temple there demolished the mosque and that sparked while and across the country 2000 people were killed most of them muslims. and 2010 judges in the high court ruled that the land on which the mosque one stood should be divided into 3 equal parts one for muslims and 2 for one that is but later that year both groups legal challenge in the indian supreme court well let's stay with this we are joined now by is awful islam calm the editor of the millions that an english language newspaper for indian muslims and he's also joining us live from the capital new
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delhi very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so what is your reaction to the ruling do you think that it's it's fair. no i don't think it's fair i think it is miscarriage of justice it is that it has been accepted even by the. police belong to muslim that there was a mosque for centuries and that it's a demolition in $99.00 to do was a crime. although i'm going to have to cut i just it's just that on that point there was confusion as there because the court did say knowledge is as the archaeological survey society of india that of course there was a mosque there from the 16th they were visited. they say that there was a mosque there since the 16th century but they also say that the muslim groups don't have exclusive right to this land. no the court said that the a.s.i.
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bridges are going to hugo said rep india finding the but not going to lose it so there was there's no conclusion that the place stands on the on the place of on the side up from. the mind of the temple the fact is that court has been good to send claim of the oldest hindu claimant which is that nearly acara and has given it. in fact do do do do d.s.p. and be a be an artist this through and. through trust. us just which was established after the demolition they did it is change that and did the which is very new. which is actually started by people who demolished that mosque it has big been given to them and the muslims have been given 5 acres of land in the same area i mean the same city or same town right and i let them out of
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that. so when you say that when you say that the muslims ongoing to accept the supreme court's ruling i mean what are the challenge what are the what are the options for them. no we will not do anything evil xcept it as. an act of injustice it is very very obvious but we will not react we will not protest we will not go to dick to his deeds and in fact today today as he is i'm talking almost all of the heart of india is under god if you like. in delhi in that with the days in maharashtra. in one base so many places are now and privately are does that does more than focus and cannot. stand in. public place so it is a very is made acutely is that in a democracy big. andree you use stifle people's support does that mean if if there
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was anybody does it it will be. only peaceful human rights come out of that and this is their right but as we saw after the demolition of the mosque in 1902 communal riots around the country led to the death of you know 2000 people killed in vives most of them were muslims so doesn't the government have to keep these measures in place to avoid the kind of violence that we saw all those years ago. on the rise before the demolition after the demolition was started by the other side not by muslims muslim the victims before that i was around 3000 within the killed after that i was around 3000 muslims look at it and in which it out also about 2000 muslim looking so every dime the victim the muslims not the other side so it is in a way to stifle the democratic rights the people to protest peacefully because this
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of course. and they want to show to the world that the indian muslims have accepted it we have not accepted it it is a great injustice but of course we will not do anything that they have the got the ball what they have. on the ball what they state that give them this kind of what are do do do do do something which is light fully belongs to muslims. we thank you for your time on the story today we do appreciate it thank you. we're going to move on to other news now and violence in the iraqi city of basra has killed at least 7 anti-government protesters 15 other people were injured outside a local council building on friday night as they fought with security forces the u.n. says more than 300 people have been killed since the beginning of october protesters are angry about america basic services wise and unemployment and corruption. now he was once hailed by barack obama as the most popular politician on earth now
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brazil's former president luis naseer looted a silver is again energizing brazil's leftist opposition after a supreme court ruling freed him from jail but conservative say lula symbolized a culture of corruption and right wing groups have warned that they'll they'll also take to the streets in protest at his release to raise a boy reports from sao paulo. he supporters had demanded his freedom since he was detained last year. or simply left prison on friday surrounded by hundreds of his supporters. you have no idea of the significance for me to be here with you i my whole life talk with the brazilian people never thought that today i could be here talking with men and women who during the past 580 days were here saying good morning lula good afternoon and yelling good night lou and no matter if it were raining if it were 40 degrees or 0 degrees. on thursday the
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supreme court voted to reinterpret a law that meant anyone convicted of a crime was jailed after losing their 1st appeal the ruling allows lula and more than 4000 others to exhaust all their appeal options before being locked up. a new law was convicted last year of taking bribes in exchange for public works contracts it was part of the so-called carwash corruption investigation that saw dozens of politicians and business men detained for their role in cases that involved bribes and kickbacks from brazil's private and state companies you love the feel of a left office saying that he's ready to fight against what he says is the persecution of the left under the presidency of j.d. it's not clear yet how he's going to do that he wouldn't be able to run for office right now because of what is known here as the clean slate law that bans politicians who have been convicted for corruption. has always denied those charges
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saying he was a victim of political persecution the judge involved was mortal who is now j. towards on iraq's minister of justice his impartiality has been questioned by us workers party. to the carwash corruption operation is the largest in brazil's history and polarized society thousands demanded justice on the streets because the investigation discredited brazil's political class discontent pave the way for the election of the last president and that's why not everyone of brazil celebrated last release on friday. i missed really disappointed because of the news no reason and the mood of people that can make you quoting now here's a pretty you know and the making of serious damage for the country and there is right now. movement in congress from.
