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i'm kemal sons of maria with a look at the headlines on al-jazeera the bolivian opposition senator johnny 9 years has declared herself interim president after weeks of violent protests forced to resign as president the deputy speaker was appointed in a session of congress which was boycotted by members of iran this is posse. the man himself condemned the appointment as a coup morales now in mexico where he has been given asylum are honest resigned after the military asked him to do so all the details now from the palace with money and asuncion. tensions are growing here in the center of the capital where
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the presidential palace and the national assembly is here at the plus somebody york an area that is completely surrounded and sealed by police riot police and another ring of protection by the army this was. i'm is has been named interim president of bolivia after a long debate about whether they would be legislators would be able to swear her in with with or without the members of the mouse party the party that you don't do it will morales and his political allies now is an is has said that she will immediately call for elections there needs to be that they need to name a new electoral tribunal and hold elections around of around december the 20th to be able to have a new president. by january 22nd. in the meantime
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a lot of frustration and a lot of people are followers of him or what i list who are not happy with this decision who are not happy with this naming of the interim president and there's people protesting in the area with police repressing this with water cannons water trucks and and riot police all around this area. in other news israel has moved to tanks to the gaza border fence after the worst day of cross border violence in months it started after an israeli airstrike killed a senior leader of the palestinian armed group islamic jihad in gaza fighters in gaza then responded sending almost $200.00 rockets towards israel that led to more israeli air strikes which have since killed another 8 palestinians egyptian mediators working to restore calm between israel and gaza here's harry foresaw with more from southern israel in a statement on tuesday benjamin netanyahu said that israel did not seek
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a wider escalation yet he must have known that with a targeted assassination such as this and the inevitable rocket fire that would come in response the risks were very high much now depends on how hamas decides to respond it has spoken out very strongly in solidarity with islamic jihad if it matches those words with a big escalation in rocket fire as well and the risks of a wider conflict only rise protesters in iraq have shut down schools government buildings and state media offices across the country dozens of people have been injured in baghdad after security forces used tear gas and live rounds to disperse the crowds the u.n. is now stepping up pressure on the government to enact reforms in response to the anti-government rallies more than 325 people have been killed since the protests broke out last month hong kong police have fired tear gas as well to force back hundreds of protesters targeting the city's main universities tuesday was one of the most violent days those demonstrations began 5 months ago the escalation
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happened the day after police shot an unarmed protester at close range a stray emergency teams are warning it could be weeks before massive bushfires are extinguished on tuesday strong winds and hot conditions fanned the flames and some of the worst conditions on record fires have now reached the outer suburbs of australia's largest city sydney. and saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. have confirmed they will not take part in football's arabian gulf cup in qatar they'll join the likes of defending champions kuwait won the tournament 2017 and for other gulf nations initially those 3 said they would boycott this month's tournament along with egypt they are imposing a blockade on qatar. headlines the calif is next.
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the caliph. a form of rule in islam. that lasted for almost 13 centuries. from the death of the prophet muhammad. to the overthrow of the last ottoman caliph in 1924. the arabic term to pay any fees $25.00 which actually in essence simply means a successor or a identity. the ruler of the islamic world would call himself clifford resulin no successor of god's mercy. through the centuries. the title of conduct is a term that has been used. at the time of use. in june 2014. a militant group calling itself the islamic state in iraq and the
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levant or i so. declare the establishment of a caliphate. they call rejected by most most around the world. class meisel took root and expanded in iraq and syria. 2 countries flung into violence by the political turmoil and foreign intervention of recent years. the turmoil revived sectarian differences go back 10 centuries to in song and she almost. had the look of you don't let them use us yes you're not and if you did what did he do in the summer useless no talking for all to send it all took his assessment a little bit about the problem let you know as a human you know you're going to have. this is the story of the great
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split within islam. of how the split a rose from a dispute of who should succeed the prophet. this is the story of the common.
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the mosque. outside mecca and saudi arabia. it was here in the year 622 that a delegation from the town of medina made by on a pledge of support and shelter to the prophet muhammad. shortly after he left mecca. and mcgrady to medina with a group of followers. over the next 10 years muhammad built the 1st islamic state.
