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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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a secure prison exile coming soon on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in tow coming up in the next 60 minutes funerals are held in gaza after a senior islamic jihad commander is just one of several palestinians killed following israeli airstrikes. bolivia's former president abel moralists is expected to soon land in mexico to seek asylum will be live in the capital. chaos reigns again in hong kong as demonstrators bring that city to
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a halt. and sport china's national football team looks abroad for how we look at how the country plans to naturalize more foreign players as they've been qualified for and even house to the world cup. let's get going at least 4 people have been killed and at least 20 were injured in israeli airstrikes on gaza funerals have been held for a palestinian islamic jihad commander and his wife who died in a targeted israeli airstrike on their home in gaza overnight israeli airstrikes have also hit apartment buildings at a hamas facility in gaza and israeli warplanes to fire missiles towards the syrian capital damascus targeting another commander of islamic jihad it's unclear what happened to him but his son and granddaughter work killed faces in gaza retaliated
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today firing more than 50 rockets into israel one exploded on. busy highway narrowly missing cars and buses were right across all the developments in this evolving story in a moment we'll talk live to rob matheson in west jerusalem and harry forsett who's on the israel gaza border but 1st mohamed vall wraps up the day's developments so far. above israeli cities has turned into a fiery battle scene with attempts to intercept palestinian rockets and damage on the ground can be seen there is a state of eilat some schools have been closed and transportation services disrupted as islamic jihad fighters fired rockets in retaliation for the assassination of one of their senior leaders in gaza. on monday and israeli fighter jets targeted senior islamic jihad leader. at his home he was killed along with his wife some of his children were also injured the part of the building where he was lodging has been entirely destroyed extensive damage was also caused in the
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immediate area his line of jihad followed a quick and unlimited event said that have in the end only heavy of price. and his settlers and soldiers will pay a heavy price. for the car. of a certain age thing and destroy the whole of folly that behold i'll find his wife and i certainly think i'll judy and his family at the same time and after the firing of the 1st rockets from gaza the israeli military shut all the border crossings into gaza and sirens were heard in several towns in central israel israel says when i was the mastermind of recent attacks against its territory and look is going to i want to clarify israel is not interested in a school ation but we will do everything necessary to defend ourselves and i'm saying in advance it could take time it takes calm and cool hiddenness we must
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allow the army to do its work. also on monday 2 israeli jets launched raids on the sea. in capital damascus the target was another jihad member identified as a company is unique he survived that israel did not comment palestinian islamic jihad is the 2nd largest armed group in gaza it alleged that he has strong ties with iran and a hardline stance against israel the newest collation threatens to upset a fragile truce between hamas and israel are does either. ok harry force it is our correspondent joining us live here on news from the israel gaza border how he is that border now sealed in effect. it is in fact we are we're a few kilometers away from it the the road access to the very border area itself has been blocked off by by police vehicles just a short distance from where we are now so you can see gaza in the distance the silhouette behind us but but yes a lot of this is now a closed area because of what we saw earlier this morning on tuesday in response to
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this israeli strike israel is saying that this was a moment of opportunity that it was a after a lot of warnings that they say they gave to islamic jihad saying that they knew what this man was planning what his activities were the israeli military saying that those warnings were not heeded and therefore they made the most of this window of opportunity to strike and kill him along with his wife and as we heard just then injuring some of his children as well there have been other strikes from the israelis during the course of the day as these rockets have been launched out of gaza so other fighters have been killed in those strikes as well so it remains a pretty delicately poised at the moment there seems to be something of a lot although there are sirens in and around the the border area to gaza every few
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minutes or so but not the same kind of pace of activity that we saw this morning however islamic jihad is promising a wider envelope of retaliation than we've seen in recent such escalations in recent months hamas is also at least publicly saying that it stands as twins in terms of its relationship with islamic jihad and it will be involved in this retaliation as well the big question i think is to exactly what extent how much how mass will join in with this and in that case. what kind of response you might see from the israelis have you got the sense where you are harry since this happened overnight and that islamic jihad commander lost his life this is the israeli security forces tilting towards using targeted strikes as a tactic again because they used to do it and then they stop doing it. that's right i mean they stop doing it in the sense that it used to take place in terms of very very senior people being targeted and the the risks of
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a major escalation that that brings with it this time around they say no the israeli military has specifically said categorically said that it is not returning to the general policy of targeted assassinations however obviously that's exactly what they did last night but they say that this was in there an effort to try to stem a very present and immediate threat from this one individual at the same time though can't ignore the fact that a crumb of luxury was also targeted in damascus overnight in syria the israelis aren't saying anything about that but he is seen as the 2nd most important figure inside palestinian islamic jihad that the boss essentially of the man who was killed inside gaza so obviously it is a very specific operation against the organization of the individuals that israel sees as behind the recent spate of rocket attacks larry thanks very much math and
