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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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exactly. and movie studio. on al-jazeera. mexico says it is granted asylum to. after he resigned as bolivia's president following mass protests. this is. also coming up. this is one of the most violent in 5 months of anti-government demonstrations the city's leader says protesters the people's end of the.
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battle won celebrations in. the constitution. and when the smallest planet puts on a big show the race. between his son and the. mexico was promised a safe haven for bolivia's former president but one. actually heading a day after stepping down morale this was granted asylum by mexico he's called his removal a coup that's a view shared by mexico's government his departure followed weeks of protests as international monitors pointed to irregularities in last month's election. i inform you that a few moments ago i received a call from president. whereby he responded. invitation and formally requested
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political asylum in our country in terms of the current legislation the mexican foreign minister with the prior opinion of the secretary of government minister sanchez could taro has decided to grant political asylum to mr evo morales for humanitarian reasons and by virtue of the emergency situation he faces in bolivia or john homa begins our coverage from mexico. the foreign minister of mexico marcello abroad said that he took the call from evel morales that he granted him asylum here in mexico of the administration of president under his mantle of the don't over the door has granted him asylum in mexico it's just now a case of the plane getting off from bolivia to come here and they apparently that it's negotiations between mexico and bolivia's foreign ministry to make that how to make that happen president under his monologue which will be dorothy said since yesterday when since sunday when all of this started kicking off that he respected
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ever more decision to resign to avoid more bloodshed in bolivia and to keep the peace in that country latin america has of regions been quite divided over this countries that have been considered to the left in the last few years like nick and i were venezuela cuba have been saying that this is a military coup that has been pushed out by the army president ever more or less the ones to the right brazil and colombia have instead wanted to focus on the elections which been widely disputed and which the organization of american states had serious regularities going on and saying that's really cool is that this and that there should be an orderly transition here everyone seems to be keen on police peace symbol libya and the rule of law and order is respected including the united states which is also not called this a coup that's something that is in some doubt at the moment in bolivia there seems
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to be a bit of a power vacuum at the moment in the country which countries around this region and the united states will be looking at and hoping those get resolved so as we've just heard from job morale his resignation has left bolivia in some uncertainty very out of sanchez in la paz has more now on what's next for the country. well the power vacuum is being felt in the streets of la past the capital of bolivia it's a city that is nearly now shut down. with schools closed. people are not going out a lot of people are afraid of what these violent protests continue in the day and especially throughout the night now this power. vacuum could change if if the new interim president is sworn in as planned on tuesday jenene this is a 52 year old lawyer politician who's been in the senate for more than 10 years and
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she is the 3rd vice president she's in line now after the vice president of the country of the 2 senate vice presidents. has resigned with alice on sunday as she is has accepted the task of becoming the next interim president but that will only happen if there is a majority of legislators that will attend the ceremony and participate in the swearing in and 2 thirds of the members of congress are members of the mass party of it will more or less party so it remains to be seen if that will indeed happen in the meantime she has talked briefly to the press and has said that they already have a timetable that they must call elections immediately and that hopefully there will be a new president in bolivia by january 22 and there'll be an urgent meeting of the organization
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of american states on tuesday to discuss bolivia and u.s. president. sends a message to venezuela and nicaragua that democracy will provide jordan has more from washington d.c. . the 1st message from u.s. officials a day after and as bolivia's president the political violence between all classes of the bolivian population needs to stop and needs to stop right now officials also told reporters during a background briefing on monday that they do not consider what happened politically inside libya to be a coup against evil monsters government they say that they believe that a report put out by the organization of american states or. what confirms what they had been. more honest and members of his government conspired to rose up to october 20. 8th they do not believe that anyone who is
