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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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0. where every. iraqi security forces stormed protest sites in baghdad firing live ammunition and tear gas at demonstrators demanding change. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al jazeera also coming up on the program india's hendry's win control of a religious site that's also contested by muslims in a dispute that sparked some of the worst violence since independence. brazil's controversial former president lula to silva gets
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a hero's welcome after his release from prison say he's free and ready to fight. and germany marks 30 years as the form of the wall in a world that many say is more divided than ever before. demonstrators in iraq's capital have fled a barge of gunfire and take gas a security forces move in to clear protest sites the iraqi human rights commission is saying at least 4 people have been killed in baghdad more than 100 have been wounded anti-government protesters have been on the streets for weeks now saying they're fed up with corruption a struggling economy and a lack of basic services they've rejected a plan by the government to reform the economy and want the country's entire political leadership to step down including the prime minister abdul mattie. well
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natasha going to joins us live now from baghdad and the tasha as you're hearing the human rights commission has said that at least 4 protesters were killed as the protest sites were stormed by iraqi security forces in baghdad today any update on on casualties and injuries from the. i think what you're seeing by security forces here in the capital is a strategy to couldn't find protesters to tahrir square that has been the epicenter of these protests since they began on october 1st what we're seeing are clashes between security forces and protesters in areas surrounding tucker square you mentioned clashes in which the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 people were killed this evening those clashes took place at a square leading to tahrir square we also know that there have been protesters confronted by security forces at
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a bridge leading from tahrir square that would ultimately across the tigris river and get to the fortified green zone a target of protesters because that's where the government offices are and embassies including the united states embassy are so again it's clear with the workweek beginning on sunday morning officials here do not want a repeat of what we saw earlier this week when protesters launched a campaign of civil disobedience where 40 plus major roads were blocked creating gridlock throughout the entire capital people didn't go to school last week the courts were closed many people couldn't get to their jobs and various government ministries were closed as a result earlier this evening we spoke to a military spokesman he says that he has no orders to disperse protesters here in the capital or in other provinces they will continue to quote protect peaceful protesters but he said they will go after people who block roads and commit
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criminal acts again it's clear security forces want things to return to normal here in the capital but of course there's no guarantee that that's going to happen given the determination on the paunch of their protests as one of people saying about what they plan to do now. well i would say by the way miriam that it has had a chilling effect so we haven't seen for example since the government vowed that it would punish people severely for blocking roads we haven't seen that and we have seen fewer numbers in tahrir square today we were prohibited from returning late in the afternoon again as security forces were pouring into the area to for hibbett protesters from fanning out earlier in the day prime minister idyll abdul mahdi has said had said that in response to protesters calling for an overhaul of government ministries he said
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a complete overhaul as well as partial overhaul that he's introducing an amendment that would eliminate the quota system involved hiring younger people and create more transparency we're hearing that many political parties have reached a deal with this government to keep it in power they believe that prime minister met he cannot be replaced at this time and that he should be the one to implement reforms it appears that right now the primary holdouts in coming to any kind of a deal would be the largest bloc in parliament there are followers of the influential shiite cleric matata solder and they remain unified with protesters also today we were told that the parliament began reviewing a draft of a new pension law this is one of the things protesters were talking to us about in terms of quality of life this pension law would reduce recipients age to 60
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increase the minimum payment we are also told that an electoral new electoral reform law would be forthcoming by the government in the coming days thank you from baghdad natasha. india's supreme court has delivered its verdict on a religious dispute that sparked some of the country's worst violence since independence hindus have been awarded control of a contested site in the city of ardea where they say the god rom was born but the land has been claimed by muslims for hundreds of years in december 1902 hindu nationalists destroyed a 16th century mosque built on the site they said it was built that only after a temple dedicated to ron was destroyed by muslim invaders mosques destruction sparked into religious violence across the country leaving 2000 people dead in 2010 a lower court ruled it should be divided into 3 parts 2 for hindus and one for
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muslims but that was challenged in the supreme court by both communities saturday's ruling paves the way for a hindu temple to now be built on the site it also ordered muslims 20000 square meters of land in the same city where a mosque can be constructed and reports from new delhi it's a case that has forest hindus and muslims in india for decades now the supreme court has made its decision on diode her land dispute with her for the. hindu say this piece of land is the birthplace of their day. in december 1992 hindu hardline groups destroyed a mosque that had stood here for more than 400 years the muslim community here insist this is the site of where that mosque should be rebuilt for the court has ordered the creation of a government trust to oversee the construction of a hindu temple instead while awarding to have a land somewhere else to build
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a mosque in its decision the court said the hindus this claim on the site was on a better footing than the evidence provided by the muslim side. prime minister nuri the more the welcome the word ticked and says it brings a new dawn for india so be it as. today the supreme court has ruled on an important case that has a history of hundreds of years behind it the whole country wished that the matter should be heard in the court on a day to day basis which took place and today the decision is out just regarding. every class every community people of every sect the whole country has accepted the verdict with open heart it reflects on the ancient culture traditions and sense of harmony in india the muslim community has expressed disappointment.
