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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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the would be a. new problems these are says protesters and now the people's enemy after one of the most violent days in 5 months of anti-government demonstrations. play watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the back to bore also coming up a court ruled that the netherlands must repatched the children of dutch women who joined i fell in syria but it's unclear what will happen to the modest plus some election dispute in the libya forces of evil morale is from our allies from mexico
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to russia back his claim that is the victim of a cool and a boost for boys johnson from nigel frosh and his bracks at party ahead of the u.k. general election. hong kong's chief executive has condemned violent confrontations on the streets and described protesters as the enemy the people in a show of defiance kerry says the government will not bow to their demands after 5 months of demonstrations this comes after one of the most violent days since the protests began it saw a probate supporter set alight at a police officer shoot an activist. report from hong kong. protesters started blocking roads and ran lines during the morning rush hour at a crossroads inside one home district on the east of hong kong island a traffic officer was filmed as he grappled with the demonstrators. and then
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pointed his gun at a 2nd protester and shot him in the tool so the peach was good enough to live on facebook and then underwent surgery and was put in intensive care of a horse home. that point without any warning and it's ready it is very very very dangerous i will. and will thing is all run by find me time to think and they are. in a neat though the. police have confirmed 3 bullets were fired during the incident police moved in to clear the barricades the shouted at by hundreds of people to gas his 5 to clear the roads some witnesses were quote by surprise despite to gas being fired by police these protesters have returned and they tried to once again block the intersection where that protester was shot early this morning on monday morning with that live round of ammunition and they came with a focus is to try and keep create once again for further communique all solo god police say a high beijing supporter was also since large but protesters. in
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a chaotic scenes across hong kong as the anti-government movement called a general strike targeting the road and around it niger highways were blocked with them 20 train stations put used in flash mobs paralyzed parts of the city to gas rubber bullets and pepper spray 5 by police in at least 10 districts in a press conference on guns chief executive kerry then condemned the bonnets if there is do any. wishful thinking that by escalating violence the hong kong as a government will yield to to pressure. to satisfy the so-called political team on this. i'm making this statement. that would not have. violence is not going to give us any solution to the problems that hong kong is facing the members of the public accuse the police of using unnecessary and
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excessive force against them during this event. yes. we are hungry citizen we are homegrown dozens of people were taken to hospital and others are arrested as police crackdown on the demonstrations violence like this has become the new norm in the city with the shooting of one protester and sitting on fire as another escalating an already fragile situation sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong in other world news a judge has ordered the netherlands to repatriate more than 50 children of dutch women who joined i saw in syria 23 women asked the court to allow their families to return due to deplorable conditions in the whole campaign northern syria the court found only the children must be sent back to the netherlands has more from the hague. figuring out what to do with women and children associated with the enemy isn't a new problem for a country but when you bring eisel into the equation it becomes hugely
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controversial. at issue in the netherlands what to do about $23.00 dutch women and their $56.00 children under the age of 12 many born in the vast desperate el whole camp in northern syria their families have demanded they be brought home the government had said no thanks excel than i was even a kindler and for ordering in his ruling the judge demanded that the dutch state had a juicy to show it was trying to repatriate the children and their mothers to if the kurdish come command has said so and all within 14 days so if the kurdish resort authorities say we're only willing to give back the children if the dutch authorities also take back the women then that's the way it has to be and that has been the kurdish position until now they won't give any children unless the mothers are also brought back among the women there is child who was a little girl was as innocent looking as anyone but a family say she suffered mental health issues growing up was targeted by eisel
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supporters in the netherlands and persuaded to go to syria to be a bride so a fighter and this is chatty and now she lost a foot in the explosion but she doesn't have children and so she's stuck her family a devastated we had her passport when we saw that she was running for 2nd travel to syria for possible to wait for yes of course every family did that dutch government don't get their responsibility again they said yes there are there is not our problems and it's very hard to to hear that so what might the dutch government do now putting the onus on the dutch authorities to go into northern syria to get these women and children out is one thing whether the dutch are actually prepared to do it themselves is something else again because they've always said it's too dangerous but the americans have in some a sense of that they're prepared to go into al hole to perform the task for them very likely then that the dutch will be trying to outsource their own problem the big problem in any number of european countries is public opinion which
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overwhelmingly insists anyone who went to syria within the last 5 years knew exactly what they were doing and should lose their rights assuming they are brought home the next question will be what to do with them lawrence lee al jazeera the hague. believe years facing political uncertainty following president evo morales is resignation opposition protesters are celebrating morales quit after weeks of demonstrations against his reelection in a disputed vote the u.s. is calling for a civilian leadership during the transition and wants the organization of american states oversee new elections russia and leftist governments in latin america his claim that he is a victim of a call and the mexican government is among those denouncing the exit of morale is john heilemann is standing by for us in mexico city we'll have more with him in just a moment but 1st mariana sanchez is in believe u.s. capital apos you're in front of the presidential palace marianna tell us about
