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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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al-jazeera. and. a cease fire in gaza breaks down after israel launches astronauts in response to rocket fire. but i want jordan this is obviously a live from doha also coming up. a cry for justice whips up more anger in chile a demand for action on the killing of an indigenous team. that's threatening civil war supporters of bolivia's ousted president say the interim government is racist.
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there was a vigil for a black man who's been on death row in the u.s. killing a white woman in the 20 years of. a ceasefire in gaza between israel on the group islamic jihad has broken down less than 24 hours after it began just a few hours ago israeli forces bombed numerous targets in response to rocket fire fighting between the 2 sides began on tuesday after israeli forces assassinated a senior leader of the islamic jihad in gaza 34 palestinians have been killed since then the force that has more now from gaza. well the early hours of friday morning another round of airstrikes from israel targeting it said islamic jihad sites in the gaza strip we're hearing they were largely empty training grounds and the like but some of them were close to residential areas so some damage done to people
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injured after what had been a day in which it was proved it was already a tenuous cease fire. the single deadliest moment in 48 hours of fighting an israeli airstrike destroyed this house in central gaza killing 8 members of the same family including 5 children the israeli army said the target was rather. an islamic jihad commander of all and cohen they gave no warning usually they do but this time they kill the whole family it's not right. a mass funeral followed 8 buried and thousands on the streets by this time the rockets and air strikes a given way to attend cease fire islamic jihad saying it had one important concessions . the deal was made by islamic jihad on behalf of all the palestinians the conditions are to stop assassination operations protect protesters during border protests for the vital return to start implementing steps to break the siege. but
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many in gaza are struggling with desperate poverty as well as violence a tiring of such claims. no i'm not satisfied because there is no benefit ceasefires it happened many times before and were useless. hours into the cease fire 5 rockets were launched from gaza city to them intercepted by israel's air defense system nonetheless israel eased restrictions imposed on its own citizens near gaza and reopened border crossings the government and the i.d.f. achieved its goal in this mission we eliminated. that was in charge of. recent actions against. we will do anything necessary in order to avoid any. since israel assassinated the senior islamic jihad commander. on tuesday morning it's shifted its longstanding policy of holding
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hamas responsible for all rocket fire out of gaza instead striking islamic jihad targets and fighters almost exclusively amassed said it stood with islamic jihad in the battle but held back from launching its own rockets a possible sign of its concerns about a wider escalation. there was further rocket fire that came out of the gaza strip as night fell on thursday evening at around sunset there was a rocket that the israeli military said was intercepted by the iron dome anti-missile system a few hours later around. pm local time there was another rocket that was fired and fell inside gaza territory shortly after israel launched this new round of strikes the israeli military tweeted saying it was targeting islamic jihad and was doing so in response to breaches of the cease fire in terms of this rocket firing throughout the course of the day on thursday islamic jihad also released a new statement saying it was on standby with its finger on the trigger to respond
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should there be further attacks from israel it said it had a new weapon available to it it said domestically produced a longer range rocket with a range of some 120 kilometers there were protests in various locations on thursday evening inside gaza with people upset at the ceasefire saying that there should be further rocket attacks on israel in response to the large scale loss of life in gaza particularly the civilian casualties particularly the children that were killed especially from wednesday into thursday overnight there have also been concerns expressed on the other side of the border fence local communities on the israeli side near gaza declaring that their schools should be closed again on friday for fear that the ceasefire would break down thousands of anti-government protesters in chile are marking a year since an indigenous man was shot dead by police the case was marred by accusations of
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a cover up security forces tried to disperse crowds by using water cannon this latest protest comes against the backdrop of almost 4 weeks of demonstrations of essential inequality the finance minister is warning of huge job losses in the pace has reached a new low one thursday raising fears a fuel price rises are latin america at its embassy in yemen has more from santa. it's been exactly one year since comey look at the young guy was shot by police in the other carney a region of chile he was among put indigenous community leader and on this day thousands of people have come out on the street carrying them up which a flag wearing black as a sign of mourning not just for his death but also for the people who have been killed or seriously injured during the last 28 days of demonstrations people calling for social reforms in this country and while this goes on the congress is meeting trying desperately to reach an agreement between the opposition and the ruling political parties to try to come up with a way to propose a referendum
