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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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which is significant because when the sun kills people and it kills people now it's critically ill from its return to the people. on a 0. deadly clashes in iraq medics say 3 more are killed in baghdad i mean reports iraqi security forces are moving in to protest site in the capital. this is live from doha back to will also coming out brazil's jailed former president is free and promising to once again shake up the country's politics. india's supreme court clears the way for a hindu temple to be built at a site also claimed by muslims and remembering the fall of the wall germany marks
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80 years since support probably in wall came down. to. thank you very much for joining us medics say at least 3 people have died during clashes in baghdad this saturday this amid reports iraqi security forces are moving in to protest sites in the city just hours ago the iraqi prime minister abdullah mahdi said the country must be allowed to return to normal tens of thousands of people have been protesting for weeks now angry about a lack of basic services wising unemployment and corruption. to announce electoral reforms in the coming days let's speak to natasha going to him in baghdad for us natasha what more can you tell us about these latest us in baghdad. foly with the work week slated to begin tomorrow morning this is a strategy by security forces in baghdad to confine the protests to to harir square
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that has been the epicenter of the protests since october 1st however last week things became very chaotic in the capital as the protests spread out throughout the capital dozens of roads were closed schools were out of session many government offices were closed the courts were closed so this is clearly part of an attempt to avoid a repeat of that we're hearing of a clash between security forces and protesters on a square that leads to tahrir square we're hearing that people have been killed there's been a heavy use of tear gas we're also hearing that security forces are being attacked by protesters who are hurling molotov cocktails from a nearby building and have lit a nearby building on fire right now it appears several 100 protesters have been hemmed in by security forces we just came from the office of the military spokesman he says that we have no intention of dispersing the protest the peaceful protest he
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says entire career square but what we are going to do is arrest anyone and severely punish them for blocking roads or committing any criminal attacks the internet was on for a short time today foley it has now been blocked again and when i asked the military spokesman about that he says that we have a quote been forced to cut the internet because it's being used to quote incite violence earlier the prime minister natascha a statement saying that the country must return to normal how of is proposal spin received by the protesters. i think until the protesters hear that prime minister either love them ahead he is resigning until they hear that there is some wholesale change in the government from what they're telling us they're not going to be satisfied and they're not going to leave the streets prime minister my head he did say that in response to protesters call call for quote wholesale or partial reforms to government ministries that he was going to introduce an
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amendment that would eliminate a quota system hire younger people and quote create more transparency but you know people are still quite upset they want the political parties as well as the parliament to be dissolved they believe that there are a lot of people having their interested interests preserved and protected meanwhile they say average iraqi lives remain pretty difficult. but he did say that the knowledge is that political parties of quote made some mistakes but he says that they're instrumental to the democratic process in iraq he did say that an electoral law will be introduced a draft will be introduced in the coming days we had heard that the parliament was going to see that draft about law this week that never happen they did meet today and we're told they went over the draft of a law that would impact pensions it would decrease the recipient age to 60 and
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increase the minimum payments and that is one of the demands that protesters have but certainly it is not a central one thank you for that natasha go name one for us in baghdad. and other world news he was once hailed by barack obama as the most popular politician on earth and now brazil's former president delivers silva is again energizing the country's leftist opposition after supreme court ruling released him from jail but conservative if a lula symbolize a culture of corruption today somebody for some zapato ha. he supporters had demanded his freedom since he was detained last year. or simply left prison on friday surrounded by hundreds of his supporters. you have no idea of the significance for me to be here we view i who my whole life talk to the brazilian people never thought that today i could be here talking with men and women who during the past 580 days were here saying good morning good afternoon
