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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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the the end of the discussion. there should be ok let's see well if wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't but make sure that doesn't happen. building more barricades protesters refuse to back off the police one hong kong is on the brink of a breakdown. in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the new face of bolivian leadership opposition senator the class itself the interim president. 'd but to indigenous people even morales is still the hero they found to push for his return. and calls to ban the use of rubber bullets
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and pellets on protesters as dozens of blinded by being shot in the face. in hong kong automaton commuters for a 3rd day demonstrators are blocking major roads in the city trying to shut down train stations have also set up barricades at the chinese university the scene of violent protests a day earlier what tension has been a police shot the demonstrators close range on monday difficult pollin joins us live now from hong kong just tell us where you are now and what's been happening there with the protests. turned i mean that hard to pull out hong kong's financial district this area is called central and there's been a call out to office workers the 3rd consecutive day this is happening the call out to the office workers to join a flash mob to support the protest. there's now what's interesting about what's
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happened is we are seeing hundreds of office workers as you can see who are here were chanting the popular slogans of protestors but what's also happening is that the more radical protesters have somewhat coven intervened in those protests that set up blockades around the financial center and of also started vandalizing chinese own businesses so business is owned by mainland china and if if you'll pan that way what you'll see is a lot of people looking at broken windows at one of the major banks banks or this is a chinese bank now central is the heart of hong kong's financial mechanism the stock exchanges here all the multinational headquarters are here luxury shops usually this area is a place of business of full of tourists what i also want to point out that is different this time is the fact that the firefighters have been called instead of the riot police to try and quell or calm down the more radical elements of the
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protest as you can see they're walking right behind me and this is because the firefighters have huge support from the protesters whenever they come in or whenever the trucks come in all the protesters always applaud them so looks like the government is also changing its tactic in trying to calm down these protesters by bringing in the firefighters to try and maintain law and order instead of the riot police in there been clashing against 4 consecutive days now darran and divot what's been the response then to the week day escalation of these protests. well the protesters had said they would do this and they have managed to do this for 3 days now what's interesting while you know a lot of commuters a lot of every day hong kong people have been severely inconvenienced by these weekday protests many of them are not really complaining about it vocally loudly are making any large statements about it instead trying to get. around them. the
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government meanwhile has given a press conference saying that they're confident they can handle the violence and these protests and the protestors aren't good to get what they want by doing this kind of an action so it seems that the protesters are still standing strong saying that they're going to continue what they've been doing and in fact as believing things over a week dixon not just weekends and the government is saying that that but there's there was fully supporting hong kong's police which is not going to go down well with protesters all right a difficult part and in hong kong did it thank you know a suicide bomb in kabul has killed at least 7 people the interior ministry was targeted it happened a day after a prisoner swap deal no one has yet claimed responsibility for the tough as been a suspected suicide bombing outside a police station in the indonesian city of medan only the bomber was killed in the attack and one officer was injured police stations have been a frequent target of attacks in indonesia. the opposition leader and bolivia's
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senate has declared himself interim president after weeks of political turmoil journeyman is was sworn in despite lacking a majority in the country's congress she's taken over from the ousted former leader has who's now in mexico after being granted asylum iran has resigned after weeks of protests over his disputed reelection of money on a sanchez has more now from bolivia's capital parts. well tensions are growing here in the center of the capital where the presidential palace and the national assembly is here at the plaza moody your an area that is completely surrounded and sealed by police riot police and another ring of protection by the army this was. an is has been named interim president of bolivia after a long debate about whether they would be legislators would be able to swear her in
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with or without the members of the mass party the party that you don't do it all more or less and his political allies now if he's an years has said that she would immediately call for elections there needs to be that they need to name a new electoral tribunal and hold elections around of around december the 20th to be able to have a new president. by january 22nd but in the meantime a lot of frustration and a lot of people are followers of in what i list who are not happy with this decision who are not happy with this naming of the interim president and there's people protesting in the area with police repressing this with water cannons water trucks 2 and 6 and riot police all around this area and supporters of ousted president as are expressing outrage that describing
