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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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by invasive species. boarded the decline. even stopped in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. olivia as president announces he's stepping down after weeks of protests against his controversial election victory. you know i'm mary i'm the mozzie in london you're with al jazeera also coming up on the program spain's socialist leader takes the lead in the country's general election but he is battling a surge in support for the conservatives and the far right. mounting casualties in iraq's raging protests as a human rights group warns of
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a bloodbath. after 2 years under house arrest for treason cambodia's opposition leader kem succot is released. but we begin with breaking news out of bolivia where president has announced his resignation in the past hour or so now this does follow comments from believe his military chief calling on morality to step down so that stability and order can be restored to the country. sunday morale is declared he would hold new elections after the organization of american states said there was serious it regularities in october's vote president won that election with just enough votes to avoid a 2nd round but it triggered suspicions of fraud and spawn nationwide protests in the country. ceremonious year i am resigning from my position as president in order that the people of course and the poor people are not strident
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on any more i am resigning for them if we don't want there to be confrontations early this morning we need to ministers and we decided to resign in order for there to be new elections all for bolivia or for life or for the country. there is marianna sanchez joins us on the line now from the bolivian city of santa cruz tell us sierra 1st of all what's the reaction been to his resignation inside the country . well mary there are many cities in the country that are showing people celebrating the main square with flags from people chanting the national anthem. some people all politely tired here in the stronghold of the opposition is something which is the most important economic stronghold of the country well i've been going through checkpoints on the streets and people were a bit nervous there was some tension tensions around the globe have not been
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lifted and in fact people were saying that they are very. open and very they are very alert to the will because they don't want people from the parties. 'd at the party to escape as they were told me and some of the checkpoints now everybody says resignation followed a series of. throughout the day for ministers to vice ministers to the head of the electoral try you know. these have taped. i believe. or a communique with a resignation there's also been legislators and then who have also resigned hold. the key i think the key moment that have led to this very dramatic end of 14 year rule of one of the most popular presidents of the in the history of bolivia thought
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it on friday when the police. when you tonight. in the future. and other police units also flooded mutinies in other police units the countries that supported by the military higher ranks expressed that they would favor dialogue in this very tense situation and they would stop clashing with her. so they would stay on the sidelines and i think the 3rd moment has did this morning or good morning on a sunday morning when the organization of american states has deals at the down courts of c.b.s. news that devalues your ring and that tool 12 shares of colbert tell us which of course these weeks of very strong. protests in the body yep but have. more people dead and many people wounded and as you know i am not at
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marianna i was just going to say point to point out that report by the organization of american states because it really dealt another blow to morale this is efforts to cling on to power didn't it the report saying that there was clear manipulations of the voting process so a damning indictment a conclusion from them we're looking at live pictures right now from people gathering in a street but it looks as though there are dozens possibly hundreds of people that are and that waving flags the mood appears to be quite calm by hops quite celebratory i know that you are on the road to sort of you know traveling at the moment but what is likely to happen to have a more of this now he was giving a statement a little bit earlier but you know what becomes of him. well it's difficult to
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point a he has said that to those they say he is truthful and that is he members of the cocoa farmers union that's where he or she. is low to the presidency many years ago she have to add that she was stable. however there was speculation that she would leave for argentina then there's oprah speculation which of course does not confirm that she wanted to ask for asylum in mexico however none of you could come on but it will be difficult if she wants to escape prosecution it will be difficult there is now an order of the shoulders for elmo dallas according to a newspaper and of course many believe you aren't even people who supported him for many many years are asking themselves the largest question of the biggest question
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which would be able what i did know about this and brought. in the election and day of course many people here say that it did he needs to be punished because they feel betrayed by the quick by the by by the president all right marianna sanchez thank you very much and we can now speak on the phone from the past 2 journalists and also linda following who is inside the country i'm not sure if you've had a chance to speak to many people since we have this announcement of rod of his resignation but how would you describe the general mood and reaction to this news. i mean i am in an upper middle class neighborhood and within middle and upper middle class neighborhoods throughout libya in urban areas people are celebrating the fact that evil marlice has left in more working class neighborhoods in terms of like the history of this protest after
