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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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right. exactly. meets marc lamont i very much thought i was going to get shot in the bad movie studio takes on al jazeera. livia's president resigns after weeks of post-election protests but says the call for him to go was a coup. hello and welcome my name is peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up hong kong police use live ammunition as protesters try to stop vehicle and rail traffic across the city. sanchez's socialists fall short of a majority in the spanish general election after a surge in support for the far right. also ahead
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a ship shape sank sanctuary wrecks from the 1st world war have become part of the scenery in a us river. top story lesson america's longest serving leader has resigned after protests against his reelection in bolivia but he isn't going quietly just hours after abel morales announced he was stepping down he accused the police of an illegal warrant for his arrest and he says his home was attacked by violent groups protesters packed the streets of the capital a pass to celebrate his resignation earlier bolivia's military chief called on mr morales to step down he says it's a coup against his government a little money i'm resigning from my position as president in order that people from culture obama and the poor people are not tried in on anymore i'm resigning for them we don't want there to be confrontation early this morning we met
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ministers and we decided to resign in order for there to be new elections so we were all for bolivia or for life or for the country. in america. with more situation in bolivia this hour it is extremely complex and politically unstable to begin with there is it and huge power vacuum after the resignation of president abel medallists the one would have stepped in as the vice president but he's also resigned as has the president of the senate and the lower house will be next in line so now we have the possibility of the president of the supreme court filling in the executive branch but that hasn't really been established all the years of president ford but we'll see if you have the president now saying that he has information that in your legal equals an illegal arrest for has been issued against him and he's denouncing the coup the top of the world and the reaction both inside and outside of the gate is mixed we have always been the left wing allies of
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what allies such as in israel or cuba nicaragua is calling it a coup d'etat but also some of the people here in neighboring chile though are no friends of the of the former president's interest the former foreign minister calling it a plea to try and urging the libya to reinstate what he calls the rule of law and democratic institutions the united nations also expressing great concern for the instability that is going on and we don't know how it will what has its supporters will react to this this could be a power came that instead of putting out the fire that had been started when he was accused of having held a legitimate or highly question the elections general putting it out it may just continue to close more social upheaval. mexico's foreign minister says his country would offer morales asylum if the former leader source it's
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a number of leaders from the region have been responding to that news on twitter the brazilian president jabal sinatra's said denunciations of election fraud resulted in the resignation of president abel morales the lesson for us is the need in the name of democracy and transparency to count votes that can be audited the vote is a sign of clarity for brazil while venezuela's president nicolas maduro on twitter said we categorically condemn the consumer could atar against the brother president ever marlice the social and political movements of the world declare ourselves a mobilization to man the preservation of the life of the people living in native peoples victims of racism on your part i'm pale as a journalist focusing on latin america the grays and which is an independent news website she believes not on this was pressured out as president democratically. i think there's no question that what we've just witnessed in bolivia is a military coup what else do you call it when a president is forced to resign after the head of the armed forces someone that no
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bolivian actually voted for called on the president to step down and we should keep in mind able morales is a mandate regardless of what you think about the october 20th result does last until this january so even if we were to invalidate last this last election abel still is the president or should have been the president until january and instead we've seen him step down saying that he's stepping down because members of his party. will have actually fallen under threat there are holmes of mares and governors were were were attacked by violent demonstrators who threaten to carry them out of their houses and set them on fire we saw public journalists journalist working for a bolivia television dragged out of their offices by these very clearly right wing violent non-democratic protesters and demanding they stop their broadcast of the
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demonstrations this to me appears to be completely undemocratic and a clear attack against able moralise and his mandate he was willing to go for elections again. the police in hong kong have shot protesters with live ammunition during demonstrations attempts to stop traffic going into the city center which is the broadcast live on facebook and shows an officer drawing his sidearm whilst attempting to detain a mosque tension is high on the student protests that died on friday mr clark joins us live from hong kong so what do we know the the condition of this individual who was shot in the abdomen or the chest area. of the hospital authorities has now confirmed that he's in a critical condition and as you mentioned he was the protester who is on the street where we are now inside 100 this is a very busy intersection on the eastern part of hong kong island and these protesters were trying to block this particular intersection in what they were
