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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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me. brazil's former leader of the silver rally supporters again. many are against his release from jail. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i. 4 people killed in baghdad as iraqi forces stormed a demonstration against the government. saudi arabia publishes plans to sell shares in its giant oil company aramco but a long list of risks may put off investors. a more tuneful time we look at the new challenges people are facing 30 years after all of.
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now brazil's former leader of the silver is rallying his supporters against the giant ball so narrow government he's condemning the right wing president's policies and calling on the left leaning parties to take back the presidency that i was about reports. of i was received as a hero. in the state of. if there is one place where the former labor union leader is loved it is here and. i want to build this country with the same happiness that we built it when we govern this country my dream isn't to solve my problems today i'm a guy that doesn't have a job a president without a pynchon not even a television in my apartment my life is totally blocks the only thing i'm serious in all of is that i have more courage to fight them before on thursday the supreme
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court said convicted criminals should exhaust all their options to defend their case before going to prison this benefited luna and many others. but lula has not been absolved and still faces at least 7 other cases against him was in the last presidential election was already lost lots of us are fords because of the car wash corruption investigation involves some was i don't know that you love the feel was out in spite of its legal troubles and the state many here believe that he is the man to challenge joey was when i was presidency i was. says he's the only one that can say brazil sposato is most afraid of. it's over because he is our representative he's our leader and this country will change flew a 0 with. that beautiful woman or outside.
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but in the capitol. thousands marched through of any of the paulista to protest against their last release they condemned the supreme court's decision and are calling for a change in the law that would imprison those who lose their case in a 1st opinion was the only one here that even if there is so much impunity in brazil and we want things to change we are denouncing the decision so looking go back to prison. j. towards the nano ask his followers on twitter not to give ammunition to a man he called the scoundrel he also defended his minister of justice as your model as a judge let the car wash corruption investigation his impartiality les cayes has been questioned and that's why lula is requesting a retrial brazil is polarized between those who love and want him back in the presidency. and those who are angry with the corruption that happened while he was
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in office. he is planning his political comeback he's already jaded was when i dos biggest political rival. so when out of the gamble brazil police in several bolivian cities are joined protests over these its beauty and reelection of president evo morales the policy of. guards outside the presidential palace were among those who left their posts what others denounced the move accusing police of staging a coup the defense minister said no military action will be taken against them is the 3rd week of violent demonstrations what are those accused of rigging last month's election to secure a 4th term. to preserve the new bolivia life itself and democracy i invite the parties that obtain legislative seats in the latest election
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to dialogue i invite them to an open agenda to debate in order to pacify bolivia. iraqi security forces have killed at least 4 people as they tried to clear protest sites and baghdad demonstrators have been on the streets for a week saying that fed up with corruption a struggling economy and a lack of basic services but a heavy handed security crackdown is left more than $250.00 dead but the actual name reports. on saturday evening security forces from baghdad to basra and karbala confronted protestors in baghdad there were reports of gunfire and tear gas at a square and a bridge here tom or square shortly after the iraqi human rights commission started reporting that demonstrators had die but there was a good of him being peaceful we have people from tribes and they're firing at us with the sort of the work week on sunday it's clear security forces were trying to
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ensure the protests in the iraqi capital were confined to talk where square that's been the epicenter of the anti-government protests which began on october 1st the military says they won't disperse peaceful protesters but they will ensure life returns to normal we're going to arm them we have orders to arrest anyone who booked of our youths this kind of crime is dangerous and we're in be repeated if we have given orders to all forces in baghdad and of a provinces to arrest people who got divides and take them to cool its sources say most political parties have reached a deal to keep prime minister idol. in power the thinking goes since there is no one to replace him he should be the one to implement the reforms protesters are demanding and ahead he says he will introduce an amendment to reform government ministries it would include hiring younger people and creating greater transparency the influential shiite cleric solder and his followers the largest bloc in
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parliament remain united with protesters and are calling for him to resign natasha going to aim. baghdad. iran says it's now enriching uranium to 5 percent which is another step back from its commitment to the 2015 international nuclear deal the agreed enrichment limit is 3.67 percent the deal has been under pressure since the u.s. withdrew from the accord and impose sanctions on tehran the saudi oil giant aramco as announced details of its plans to sell shares in the company for the 1st time it's also listed risks investors may face once the company shares a publicly listed in its prospectus aramco highlighted terrorism and armed conflict as having the potential to affect the company in its share price in september drones were used to attack its all processing facilities the paper and horace
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hitting global oil supplies there's also the risk of the saudi government capping how much crude oil the kingdom is able to produce directly impacting the company and the ram co may be directed to undertake projects or work on other initiatives by the government which go against its immediate commercial objectives and sprint can go to reports that are already many concerns about the sale saudi aramco is the was biggest oil producing company but also seed as the most secretive privately owned and controlled by the saudi kingdom. but now after much hype and many delays it's going public in part at least by selling off a small piece of the company to invest is the timing isn't perfect. just 2 months back and attacked by humans who the rebels would use the company's oil production by half and global oil prices are low risk. risk.