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yelling good night no matter if it were raining if it was 40 degrees or 0 degrees on thursday the supreme court voted to reinterpret a law that meant anyone convicted of a crime was jailed after losing their 1st appeal the ruling allows lula and more than 4000 others to exhaust all their appeal options before being locked up. new law was convicted last year of taking bribes in exchange for public works contracts it was part of the so-called carwash corruption investigation that saw dozens of politicians and business men detained for their role in cases that involved bribes and kickbacks from brazil's private and state companies you love the fever left office saying that he's ready to fight against what he says is the persecution of the left under the presidency of j.d. it's not clear yet how he's going to do that he wouldn't be able to run for office
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right now because of what is known here as the clean slate law that bans politicians who have been convicted for corruption. has always denied those charges saying he was a victim of political persecution the judge involved was mortal who is now j. towards an address minister of justice his impartiality has been questioned by us workers party. the car wash corruption operation is the largest in brazil's history and polarized society thousands demanded justice on the streets because the investigation discredited brazil's political class. discontent paved the way for the election of. president and that's why not everyone of brazil celebrated release on friday. i really disappointed because the game is notorious and the people that can make equally know he's
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a player in the know and the making of serious damage for the country and there is right now. movement and congressman's future in this situation. the provision in the 2nd moves but in the meantime he's free and instead of being weakened by his time in prison he seems determined to reclaim his place in brazilian politics once again and i've not too teresa who joins us live from sao there not a little company just south of sabato to 8 to resale of not far from where luna is expected to be speaking to members of his workers party understand for the 1st time since he came out of jail they feel vindicated i imagine what message can we expect him to deliver. that's correct we're here in some but i'm out of a company this is a little of our serious hometown this is the place where he gave that last speech
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before being taken to prison where people here wanted to prevent the police from taking him and that's why there are hundreds of people here waiting for him to speech he arrived here just about an hour ago and he's currently inside the steelworkers union meeting with members of the workers' party among others the big question is what's next for you when you talk to people here they say that they want to hold out to run for the presidency in 2022 they want him to be the leader of the opposition and they believe that he is the man that can defeat president for now that's what people here are telling us the big question is whether he will be able to he has several legal cases against him and that's why lawyer wants those cases canceled the supreme court is expected to rule about that time that's when we're going to know whether you will have a chance of being a candidate once again thank you very much for that for a soft of sao paolo. india's top court has ruled a disputed religious sites be given to hindus for construction of
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a temple that piece of land in the state of georgia pradesh is claimed by both hindus and muslims and has been a point of contention the supreme court says outearned have land will be set aside to build a mosque and travel reports from new delhi. it's a case that a spall of rice hindus and muslims in india for decades now the supreme court has been made its decision on the youth her land dispute in her pretty. hindu see this piece of land is the birthplace of their d.t. in december 1992 hindu hardline groups destroyed a mosque that had stood here for more than 400 years the muslim community here insists this is the site of where that mosque should be rebuilt. but the court has ordered the creation of a government trust to oversee the construction of a hindu temple instead while awarding to have a land somewhere else to build a mosque in its decision the court said the hindus this claim on the site was on
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a better footing than the evidence provided by the muslim side prime minister nuri the more the welcome of the word ticked and says it brings a new dawn for india so be it as. today the supreme court has ruled on an important case that has a history of hundreds of years behind it the whole country wished that the matter should be heard in the court on a day to day basis which took place and today the decision is out just regarding how to go out of every class every community people of every sect the whole country has accepted the verdict with open heart it reflects on the ancient culture traditions and sense of harmony in india the muslim community has expressed disappointment.