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with. the core technologies the site is important to both religions but it's a setback for muslims some of them would have preferred the high court order of 2010 which granted 2 thirds of the land to the hindus and one 3rd of it to muslims management should have been given to the both they should allow for temple and the mosque that the government has given to the mosque elsewhere and that's wrong the state government has deployed its forces a new they have to ensure security but the situation remains tense this is been an emotional issue for many hindus and muslims the government of nuri in the movie has called on both sides to exercise restraint but some minority groups in this country say that they are being marginalized and discriminated against for millions of muslims this decision is likely to reinforce that concern after more al-jazeera new
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delhi. brazil's former president weighs in asio lula da silva has been greeted by a crowd of supporters a day after being released from jail lula has been energizing brazil's left wing opposition after supremum court ruling secured his conditional release is one of thousands of convicted criminals who have the right to remain free until all appeal options are exhausted but it's president diable scenarios brazilians to remember lula's corruption conviction saying that he's momentarily free but guilty white wing groups have warned that will take to the streets to protest looters release. to leave here i stand in front of you is a. free. i am free and i sleep with a clear conscience. and i doubt i very much doubt that both snow rests with an easy conscience. to raise a bow joins us from sal bernardo d'acampo in the state of south paolo just tell us
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what de silva has been saying today and will how he plans to mount his opposition to president. well there's a party ongoing here people are celebrating you think just a little a few minutes ago not far away from where we are people have started right now and the reason why they're celebrating is because the fee now a real chance for an opposition against president jai you know also matter who last spoke about his time in prison how he missed the population the supporters of being in touch with everybody he also had some strong statements about the president himself he spoke about the situation in china for example say that what i do also not a want to implement here in brazil is one of the problems of what's happening in chile he also said that stable sonata came to power to represent all brazilians and not
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to rule for the militias and this is a very strong statement because let's not forget of the killing of a human rights activist in religion they don't want to live from go she was shot and there's been later reports that say that some of the killers were imports are not also apartments or where he lives and there's been an investigation ongoing because of that and that's why lula made that statement so of course this is a day to celebrate but it's also that celebration has to do with the last comeback and how. the opposition leader in this country what he's saying that he had to start doing from now on is touring the country going to space going to start in the northeastern part of the country where people who show support for him for him comes and that's that's what he's going to do next and later on he says he's planning his comeback the object to people here say is that he's able to run for the presidency in 2022. right and there's definitely a sense of. celebration from the people behind you they are delighted at noon is
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released from prison on day tereza but of course we've always said this is a politician who is controversial he's divisive and for all the people that are happy about it there are many in the country that are also infuriated about his release from prison. well most definitely and i ask this celebration is ongoing we also know that in sao paolo you have any apologies that there is another demonstration ongoing of people protesting against corruption again the supreme court's decision there's lots of fear about the possibility of impunity with the supreme court's decision there's also a chance that around 5000 convicted criminals would also live prison many of them were businessmen and politicians were involved in the car wash operation this is the largest corruption investigation in brazil's history so of course this generates lots of fear because one of the reasons why it was one of them made it to office during the presidential election is discredit invented
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a way of the workers' party and the corruption that was to say sorry to put political parties in general so most definitely that's a big question that exists in brazil this days the put enormous polarization that it continues to exist here and also the question about how will you let a senior continue to remain in politics because of what is known here as the clean slate law he's banned from running he's been convicted so he kind of presents and that's why he would like to see the case against him canceled and then you would because he said it was sealed with a regularity and he wants the supreme force to cancel it so that trial will begin once again and then he will be able to run for the presidency if 2022 he's 74 years old it's going to be a challenge but most definitely it's a challenge that people here would like him to take. absolutely enthusiasm is definitely very much there on display for the. former president thank you very much from sao paolo trey's about reporting to us we are watching al-jazeera live