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so they either it was a few months ago. and. the date the commentary out there has been demand has been weaker than expected over the last few months and the expectation is that it will demand the risk. the kingdom hopes to save it bring in enough revenue to fund crown prince mohammed bin so man's vision 2030 his plan to wean the saudi economy off its reliance on oil he wants aramco to be valued at 2 trillion dollars that's the same as microsoft and apple combined but industry experts say that 2 emissions valuation estimates vary if we make an assumption or one of hard trillion dollars. in.
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britain. or america. and by our estimates that really helped finance saudi arabia's budget. just 2 or 3 years until you know better news themselves 1000 percent it's not making the government coming oil climate change and a push for greener and cleaner energy also puts the value of our abcess huge known oil reserves at risk so your anchor has huge reserves of oil over 60 odd years at current rates of production however as the world the carbon noises all move choice to move away from using oil and other fossil fuels why. is the picture going to look like over time is high value going to be from those fossil fuel reserves or is it going to be that tomorrow gets weaker this week a pricing fossil fuels and hence perhaps a lower margin per barrel it's emerged that saudi rulers are now pressuring billionaires like prince albert leap in collateral to buy stocks some of the
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investors been targeted were detained during the 2017 anticorruption purge which some members of saudi arabia swell the elite locked up in the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh they're also approaching state owned oil companies and sovereign wealth funds to open their checkbooks china is among them it's the biggest buyer of saudi oil the share price is expected to be announced in december only then we'll find out who is prepared to invest priyanka gupta our disease or george is chief executive of gulf state a little washington d.c. based geopolitical risk consulting firm he says like all initial public offering saudi aramco will face jail political and economic risks. there's no denying that this is a tough time when we talk about numerous factors low oil prices lima change
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regional security crises on the infamous forwarders especially considering the fact that iran contact attacks not even have been 2 months ago as circumstances are not i feel riyadh but i think the leadership in saudi arabia knows that the parliament has come to act and this i.p.o. process as a good started to make the june 23rd and successful there is a real sense of urgency in the kingdom and on the part of the leadership i think and i don't want to be overly optimistic there is all these factors we touched upon that need to be kept in mind and we need to be very realistic about all of these issues but i also don't want to provide a doom and gloom analysis in the excessively pessimistic you know we are moving toward the carbon is a shannon but you know we're not there yet and i think there are at least the possibility of this i.p.o. being very successful. also ahead on al-jazeera the u.n.