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what's been happening. well fully the situation here continues to be tense all the perimeter of the presidential palace and the national assembly behind me has been sealed by riot police there's also protesters from opposition that set up barricades since the october 20th election they are still there and we've been hearing a few explosions in the morning and some protesters in some areas of the city however some. legislators are slowly making their way here to the national assembly one senator told us that he wants to call for peace and bring back stability in the country and that's what all the legislators should do including members of the mosque party of what alice is party he says that they should all come here and begin to bring the country forward the most important thing folly to for them in the agenda is to swear in a new interim president is the vice president. resigned
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yesterday as well as the senate president who should have been the next in line so now. another senator from an opposition party yemeni i'm yours has accepted to be sworn in and the most important thing on the agenda for now is to call in for new elections and so what do we know about the whereabouts of a moron is mariana what's going to be next for him. well it will not alice is in the area of chuck body in the kotel bomba is a region that is forest that's the place where he rose as a very important union leader with the coca farmers he's gone back there that's where he's. he has a strong support from the coca farmers but it seems like he doesn't want to go down easily he's been tweeting. saying that this is
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a coup to talk he has also tweeted yesterday that there was an arrest order against him however. former president jorge cute or who was here a while ago said that he doesn't know of any arrest order against a moralists so analysts say that even that's not possible because the only way that he could be prosecuted this by by congress so what many analysts are saying is that the strategy seems to be that he's gone back he's sitting back and waiting to see how he's base how he's supporters will continue if the protest will hold in the next few days to see what his next move may be fine a franchise in the past thank you let's speak now to john homan in mexico city john what's been the regional reaction. well it's been divided i suppose predictably along the lines of the left and the right in the
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region so countries in the that are from the left president will take a nick and i were president maduro of venezuela cuba have all said that this is a coup and denounce this and of course as well here in mexico on the left its leader president and there is manual lopez obrador his government has also said that it's a coup they've called for an emergency meeting of the organization of american states and the foreign minister said that the country's already given protection to 20 officials from president more on his government and if president were is x. president i suppose now morally is himself once asylum the mexico would give that to him as well now on the other side you have brazil hard right saying that this wasn't a coup you've got colombia at the moment and right as leader saying that this country really needs to go on now and have a peaceful elect transition of power with new elections so the country is
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divided but this is quite a big deal at the moment considering that president moron is was the longest standing leader in latin america so he was a bit of a fixture here there's also a sense that there might be a new wave of leftist leaders in the region president a lot of the dog himself in mexico the president elect of argentina who have to see what that does to that tendency that seem to be possibly emerging in the region and if that puts a bit of a stop on that also for venezuelan president maduro this was one of the few sort of allies that he had left in the region so it affects that as well so there could be sort of some sort for it just not just within the country but for latin america as a whole i thank you for that john heilemann live for us in mexico city. the chilean government has agreed to write a new constitution in another move to peace protesters once rewritten the document
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will put be put to a public referendum this comes as demonstrations continue in the capital santiago the protests began over a phase but have spiraled into anger against the government's economic policies more than 20 people have been killed and injured over the past 3 weeks ahead on controlling libya more on the document that names countries. warlords talk. shows his camera ready. hello dana welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across parts of pakistan we do have some clouds making its way towards the north and with those clouds we could be seeing some rain turning to snow in the higher elevations
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so for cool expect to see a temperature few of 14 degrees some clouds maybe some rain rolling through as well by wednesday things to improve across the area more sun where the temperature coming up to about 16 degrees there down over here toward kuwait city it is going to be quite a nice day few on wednesday with a temperature of 28 degrees well on sunday here across the southern part of the gulf we did see a lot of thunderstorms rolling through anywhere from dubai abu dabi over here towards doha as well as into saudi arabia and with those i want to show these pictures that came out of doha with the lightning across much of the area quite a nice show across the skyline of doha with a lot of lightning as well as rain we did see just over 20 millimeters of rain falling across much of this area these pictures coming from adrian finnegan one of our presenters here at al-jazeera he lives at the pearl have a great shot of downtown a lot better here for tuesday 29 degrees as are expected high still very nice as we go towards wednesday but there is a possibility of rain showers here across central and northern parts of saudi
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arabia riyadh it is going to be cloudy day with a temperature of $26.00. u.s. president donald trump is about to host turkey's president trichet to run at the white house with the country's an auxiliary syria and french and u.s. sanctions. join us for extensive coverage of the treaty disney on.
