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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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seated 0. 0. 0. polls close in spain's general election of vote dominated by fears of a far right surge and a renewed push for catalan independence. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program bolivia's president buckles to pressure and calls for a new election but the opposition is saying you must resign now. mounting casualties in iraq's raging protests as a human rights group warns of a bloodbath. and celebrating 50 years of elmo take
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on the cookie monster look at the global success behind the iconic children's show sesame street. but it's being counted in spain's general election and what's shaping up to become a battle for power between the countries fragmented left and right this is the 4th time despondence have gone to the polls in 4 years after socialist leader and acting prime minister pedro sanchez failed to form a coalition government but sunday's vote has been dominated by fears of a far right surge and a renewed push for catalan independence well al jazeera is jonah hol is following this story for us from the spanish capital madrid and jonah polls have now closed always getting an idea of what's happening. that's right 8 pm polls are closed we don't have any official exit polls they don't
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do that sort of thing here in spain there are opinion polls that are conducted throughout voting day that give us some highly unofficial but sense of the direction of travel we can at least talk about those it'll be a couple of hours or so not too long a couple of hours before we have an idea of the final results let me bring in my guest miguel entrepreneur and who is a writer and commentator on spanish affairs spanish politics joins me now thanks for joining us me girl looking at these latest opinion polls the socialist as expected get the largest vote share a touchdown of what they had before but their potential leftist partners put almost a touch up what happens next he can't form a government on his own does he go to put demos is that enough well that the problem for the socialists is that even if they repeat the results they had in a field that is really upsetting for them they expected to have a much much better result this time and that's why they call the elections they haven't and that means that their strategy of not finding an agreement with for
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their most has failed so now the pressure will be very strong for them to agree with for them especially because now there are no other options open the centrist party citizens' party which could have formed also a coalition with the socialists seems to be a getting a pounding these these night we will see of course this is opinion polls but they are very consistent in that case there weren't that open option will be closed and while there's a 3rd option but it's highly unlikely and he's the conservative people's party abstaining and allowing the socialist to form a government a minority government that's possible but extremely unlikely especially if the 3rd party tonight is the hard party the hard right party box but we'll talk about that in a minute we're talking of course about pedro sanchez the socialist leader the caretaker prime minister he failed to form a coalition after the apr. vote which led to this vote the 4th in 4 years huge pressure on him now to forge
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a deal might he have to turn to the separatist parties the nationalist parties in catalonia to do that or will it he will have to he will have to because it won't be enough for him to to bring on board the high right the hard left party people there must that long be enough he will have to count on the support of the catalan nationalists and of course catalan national star for independence parties in fact there is now in catalonia turmoil there are very. the situation is very dire there are demonstrations sometimes very island i mean for outside observers that's quite hard to comprehend because what on earth would the nationalists be doing joining forces with the socialist government which has it which denies them what they dearly want and can't give them what they most want yes that's the conundrum obviously the nationalist what they want is a silly binding referendum independence and that's what they are going to demand in
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order to support the government. the government the socialists have said they will not allow that but on the other hand they have been and vigorous as to all the forms of negotiation which are never never really very clear you know clear and that is what he's controversial about the selection how the government is going to balance out these conflicting policies of on the one hand of fate and the violence to get along and on the other hand forming a government which does not rely too much under the national so it could be a route to some kind of dialogue with the national scene catalonia down the road let's talk about the other big issue in this election and that is fox the far right party they entered parliament in april the 1st time the far right has been in parliament since the days of franco their vote count looking like. it might go up. it seems certain to go up we don't know how much it could be up to $660.00 seats which is a lot 50 percent 15 percent of the vote but even if it's not that much it may make
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them the 3rd party that's important because if they are the 3rd party it means the conservatives will be very nervous. so they will be even more and willing to help out. there are scientists to form a government a minority government and then of course that is radicalization of the writing spray nature is a phenomenon in itself let me go on trial thanks for that for the moment we'll be back with the official results when we get them talking about a pretty fractious and fragmented spanish political landscape back to you thank you very much jonah hol in madrid. livia's president evo morales has buckled to mounting pressure and called for new elections after his victory triggered suspicions of fraud and spock's nationwide protest an audit by the organization of american states has found serious in