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reveals evidence suggesting a foreign government was responsible for an attack on a migrant camp in libya. there's lebanon on the brink of bankruptcy we'll have the latest on the worst economic crisis in decades. and the cold air is sweeping its way from north to the southeast across the united states as part of the count around well there is rain and snow in the mix no surprise me because all this cold air that we have gotten place and certainly society is working its way southwards so through sunday most of the cloud with the snow is across the north across the northern plains the upper midwest and you can see that snow piling in that the northern end of the rockies is still fairly warm across into 26 degrees celsius and not
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a bad day in atlanta 1815 celsius in kansas city and 17 in denver that make a night of those temperatures because my goodness by monday look at this is from this week through the cold air comes behind quite a line of snow working its way eventually up into the northeast rain where it is still modest so down across into texas but these temperatures in denver minus one council city minus one that's about $12.13 degrees but the average for this time of year is not really the problem it's all across into the caribbean we have fairly widespread rains across much of cuba on sunday showers across the bahamas county conditions through the leeward and windward islands and then some rain showers just getting into southern mexico and by monday it should clear and we should see 22 in mexico city. africa.
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it's a coming true makes a state of the becoming spritzed. shorts so i took. this feat called. make your goal. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now from a brazilian president lula da silva who is challenging. right wing government today after being released from prison told supporters the left must take back the
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presidency in the next election. iraqi security forces have killed at least 4 anti-government demonstrators while trying to play a protest sites and baghdad there have been demonstrations for weeks with people saying they're fed up with corruption a struggling economy and the lack of basic services. oil giants saudi aramco has detailed the list of risks as it prepares to sell shares publicly for the 1st time terrorism government interference in business and state caps on all production will be singled out. now u.n. experts say it is highly probable an airstrike on a migrant detention center in libya was carried out by a state allied towards. the draft report declined to name the country but allies include the u.a.e. and egypt the attack in july in their capital tripoli killed more than 50 people
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injured more than 130 others the draft u.n. report also says the u.a.e. jordan sudan and turkey violated an arms embargo on libya mahmud up to more from tripoli. concerning the deadly air strike which killed 53 migrants and injured another 130 back in july the u.n. panel of experts says that it's probably the airstrike was carried out by a fighter jet operated by a government supporting have and also the chief of the u.n. him when he won rights says that it could mount a war crime you know without the panel has not named the country accused of carrying in the air strike but it says that it to reserve the identification of the member state until it gathers more evidence but yet we know that back in july the interior minister and the government of national accord in tripoli that he
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better other the panel has named a number of countries including the united arab emirates on top of them to jordan and the sudan the united arab emirates as the panel says has provided have there was an advance an air defense system and also the sudan has deployed a 1000. military individuals in the east of the country and also in a deal for an airbase in symptoms deserved of libya also the panel says that have to his forces have received training in jordan and turkey has also sent military equipment along with ukraine to libya now we know that the panel says that all these practices are violation of the embargo on libya so the trias spoke about against the u.n.
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draft report the spokesperson says the findings of false i mean. there are none of our armed forces in libya the report mentioned the name of the leader of the repartee support forces which is part of the sudanese military. a tree and says to its general commander the sudanese military forces cannot participate in any neighboring country without an official order which is a sovereign assured the decision to go to war or seen troops outside can take place by a sovereign order or presidential order from the head of states this report when it speaks about the participation of a force from our military has no truth on the ground our forces don't function in libya. protesters have gathered for another night in beirut but this time they've taken a more musical approach to. crowds packed streets in front of government buildings dancing to music from loudspeakers people have been out on the streets for over 3 weeks now. the economy is at the
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root of the crisis in lebanon and the political stalemate is threatening to cause further financial turmoil politicians have been struggling to form a new government since the resignation of prime minister sadly ideally 70 deca has more from beirut lebanon's economic crisis is being felt everywhere here in the back alleys of beirut. a lot of prices have gone up people can no longer afford it thank god that's what we sent to the more privileged areas of the capital money is stuck in the country you have vessels outside. made for suppliers haven't been paid would you this charge and the liver if enough it might want to be shallow both businessmen and they like everyone else here don't know what's going to happen next i told one of the corporate directors at the bank i import food you're not going to have food next week there's no food and the guy says may not like let me why are
