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tv   The Stasi Puzzle Project  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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to his defense ministry says at least 8 people have been killed in a car bombing in northeastern syria the attack took place inside the village south of the border town of. turkey is by me attack on the kurdish y.p. jeep turkish forces launched a military incursion last month to clear the border region of kurdish fighters the offensive was halted after a deal was struck with the united states and russia at least 6 people have been killed and more than 30 injured during antigovernment protests in baghdad this according to the iraqi human rights commission more than 300 people have been killed since the demonstrations 1st began on october the 1st of a government corruption and a lack of jobs and the country. iraq today with the headlines this hour coming up next on al-jazeera it's witness and then news after that from doha. the prime minister ok. mission to give him a break take on the 31st about turnabout and making this country the greatest place
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of all or britain's departure delays but how about follow the drama the brick sit on al-jazeera. the. status of generals he knows or didn't that. he did. something to fight that could be because i did. it.
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just like money. because. i was just in the army. he went off safe. because i'm trying to focus on what's he wants 4 times between the stars if. that's going on time it's an oath of sorts once we're doing this. yeah. ok for photons. when to use it. but it wouldn't. until lunch what. didn't go into slightest interest in the other one had to do what you want along the. simple yes or no and say sure we'll see them calmly and. get on their good.
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you've appeared. there's so many of us that we can almost feel. a certain few that went along the sea and my sister and smushing discreetness i. haven't. needed much. by the side not. on the inside. i'm asking some odds are knocking off. the. tight enough in its muscles to make you know what was in the. form of the skeet given in creation liked and then puts you on for body talk to bob and there's a new dog in the map that's not going to show. along this plan on. 6
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and seen not enough to afford to plant as if it's going. to the ends and kitchen garden to put it to one to close it as you go to live in the barn doesn't know darned house not so it's no incentive to buy and feels that you wouldn't if he does not go home did you start the feast it could feed it until one could only it could . very. likely offend does it ever did get over the fact. or i'd be astonished finally as a hero dixon a sausage so it's not my cooker now it's. all fish. over there so it does it does ask my name but as i didn't go on fox. to she. and sons i had a son and that doesn't even play not. all in your article but in certain
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tiger front for toss my. just mind. because the floor wouldn't find some point a list goes on says x. . and yes i can't stop laughing he doesn't bother lotteries all says i'm buying my son that month just didn't. really. want to see. the country possibly need on a saturday and fall off. you know what it could. give a child that you have to have arm and a condom and it's good money puts it in the 1st few. but if michael would have. just been a critic. this interior utility said and did it because i didn't come for the cord to put on the school you get into these and
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put it in the city department it's you and delete it from the front lines. in this room to the new not close contact with. you you want to push this is probably i mean. does it have to just give you a little bit more to this is this seat so i noticed that we saw just past you know . it's right to impose a whole lot all guilty of a little. hope you know you know. the. people i know lied to by the in filling in didn't find me an underling i didn't know but it might be starting
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a board or they're called off water bottle of the month and i've been getting on board a little. i was lucky i'm getting pretty nice. this it's a result of our young. look in here for some doesn't occur to them that somewhere in the spirit but dotage built this fish in this political book that consulate he would still trying to understand us in this business here namely to only can image to distort of. reason to shift. from want to doesn't. contact dearest it will.
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it's often sickly for grown cannot sit in one. doesn't other know not to not think so and therefore it's not a good 1st one michelin brits will wish to medusa for the new york when this is washington it doesn't suit these and for wrong person duty province where are all its internal into feeling. if it's just or just is open it is here this is code that you know that it doesn't. but please and are not the. critical point mr matthews and it's all supplied not until some. political silly here just a shot so what's the one on the one in the entire town must know who is in.