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but in the meantime he's free and instead of being weakened by his time in prison he seems determined to reclaim his place in brazilian politics once again. and. now a group of chileans have openly defied presidents of the internet as threat of a crackdown on violent protests last demonstrators set fire to university and noted a church in the capital santiago police fired tear gas and water cannon protesters who responded by throwing rocks at demonstrations began over a hike in metro fares that have spiraled into anger against the government's economic policies more than 20 people have been killed in the 2000 and the past 3 weeks a latin america editor has more from santiago. chile and to this day 23 of this
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social upheaval we are still seeing the 2 faces of these demonstrations on the one hand tens of thousands of people again marching peacefully to. the main convergence point in midtown santiago while on the periphery of all that there are smaller but very violent groups many of them armed with incendiary devices throwing stones at riot police but also looting destroying public and private property on this occasion the most significant incident was the setting fire of a more than 100 year old mansion that houses the university of. firemen took a long time to get there to try to put it out because of the barricades that been set up a lot of those peaceful protesters tried to help them do so but it was too late to stop the whole building from being destroyed by the blaze although this is happening less than 48 hours after president. announced a long list of what he called measures to stop the violence from continuing. still
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ahead on the bulletin rang a fire emergency workers in australia battling and tearing specialize in the east and saudi arabia gets up to sell shares that special oil company questions remain about how much their. remain is still enjoying what is an enduring summer not entirely alone eastern europe is doing quite nicely for the walls of further west this amount of clout is being spun out of circulations to the west and once again this one the bay of biscay having brought some snow to the north of spain is bringing a bit more at night temperature a whole bit of course we're talking about high ground however at 7 degrees london won't feel very warm no well madrid but the skies should be clear the rain where
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it's falling heaviest has produced some flooding and the chance of that flood risk continues in italy for example western greece and up through the balkan states with the snow confined to maybe the italian and the austrian alps this is the warm bit fear has come down to 10 berlin disappointingly grey 7 degrees things haven't changed by sunday much is still very warm and bucharest and it's still raining in northern spain in the western med developing another storm system which i'm sure will come back to bucharest is again the place we can focus almost which is hovering only a few degrees below the november maximum the record which of course was reached again a couple days ago some of this rain will come down from the military into the northern shores of algeria tunisia and libya that's a position for such day. right
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. it's good to have you with us on syria these are our top stories india's supreme court has ruled a disputed religious side. will be handed to a state backed one of trustees to manage construction of a hindu temple the court said alternative land will be set aside for muslims to
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build a mosque brazil's former president has been present 19 months after being jailed for corruption money laundering the judge ordered louise and are suited to sell was released after brazil's top court ruled that convicted criminals could already be jailed after all of their appeals have been exhausted and a group of chileans has openly defied presidents of the nearest way to crackdown on protests police fired tear gas and carrying at demonstrators who threw rocks on the spot but many thousands also gathered peacefully to demand economic reforms. now there's a rare sign of cooperation between india and pakistan a corridor or letting indian 6 cross the border to visit one of their holiest sites is being opened a ceremony on the indian side is under way 5000 people a day will be able to cross visa free to worship at the grave of sick is a good a nanuk at all it's just for kilometers inside pakistan bob's tension between the
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neighboring countries has often made it hard to access. saudi aramco is expected to reveal important details about the national oil company just days ahead of a much anticipated stock offering it's to help investors and regulators know the risks and opportunities for investment as priyanka gupta reports there are already many concerns about the sale. saudi aramco is the world's biggest oil producing company but also seen as the most secretive privately owned and controlled by the saudi kingdom but now after much hype and many delays it's going public in part at least by selling off a small piece of the company to invest is the timing isn't perfect. just 2 months back and attacked by humans who the rebels would use the company's oil production by half and global oil prices are low risk. risk.
