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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera. the o.r. . hong kong's leader says protesters are now the people's enemy after one of the most violent days in 5 months of anti-government demonstrations. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to ball also ahead an election dispute in bolivia forces ever moralists from power allies from mexico to russia back his claim that he is the victim of a coup. a boost for boris johnson from nigel farage and his bracks
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a party ahead of the u.k. general election class. and cannot resist. sanction the possibility of sanction because it comes cambodia us economy we will collapse cambodian opposition politician sam rainsy tells al-jazeera he's confident the us and e.u. will impose personal sanctions on prime minister hun sen and its. chief executive kerry lamb has condemned violent confrontations on the streets of hong kong and described protesters as the enemy of the people and a show of defiance kerry says the government will not bow to their demands after 5 months of demonstrations this comes after one of the most violent days since the protests began it saw a probe aging supporters had a light and a police officer shoot an activist cock reports from hong kong. protesters started
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blocking. and ran lines during the morning rush hour at a crossroads inside one home district on the east of hong kong island a traffic officer was filmed as a graphic with a demonstrator and then pointed his gun at a 2nd protester and shot him in the tool so the peach was good enough to live on facebook and then underwent surgery and was put in intensive care of a hard haha. that boy without any warning and it's ready it is very very very dangerous i will. read this and will thing is all run by 5 meet had to thank me and they are in the in the neat though the. police have confirmed 3 bullets were fired during the incident place moved in to clear the barricades the shouted at by hundreds of people to gas these 5 to clear the friends some witnesses were quick by surprise despotic gas being fired by police these protesters have returned and they tried to once again look at the intersection where that protester was shot early
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this morning on monday morning with that live round of ammunition and they came out their focus is to try and keep create once again for further communique all solo was really set up high beijing support it was also since large but protesters. in a chaotic scenes across hong kong as the anti-government movement called a general strike targeting the road and around it was major highways were blocked with them 20 train stations closed and flash mobs paralyzed parts of the city to gas rubber bullets and pepper spray the 5 by police in at least 10 districts in a press conference on guns chief executive kerry then condemned the bonnets if there is do any. thinking that by escalating violence the hong kong as a government will yield to lead to pressure. to satisfy the so-called politico de moms. i'm making this statement. that one. not how can.
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balance this not going to give us any solution to the problems that hong kong is praising the members of the public hears the police abusing unnecessary and excessive force against them during the day. we are going citizen we are home grown dozens of people were taken to hospital and others are arrested as police crackdown on the demonstrations violence like this has become the new norm in the city with the shooting of one protester and city on fire as another escalating an already fragile situation. al-jazeera hong kong. and other world news a judge has ordered the netherlands to repatriate more than 50 children of dutch women who joined icily in syria 23 women asks the court to allow their families to return due to deplorable conditions in the whole camp in northern syria the court
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found only the children must be sent back to the netherlands. to bolivia now which is facing political uncertainty following president ever maraniss his resignation opposition protesters have been celebrating monist left after weeks of demonstrations against his reelection in a disputed volt the u.s. is calling for civilian leadership to maintain control during the transition and wants the organization of american states to oversee a new election russia as well as leftist governments in latin america have backed morales has claimed that he's a victim of a cold. now the mexican government is among those denouncing the exit of morales swill be speaking to john heilemann in mexico city in just a moment but 1st. in libya's capital in a positive new incident of the presidential palace mariana what's the situation right mike this morning. that's right for me there's there is
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totally security police riot police have secured this area not only to them but also ponens of protesters that are from the opposition have set up barricades in the area. where is the presidential palace not only that the national assembly behind me where in the last couple of hours we've seen green a few legislators slowly coming here one legislator from the opposition said that they are calling for they want to convene to call for calm in the country and they ringback want legislators from iraq what alice's party to must also join because there's a lot of things they have to talk about. most importantly there needs to be a new president an interim president it will be senator jenny aeneas from the from an opposition party she apparently will be named as interim president today however
