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monks to the rest of the world indigenous people who live here have always realized that now is the smoke that was the skies and the ashes pollute the river the rest of the world is beginning to realize it too. this is al-jazeera. grant this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes let me kiss you. brazil's former leader a little of the soup but so supporters he is ready to fight back but many are against his release from jail. for people are killed in baghdad as iraqi forces storm a demonstration against the government. indian's responded with restraint after the
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supreme court orders the building of the hindu temple on land where a mosque stood for centuries. and saudi arabia publishes plans to sell shares in its giant oil company or ram tobit a long list of risks might put off investors. well the day after his release from prison former brazilian leader little the deceiver is rallying his supporters against the giant also in our government. condemned the right wing president's economic policies and said the left must take back the presidency in the next election he was released from prison on friday after a supreme court ruling changed the criminal appeal process lul is still appealing his corruption and money laundering convictions he cannot run for office while those appeals are pending. i'm serious in that if we have good
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judgment and if we know how to correctly in 2022 the so-called lift that both an hour or so fearful of. the fifi ultra right that we've always wanted to defeat this country does not deserve the government that it has or to raise a bar has more now from cell. in the state of. we're here in town but not of the time for this is the love that feeds us town this is where thousands of people have come to greet him after he left prison on friday night and that night in the city of fully t.v. and early this saturday he came to us on that night of the to see these people to see him for the 1st time he said during a speech that he got used to seeing his family among others but he didn't feel the people the love the people here for him for him beat everybody that people got the man that has lifted millions of people out of poverty in this country and what many
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here are hoping is that from not now on the legacy but would become the leader of the opposition the man that will run for the presidency in 2022 the man that challenge was when i just presidency of course not everyone he probably reveals some people in other parts of town i'll say that there were protests at protests against the russian again. right oh. well opponents of lula have also turned out to rally. 5 thank you 5 many were supporters of brazil's right wing president jaya both sonora expressed discontent with the supreme court decision that granted more was released. police say it was easy and said join protests over the disputed re-election of president evo morales. dogs outside the presidential palace for among those who left their
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posts are always denounced the move accusing police of staging a clue the defense minister said no military action would be taken against them it's the 3rd which. of violent demonstrations around this is accused of rigging last month's election to secure a 4th term. to preserve the new bolivia life itself and democracy i invite the parties that obtain legislative seats in the latest election to dialogue i invite them to an open agenda to debate in order to pacify bolivia. well unrest in the region is not limited to bolivia and brazil chile lions have been raising their voices against economic inequality for over 3 weeks now the protests were triggered by a metro fare hike in santiago that was promptly reversed president sebastian pinera has since announced several concessions but people are demanding he steps down in ecuador protest began when president learned merino lifted state fuel subsidies the
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public anger forced him to temporarily relocate the capital indigenous groups who led the demonstrations eventually negotiated a peace deal and in haiti raising rising inflation lack of basic goods and plans to increase fuel taxes drove people onto the streets the months long protest morphed into a broader frustration against government corruption and misuse of loans from venezuela was on his short his political analyst and journalist and he joins us from washington d.c. it's nice to have you with us i was looking for something that may connect all of these protests and they're very different nature country has their own issues but could it be this latin america is the slowest growing region of the world economically north point 2 percent over the next year is that the catalyst for what we're seeing this concern about the economy and of course the inequality the gross from that. ok seems like left in america is some
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prior right but we have to take a look and try to be fair in c 8 everything in every contrary is not the same what is happening for example in believe we are already in chile haiti on ran a sale or maybe the coming frog. thing america is looking for to change what is another coming for that in america is inequality socially inequality this by the region is ready of reaching resources roma the. difference between classes are really very be very very bright that very wide so that's why people are starting to express. dissatisfaction what's happening for example. in chile in chile this it to asian address have very stable democracy
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on till now and actually consider more they are more on the controversy not in america but right now the people are brought this thing in but brother this continues what is going on there people are looking for changes because they say that their money or their their wealth is not reaching their their they call their people and when it comes to the chinese are we going to see a shift more broadly from the raj to the list we see in the bronze comeback in argentina we know have in brazil for instance lula being released he can't stand for all this big clue that he's going to be involved politically how do you see that playing out and the challenges to john bolton or of his popularity has been on the line there. well actually what's happening maybe in brazil or in argentina or maybe in chile or have. a common factor which is it was their right to assume power and now people are looking for