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calling a general strike called on monday morning to try to create a communique else transport and while chaos the people trying to get to work that was when the traffic policeman shot that particular a protester and we can confirm there were 3 rounds of live ammunition and as i mentioned he's now in a critical condition in hospital here in hong kong now we've just had a number of rounds of tear gas fired here at this intersection because the protesters moved and again and that kind back in here they try to block the straits once again in what they're calling this general strike so the police the ambulance the father i see far behind me i'm not sure if you can see i've been here that created a little little kind of barricades to try and micah. to sex between them in the place of the police at this stage it appears how they're brought place appear to have retreated to the regrouped as we call it but no doubt they will come back here because once again they're blocking all entrances and we've got a lot of people who've actually moved in just to have a look and that was when though you yelling at the right place before and the
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tensions of fright i think i'm by saw talking so early on monday morning with the t.v.'s pride of fatah should cite a number of universities as well not this is where they're also trying to create some block by block it's on my to 3rd phase and highways on monday. morning here in hong kong 3rd time protesters have been shot with live ammunition sara are we entering a new dimension here with this what is the 24th straight weekend of protests as well. yes we also had the protester who died on friday asafa suffering from a cardiac arrest and this is from his example a brain injury that the previous monday morning joining a protest when he fell from a composite from level 3 to level 2 now the protest is a blaming police for that because that was saying that he fell when a during i dispersal operation by the place when they were firing tear gas at those protesters there's now disputes as to what the scientist who was right who was wrong but certainly one different price this particular protest a shot with a live round of ammunition on monday morning and the sultan on monday we have
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a number of pro-democracy norm i could take hearing in court and over the weekend the rest of them charged with various what they've been called breaches of ovide lighting the lives of council policies and that is also angered the pro-democracy movement because those charges relate to even one hard knocks you know make any choose hosting a meeting that the probation groups say he should have been hosting so that this any discrepancies in either side of the escalation of anger has been fueled on both sides and now this shooting or the live round of ammunition being fought on monday has certainly hit a new dimension here on syria thanks very much. top story in europe this spain's ruling socialist workers party have won the biggest share of the votes in the 2nd general election this year but it's again full with short of a working majority in the face the difficult path to forming a stable government join a whole as in madrid. muted celebrations for the socialists in spain who win once
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again the largest share of the vote but not a majority forming a government will be fraught with difficulty if you that's not the only the socialist party has won the elections for the 3rd time this year i would like to thank the millions of spaniards who were summoned and took part in these elections because this is good for our democracy. caretaker prime minister pedro sanchez called this election after earlier coalition talks failed and believing the socialists would improve their standing in april's vote the gamble hasn't paid off he will now be under immense pressure to negotiate a coalition likely to include the extreme left unit party and even relying on catalonia separatist parties for support even if this party is a socialist of them must most of the catalan nationalists are left leaning parties they're very different they have different interests the catalans of course want independence these those very much against the size of the socialists cattle and
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separatists have been hugely influential in this election and the last one in april and it will be unthinkable to many in spain that they might provide the key even if just through some voting arrangement to unlocking a socialist government. in barcelona delighted at what some will see as a victory for the independence cause and to make matters worse for the socialists the ongoing capital and drama that threatens the breakup of the spanish state has provoked a shift in public opinion to the right the conservative people's party has been rehabilitated and the far right vox party has doubled its share of parliamentary seats to become spain's 3rd political force. it was there because it's i think we can be very proud despite the uncertainty we all face in the future because a patriotic social alternative has been consolidated in spain that demands national you. mysie and the establishment of constitutional order and case alone with the
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unforgiving application of the. no one wants to see another election but whatever governing arrangement arises out of this fractious and fragmented political landscape it is likely to be neither stable nor longstanding don't know how al-jazeera the treat. still to come for you here on al-jazeera. iraqi medical workers treating antigovernment protesters say they're not being targeted by the security forces. on the frontline of a poll of how health workers in the democratic republic of congo are fighting mistrust and to treat people the patients. hello them all snow all the way across more northern sections of the united states