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the back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera hong kong's chief executive says the violence on the streets has exceeded protesters demands for change and they are now the people's anomie carry on statement came hours after police shot a protester and a man was set on fire in one of the most violent days since the rest began over 5 months ago a judge in the hague has ordered the netherlands to repatriate more than 50 children of dutch women who joined i saw in syria 23 women support to allow their families to return due to deplorable conditions in syria and comes to court found only the children must be sent back to the netherlands and believe he is facing political uncertainty following president evo morales his resignation opposition protesters have been celebrating. after weeks of demonstrations against his reelection in a disputed vote. in the u.k. breck's a party leader nigel for his party will not contest
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a ruling conservative party seats in the december general election in a boost for profits a boris johnson frosh said that he didn't want. to win the election joelson johnson has welcomed the recognition that another hung parliament is a threat to the exit. i have got no great love for the conservative posse addle but i can see right now that by giving boris half a chance by keeping him honest and holding him to account by getting people in and by stopping the fanatics in political democrats who sign is up for everything with the united states of europe european army you know you met i mean they even want to revive the result of the referendum no i think our action this announcement today prevents a 2nd referendum from happening and that to me i think right now is the single most important thing to come to view does their small brennen as more from london.
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this is a significant moment in the u.k. general election campaign probably the biggest moment so far in the decision by nigel farage he's trying to paint it as a statesman like kind of decision to step back from contesting against the conservative party but in reality you've got to say it's a massive u. turn by the leader of the bracks it party just a week ago he was saying that boris johnson the prime minister's offering on bret's it was not really bracks it's all something that nigel farage couldn't possibly sign up to and here we are just a matter of days later and he's saying that the prime minister has slightly modified his op his offering and therefore nigel farage can back it he's also concerned of course about splitting the progress it votes and that was a very real concern who will celebrate this will certainly the conservatives will celebrate this in the sense that they can see their votes not being split by those wretched party contenders who would contest the same seats as them that said though
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while it might mean that the conservatives are more easily able to hold on to seats that they might otherwise have lost through the photos you wonder whether it's actually going to enable conservatives to grab labor seats i mean there are several that were targeted by that are being targeted by the conservatives ashfield for example in these midlands a labor seat with just a $441.00 majority now if the party is still going to contest in those seats then you can see that the probe vote in such a seat would be divided and therefore labor could probably stand a better chance of holding on to those kind of seats so a mixed bag a profoundly important intervention a massive u. turn by the brakes of party and the it makes the arithmetic in this election even more fascinating. jordan says it's committed to its peace treaty with israel despite ending a 25 year deal that allowed israeli tourists and farmers visa free access to to
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launch stretches of its territory along the border jordan's foreign minister ayman safadi says it's acting in accordance with the treaty in not renewing the deal analysts say it's another sign the relationship between the 2 countries is under strain over israel's treatment of the palestinians at least 6 people have died and dozens more have been injured after 3 blasts hit a kurdish town in ne in syria the 2 explosions in the town of chemistry which borders turkey were caused by a car bomb in a shopping street used media says the 3rd exploded near a hotel. china's president has met the greek prime minister in athens on a visit focused on investment and trade version xi jinping toward pirouette is the port controlled by china's state owned shipping company cosco it's his 1st visit since the approval of china's $680000000.00 plan to expand the port johnson hapless has more from athens. the greece china relationship has been developing very well
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for over a decade but the chinese president's visit is a watershed moment see jinping is signaling to the rest of the world that china is a dependable ally that it comes through on its investments especially those that come under the banner of the belgian road initiative which aims to connect china to the rest of the world and lower the cost of chinese exports particularly to the very wealthy markets of europe and north america and from the greek point of view it signals that greece after its long tenure crisis and recession a good investment destination also dependable ally a country that stands within the you know the european union and the western alliances but also is outward looking and extrovert the key chinese investment around which this entire visit is taking place is of course the china ocean