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a change and maybe it's going to be their left right now and she. brasil. is out of prison and i have maybe he's will he will try to influence politically the future of brasil ok that could be a common frog there but what's happening right now in bolivia is a quandary because he. is able more alice who is a leftist live there and now actually they brought this on 3 steve either because they want to call for their electoral process because they are calling for this is what they consider a fraud what's happening with the elections and the reelection of abel morales in bolivia as you saw very very different and sometimes those those outcomes be very contradictory but if we could also try and i suppose extrapolate from the other
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parts of the region as well what we've seen is a protest movement that's been largely leaderless they are calling for a political giant it began because of frustration about the economy and about inequality we've seen sebastian pinera offer concessions and yet those concessions have been rejected how do you see the leadership in all of these countries responding to these protests and do the protesters ultimately know what they want. well actually for example in chile the people they want a change in the other congress in the region because of the economic situation their point is that sometimes the leaders in this go on to raise are very very high and they they provide or they try to provide a solution when they still 8 and right now people they want to see changes immediately especially because if we. if we take
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a look at for example in chile there is a lot of junk people they want to see a future and they don't see that in that's why they they put pressure in order there to try to make a change in the political situation who translates into social order improvement in their lives but this is a call mana fog in whole let in america this by in venice where love this situation is. it's been there for a long long time and actually some people they say maybe been a swell asked their heads in all this brought this in on this conference maybe maybe there are some problems there are deep rooted in every country in latin america economic and social so the short it's a pleasure to have you on the program but you again thank you. well it's plenty more ahead on the news hour including the u.n.
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reveals evidence suggesting a foreign government was responsible for an attack on a modern temple in libya a rare sun of cooperation between bit and neighbors the 6 from india across into pakistan and in sports singing in the right in a record crowd turns out to watch the england women's team play a friendly against germany. iraqi security forces have killed at least 4 people as they tried to clear protests sites in baghdad demonstrators have been on the streets now for weeks citing they're fed up with corruption a struggling economy and a lack of basic services but a heavy handed security crackdown has left more than 250 people dead attacks a good night as mall. on saturday evening security forces from baghdad to basra and karbala and fronted protesters in baghdad there were reports of gunfire and
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tear gas at a square and a bridge near tahrir square shortly after the iraqi human rights commission started reporting that demonstrators had die whenever they get on syria him being peaceful we have people from tribes and they are firing at us with the start of the work week on sunday it's clear security forces were trying to ensure the protests in the iraqi capital were confined to talk where square that's been the epicenter of the anti-government protests which began on october 1st the military says they won't disperse peaceful protesters but they will ensure life returns to normal we're going to go we have orders to arrest anyone who blocked of rights this kind of crime is dangerous to work be repeated if we have given orders to all forces in baghdad and of a provinces to arrest people who put up divides and take them to courts. sources say most political parties have reached
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a deal to keep prime minister ideal of domenici in power the seeking goes since there is no one to replace him he should be the one to implement the reforms protesters are demanding my head he says he will introduce an amendment to reform government ministries it would include hiring younger people and creating greater transparency the influential shiite cleric nakata al solder and his followers the largest bloc in parliament remain united with protesters and are calling for him to resign natasha game else's era baghdad's. iran says it's now and rich in uranium to 5 percent which is another step back from its commitment to the 2015 international nuclear deal the agreed enrichment limit is 3.67 percent the deal has been under pressure since the u.s. withdrew from the accord and imposed sanctions on tehran you are an expert so it is highly probable that airstrike on the margaret detention center in libya was
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carried out by a government allied to warlord police of after the draft report declined to name the country but allies include the u.a.e. and egypt the attack in july of the capital tripoli killed more than 50 people and injured more than 130 others mark whitaker why has more now from turkey. concerning the deadly air strike which killed 53 migrants and injured another 130 back in july the u.n. panel of experts says that it's probably the airstrike was carried out by a fighter jet operated by a government supporting have and also the chief of the u.n. him. rights says that it could mount a war crime we know that the panel has not named the country accused of carrying that airstrike but it says that it reserves the identification of the
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member state until it gathers more evidence but yet we know that back in july the interior minister at the u. and the government of national called in tripoli. the panel has named a number of countries including the united arab emirates on top of them jordan and sudan the united arab emirates as the panel says has provided have there was an advance an air defense system and also the sedan has deployed a 1000. military individuals in the east of the country and also in a job for. airbase and it's into have deserved of libya also the panel says that have the force that have received training in jordan and turkey has also sent military equipment along with ukraine to libya now we know that the panel says that all these practices are violation of the