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from london much more still ahead white flags over eastern ukraine signal a pullback from both sides after 5 years of conflict. and thousands more on the death of a student protest at a rat police approved rally in hong kong. i . had a very unsettled picture across much of europe plenty of rain on the way to the mountains and just generally a very very catty picture we've also seen some pretty strong winds and also as a system doing its best to work its way into western europe and this is the results and to the north coast of spain this is look at these 7 me to wage recorded winds up to 90 kilometers an hour and it's like you're going to see some pretty rough
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weather as we go through sunday as well as to say the next system working its way in from the west it'll bring the rain slightly to northern portugal spain across into the fossils west of france and at the same time we've got this system just sitting in the western mediterranean again another system across sections to the east of europe how much is not too bad is not pretty particular woman cool 7 celsius in there on monday and that system in the east pushes up towards northern europe but most go very mild really to levon degree celsius but it's a very unpleasant day yet again across much of the u.k. and of course there has been flooding history will central northern areas this rain . and still very unsettled through the western mediterranean and that system in the western med that will produce showers across into algeria tunisia and in fact stay in the for the next couple days and feeling pretty cool analogy is just 40.
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dreams drones and entertainments a way for people to rise above the violence around so it's my role to give these girls a different idea that they can leave the wards of this community 3 short films show how moments creates a home and family and gives hope and opportunity. a.j. selects on al-jazeera. i'm back here with al jazeera live from london a quick look at the headlines now the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 people have been killed during clashes in the capital baghdad security forces have
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been using live ammunition and tear gas to try to clear protest sites in the capital and also in the southern city of. india's supreme court has ruled a disputed religious site in the country's north be given to hindus for the construction of a temple to the hindu god rom the land in the town of ayodhya has long been claimed by both muslims and hindus. and brazil's former president luiz inacio lula da silva has held a rally one day after securing his conditional release from prison but the president . brazilians to remember luna's corruption conviction saying momentarily free the guilty. well now troops have started withdrawing from another front line in eastern ukraine raising hopes that a new round of peace talks could be held since a 5 year conflict between government forces and russian backed separatists has left more than 13000 people dead set lawson reports on this now from moscow.
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1st a white flare was shot from the russian backed rebel side then the answer came quickly from the ukrainian side signs that after a week of delays troops have started to pull back from the front lines in donbass in eastern ukraine this 3rd troop withdrawal in the past few weeks is the last precondition set by russia to revive peace talks that have been stalled for over 3 years but reservations remain on both sides of the road. in 2016 when the decision was taken with did withdraw here but then we have the enemy was moving forward to the positions we lived so the ukrainian side reacted adequately and took its previous positions so if the enemy does not fulfill their obligations we'll return to our positions which we have just lived. over the years fighting continued despite several cease fire agreements ukraine has accused russia of inciting the violence and backing the separatists with military and financial support russia has always denied this on friday the international court of justice
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in the hague decided to investigate these claims made by ukraine since president followed him years olinsky took office in kiev he has reached out to russia to end the war yes spoken on the phone with president vladimir putin and there was a high profile prisoner exchange in september but the ukrainian president has faced protests at home and accusations that he is handing over the east to russia the peace process involves elections and a special status for donbass troops have now 3 days to complete their withdrawal and the area will be cleared of mind the ball is now in moscow's court and while zelinsky has been trying to revive the so-called long of the talks between ukraine russia france and germany moscow has been reluctant to commit but while there are differences about the advantages of a peace deal on both sides some say the chances of success are better than they have been for a long time step fasten al-jazeera moscow. the united states has been accused of
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showing a disregard for civilians killed in as strikes in somalia the american military is fighting the armed group al-shabaab which controls many rural areas but the rights group amnesty international is saying civilians who have nothing to do with the conflict are being targeted marc webb reports from mogadishu. you sit on the shoulder was ripped open by a blast from a bomb he says he heard the aircraft that dropped it. he filled his body with these pieces of shrapnel and blew his friend to pieces killing him. he says they were farming at the time in the lower belly region of somalia where the u.s. military and somali government fighting the armed group al-shabaab changed his name and hidden his face for his safety. i used to hear people talking about these airstrikes but i had no experience of how bad it is the strike came i fell down before i heard anything something hit me i became unconscious. the u.s.