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a through the last 3 weeks there's actually been a very limited amount of activity there's certainly been working class people who have opposed. but but the welcome of it has been centered i think it's fair to say in urban areas and i'm in the middle and the upper middle class. more or less was the country's 1st in. and that was enormously significant for a country when where you have these different groups and he's also been credited with boosting the country's economy and making it a more equitable distribution of wealth much more equitable now and has some concerns that his sudden departure could generate a vacuum where we do see perhaps division confrontation and and. instability. right i mean one of the things that evo morales and certainly in his last campaign that they promoted was that in fact they brought 14 years of economic
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stability to a chronically unstable country but i actually think that at this particular point the vacuum that is really most warring in bolivia is the political one. who was formerly president and vice president and who ran against david marr alice and came in 2nd in the elections i mean the fraudulent elections but he did come in 2nd he is the chief political rival as you if you like of. the least within the formal political system or the formal act royal system he came out this morning and said that. new election should be held able not run and that. is that there should be a murder early transition so that that able should sell out the rest of his term well now what is happy and is that the opposition particularly driven by i would
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say the right wing in santa cruz has gone on a crusade to target individual people burning their houses down and threatening them taking family members hostage and this has triggered a whole series of resignations throughout the country and eventually abel's resignation as well so there's a political vacuum now because there is not it's not clear who is now going to take the reins of power in the country and as you say it perhaps a fair bit of uncertainty lies ahead but thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us do appreciate it over ungenerous lenda father joining us there from inside a live via. but 95 percent of the votes counted in spain's general election the country remains in political deadlock with no clear majority wenna is the 4th time this gone to the
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polls in 4 years and socialist leader and acting prime minister petra sanchez looks set to win an estimated $120.00 seats out of $350.00 in the parliament but it's not enough to govern outright has also been a surge in support for the conservatives and the far right so let's go live to joanna hall in the capital madrid and there we have it john i mean sanchez's party might have done well in this election it might be the party with the largest share of the vote but we've also seen a shift to the right in these results a stable governing coalition might be difficult to achieve. i think so i think a complicated series of talks to come much as we saw you know you brought the president is doing what he can to cobble together a coalition of the left. and possibly finding it difficult if the numbers aren't quite there but there be enormous pressure on him to do so after all nobody in spain wants to see a 5th election in a little over 4 years in the coming months and the other big headline as you say
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coming out of these results they're almost there with the final result now is a doubling of the seat count but a bright spot is that only into the parliament for the 1st time in april and indeed that was the 1st time a far right party had been in this parliament since the days of franco so that they but there's certainly a big development as well let me bring in my guest miguel instrument murata is with us a writer and political commentator here is going to be going on to present his call this election to try and block the system to try and solve the problems that he had back in april he really hasn't succeeded as a no not really because knowing founded on the margin of maneuver is deceiving. recently shorter and smaller than he had before previously he could have form a coalition to his left to his vision to the center with a preview this is as far to the to his party has been basically destroyed in this election so now he can only join forces with the far left and with the support of
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the nationalists that's all and when you say the nationalists you mean the cattle and separatists among others and that's a pretty extraordinary situation isn't it when this capital and dramas form the backdrop of this election and may also provide the keys to unlocking a socialist government well it is it is extraordinary but the fact is that whether sanchez was already in power because so he had the support of the council and from dependence upon face now this was seen as something temporary probably by scientists who are striving to strike a fine balance between being understanding of the national is about the same time not giving in to their demands of independence but now is different now he will have to form a real a full fledged government with a full fledged policy and the policy of a good article to learn yet is a mystery what is he going to do when he knows it and of course the circumstances of governing made even more complicated by the shift to the right after the renewed tensions in catalonia the box party doubling its share of seats the old
