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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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israel launches more raids on gaza striking targets across the territory bringing in the death toll so far to 20. i'm richelle carey this is out to sara life from doha also coming up protestors in hong kong refuse to back down as the government orders all schools to close. we hear from those displaced by south sudan's worst floods in 2 decades and the people trying to help. and the new interim president takes control in bolivia but there is
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a strong show of support for exiled president morales. a new wave of israeli air strikes in gaza has killed 10 people air raid sirens have also sounded in southern israel 20 palestinians have died since sunday i mean tuesday pardon me when israel killed a senior commander of the armed group islamic jihad fighters in gaza have responded by firing around 220 rockets towards israel egypt and other international officials are working to mediate a ceasefire between israel hamas and islamic jihad joins us live from near the israel gaza border so what is what is the latest right now gary. well the things seem to have come down to a certain extent there was another alert in the area around gaza just 10 minutes or so ago but not the kind of virus that we saw earlier this morning however the
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israeli airstrikes have been continuing certainly throughout the morning and we heard some of them from here a couple of hours ago and the numbers of deaths have increased quite substantially inside gaza as well in the last hour the health ministry inside gaza has put the number killed so far today up to 12 that makes $22.00 in total since the 1st strike in the early hours of tuesday morning the one that targeted the senior islamic jihad leader whom israel blames for a spate of rocket attacks for the last few months. and so we've seen several separate strikes carried out against what israel says have been islamic jihad fighters and targets and the latest casualties we understand of people who died of their injuries in hospital we have as i say also seen and numerous rockets emanating from gaza throughout the course of the day islamic jihad promising to
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expand the circle of its response from what we've seen in recent months and indeed there have been rocket alerts in communities quite close to jerusalem which is not typical of what we've seen over the last months and years and israel is very much saying that this is an operation targeted at islamic jihad changing its policy hitherto which has always been to hold hamas responsible for anything that comes out of the gaza strip saying that this is about punishing and deterring islamic jihad what are we hearing specifically from netanyahu. well at a special cabinet meeting he delivered that message again saying that that islamic jihad was coming to recognize the seriousness it is in essence of israel's response he said that very shortly after there was an interview on israeli radio as well with one of his ministers in which he said that israel was officially changing its policy from blaming hamas for everything to targeting islamic jihad i think there's
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a clear effort underway to try to separate out these 2 major factions within gaza so far how moss has not really joined in this rocket fire although we wait to see if this extends for several days whether that maintains as a tenable position for hamas and as far as the domestic politics are concerned as well both that's and yahoo and his ministers and other senior members of the israeli political establishment are saying that this was not a political decision despite the political pressure that netanyahu is under but one that was recommended to him by the military and intelligence top brass ok her thoughts about the latest at the israel gaza border carry thank you a court in hong kong is deciding whether university can stop police from entering its campus after clashes with student protesters overnight demonstrators are blocking streets for a 3rd day right in the center of the city their government says all schools will be
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closed on thursday because of safety concerns to bill holland joins us now from hong kong so divya what of that the court's decision do we do we know yet what they're or what they've decided. richelle it's a closed door meeting and so we will not know right away and it could go on for a few days or could be delayed with more deliberations so we won't get a result immediately but meanwhile here the students are taking it upon themselves to stop protest or to stop the police from entering their campus if you can see right behind me this is the main campus it's a hive of activity with these student protesters alumni and other people who support the students sorting out through supplies that they have received from not just students and alumni but also the wider hong-kong population who are angry at police coming into the campus yesterday overnight yesterday and because of confrontations with students overnight and into the early hours which led to dozens
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of students being being injured so what you see here's students saying that they are setting up barricades are making sure that police cannot come in the supplies range from anything from umbrella rover bella's just in case there's a tear gas fired at the food to clothes and there's even a station behind me with the last bottles with petrol like smelling liquid which presumably will be used as molotov cocktails over night students were also throwing petrol bombs now the university has just sent out a message saying that they have condemned the violence on both sides they say they're going to end the semester early now and they're not the only university to do that another university says they're also ending the semester early now and meanwhile the education board has said they're closing down schools because of commuter chaos that were caused by the protesters and and the various disruptions we've seen across the city today richelle so divid this is thing going on for weeks