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regularities and votes and they've now suggested a rerun but the opposition is saying south america's longest serving leader should be allowed to stand for office a toll that america reports now from neighboring chile. less than 48 hours after accusing his opponents and protest years of attempting a coup d'etat against him by libyan president ever more allis conceded that he could not continue declaring himself the winner of last month's strongly disputed presidential elections in a major about face would alice said there would be fresh elections overseen by a new electoral board. was an experience we will have a new national election that will allow the believe in people to democratically elected representatives brothers and sisters in the media and the people who believe you after making this decision i want to call on everybody to reduce the tension we all have a duty to pacify believe you i'm calling for respect among families respect for
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property and respect for authority and for all social groups. the announcement came shortly after the organization of american states announced preliminary results of an electoral audit that left little room for doubt it indicated that signatures had been falsified documents tampered with and that it was not possible to certify that more dollars had won in a 1st round as he claimed it also called for an in-depth investigation to determine responsibilities for irregularities that are tantamount to fraud. but the opposition says new elections are not enough. the main culprits of this fraud. but that has led to several tests of hundreds of wounded the president. and vice president al gore. who must be barred from being counted let's him a new election more alice had originally offered only to hold in 2nd round if the oas audit did not go his way something the opposition said was unacceptable the tipping point for reversing his decision may have been an indication that the army
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would no longer support him if he did not hold new elections. the new poll date and the composition of the new literal board are still to be determined over there while much of the opposition calls for more dallas's resignation arguing he is not fit to govern after overseeing would they call a massive fraud. you see in human are just santiago all turkey's defense ministry says at least 8 people have been killed in a car bombing in northeastern syria a tack took place in the village south of the border town of. turkey has blamed the attack on kurdish y.p. g. forces turkey launched a military incursion last month to clear the border region of kurdish fighters if and so it was halted after a deal was struck with the united states and russia well elsewhere inside syria 7 civilians have been killed after explosions hit rebel held areas in italy a province is thought to have been carried out by the syrian military or their
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russian allies now to iraq at least 6 people have been killed and more than 30 injured in anti-government protests in baghdad this according to the country's human rights commission security forces have used tear gas and live ammunition to try to clear protesters from the capital more than 300 people have been killed since the demonstrations began on october 1st of a government corruption and a lack of jobs amnesty international has described the situation as a bloodbath. well iraqi doctors and nurses of involuntary in and baghdad's tahrir square to help treat the wounded but they say security forces are targeting them along with the demonstrators as i shook and i reports from the capital. the doctors and nurses trying to save lives in tahrir square say we're in a white lab coat has become a bull's eye on their backs many were afraid to speak with us on camera saying they're worried the government over tally aid against them for volunteer ing after
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their day jobs to treat injured protesters what they did and. they are targeting us to prevent the treatment of their injured 2 days ago on a bridge they were chasing us we were hiding on side streets and they were shooting at us from home vs who they are on who they get their orders from we don't know these men and women have formed a volunteer army of health care professionals for protestors doctors nurses pharmacists nurses assistants even medical students work in tents like this one spread across to where square which has become the epicenter of the protests the wounded arrive in a steady stream primarily via talk talks which can more easily navigate the crowds the medics also venture out onto nearby bridges which have become battlefields as protesters confront security forces this is a 1st time experience from may and i'm not scared i saw them like my brothers
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holding injured and no one cares about them they are also targeting us with live ammunition the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 medics have been killed in baghdad since it is a government protests again on october 1st the medics we spoke to say the people shooting at and attacking them are wearing military uniforms. we talked to iraqi military spokesman abdul karim hala if about allegation. and that health care professionals are being attacked. since. they are 60 to 70 people belonging to one particular group and grabbing anti-riot police uniforms they go to the front of the protest as they are not and do right police they are not bought off offices death of aliens on militias we don't know we have started an investigation to track them. how they have says these people he calls infiltrators are also attacking security forces. in tahrir square medics are now feeling