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fans banks have introduced restrictions on certain financial transactions limiting withdrawals and blocking almost all foreign transfers limitations on the 1st of accounts is not a fixed and transparent thing everybody that goes and they ask for a branch in the back. 2000 a month of $4000.00 a week now if you know so you get these conflicting reports or if you deposit a check today that's a commission of $3.00 it's everything is being done to make it hard for you to get access to your funds there is so much uncertainty it's been nearly 2 weeks inside how do you resigned as prime minister leading to a. caretaker government the economic crisis started long before the protest movement and much needed economic reforms are on hold all the politicians big harassed is going to be part of the interim governing body and the longer that goes on for the more serious situation can become sami attala is an economist he says
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the country cannot afford not to have a government right now essentially where we actually have the fear of devaluation capital controls in place huge that this is unprecedented so we could effectively this fear that our standard of living will be shaken and next few months where by in fact you know is this is my close down because you know the parties are going up the political deadlock means nothing is being dealt with on friday the world bank urges lebanon to form a cabinet within a week everyone is worried for me the biggest fear is the uncertainty you have no idea what to do when you don't know everybody i talked to is is getting cash the cash is on the bad and people are just waiting and scared. the country is at risk of bankruptcy and currency collapse the result we're told of decades of poorly managed economic policies and in demick across the board corruption stephanie
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decker al jazeera beirut. police have granted rare permission for a gathering at hong kong's to mark the death of the student protests thousands joined the vigil for 22 year old child she lock police say they're not to blame for his death which is fueled more public anger. indians are reacting with restraint to a supreme court ruling that gave a long disputed piece of land to majority hindus to build the temple a centuries old mosque at the site in a idea was demolished by hindu activists in 1992 that led to riots which killed over 2000 people and muslims have been given an alternative piece of land to build a mosque and giovanna reports from new delhi it's a case that has polarized hindus and muslims in india for decades now the supreme court has made its decision on diode her land dispute with her pretty. hindu say
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this piece of land is the birthplace of their date. in december 1992 hindu hardline groups destroyed a mosque that had stood here for more than 400 years the muslim community here insists this is the site of where that mosque should be rebuilt but the court has ordered the creation of a government trust to oversee the construction of a hindu temple instead while awarding to have a land somewhere else to build a mosque in its decision the court said the hindus this claim on the site was on a better footing than the evidence provided by the muslim side prime minister nuri the more the role from the word ticked and says it brings a new dawn for india supreme court may it as more mom labor has lost an eye today the supreme court has ruled on an important case that has a history of hundreds of years behind it the whole country wished that the matter
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should be heard in the court on a day to day basis which took place and today the decision is out just like our heart of one of them in every class every community people of every sect the whole country has accepted the verdict with open heart it reflects on the ancient culture traditions and sense of harmony in india. the muslim community has expressed disappointment and your large this is why i believe. they're here to resolder. this report and go with. the core technology the site is important to both religions but it's a setback for muslims some of them would have preferred the high court order of 2010 which granted 2 thirds of the land to the hindus and one 3rd of it to muslims management it should have been given to the both they should allow for temple and
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a mosque there but the government has given the mosque elsewhere and that's wrong. the state government has deployed its forces a new they had to ensure security but the situation remains tense this is been an emotional issue for many hindus and muslims the government of marrying them all the has called on both sides to exercise restraint but some minority groups in this country say that they are being marginalized and discriminated against for millions of muslims this decision is likely to reinforce that concern after a war on al jazeera new delhi. a self exile cambodian opposition leader is closer to returning home sam rainsy has arrived in malaysia after being earlier barred from a flight to thailand he's vowed to leave demonstrations in cambodia against. his rule for more than 30 years. i really merkel is using a pivotal moment in germany says trita urge european leaders to defend democracy