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joins us live from west jerusalem what's the political backstory to this. well peter we're just actually had a response from the palestine liberation organization i want to give you this is from one of their senior leaders han and who's referring to what harry was talking about in terms of the the targeted killings he's saying that israel's return to the eally illegal policy as she puts it of assassination is both reckless and criminal we're going to say obviously statements about that coming out in the next few days but all of this is coming at a very sensitive time in israeli politics prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been struggling and failing to form some sort of coalition government after elections earlier on this year now that task has then been have passed on to his rival benny gantz of the blue and white party and he too is facing the same problems in trying to form some sort of coalition against said this morning that
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the events in gaza were not going to have an impact on his efforts to try to put together some sort of coalition that might form an israeli government but we're beginning to see the military aspect of what's been happening in gaza spill over into israeli politics now the leader of the so-called joint list alliance which is predominantly made up of arab parties has said this morning that has criticized prime minister benjamin netanyahu for altering the killing of this islamic jihad leader for what he said was political gains suggesting that benjamin netanyahu is political situation in israel and israel was so tenuous that it had motivated this killing the speaker of the knesset the israeli parliament the israeli parliament has also criticized members of the joint list alliance because as he said it would be as he quoted irresponsible to form
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a coalition with the joint list because they didn't support the israeli military in this action in gaza this morning that israel does have a kind of caretaker government under prime minister benjamin and that's an. but it's pretty obvious that the responses that are given politically to what's been happening in gaza of this morning are going to be watched very closely and may well play a role in the formation of any future israeli government rob we'll leave it there thanks very much. ok another developing story for you here on the news before bolivian president evo morales is set to arrive in mexico city after the government there offered him asylum but all is resigned on sunday after weeks of protests following his disputed reelection meanwhile the country he left behind is bracing for more violence as thousands of his supporters march towards the capital john holmes is in mexico city john when does he touched on and when he does what do we think happens to him up to that.
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i don't know the answer to even of those questions but we do know that he is on route at the moment his plane is going through peru trying to track it online it looks to be going around colombia in ecuador and then it are back up to mexico now the president here president andres manuel lopez obrador was hoping that he'd be in place presumably by his morning press conference but now that has started we're waiting for mexico's foreign minister marcello abroad to speak and tell us a bit more about why mexico has decided to offer. president now ever more as a silent but we definitely expect him to arrive at some point this morning in mexico so within maybe the next 3 or 4 hours to touch down in the country it got a bit delayed because the plane had to have a technical stop in paraguay once it picked up ever morale is from bolivia but what the mexican government's already said is president and his men are
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a lot because of the daughter actually himself has said that he respects the decision of ex-president now moralists to step down to avoid further bloodshed in the country president or at least himself has said that he hopes to be back in bolivia once he's got fresh energy so he obviously hopes that his day mexico won't be indefinite one other interesting thing that's going to happen a bit later today is a meeting of the organization of american states that's been called bleed to discuss bolivia and it was the organizer organization of american states there so to report into the election in a long list of irregularities in the election that really started the dominoes falling for ever more at least to leave the country ok john thanks very much so how did things get to this point here's our correspondent money in the sun shares with more from la paz bolivia. it will more or less left believe after requesting asylum in mexico he thanked mexico for protecting his life and city he
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was her to leave for political reasons was. what ellis was departing thousands protested on the streets of atlanta in the past. at the national assembly an emergency meeting of the senate's 3rd vice president jenny agreed to be sworn in as him to repress it and to fill the power vacuum. the news is likely to be sworn in on tuesday if members of what alice is party feel the quorum she said the country must move forward will hear me out and that we have a timetable to have a new president by the 22nd of january. opposition legislators and politicians hope the call for elections will help restore stability in the andean nation. backed by regional allies like un when a sweet little moralist characterized his downfall as a result of a coup d'etat. but the opposition rejected the allegations are not. and
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this moment of process this shouldn't be political khaled's official or opposition there is an institutional responsibility to respond to the events we are facing. the many critics of morales say the electoral fraud should be the focus of this political crisis. but model is his supporters are out in the streets they say the military pushed him out and they want to bring him back here in the center of the past tensions continue with police reinforcing barricades to prevent protesters to beat the president for palace the violence turned up a notch in the past businesses were wrecked political and civic leaders attacked and homes and buses were set on fire the army chief has ordered troops to be deployed in the capital to rein in what he called groups of vandals the capital remains nearly shut down schools and businesses. closed and international flights canceled and he believes fear the tensions may rise. he will pray this is enough
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to vision world brothers. but believe us today are more divided than ever the 1st indigenous president has left suspected of committing electoral fraud the country is in turmoil but morales promised to return with more energy and strength but the n.s.i. just had to see that. let's move on still to cover for you here on the news hour including fire officials in australia are warning the worst is yet to come as the blazes not threaten australia's biggest city. also ahead how doctors in the scene you are trying to eliminate by the end of this year. and in sports canada's most iconic ice hockey broadcaster has sacked over and teach him a good copy a grant from i would be here with those details in about 35. accomplis