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there needs to be a quorum that needs to be people from both sides so we have to see all of these legislators coming in to the national assembly also the former president of bolivia a whole hicky daughter has been here and he's been talking to the press saying that is the. national assembly has to formally accept the resignation of it all more or less they do not have to wait for more alice's signature on the paper and they have to be clear the know it all to get past the election and call for new elections very important agenda they have. so that they need to bring the country to a step forward now to be calling for new elections and that's what the organization of american states also call for but we know where the specific irregularities in the voting in the previous election. here's what the
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organization of american states was able to find was a large significant number of votes that instead of going from the voting booth to the through the system of the electoral tribunal the electoral. organization those volts went to an uncle known server and it was a significant amount of votes so that's why the organization of american states said that they could not verify that it will morales had won and they explained that there was that up unknown server it was being used in the time of the blackout of 24 hours where the electricity was was put out and nobody exactly knew what happened then so that's how they explained the irregularities of the vote for ok mary and i thank you very much for that mariana sanchez live for us in the past
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let's go to john home and now in mexico city john mexico one of the countries in the region that's backing ever more honest and even offering him asylum. that's correct the foreign minister of mexico must settle abroad says his already 20 bolivian officials have been offered or have taken up asylum and the country would also offer asylum to elmore ellis if he wanted it also called for an emergency meeting of the organization of american states to try and deal with this and the foreign minister has called it a coup the president himself has said everywhere on his acted very responsibly in stepping down to avoid violence it really seems like predictably the region sort of lining up in left and right lots on this venezuela cuba mexico itself the president elect of argentina but the fernand this. president my daughter
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in venezuela who said this was a coup president in nicaragua as well where is the the right wing section of latin america colombia has just tools asked for an ordinary orderly transition brazil has said that this wasn't a coup that this was about election floor election fraud in guatemala as well so said this for a peaceful transition of power so definitely the region here it's quite a polarized region right now and it has has been for a few years now and they definitely lining up in their separate blocs between them as you mentioned the organization of american states is just put out a statement saying that it rejects any unconstitutional resolution of the situation and it cools for peace and respect for the rule of law and for a new electoral process and that seems to be you heard mary on the speaking there from bolivia what the country's trying to get towards now that this is happen the european union as well has called for restraint and responsibility and the new
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elections so it seems that from outside the region the coolness to let's move forward now let's have new clean elections and let's get the next person. in place to take to take charge of the country from within the region this is really turning into a sort of a situation in which some are saying it's a coup and others are saying well let's just get on with it thank you for that john home and bring us a reaction to ever morality his resignation in bolivia in chile the government has agreed to write a new constitution in another move to peace protesters once rewritten the document will be put to a public referendum this comes as demonstrations continue in the capital santiago the protests began over a hike in metro affairs but has filed into anger against the government's economic policies more than 20 people have been killed and nearly 2000 injured over the past 3 weeks in the u.k. breck said party leader nigel farrar says his party will not contest
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a ruling conservative party seized in the december general election it's a promise a boy's johnson nigel fries says that he didn't want. to win the election johnson has welcomed the party's recognition that another hung parliament is a threat to bracks it i have got no great love for the conservative party addle but i can see right now that by giving barr is half a chance by keeping him honest and holding him to account by getting people in and by stopping the fanatics in billable democrats who signed us up for everything with the united states of europe european army united i mean they even want to revoke the result of the referendum no i think our action this announcement today prevents a 2nd referendum from happening and back to me i think right now is the single most important thing. jordan says he's committed to its peace
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treaty with israel despite ending a 25 year deal that allowed israeli toy sense of free access to 2 large stretches of its territory along the border jordan's foreign minister a man safadi says is acting in accordance with the treaty and not renewing the dia analysts say it's another sign navigation chip the relationship between the 2 countries is under strain over israel's treatment off the palestinians. still ahead on the program putting further pressure after a fragmented election verdict in spain castle and separatist block traffic at the french quarter. at logan a welcome back where cross parsa sudden china we are looking quite nice over the next few days the satellites not showing a lot of clouds in place across the region so the sun is going to be on trend