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here would complain. what it into shape. if he did so interested in what the. others can do or put. on a stuffed i've heard of us for more than double to vote but there are. one. but it's here and another what's on. the ocean there also guns guns a few ships in the field under certain developments here and i hear people talk and it's life you're full of took what he puts you in a gift you get into the darkness yet since the creed. is for the kinds of students i can often feel interested in to do some kind of damage female i'm not talking about not so being used for not being religious if you're. spun dissenting momentum
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and different from this tool not into it if done on a leap into them as i wish i could revise it to my discipline card to delft lift my head too deeply dition defining it and get back to look like i tried to do is unthinkable such as i tried but all this was arbitrary she didn't stiff been hunted much just. one time done visit for months you're one brother you become justified circut i feel august and the through the kitchen clock and switch to used as the up time to be expansive feel by de lay did mankind often ask and it's not important is not enough to this can it's really the most expensive to push on this material for me. downsize themselves on terms when someone disagrees and come down off his indifferent to some to start on us. and dismiss him wouldn't you just push her enough to. decide is interested in me i want you to get to sleep in office items and i don't
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get so much. as a post. yeah and this town lost interest and our talk went to other teams death when this took so this. part of understanding and beautiful flashed on us and that helps a additional just rangers friend i ever say to. the government should i start to diminish the influence of the 2 just for the game to start from their feud all this got into the i think it is all between hope it can clear it fine it's just a bunch of fighting and doing this. that's why not put the mark to me i was tough titty out this afternoon till dark place to find the coffee. it's in and then beyond is a dent in the truck actually since become. a daily beast doesn't it i'm done it's hard not to blow up the dismissive of such a childhood of life now none from the even current i'm about to return to and
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ideally there's a dozen indies or knowing the. child born to so i'm going to need skinless and went in to found the human meat and the other to be cutting. the plans for the mansion for can our duty as a towards your one and there's a deed to the i was working not of no not in the front of the honest finger unsupervised i was not the 1st image makers government to be furnished unger's and helps was going to keep them current to. turn in case of a canal of fire and emotional on d.s. in term time to feel as brilliant columnist for the family as the document here just in november in determining 9. 11 to learn from you the system must run and in her shoes he tries to treat. in 2000 because it started at least illegal gun contest just begun as we entered the zeitung us in arkansas and found ended in doubletalk the definition of us are finished because. there's a wooden indian cinema it's either direct or finished it so entirely as it were to
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learn from one teacher entirely couple pearson's of this apprentice when if we could get a ticket up in and fire the aphid. display healthy for cooling man want to splash picked up some slate dramatically on line for free up. on fields and from 15 on the 6th and it's the cells known to go up aseem t.v. build up from a few on the cheap it took some of them visits in the dust and free of the void and justice of the rest of the visor finished the mood on just and those of us who. have to be spreading to on record as richmond heights kraftwerk a farm on the leak this and frightened who've. just been done flocked to us commented on a phoenician a specimen tried to shut. and ended user from 15000 from from the
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indian user ships years and. all. the army and found that would tell them from from the front to take a loss from what from for to come good news that's the senior cannot know it comes to hit so does he always from one from the other he's opposed to fence off the shelf so i'm dr shaw in the can sleep in this remote tied to give me past. let's any time enough for me to introduce him 1000 under the ticket on the hoof. just a bit as of a muslim boy and you from for no to the sex or not it doesn't even want a job. the speed of the mind this fight has all the time. the power of doing and on the news.
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might end up high long bischof dixie schmidt hamadi machines there. is in fact if money resource lawyer firth's will ultimately c.-a end up if you haven't formed all commend all from that a motley crew this could be machines in the form of its say in the heart. of the myth bischof blocked the service in the act and mon with some summons will set some these says she not to at least on the bus or shall be via phone smith death him obviously shifty can be calm and decent up in the hole for a little mite d.c. evan on saw interest on the solution if simply. put.
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the money to the consulate's or not the traditional to ensign because the station absolutely says i'm advising. field safety tolls and on the engine of items are finished and says that some inside when it's one safety device and since the safety seats tightened so this important a little steed to put in spin and see if. it's.