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a coup and accuse right wing groups of having racist intentions stories about reports from i'm wrong a stronghold in the city of for. the past few days have not been easy for people who don't believe us 1st indigenous leaders even want alice was forced to resign when the organization of american states or only s. and now straught had been committed in the presidential election. the military requested that he step down he supporters denounce it is a call. for running wanka more dallas was the man that gave them dignity after years of discrimination. in these years we have seen change we have seen our lives get better i am young but i've seen how indigenous people have suffered in this country now these racists the ones that burn our flag want to shut us down people who rang because everyone else opponents burned their woodpile a flag which represents indigenous communities here there are roadblocks everywhere
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these days as morally supporters vowed to continue the push for his return from mexico there's been chaos since he stepped down forcing the police to request the help of the army to restore order in the city the sight of fighter jets flying overhead is making people even more furious. people are. having. that much. more civil. and interim president as anyone yes was sworn in by bolivia's opposition on tuesday in an attempt to fill the power vacuum her supporters celebrated her designation. the winner who we are facing a presidential succession brought on by the vacancy of the presidency and the absence of the president according to the constitution as president of the senate i
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immediately assumed the presidency of the state and i promised to take all of the measures necessary to pacify the country but the assembly meeting happened without the presence of ever more or less movement or socialism party congresswoman assume that disperses they will not cooperate with those who carried out a call does anyone i'm a little. we are not of that. family because we are not giving cardroom and we want to recognize her as a president the florist our own senators to escape and step down. was even though more dallas is accused of fraud and violating the constitution people will see him as the man who changed bolivia for good many are dreading their return of the racism they faced in the past and that's why many say he's resignation hurts them even more. and. well forced out of his country by the military morale as his having to make
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a political comeback from mexico after his arrival day of peace back home john heilemann has more on the. level morale as woke up on sunday he was still the president of bolivia. by midday tuesday he was out of power and the next so touching down in mexico he said things could have been worse. i want to tell you we're extremely grateful because the mix can president has saved my life. it wasn't easy getting him here the mets can foreign minister described the tense standoff before he could work out a route for him to leave the country we're going to see he wanted to see but there were even the supporters surrounding the airport and the armed forces within it and there was a period of real tension in the morale as was already on board the plane it was the worst moment as. president morales said that a coup pushed him out on sunday the army had asked him to resign he was blameless
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he indicated. 'd to the world my only crime is that evil is indigenous the only sin we've committed as social programs for the poor and always searching for equality and justice. he would deny that you must have the extreme poverty brought economic prosperity and stability to the country during his time in power. but his opponents point to a growing authoritarianism and then serious irregularities in the last election he went against the constitution to run in the 1st place so it's a complex situation here for a president over nearly 40 years due to a lot especially for the poor and vulnerable in bolivia before he disappeared from view he made a call for peace in his homeland. finally i'd like to say for the not to be any more bloodshed more confrontations we've decided to resign for the people.
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if i make it as he was a minute while i have life we will stay in politics while i have life the fight will continue and we sure that the people of the world have all the right to free themselves. that wish is going on and sit in bolivia where despite his absence his supporters and the opposition continue to clash john home and how does either make scarcity. president says his country is facing a grave crisis as a national strike brought many regions to a standstill sebastian pinera has called on police reservists to help security forces manage antigovernment protests thousands of people marched in the capital santiago as the country's currency the peso hit and historic low protests began weeks ago when increase in metro fares but have grown into anger over social inequality and accusations of police brutality against demonstrators in chile are being investigated dozens of protesters have complained of being shot in the face
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by troops using rubber bullets and pellets a latin america at its end the sentiment reports. heating a pause for a national strike thousands marched all over chile among them was who says he's striking for his 10 year old daughter. i don't know if the president is blind but we've been protesting all of the chile in the sli and he still doesn't get it he has to fix the country. this national strike has been held to continue to demand social reforms in chile as it should have been doing the national 25 games are people who are here because they can no longer see. the tentacles and solve a lot of hospital friends and supporters of the latest protest or to lose one or more eyes from political waited for an incentive to recover from surgery was in $200.00 demonstrators have suffered total or partial blindness in less than one month which according to chile's. medical association is comparable only to