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still fairly mild across areas in the south but that really is set to change all of this is an indication of where really the weather is and sunny through monday there's a line of rain and snow is sweeping its way south was of course snow in this cold behind and still rain for the design so really quite a wet cloudy day across much of texas 18 celsius in dallas look at these temperatures 2000 kansas city one in denver these how much has around 10 and 11 degrees below the average then as we head on into choose day that snow works its way further east pushes up into the north as well and we could on tuesday see some sleet into new york city also down into d.c. 10 which isn't too bad which is why it may be that rain and snow mix meanwhile 12 celsius in atlanta even colder in kansas city at minus one but the time it is coming back up in denver very cloudy picture generally across much of the west against the rain pushing into seattle fail settle through areas of the caribbean the heavy rain is to the south panama. crossing to costa rica some showers across
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as a cuba into the bahamas and then as you can see by choose a slightly better across the northern as of the caribbean but the rain is on its way into where mexico but not so mexico city dry and warm at $23.00. dreams john simm and entertainments await the people to rise above the violence around so it's my role to give these girls a different idea that they can leave the ruins of this community 3 short films show how performance creates a home and family and gives hope and opportunity. i agee selects on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera remind us of our top stories of the stop a live news president obama has resigned up to widespread protests against his disputed reelection he's been facing weeks of protests after disputed results in the recent presidential vote. a protest in hong kong's in a critical condition after he was shot by the police demonstrators had been trying to stop traffic going into the city center earlier the police of fire tear gas and water cannons of anti-government rallies. spain's ruling socialist workers party has won the biggest share of the vote but falling short of a majority of the 2nd election this year the hard right box party saw its support surge to almost double the results from april. security forces have. again opened fire on protesters across iraq killing at least 9 people.
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6 demonstrators were killed in baghdad while some of the 3 were shot dead in the southern iraq the city of nasiriyah the security forces say they've been targeting so-called infiltrate says protests against 325 people have been killed across the country since protests began at the start of october. iraqi doctors nurses have been volunteering in baghdad study a square to help treat wounded protesters but they say they too another being targeted by the security forces especially going to amp with this exclusive report from back that. the doctors and nurses trying to save lives in tahrir square say we're in a white lab coat has become a bull's eye on their backs many were afraid to speak with us on camera saying they're worried the government rover tally 8 against them for volunteer ing after their day jobs to treat injured protesters started as well because they didn't want
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to they are targeting us to prevent the treatment of danger 2 days ago on a bridge they were chasing us we were hiding on site 3 and they were shooting at us from home vs who they are on who they get their orders from we don't know these men and women have formed a volunteer army of health care professionals for protestors doctors nurses pharmacists nurses assistants even medical students work in tents like this one spread across tackier square which has become the epicenter of the protests the wounded arrive in a steady stream primarily via talk tox which can more easily navigate the crowds the medics also venture out onto nearby bridges which have become a battle fields as protesters confront security forces was no model this is a 1st time experience from maine and i'm not scared i saw them like my. others holding injured and no one cares about them they are also targeting us with live
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ammunition the iraqi human rights commission says at least 4 medics have been killed in baghdad since it is a government protests began on october 1st the medics we spoke to say the people shooting at and attacking them are wearing military uniforms. we talked to iraqi military spokesman abdul karim hala if about allegations that health care professionals are being attacked the city. they are 60 to 70 people belonging to one particular group and they are reading anti-riot police uniforms they go to the front of the protest as they are not police they are not bought off our forces disobedience are militias we don't know we have started an investigation to track them. or how they have says these people he calls infiltrators are also attacking security forces on. in tahrir square medics are now feeling
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especially vulnerable after 2 of their colleagues were recently stabbed in the back walking among the crush of protesters to get to the wounded they say their determination to help and heal all in need is stronger than any fear that asha going to aim al-jazeera baghdad. announces investigation has found a number of countries have been violating the united nations arms embargo imposed on libya the document from the egyptian foreign ministry has revealed that cairo sent weapons to the libyan war mortally for huffed us forces a number of times on board a hercules transport aircraft it adds that training camps will have to us forces are being held in egypt under russian supervision russia denies those claims a separate draft report from the un says the u.a.e. violated the arms embargo by providing after with an advanced defense system and a warship and says jordan and turkey were periodically shipping arms to his forces that report also found the sudanese government sent 1000 of its rapid support