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so they either it was months ago. b and. the date. commentary out there has been demand has been weaker than expected over the last few months and the expectation is that the risk. the kingdom hopes the same will bring in enough revenue to fund crown prince mob would be unsound man's vision 2030 his plan to wean the saudi economy off its reliance on oil he wants around go to be valued at 2 trillion dollars that's a same as microsoft and apple combined but industry experts say that 2 emissions valuation estimates vary if we make an assumption or one of our trillion dollars. dollars by our estimates on
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a project. just 2 or 3 years until you go back and use them so it won't be a 1000 so it's not. coming oil climate change and a push for greener and cleaner energy also puts the value of our abcess huge known oil reserves at risk so your anchor has huge reserve. 60 odd years at current rates of production however as the world. choice to move away from using oil and other fossil fuels what's the picture going to look like over time is high value going to be from those fossil fuel reserves or is it going to be that tomorrow gets weaker as we can pricing fossil fuels and hence perhaps a lower margin barrel it's emerged that saudi rulers are now pressuring billionaires like prince been told to buy storks some of the investors being targeted were detained during the 2017 anticorruption purge which some members of
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saudi arabia as well the elite locked up in the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh they're also poaching state owned oil companies and sovereign wealth funds to open their checkbooks china is among them it's the biggest buyer of saudi oil the share price is expected to be announced in december only then we'll find out who is prepared to invest the 0. now bush fires are burning across australia's drought stricken east coast leaving 2 people dead and at least 30 injured the flames are being fanned by strong wednesday destroying more than 150 homes andrew thomas has more from said me. at spock's to high temperatures and high winds across a landscape that's had years of drought and you get this. what
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authorities are calling an unprecedented emergency more than 92 separate bushfires of those many around to control the devastating and horrific was that we've seen particularly new south wales but also in queensland have been absolutely chilling. and i want to thank all of those who were fought so bravely i've annoyed at this still to die. i also want to thank all of those who are backing them in and supporting them. more than 1000 firefighters are tackling the blazes most of all in tears driving through scenes like these. 60 aircraft are helping to have them a large tank is dumping retardant to try and dampen the flames but already more than a $150.00 homes have been lost and people have died and it's feared more will as we stand today there are more than 75 burning across the state more than 41 contained
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and at least 5 an emergency level port mccoury is a major town on the new south wales coast smoke fills its the sky is orange the debate is fierce in australia as to whether these fires are a direct result of manmade climate change the government says not but fires are getting more frequent and more intense in australia and seems to get earlier each year it's not even summer yet. temperatures it will drop a little on sunday and stay low on monday but it will be temporary relief the heat will return all choose day and there's no forecast tool for rain under thomas al-jazeera sydney. now police in 3 cities in bolivia have joined anti-government protests in a sign that some security forces are withdrawing their support for president evo morales police were cheered by crowds as they waved flags and sang the national
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anthem from the rooftop to libya has been rocked by violent protests over opposition allegations that morales bricked his reelection last month. now u.s. airstrikes against armed group al-shabaab in somalia have surged since 2017 following an executive order by president donald trump but civilians living in the area of course in the crossfire amnesty international says a growing number of people have been killed dozens more injured malcolm webb spoke to some of the survivors. here. you sit on the shoulder was ripped open by a blast from a bomb he says he heard the aircraft that dropped it. filled his body with these pieces of shrapnel and blew his friend to pieces killing him. he says they were farming at the time in the lower belly region of somalia where the u.s. military and somali government fighting the armed group al-shabaab we've changed his name and hidden his face for his safety. i used to hear people talking about