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conservative p.p. party being rehabilitated difficult circumstances also for pedro sanchez to face a change but not just for him also for the pay pay for the conservatives because the truth is that the vox fassihi separatists not just to the polish states the people the policies of a socialist but also in the right wing which they perceive that when they were in power that deprived the previous prime minister mariano rajoy a conservative they think many people in spain thought that he was also being not found enough with the nationalists so response he is actually a ones who are much more forceful action in catalonia than even the conservatives are ready to go for. so yes it's a much more from mentees monumental in an ideological sense i don't much more i don't believe parliament than the one that we had before is it fair to say we're basically looking here at either a very weak fragile government or another early election or possibly
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a combination of the 2 yes that could well happen nobody nobody once doubt especially now for the socialist it will be of the sastre if they had a new election i think they would suffer and much much greater the feeds so they would try to avoid it but yes of a certain point if they can't pass a budget for example which is crew show especially in these dire economic situation at least the prediction for the coming months is not very good well then obviously they will have to go for a general election again we got a job thank you for being with us this evening final results are almost there the picture is going to join the socialists ahead and a tough road ahead of the former government back to thanks very much jonah how in the trade. with al jazeera live from london much more still ahead including a story china looking to expand its investments in greece teaching pain lands in athens out of his 2nd meeting with the greek prime minister in a week. hello
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there something of a reprieve across eastern sections of new south wales that need tums of the winds and the speed of those winds but that is set to change unfortunately as a new system work its way across the great by bringing the rain but of course not to the regions we needed to see it so on monday 27 celsius in sydney 28 up in brazil but the winds there should be lighter and not really coming from the interior but as this system works its way further east that will then help to bring those winds from a different direction certainly by choose a look at the temperatures well a jump of 10 degrees celsius so very warm indeed and the winds coming from the interior the dry also expected to be strong gusting to about 80 kilometers an hour and it's warm out into western australia as well $33.00 celsius in rainy skies across into tasmania sunny rainy skies across into both on and off new zealand as
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well in christchurch on monday malda in oakland and those that cloudy wet skies and a very similar picture on choose to maybe more the way of showers across into christ church and plenty of rain into central and northern honshu as well as we go through monday of that will work its way northward quite cloudy across into her some rain showers pushing their way across into seoul that clears by choosing and the bulk of the rains kid away from much of honshu as well. capturing a moment in time. the snapshots of other lives. of the stories. providing the tips into someone else's work. day it was new day for. inspiring documentaries
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from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. welcome back a look at the headlines but obvious president evo morales has announced his resignation just hours after being asked to step aside by the country's military chief. has faced weeks of protests of his controversial election victory last month . with 95 percent of the votes counted in spain's general election the country remains in political deadlock with no clear majority wenna socialist leader and acting prime minister pedro sanchez looks set to win the most votes but not by
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enough to form a government out right. now turkey's defense ministry is saying that at least 8 people have been killed in a car bombing in northeast syria the attack took place in village south of the border town of tell it to blame the attack on the kurdish y.p. jeep turkish forces launched a military incursion last month to clear the border region of kurdish fighters the offensive was halted after a deal was struck with the united states and russia meanwhile elsewhere inside syria 7 civilians have been killed after explosions hit rebel held areas and so too have been carried out by the syrian military or russian allies. we go to iraq now police are saying that 3 people have been killed in the southern city of nasiriyah off to security forces opened fire on anti-government demonstrators the iraqi human rights commission says 6 others were killed and more than 30 injured during protests in the capital baghdad security forces have been using tear gas and live ammunition to try to clear the demonstrators i missed international has described
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the situation in iraq as a bloodbath off more than 300 people have been killed since the demonstrations began on october 1st. well iraqi doctors and nurses have been volunteering in baghdad's to high a square to help treat one to protest as they say the security forces are now targeting them along with the demonstrators and i'm sure going to reports from the capital. the doctors and nurses trying to save lives in tahrir square say we're in a white lab coat has become a bull's eye on their backs many were afraid to speak with us on camera saying they're worried the government over tally aid against them for volunteer ing after their day jobs to treat injured protesters but that it is that when they are targeting us to prevent the treatment of their injured 2 days ago on a bridge they were to use an os we were hiding on sites 3 pts and they were shooting at us from home viz who they on who they did their orders from we don't know these men and women have formed