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embargo on libya and they are so good marty is the founder and director of southern institute that's a tripoli boast think tank he says it's unlikely that this report will have an impact on the conflict in libya in the long run. i think that the injury here is that we're not seeing the massive massive elephant in the room which is that libya could be the example of really where the international community in the system that governs those countries together the multilateral system of the u.n. that was supposed to preserve global peace has actually failed and be broken by the libyan intervention has been broken by the libya contact that we go back to before let's remember that teleprompter sparked this war in the presence of the head of the u.n. kind of turning up a tariff on his 1st trip to libya and he left it in 24 hours without mentioning helicopters name the danger here is that we realize that there was so much support being given to an outlaw to renegade someone that has been charged by the military
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courts and the 70 people strictly for the last 4 years and his name cannot really cannot be mentioned by the by the head of the u.n. and i think the danger here is headed by after knows this that he's writing this and if we look at other investigations that have been done what's been revealed in the report is only the tip of iceberg you know really back there is an unknown internationally the national army has been sharing the documentation of this will go on for the last 4 years for sure it's for likes you know and that's on the back but also to intimidate is opponents and send up the same signal he did when he launched that offensive the front the lieutenant's which is that no one can stop me not even the u.n. to intimidate the local opponents libya and the libyan citizens he's the one that makes the u.n. indians are reacting with restraint or supreme court ruling that gave a long disputed piece of land to the majority hindus to build a temple a centuries old mosque at the site in joe was demolished by hindu activists in 9092
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that led to riots which killed up to 2000 people muslims have been given an alternate piece of land to build a mosque and so far has more from new delhi. it's a case that has polarized hindus and muslims in india for decades now the supreme court has made its decision on the land dispute with a prayer the. hindu say this piece of land is the birthplace of their date. in december 1992 hindu hardline groups destroyed a mosque that had stood here for more than 400 years the muslim community here insists this is the site of where that mosque should be rebuilt but the court has ordered the creation of a government trust to oversee the construction of a hindu temple instead while awarding to have a land somewhere else to build a mosque in its decision the court said the hindus this claim on the site was on a better footing than the evidence provided by the muslim side prime minister nuri
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the more the welcome the word ticked and says it brings a new dawn for india so be it as more mom labor 5 plus one i am today the supreme court has ruled on an important case that has a history of hundreds of years behind it the whole country wished that the matter should be heard in the court on a day to day basis which took place and today the decision is out just regarding heart of one of them in every class every community people of every sect the whole country has accepted the verdict with open heart it reflects on the ancient culture traditions and sense of harmony in india. the muslim community has expressed disappointment. there. but in. this report and all. the core technologies the
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site is important to both religions but it's a setback for muslims some of them would have preferred the high court order of 2010 which granted 2 thirds of the land to the hindus and one 3rd of it to muslims . it should have been given to the both they should allow for temple and the mosque that the government has given to the mosque elsewhere and that's wrong the state government has deployed its forces a new terror to ensure security but the situation remains tense this is been an emotional issue for many hindus and muslims the government of nuri the more he has called on both sides to exercise restraint but some minority groups in this country say that they are being marginalized and discriminated against for millions of muslims this decision is likely to reinforce that concern after a war on al jazeera new delhi a corridor between pakistan and india has opened up will let indian 6 cross the
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border to visit one of the holiest sites prime minister narendra modi inaugurated the crossing on the indian side of the border 5000 people a day will now be able to visit the shrine of citizens found. without a visa the sidelines 4 kilometers inside pakistan our correspondent come out harder is that the shrine in qatar or the the indian border in pakistan. bhagavan had all porn $200.00 apiece guarded all which friend and neighbor the millions of from around the was to come and pay homage to bob i go to anon i go with the founder l. key because i'm a bug a tiny government has completed the work and a record 9 months making a huge complex richard bigger than the golden temple and i'm rich saw people from malaysia the united kingdom australia canada and other countries have come here to celebrate the 550 yards and ever 3 of the birds of
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the founder of speakers i'm bob iger non are so happy and so we can see our roots i didn't say. 550 s. but they're not in a. celebration here at his birthplace and then can i stop and hear it didn't didn't already pressure smallman the bugger tani's accent that signal and that's the extent we have all going to have read come to move i feel old left to be out on the betty special day not that history is being made today is a very special day for sikhs because for many years sikhs have been in the press they've been asking for this moment and called for a white group god the great lord has blessed to seek knowledge with this quarter
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and they have a chance to come to her that was hundreds of paper will be coming from india i read that really include a for my indian prime minister mr monroe and staying the chief minister of the indian fun job province along with other senior of fishers now while they're in there and more they will be seeing all separately games on the indian side people. it's time the prime minister will be ready coming out there. for over 70 years. but now that there may be less than 5. had never been more of. their different. i did want to welcome community. and.