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actually months now let me clear months and there have been you know sports violence parts of intensity bit are the crowd size is the same. yeah it's not really about the crowd sizes anymore what you're seeing now is you're not seeing the millions of people marching anymore that's made due to the fact that whenever a legitimate protest a peaceful rally is being organized by democratic groups it's usually turned down because police save usually ends up in violence as the more radical elements take over the protests so what you're now seeing is sporadic protests by the younger mostly by the younger generation who are saying that they're going to disrupt the city they're going to cause chaos they're going to barricade themselves in places and they're just going to constantly confront police said these catamounts chases but what's interesting about this is despite the violence that we've been seeing on both sides the protest for this story the support for these protesters still seems
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to be increasing and it's not just the young people that are supporting them now we're seeing a lot of older people supporting them not just by saying we stand with you when we support you but also by helping them like we've seen this evening by giving them supplies given the money to push the cost forward ok did you go to holland with the latest in hong kong to thank you lebanon's president says the economic situation across the country is getting worse due to the ongoing political crisis and protest demonstrations are ramping up for another day after one man was shot dead south of beirut their army says a soldier has been detained after forces opened fire on protesters blocking a road demonstrators have been blocking traffic with burning tires after president michel told them on tuesday to go home as to more than 2 weeks since the prime minister saad hariri resigned following weeks of protest at the attacker has a latest life or so stephanie there seems to be the frustration that led to all the
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protests in the 1st place but now there seems to be another layer of frustration because life is come to a standstill. yeah the frustration here is really prompted by the president speaking last night what protesters here will tell you was basically an indicating that they were going to get what they want they took offense to his words things like saying that it was time for them to go home so they're back on the streets they've been blocking roads we've been trying to get to the presidential palace because there's a protest happening there but it's very very difficult to get around so we're just stopping on our way to make our live heads and also on this other side and we're seeing a lot of tension between protesters and also between those who want to get poss these roadblocks so you can see that we've seen witnessed a lot of tension also towards the media there is a change on the ground today from what we've seen over the past month here and people will tell you they're incredibly frustrated people will also tell you that
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they're concerned about the way forward in this country there is a political stalemate the political elite that these people want to see change are the ones still bickering about what it interim government is going to look like the president indicated that there wasn't any real resolve on that so there are other issues at stake here also euphemistically very complicated times ahead here and people will tell you they're concerned about the way forward the banks are closed schools universities are closed there are limits on what kind of amounts of cash people can take out there are limits. of foreign transfers most foreign transfer as you call it transfer money out of the country so very difficult times and certainly a change on the streets today following the words from the president people the ones on the street certainly not happy at all but i think the danger is that there is a division on the street between those that have taken to blocking the roads and the people who also want to get around so it's very unpredictable at the moment richelle all right stephanie decker live there are just outside of beirut thank you . nearly a 1000000 people have been affected by floods in south sudan heavy rains in october
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november have destroyed homes and farms and aid organizations say they are desperately trying to provide assistance in a country already dire need of help dozens of people have died and there are now fears this part of disease about morgan reports. this is what the eastern town of people are in south sudan looks like now homes and schools nearly fully submerged people trying to salvage what they can and more and what they can't it's the aftermath of weeks of heavy rain since october. on a school he'd mastered at my school has been drowned by the floods drying so much that people saw the river rose and into their houses i ran to schools but even the schools were submerged and it was a good agricultural season we had harvested our crops but floods destroyed even though. i didn't george says he had to leave people or and come to south sudan's capital juba for refuge back home very little has been spared by the floodwaters
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people here see it's the worst they've experienced in more than 20 years a state of emergency has been declared in 27 of the country's 52 states more than 100000 people have been affected with almost half of them displaced over 76 people laws from the entire population of. you know $400000.00 population have been have been displaced which $200.00 plus been have been seriously. we are calling so loud a little human didn't interventions the floods have also destroyed farmlands raising fears that it will add to the problem of food shortages aid organizations say the need for an urgent response is vital in a country where years of war has left 7000000 people in need of help to survive. the 1st phase is to provide that the median emergency response to trying to get the
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people who are living in water to have access to water purification tablets to have access to toppling the have access to all the medication to have access to medical and mosquito net those are the things that we started to work on that and as i said on the category of system that we started to work on is to look at how to start to really work in an area where the what this data recedes to start to really rehabilitate the what the point of people residents say they're concerned there will be outbreaks of what a point is he says and they say they don't know how long they will have to wait in camps or in the open before the water level to recede and for them to be able to go back home people morgan are just there are. still ahead on al jazeera. protesters killed gatherings banned calls for counties government to address human rights violations ahead of next year's election. and evacuation orders come into parts of australia as bush fires great out of control.