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someone's easiest easy to feel to see only on. the ones you need to really push the users who knows just the problem in terms of not just a month before settling. on a fishing village. once it is an open. question. but only consults on life and fond of it but i should know and ultimately. to get this can shift a bit and it's all these american model we hadn't done before will become names of women and you puzzle holes i'm full of white because when on something could have been it sold and so i will to impose it he told it to see posing as his fag life on the pens it's also intelligent tyler pulls a new isn't easy on the titles apart from one show invasion staff of live in and
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one on one is titled going to possums on ns but i think that's part of the title for this also but nation and mouth molly and d.m.z. off the title seasons which i'm struck of also does is blow it tight at the budgets was a time in which one sits and then another one timing and the tide it's on. it's was it it's gone we're doing anything i enclose a 1000 and from tie ins on the news and thousands of phone calls a bit it's just so we're not tied up in the news and he's opposed to warner for log a decisive pain in the teeth funding most of it's guns at some point been losing us all and them under tight and we can undergo both it's a bill that all. it will be easy for this kid the sophists and the sons rest. assured and soul up into some good ties and body and appreciation of what they stand to see if. they get up leave help then and click and think i sure did it
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should be getting used to so she. should make my golden forks and see all of orleans. and folks at the all school board of what's involved and untroubled invest spend even get gave me an operation under $400.00 articles and because that's the shit i know 4 inch off or and for god to 4 inch of things or via tables of all mind cults oh i get them it's a huge guy off. at me on a ship that he got a particular conflicts with us and i am not envision a form poop traipse you shoulda been owned by him from a country to find these officiant good speech to all see it get see that you are chief bush to the top dusty's or with the heat in that tradition. and in fact this piece not least skiffle and been open to my bias them trust me they get
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approval for us to get tough the most money to push. them to if it did so without seeing. lloyd old stuff on media from your folks for the following to deals mind of one does and often the to dos but then don't suffer following god it is because often better off if we hadn't come by the social and i defy. all spoke old man but this will because he had them go up in a toy to school pushed on and the dog or she swore than today. momand and i and our people would follow us it in the widest possible songs off the bottom of the c.n.c. a board from sony at all until the billboard offering presentational for its own
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sake not all schiphol not cool but went down that fish this is smoke that should be an issue and a complete. and hobby in the field getting outside concerts when he took a comment to get the hype and fear from steve mushkin that out of. him it's me i thought knock of using the c. take once it's that's not hard is. this and often single thing on articles and says it isn't a science is by. rational thought it's food had a course of gillick to it concerts or the step outside to get can get a remark this is the. site often you get to tony's you condition upset by it it adds i think it's cannot send leash try and topic me as they can if it. be of whining. for gordon or to to push a mob or marched up in complex skin with wounds and because what use of force their good even their poorly take 4 up on missy it's. because you go unlogged both good
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month to month on in musson but the. these a few infusion of so that you can totally see in. your can folks on the spot in ma he will not see moderates for dumb on sa big concerts or oneself make huge mid-course some fast see in the but off that of who feels it's i'm not here no cause i'm amend also and your going to focus on c. on form will block the pick up a couple swells will i and so on jaco false i'm court. and it was astonishing to mention didn't. need as much money. tradition wouldn't endure much more home 15th will produce less and less of a foot for the studio and off you don't know your misquote say in the most push of a moment you're close but if you can even. if i'm in the fog lifted
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us up maybe you wouldn't fuck nym's least i'm ization of the dog to him for he of about 2 frantic to 12. is one of us and us is the hope of meeting the shits not like the skin knows who once was even images for some self varicose dick to to a flick of struck by that and if you can be dozens who had to go to for me or. for the 2nd of my story please totems this nudist you mention do you suppose initiative to run from this man dolls and it's another knocked off that's on that side of a pia p.s. understanding as much at least one should definitely go of papyri of their least puts us in the against so that hard to hear disaffection that. comes when they would couldn't just argue that the true costs of a to come most. were.
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or. were. what was .
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jill here's. the fun but somebody's got to do it where do you. go to the point here. but with the world lacking basic facilities style really help us college the pop culture is the fastest way those softest any problem mr toilets eyewitness documentary on al-jazeera. investigative journalism. a. global experts in discussion 3 toshiba deal and you disagree with that deal because of the terrible twos the worst of it was brought to us when we went to stories from other angles. open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to
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rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera for relief programs to inspire you. what are you protesting about how does the weather online facing directly translate its flavor or if you join us on set this is an attack on academic freedom at the core of our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice on which. the discussion is were open to talk about the solutions. last protests forcing the government has put are we seeing the truth. we follow journalists on the front line. pretty committed to
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reporting the facts police officers pointing guns at journalists based on hong kong fact and fiction the truth is in any way on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the news. coming up in the next 60 minutes bolivia's president steps down after weeks of protests against his controversy election victory there's no clear winner in spain general election socialists take the lead but there is a surge in support for the far right 3 people were killed as iraqi security forces and government demonstrators medical board.


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