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but in june 6th 32 the prophet died and his capital medina. leaving the young states without a leader. as a tradition says that the muslims on that day were like sheep on a rainy night they were frightened and huddling together and it's not clear whether or not the prophet had made any plans for his succession. within hours of the prophet's death senior figures in the most and community came to. other to choose a successor to the prophets a caliph. the debate was long and intense. it was the emigrants from mecca was afraid.
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because he was chosen to be the 1st caliph in islam. and it was so with that i will leave him alone but about the last one was so with deni well that a belly laugh and with. food well home. min the value to him and there was. but though they were from his tribe. the immigrants were from the prophet's close family the hashemite. the descendants of muhammad's great grandfather passion. at that time in our society the family was understood as a much larger unit collateral lines uncles brothers cousins
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and so long all considered to be part of the clan. senior among the harsher minds. muhammad's cousin husband of his one surviving don't fall to mother and father of the prophet's only living grandson. and on his site. but when the decision to choose the caliph was taken i was busy elsewhere. at the time of the prophets death we know that he was ali who was in charge of the payroll arrangements. as a jew to full respectful son and all cousin with caring for the prophet's body. the next day in the medina mosque i walk was given by on the oath of allegiance
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by the majority of the muslim community. ali however was not one of them. what happened that day which saw the seeds of a political divide that would gradually evolve. into a deep religious schism. the division of a slam. into sunni and shia. if you ask a sunni or shia muslim about that moment of mohammed's death and the decision about the leadership you will get 2 very different aunts as the sunnies suggest that he hadn't actually made any clear plans for his succession eyes death the shia would say that he had and that he was to be succeeded by his 1st cousin and son in law ali. 3 months before his death.
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the prophet muhammad made a famous speech here and he had the home. an ancient resting place on the route from mecca to medina. a speech that has been interpreted ever since in 2 very different ways. all people of forms whoever i've been mustered. island he has to be his mouth that . will. be the support of whoever supports him. and then enemies of whoever opposes him and they felt that through time. there's this moment where if your sunni you believe the prophet. gave ali the leadership of his family if. you believe he gave the leadership of the family but also the whole community.
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the prophet speech is celebrated by to this day and. each year a feast is held on the anniversary. to commemorate what shia see as muhammad appointing ali to be his successor. but the mainstream majority of the sunnis have no such friess. and no doubts about the legitimacy of a buck and the caliphs who succeeded him. shortly after becoming caliph. i will buck faced his 1st major challenge a tribal revolt against the islamic state. in
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this moment of peril. chose unity over division and gave the oath of allegiance to the cult of. eman. back that caffeine you with that in more i e n a says shell i'm ok send it in. for the miss anna. that she hung the most latinos the mean. hoofy and he set aside harbor will walk a fee was she had a kettle and a kind of slam and the hole. at the bottom. of a box room lost it just 2 years. as he lay dying he nominated almost as a successor. 10
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years later and 644. almost the 2nd caliph. was assassinated. while leading dawn prayers in medina. on his deathbed he dictated how successor should be chosen. 6 of the closest companions of the prophet. would come 1st together and choose one amongst. the 4 days of deliberation last month was named the 3rd caliph. once again ali had not been chosen. passed over by abu bakar. and then for him the man when he's. in favor of.