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with. this reply and. the court acknowledged the site as important to both religions but it's a setback for muslims some of them would have preferred the high court order of 2010 which granted 2 thirds of the land to the hindus and one 3rd of it to muslims management should have been given to the both they should allow protests in the mosque that the government has given land for the mosque elsewhere and that's wrong . the state government has deployed its forces a nude head to ensure security but the situation remains tense this is been an emotional issue for many hindus and muslims the government of many in the movie has called on both sides to exercise restraint but some minority groups in this country say that they are being marginalized and discriminated against for millions of muslims this decision is likely to reinforce that concern after
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a war on al jazeera new delhi. still ahead on al-jazeera signs of a withdrawal of troops pullback in parts of ukraine's war toniest ahead of a crucial summit last the human cost of u.s. airstrikes targeting al shabaab the white school of say a growing number of civilians are being killed in somalia. in the skies the largely clara crossed china at the moment not too much cloud showing up on the satellite picture behind me you can see this big bass of cloud that's rolling away in the goal that is one tropical system a whole side and there we go another system just making its way through the south china seas running towards vietnam central and southern parts of vietnam seeing some very heavy right so in between here we go with that fine dry weather and
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plenty of sunshine hong kong around 2060 crease and we will see that western weather just around those northern sections of the by a single pushing up into bangladesh the far northeast of india we already have some very heavy rain pushing into west bengal towards behind that becomes a little more expansive as we go through sunday for sunday much of that west of where the nudging a little further east was over towards assam states through bangladesh and then tending to dry out as the system makes its way across the final test of india as you go on into monday logic fly by the coming through at that stage and data to the southeast days very wet in date will see some heavy showers for tom i'm not due for carol and also for sri lanka chance i want to show it to you notice even here it costs as we go on through sunday afternoon with a high of 28. j.-o. you're at the mercy of the state but in the land of the free. shareholders have
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a stake it is this profit motive that continues to interfere with adequate health care being provided to people who are detained incarcerated across the country salt mines investigates how the outsourcing of health care in american jails is impacting the lives and deaths of those behind bars sick inside on al-jazeera. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera medics say at least 3 people have died during clashes in baghdad this amid reports iraqi security forces are moving in to
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protest sites in the city just hours ago prime minister. to announce electoral reforms in the coming days brazil's former president is due to hold a rally at a metal workers union shortly just one day after being released from prison a judge ordered lula da silva is released after a high court ruling he spent 19 months in jail for corruption and india's supreme court has ruled a disputed religious site iow d.-o. will be handed to a government appointed board of trustees to build a hindu temple the court said tentative land will be set aside for a mosque. now u.n. experts say it is highly probable that as strike on a migrant detention center in libya was carried out by a country routinely supplying weapons to warlords honey. the attack in july into jura near the capital tripoli killed more than 50 people and injured more than 130 others the details emerge in a draft report seen by al jazeera it also means the united. emirates jordan and
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sudan as violating u.n. arms in boggled by supplying have tossed forces the u.n. arms embargo on libya that is of course they speak to. our correspondent in tripoli mahmoud tell us more about what this report is saying is it seems to be a pretty damning one but it doesn't specifically identify the country believed to be behind the airstrike on the migrant detention center into jura. well 1st of all it seems that this 3 bore just revealing that the increasing involvement of certain regional powers in the libyan conflict is increasing the case and instability in the country remember before have to his forces launch of the military attack to seize tripoli on april the 4th there was supposed to be peace talk meeting in the city of adamus on the 15th of april and many stakeholders
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including the united nations were hopeful at the time that this meeting or peace talks initiative is going to put an end to the ongoing good libyan crisis but this report is revealing that foreign powers including sudan there the united arab emirates jordan and turkey also are involved in supporting the conflict in libya but many people here in the worst of the country when we spoke to them especially officials and political elite and west of the country they're very angry at this. would come from the united nations security council they say that this is not conditioning it clearly half the us forces despite all the humanitarian violations committed by his forces and our own tripoli as you know that many civilians were killed or wondered why have those forces since he allotted this military attack so what does the report say specifically mahmoud about what
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happened at the to do or detention camps. well it says that a foreign power supporting the warlord who for have to is a morsel probably involved in. attacking this detention center remember that around 53 migrants were killed in that air strike back in july and have the force at the time admitted that they. targeted that detention center in a neighborhood but the fact that the government of national accord is accusing her forces of committing war crimes and also the blame is the maid nations security council for mart conditioning clearly have those forces and also for not taking action against the countries involving in via involved in violating get their arms