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and they're all the more unsettled conditions across much of japan in the korean peninsula look out has been streaming in over the last few hours and the site is some rain in the mix but also not cool as we all say a fair amount of snow you can barely see the colorado and all of this crowd as we go through thursday and very mixed really across much of honshu and then it's friday when we see the rain pushing across into much of central northern honshu we've got 20 to snow up in takata so just 2 celsius apolo one celsius in front of all stalk and against and snow pushing into these northern sections of the korean peninsula not but they go down into the south 14 celsius in seoul and still fail you will of course this time of year into southern areas of the a china $26.00 in hong kong cooling off in shanghai just 17 degrees and then as a go into friday warming up
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a bit in shanghai and staying pretty much the same elsewhere quite a strong on national flow they are pushing into vietnam and that is where we could see want to coastal but we're focusing on the northern philippines this is the latest tropical depression to be forming it will produce a very heavy amounts of rain thursday on into friday and also you'll notice these rains very extensive across much of borneo pushing down across into java by friday a quite a blanket of rain through much of some ultra and such knew what day in kuala lumpur .
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there watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now israeli airstrikes in gaza have killed 12 palestinians taking the death toll since tuesday to 22 egypt and other international officials are trying to mediate a ceasefire between israel hamas and islamic jihad. according to hong kong is deciding whether university can stop police from entering its campus following clashes with student protesters overnight demonstrators are blocking streets for a 3rd day the government says schools will close on thursday and lebanon's
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president says the economic situation across the country is getting worse due to the ongoing political crisis and protests rallies are continuing after a lebanese man was shot dead south of beirut marking the 1st such death and $27.00 days of nationwide protests. the opposition leader in bolivia senate has declared herself interim president after weeks of political turmoil as was sworn in and despite lacking a majority in congress she's taken no taking over from ousted president evo morales who is now in mexico after being granted asylum resigned after weeks of protests over his disputed reelection they've got 3 of our correspondents covering the story across the region rana sanchez is following developments in the blue capital let's pause so it's a bow isn't a political stronghold of president morales just outside the capital and john hallman is in mexico city where president morales has been given asylum 1st. and.
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well tensions are growing here in the center of the capital where the presidential palace and the national assembly is here at the plus somebody york an area that is completely surrounded and sealed by police riot police and another ring of protection by the army this hours. i'm is has been named interim president of bolivia after a long debate about whether they would be legislators would be able to swear her in with with or without the members of the mass party the party that we don't do it will morales and his political allies now if he's anxious has said that she will immediately call for elections there needs to be that they need to name a new electoral tribunal and hold elections around of around december the 20th to be able to have a new president. by january 22nd but in the meantime
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a lot of frustration and a lot of people are followers of him or what i list who are not happy with this decision who are not happy with this naming of the interim president and there's people protesting in the area with police repressing this with water cannons water trucks and and riot police all around this area. and supporters. are expressing outrage and condemning what they're calling a coup that is about has more on that. the past few days have not been easy for people in. olivia's 1st indigenous leader in what alice was forced to resign when the organization of american states or always yes and now fraud had been committed in the presidential election. the military requested that he step down he supporters denounce it is a call. for wreaking
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a koran in wanka morales was the man that gave them dignity after years of discrimination. in these years we have seen change we have seen our lives get better i'm young but i've seen how indigenous people have suffered in this country now these racists the ones that burn our flag want to shut us down people around gree because they will more or less opponents burned the woodpile a flag which represents indigenous communities here there are roadblocks everywhere these days as morally supporters vow to continue the push for his return from mexico there's been chaos since he stepped down forcing the police to request the help of the army to restore order in the city the site of fighter jets flying overhead is making people even more furious. people are. writing down. all of them are.