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especially vulnerable after 2 of their colleagues were recently stabbed in the back walking among the crush of protesters to get to the wounded they say their determination to help and heal all in need is stronger than any fear it osher going to aim al-jazeera baghdad. he with al-jazeera live from london much more still ahead after 2 years under house arrest for treason cambodia's opposition leader kemp saka is released and israeli families living along jordan's border up the path of financial losses as a 25 year old line deal comes to an end. and though their every day we talk about the unsettled weather pattern in europe and
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i'm afraid the next few days already know different a lot of cloud this rain is mountain snow and look at it just blanketing these areas 1st full across the east and then this isn't a particularly strong system really just sitting here in the central and western mediterranean some pretty heavy rain coming from this storm system we could well see some localized floods meanwhile monday across much of the north and the old west another system heads across the u.k. pushing into the low countries northern france cloud but also rain which will not help those areas that have seen recent flooding also quite a lot account generally across much of the iberian peninsula 12 celsius at best in madrid on tuesday more rain chiles to the north of spain and again another system just working its way across much of the northwest of europe and this will produce some very heavy amounts of rain and some pretty strong winds as well but probably the heaviest of the rain is going to this system here is rather slow moving through the central med and we could well see some localized flooding particularly across on the islands and also western sections of the balkans but that same system it
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will bring the rain for the south across northern sections of africa throughout gerrit unisa on into libya and it doesn't clear by cheese day by then even heavier so we could well see some localized flooding. russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. the picture from the inside. still i think russia's foreign policy is too soft to be most russian goals can be achieved not peace and. russia all knowledge is either.
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welcome by look at headlines now spain's opinion polls are saying there is no clear majority in the country's election the socialists are leading the vote though on the far right vox party looks set to become the 3rd biggest party in the parliament bolivia's president abel morales has called for new elections after an audit found serious irregularities in october's vote but the opposition says marotta should not be allowed to take part in the rerun. and at least 6 people have been killed and more than 30 injured during anti-government protests in baghdad security forces have used tear gas and live ammunition to try to clear protest as from the capital . and more now on the general election in spain as you mentioned before one of the defining issues in sunday's vote has been the mounting protests calling for catalan
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independence as go live to huldah abdel-hamid following this part of the story from barcelona how important has the issue of catalonian independence been in this election hada. well i think many would agree on the fact that there's been a don't we need to issue a review of the political discourse not only dissolute somebody election that happened earlier this year now with any hope that this election will bring that issue forward would try to break the deadlock i don't think anyone has any hope for that actually that if you just mentioned. it as also indicated with what is talking about gets a loan yes that you have more or less the same result as the previous rather just basically a decision is. made with the true independence leftist party is quit
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a republican this is just an indication it doesn't mean that those are defined the results but it is a feeling. the stagnation will continue and that's why i think you've seen this increase the pressure from the street people do stephanie deploy independents wanting to make their voices loud do we've heard all sorts of people saying that they were quite disappointed with their own cattle and leadership but now it's really up to the people to make their demands loud and clear we have one group the democratic tsunami that really has taken by storm. this part of the country over the past few weeks that says it is calling for 3 days of civil disobedience starting tomorrow morning so let's just listen 24 hours after the ballot box is closed we'll have to say to see how much that call will be heeded and what kind of civil disobedience they're talking about they keep it secret but i think the issue
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will remain the same before or after the election and basically said issue where there is no compromise and moment this is not even the possibility of trying to open a kind of dialogue to eventually reach that compromise so from what you're saying that there is no election result that could result. no there is no election result that could resolve this issue simply because if you listen to what the various candidates have been saying during their campaign including caretaker prime minister. well they made it quite clear that when it came to the catalonian issue they will be independents and madrid will never agree on that that it's still views or the referendum that happened back in 2007 teens and really that made all this issue come to the forefront at such will still be
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considered illegal and there's no chance of having another referendum any time. soon because it's simply a good sequels that you should. be observed is someone that was viewed in the past the be a little bit more understanding towards the lads and their demands he is also now accused by those got to love them for having taken a much harder approach and they are using a much harder to resurrect when it came to dealing with this issue you know so no one really here has a hope that at some point the 2 sides would sit together and try to find their way out thank you very much harder for us in barcelona. when out of political developments in romania we're following exit polls there which are showing that president klaus your highness has won the most votes in the country's presidential election but not enough to avoid a runoff vote which will take place later this month will likely face the social democrat leader and former remaining prime minister. in