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anywhere from tuesday as well as into wednesday but up towards the north though it is going to be quite cloudy we are going to see temperatures coming down as well though the winds are going to be switching out of the north and that's going to bring shanghai down to about $1000.00 receive you there up towards chengdu though expect to see a high and probably some showers with a temperature of 17 degrees well unfortunately good news here in new delhi we still are looking at a very hazardous smog problem across the region take a look at the video that has come out across the area you can see the lord visibility of course is a very critical situation in terms of young children the elderly and people with respiratory situation so we're going to be watching this over the next few days but we don't expect to see much of a change as we go towards mid week at that working out what's going to be happening in terms of the forecast 28 degrees some clouds are to the north in your situation turns the clouds could be getting overcast by the time we get to wednesday but still expect to see cloudy as well as hazardous air across much of the area and then here for doha a much better situation than what we saw on sunday on tuesday we do expect to see
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a very nice day with the temperature here of 29 degrees. i'm counting the cost it's the birthplace of mere liberalism but will it also be the death of it we're taking a look at the doctrine and the protests in chile against that kind of money makes the world go round but maybe this should bring news the wrong kind of investor. helping the calls on al-jazeera.
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a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera hong kong's chief executive says the violence on the streets has exceeded protesters demands for change and they are now the people's enemy statement came hours after police shot a protester and a man was set on fire in one of the most violent days since the unrest began over 5 months ago. in bolivia opposition protesters have been celebrating the resignation of president ever. after weeks of demonstrations against his reelection in a disputed felt he says his removal was a coup. and i judge in the hague has ordered the netherlands to repatriate more than 50 children of dutch women who joined i said in syria 23 women asked the court to allow their families to return due to deplorable conditions in syrian camps the court found only the children must be sent back to the netherlands. not just rain
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where after the 2nd general election this year the voting socialist workers party. he has won the knowledge a share of votes but fallen short of a majority acting prime minister petro sanchez this party 120 seats the far right fox party saw its support surge to almost double that in a forceful. protests protesters from casanova have been blocking a major highway that connects to spanish region with france stopping traffic in both direction. has more from the border this is the 1st act of a 3 days of civil disobedience campaign across lake of the land region called upon by the coal mine group the democratic tsunami now it told its supporters a growing independent that they need to pack their bags with warm clothes food of our banks and be ready to stay on this highway or did you wait here.
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oh discuss have a spanish license plate but we're all going to phrase side of the highway though people here tell you that this is necessary because they one day european union to take a more active role in trying to solve this impacts they want maybe for the e.u. to put more pressure on madrid to open some sort of dialogue with the separatist injures. in despair and i'm just a few hours this has grown to become a proper encampment in the middle of the highway now democratic tsunami has several stated goals among which self-determination and 1st space to sit and talk to try to bring some sort of breakthrough judus political stalemate. about also when you speak to people here day say they want the release of the 9 capillary leaders currently in spanish jails and they also want for the spanish authorities to agree all on another referendum they say so at that point we would know where
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the cattle. people stand and if they yes they will have it their way and if the no wills many you would tell you they will accept the result of a democratic process now this kind of action will continue for the next 3 days. to keep on with the street pressure to try to move this crisis forward any eventually and that. leaks document from egypt's foreign ministry has revealed that the gyptian government sent weapons to libyan warlords honey for have task forces it also refers to training camps for his forces in egypt under russian supervision and russia denies those claims mom advice to details i seems of the struction in the libyan city of benghazi and in the capital tripoli they are the impact of a campaign by world or have talked to depose libya's internationally recognized government and control the country and as these satellite images obtained by an
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undersea investigative team seem to show foreign military aid has been important to have tell us war efforts chinese when the drones were spotted in this airbase in a drive from the main air operations center in libya 4 have to the same type of aircraft has also been spotted at the united arab emirates military base overheard them to the east of benghazi here satellite footage shows the aftermath of an air raid by the tripoli based government on the order for air base where some military cargo planes were destroyed the planes are thought to be foreign owned american airborne weaponry has been used in an attack on the misrata airbase as of this year a house previously found out. other satellite imagery shows and you wrote that in our links the earth man military base inside egypt with the eastern libyan city of tobruk what we're learning basic creation documentation necessary for establishing. the u.n.