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writing i'm forcing. an interim president as any 9 years was sworn in by bolivia's opposition on tuesday in an attempt to fill the power vacuum her supporters celebrated her designation. the winner who we are facing a presidential succession brought on by the vacancy of the presidency and the absence of the president according to the constitution as president of the. senate i immediately assumed the presidency of the state and i promised to take all of the measures necessary to pacify the country but the assembly meeting happened without the presence of ever more movement towards socialism party congresswoman assume that. they will not cooperate with those who carried out a cool does anyone i'm a little. we are not that a family because we are not giving cardroom and we want to recognize her as a president the florist our own senators to escape and step down.
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even though more or less he's accused of fraud and violating the constitution people will see him as the man who changed bolivia for good many are dreading their return of the racism they faced in the past and that's why many say he's resignation hurts them even more. and. has been forced out of his country but he is vowing to make a political comeback even from mexico after his arrival he call for peace back home john heilemann has that. whenever morale is woke up on sunday he was still the president of bolivia. by midday tuesday he was out of power and the mic so touching down in mexico he said things could have been worse. i want to tell you we're extremely grateful because the mix can president has solved my life. it
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wasn't easy getting him here the mets can foreign minister described the tense standoff before he could work out a route for him to leave the country we're going to see he wanted to see but there were even the supporters surrounding the airport and the armed forces within it and there was a period of real tension for evo morales was already on board the plane it was the worst moment as. president morales said that a coup pushed him out on sunday the army had asked him to resign he was blameless he indicated. to the world my only crime is that evil is indigenous the only sin we've committed as social programs for the poor and always searching for equality and justice. he would deny that humans hard to extreme poverty brought economic prosperity and stability to the country during his time in power. but his opponents point to a growing authoritarianism and then serious irregularities in the last election he
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went against the constitution to run in the 1st place so it's a complex situation here for a president who over nearly 40 years did do a lot especially for the poor and vulnerable in bolivia before he disappeared from view he made a coup for peace in his homeland you know i mean. finally i'd like to say for the not to be any more bloodshed more confrontations we've decided to resign for the people and let me get to the scene as it meant to him and while i have life we will stay in politics while i have life the fight will continue and we sure that the people of the world have all the right to free themselves. that wish is going on and sit in bolivia where despite his absence his supporters and the opposition continue to clash join homan now does it or make scarcity. at least 7 people have been killed in an explosion in afghanistan's capital the car
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bomb went off during rush hour and kabul the interior ministry says another 7 people were injured there's been no claim of responsibility and a suspected suicide bombing is injured at least 6 people in the indonesian city of medan only the bomber was killed in the attack outside a police station. a new report is raising concern over again these human rights situation ahead of next year's presidential election and most international has detailed several red flags i call them including pricing political tension and the killing of anti-government protesters opposition groups have been protesting for weeks against proposed changes to the constitution they fear the changes could allow president afrikan to stand for a 3rd presidential term press office holocene west africa research right and the standard national he said getting to terry writing human rights situation is being made worse by a growing sense of impunity among the security forces. the report covers the period
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from generally 2000 to $2.00 to get somebody to bed 19 and we're seeing that over the period despite the. 'd progress that has been made in some areas 'd including abolishing the death penalty still facing major head of the 20 twentieth's presidential election one is that. in particular with. the 2nd. and including general. pace and british men and all this is happening in a climate of intrigue they have been fueled by the adoption of rules which which protect the security forces in the last 5 years is documented only one tape doesn't mean that we're dealing with the prosecution we're going to need because we want we go to the ones. we've been sentenced to 14 years in prison for keeping them
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straight or 'd. into the only one he out of the ready 7 ready ready ready. to between 7 and 0 to over 2009. venice has recorded its highest tide of more than 50 years leaving tourists waiting for flooded streets emergency services have started to assess the damage while some tourist attractions have been completely inundated with water the city's mayor has blamed the exceptional flood on climate change and said it will leave a permanent mark on the city. destroying officials have ordered more people to evacuate as firefighters struggled to contain an outbreak of bushfires cooler conditions have brought some relief in new south wales but still a leave immediately warning has been issued for several areas in the state of queensland the outbreak of bush fires on australia's east coast has already claimed 3 lives had destroyed more than 150 homes firefighters say it will be weeks before