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a member of. political party who was involved in what they're calling a total fraud should be allowed to stand to replace him as the new president when elections are held perhaps in the next 90 days finally these u.s. officials also said that they are very concerned about the rule of law being respected but they said it is noteworthy that the military obeyed a law that it been recently passed basically preventing them from getting involved in the security situation because of longstanding historical fears of another military junta taking power. now to hong kong where the chief executive has described protesters as the enemy of the people and values that she won't bow to their demands kerry lab condemned one of the most vile the days since the protests began 5 months ago which saw a probe by eugene support etc watch at an activist shot by police sara clock has
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more from. protesters started blocking roads and ran lines during the morning rush hour at a crossroads inside one home district on the east of hong kong island a traffic officer was filmed as he grappled with a demonstrator and then pointed his gun at a 2nd protester and shot him in the torso the footage was good enough to live on facebook and then underwent surgery and was put in intensive care of a whole talk on. that point without any warning and actually it is very very very dangerous i will say. that this young girl thing is all run by 5 meters. and they are in the in the neat though the. police have confirmed 3 bullets were fired during the incident right place moved in to create the barricades the shouted at by hundreds of people to gas his 5 to clear the feds some witnesses were caught by surprise despotic gas being fired by police these protesters have returned and they try to once again block the intersection where that protester was shot early this
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morning on monday morning but that live round of ammunition and they came with a focus is to try and keep create once again for further communique all slow down police say of high beijing support it was also sent a lot but protesters the. it was chaotic scenes across hong kong as the anti-government movement called a general strike targeting the road and around it from niger highways were blocked more than 20 train stations closed in flash mobs paralyzed parts of the city to gas rubber bullets and pepper spray the 5 by police in at least 10 districts in a press conference on. const chief executive kerry land condemned the violence if there is still any. wishful thinking that by escalating violence the hong kong as a government will yield to pressure. to satisfy the so-called politico demands. i'm making this statement clear and loud here that will not happen.
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violence is not going to give us any solution to the problems that hongkong is facing some members of the public accuse the police of using unnecessary and excessive force against them during this event. that we are hungry as citizens we are homegrown dozens of people were taken to hospital and others arrested as police crackdown on the demonstrations violence like this has become the new norm in the city but the shooting of one protester and sitting on fire as another escalating an already fragile situation syrup al-jazeera hong kong. well hong kong police say that they have suspended an officer who wrote about a bike into a crowd of protesters during monday's violence videos said online shows the officer we're living through a group of demonstrators at high speed amnesty international says the footage
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displays an out of control officer with the mindset of retaliation. the un's atomic watchdog has confirmed that iran is increasing the enrichment of uranium breaking its commitments to the 2015 nuclear agreement the international atomic energy agency confirmed enrichment is taking place at iran's underground furred a plant one of the most significant breaches of the deal to date the e.u. says it is extremely concerned about the violation. well commitments to the nuclear deal have to tear iraq said since u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the deal in 2018 and then started reimposing sanctions against iran in iranian president hassan rouhani told his country's atomic energy organization to start rolling back its commitments under the deal in july to ron said it planned to break in richmond limits and confirmed it was stockpiling more low in rich durani and then was allowed under the agreement last
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week iran to clear that it was enriching uranium to 5 percent a level that means it can be used in nuclear power plants and is in excess of the limit outlined in the 2015 deal hillary mann leverett is a former u.s. state department official see says this is a calculated move by terra i think it's intended by iran to raise the stakes intended to force the united states to force the european union to force even china and russia to take iran situation much more seriously keep in mind that no other country not even iraq under saddam hussein in the 1990 s. after it had made it quaid not even iraq was under such crippling sanctions that iran is under even iraq then was able to sell its oil for food iran can't even do that so what iran is doing is an attempt to force the international community not just the european union but the united states and even china and russia to take
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iran situation more seriously and in some ways it has we have seen the french move to increase its negotiating position we've seen the japanese we've seen even the united states and the united arab emirates move more toward a negotiated settlement with iran it's still very far off and it's a high cost high risk game but i think it's one iran thinks it must do to break the same shuns. still ahead on al-jazeera a court rules the netherlands must prepare for it the children of dutch women who joined us will lead syria but it's unclear what happens to the mothers at a cambodian opposition leader meets supporters after being freed from house arrest .