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a plebiscite for a new constitution that is one of the key demands now of the people on the streets but they can't agree on the format for this it looks like they have finally agreed about the short while ago but then one of the sectors went back into the meeting room and they still haven't come out with that while the people out on the street wait and see what they're going to propose because they say that unless there is a good agreement and the people are allowed to choose the constitution that they want they will remain out on the streets former president of the moran is calling on the u.n. to mediate bolivia's political crisis comes as the new interim president says moran is will be barred from running in the next election while the former leader has sought asylum in mexico his supporters continue to demand his return to isabel has more than the past. thousands of protesters surround bolivia's presidential palace they came here to show support to their leader in what alice. is
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a 25 year old student he says he's worried about what's happening in his country. it's an interim government that does not represent us it's filled with white people that look at us with racism and hatred we came here to show who the original people of bolivia really are. on wednesday interim president anyone yes swore in a new cabinet in a place where bolivia's mostly indigenous community was well represented and where the spirit of but mama or mother earth sacred to that community was once revered it's now been replaced with a bible across and mostly non indigenous representatives. because people are demanding the resignation of as i mean. they're also saying that now it's time for civil war. to a seriously or and even the new administration 6 that they want to get by the. way
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we are. not representative i like that. the government is trying to quell the protests with police and military presence on the street they're also trying to paint a negative image of able more dallas and accuse him of excessive while in power by granting media access to his private quarters in the presidential palace given the vietnam recall he lived like a rich man and spoke and defended the poor this is an example of something he did and everything he has robbed even morale has never allowed the media to come to the floors of the presidential house so in spite of the deep divisions in this country members of moralists m.e.'s party agree to hold a senate meeting with the legislators of the new interim administration they fear the party will be banned and one to be allowed to participate in the elections as it's unlikely it will more or less will be allowed to run. i would suggest to the
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movement for socialism party that from now on they have every right to participate in the general elections but they need to start looking for a candidate evo morales is not qualified for a 4th term that's why they have been so many protests by bolivians on the streets. people say they are proud. testing because they feel they new interim administration does not represent them and want to make sure they won't lose the rights they were granted when able morales came to power almost 14 years ago. bolivia the husband of jailed peruvian opposition leader keiko for mori has been on a hunger strike demanding her release mock detail as camping outside the prison where she's being held he says his wife is a political prisoner for the mores behind bars while she's being investigated of alleged money laundering during her 2011 presidential campaign through supreme court has indefinitely delayed
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a decision on whether to free her protesters in hong kong have blocked a major tunnel overnight. the. on thursday parts of downtown were shot as demonstrators targeted commuters for a 4th straight day china's president says the unrest is jeopardizing the one country 2 systems principle sheesh and ping says controlling tales and restoring order is urgently needed robert bright joins us live now from hong kong rob so just tell us where you are and what's been happening there today. that's right daryn they're an uneasy calm here this friday morning in hong kong things though still remaining very tense a number of campuses around the city we have students barricading themselves in the police largely holding back all of them have been some clashes the police say that the campuses are certainly not no go areas they will track down anyone responsible for criminality as they call it but i think in reality the police do tend to be
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holding back from from campuses around the city there is still disruption to some transport a couple of big highways are closed where we are here this is the one of the main cross harbor tunnels if we just take a look around here normally friday late morning getting up to lunchtime this would be completely full with traffic going on the hong kong harbor we're over on the cow loon side of that harbor. traffic going to hongkong island and back again. been closed now for the last couple of days or so and the problem part of the problem is here that the proximity of this tunnel is right next to one of those main campuses where we've seen so many protests the students are there they are on bridges over the highway here so even when the police do come and this is often a flashpoint for clashes between protesters and police the soon as the police leave again the protesters reemerge and just close down the tunnel again and then last
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night they started attacking the toll booths there was a number of fire bombs petrol bombs throw molotov cocktails as they're known so all of the toll booths here are now trashed so you do think that it's not much point in the or thirty's or the police reopening this because there's no way of the tunnel functioning as a as a toll paying tunnel what you're also seeing around us are lots of bags now of cement that have been used and so with lots more bricks of been placed on the carriageways here and now cement. together so a lot of these barriers do have an air of permanence about them and indeed we are seeing in a number of the campuses people aren't just building barricades now that they're bamboo and so on they're also using bricks cementing them together and of course behind those walls we know we've seen that protesters are building up stockpiles of petrol bombs and other weapons so it remains to be seen just who's going to make