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fired missiles from drones and other aircraft in its fight against al shabaab it's the only military using those weapons in lower its africa command told us it takes prudent measures to minimize civilian casualties and that only to civilians are being killed. we spoke to people who reported more this woman told the shrapnel wounded her son's leg in an airstrike that killed her husband and the neighbor 2 more people were injured survivors say they saw the aircraft which was trying to bomb al-shabaab fighters in a passing car the history of u.s. military engagement in somalia dates back to the early 1990 s. after the infamous black hawk down incident here in mogadishu in 9093 it pulled their troops out president barack obama authorized the 1st drone strikes 8 years ago but after president donald trump came to power nearly 3 years ago military
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strikes of all kinds with drones unmanned aircraft and ground troops have escalated in additional and so have civilian casualties according to the rights group amnesty international it's documented 17 civilian deaths and 8 injuries u.s. military airstrikes in somalia since early 2017 targeted and if you join those who are not directly but active force to indiscriminately attacking them and killing them amounts to you know breach of international humanitarian law and that can i want to walk climes. the u.s. military africa command told us it strike didn't kill or injure any civilians in the cases documented by amnesty or biassed little supplied by armed conflict law. this man says he saw his father killed in the airstrike on the farm he says nobody in his family ever had anything to do with out. we asked him what he'd say to the
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people responsible for the bombing. he says please don't hate us. malcolm webb al jazeera mogadishu somalia tens of thousands of people are still stranded and without shelter after last month's flooding in the northwest of the democratic republic of congo the mayor of the town of zongo says almost 37000 people to 2 thirds of them children are homeless now they're in desperate need of clean water food and medicine as floodwaters are not receding at least 3 people have died and several more are missing as bushfires continue to burn a lot of strain is east coast around 1500 firefighters are battling blazes across the state of new south wales andrew thomas has more on the story now from sydney. at spock's to high temperatures and high winds across a landscape that's had years of drought and you get this very moment you want
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nothing more than what's a thirty's a calling an unprecedented emergency more than 92 separate bush boys over those many around to control the devastating and horrific pause that we've seen particularly new south wales but also in queensland have been absolutely chilling. and i want to thank all of those who fought so bravely i've annoyed at this still to die. i also want to thank all of those who are backing them in and supporting them. more than 1000 firefighters are tackling the blazes most of all in tears driving through scenes like these. 60 aircraft are helping 2 of them a large tank is dumping retardant to try and dampen the flames but already more than $150.00 homes have been lost and people have died and it's feared more will as
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we stand today there are more than 75 burning across the state more than 41 contained and at least 5 an emergency level port mccoury is a major town on the new south wales coast smoke fills its the sky is orange the debate is fierce in australia as to whether these fires are a direct result of manmade climate change the government says not but fires are getting more frequent and more intense in australia and seems to get earlier each year it's not even summer yet. temperatures that will drop a little on sunday and stay low on monday but it will be temporary relief the heat will return all choose day and there's no forecast tool for rain under thomas al-jazeera sydney. well now for the latest from hong kong thousands of people have held a vigil for a student protester who died on friday crowds gathered in tahrir park after police
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granted read the mission for the event 22 year old challenged a lot fell from a building on monday while protesters were being dispersed by police but police are saying they are not responsible for the incident has fuelled public anger against them meanwhile 6 opposition politicians have been detained and an arrest warrant has been issued for another crackdown is linked to a meeting of hong kong's legislative council in may to discuss the controversial extradition bill which sparked the pro-democracy protests scuffles broke out as opposition members tried to stop the bill which would have allowed people to be sent to mainland china for trial we're now germany is marking 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall a pivotal moment in history which are shit in the end of communism in eastern europe a concert is being held at the brandenburg gate as the grand finale of the celebrations will separated communist ruled east berlin from the capitalist west and a year after it came down germany was reunified german chancellor angela merkel has