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have been firing tear gas and engaging in running battles with protesters across several parts of the city and government demonstrators set up barricades paralyzing streets and public transport vehicle paula has the latest for us from on call this is hong kong financial center earlier thousands of all those workers have brought the streets to a standstill since then the lunch times over they have gone back to their offices what we're seeing now some are the hard part protesters who have got out barricades using public property blocking off the roads trying to bring her home products commercial center to a standstill just further down as the hong kong stock exchange many of the banks headquarters are here this area is usually bustling with tourists shoppers and everyday office workers this is hong kong's financial heart now this follows. chief executive car ulam who says the government is trying to minimize the disruption of
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the protests she's called the protesters selfish saying that their violent actions in the protests will not result in the government conceding to any of their demands but it seems her comments may have backfired with instead the protestors gating more momentum but not just a regular protesters the more radical ones but also with everyday people here in hong kong who say they now. support the 5 demands of the protesters and also once more for an investigation into police brutality as they see that scene the crackdown on protesters over the past few days. china's foreign ministry says stopping the violence is the most important thing in hong kong right now earlier we were joined by vic to go he's the vice president of the center for china and globalization he says police in hong kong have used appropriate levels of force against the protesters what's happening in hong kong terms of escalation of violence is very regrettable and highly deplorable now i think we need to call.
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jack a jag and call a spade a spade while there are still peaceful demonstrators in hong kong we should not deny that there are criminals and holy goes and there are people who commit violence and he knows crime setting people on fire and setting up all kinds of asses now this is very very dangerous and i think the hong kong government and the hong kong police force are urged to do whatever they care within the law to restore law and order to hong kong police. or live shots is always regrettable but it really depends on the level of violence committed and whether there are people who want to grab a gun from a police officer for example who want to physically attack police officers all these criminal activities should not be tolerated and should be condemned by all
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the peace loving people throughout the world hong kong is not an exception hong kong is not a jungle hong kong need to make sure that law and order prevail president xi jinping of china has already expressed the full support for kerry the chief executive of hong kong and the mainland chinese government of the central government has also expressed their full support to the hong kong. government and the police force and i see the overwhelming majority of the mainland chinese people 1400000000 of them being told all express for solidarity with the hong kong police officers and want to see that the hong kong government do their utmost to restore law and order. a prominent cambodian opposition politician has met germany's ambassador after he was released from house arrest came sacar welcome christian burka to his home in number 10 he still faces charges of treason and is banned from politics and leaving the country the cambodian government's been facing increasing
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international pressure over its crackdown on the opposition and another opposition figure from the cambodian national rescue party the acting leader and sam rainsy says he will remain in malaysia where he's in exile no we've been to find another way to go back to cambodia i will be staying in the region because the situation can change very quickly and i will go back in cambodia. when days really physical possibility to do so with my colleagues on the afghan government has announced it will release 3 top taliban leaders in exchange for 2 hostages american kevin king and australian timothy weeks were kidnapped from kabul outside the american university there and 2016 the taliban prisoners include carney who was seized in 2014 and whose older brother is the deputy taliban leader the afghan
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president ashraf ghani said the release of the taliban fighters was a hard decision made in quotes the interest of the afghan people. europe's top court has today ruled that food products made in illegal israeli settlements must be identified with special labeling the decision by the european court of justice relates to products in the occupied west bank east jerusalem and the golan heights the palestine liberation organization secretary general called the ruling cause a legal and political obligation julian is interim managing director of the think tank vocal europe he joins us on skype from amsterdam to the hotel good to talk to you again this feels like something of a 1st it feels like the e.u. using economic power is that a fair breakdown of what's going on here. yes i mean we have this concept of europe as an economic power that doesn't have the political ability to influence other countries however that's not necessarily the case as using this kind of ruling and
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having an effect on states like israel. human rights terms or busy in terms of improvements in the way organizations behave is quite. ok human rights terms if i was an israeli ambassador to the e.u. i might react in a way that would make you feel that that was falling on deaf ears. i mean we've seen that and the reaction is that this ruling quite a bit i mean some people have likened this to anti semitism some people have likened this to pinning a gold star on the chest of the tourist businesses i've seen. recently however there isn't obligation almost for european citizens to be allowed to make the citizens on what produce they buy and where from for example just like with ecological matters you don't necessarily want to buy produce from countries that are infringing on the human rights lot of countries as many people killed that the state of israel is in palestine is it anti semitic or could it be seen as being
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anti-semitic. i think that in these cases should at least see in or be perceived as an i think this may be a 'd political tool or i mean being with ascendance of a resistance fight i don't see anything at this and i think in this at all this is purely 'd legal issue that's arise from a complaint by one jewish business that escalated and came something there's not however going to be played up as this i even see a lot being from foreign actors such as. u.s. senators u.s. representatives pushing for you not to follow this route and in a way trying to push you away from influencing israeli businesses in this way i don't really remember that 700000 israelis it's businesses operate in the region should the e.u. though be at the vanguard of in effect forcing people to take