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protesting gaza over a 6 year period. this is say the 18 year old university student was demonstrating monday night with a group of friends when a riot policemen shot him with a pellet gun at point blank range. after what they've done to him he is obviously very angry his life has been permanently altered but his position is to keep protesting for social change so that the loss of his left eye will not have been in vain. at least 3 more people have been shot in the face and eyes in less than 48 hours prompting some lawmakers to demand that rubber bullets and pellets be banned as a form of crowd control india domingo on sunday night the director of police promise to restrict the use of weapons of this kind to a minimum ofter another protester lost both eyes instead this into was shot at 2 meters distance. human rights watch and the interim eric and
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commission of human rights are investigating the charges of police brutality which appear to be only increasing the level of anger and violence on the streets the sea and human al-jazeera sent out. time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back a cash crisis that is getting more frustrating by the day as banks remain closed in lebanon. and a big u.s. pipeline could be pumping again despite warnings of an environmental disaster more in that state this. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across the eastern med weather conditions are going to be taking a downturn as we go towards the middle and the end of the week and that's all because of a system that's in the central med right now so for turkey expect to see more rain
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for parts of istanbul opera not looking too bad as we go towards wednesday a temperature a few of 20 degrees but by the time we get towards thursday a lot of that rain makes its way towards the east we're going to be seeing the rain here for beirut with the temperature now to bed of $28.00 degrees well as we come across the gulf things are looking much better than they did still clouds in the area but we do expect to see a nice day here on wednesday $29.00 degrees maybe over towards riyadh it is going to be the clouds but that should dissipate by the time we get to thursday and the temperature of $27.00 heavy rain is going to be a big problem down towards the southern part of africa over the next few days and getting worse as we get towards thursday the temperatures are up for johannesburg as well as durban but we do have a system parked off the coast that's bring some windy conditions as well towards cape town we do expect to see attempted there of 25 and by the time we get towards thursday the rain is really on the increase across much of the area tempers are coming down about 4 to 5 degrees as well but localized flooding could be a big problem in durban we do expect to see 25 and rain for thursday.
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every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories. really sickening kind city as we turned the cameras on the media when the entire. in services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president to focus on how they report on the stories that matter to them and still getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already had the information and they're listening pounced on al-jazeera.
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welcome back i'm out of our top stories here on al-jazeera protesters in hong kong are targeting commuters for a 3rd day demonstrators are blocking major roads in the city and trying to shut down train stations the opposition leader and bolivia senate has declared herself interim president after swearing in ceremony jenene on it takes over from the ousted former leader etymologies has been given asylum in mexico and chile's president says his country is facing a grave crisis as a national strike brought many regions to a standstill sebastian pinera has called on police reservist out security forces manage until government protests. a lebanese man has been shot dead just south of the capital beirut marking the 1st death in 27 days of nationwide protests a man man shot the demonstrator was blocking a road in the town of kaldis traffic's been blocked with burning tires out the president i wouldn't told protesters to go home the u.n. as lebanon to form a competent government after prime minister saad hariri resigned following weeks of protests. and lebanon's banks will stay shut for yet another day as the impact of
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the ongoing protests is felt on the economy banks were supposed to reopen on tuesday what kept close by striking employees stephanie deck has. the closed doors a sign of a deep unresolved economic crisis. and now they don't but. they have only one news. somebody. before me for a few minutes ago. it is often roughly 170 how we can't transfer money abroad businessmen com pay their supplies so they can't provide for their customers nor their families at home things are getting worse by the day lebanon's banks have shut down again after briefly opening their doors last week informal capital controls remain in place cash points are giving out money but limited amounts pre-date and only lebanese pounds not u.s. dollars which is essentially
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a 2nd currency here foreign transfers are practically impossible affecting imports the bank remains close in order to avoid bank wrong i mean many depositors' coming all of a sudden and asking to withdraw their deposits because of the panic caused by the appeal of people taking place in the street and the absence of a solution the governor of the central bank is try to calm people by saying that the stability of the lebanese pound is guaranteed a small groups of protesters a state of the streets this argument is so what i mean hard economic crisis has been here long before the revolution this is not know what we are doing we are doing for the future generations parents failed to achieve we will give to our children we don't want our children to live with the way we had too many people say lebanon is on the verge of collapse because of ingrained corruption and decades of mismanaged economic policies. the protesters want