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a 2nd round on november 24th the centrist incumbent is known for his anti corruption measures and is as big praised by the west his commitment to the rule of law. at least 13 people have been killed across india and bangladesh after psycho babble tore through coastal areas in the bay of bengal millions were evacuated from their homes out of the storm's arrival when speeds reached 120 kilometers per hour closing down ports and airports in both countries many low lying areas have been flooded cycling has now eased but heavy rainfall continues. a sick blanket of toxic small cars once again engulfed india's capital new delhi presidents have been complaining of difficulty breathing and irritation in the eyes have already declared a public health emergency in the city after air pollution reached its worst ever levels earlier this week the smog is also being blamed for soaring miscarriage rates and infant deaths. now israeli farmers living along jordan's
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border are bracing for financial losses after the jordanian king and outs that he won't be renewing a 25 year old deal that lets them cultivate fertile border areas israel had been hoping for the deal to be extended but ties between the 2 countries have become increasingly strained as bennett smith reports. that there may be a peace agreement between jordan and israel but it's under considerable strain so these are some of the last israeli tourists to walk across the border without passports to visit jordanian sovereign territory that's been owned and farmed by jews for almost 100 years jordan is not renewing a 25 year deal that granted privileged access and a lot of us will lose some of our income that we could puts makes a living from these lands and we've got a deep emotional attachment to the area. israel got vital security cooperation
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along its longest land border when it signed the peace treaty in 1994 our viewers to see this very become the very of peace jordan's king hussein and his people were promised political and economic benefits but they've not materialized i think it's true that if there'd been progress on the palestinian issue it would have helped with a way to tional jordan i think jordan is also disappointed with the economic benefits that it hoped to gain from the peace treaty there was talk of one stage that we would have one airport in the south that will serve both jordan israel and israel decided that we didn't want to proceed with that then last year as farmers cultivated crops that take years to mature the u.s. recognized all of jerusalem as the capital of israel and jordan's economy continue to struggle everything combined to intensify jordanian public opinion against israel and these were all issues that king abdullah reflected on at sunday's state
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opening of parliament. local model or our national position on the palestinian cause a steadfast supporting our palestinian brethren to establish their independent state along the 4th of june 1967 lines with east jerusalem as its capital today i also announced the expiration of the peace treaty annex is on the outgoing mayor and backer and the imposition of a full sovereignty over every inch of those lands was perhaps the most important crop the fruits of peace has failed to take root here the jordanian government now says that the israelis will be given continued access to the farmland until the end of the season next april as long as they apply the visas and the farmers hope that by then some sort of long term arrangement can be found to allow them to continue farming. burnitz with al-jazeera on the jordan israel for the permanent cambodian opposition fake i can suck has been released from house arrest 2 years after this charged with treason but he's still banned from politics there's also bought from
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leaving the country when he has more on this now functional pen. 2 years after opposition leader kim was arrested jailed and then placed under house arrest a cambodian court has released him his daughter who is also an influential member of the band opposition cambodian national risky party hopes this is just the 1st step of. i hold that the charge against him will be dropped and i hope that has political rights along with the political rise of my colleagues and myself will be reinstated and there would be a negotiation between the 2 parties to reinstate for example the space. media rights space was there was a society and reinstate a real opposition party back. is still subject to severe restrictions and the treason case against him stands. by we still have questions about certain things mentioned in the court order and we will ask the
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court for clarification such as what limitations are there on his freedom what are the limitations on his political freedom kennie meet his supporters what degree of freedom does he have to meet with his supporters. analysts say so cause release is a tactical move by the cambodian government. it comes a day after sam rainsy who co-founded the opposition party with a car arrived in the malaysian capital kuala lumpur from self-imposed exile in france he says he returned to cambodia to challenge prime minister hussein who's ruled for more than 3 decades. and on tuesday the european union will publish a report on the decline in democracy and human rights in the country it's threaten to withdraw cambodia's tariff free status on goods entering the e.u. . facing a very very serious situation. looking at the potentially damaging. actions