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a moral stance on where the produce comes from that they want to purchase. this isn't the e.u. forcing a moral stance on anybody this is the e.u. providing the geographical indicators as it's prefers to have itself from such irish. e.u. has always pushed to have produce indicated geographically east it could make their choices and i don't think this is that it is. ok but you see it's not any different i remember mid to late eighty's in effect the younger generation i was the younger generation then we boycotted fruit we literally did not buy oranges because they came from a party at south africa and we were we were informed of that because it was labeled is that a good thing to label it or a bad thing to label it. i think it can only be a good thing. we need to give people the choice to do these things for example
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the states didn't necessarily force you to take that moral stand when the camps are just in south africa but force from your own moral imperative almost some from the more imperative on your colleagues and your friends on what you believe the time and i think it's no difference now people need to be given the chance to make these decisions people need to be. deduced eggs and i think this only helps our situations what if you want to support us the new businesses for example you may choose products come from palestine to prove that's economy this is the same thing as when it comes to french produce if i want a favor french produce i've got the choice and i can select those japanese produce the same thing it's purely about consumer choice in my opinion but it does have human rights and political ramifications of course you know it's in amsterdam thank you very much. fire chiefs in australia say the bushfires sweeping parts of the
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country are at a catastrophic level now strong winds and high temperatures are making the flames worse close to sydney dozens of fires a blazing in the state of new south wales and queensland and forecasters say weather conditions this week could make the situation even worse under these sorts of conditions there is a significant amount of unpredictability instability and aggressive far behavior and fast bred you we know that under under dies of catastrophic if a far starts and takes hold if we are not there so quickly that we can bring it under control if it takes hold we are not going to stop it we are not going to control farmers on a kind of conditions i have the ability to develop and grow extremely quickly and thomas is at one of those fires on the outskirts of sydney they spot fire to looking for any remaining flames because if that i've put out all of them it wouldn't take much for a gust of wind to spread this far and it reignites and we're not in the middle of the countryside here this is 18 kilometers away from sydney's harbor bridge very
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much within the city limits and it's that extensive the plains near well lots and lots of people live that make this far emergency in australia very different to others that have come before the authorities have cooled conditions on tuesday can to stop it and what that relates to is the high temperature combined with high wind combined with a very high what they call fuel load very dry shrubs and trees with a drought in this part of australia and it means that there's no more wish to anything so when planes take hold they travel very very fast at times to be more than 70 set by it's burning across the state of new south wales alone on tuesday well this fire was right opposite sean murphy and sean you were here when it's so cold it all happened very very fast and you tell me about that in about 5 minutes there were sirens. data from 2 famous 34 made a spy out of
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a trace of my jaw set pretty much the end of the block quickly the planes and helicopters in the ample minya helicopters there far east were here before i saw the fire and then there was a plane within 5 to 10 minutes and helicopters dropping what i. just put out the window in the middle of nowhere this is close to 20 minute drive to the center of sydney yet almost yes definitely in sydney. he went thank you what happened to the best that i have said john thank you very much many of the funds that have been running cross new south wales on in the queensland and western australia on tuesday have been a what i call emergency level that means authorities have been telling people that i thought point it's too likely theft claims they need to hunker down and wait for what's called the fire front a possible because if i try and escape if i try to get in the causing trouble i put myself right to risk is the 1st time this much of australia has been under what
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life called i can't stuff it level of fire danger and it won't be for some alice before we know what the lives being lost. time for the weather here's rob but is the weather going to be getting any better for as far as strain is concerned that it's certainly changing peter minute the big picture is this one and if you look at the dotted clouds down here that's a change in the air type there's a showers they are rain but they have been very recently have snow but this is the thing to watch this cold front is on sydney itself the area of worst fires up this coast new south wales and even actually up towards townsville in queens and all fed by a hot dry wind so this changes the cult front is sort of changing there's the moment something the west northwesterly has been gusting at least 50 kilometers per hour and it's very very dry so to add to the dry scatter on the ground obviously it's blowing the winds towards the coast towards sydney not where you want to go and it's a very dry area as does the chance of improving things it's fanning the flames but
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behind it it's already 10 degrees colder and the change in wind direction the forecast the end today and tomorrow is 1st a southerly and then one that's slightly too light for this scale of model to pick up it's not gone completely but it is certainly different so the forecasts physically for sydney this one today we've had 30 degrees and strong winds extreme fire danger forecast for wednesday is 10 degrees left it's still breezy so not has breezy instead a very high fire danger but the forecast on thursday is a much better one however that doesn't occur in the rest of new south wales. rob thanks very much still to come for you here on the news are park rangers in zimbabwe trying to find a way to save hundreds of animals as the country faces high temperatures and a severe drought. and stomp around the world witnessed the rest of mercury passing between the sun and the earth. and in the sports news tennis action from the tour finals in london as rafa nadal struggles to stay at the top of the world rank.