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a new government made up of independent nonpolitical and nonsectarian technocrats but they say they're stuck with the same old elite bickering over its next steps there is still no agreement among the political elite a new government will look like a map political stalemate means no action what is becoming a paralyzed economy in the meantime the banks remain closed and people's access to their cash severely restricted it's almost a month since the protest movement began and lebanon's economy was in decline way before that people here say they've had enough and they're waiting to see what the new government will look like the question is will it satisfy the street and can it save lebanon from a full economic collapse stephanie decker al-jazeera beirut russianness drugs are reported to have killed at least 3 civilians in syria's last rebel held province dozens of air raids have been launched in southwest this week activists say
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hospitals and schools have been hit the government declared a cease fire in late august and that strikes continue israel has moved tanks to the gaza border fence after the worst day of cross border violence in months it started after a senior leader of the palestinian group islamic jihad was killed in an israeli airstrike in gaza fighters in gaza responded sending almost $200.00 rockets towards israel and that led to more israeli airstrikes which has since killed another 8 palestinians egyptian mediators are working to restore calm between israel and gaza are a force that reports now from southern israel. and his wife were killed as they slept in this building in gaza israeli air strike was long in the planning its repercussions just starting to play out. lead palestinian islamic jihad's northern military operation a very senior figure and one israel blamed for a series of rocket attacks in recent months and that. these actions have started
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this morning after the crime was committed by israel markets were fired towards televisions and islamic jihad with all of the resistance groups will continue targeting all safe places of the occupation. islamic jihad said israel had crossed all red lines and promised a bigger response than usual one rocket exploded on a busy highway in your gaza and the a miss for those in passing cars and for those in a bus waiting at the intersection. in the southern town of stare at a factory suffered a direct hit and rockets also targeted central israel restricting businesses and leading to blanket school closures from the gaza border areas to television israel's prime minister who's leading a 2nd straight caretaker government after a 2nd inconclusive election said his country was not seeking an escalation and he was careful to indicate politics hadn't entered into the decision to strike one he said was recommended by the military and the internal security agency the measure
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of the female only the final decision was unanimously agreed on in the cabinet 10 days ago and the cabinet gave me authority to implemented at a time that would be suggested by the i.d.f. and should back the i.d.f. in the shabak indeed recognize a time to recognize the window of opportunity to carry out the operation under the best conditions with a maximum chance of success and minimum impact on bystanders. there was no israeli comment though on another major strike overnight this one in damascus targeting islamic jihad's 2nd ranking leader. yuri serious. news agency said his son and granddaughter were killed islamic jihad says a jury survived. the size of the explosion is unacceptable that i think that many of his execution was so huge and it is unacceptable to hit the civilian area in such way as throughout the day the rocket fire and air strikes continued israel's military said it was targeting islamic jihad perhaps
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a message that it wasn't seeking a direct confrontation with hamas which controls the gaza strip and whose military wing represents garza's biggest fighting force in a statement on tuesday benjamin netanyahu said that israel did not seek a wider escalation yet he must have known that with a targeted assassination such as this and the inevitable rocket fire that would come in response the risks were very high much now depends on how hamas decides to respond it has spoken out very strongly in solidarity with islamic jihad if it matches those words with a big escalation in rocket fire as well and the risks of a wider conflict only rise are a force that al-jazeera southern israel. emergency services say it will be weeks before they can extinguish all the bushfires sweeping through eastern australia at least 50 homes have been damaged or destroyed in new south wales in what's been labeled catastrophic conditions strong winds and hot have fanned the flames under thomas has more now from sydney. it's 25 degrees right now this time yesterday it
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was in the high 30 degrees celsius and the wind well you can see there's no wind a tall today but there were fierce winds all day on tuesday and it was those 2 factors combined with a very very dry landscape off the months of drought that made the fire authorities so worried about the conditions on tuesday that a little bit labeled them catastrophic will in the end catastrophic conditions didn't lead to catastrophe which of course was the great fear loss of life through on controlled by the well lots and lots of fires across the southeast and state of new south wales some of them in the suburbs of sydney most of them were put out pretty swiftly the authorities were ready for the conditions on tuesday and they got on top of the fires fast many of the fires are still burning mostly in very rural areas away from houses away from people and here in new south wales right now there are no emergency warnings no one is being told right now to hunker down trying to survive a fire that's on top of them or to flee that's not the case further north though in the state of queensland right now there is an emergency level 5 just north of