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by the e.u. against the major industry in the country the garment industry and he has to now step up and show that he's prepared to make some compromises on human rights issues if he wants to maintain that very important economic status. hussein controls the national assembly as well as the police the army the courts and the meat. he's ordered the arrest of dozens of opposition activists in the last few months this is the home of chems a car where he's been detained for more than a year one of the demands of the european union is that not only should he be freed from house arrest but the charges against him should be dropped that hasn't happened he's still awaiting trial so while this is being seen as a small step in the right direction the opposition knows that little has changed wayne hay al jazeera phnom penh it's one of america's most iconic television series watched by an estimated audience of more than 100000000 people in 150 countries
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sesame street is that of writing half a century of groundbreaking children's shows aimed at making learning fun the educational series introduced the world to the beloved muppet characters but also how to tackle tough subjects like poverty hiv and divorce christensen in the reports. oh it was only going to her big bird ventured out of his usual neighborhood to celebrate at the empire state building. 50 years of entertaining and educating children on sesame street. and the television show is modeled on a new york neighborhood and built on the notion that learning can be fun while diversity should be celebrated. it's a. catchy songs and goofy creatures from elmo to cookie monster are the building blocks of its success and don't forget those celebrity appearances backed up we
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have celebrities on the show because we would like to draw on parents when parents watch the show with their kids the learning is the perv because you have a conversation about what you watch together sesame street's appeal extends well beyond u.s. borders big bird's the celebrity around the world the children show airs in a 150 countries making it the most watched in history. local characters often grappling with local issues are what sets the show apart whether it's zaria an afghan girl who loves to learn in a country where most don't go to school no talk about grown up problems or carly an american whose mother is a drug addict in a country in the midst of an opioid epidemic my mom needs help it's the universe reality that all kids deserve respect opportunity kindness and a little bit of fun but married with what's called to be relevant and more to the
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educational needs of the respective country put it all together and it's no wonder kids keep coming back to sesame street kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. kids keep coming back and perhaps a few adults as well. al-jazeera dot com is our web site more nevertheless covering . it look at the headlines now spain's opinion polls are saying there's no clear majority in the country's election a socialist led by acting prime minister phèdre sanchez are leading the vote on the far right vox party looks set to become the 3rd biggest in parliament this is spain's 4th election now in as many years bolivia's president evo morales has buckled to mounting pressure and has called for new elections after his victory triggered suspicions of fraud and spawning nationwide protests an audit by the organization of american states has found serious irregularities in october's votes
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and suggested a rerun but the opposition says south america's longest serving leader should not be allowed to stand for office a tall. i was an executive as we will have a new national election that will allow the believe in people to democratically elected snoo representatives brothers and sisters in the media and the people of believe you after making this decision i want to call on everybody to reduce the tension we all have a duty to pacify believe you i'm calling for respect among families respect for property and respect for authority and for all social groups you know all the headlines this hour turkey's defense ministry saying at least 8 people have been killed in a car bombing in northeastern syria attack took place in the suit village south of the border town of tal a bit turkey has blamed the attack on kodesh y.p. g. forces turkey launched a military incursion last month to clear the border region of kurdish fighters.
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meanwhile at least 6 people have been killed and more than 30 injured in anti-government protests in baghdad this according to the iraqi human rights commission 4 and 300 have been killed since the demonstrations began on october the 1st of the government corruption and the lack of jobs amnesty international has described the situation as a bloodbath. and exit polls show romania's president klaus' your highness has won the most votes in the country's presidential election he hasn't gained enough support to avoid a runoff later this month is set to face the social democrat leader and for the remaining prime minister the only cat done chiller in a 2nd round vote set to take place on november the 24th that brings you up to speed with all of our top stories this hour talk to al-jazeera is the program coming up next and then one is after that about half an hour's time.
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it will be good. to see. all the 6945 an american b. 29 bomber drops the 1st of atomic bomb over the japanese city of hiroshima. at least 140000 people were killed in the attack. tens of thousands more died later because of the effects of radiation ever since the end of the 2nd world war there's been an international consensus an effort to contain the spread of nuclear weapons the global community has created several organizations and signed treaties to prevent potential nuclear attacks as of today 9 countries have admitted to possessing.


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