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just because you need to. be ideological battle lines over abortion we've. had the. lure make kids challenging a woman's right to choose some of the groups that's been ignored now for decades has been the unborn against those lined up to defend that choice so we're talking about being able to make decisions for our bodies faultlines investigates the abortion bans on al-jazeera. holy away the planet but somebody has got to do it where do you go to the. voice here promoting clean safe sanitation for the world but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities can use unique style really help clean
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up the mass sending. the pop culture is the fastest way those softest any problem mr toilet eye witness documentary announces they are. watching the al-jazeera news from doha let's just recap your top stories 4 people were killed and at least 20 were injured in israeli airstrikes on gaza including a palestinian islamic jihad commander the targeted assassination of. triggered a wave of rocket attacks from rebel fighters as israel has retaliated with air strikes on apartment buildings and one hamas facility. the former bolivian
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president evo morales is set to arrive in mexico city any time now after the government offered him asylum resigned on sunday after weeks of protests following his disputed reelection hong kong police serving firing tear gas and the gaijin running battles with protesters across several parts of the city anti-government protesters also set up barricades paralyzing streets and public transport. doctors in the democratic republic of congo of told al jazeera they hope to reduce the number of ebola cases to 0 by the end of the year more than 2000 people including 160 health workers have died since the most recent outbreak began last year catherine sawyer. now reports from where the 1st case was ever diagnosed. why is what is known as an airborne lock contact trace off from the north eastern city of beni in the democratic republic of congo she looks for people who have come in contact with a ball of patience and mourn and has the health put $21.00 days but that was fast
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morning stop is the home of a woman who's they but died of the disease this month and then another neighbor where tended the burial this is not an easy job well you know if you go in and out sometimes people are hostile others go into hiding or don't get the proper address but we explain to them that what we're doing is for their own good the number of people becoming sick has reduced in auburn towns and cities like benny but doctors are still struggling to contain the disease in the villages father out as we head to monkey in a town the number of stops on the road for people to wash their hands and have the temperatures checked tells us approaching ground 0 it's in villages in this area where the fast cases of the fall of i discovered nearly a year and a half ago. lost 13 relatives including his mother and i. got sick 1st relatives nursed her until she died when we buried her and that's how
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more people got sick. some communities have been hostile to health visitors resisting attempts to get help several treatment centers and thousands of health workers have been attacked educating people about the airball issue is a big priority. for law here where love her family the ever lived there the time they're not getting on my nerves and the reason i think you know you remember how the feeling of the morning responders are all to working in volatile areas where rebel fighters ambush villages at will while health organization officials say despite this problems they're hoping to have 0 a bullet cases by the end of the 2 is important to make sure the suggestion i took the world is under control. the challenge is 1000000 terms of security
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but also making sure that you don't have. big cities going. at the market in beni as kitty's performed simulating a death and safe burial it's a serious story told in a simple way the performers hope it will drive the point home that a ball is real and dangerous can be treated if detected early catherine story al-jazeera mangina eastern democratic republic of congo. now rangers in zimbabwe say hundreds of animals in its national park have died from a severe drought and many are struggling to survive they plan to move some to areas where the still food and water but that could take weeks or metacity travel to monopoles national park in the north to find out more a warning you may find some of the images in a report disturbing. john thanks she's thirsty hungry and too weak to get up. cold water is poured on her to try and cool her down
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but the animal is too far gone 24 hours later she's dead is the dry season in zimbabwe but park officials say this year it's much hotter and drier than usual hundreds of elephants and other animals are dying. we've been through some pretty bad ones. when you see animals just walk here alone and elephants through trouble and they just collapse on the legs really just collapse and die. it's very emotional. this is monopoles national park a unesco world heritage site in the north people here say the land is completely changed this is long pole the biggest watering hole in the national park this is distinct smell the smell of death over here is the carcass of an elephant and over there that hippo got stuck in the mud it couldn't get out for days and then died and if you look up at this tree over here the white line you can see there that's