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the weather sloshy set fire across china at the moment we've seen some very well are pushing across vietnam in the form of troubles still not crazy that is pushing its way into cambodia now phasing out in the process found a warning was issued last night surprised skies will come back in behind a legacy of showers as well as on the show showers just still staring in there from the south china sea for china itself as you can see we have got want to see showers pushing into western parts of the countries you go on through wednesday and those showers perhaps popping up a little into that he said sato vietnam for the middle of the way the usual rash of showers maymont across southeast asia and the great surprises here showers sneaking a little further south was it just because see some showers too over the next day or so but the main focus is going to be around borneo malaysia sinks and a lot of the showers some showers there through pushing up into southern parts of the like potentially and there's just some showers that 2 to central parts of taiwan bangkok could see some wet weather wet weather remains in the full
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consequences southern parts of india into west flank a further north it's generate driving a little bit of cloud just maybe across the northern plains of india but there was some rain hit playing out the air in new delhi but here is stay strong and smokey in the coming days. the weather sponsored by countdown and. russia has jeopardized the united states security interests. we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. into the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft the russian goals have retreated not peace in. russia on al-jazeera.
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and you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories. mexico is granting asylum to bolivia as former president is asking the country to ensure his side of the formally to resign sunday after the military demanded he step down. on kong's chief executive has described protesters as quote the enemy of the people that's after one of the most violent since demonstrations began 5 months ago which saw a pro paging supporters set alight at an activist shot by police. the un's atomic watchdog has confirmed iran he's increasing its enrichment of uranium breaking its commitments to the 25th day nuclear agreement the e.u. says it is extremely concerned about the violence. a dutch court has ordered the
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netherlands to repatriate more than 50 children of the women who joined us all in syria 23 women had asked the court to allow their families to return on from the al whole camp in northern syria but as long as they reports lag the judge ruled the mothers need not be sent back figuring out what to do with women and children associated with the enemy isn't a new problem for a country but when you bring i sill into the equation it becomes hugely controversial. at issue in the netherlands what to do about $23.00 dutch women and their $56.00 children under the age of 12 many born in the vast desperate el whole camp in northern syria their families have demanded they be brought home the government had said no thanks excel than i was even a kindler and for ordering in his ruling the judge demanded that the dutch state had a juicy to show it was trying to repatriate the children and their mothers to if the kurdish come command has said so and all within 14 days so if the kurdish resort
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authorities say we're only willing to give back the children if the dutch authorities also take back the women then that's the way it has to be and that has been the kurdish position until now they won't give any children unless the mothers are also brought back among the women there is child who was a little girl was as innocent looking as anyone but the family say she suffered mental health issues growing up was targeted by eisel supporters in the netherlands and persuaded to go to syria to be a bride so a fighter and this is chatty and now she lost a foot in the explosion but she doesn't have children and so she's stuck her family a devastated we had her passport when we saw that she was running for 2nd travel to syria for the possible to wait for yes of course every family did that dutch government don't get the responsibility again they said yes there are there is not our problems and it's very hard to to hear that so what might the dutch government do now putting the onus on the dutch authorities to go into northern
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syria to get these women and children out is one thing whether the dutch are actually prepared to do it themselves is something else again because they've always said it's too dangerous but the americans have in some a say to that they're prepared to go into al hole to perform the task for them very likely then that the dutch will be trying to outsource their own problem. the big problem in any number of european countries is public opinion which overwhelmingly insists anyone who went to syria within the last 5 years exactly what they were doing and should lose their rights assuming they are brought home the next question will be what to do with them lawrence lee al-jazeera the hague meanwhile turkey's interior ministry says the country has begun a program to repatriate captured us or fighters an american and a german were deported on monday with a danish national expected to follow fighters from ireland france the netherlands are scheduled to be deported in the coming days officials say just over 1200 us
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will fight as a coward being held in turkish prisons at least 7 people have died and 70 more injured after 3 blasts you know a kurdish town in northeastern syria the 2 explosions in the town of commission which borders turkey were caused by car bombs in a shopping street use media says the 3rd exploded near a hotel basically has been the scene of multiple explosions since the start of turkey's offensive into northern syria one of the figures credited with setting up the white helmets rescue group in syria has been found dead james the measurer was found founder of made a rescue that's a group which helped train the volunteers in what was officially called the syrian civil defense and investigation is being launched after his body was found the his home in central istanbul the white helmets have been credited with saving thousands of people in rebel held areas during years of bombing there has been remembered by karen pierce the u.k.