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the new caliph came from a family of the christ tribe called the or my us. the founder always coveted the leadership of. standing in his way was his uncle hashem the patriarch of the hashemite. this rivalry that put fester through the centuries. how that's roots in mecca decades earlier. in the pagan years before the birth of the slack. in the year 610. in this cave outside mecca muhammad received the
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1st revelation verses of the koran which set him on the path of prophecy. the emergence of a prophet among the hashemites antagonized the oh my its. and their leader abu sufyan. and. another now been as a bin man. and them a lot of guy with a muzzle on. darwin a noble one of the men i know and. for 12 years the maids led a campaign of persecution against muhammad and his followers in mecca. persecution which culminated in their emigration to medina and $622.00. but when the prophet returned to conquer america. and realized resistance was
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futile and joined slammed. by 644. the rising islamic state had expanded into a vast empire. and the caliphate that come into the hands of an almighty. off money. with men was a genius but he employed far too many of his young cousins to me odds where they are stick rat of mecca and they'd been great leaders the pagan resistance and soap or making these characters who were his lovely cousins was also you know a bad political position. a rebellion erupted against off man's alleged nepotism. in 656. and after 12 years as kind of. he was killed and his house
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in medina. by the un has. a sufficient lead what was at and in and the nest the half of that in a how when and. how when and when i can buy that it was had to and i must the hutton islamiya the wily and yes that she. was yahoo has you all know well and saddam. almost a quarter of a century after the death of the prophet. the hashemites ali finally became the 4th caliph. who are bashed out of the cellar and when i was there when i let you know you knew me about it with a mind of enough than you that it. was
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in my been abusive. a sham. many of us moms relatives were hostile it's all his leadership imo always demanded that all the 100 of the killers. the dispute quickly escalated. to strengthen his position i removed the capital from medina to his own power base in kuwait from iraq. the islamic state was now divided into. the east under hushing my calif and the west. and there are no my governor. nischelle and that was some benefit in which to mean she out here on the would she out it was it will net you know lost and that could limit she lent brooklyn if you did that look
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meant that mahadev den in them econet that dude and his ship forwarded what is it. in 657. ali marched his army into syria to crush us mutiny. after days of bloody skirmishes and on the last day of the battle. the army of malia was on the 1st shock defeat. in my mind and i'm also that famous malia. malia well that often. you know. that it can. kind of ingestion of i don't. know who was. kind of stocks in another i have got to look out of water when the
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heads up when i can hold a company. well that it can color that it's. little enough. to know who. covered the months achin that the foam on month at the time they have got to be met and then the cost to. these dissidents from mali's army how it is fixed on the roof this way to bring an end to the struggle. the moment it was chosen fresh dawn prayers of the 27th of january 6th 61. the 17th day of the holy month of ramadan. 3 assassins made their way to 3 different places to fight for. damascus for malia and for style to egypt from.
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the us saw this in the office with a deal. saw that an old idea which i could deal with teddy especially the one on one edge of malia. the. not just in iraq. a holy place to she almost say. they believe is buried here. for them he is more than a colorful. he has any man. imbued with religious authority that could be passed on only through his bloodline. so when i least the colorful past to his older son. but he would not
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be long in the post. can i have some do 15 hour day care and no lame. iraq. the joy does a lot while we have there's a lot of media with the car hyla and yet the naz it has an even highly and he would kill a very well camera hasa and. with a one as john a weapon. human. form . damascus 13 centuries ago the my capital. though the caliphate remained in the chorus tried. it had passed from the hashemites on my hands. and there it would remain for the coming century. the crunch point really comes late in the
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army's reign when he designated his son. as his successor and this was a real touch point for generating controversy and opposition. is each succession on the death of ma we are in $68.00. triggered the series of events that resonate to this day. in a defiant show of opposition and hossein younger son of ali refused to pledge allegiance to his ear and set off towards mecca on pilgrimage. on the way. he began to receive messages asking him to come to iraq.
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where his supporters plan to install him as caliph. he gathered together his family and decided to move to confront his father's. former capital. unfortunately for sane his plan got severe myatt governor of iraq and he was able to block his route to the city of kuta and so hussein was trapped without substantial military support at a place called tabbouleh. and it was. in october $618.00 that hussien and his small band of supporters met their bloody fate. in makati team. in middle of folly when the. hammer to.
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yanni and the math will. be measured see that it anymore. he and his entourage many of his family were massacred and his head was sent to his eat into mask. each year on the anniversary of the battle of karbala. around the world marked the event and public displays of penitence. extending sometimes even to ritual self punishments. to atone for their forebears failure to support the crossing. it's really seen as the great tragedy of his long from the she respective this is the vic the great disaster is that the prophets family didn't get to take kayla fate into leeds muslims.