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embargo on libya as you know that the united arab emirates is one of the fittest contras supporting have to in fact it has an established about 40 years ago in the eastern city of emerge east of the city of and it has support that have to do with the advance of dirt fighter jets and drawings that have been taken part in all the battles led by have to in the east and also in tripoli starting from april and now we know that many people here in the government of national accord which is looking to buy the you made nations they are also wondering why if the report is not also a revealing the fact that egypt is clearly among the countries along with russia and france among the countries supporting have to they're also wondering why despite the fact that the government of russia who are demented minute times that it has killed dozens of russian most know is fighting for have that in southern
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tripoli but that report is not condemning the russia or egypt ok thank you very much for that mom or dad for us in tripoli. wide flares have been seen on both sides of the conflicts line in eastern ukraine signaling the agreement for a troop withdrawal it rains on me in pro russia separatists are set to begin pulling back from an area in the donbass region on saturday it follows other retreats in the past month part of a series of measures aimed at ending the 5 year conflict it comes a day after the international court of just sits justice said it will hear a case filed by ukraine against russia alleging moscow supported the separatist status and has more from moscow. white flares on both sides on the ukrainian side and the russians back to separate this site basically are a very important symbol for the movement on this peace process and of course it's a symbol of hope for the people who have been living in this war zone for more than 5 years already one of these withdrawals all these withdrawals are preconditions to
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have a peace process again which has been stalled for 3 years in the so-called normandy format where france germany ukraine and russia will come together and talk about this peace process it all has been speeded up by the presidency of zelinsky the new president in ukraine who has promised in his election campaign to bring peace to eastern ukraine a lot of people of course are so fed up with the war 13000 people have died already there has been some significant movement there's been a prisoner swap and also phone calls between selenski and put in and now these troop withdrawal moscow has reacted russian envoy on the contract contact group on ukraine has carefully said that he hopes that ukraine will not hamper with this withdrawal again and basically blaming ukraine for the lace on these troop withdrawals but also saying that this is definitely one of the preconditions that
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could lead to this normally process the whole troop withdrawal that has started today should be finalized in 3 days and then we are expecting a response and maybe some announcement on the date for this normandy process to take place. u.s. airstrikes against the armed group al shabaab in somalia have searched 27000 following an executive order by president donald trump and civilians living in the area caught in the crossfire amnesty international says a growing number of people have been killed and dozens more injured malcolm webb spoke to some of the survivors. on the shoulder as ripped open by a blast from a bomb he says he heard the aircraft dropped it. filled his body with these pieces of shrapnel and blew his friend to pieces killing him. he says they were farming at the time in the lower belly region of somalia where the u.s.
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military and somali government fighting the armed group al-shabaab changed his name and hidden his face for his safety. i used to hear people talking about these airstrikes but i had no experience of how bad it is the strike came i fell down before i heard anything something hit me i became unconscious. the u.s. fires missiles from drones and other aircraft in its fight against al shabaab it's the only military using those weapons in lower. its africa command told us it takes prudent measures to minimize civilian casualties and that only to civilians are being killed. we spoke to people who reported more this woman told the shrapnel wounded her son's leg in an airstrike that killed her husband and the neighbor 2 more people were injured survivors say they saw the aircraft which was trying to bomb al-shabaab fighters in a passing car the history of u.s. military engagement in somalia dates back to the early 1990 s.
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after the infamous black hawk down incident here in mogadishu in 9093 it pulled their troops out president barack obama authorized the 1st drone strikes 8 years ago but after president donald trump came to power nearly 3 years ago military strikes of all kinds with drones unmanned aircraft and ground troops have escalated in additional and so have civilian casualties according to the rights group amnesty international it's documented 17 civilian deaths and 8 injuries u.s. military airstrikes in somalia since early 2017 targeted and if you join us who are not directly. indiscriminately attacking them and killing them amounts to a breach of international humanitarian law and that can i want to walk climes. the u.s. military africa command told us it strikes didn't kill or injure any civilians in
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the cases documented by amnesty. and that if applied by armed conflict law. this man says he saw his father killed in the airstrike on the farm he says nobody in his family ever had anything to do with al-shabaab we asked him what he'd say to the people responsible for the bombing he says please don't hate us. malcolm web al-jazeera mogadishu somalia. south bodie an opposition leader some renzi has arrived in malaysia after early being barred from a flight to thailand his promise to return home to need demonstrations against prime minister who insane who has ruled for more than 30 years and sends government has opposed renzi return but in a possible turnaround the interior minister has announced renzi will be allowed back as private private citizen but will have to face do justice if. we are on the right track. you will proceed to be able to see if the militia will proceed