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. in. a really bad situation. according to a leaked egyptian military intelligence document that's been obtained by our desire russia is helping have to and training his soldiers are to military camps near the border with libya russia's foreign ministry has denied the charge after also seems to be getting military help from sudan. a draft report by the un committee for international sanctions on libya accuses sudan's lieutenant general mohammed 100 doug lute also known as mitty of sending up to 1000 upbeat support for soldiers to libya to fight with have to and another secret document this time from the egyptian foreign ministry includes a letter in which charging president idriss deby advises egypt against using the services of sudanese armed factions. the u.n. draft report has accused several countries including the united arab emirates sudan dourdan and turkey of violating the u.n.
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arms embargo imposed on libya meanwhile the internationally recognized government in tripoli has demanded an explanation from paris following the reported discovery of french owned missiles at a base used by have to france has denied being involved and says the missiles were missing before being found with have to us forces many are concerned that foreign interference in libya is threatening to make any peacemaking efforts a lost cause. of disease. a prominent cambodian opposition politician has made his 1st public appearance since his release from house arrest of cancer castille faces treason charges and he's banned from politics and leaving the country when he reports from pan the president of the opposition cambodian national rescue party spent his 1st full day of relative freedom still in his home in the capital phnom penh he met diplomats the 1st was the ambassador of france which is one of the
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countries applying most pressure on the cambodian government. didn't talk to the media but his spokesman said the meetings were an opportunity to say thank you it just to visit to express critics. in person alone. is still banned from political activities and the charge of treason against him stands the decision to end his house arrest came the day after the acting president of his party sam rainsy flew into malaysia from exile in france saying he'll return to cambodia. heavy security has been deployed on the streets of phnom penh as a warning to anyone thinking of helping him a chief his stated goal of overthrowing the government on tuesday the european union will deliver a report to prime minister hun sen's government outlining its concerns over a decline in democracy and human rights it's threatening to withdraw cambodia's
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preferential trade agreement if significant improvements aren't made but the ruling party says the court's decision on kemp was not made in response to that threat. this is the opinion of outlawed rebels who have always taken up the issue of the cambodian government came so close cases under the control of the courts so it's not relevant. the developments come in the middle of an important holiday in cambodia the annual water festival. politics is absent as crews in boats from around the country converge on the capital to mark the end of the whip season when the tunnel asap with a changes direction even if the government is able to appease the european union there are big question marks over whether there will be any significant space in the short term for the cambodian national risk party prime minister hun sen has tried very hard to destroy the threat posed by the opposition that undoing the damage completely now seems unlikely. still the members of the band party see the
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international pressure and attention as an opportunity to try to restart their political careers and resume their campaign to change this country's direction when hey al-jazeera phnom penh. earlier my colleagues danceable to sam rainsy from cambodia as opposition national rescue party he asked him why he thought prime minister hun sen had released. it isn't that time to ease the tension and to say that he makes a gesture in the right direction yes but it is a very small step these a long way to go so nobody is going to be fooled by tam to show a nice face nobody's being full are you shaw and you have confidence in the stance of the international community including some of the members who backed and very call or request for you to be prevented from
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returning to cambodia. yes i'm 1st. thinking about the pressure the european union and the u.s. have very strong leverage when it comes to trade privileges but in asd and countries i find that there are many. freedom supporters they are democrats they are in all of walks of life and we are joy the support of like minded people even young countries you mention the u.s. what are you asking the u.s. to do in order to help democracy return. to implement we ask the u.s. to implement personally sanctions against a number of individuals who have been identified. having undermined
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democracy in cambodia dos personal sanctions will be very effective because those leaders they think they own do you think of their personal interests when their country's interests are heard they do not care but when their personal interests hurt they they do care and they will react who do you want to see the u.s. impose personal sanctions on consign family is. cronies are the top generals are there more so prominent businessman. around the horn sign so those people control. economy and they have they have to send their money in the us in europe they have a board properties there they have sent their children their family to live there