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thousands of protesters in rome who have rallied against strict immigration policy . does oppose the measures introduced by the far right likud party its leader. introduced a ban on asylum seekers seeking residency and the closure of ports to block migrants and refugees from entering. the saudi oil giant aramco has announced details of its plans to sell shares in the company for the 1st time it is also listed risky investors a risk that investors might face once the company shares a publicly listed in its prospectus aramco highlighted terrorism and conflict as having the potential to hit the company and its share price in september drones were used to attack its oil processing facilities that uptake and caressed heating global oil supplies there's also the risk of the saudi government capping how much crude oil the kingdom is able to produce directly impacting on the company and
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a ramp may be directed to undertake projects or work on other initiatives by the government which go against its immediate commercial objectives as priyanka gupta reports there are already many concerns now about the silo. saudi aramco is the was biggest oil producing company but also seen as the most secretive privately owned and controlled by the saudi kingdom but now after much hype and many delays it's going public in part at least by selling off a small piece of the company to invest is the timing isn't perfect. just 2 months back and attack claimed by humans who the rebels would use the company's oil production by half and global oil prices are low risk. risk. so it either it was a few months ago. and. the
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date the commentry out there has been demand has been weaker than expected over the last few months and the expectation is that it will demand the risk. the kingdom hopes to save it bring in enough revenue to fund crown prince mob with been so man's vision 2030 his plan to wean the saudi economy off its reliance on oil he wants around go to be valued at 2 trillion dollars that's a same as microsoft and apple combined but industry experts say that's 2 emissions . and that's very if we make an assumption or one of our trillion dollars. by our estimates on a saudi arabia project. just 2 or 3 years until you know better use them so it
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won't be a one no i don't say it's not. coming oil climate change and a push for greener and cleaner energy also puts the value of huge known oil reserves at risk so your anchor has huge reserves of oil over 60 odd years at current rates of production however as the world the carbon noises all move tries to move away from using oil and other fossil fuels was the picture going to let lloyd over time is a high value going to be seen from those fossil fuel reserves or is it going to be all of that tomorrow gets weaker as we can pricing fossil fuels and hence perhaps a lower margin per barrel it's emerged that saudi rulers are now pressuring billionaires like prince albert leap in colossal to buy stocks some of the investors been targeted were detained during the 2017 anticorruption purge which some members of saudi arabia swell the elite locked up in the ritz carlton hotel in
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riyadh they're also poaching state owned oil companies and sovereign wealth funds to open their checkbooks china is among them it's the biggest buyer of saudi oil the share price is expected to be announced in december only then we'll find out who is prepared to invest priyanka gupta to 0. there's a lot here to pick apart georgia kiri is a c.e.o. of gulf state analytics that's a washington d.c. both geo political risk consulting firm and then he joins us on skype from tampa florida lost to have you with us if we just take an overview right now and we say there are geopolitical risks theories low oil price there is weak demand is this a good buy at this time. you know once again this is a pure in some ways is the way yours in a sense that you are that on economic risks it's always there are no there is no
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denying that this is the time we talk about it numerous track low oil prices why mitt change regional security credits in terms orders especially considering the fact iran's terror attacks if not even out in. the circumstances are not right . but i think the leadership in several european mirrors that. has come to act and this i think you know process absolutely it started to rain mission 2030 successful there is a real sense of urgency in the indictment and the political leadership right you know. keeping in mind all of those issues that you can visit there and all the potential downsides there is also the fact that this is an incredibly profitable company the most profitable it dwarfs the profits of its of its rivals it can continue to produce oil at a low cost and they guaranteeing a high dividend for the next 5 years is that enough to mitigate those other risks.