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they can get all of those fires put out andrew thomas has more from sydney. it's a beautiful day in sydney on wednesday 25 degrees celsius very light winds and no smoke in the air the complete contrast to what we describe as catastrophic weather conditions on tuesday temperatures in the high thirty's very high winds and lots of smoke in this city as well not catastrophic conditions doesn't necessarily mean there's going to be a catastrophe though the authorities are saying when they use that word is that when fires take hold in those conditions they can lead to a catastrophe because fires spread much much quicker than authorities generally can get on top of them and there's a real threat to life on the certainly was on tuesday at one stage more than 24 hours across the state of new south wales alone that were out of control and directly threatening lives now luckily or perhaps through preparedness no one did die people were prepared prepared to flee flames and although homes were destroyed no lives were lost the danger has not passed on wednesday it's merely moved to
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queensland further north of here there are emergency warnings in place people being told to flee their homes what needs to bruce been very very high temperatures very strong winds and in the medium term as well even here the rural fire commissioner has said that we're not out of the woods yet there is likely to be higher temperatures coming back again around sydney and around the state high winds will return as well no for cross for rain whatsoever and after months of drought which some here are blaming all climate change there is a very real risk that more sparks will ignite more fires and that any point over the summer which is barely begun here in australia these fires really could turn much more tragic than they were on tuesday. australia's highest court has agreed to hear cardinal george pell final appeal to overturn his child sex abuse conviction is currently serving a 6 year prison term for a new zing to 13 year old choirboys in the 1990 s. he lost his 1st challenge against his convictions in a lower court in august
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a high court appeal is the final legal avenue for pal to. return is conviction and is expected to be heard in early 2020. except to date with all of the day's news our website is al jazeera dot com of course the very latest book that's going on in gaza as well keep here for a recap of the headlines in just a moment. i'm richelle carey these are the headlines right now a new wave of israeli air strikes in gaza has killed 12 people air raid sirens have also been sounded in southern israel 22 palestinians have died since tuesday when israel killed a senior commander of the armed group islamic jihad fighters in gaza have responded by firing around $220.00 rockets towards israel very fosamax more from the israel gaza border the public security minister get it done was on the radio this morning saying that israel's previous policy of holding hamas responsible for every rocket
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everything that comes out of the gaza strip that has changed and now they are deliberately targeting islamic jihad they're saying that they are agents acting against hamas interests as well as are acting to undermine the relationship between hamas and israel one of the interesting things is how hamas will continue to respond so far it is kept its out of some brigades largely on the sidelines the court in hong kong is deciding whether university can stop police from entering its campus after fierce clashes with student protesters overnight demonstrators are blocking streets in the city center for a 3rd day and the government says all schools will be closed on thursday because of safety concerns lebanon's president says the economic situation across the country is getting worse due to the ongoing political crisis and the protests rallies are continuing after a lebanese man was shot dead south of beirut marking the 1st such death and $27.00
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days of nationwide protests. but livy a senate opposition leader has declared herself an interim president after weeks of political turmoil. has taken over from ousted president evo morales he is now in mexico after being granted asylum resigned after weeks of protest over his disputed reelection australian officials have ordered more people to evacuate their homes as firefighters struggle to contain an outbreak of bushfires cooler conditions have brought some relief in new south wales but he leave immediately warning has still been issued for several areas in the state of queensland the outbreak of bushfires has already claimed 3 lives so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera and sad stories next.
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french president raises eyebrows by describing they thought was brain dead is the airlines weakening can europe create an alternative this isn't on story. hello welcome to the show i'm sammy's a than nato is experiencing brain death so says french president emanuel micro-loan many of his european partners in the alliance certainly don't agree though they call is words drastic and dangerous and.


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