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ambassador to the united nations. we've lost a real humanitarian the causes of death at the moment are unclear we will be looking very closely to see how the investigation goes i hope the turkish authorities will be able to investigate family and i'm sure we'll will want to give them any assistance they might require i do just want to take the opportunity to say on the record that the russian charges against him that came out of the foreign ministry that he was a spy categorically untrue. the u.s. is calling for the iraqi government to end violence against protesters more than $325.00 people have been killed since demonstrations erupted last month on sunday security forces again opened fire on protesters killing at least 9 people iraq's justice minister says he deeply regrets the deaths but blamed them on individual violations by those in law enforcement. well protests have once again broken out
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with riot police firing tear gas and water cannon and demonstrators in santiago it comes despite president sebastian pinera plans to rewrite the constitution that's a central demand of the protestors of the chart of dates back to july which many say excludes protections for social rights. reports from santiago. the unmistakable sight and sound of the quick at chili's national dance. in the same plaza where santos largest protests are taking place these people came to remind chileans that there are things that unite them all. this is a decisive time it's making us reflect on what we are and what we want to become we need to feel empowered and also take responsibility for the solutions to our demand the. one of them is a new constitution in nearly 4 weeks of unrelenting protests it's widely being seen
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as indispensable to pave the way for structural changes to chile's free market system. the current constitution was imposed in 1980 under the pinochet dictatorship. the model of the 1980 constitution hands education health social security and labor relations over to the private sector the state plays a minimal role so people are feeling abused by a constitution that instead of benefiting the collective needs tends to concentrate resources in a few hands without providing the necessary services. but other experts argue that the current constitution is not to blame rather the laws and public policies that have failed to meet people's needs. i'm not saying this is a new constitution can't improve the magna carta but i fear that will be a huge question between people's expectations and the reality of what the. and
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can't do that after nearly 4 weeks of unrelenting protests it's widely being seen as a necessary step to pave the way for structural changes to chile's free market system . but for many that's no longer enough former presidential candidate alexandra de year says that must call for early general elections but fortunately can tackle a new national charter. descriptor but we need to legitimize social changes by turning to our citizens they inevitably unnecessarily must be consulted actively and that starts by letting them choose who will represent them. the undemocratic origin of chilies current to magna carta is indisputable like a new one will not rectify all the countries wrongs but it may be a good way to start over to boost the tarnish legitimacy of the country's democracy you see in human al-jazeera santiago. a problem bodie an opposition leader has made
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his 1st public appearance since being released from house arrest but still faces treason charges and he's banned from politics and leaving the country while in her reports but. the president of the opposition cambodian national risky party spent his 1st full day of relative freedom still in his home in the capital phnom penh he met diplomats the 1st was the ambassador of france which is one of the countries applying most pressure on the cambodian government. didn't talk to the media but his spokesman said the meetings were an opportunity to say thank you it just to. express critics. and person. is still banned from political activities and the charge of treason against him stands the decision to end his house arrest came the day after the acting president
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of his party sam rainsy flew into malaysia from exile in france saying he'll return to cambodia. heavy security has been deployed on the streets of phnom penh as a warning to anyone thinking of helping him achieve his stated goal of overthrowing the government on tuesday the european union will deliver a report to prime minister hun sen's government outlining its concerns over a decline in democracy and human rights. it's threatening to withdraw cambodia's preferential trade agreement if significant improvements aren't made but the ruling party says the court's decision on kemp was not made in response to that threats. this is the opinion of outlawed rebels who have always taken up the issue of the cambodian government came so close cases under the control of the courts so it's not relevant. the developments come in the middle of an important holiday in