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you know time will tell i don't want to be overly optimistic there is all these factors really touched on that need to be kept in mind that we need to be very realistic about all of these issues but i also don't want to provided that human grim analysis to me excessively pessimistic you know we are moving towards equalization arm but you know we're not there yes and i think there are at least a possibility of this i.p.o. very successful. wouldn't the saudis of valuing it around 2 trillion dollars analysts are saying it's much less than that might be even in the a treaty and i want to look at what is at stake here for saudi arabia they need this money to be able to to diversify the economy to invest in other areas there are questions about governance and about whether the company will be separate from
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the saudi state which is going to remain the single biggest investor what is on the line for saudi and the leadership. well we need to see this within the context of the saudi leadership's inhibitions about moving to kingdom away from its dependency on oil even if the saudi economy is extremely dependent on oil it's of course going to be very challenging to see this diversification out and successfully or appen quickly this is a challenge for countries all over the world that are that the guy had recurrent resources on but no like in saudi arabia it nots and its dependence on economic will there be a very good measure a situation not 100 percent. but for countries throughout the cold but well beyond into africa if there were some sort of crashed. down the road there would be very
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stabilizing bex built throughout the greater middle east for that purpose region and possibly beyond so i wouldn't argue that with respect to the gram i you know i hear it's a lot. to us and have here it's a pleasure to have you on the program thanks for your analysis thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera saw a droll troops back in parts of ukraine. ahead of a crucial summit. for the girl the world we take a look at the new battery is tearing families apart. newcomers are gearing up to play in the tennis fattal's will have more in sport.
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and that the cold air is sweeping its way from north to the southeast across the united states as the count around. there is rain and snow in the mix will surprise me because all this cold air that we have. working its way southwards so through sunday most of the cloud with the snow is across the north across the northern plains the upper midwest and you can see that snow piling in that northern and the rockies it's. 26 degrees celsius and not a bad day in atlanta 1815 celsius in kansas city and 17 in macon i was those temperatures because my goodness by monday look at this is from the sweep through the cold air comes behind quite a line of snow working its way eventually into the northeast rain where it is still down across into texas but these temperatures in denver minus one council city minus one that's about 1213 degrees the average for this time of year where the problem across into the caribbean we have fairly widespread rains across much of
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cuba on sunday showers across the bahamas cow to conditions through the wood and when would islands and then some rain showers just getting into southern mexico and by monday it should clear and we should see 22 in mexico city.
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0. and 3. you're watching al-jazeera it's nice to have you company a modern of our top stories from a brazilian president lula da silva is challenging gibe also naras right wing government a day off to being released from prison who told his supporters the lift must take
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back the presidency in the next election the iraqi security forces have killed at least 4 anti-government demonstrators while trying to clear protest sites in baghdad protesters have been on the streets for weeks saying they're fed up with corruption a struggling economy and a lack of basic services oil. has a list of risks as it prepares to still says publicly for the 1st time terrorism government to fear and sit business and caps on oil production have all been singled out. police have granted rare permission for a gathering at hong kong's time about the death of a student protester thousands join for the vigil of 22 year old child she look police say they have not to blame for his death which is few more public anger at 7 o'clock reports from. thousands of people have gathered in time on pocket for the lives of council building on the harbor front here in hong kong to remember the 22
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year old student who died this week as a result of a fall from a couple who suffered from a bad brain injury and died of a cardiac arrest on friday there are a number of city wide impromptu vigils and rallies overnight on friday this particular gathering here behind me several 1000 people have gathered and they've got the police approval to go ahead with this particular memorial and this comes in the wake of a number of lawmakers a list of counselors who were detained overnight we know of 3 that have been charged with their a range of charges violating the lives of council powers we also know of another 4 who've been notified that they too will be arrested the charges related to instance back in may and in particular a 182 who was late to a meeting or stuff amazing ahead of time this is a attracted widespread criticism from those pro-democracy groups who say this is political persecution this is the government's attempt to target these pro-democracy lawmakers in the lead up to the district election which will be held
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on november 24th in hong kong. protesters are refusing to back down on the issue of independence from spain's general election thousands of gathered in barcelona to deliver their message of concerts and rallies. it's a day of reflection and here in catalonia people are considering their uncertain future political campaigning is banned on the final day before sunday's election but the message still resonates. deploy independence making its voice louder throughout the evening it's only 16 miguel's their way that cannot vote but he is camping out here to show his frustration. by the way that there was no way that. the best for us.