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but 70 years after karbala. a revolt would finally succeed in bringing the caliphate back to the family of the prophets. the hotshots. from the al-jazeera london for the cost center 2 special guests in conversation at the resistance and i see joy in the midst of pain your books do that and from today it's uninterrupted why are all of the people of color and they're just one call it the way it is why don't they should they be people of no color exactly fatima bhutto meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot and look at a bad movie studio unscripted on al-jazeera. the prime minister a. mission that is true to the british on the 31st of october and
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making this country the greatest places all over britain departure is delayed but for how long follow the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. i'm kemal santa maria with another look at the headlines the bolivian opposition senator johnny 9 years has been declared interim president after weeks of violent protests forced even morale is to resign the deputy speaker was appointed in a session of congress which was boycotted by members of morality his party the constitutional court however has declared the move illegal miranda's has also condemned the appointment as a coup he is now in mexico where he's been given asylum. more for money in a sun chairs in the palace a lot of frustration and a lot of people are followers of abel what i list who are not happy with this
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decision and who are not happy with this naming of the interim president and there's people protesting in the area with police repressing this with water cannons water trucks and and the riot police all around this area israel has moved tanks to the gaza border fence after the worst day of cross border violence in months it started after an israeli airstrike killed a senior leader of the palestinian group islamic jihad in gaza find is in gaza then responded sending almost $200.00 rockets towards israel that led to more israeli air strikes which of since killed another 8 palestinians egyptian mediators are working to restore calm. his are a force that is in southern israel in a statement on tuesday benjamin netanyahu said that israel did not seek a wider escalation yet he must have known that with a targeted assassination such as this and the inevitable rocket fire that would
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come in response the risks were very high much now depends on how hamas decides to respond it has spoken out very strongly in solidarity with islamic jihad if it matches those words with a big escalation in rocket fire as well and the risks of a wider conflict only rise. protesters in iraq have shut down schools government buildings and state media offices across the country dozens of people have been injured in the capital baghdad after security forces used tear gas and live rounds to disperse crowds and australian emergency teams are warning it could be weeks before massive bushfires are extinguished fires have now reached the outer suburbs of sydney those are your headlines the caliph continues.
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from i'm a southern jordan. in the 8th century it was a settlement of one of the 2 major branches of the hashemites. the prophet's own family of the christ tribe. known as the bus and these were descendants of a lot but. one of muhammad uncles the other branch were the eyelids descended from ali the prophet's cousin and son in law. in 716 abdulla one of the eyelets arrived in and how my human with
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a strange story. had i thought any been at the top of it. mother brought i love honey such informally silliman and i've done many of them a who had. a few i would if he ill medina you know what i shall be modeled for. some minister they met. up the luddite than at home imo. but in his final hours he confessed to his our basset cousin muhammad that he was the head of a plot to topple him i. was not a do. is be a living i'm a little luck of the and the only min and hashemi in the living man to someone that even to be thought of in a best. who milliman you really know me and then i'm going to do well in them i live in anyway i'm gonna shout and our own tribute
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a little we have i mean the monument. over the next 30 years this message persuaded many islet shias to join the opposite cause. in 746. the secret movement turned into full blown revolution in the eastern part of the islamic empire and what is today the shia state of iran. it's very very hard to say whether the abbasids used the attic. they certainly wanted to accrue as wide a support base as they possibly could and they were certainly wanted those who supported and cayle if to join them if meant.
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within 3 years the opposites had captured coup for the calif. the capital of ali. it was in this mosque that the name and identity of the caliph in waiting were finally revealed. they proclaimed a man a scale if called abu allah sufiah and he was a descendant of one of the prophet mohammed's uncles and he based his claim to the caliphate on that kinship with the prophet mohammed. and 750. bastards entered damascus the capital of the mighty mighty it states. the largest empire yet you know. but in the years to come they would struggle to maintain the unity of the vast state they now controlled.
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by the mid century. bussard said seize control of the caliphate but did little for their cousins. a sense of betrayal to coal and fermented among the islands. in a bold and dangerous move they declare the rival caliphate in medina. and i busted on me was rushed to the city. its roof the street crushing the rebellion. in the midst of the but he ordered it up but she knew of it and. of the moment he let the assault. and they had
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let the corn up in a little a minute the libby. as she. will we know if she. the sun now bus it's consolidated their dominance of the center of the state from their newly built capital but that. but they had failed to exert the same control over the provinces of the far west. in 756 and 0 made fugitive prince called obdurate man reached under new c.e.o. . only
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6 years after the collapse of his grandfather's calif and. he succeeded in reviving you know my youth in a state with cordova as its capital. and i'm up has a moment i don't want all sons of the will you want to be done is not a hold of the defense if you must come up obviously done on your own don't you know another. one and i bet you know more the simple thing i felt when i was on the other hand the i'm not enough of a club doesn't fit out of that for me when we dump it and that was. the old maid and the written under sia was the 1st to break from the caliph it. but it would not be the last. world.