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a volunteer army of health care professionals for protestors doctors nurses pharmacists nurses assistants even medical students work in tents like this one spread across tahrir square which has become the epicenter of the protests the wounded arrive in a steady stream primarily via talk talks which could more easily navigate the crowds the medics also venture out onto nearby bridges which have become battlefields as protesters confront security forces this is a 1st time experience for me and i'm not scared. i saw them like my brothers holding injured and no one cares about them they are also targeting us with live ammunition the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 batiks have been killed in baghdad since it is a government protests began on october 1st the medics we spoke to say the people shooting at that attacking them are wearing military uniforms. we talked to iraqi
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military spokesman abdul karim hala if about allegations that health care professionals are being attacked who said to. their 60 to 70 people belonging to one particular group reading anti-riot police uniforms they go to the front of the protest is there not anti-riot police they're not part of our forces syrians are militias we don't know we have started an investigation to track them. highly of says these people he calls infiltrators are also attacking security forces. in tahrir square medics are now feeling especially vulnerable after 2 of their colleagues were recently stabbed in the back walking among the crush of protesters to get to the wounded they say their determination to help and heal all in need is stronger than any fear that asha going to name al-jazeera baghdad. and he's from
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romania now exit polls there showing that president has won the most votes in the country's presidential election but he's not going to enough support to avoid a runoff later this month yanis will likely face the social democrat leader and former a mania prime minister. in a 2nd round on november 24th the centrist incumbent is known for his anti corruption measures and he's been praised by the west for his commitment to the rule of law. the prominent cambodian opposition figure kemp's a cot has been released from house arrest 2 years after he was charged with treason he's still banned from policy and is also barred from leaving country it comes as self exiled opposition leader sam rainsy is attempting to return home to lead protests against the government while in hey has more now from penn. 2 years after opposition leader kim carr was arrested jailed and then placed under house arrest a cambodian court has released him his daughter who is also an influential member
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of the band opposition cambodian national risky party hopes this is just the 1st step of. i hold that petard against him will be dropped and i hope that his political rise along with the political rise of my colleagues and myself will be reinstated and that would be a negotiation between the 2 parties to reinstate for example the space. media right space was there was a society and reinstate a real opposition party back. is still subject to severe restrictions and the treason case against him stands. by we still have questions about certain things mentioned in the court order and we will ask the court for clarification such as what limitations are there on his freedom what are the limitations on his political freedom kenny meet his supporters what degree of freedom does he have to meet with his supporters. analysts say so cause release is
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a tactical move by the cambodian government. if it comes a day after sam rainsy who co-founded the opposition party with a car arrived in the malaysian capital kuala lumpur from self-imposed exile in france he says he returned to cambodia to challenge prime minister who ruled for more than 3 decades. and on tuesday the european union will publish a report on the decline in democracy and human rights in the country it's threatened to withdraw cambodia's tariff free status on goods entering the e.u. or. facing a very very serious situation. looking at the potentially damaging. actions by the e.u. against the major industry in the country the garment industry and he has to now step up and show that he is prepared to make some compromises on human rights issues if he wants to maintain that very important economic status.
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hussein controls the national assembly as well as the police the army the courts and the meat. he's ordered the arrest of dozens of opposition activists in the last few months this is the home of chems a car where he's been detained for more than a year one of the demands of the european union is that not only should he be freed from house arrest but the charges against him should be dropped that hasn't happened he's still awaiting trial so while this is being seen as a small step in the right direction the opposition knows that little has changed when hey al jazeera phnom penh. chinese president xi jinping has arrived in greece for a 3 day visit as beijing wraps up investment in the nation she is expected to meet the greek prime minister. the 2nd time in a matter of days he will also visit her rights the mediterranean sea port controlled by china's state and shipping company cosco it's estimated that 10 percent of china's exports to europe go through courageous. less has more.