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2 different parties. only the people. ever since were sentenced to jail for their involvement in the field secession attempt back in 2017 there is a renewed energy among those who want to break away from space the organizers of this rally are group that calls itself democratic tsunamis quite elusive nobody really knows who's behind it but it is believed that some of the most senior leaders are backing it now it organizes itself. spoke up and stated aim is to keep up with street pressure acts of peaceful civil disobedience until they sit and talk. and that's what just got access to the tsunami. you know seen the god as. it indicates the p.v.t. is near the place where we live and what we need to do we are excited because we think it will help people to mobilize even more. issue has dominated this campaign
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and the previous one earlier this year it has brought spanish politics to a stalemate and there is little illusion that the vote will bring an end to the deadlock but at the. troops have started withdrawing from another front line in eastern ukraine rising hopes that a new round of talks could be held soon the war in ukraine between russian backed separatists and government forces has been going on now for over 5 years sasson reports from moscow. first a white flare was shot from the russian backed rebel side then the answer came quickly from the ukrainian side signs that after a week of delays troops have started to pull back from the front lines in donbass in eastern ukraine this 3rd troop withdrawal in the past few weeks is the last precondition set by russia to revive peace talks that have been stalled for over 3 years but reservations remain on both sides of the road. in
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2016 when the decision was taken with did withdraw here but then we have the enemy was moving forward to the positions we lived so the ukrainian side reacted adequately and took its previous positions so if the enemy does not fulfill their obligations we'll return to our positions which we have just lived. over the years fighting continued despite several cease fire agreements ukraine has accused russia of inciting violence and backing the separatists with military and financial support russia has always denied this on friday the international court of justice in the hague decided to investigate these claims made by ukraine since president followed me as a lenski took office in kiev he has reached out to russia to end the war yes spoken on the phone with president vladimir putin and there was a high profile prisoner exchange in september but the ukrainian president has faced protests at home and accusations that he is handing over the east to russia the
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peace process involves elections and a special status for donbass troops have now 3 days to complete their withdrawal and the area will be cleared of mind the ball is now in moscow's court and while zelinsky has been trying to revive the so-called the. talks between ukraine russia france and germany moscow has been reluctant to commit but while there are differences about the advantages of a peace deal on both sides some say the chances of success are better than they have been long time step 5 al-jazeera moscow angola burkle has used a pivotal moment in germany's history to european leaders to defend democracy the chancellor has a close connection to the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago she comes from the communist east inside dominic kane as more. germans remember a joyous moment which many thought might never happen the removal of a physical barrier that divided a city a country a continent in the end it was
2:43 am
a wave of people power which swept over the burning and yet it was the people in power who let that wave topple it within weeks that same government was toppled and within months the 2 germany's would become one. angela merkel was one of the many east germans who walked into west berlin on that night in 1909 for her now as chancellor the 9th of november is a time for remembrance to feel a moment too many people became a victim of the dictatorship we were not forget them i remember the people who were killed here at this because they were looking for freedom and i also remember the 75000 people who were imprisoned because they tried to flee their country have. the sudden fall of the wall transformed the city almost overnight and for some berliners it was hard to process. this hospital it took me a long long time to integrate east berlin into the wider city the feeling was that
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it was a completely different world and it took me about 10 years to embrace the border in my head about. it you wanted it for those growing up in the newly liberated east life was suddenly very different gone with the certainties of centralized communist planning replaced by rapid privatization and rising unemployment some analysts say this rush to capitalism had clear consequences the starting position of its germany after unification was very bad because of the one to one is germany west german mark conversion which essentially meant an immediate appreciation of these german currency and rendered most is german firms completely if not obsolete it is completely noncompetitive. the industries that now flourish in the east bear little resemblance to their communist predecessors these days eastern g.d.p. is 82 percent of its western counterpart monthly salaries in the east are around 20