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soon another states at the western edge of the muslim world and the magic would break away from the about since. and this time it would be their own cousins the islets. but at the canal of the sort i don't know if. and when it's it must look in the event i did because they got it all off i thought i thought let's. just say no and the whole you. had. in 788 degrees and alledge fugitive arrived here in the moroccan city of my will a decent whom. a city that now carries his name. recognizing
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him as a descendant of the prophet. local burma tribes were quick to offer him their oath of allegiance as ruler of the region. and so was born the a 3 said emirates the 1st independent state. that is how. you'll get until the. sort of assessment of. what there will be for said if. i did and then i did what the rules the would. is then added that he would have money. but with a new and expanding state just 3 years old. he was laid to rest here in the city that still bears his name.
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had a legit been poisoned on the orders of harun al-rashid. the most famous soviet bus caliphs. the statue of shah e r and shot i said in back that. the 2 main characters of a 1001 nights. legendary stories inspired by the opulence of harun al-rashid scored. the golden age of the a bus in calif it. but that spot but you know to do nia then who had it in that you know. that the.
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well could one day see island the bad island one of that excitement. under the. scholars began the great task of transcribing and translating the cultural and scientific works of former civilizations. encouraged and supported by the ambassador caliphs. muslims began adding their own scholarship to the stock of human knowledge. laying the groundwork for europe's run assaults and centuries to come. in siena or the west gnosis and the center had written not only philosophical texts but also
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a very important treatise and medicine was translate into latin taking the standard textbook for european medical schools for centuries. but the golden age of their bus its was destined to be short lived. in 836 the 8th a bus that kind of. moved this capital here to some era in iraq. it was also to be a military base for the caliphs new army. an army of turkic mercenaries. toughened by life on the steps of central asia. an army. that would soon erode the power of the caliphs. but that i'm certain i will be yet died she and she and i mustn't and there are
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more we don't and i by see how you like that martha sim milat that iraq was wow i'm a sob and know when at 80. 847 here and some era turkic army commanders installed and moto are killed as the 10th of a bassett calif to the. you're. and for a century to come. they would effectively route the caliphate. appointing deposing torture. and even killing a string of 12 caliphs who were little more than puppets. yanni . me was sherry at the county. of us but you know what's even worse what. the
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caliphate really had become a symbol and we had no effective power anymore and in the muslim world we had a multitude of different political regimes in the various reaching from what is today spain to this up asian continent often this period is seen as a period of decline because of these political divisions. but it wasn't just a matter of the slow fracturing of the state. as its western edge and new threat was on the rise. this small town on the 2 newseum coast would soon emerge as the seat of a rival caliphate. and this new caliph would not be sunny. but shia.
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iran heartland of shia islam in the modern world. today she make up around 15 percent of the global muslim population of more than one and a half 1000000. in their belief it is the title of eman and not calif that confers the right to rule. the vast majority of shia in the world are known as 12 years. they follow a hear read a terry line of 12 e.-man descended from the prophet's cousin and his wife fatimah the prophet's daughter. a line ending with the last eman al maddy. the 12 or she our belief holds that i'm madly
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disappeared in some era and 874. he will reemerge at the end of the world as the ultimate savior of mankind. and you know sharon is benny in the mimic i'm a human being has shia. militia it was he the clue to look. here with if he should live that a shrewd maneuver that he felt people loom. in body. were bit dirty feet in a hoodie in. thought about it will. be well a shirt with a tease. but this holy commandment was no protection against the deep divide the belief. of cause him a mosque that. the shrine of the man who mocks the vision of she
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has him into 2 strands. it is the tomb of the 7th of the 12 years in man's. cause him who died here in the year 71009. dollars however dispute his status. they consider the real 70 a man to be his brother is my. they came to be known as is my. the 12. which are additionally. not interested or did not strive to take political power because they believed that they were waiting for the return of the man the so that at that point the righteous rizzi would be installed in anything in between you have risen to rule and in the flesh.