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even if we reduce our vision of what. he. thinks a democracy in the east would. people in hong kong have been holding a vigil for a student protester who died on friday but he's granted rare permission for the gathering in time all park 22 year old child fell from a parking lot while protesters were being dispersed but he say they're not responsible but the incident has fuelled public anger and 7 opposition politicians have been detained or warned of their impending arrests it's in connection with a meeting of the legislative council in may to discuss a now scrapped bill that would have allowed people to be sent to china for trial politicians who want less interference from beijing occupied the chamber and scuffles broke out as more from hong kong. thousands of people have gathered in
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time are parked in front the lives of council building on the harbor front here in hong kong to remember the 22 year old student who died this week as a result of a phone from a common law when you suffered from a brain injury and died of a cardiac arrest on friday there are a number of studio wide impromptu vigils and rallies over on friday this particular gathering here behind me several 1000 people have gathered and they've got the police approval to go ahead with this particular memorial and this comes in the wake of a number of lawmakers alleged to counselors. detained overnight we know of 3 that have been charged with the arrange of charges of violating the lives of council powers we also know of another 4 who've been notified that they too will be arrested on the charges related to the incidents back in may and in particular a 182 who was legs to a meeting or started a meeting ahead of time and this is are attracted widespread criticism from those pro-democracy groups who say this is political persecution this is the government's
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attempt to target these pro-democracy lawmakers in the lead up to the district election which will be held on november 24th in hong kong. now there's a rare sign a corporation between india and pakistan a quarter or letting indian sikhs cross the border to visit when they're there holiest sites has opened prime minister narendra modi inaugurated the crossing 5000 people a day will now be able to visit the grave of sikh isms founder go on without a visa these are the site lies for 4 kilometers inside pakistan. chancellor angela merkel as the europe to defend democracy and freedom as germany marks said since the fall of the berlin wall leaders from poland hungary slovakia and the czech republic attended a ceremony at in our streets which one separated east and west berlin to feel him and wouldn't of too many people became a victim of the east german ruling party dictatorship we will not forgive them our remember the people who were killed here at the wall because they were looking for
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freedom i also remember the 75000 people who were imprisoned because they tried to flee the country i remember the people who suffered from her profession because the relatives fleadh i remember the people who were spied on and denounced. again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera medics say at least 3 people have died during clashes in baghdad this amid reports iraqi security forces are moving in to protest sides in the city just hours ago prime minister added abdul mahdi promised to announce electoral reforms in the coming days brazil's former president is you to hold a rally at a metal workers union just one day after being released from prison a judge ordered the silvas release after a high court ruling he spends 1000 months in jail for corruption india's supreme
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court has ruled a disputed religious site i o d a will be handed to a government appointed board of trustees to build a hindu temple the court said a tentative land will be set aside for a mosque india's prime minister narendra modi says the supreme court's decision puts years of conflict to rest and move the country forward supreme court be it as. mom labor 5 plus today the supreme court has ruled on an important case that has a history of hundreds of years behind it the whole country wished that the matter should be heard in the court on a day to day basis which took place and today the decision is out just regarding heart of one of them in every class every community people of every sect the whole country has accepted the verdict with open heart it reflects on the ancient culture traditions and sense of harmony in india. the u.n. experts say it is highly probable an airstrike on
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a migrant detention center in libya was carried out but i buy a country routinely supplying weapons to warlords. they attack in july and jorah near the capital tripoli killed more than 50 people and injured more than 130 others the details emerge in a draft report seen biologist sierra it also names the united arab emirates jordan and saddam as violating u.n. arms embargo the u.n. arms embargo on libya by supplying have tossed forces south come body an opposition leader osama raincy has arrived in malaysia after ear earlier being barred from a flight to thailand become body and government says renzi is free to return as a private citizen but will have to face justice has said he is determined to return to his homeland and lead demonstrations against foreign minister saying those are the headlines on al-jazeera faultlines it's now.
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these grainy images from a chill surveillance camera captured one of the last days of madeleine pickens life what do we know about madeleine's final hours or days suffer greatly suffer greatly nobody came to her. on april 17th 2014 madeleine was booked on a drug charge at a chill in oregon. that's her slumped down and struggling to stand as her body goes through here which are all. she died 3 days later after pleading for help from the chelles for profit medical contractor a company called corrosive.


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