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forces to eastern libya in july to support his attack on tripoli imad harbel is director of research and analysis of the arab center washington he says this latest revelation is deeply concerning but what we're learning is basic been brokered if occasion the documentation necessary for establishing. the u.a.e. are indeed interfering in a very very bad situation and the case why of the same crime problem be speaking there was no doubt there are support for the international agreement and the united nations we're all regarding. it now we're only a reader are you know we will discover them believe you don't mean. just simply. supporting them and libya which is unconscionable you know and the u.n. needs to find its peaceful you don't need social these bully don't be 2nd i mean
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these you know 78000000 people have been living in these conditions there is 111 and that is not a need to 4 of us anymore it's time you give them the you know unity them by the hands of our own libya. violence and mistrust are contributing to the spread of it in the democratic republic of congo however health workers so despite the challenges fewer people are getting sick and many being treated catherine soy has this exclusive report from benny. doctors at this. struggle to keep an 8 year old girl alive. and she's in the late stages of the disease and her pain is unbearable. we call her cover war to protect our privacy this doctor who's heading of with care patients are often brought to late share a bit of a. load. now today she's
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a little bit worse than yesterday. not so conscious anymore feeling. given some fluid control. diarrhea in another section of the center there's a case doctors are calling a medical miracle baby was born prematurely 3 weeks ago how mother died immediately after giving birth but she's not sick her doctors tell us this could be one of the 1st such documented cases since airborne i was discovered decades ago she was really pose a. danger was posed to you court was posed to the leader it was posted to this side of the baby it was posed but the blood of the baby that was negative those who come to see centers on time are getting more people also getting vaccinated many now understand that this is a dangerous disease and getting help on time is
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a matter of life and death this latest outbreak of ebola started last year and has killed at least 2000 people in parts of eastern democratic republic of congo. barrels are harder now than at any other time grieving families frederick new kids relatives being carried away by health workers to a mosque or a far from home a bomb that is most infectious when someone dies. his wife whose 2 children have also died trying to come to terms with weeks after they were buried. it is very sad to see people i love dying i cannot even send them off with a proper christian burial or even a proper prayer it's very painful. health workers higher see fewer people are getting sick. but there's still a lot of mistrust and hostility from some in january we are coming from a burial when our team was attacked by a group of people they were very hostile and had barricaded the road. and beat us
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up we are lucky we escaped back at the benny treatment center baby and is getting stronger she will have to be taken to an often age was she gets. her father is in hiding a grandfather says he can't take care of. on the other hand is still fighting for her life catherine saw al-jazeera many democratic republic of congo. i think blanket of toxic small because again engulfed the indian capital new delhi residents are in complaining of breathing difficulties and irritation to the eyes of public health emergency has already been declared in the city pollution reached the worst of the levels last week smokers also being blamed for soaring miscarriage rates and infant mortality. china's leader has arrived in athens for a 3 day trip to discuss bilateral relations investment and trade xi jinping will also go to parade as the mediterranean sea port controlled by china's state and
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shipping company cosco john psaropoulos has more. stomach this pluckers has no doubts about the benefits of china's presence and greece's largest put his crude repaints ships but during greece's economic crisis they lost most of their work now that's changed. the work has increased 5 fold the chinese reported because they came in as a large entity with money and customers trust large companies like us and his crew are going to repaint this 50000 ton tanker the paris port of origins shipyard couldn't normally have handled such a large ship but 3 years ago the state owned china ocean shipping company cosco bought a controlling stake in the port and last year it brought to floating docks to expand its ship repair business costco has big plans it's going to build berths for the
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world's largest cruise ships and turned the ports empty warehouses into 4 in 5 star hotels costco has increased piracy contain a business sevenfold during the decade that it's been managing it there's no arguing with the numbers costco has invested $2000000000.00 here over the past decade and created 2000 direct new jobs and it plans to invest almost another 1000000000 dollars in the next 5 years to create another 2000 jobs. such growth would be unimaginable under greek state control the question is what are the political ramifications of such as to teach chinese state investment in greece the 3 month old conservative government here has reaffirmed the country's ties to the e.u. and us but greece and china commercially important to each other the institute for international and economic studies estimates that paris is now the entry point for 10 percent of china's exports to europe that's worth as much as $50000000000.00 to