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these airstrikes but i had no experience of how bad it is the strike came i fell down before i heard anything something hit me i became unconscious. the u.s. fired missiles from drones and other aircraft in its fight against al shabaab it's the only military using those weapons in lower. its africa command told us it takes prudent measures to minimize civilian casualties and that only to civilians are being killed. we spoke to people who reported more this woman told the shrapnel wounded her son's leg in an airstrike that killed her husband and the neighbor 2 more people were injured survivors say they saw the aircraft which was trying to bomb al-shabaab fighters in a passing car the history of u.s. military engagement in somalia dates back to the early 1990 s. after the infamous black hawk down incident here in mogadishu in 9093 it pulled
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their troops out president barack obama authorized the 1st drone strikes years ago but after president donald trump came to power to go military strikes of all kinds with drones unmanned aircraft and ground troops have escalated in additional and so have civilian casualties according to the rights group amnesty international it's documented 17 civilian deaths and 8 injuries u.s. military airstrikes in somalia since early 2017 targeting journalists who are not directly but fit in active force to indiscriminately attacking them and killing them amounts to you know breach of international humanitarian law and that can amount to walk and. the u.s. military africa command told us it strikes didn't kill or injure any civilians in the cases documented by amnesty or biassed that it applied by armed conflict law.
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this man says he saw his father killed in the airstrike on the farm he says nobody in his family ever had anything to do with. we asked him what he'd say to the people responsible for the bombing he says please don't hate us. malcolm web al-jazeera mogadishu somalia. hello again i don't have a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera and the supreme court has ruled disputed religious site at ioa via will be handed to a government board of trustees to manage construction of a hindu temple the court said alternative land will be set aside for muslims to build a mosque until water has reaction from new delhi there's still a little bit of confusion and this is a question that's been brought up by one of the muslim groups after the word game out that while the court of knowledge is that there was
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a mosque there and that the demolition of that mosque was a violation of law the decision has been given in the favor off. and the hindus and not in the favor of muslims so they have expressed their doubts and said it's not quite clear why that has come about the judgment of the court is a $1045.00 pages long so it would be some time before the muslim groups can go through it. brazil's former president has walked out of prison 1000 months after being jailed for corruption and money laundering a judge ordered luisa last year alluded to silly was released after brazil's top court ruled convicted criminals could only be jailed after all of their appeals had been exhausted a group of children's was openly defied president sebastian pinera has threatened to crackdown on violent protests police fired tear gas and water cannon at demonstrators who threw rocks in response but many thousands gathered peacefully to demand economic reforms at least 7 protesters have been killed in iraq as soon as
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they fought with security forces demonstrators are angry about an lack of basic services rising unemployment and corruption and a stray or 2 people have been killed as far as continue to battle a record number of bushfires emergency officials say 7 others are unaccounted for in the eastern states police in 3 cities in bolivia have joined our government protests and a sign that some security forces will draw on their support for president evo morales police were cheered by crowds as they waved flags and sang the national anthem from the rooftops libya has been rocked by violent protests over opposition allegations that morales rigged his reelection last month. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us the inside story is coming up next thank you for watching. state.
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and that's. the biggest country the great great. british departure is delayed. drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. is nuclear nonproliferation still a realistic goal russia has a conference on the issue at a time of global annie's about atomic ambitions in iran and north korea is there the political will to limit and abolish nuclear. this is inside story. i am. hello there and welcome to the program i missed now the country with the world's largest stockpile of nuclear weapons is holding a conference on preventing their spread and use delegates from more than 40 countries in russia as.


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