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where the water used to reach but now the area is potshots temperatures can reach more than 45 degrees celsius and even the fish are struggling. there are too many animals competing for scarce food and water and many are exhausted. volunteers from the feed mana program bring in food when they can including fuel that in short supply it cost around $2.00 and a half 1000 u.s. dollars per truckload that's a lot of money in zimbabwe when the rain starts again it's going to take some time for areas devastated by the drought to recover park officials say that's why they're planning the biggest relocation of animals in the country's history reforming elephant zones in the country not waste much a 1000000000 which is a puzzle while in game artists block. some days of those 4 to populate
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the publishing. of them. with the project that we have winter impacts one where we have. hundreds of elephants to the northern parts of the country predators and scavengers seem to be thriving in these harsh conditions the more animals die the more food they have although the parks are government owned they receive no government funding those working here raise funds through tourism and safaris and by selling some animals to zoos abroad they still short of what they need and know they can't save every animal but they say they'll do what ever they can to help ease animals pain and suffering and save as many as possible in this particular habitat. how to al-jazeera monopoles national park zimbabwe. the u.k.'s labor party says it's been targeted by a cyber attack just weeks before the general election december the 12th the opposition party website was hit by a short lived attack designed to overwhelm the domain and take it offline the labor
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party leader jeremy cotton said today it was a quote very serious attack but no information was stolen paul brennan as our correspondent covering coming up for us in london so what's the latest on the details of what they try to achieve here paul. well labor staffers started reporting that the computer systems were operating very slowly on choose the afternoon and that problem persisted through tuesday evening and overnight and what's now been established is that the labor party computer system that's not just the website but also the internal party systems for campaigning have been targeted by the dos attack a distributed denial of service attack as you say essentially that's a bot or bots poor role which bombard the website or the computer system with information and with web requests such as the system itself then slows to a crawl or perhaps even freezes altogether it's not an attempt to hack into the
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system simply to prevent the system working a smoothly as it should now let gemma covens been out on the campaign trail up in northern england today and he mentioned it as part of his speech and he said this follows if this is a sign of things to come in this election i feel very nervous about it's because a cyber attack against a political party in an election is suspicious something one is very worried about that said the national cyber security center that i've spoken to the small and categorize this is a rather low level attack certainly not evidence of state sponsored activity but the very act the very fact that the political party has been targeted in this way at this time is cause for concern and staying in this general area paul hillary clinton criticizing the governing conservative party for not releasing a report into alleged election meddling taken pushed through by the russians. yes i mean the timing frankly was perfect in the sense that hillary clinton who is
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on the campaign trail self but not politically promoting a new book that she's got that was asked about a report that was prepared by the parliamentary intelligence committee submitted to number 10 downing street the prime minister's office on the 17th of october a report which looked into allegations that russia had been involved in interference in the 2016 european referendum era friend and the 2017 general election now the findings of that report remain confidential why because downing street has refused to publish it the committee chairman is furious saying that it should have been published within 10 days there was plenty of time to make that published publication before parliament rose and so why wasn't it labor accusing the government of political interference paul thanks very much. china's president has hailed his country's deepening economic ties with the e.u. member greece shooting pings in greece on the 1st visit to the country by chinese
4:43 pm
head of state for 11 years 16 bilateral agreements have been signed to she's visiting today $680000000.00 chinese investment in the greek port of courageous. protests have again broken out in chile with riot police firing tear gas and water cannon and demonstrations in the capital santiago it comes after the president sebastian pinera offer to rewrite the constitution which dates back to the era of. one story written the document would be then put to a public referendum latin america editor lucien human is there in santiago. mistake of the sight and sound of the quick chinese national dance. in the same plaza where some travelers largest protests are taking place these people came to remind chileans that there are things that unite them all they feel like this is a decisive time it's making us reflect on what we are and what we want to become we
4:44 pm
need to feel empowered and also take responsibility for the solutions to our demand the. one of them is a new constitution in nearly 4 weeks of unrelenting protests it's widely being seen as indispensable to pave the way for structural changes to chile's free market system. the current constitution was imposed in 1900 under the pinochet dictatorship and. the model of the 1980 constitution hands education health social security and labor relations over to the private sector the state plays a minimal role so people are feeling abused by a constitution that instead of benefiting the collective needs tends to concentrate resources in a few hands without providing the necessary services. but other experts argue that the current constitution is not to blame rather the laws and public policies that have failed to meet people's needs. i'm not saying there's