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shipping companies $2000000000.00 investment in the port of paris that investment has created 2000 new jobs it's going to create 2000 more jobs in the next 5 years and it has raised enormously the container throughput the amount of chinese manufactured goods arriving in container ships to europe come through the port of. pro separatist protesters have from catalonia have dropped a major highway that connects the spanish region with france stopping traffic in both directions hoda abdel-hamid has more from the border this is the 1st act i have 3 days of zyban disobedience campaign across the cadillac region called upon by. the democratic you know me now supporters of all pro independents that they need to pack their bags with. our banks and be ready. to stay on this highway or did you break sure. oh these cars have
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a spanish license plate but we all own the phrase side of the highway the people here tell you that this is necessary because they one day european union to take a more active role in trying to solve this impasse they want maybe for the e.u. to put more pressure on madrid to open some sort of dialogue with the separatist injures. in despair not just a few hours this has grown to become a proper encampment in the middle of the highway now democratic tsunami has several stated goals among which self-determination and 1st day to sit and talk to try to bring some sort of breakthrough judus political stalemate between the 2 sides about also when you speak to people here day say they want the release of the 9 capillary leaders currently held in spanish jails and they also want for the spanish
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authorities to agree all on another referendum they say so at that point we would know where. people stand and if the yes was that they would have it their way and if the no wins many year would tell you they will accept the result of a democratic process now this kind of action will continue for the next 3 days the aim being to keep on with the street pressure to try to move this crisis forward and eventually end it. leaks documents from the foreign ministry has revealed the gyptian government sent weapons to the libyan warlord honey for have task forces it also refers to training camps where his soldiers that are being operated in egypt under russian supervision but russia denies those claims monod has the details scenes of destruction in the libyan city of benghazi and in the capital tripoli there will be impact. of a campaign by world of hollywood have tell to depose libya's internationally
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recognized government and control the country and as these satellite images obtained by an under seal investigative team seem to show foreign military aid has been important to have tell us war efforts chinese wind blown the drones were spotted in this airbase in a job for the main air operations center in the b. of a half top the same type of aircraft has also been spotted at the united arab emirates military base of an had them to the east of benghazi here satellite footage shows the aftermath of an air raid by the tripoli based government on the edge of fresh air base where some military cargo planes were destroyed the planes are thought to be foreign owned america airborne weaponry has been used in an attack on the misrata airbase as of this year has been recently found out. other satellite imagery shows and you wrote that in our links the earth man military base inside egypt with the eastern libyan city of tobruk what we're learning basic could
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equation documentation necessary for establishing. the u.n. . in. very very bad situation. according to a leaked egyptian military intelligence document that's been obtained by our desire russia is helping have to and training his soldiers are to military camps near the border with libya russia's foreign ministry has denied the charge after also seems to be getting military help from sudan. a draft report by the un committee for international sanctions on libya accuses sudan's lieutenant general mohammed 100 doug lute of someone as miltie of sending up to 1000 upbeat support for soldiers to libya to fight with have to and another secret document this time from the egyptian foreign ministry includes a letter in which charging president idriss deby advises egypt against using the services of sudanese armed factions. the u.n. draft report has accused several countries including the united arab emirates sudan
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dorgan and turkey of violating the u.n. arms embargo imposed on libya meanwhile the internationally recognized government in tripoli has demanded an explanation from paris following the reported discovery of french owned missiles at a base used by have to france has denied being involved and says the missiles were missing before the founding of have task forces many are concerned that foreign interference in libya is threatening to make any peacemaking efforts a lost cause. of disease. a prominence cambodian opposition politician has made his 1st public appearance since his release from house arrest of cam so castille faces treason charges and he's buying banned from politics and leaving the country the cambodian government's been facing increasing international pressure over its crackdown on the opposition when he reports from. the president of the opposition cambodian national risky party spent his 1st full day of relative freedom still in