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the chancellor has a close connection to the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago she comes from the communist eastern side dominic cain has more. germans remember a joyous moment which many thought might never happen the removal of a physical barrier that divided a city a country a continent in the end it was a wave of people power which swept over the berlin wall and yet it was the people in power who let that wave topple it within weeks that same government was toppled and within months the 2 germany's would become one. angela merkel was one of the many east germans who walked into west berlin on that night in 1909 for her now as chancellor the 9th of november is a time for remembrance to feel him and to many people became a victim of the dictatorship we were not forget them i remember the people who were killed here at this because they were looking for freedom as i also remember the 75000 people who were imprisoned because they tried to flee their country have. the
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sudden fall of the wall transformed the city almost overnight and for some berliners it was hard to process. this hospital it took me a long long time to integrate east berlin into the windy city the feeling was that it was a completely different world and it took me about 10 years to embrace the border in my head but if. you wanted it for those growing up in the newly liberated east life was suddenly very different gone with the certainties of centralized communist planning replaced by rapid privatization and rising unemployment some analysts say this rush to capitalism had clear consequences the starting position of its germany after unification was very bad because of the one to one is germany west german mark conversion which essentially meant an immediate appreciation of
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these german currency and rendered most german firms completely if not obsolete at least completely noncompetitive. the industries that now flourish in the east bear little resemblance to their communist predecessors these days eastern g.d.p. is 82 percent of its western counterpart monthly salaries in the east are around 20 percent lower than in the west and the gap between the 2 is greater now than at any point in this century underlying this economic reality is the political one for the last 4 years a succession of states in the old east have seen a stark rise in support for the far right and left fueled in some minds by the refugee crisis and a lingering sense that reunification has not brought what was promised 30 years ago east germans began the process of abandoning communism here 30 years on there are many who have begun to wonder if democracy is any better dominant kain al-jazeera berlin. tens of thousands of people have celebrated the coronation of japan's new i
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am for a national festival in tokyo emperor not a veto ascended to the throne last month the parade was originally scheduled for october the 22nd but was delayed due to typhoon haiyan this. unless i get through some of the headlines here now does iran now former brazilian president lula of the silver is challenging both scenarios right wing government a day after being released from prison lula told supporters the left must take back the presidency in the next election i. only say this is that if we have good judgment and if we know how to do it correctly in 2022 the so-called lift that bolton are so fearful of will defeat the ultra right that we've always wanted to defeat this country does not deserve the government there. iraqi security forces
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have killed at least 4 anti-government demonstrators while trying to play a protest sites in baghdad more than 100 people have been wounded been demonstrations for weeks with people saying they're fed up with corruption a struggling economy and the lack of basic services or oil giant saudi aramco has detailed the list of risks as it prepares to sell shares publicly for the 1st time it singled out terrorism government interference in business and state caps on the oil production. protesters have gathered for another night in lebanon's capital but this time with the more news a call approach. crowds packed beirut streets in front of government buildings dancing to music from loudspeakers there have been anti-government protests for more than 3 weeks now. indians are reacting with restraint to a supreme court ruling that gave
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a long disputed plot of land to the majority hindus to build a temple a centuries old mosque at the site in a video was demolished by hindu activists in 1902 muslims have been given an alternative piece of land to build a mosque itself exiled cambodian opposition leader is closer to returning home sam rainsy has arrived there were lazier after earlier being barred from a flight to thailand is found to lead demonstrations in cambodia against prime minister hun sen this ruled for more than 30 years there's a headlines the news continues after counting the cost stay with us on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump is about to host takis president trichet tangerang at the white house with their countries and also syria and french and u.s. sanctions. join us for extensive coverage of this.
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hello i'm kemal santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera and we feel that the world of business and economics this week. is the birthplace of neo liberalism but will it also be the death of it by looking at how this doctrine has ended up undermining democracy over the past 4 decades and our case study is the south american countries hit by protests for nearly a month now also this week money makes the world go around but is there such a thing is the wrong kind of investment and is a corporate tax dodge taking hold out there and it's depriving the developing world of much needed money. and we'll take you to thailand one of the worlds.


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