4:45 pm
a new constitution can't improve the magna carta but i fear that will be a huge question between people's expectations and the reality of what the constitution came and can't do. after. nearly 4 weeks of unrelenting protests it's widely being seen as a necessary step to pave the way for structural changes to chile's free market system. but for many that's no longer enough former presidential candidate alexandra de year says ping it out must call for early general elections before chile can tackle a new national charter. so discredited that we need to legitimize social changes by turning to our citizens they inevitably and unnecessarily must be consulted actively and that starts by letting them choose who will represent them. the undemocratic origin of chile's current to magna carta is indisputable likely
4:46 pm
a new one will not rectify all the country's wrongs but it may be a good way to start over to boost the tarnished legitimacy of the country's democracy you see in human al-jazeera santiago. spain's acting prime minister has agreed in principle to form a government petro sanchez's socialist got the most votes in the elections on sunday but not enough for a majority his son in a coalition deal with the far left party going to put a mosque he was the 2nd it was the 2nd general election this year. stargazers around the world have witnessed a rare show as mercury pasta right keep in the in the sun the smallest planets in the system could be seen as a tiny black disc as it travels across the glowing old john hendren is in chicago. around the globe in fair weather and foul astronomers turned their telescopes to the sun was this little dot right here on monday the sun shone a little less brightly as mercury transited across it leaving
4:47 pm
a freckle of darkness on the message star for a small planet that's a pretty big deal it turns into mercury is cool because it just doesn't happen all that often. a transit occurs when a planet like mercury or venus process face of the sun as seen from earth. every century it only occurs for mercury 13 times there are only 2 planets between the earth and sun the last time mercury was visible crossing the solar face was in 2016 the next in 2032 transits a venus or even rarer if you missed it in 2012 and want to see it live healthfully it won't happen again till 2117 for centuries when mercury transit in the sun nobody noticed because it's so small by comparison to give you an idea how small if this is the size of mercury that is the size of the sun. by watching the way planets cross the sun in our solar system scientists are able to identify new planets or exile planets in others more than 4000 exoplanets have been discovered
4:48 pm
since 1992 universes billions of years own this like human life is only so short and there's only so many things we can see in our share amount of time so for me it's like being able to see as much as bad our universe as possible and learning more about the universe by watching a pinprick of darkness crawl across the sun helps those of us here on earth understand a little better how we fit into it john hendren al-jazeera chicago. getting a. wet. wet.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
type of small historic peters thank you so much and one of the most recognized figures in canadian ice hockey the veteran commentator don cherry was fired on monday following an anti immigrant poppy brats you people love you that come here whatever it is you love our way of life your logo our milk and honey at least you could pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that the 85 year old made the comments during his program coach's corner sparking a backlash across the country called his remarks offensive cherry is known for being outspoken he's been a hockey commentator for over 30 years and says he doesn't regret his comments for more on this story we're joined by richard gaisford he's the host of al-jazeera is media show the listening post and is also
4:51 pm
a life long hockey fan never shit for people who don't know don cherry just how big of a name is he in canada. huge i mean he's an institution some people would call him an icon i wouldn't go that far cherry was a middling hockey player as a coach he had some success in the 1970 s. he never won at all and then in the 1980 s. he transitioned into television and have been doing that show for 39 years now the program his his his shtick on coaches corner was on hockey night in canada that is a canadian institution it's the saturday night broadcast of canadian hockey fans have always watched and you know the thing about cherry is he came in and it was car crash t.v. he would always say outrageous things about the sport but as the years passed he would say more and more outrageous things about culture so when there was an influx of foreign players into the national hockey league in the 1980 s. cherry showed some zina phobic tendencies towards the russians the swedes the
4:52 pm
czechs and slovaks who were coming to play our game and actually making it better because they were highly skilled he also has in a phobia also extended to french canada he's from english canada and the last olympics the flag bearer at the games was somebody he described as some french guy who is this guy well that that guy happened to be a gold medalist in mobile skiing in the previous games and cherry also had outdated views on things that were occurring within the game fighting was is being basically weaned out of hockey and a lot of people oppose it and it's not just the cherry was in favor of hockey it's the way he reacted to people whose views opposed his own so people used to make a living fighting in hockey guys who have suffered concussions post-traumatic stress serious brain injuries and they were saying that the time has come to end this tradition and this culture and cherry said there turncoats they're hypocrites . but he did have a lot of fans how with that decision to sack him going down with canadians.