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the next move what is going to happen next but we are already hearing late friday morning here on social media that there have been calls amongst different groups for more of these flush flash mob type protests around hong kong island which could well materialize this friday lunchtime rob just briefly it's been a week of high tensions in hong kong hasn't it so what are people expecting this weekend and it has been unprecedented to use we know from these protests the weekends of don't leave been the high point when they've been the largest most dangerous protest so this has been unprecedented these attacks during the working week which is really hit home kung hard so potentially maybe this is a change of tactics who knows maybe the weekends now become quieter that may well be wishful thinking and this could be a bad omen but certainly the level 3 of violence has increased and we know that sadly there a person a person who was injured by a brick a 70 year old man
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a couple of days ago did pass away during the night so it is another death associated directly to these protests are all right to rob mcbride in hong kong right thank you. time for a short break here now just when we come back we'll tell you why the opposition in guinea is rallying supporters against the president. and hundreds have been killed in a drug crackdown in bangladesh but as justice actually it's more in that state. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well we did see of course the arctic plunder across the united states things are getting a little bit better in terms of the temperatures they are beginning to come up but still quite cold for many across much of the region here on friday only into the single digits for chicago even atlanta only seeing 9 degrees but we are watching
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this area of low pressure right here just on the coast and over the next few days what we're going to see is still some very wet weather making its way up the eastern seaboard towards new york and that could cause some localized flooding for many across that region up towards new york though we do expect to see a high temp to their 4 degrees on saturday but for atlanta it is going to be quite rainy here on strike day things get better on saturday maybe get that weekend back on track but towards sunday things are going to be quite nice and plenty of sun but attempts are there of 12 degrees we are going to be seeing quite a nice day here across parts of one as out as the temperatures are going to be looking into the mid twenty's there but heavy rain just to the north that rain is going to be affecting more of rio de janeiro and windy conditions as well as you're going to be on the drier side of that front things are not looking too bad for you still plenty of sun across much of the area but as we go towards saturday rio you're going to be getting out of the rain and seeing a nice day with a temperature of 25.
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is it because you believe in this city gets to be ideological battle lines over abortion. because challenging a woman's right to choose the groups that's been ignored. has been. against those lined up to defend that choice we're talking about being able to make decisions for our body. investigates the abortion bans on. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera the ceasefire in gaza appears
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to have collapsed less than 24 hours after it began israel has bombed numerous targets falling rocket fire in the palestinian on the group islamic jihad. thousands of protesters in chile are marking a year since an indigenous man was shot dead by police it's putting more pressure on the government after 4 weeks of until government pressure. on the libya's former president every moron is calling on the u.n. to mediate the country's political crisis around his insists he is the legitimate president despite being in political exile in mexico. opposition groups say 3 people have died in guinea during protests against president alpha condo's attempt to change the constitution demonstrators are concerned that condit wants to seek a 3rd term shiela balance reports that. this is the price some guinea and so willing to pay to stop their president from running for a 3rd term. battle for devlin that's what i meet with security forces and they have
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bullet proof truck they shot at me and the gas into my eyes they hit me with the truck. for months guinea's opposition has called on people to block the main arteries of the capital cannot create they worry that president alpha condé is trying to change the constitution in order to seek a 3rd term. sort of when you have seen it they are coming shooting live bullets alpha deol oh a student 16 years old just lost his life look at this other boy they shot in the leg they have been doing this since press. and condit came to power we cannot accept this. a she one year old condé is getting his 1st democratically elected president his mandate expires next year the end of the 2nd 5 year term. he is not to clear he will run for a 3rd term but he has asked his government to draft a revised constitution that would allow him to do it his government's defames the canadian people should get to vote for the option the opposition boycotted the
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process formed a coalition and called people to the streets security forces have used live rounds in a race to the organizers least 14 people have been killed. condé said he would investigate the deaths and replaced a security minister earlier this week he announced delayed parliamentary elections would go ahead in february and change his policy to allow protests on government sanctioned. but on thursday when protesters deviated security forces crackdown. the mass amount of being able to be made out to protest as it was authorized by the government we came as far as busy if we were blocked there was a lot of security present there were driving into us with. all this because of a question going on and so it will condé seek a 3rd term shallop ballasts out as they are. more extreme weather has hit south