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but for the ismaili shia. there was to be no waiting for the return of the man. by the late 19th century. there preaching the taken root among the berber tribes in north africa. a new movement was on the rise. with this roots firmly in the shia tradition. i'll add. it up again after. all i've been a couldn't sleep and the thought of off. yet again for s.s. how dekha there it is. but the head oh what. in the year 909 in cairo on tunisia. by the law
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a man claimed to be a descendant of this my was declared the caliph of the 1st ever caliphate. it would be known as the phantom and after the fall to my daughter of the prophet muhammad. an ancestor of all the human. the concept of the ismaili caliphate is completely different from the opposite effect because of the claim to divine inspiration and divine guidance which the thought put forward they certainly developed institution which was theoretically completely different from the a past that. the fatah meds now began to expand their state westwards into the market. but this would lead
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to a clash with another major muslim power. and soon the islamic world would find itself in a surreal position. yeah . by 912 they were made emirates in under sia was over a century and a half old. ruled from cordoba by the 8th i mean obdurate among the thirds. after crossing all rebellions. and uniting under the sea and he looked towards expanding southwards across the mediterranean. yes banishment of the
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fighting the caliphate what is now the new view. of the men big threat for them i yes terms of the political control of the body but it is that existed in india. to strengthen his position. in 929. abdurrahman declared the undersea an emirate an independent oh my god caliphate. 3 centuries on from the founding of the title the islamic world was now divided between 3 colors to sony and one. the ultimate result of that really was a decline in the value put on the notion of the caliphate itself so it leads to
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rifts politically speaking within the community as well as the religious differences that these different caliphate signal. in but that the suffering of the a basset caliphs continued under turkish military domination. but by the mid 10th century a new force had emerged. the boy it's a persian then a city. but an end to turkish control of the caliphate. but no boy was home shia. live and nor. shia in a manner that i'm older look at the american one well no lovable and of the i don't
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have a sunni and i'm not in the them going to become clearer. we're still what's to come for the our bassett's. and $969.00 a phantom it on me captured egypt. 3 years later the forefront the macallan and moyes abandoned his capital. in tunisia and headed east. for the next 2 centuries the newly built city of cairo which served as the seat of the shah kind of. the fatah it's considered back caliphate universal so ideally they wanted to expand that palace from their original base in north africa back into each it on into syria and ultimately to encompass the whole islamic well they weren't able to
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achieve that and will instead happened in the 10th century was the islamic world became divided between a number of different caliphates. meanwhile in the west. a storm was gathering. christians uniting under the banner of the cross. were looking eastward to conquer the holy lands. the approaching struggle could not have come at a worse time for a divided muslim world. and for the caliphs were at their weakest point as they turned to face the crusades.
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a story 1400 years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. and josie a tells the story by the client of dentist and the end of an empire. of the caliph episode 3.
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hello again and welcome back we're here across parts of 9 states we're looking at a arctic plunge here across much of the central and the southeastern part of the united states notice here on the satellite image here is a funnel boundary that is really bringing that air in but behind it we're you see this area of gray that is not clouds that is actually the satellite image picking of that very cold air along the surface as we go towards the next couple days take a look at the temperatures not getting very warm and many places chicago minus 3 down towards kids city at 6 degrees and even dallas on wednesday only seeing a high of about 11 agrees there as a system pushes through new york you're going to be going down as well we do expect to see attempt to drop their 8 degrees as well as washington seeing about 8 degrees there as well so for chicago 3 minus 3 is going to be the high here on wednesday by
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the time we get towards friday really not coming back up too much to about one degree there normally this time of year you'd see a high of about 10 degrees for you as you go down towards parts of the caribbean it is going to be quite wet across much of the area very heavy rain for the yucatan of mexico with cozumel at $28.00 degrees panama city at $29.00 degrees there and then as we go towards thursday a beautiful day in havana we're going to be seeing sunny skies few at $28.00 but nessa rain for you at 28 degrees as well. as testing about how does this in combination when they're on line well i face a mental state i'm directly out of translating slavery or if you join us on sand this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do and research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come in that everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about
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the solutions announces iraq. this is al jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm kamal santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. putting itself in line for the presidency i believe in opposition senator declares himself to be interim leader interesting that either while i have like the fight will continue but bolivia's al student leader is striking a defiant tone as he arrives in mexico after being granted asylum.


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