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stomach these blackouts has no doubts about the benefits of china's presence and greece's largest port his crew 3 paints ships but during greece's economic crisis they lost most of their work now that's changed now. the work has increased 5 fold the chinese reported because they came as a large entity with money and customers trust large companies. like us and his crew are going to repaint this 50000 ton tanker the paris port authorities shipyard couldn't normally have handled such a large ship but 3 years ago the state owned china ocean shipping company cosco bought a controlling stake in the port and last year it brought 2 floating docks to expand its ship repair business costco has big plans it's going to build berths for the world's largest cruise ships and turn the ports empty warehouses into 4 and 5 star
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hotels costco has increased piracy contain the business 7 fold during the decade that it's been managing it and it plans to double that to make this europe's top container port. there's no arguing with the numbers costco has invested $2000000000.00 here over the past decade and created 2000 direct new jobs and it plans to invest almost another $1000000000.00 in the next 5 years to create another 2000 jobs such growth would be unimaginable under greek state control the question is what are the political ramifications of such as to teach chinese state investment in greece the 3 month old conservative government here has reaffirmed the country's ties to the e.u. and us but greece and china commercially important to each other the institute for international and economic studies estimates that paris is now the entry point for
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10 percent of china's exports to europe that's worth as much as $50000000000.00 to the chinese economy but many say greece isn't reaping the full benefits i think that the greek side may not be gaining more than one percent of the overall benefits to be drawn from this project and the overall worth of those commodities to what is actually getting into greece's state coffers and you'll see that there's a huge gap between the 2 think it's when chinese president see jinping and greek prime minister has me to thank yous meet that may also be a major subject for discussion jumps out all pull us out jazeera paredes. tensions remain high in hong kong where people have been protesting for the 24th weekend in a row police of fired tear gas and water cannon crowds of anti-government demonstrators who were blocking the roads earlier in the day protesters vandalized shopping centers and train stations across the city anger at security forces is
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running high off to a student died on friday he fell from a building while police were carrying a demonstration earlier in the week. as more in everything is more in our breaking news story but also a comment and analysis you can watch us on life streaming as well al jazeera dot com. at the top stories now bolivian president evo morales has announced his resignation this follows comments from bolivia as a military chief calling on morality to step down so that stability can be restored in the country earlier on sunday morale is declared he would hold new elections after the organization of american states said there was serious it regularities in october's vote the president won that election with just enough votes to avoid a 2nd round that triggered suspicion of fraud and sparked nationwide protests here
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though in as we see people gathering in the aftermath of that resignation announcement by over morales they are waving their flags as they react to that use . to. the boy you know i'm resigning from my position as president in order that the people of. poor people are not to try to go on anymore i'm resigning we don't want there to be confrontations report earlier this morning we're not ministers and we decided to resign in order to do to be new elections all who believe us all for life all for the country. with 95 percent of the votes counted in spain's general election the country remains in political deadlock with no clear majority when or if the 4th time the spine is of gone to the polls in 4 years and socialist leader prime minister acting prime minister pedro sanchez looks set to win the most votes but not by enough to form a government there's also been a surge in support for the conservatives and the far right. turkey's defense
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ministry says at least 8 people have been killed in a car bombing in northeastern syria the attack took place in sort of village south of the border town of tell turkey is by me attack on the kurdish y.p. jeep turkish forces launched a military incursion last month to clear the border region of kurdish fighters the offensive was halted after a deal was struck with the united states and russia. at least 6 people have been killed and more than 30 injured during anti-government protests in baghdad this according to the iraqi human rights commission more than 300 people have been killed since the demonstrations 1st began on october the 1st over government corruption and a lack of jobs in the country. iraq today with the headlines this hour coming up next on al-jazeera witness one news after that from. the prime minister to. michigan to the british on the 31st
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about turnabout making this country the greatest place critics departure is delayed. follow the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. it. was double standards of generals you know sort of thing but. if you want to give them. something to say to that could you just going to keep it thank you.


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