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the chinese economy but many say greece isn't reaping the full benefits i think that the greek side may not be gaining more than one percent of the overall benefits to be drawn from this project compare the overall worth of those commodities to what is actually getting into greece in state coffers and you'll see that there's a huge gap between the 2 figures when chinese president see jinping and greek prime minister. meet that may also be a major subject for discussion jumps out all pull us out jazeera paredes. the u.s. has granted special protection for parts of the river in the state of maryland the area known as mellows bay is home to the biggest collection of water i'm shipwrecks in the world is hiding joe castro. beneath the water's surface rest wood in skeletons from another era i mean the wow factor is astounding especially at low
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tide when they're all rising out like a true ghostly rising out of the water. isn't langley is an underwater archaeologist for the state of maryland her ghost fleet are the remains of more than 100 century old ships built during world war one to deliver american aid to european allies this is the largest ship graveyard in the world that's homogeneous that's all one period all related. how the vessels arrived at their watery grave is the story of an early u.s. merchant marine that never left american shores in 1917 president woodrow wilson commissioned the u.s. emergency fleet shipyards across the country raced to build a 1000 steamships in 18 months but mid effort the war ended and 200 some already built ships were immediately rendered obsolete they didn't know how long the war was going to last either so the fact that war ended before they finished the building program was
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a good thing langley says after the war nobody wanted the ships because their hastily built holes were made of wood not steel eventually a salvage company brought them to mel's bay where they were stripped of valuable metals during the great depression burns and song but they've become an integral part of the environment we're very happy to have and they're still here for us all over enjoy it when you're century that these impulses have been rooted here something interesting has been happening and made sure is rick's leaning back filling them with dirt and sea and animals and birds and now they're small islands with their own ecosystems. the area is now a park where people can paddle through the in chanted water escape commune with nature and experience history the federal government named it a national marine sanctuary in july we felt that this is worthy of protection worthy of celebration and so this national and sanctuary designation really marks
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mallows bay as one of these really special places in the world. a submerged time capsule preserved for visitors and archaeologists for years to come. castro al-jazeera mallows bay maryland. this is a line from the heart these are your headlines libya's president has resigned after protests against his disputes reelection just hours after mr mallison learns t. was stepping down he accused police of an illegal warrant for his arrest and he says his home was attacked the presidents of venezuela and cuba have labeled his departure as being a coup a little money doesn't see i'm resigning from a position as president in order that people from cochabamba and the poor people are not tried in on anymore i'm resigning for them we don't want there to be confrontation early this morning we met ministers and we decided to resign in order
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for there to be new elections so we all for bolivia all for life or for the country . a professor in hong kong is now said to be in a stable condition after he was shot by the police demonstrators have been trying to stop traffic going into the city center earlier the police are tied tear gas and water cannon at anti government rallies tension is high after a student protest a died on friday oh spain's ruling socialist workers party have won the biggest share of the vote for fallen short of a majority after the 2nd general election this year the party led by the acting prime minister petro sanchez won a total of $120.00 seats the hard right vox party saw its support surge to almost double the results back in april. security forces have again opened fire on protesters across iraq killing at least 9 people. 6 demonstrators were killed in baghdad also another 3 were shot dead in the southern iraqi city of nasiriyah the security forces say they've been targeting so-called
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infiltrators at the protest at least 325 people have been killed across the country since protests began at the start of october. i think blanket of toxic small cars again engulfed the indian capital new delhi residence of in complaining of breathing difficulties and irritation to the eyes of public health emergency has already been declared in the city after air pollution reached the worst ever levels last week the smoke is also being blamed for soaring miscarriage rates and infant mortality china's leader has arrived in athens for a 3 day visit to discuss bilateral relations investment and trade xi jinping will also go to paris the mediterranean sea port controlled by china's state and shipping company cosco those are your headlines the news continues after a chase elects performance more news in 30 minutes see that. story of blackmail. and. you'll
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have to kill me i have strangled i have a story of courage or whatever the feeling is real. passion. and the very same thing just. ringback that is phase the only is simple and not just as a miser think. tyson is the set. animal cage for why don't. i jam into can't. or isn't.


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