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used the anniversary to urge european leaders to defend democracy to feel him and wouldn't of too many people became a victim of the east german ruling party dictatorship we will not forget them are remember the people who were killed here at the wall because they were looking for freedom i also remember the 75000 people who were imprisoned because they tried to flee the country are remember the people who suffered from are pretty sure because the relatives fleet i remember the people who were spied on and denounced dominic kane has more now from berlin. the ceremony that's taken place at the brandenburg gate on saturday has been one of celebration but perhaps also of commemoration too let's not forget that many people were killed by these germinal fora he's trying to get over the berlin wall during those 28 years when it stood when it divided this city this country this continent the important thing to stress here though is is that there is the air of celebration that's certainly true commemorating that
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fateful moment 30 years ago when that wave of people power swept across the berlin wall but of course it was the people in power in east germany who allowed that wave to topple the wall itself and then within weeks that same government was toppled itself within months the countries were to germany's had come together as one reunited country it's a theme that angle americal the chancellor touched upon speaking earlier where she said that she would never forget she could not forget she must people must remember all those who gave their lives all those victims when she speaks about it she is an east german she walked into west berlin on the 9th of november one $1809.00 for her it is particularly poignant but there is also the point that must be made which is that many in east germany are not quite persuaded that everything they were promised about the benefits of reunification have yet happened which is why many in
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east germany have turned to the parties of a far left on the far right in so far as elections are concerned but here at least on saturday night it's clear that the main theme is celebration. you can read more about that those commemorations story and everything else we're covering right here al-jazeera don't call. it just a quick look at the headlines now demonstrations in iraq's capital have fled a berridge of gunfire and take asked a security forces move in to clear protest site the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 people have been killed in baghdad and more than 100 wounded anti-government protesters have been on the streets for weeks now saying they're fed up with corruption a struggling economy and a lack of basic services going to name has more i think what you're seeing by security forces here in the capital is
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a strategy to couldn't find protesters to tahrir square that has been the epicenter of these protests since they began on october 1st what we're seeing are clashes between security forces and protesters in areas surrounding tahrir square you mentioned clashes in which the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 people were killed this evening those clashes took place at a square leading to tahrir square india's supreme court has ruled a disputed religious site in the country's north be given to hindus the land in the town of has long been claimed by both muslims and hindus in december 1902 hindu nationalists destroyed a 16th century mosque built on the site saturday's ruling paves the way for a hindu temple to be built that to the hindu god rom it also was muslims 20000 square meters of land in the same city where a mosque can be constructed. brazil's former president always an ass unit de
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silva has been energizing the country's leftwing opposition a day off to being released from jail they are celebrating his release as ruling means moon is one of thousands of convicted criminals who have the right to remain free until all appeal options are exhausted but president. to remember as corruption conviction troops have started withdrawing from another front line in eastern ukraine raising hopes that a new round of peace talks could be held soon it follows other retreats in the past month part of a series of measures aimed at ending the 5 a conflict between ukrainian government and russian fact separatists more on all of that in about 25 minutes time i'll see you then coming up next on our era it's the listening post.
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how is it that covering stories around the fire become such a tourist draw a journalist wait for your bag to be your guide to avoid like the that every little bit of the movie theater the. mining industry one of 40 toys around calcutta or a current battle story. hello i'm richard gilbert and you're watching a special edition of the listening post when journalists talk about the most dangerous beats in the news business they talk about war zones or trying to cover drug cartels in mexico however environmental reporting is not far behind according to the new york based committee to protect journalists in the past decade 13 reporters doing environmentally related work have been killed another 16.


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