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percent lower than in the west and the gap between the 2 is greater now than at any point in this century underlying this economic reality is the political one for the last 4 years a succession of states in the old east have seen a stark rise in support for the far right and left fueled in some minds by the refugee crisis and a lingering sense that reunification has not brought what was promised 30 years ago east germans began the process of abandoning communism here 30 years on there are many who've begun to wonder if democracy is any better dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. another of the world's barriers has reached its own mastan it's 25 years since the u.s. 1st put up a fence on its border with mexico if it's to keep people out of increased since president donald trump took office john heilemann reports from the border city of tijuana. 5 years after the berlin moved down another from the mit
2:46 am
secure u.s. border was just going up. before 1994 that was just a flimsy fence crossing it was just a matter of a quick call. a mirror of a missing man up and coming here until 994 was like coming to a posse on saturday the route to a 1000 people with mexicans already on the u.s. side selling food in secondhand clothes to those waiting to cross with guides or not it was very easy. but then came the 1st rule and it's great to be transformed in size and scope into this high tech barrier the baby of president donald trump. for building a beautiful rock a big one that really works while the berlin wall was to keep the east german population in. this one is to keep people out mostly poor of latin americans away from a prosperous united states to be say that it's in the ira because many more deaths
2:47 am
than the barely move ever did this growth that's been painted on the wall itself by activists is meant to show the numbers they say that thousands of people have died but not by trying to get over the wall but instead by trying to get around it and through the desert. only actually covers a 3rd of the border but what flanks it is from many dive code or the. meanwhile border cities like to point to have become waiting rooms for those looking to get in through the front door like cloudier from a cuckoo who's requesting asylum and don't want to buy. my partner and i sold ice in schools and the gang started extorting us asking for a warrant and what we earned so we decided to simply stop selling then they abducted and killed my husband. she fled and is now waiting to see if the us will
2:48 am
take her and her children but the countries tightened up the asylum system president trump says its food was. recently has put pressure on mit's code to stop migrants from other countries even before they reach the us border. mexico is now playing the role of policeman detaining migrants on its southern border to become like a wall in the south. despite that many believe this final obstacle to the u.s. is essential in protecting it from crime or simply an unmanageable number of people . that's why unlike the berlin wall it's still up and being extended join homan now does it one israel has been building a contentious barrier in the occupied west bank since 2002 need abraham explains its impact. israel says it built the 9 metre high wall to prevent attacks
2:49 am
against israelis the palestinians say that the main purpose is to separate families and their lands and make life more difficult for them this 3 it's a rom area on the outskirts of jerusalem was once one of the main commercial hubs in the occupied west bank but business owners in years say that the life they knew has drastically changed the month. has been totally paralyzed people around of a from me as if they were abducted by a beast it's almost totally abandoned they sure will know. it used to be busy we would stay open until after midnight but nowadays we close by 6 after that turns into a ghost town this point the advisor opinion issued by the international court of justice in 2004 they deemed the world illegal israel has continued building it now i don't present of it is complete some of it in a cement form and some of it is in a barbed wire form and palestinian officials will tell you that the main importance
2:50 am
of the i.c.j. is ruling is that it was the 1st time for an international tribunals to consider the act the acts of israel in the occupied territory that they fall under the 4th geneva convention that deals with civilians you know we're told. the sport is next here on the al-jazeera germany balances they why the double the life the urban cycling world championships. the story of black men. and. you'll have i have strength of a story of courage a lot of the fear is real. passion.