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africa's province of course in the tal at least 16 people have been killed in the past few weeks and the tornadoes now struck the province where the miller reports now from johannesburg tornadoes are relatively rare in south africa but experts say there does appear to be an increased incidence of extreme weather conditions and they're blaming climate change in the latest incident 2 a tornado ripped through new hanover in pietermaritzburg in the question at all province at least 2 people were killed 20 others were in. and some homes were destroyed earlier in the week 3 other people were killed due to heavy rain storms in that area now there is concern that there will be in income increase in poor weather conditions leaving many lives at risk especially in areas where this point infrastructure and people have a lower capability to deal with this inclement weather the department of education is urging schools to send home as many children as schools can possibly do at this
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stage to at least try and reduce the risk of lives been affected but school children are writing exams at the moment and so this is a difficult position for the department of education now these tornadoes aren't at the extent as a scene in other regions in the world like the united states these are lower category as well as the thunderstorms that are being experienced but still there is concern about just how badly people in that region will be affected a kurdish iranian refugee who spent 6 years in an australian detentions and on man asylum has landed in new zealand it's the 1st time that barrows bashar has been able to leap up a new guinea he was offered a visa to attend a literary festival in christchurch the journalist made headlines after writing an award winning book on a smartphone about his experience while being detained australia's been criticised for how it detains asylum seekers the international criminal court has agreed to
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investigate crimes against rohingya muslims in more than 700000 rating fled to neighboring bangladesh in 2017 the i.c.c. says there is reason to believe me and mas military committed widespread acts of violence amounting to possible crimes against humanity. well as the director of crisis advocacy of human rights watch she says the court's backing sends a powerful message. the international criminal court as of course the weight and authority of this justice body in the hague giving victims a day in court but it also adds the specter of really being able to put the individuals responsible one day behind bars and no other court in the world will be able to do that but this court has now rules that the prosecutor can continue looking into all crimes that have been committed that has resulted in the 4th of
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all transfer of range of muslims from myanmar into bungler and this is a really important bit of today's ruling they can also look at any future crimes committed against the community as long as they have a connection to their brother they or some other state party to the rome statute. hundreds of people have been killed in a crackdown on drugs in bangladesh amnesty international says that in 466 suspected extra digital killings by security forces in 2018 that's a 3 fold increase on the previous year and the highest number in decades on the challenger has more. in may last year mark talked or gave birth to a boy she fell there was much to celebrate and planned a family gathering but her own father wasn't there he had been picked up by police 3 days earlier she found his body in a marsh at a medical college in dhaka he'd been repeatedly shot police say he was killed in a shootout with them carol. i didn't get to see him for the last time but he wanted
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to talk to me feet did not allow that he brought the body home after the police post-mortem right before the evening prayers there are many similar cases reports of people being forcibly disappeared by security forces and then found dead killed in gunfights according to police this video is of months to shake a small time drug dealer when he was out in bail this woman who asks not to be identified tells us what she knows. when he was detained previously he was shot in the leg twice by the police in custody he was supposed to appear before the court on august 23rd last year and he was on his way to the court but the police informed us that he was killed in an encounter later that day. they were on drugs in bangladesh has led to the death of at least one person that day a report from amnesty international has accused the law enforcement agencies of enforced disappearances and robbery creations of evidence related to this suspect
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at cases of extrajudicial killings al-jazeera has request for an on camera interview was declined by the bangladesh home minister a so there's a man can instead his office gave a statement over the phone which say we think the latest amnesty. the report is biased and it is their own making we strictly followed the rules of engagement during our operation against drug dealers the current government does not believe in any extra judicial killings are drive against drug will continue other human rights groups and professional say evidence of wrongdoing by security forces is building general impression certainly needed that. is going on in the saddle for the so called drug drive of the government into an esteemed people and putting them through the criminal justice process i mean on their way we are all aware at least one person is killed every day and not only for this drug i mean