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his home in the capital phnom penh he met diplomats the 1st was the ambassador of france which is one of the countries applying most pressure on the cambodian government. didn't talk to the media but his spokesman said the meetings were an opportunity to say thank you it's just too busy to express critics. in person alone. is still banned from political activities and the charge of treason against him stands the decision to end his house arrest came the day after the acting president of his party sam rainsy flew into malaysia from exile in france saying he'll return to cambodia. the security has been deployed on the streets of phnom penh as a warning to anyone thinking of helping him a chief his stated goal of overthrowing the government on tuesday the european union will deliver
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a report to prime minister hun sen's government outlining its concerns over a decline in democracy and human rights. it's threatening to withdraw cambodia's preferential trade agreement if significant improvements aren't made but the ruling party says the court's decision on camp was not made in response to that threats. this is the opinion of outlawed rebels who have always taken up the issue of the cambodian government came so close cases under the control of the courts so it's not relevant. the developments come in the middle of an important holiday in cambodia the annual water festival. politics is absent as crews in boats from around the country converge on the capital to mark the end of the whip season when the tunnel a separate changes direction. even if the government is able to appease the european union there are big question marks over whether there will be any significant space in the short term for the cambodian national risky party prime
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minister hun sen has tried very hard to destroy the threat posed by the opposition that undoing the damage completely now seems unlikely. still the members of the band party see the international pressure and attention as an opportunity to try to restart their political careers and resume their campaign to change this country's direction when hey al-jazeera phnom penh. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera chief executive has said that violence on the streets has exceeded protesters demands for change and that the activists are now the people's enemy kerry nam statement came hours after he shot a protester and a man was set on fire in one of the most violent days since the unrest began over 5 months ago. if there is do any. wishful thinking that by
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escalating violence the hong kong as a whole government will yield to pressure. to satisfy the so-called political demands. making this statement clear and loud here that will not happen. violence is not going to give us any solution to the problems that hong kong is facing. a judge in the hague has ordered the netherlands to repatriate more than 50 children of dutch women who joined i saw in syria 23 women asked to allow their families to return due to deplorable conditions in the our whole county a court found only the. children must be sent back to libya opposition protesters have been celebrating the resignation of president ever more quit after weeks of demonstrations against his reelection in a disputed vol morales says his removal is a cold in the u.k. lead in asia nigel farage says his party will not contest cease currently held by
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the ruling conservative party in the december general election in a boost for prime minister boys johnson frosh said that he didn't want anti breaks in audie's to win the vote jordan's prime minister says it is committed to its peace treaty with israel despite ending a 25 year deal that allowed israeli tourists and farmers fisa free access to 2 large stretches of its territory along the border a month safadi says it's acting in accordance with the treaty in not renewing the deal so all of lebanon's banks will close on tuesday as workers plan to go on strike because of safety issues the bank employees union cited the demonstrations and customers demanding to withdraw their deposits among their concerns coming up next here on al-jazeera its inside story to stay with us.
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free thought with limits cambodia's opposition leader is released from house arrest bot his colleagues face hurdles as they try to return from exile can they maintain pressure on the prime minister despite a government crackdown this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm the stasi attain cambodia's prime minister hun sen has silenced nearly all voices of dissent in recent years his government has shut down independent media and dissolves the main opposition cambodian national rescue party old.


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