2:51 am
and it's very serious just. top of the sport he used. thank you very much the fans were the ones breaking records and making headlines at a friendly between the english and german women's teams 78000 spectators watched the visitors spoil the party with a 21 win that's the biggest crowd for an england woman's home game but falls just short of the 80000 who were in attendance for the 2012 olympic final it's still a ways off from the highest ever attendance for a woman's game that was set at the 1909 world cup final in california when more
2:52 am
than 90000 people watched the u.s. china the highest crowd for a club match was recorded earlier this year 60000 watching barcelona beat at logical madrid and attendance records have been up for grabs for quite some time back in 1920 a crowd of 53000 watched dick kerr ladies play st helens ladies at everton's goodison park. there will also be a packed house at anfield on sunday as liverpool play manchester city and the premier league the defending champions have raised concerns that their team bus might be attacked again and a repeat of what happened last april before the 2 sides met in the champions league liverpool fans have been posting on social media calling for supporters to line the streets of the bus route and to bring their own pyrotechnics flags and banners. i wish i could say. but it but i can say that we do everything it will never happen again so that's that's how it is everybody 3 to feel these rounds of responsibility
2:53 am
that something like this will not happen again it was going to stadium nothing to do outside so i do food. and go in wait for that we will come and that's make really want to make let's make. a pretty special game of hopefully the no happen again so the police knew we'd win the champions league game before it didn't do anything. and i don't know they're going they're going to do hopefully we'll be an incredible game you know i'm feelin for the premier league full around the world would be one. hello have taken the advantage in the 1st leg of the asian champions league final playing in riyadh the home side scored the only goal of the game in the 60th minute japanese side roads are trying to win the title for the 2nd time in 3 seasons but they're not doing so well in japan's j league where they're in danger of being relegated meanwhile yokohama have
2:54 am
gone 2nd in the j league with 842 win over console sapporo they're now just one point behind leaders f.c. tokyo making. with the pick of the goals and the best celebration to go along with . manager les byron munich are up to 3rd on the bus legal ladder after beating rivals brucia dortmund for nel robert lewandowsky scored twice for the defending champions a week after they slumped to their worst loss in a decade and fired their coach former arsenal boss arsene bangor says he is planning on holding talks with the club next week over the vacant position. what happened my name came out of nowhere without having anything to do with this on wednesday afternoon chairman room and they get called me so i couldn't answer at that moment and by politeness i called him back he was in his car going to the game against a lump cos we talked for 4 to 5 minutes maximum and he told me that they had a signed flick to be the coach he will manage the next 2 games because they will
2:55 am
play dortmund on saturday he asked me if i would be interested because they're looking for a coach i told him i didn't have any thoughts about it and need some time to have a think about it we decided to give the we'll talk next week because i'm in doha until sunday night this is the true story the coach of italian side has defended his decision to substitute striker mario balotelli during their forward mail loss against a rino saying he needed players who are prepared to make sacrifices for the team the italian international was racially abused by fans from syria for on a last week the manager of that team initially denied there'd been any racial abuse insisting the fans were just teasing balotelli he now admits that some supporters targeted the player with racist chance but i wanted to quickly go pull out of the part of the. we thought mario just reacted to repeated boos and mocking chants but now we know there were
2:56 am
a small number of people who were engaged in racist behavior and that is not ok so when that happens we need to apologize i'm relieved that it was just a few people while the whole stadium was great and these few people cause damage to mario because it's not easy to listen to those things. the world's most expensive footballer neymar is showing just how hard he's willing to work to get over his hamstring injury the p.s.g. strikers been in an intensive training program back in paris after getting hurt playing for brazil in october he's aiming to make it back on the field by november 26th for p.s.g. champions league tie against real madrid. the world's best tennis players are gearing up for the start of the a.t.p. finals on sunday and a battle between the young and old world number one rafael in the doll will be pushing to win the title for the 1st time but he's battling an entry from a week ago in paris as part of a joke of it and roger federer they're both in action on the opening day on the other side of their careers are for players under the age of $23.00 including
2:57 am
defending champion alexander's vera happy to be here because. last saturday implies i don't know if i will have the chance to be here i'm so excited to be back here couple of years without being able to play. and that's it i need to to see how the things evolves every single day but i have. a good hopes to the behind the present ready for monday it's been double delight for germany at the urban cycling world championships nina ryan bach hopped her way to victory in the elite women's trials competition and chang do china compatriot dominic then went on to claim gold in the men's elite 20 inch trials urban cycling will make its alum pick debut next year in tokyo. well that's all your sports for now but we'll have more for you later and you can find much more to our website including details of the good it did india allowing the hindu temple on the land where a mosque stood for centuries the address is w w w 0 dot com that's it for me for this news back with more news in about.
2:58 am
what are you protesting about how does this in question whether online life face minstrelsy us directly out of translated slavery or if you join us on sex this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue minard is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and are here to talk about the
2:59 am
solutions on al-jazeera the u.s. is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 near us the world's leaders fail to agree upon a solution people are taking matters into their own. copy talking about how. we're trying to success to get people to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now it's critical to both roads were to be the people's doors are no jazeera.
3:00 am
this used. to brazil's formal leader lula da silva tells supporters he is ready to fight back but many are against his release from jail. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. 4 people were killed in baghdad as the iraqi forces storm a demonstration against the government. indian's respond with restraint after the supreme court orders the.


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