4:53 pm
a little bit of it has been predictable a lot of people are saying that this is political correctness run amok other people are saying whatever happened to freedom of expression in canada but those arguments are being knocked down on live you know freedom of expression is something that isn't forced by governments it's in force by police if they arrest somebody if there's no freedom of expression in a particular country that's not what happened here in fact one could argue that the decision to wear a poppy on remembrance day or veterans day or whatever you want to call it that is a form of expression and by insisting that these immigrant canadians wear these poppies don cherry is effectively denying them freedom of expression what's interesting about this is some people say he crossed the line one writer i thought put it very well today for what he said what's happened is that the line is moved beneath him he's the candidate has changed don cherry has not and now he's out of a job ok richard great to get your thoughts thanks so much for that.
4:54 pm
china is planning to naturalize more foreign footballers as they try to qualify for the 2022 world cup and possibly house the tournaments in 2032 foreign born players have already made it into the national team sans are divided about whether using outside talent is a right way to go lawrence louis reports from beijing. born in london playing for a team in beijing not unusual in an age when buying and selling players has become the norm among football clubs but nicole yen arist is also the 1st foreign born footballer to represent china that's as the country steams ahead with its addition to become a force in world football. chinese president xi jinping has said he wants to china to not only host the world cup but one day to lift the trophy the national team has a long way to go china's only world cup appearance was in 2002 but the move to grant citizenship to foreigners as
4:55 pm
a way to lift standards has divided fans * are those out there by the way if all the players on the pitch a match are allies these are the real chinese political team who look at. does he have any chinese blood he has nothing to do with china nothing at all the more because. it could encourage competition whoever is the better footballer should get to play this will force local players to compete it's a good thing. it's a sensitive topic football officials turned down i'll just a wrist request to speak to foreign born players the rising number of foreigners in football clubs here in recent years has led to the chinese football association introducing a quota teams in the chinese super league only allowed to buy 4 foreign players and only 3 are allowed on the pitch at any one time during a match a move seen as a way to ensure chinese footballers get enough playing time. china doesn't have
4:56 pm
a strong football culture but it's trying to change that football academies have sprung up across the country clubs have set up more youth teams this one in beijing has 5. my dreams to play for beijing then china's national team maybe one day i can play major leagues in europe too until china's homegrown talent is ready to shine on the world stage it's happy to look abroad florence louis al-jazeera beijing. the golden state warriors were starting the n.b.a. season continues with their 9th defeat an 11 games with south korea and other big names out injured nothing is going right for them at the moment to build a convert the other side. that was might conley sinking a huge 3 pointer for the utah jazz just before the shot ran out on him. was a sign of things to come the jazz ran away with the victory by 14.17 and lost 3 so
4:57 pm
far this season. now to a blow for rafa nadal in his bid to keep hold of the tennis world number one ranking he's lost his opening match of the a.t.p. tour finals in london and he lost badly the spaniard thrashed 6264 by the defending champion alexander's of rab who had never beaten him in 5 previous matches the dow has been struggling with an abdominal injury and hasn't finished the tournaments since winning the us open at all to defeat her strongest lead in the rankings over novak djokovic who could retake top spot if results go his way to the street. and that is all your sport for now much more coming up later but for now it's back to you here thanks very much more news of course on the web site al jazeera dot com you can also. reach the top one on the other side of the break get all the latest on all the top headlines stories for you here on al-jazeera today.
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is it tipping point trying to start telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's leader. to agree. to take you to do. what you. were trying to get good. understand that it kills people and it kills people now it's critically both sides with the people's voice on 00. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon got hungry and hungry is in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass ration storage we had lunch clashes between the call jurors and the problems that the culture of that these. cars should suit some raiding the
4:59 pm
us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like food rations. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and love global try. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. from the al-jazeera london pro-car center team special guests in conversation as the resistance and i see joy in the midst of pain your books do that unprompted uninterrupted why are all of our people of color and their just one column this way it is why don't they write should they be people of no color but
5:00 pm
exactly fatima bhutto meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot and look at a bad movie studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera. funerals are held in gaza or after israeli air strikes killed several palestinians including a senior islamic jihad commander. you're watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up more chaos in hong kong as demonstrators bring the city to a stop. spain's prime minister says a deal's been agreed to form a new government after the socialists fell short of an election majority. bolivia's now.


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