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this exclusion killing bin we want to point lead 2002. like mcduck many people say they have lost their loved ones and there is no legal follow up no one's been held to account for the killings and the body count is growing the war on drugs in bangladesh appears far from over and many here say they're concerned about what the future holds can be a charge rate al-jazeera savar bangladesh 2 students have been killed and several wounded after one of their classmates opened fire at a high school in the u.s. state of california police said a 16 year old suspect is now in hospital after shooting himself after the attack that happened in the city of santa clarita the sheriff's office believes the gunman not alone but say they're actively investigating all leads. supporters of a high profile u.s. death row inmate are calling for his release following new evidence that could prove his innocence 51 year old rodney reed is due to be executed next week in
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texas for the murder of a woman 23 years ago but as attorney say new testimony implicates the woman's fiance 500 has more from in texas. i'm outside the bastrop county texas courthouse and it was here where rodney reed was convicted for the rape and murder of stacy stites it was also here that he was sentenced to death death by lethal injection and that was to be carried out on wednesday nov 20th and with just a few days it would seem to be a hopeless time for the friends and supporters of rodney reed but it is not you can hear the singing behind me and that is because there is new hope there's new evidence that his lawyers have gathered i spoke to his mother just a few minutes ago and this is what she had to say to them told me the truth that here in the world is watching and knowing the truth is that since. the supporters you can see. that new evidence seems to
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corroborate rodney reed story that he had a long ongoing relationship with the victim and that explains why his d.n.a. was found on her a friend of hers says she was not looking forward to her upcoming marriage and that's because she was having an affair with an african-american man named rodney and there's another blockbuster bit of new evidence in an affidavit a man from the area in brotherhood a man named arthur snow says that he talked to the fiance of the victim a man named jimmy for now and that fanelli confessed that he had killed stites and he did so because she was having an affair with an african-american man so now everybody here is waiting for an appeal to the governor of texas and another one to the u.s. supreme court hoping that someone will stop this execution before wednesday. release on the way for people affected by record flooding in the italian city of
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venice and that is by mr. has promised about $5000.00 each to residents while business owners will get around $20000.00 for venice lagoon tide peaked on tuesday at the high. i just recorded level in 53 years the state of emergency has been declared as more than 85 percent of its historic sites are underwater. time for a quick check of the headlines here an al-jazeera the ceasefire in gaza appears to have collapsed less than 24 hours after it began israel has bombed numerous targets falling rocket fire from the palestinian group islamic jihad how a force that has more now from gaza in the early hours of friday morning another round of airstrikes from israel targeting it said islamic jihad sites in the gaza strip we're hearing they were largely empty training grounds and the like but some of them were close to residential areas so some damage done to people injured after
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what had been a day in which it was proved it was already a tenuous cease fire thousands of anti-government protesters in chile are marking a years since an indigenous man was shot dead by the police the case was marred by accusations of a cover up that's putting more pressure on the government after 4 it's a demonstration the sentiment has been. a lot of people wearing black many people carrying them i put che flag and also over short while ago the clashes began again between the protesters and the riot police who were using. large quantities of pepper spray pepper gas water cannon some of the protesters were throwing molotov cocktails we've seen a lot of people injured bolivia's former president ever maraniss is calling on the u.n. to mediate the country's political crisis he insists he's the legitimate president despite being in exile in mexico but bolivia's new interim leader says iran is will
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not be allowed to run in the next election. international criminal court has agreed to investigate crimes against range of muslims in may and law more than 700000 remaining fled to neighboring bangladesh in 2017 the i.c.c. says there is reason to believe me and mas military committed widespread acts of violence amounting to possible crimes against humanity and supporters of a high profile u.s. death row inmates are calling for his release following new evidence that could prove his innocence 51 year old rodney reid is due to be executed next week in texas for the murder of a woman 23 years ago but his attorneys say the new testament implicates the woman's fiance rights groups say the case against reid is deeply flawed those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera off the fault lines such of them so much in life that. al-jazeera. and.
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in georgia the governor is poised to sign one of the most restrictive anti abortion laws in the country missouri state senate passed an 8 week abortion ban containing no exceptions for victims of rape incest or even to crimes right on the heels of alabama's even stricter legislation in 20199 u.s. states passed laws that would ban abortion in the beginning stages of pregnancy as early as 6 weeks before many women even know they're pregnant. the state of georgia recognize the benefits of providing legal recognition i'm. the furthest and ban the procedure from the moment of conception. just a few years ago the bills were considered politically toxic. and extreme proposal by a fringe element of the anti-abortion movement led to 60000000 it is if they have been legally.


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