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brisbane in the holiday town of noosa and in that place right now people are being told it's too late to leave they've got to hunker down and try and get through a fire that is really impacting on a big forest just to the north of brisbane right now a u.s. energy regulator is now allowing oil to reflow the 3 major pipeline just weeks off it leaks $9000.00 barrels environmentalist say the damage should be cause for alarm from edinburg in north dakota al-jazeera and fish and of course. they're working their own declaw conserves you know temperatures and still the cleanup we take months it's 2 weeks since more than 1000 barrels of oil leak. into a field near edinburg in north dakota it's the 2nd major leak from the keystone pipeline in 2 years the 4th in 10 and environmentalists see this is exactly what they feared this is as far as we can go the only people are beyond here are employees and regulators and some environmentalists say that stopping them from
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finding out exactly how bad the leak is the keystone pipeline carries around 590000 barrels a day from canada to refineries in the u.s. operated by t.c. energy the canadian company insists it's doing all it can to minimize disruption and damage our main goal in this is to do it correctly and do it safely in a does not matter how long it takes as long as we do it right the energy company wants to build a new pipeline the keystone x.l. it would double the capacity it was blocked on environmental crimes by barack obama but approved by president donald trump and approval no tied up in the courts and i gave them the permits and they got it built and it's been operating down very successfully and a lot of jobs a lot of everything else in a lot of clean environment because that's what it is in the town of edinburg itself there's little concern about the environmental impact of this leak this leak i
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don't have any impact or or you know it's all contained in one area and they heard . it all no problem with. the government regulator has given the all clear to start pumping oil again even though it has not revealed what caused the pipeline feel here in the 1st place alan fischer al-jazeera edinburg north dakota. saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates have confirmed they're now take part in football's arabian gulf cup in qatar join the likes of defending champions kuwait who won the tournament back in 2017 and for other gulf nations initially the 3 countries said they'd boycott this month's torment the trio along with egypt imposed a blockade and the $27.00. we had some discussion about the ongoing gulf dispute which has lasted for more than 2 years there are american efforts which qatar appreciates to preserve the unity of the g.c.c.
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and to return it back to what it used to be qatar is always open to dialogue and has expressed its readiness to engage in an unconditional dialogue based on mutual respect nonintervention in the international affairs of other states and respecting for the sovereignty of other states. start a quick check of the headlines here and al-jazeera protesters in hong kong are targeting commuters for a 3rd day demonstrators are blocking major roads and are trying to shut down train stations difficult holland has more from hong kong's financial center. i'm in the heart of hong kong's financial district this area is called central and there's been a call out to office workers the 3rd consecutive day this is happening a call out to the office workers to join a flash mob to support the protesters now what's interesting about what's happened is we are seeing hundreds of office workers as you can see who are here who are
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chanting the popular slogans of protestors but what's also happening is that the more radical protesters have somewhat carbon intervened in this protest have set up blockades around the financial center and that also started evangelizing chinese own businesses so business is owned by mainland china the libyan opposition centers jeanine and as has been declared herself interim president following the resignation of a morale is she was appointed in congress but the session was boycotted by members of the promises party the constitutional court has backed the move i believe they don't know what we are facing a presidential succession brought on by the vacancy of the presidency and the absence of the president according to the constitution as president of the senate i immediately assume the presidency of the state and i promise to take all of the measures necessary to pacify the country. a suicide bomber in kabul has killed at least 7 people the interior ministry was targeted it happened the day after
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a prisoner swap deal that raised hopes of dialogue between the taliban and the government israel's move tanks to the gaza border fence off the worst day of cross border violence in months it started off an israeli airstrike killed a senior leader of palestinian group islamic jihad fighters responded by sending almost $200.00 rockets towards israel and that led to more israeli air strikes which of since killed another. emergency services say will be weeks before they can extinguish all the bushfires sweeping through eastern australia at least 50 homes have been damaged or destroyed in new south wales in what's been labeled catastrophic conditions strong winds and hot air fanned the flames well those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the listening post stage and so watching. russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking.
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into the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft. russian goals have be achieved not peace in the whole russia on al-jazeera. how is it that covering stories around the fire the country trust a journalist wait for the beauty of that indian guy the motorcycle that never lived in the movie theater the most dangerous part of the mining industry want to put their lives around kilo carmichael stork. hello i'm richard gere's bird and you're watching a special edition of the listening post when journalists talk about the most dangerous beats in the news business they talk about war zones are trying to cover drug cartels in mexico however environmental reporting is not far behind according to the.


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