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cambodia the annual water festival. politics is absent as crews in boats from around the country converge on the capital to mark the end of the whip season when the tunnel a separate changes direction even if the government is able to appease the european union there are big question marks over whether they'll be any significant space in the short term for the cambodian national rescue party prime minister hun sen has tried very hard to destroy the threat posed by the opposition that undoing the damage completely now seems unlikely. still the members of the band party see the international pressure and attention as an opportunity to try to restart their political careers and resume their campaign to change this country's direction wayne hay al jazeera phnom penh. strong winds are pushing bushfires closer to the outskirts of australia's biggest city firefighters in the state of new south wales are on high alert with temperatures to rise they say there were already seeing more
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fires breaking out the sydney region has been designated as being a catastrophic danger for tuesday both new south wales and queensland have to quit states of emergency. stargazers around the world have witnessed a rare show as butchery past directly between the earth and the sun the smallest planet in the soul the system to be seen is a tiny black disk as it traveled across the glowing john hendren reports of chicago . around the globe in fair weather and foul astronomers turned their telescopes to the sun was this little dot right here on monday the sun shone a little as brightly as mercury transited across it leaving a freckle of darkness on the message star for a small planet that's a pretty big deal transit or mercury is cool because it just doesn't happen all that often. a transit occurs when a planet like mercury or venus process face of the sun as seen from earth. every century it only occurs from mercury 13 times there are only 2 planets between the
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earth and sun the last time mercury was visible crossing the solar face was in 2016 the next in 2032 transits a venus or even rarer if you missed it in 2012 and want to see it live healthfully it won't happen again till 2117 for centuries when mercury transit in the sun nobody noticed because it's so small by comparison to give you an idea how small if this is the size of mercury that is the size of the sun. by watching the way planets cross the sun in our solar system scientists are able to identify new planets or exile planets in others more than 4000 exoplanets have been discovered since 1992 universes billions of years own this like human life is only so short and there's only so many things we can see in our share amount of time so for me it's like being able to see as much as bad our universe as possible and learning
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more about the universe by watching a pinprick of darkness crawl across the sun helps those of us here on earth understand a little better how we fit into it john hendren al-jazeera chicago. and there is much more on our website the address for that is w w w dot al-jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories mexico has granted asylum to believe years former president asking the country to ensure his departure. resigned on sunday after the military demanded he step down john heilemann has more from mexico city the foreign minister. said that he took the call from. that he granted him asylum here in mexico of the administration of president under his
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manual over a dog has granted him asylum in mexico it's just now a case of the plane getting off from bolivia to come here and they apparently that's negotiations between. foreign ministry to make that. happen. hong kong's chief executive has described protesters as the enemy of the people that's after one of the most violent days since demonstrations began 5 months ago which saw a pro beijing supporter set alight at an activist shot by police the un's atomic watchdog has confirmed iran is increasing its enrichment of uranium breaking its commitments to the 25th day nuclear deal the e.u. says it is extremely concerned about the violation at least 7 people have died and more than 70 injured after 3 blasts hit a kurdish town in northeastern syria the 2 explosions in the town of commission which borders turkey were caused by bombs in a shopping street studied used media says the 3rd exploded near
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a hotel basically has been the scene of multiple explosions since the start of turkey's offensive into northern syria. protest of a guy. with broad police firing tear gas and water cannon at demonstrators in santiago it comes despite president sebastian bin year as plans to rewrite the current constitution a central demand of protesters strong winds of pushing bush was closer to the outskirts of australia's biggest city firefighters in the state of new south wales are on high alert with temperatures set to rise they say they're already seeing more fires breaking out the city region has been does ignited a being catastrophic danger for tuesday those are the headlines and news continues here 'd on al-jazeera after inside story.
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karim within limits cambodia's opposition leader is released from house arrest. as they try to return from exile can they maintain pressure on the prime minister despite a government crackdown is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm mr cambodia's prime minister hun sen has silenced all voices of dissent in recent years his government has shut down independent media and dissolved the main opposition cambodian national rescue party or.


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