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they have even. a citizen ship the headboard passport from some european countries. and sam rainsy will be part of our discussion on come on inside story that's in just over an hour at $730.00 g.m.t. where we ask can cambodia's opposition maintain pressure on the prime minister despite a government crackdown to watch it on al-jazeera at $1730.00 g.m.t. now several of lebanon's banks will close on tuesday as work as planned to go on strike because of safety concerns ongoing protests have frequently forced financial institutions to shut down the bank employees union cited the demonstrations and customers demanding to withdraw their deposits among their concerns stephanie deck as more from beirut. so the banks are going to remain closed this is something that people had been fearing it was going to happen and you also had the governor of the central bank saying that they were doing everything to ensure the stabilisation of
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the lebanese pound in terms of its peg to the dollar that there weren't any capital controls in place but there are defacto capital controls in place when it comes to each individual bank putting limits on withdrawals there's pretty much it's pretty much impossible to transfer your money out of the country at the moment even talking to businessmen say that they can't access their funds to pay for goods and services that they want to import so we have a political stalemate we have an economical crisis just been talking to an economist who said that it's not a question of if there's going to be a collapse here it's a question of if they can stop it from happening the elites cannot agree on any names any formation of an interim governing body that means there is no. economic reform being implemented so you have a you have a paralysis really of a country of the people there are growing more and more frustrated and just to recap some of the demands electricity for example this country wasn't on the full
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24 hour and it christy's a day since 1975 so these are some of the basic things that people say they want to be implemented by this government and they want. a technocratic government to do that certainly the political elite seem to be very much entrenched and as long as they remain bickering as to how this new government is going to look is economic reforms not going to be implemented there is no trust in the politicians people will tell you these are incredibly uncertain times. kurgan i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the chief executive of hong kong has said that violence on the streets exceeds protesters demands for change and that they are now the people's enemy carry statement came hours after police shot a protester and a man was set on fire in one of the most violent days since the unrest began over 5 months ago
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a judge has ordered the netherlands to repatriate more than 50 children of dutch women who joined i saw in syria 23 women i asked the court to allow their families to return due to deplorable conditions in the whole camp in northern syria the court found only the children must be sent back to the netherlands in a bolivia opposition protesters have been celebrating the resignation of president ever more promise he quit after weeks of demonstrations against his reelection in a disputed vote he says his removal is a cool. u.k. breck's it party leader nigel farage says his party will not contest seats currently held by the ruling conservative party in december's general election in a boost for prime minister boys johnson for arch said that he didn't want. to win the election johnson has welcomed the party's recognition that another hung parliament is a threat to bracks it in spain after the 2nd general election this year the ruling socialists have won the largest share of the vote but fallen short of
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a majority the far right vox party so its support each come body is opposition politician sam rainsy has told $1.00 he's confident the u.s. and e.u. will impose personal sanctions on the prime minister of cambodia and his family says he's had positive signals following his request to world powers to target whom sen the prime minister has been accused of political opponents and rights groups of repeatedly siphoning dissent jury decades in power. and the co-leader of cambodia's dissolved opposition party has met the french ambassador a day after being released from house arrest but can still unable to take part in politics or leave the country they're upset with headlines on al-jazeera plenty more as always and i website al jazeera dot com counting the costs his next.
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hello i'm kemal santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera look at the world of business and economics this week. it's the birthplace of neo liberalism but will it also be the death of it by looking at how this doctrine has ended up undermining democracy over the past 4 decades and our case study is the south american countries hit by protests for nearly a month now also this week money makes the world go around but is there such a thing as the wrong kind of investment is a corporate tax dodge taking hold out there and it's depriving the developing world of much needed money. and we'll take you to thailand one of the worlds.


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