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g.'s of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. those arrows and flash mobs hong kong is once again brought to a standstill by protests. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up violence returns to the gaza strip overnight less than a day after a cease fire was agreed to. after weeks of violent protests in iraq we look at why many in baghdad say their cities tucked up drivers are heroes. the power of human touch stuck in isolation these ebola patients are receiving
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a new form of treatment. students in hong kong have blocked parts of the city for a 5th day in a row over night protesters fired arrows some throw molotov cocktails from university campuses are calling on the government to commit to holding local elections on november 24th demonstrators are gathering for a rally in the city's business district on kong as experiencing one of its most violent weeks since the protests began back in june robin cry joins us now from hong kong so for the moment it looks relatively quiet behind you but give us a broader picture rob. absolutely you would. still love about an hour or so ago this place was booked with standstill with hundreds of people taking to the streets i think have done throughout this week here in the central district that you were. we are in hong kong the heart of hong
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kong and other parts on the hong kong island the the working week really ending as it began with these unprecedented flash mob type demonstrations seemingly trying to disrupt the working life of the city and doing it very successfully from the protesters point of view the central district is now back for business once more people have left here there were a number of office workers who took part in this demonstration just donating masks despite the ban on wearing masks for the legal demonstration walking up and down this this is part of street where we are and it is now and it peacefully people have drifted away that hasn't been the case that was we know this week sometimes these have ended badly here on pettus street for example here is city banker there open for business as usual right next door though it's not the same for the bank of communications of chinese owned bank but earlier this week in fact on tuesday had its windows broken smashed in that resulted in police coming here tear gas being
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fired and fights and suing thankfully we haven't seen that today this this friday afternoon has ended peacefully and the city slowly seems getting back to normal show ok rob mcbride with the latest from hong kong thank you and there have been as really airstrikes on gaza and rocket fire towards israel just less than 24 hours after a cease fire was agreed to has really forces an islamic fighters exchanged across a border fire the violence began on tuesday after the israeli army assassinated a senior leader of the islamic jihad in gaza 34 palestinians have been killed sense rob matheson has more from lester islam. the last few hours in gaza have been quiet since those israeli military airstrikes were taking place against what the israeli military says were islamic jihad training grounds no in real terms we understand that means open and agricultural land in gaza that was being targeted but the israeli military no saying that that operation has been concluded this followed
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rockets that were fired from gaza into israel round about 10 pm on thursday night local time we don't know exactly how many rockets were fired we do have a sense that it was a smaller number than the number of rockets we have seen fired into israel over the last few days israeli military saying that at least one of those rockets had been downed by its iron dome aerial defense system this was coming at a time when things appeared to be returning to normal the crossings between gaza and israel had been reopened with goods and people moving through but also israel had reinstated the fishing limits and extended the fishing limits but for gaza fishermen as well but on thursday night islamic jihad we understand had released a video showing what it claimed to be a longer range rocket that islamic jihad had been using in the conflict in the
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previous few days which was able to reach further into israel and it said it was all palestinian made an islamic jihad a military wing spokesman said that the group also still had its finger on the trigger and later on thursday night we saw protests in northern gaza against the cease fire and we also understand that schools on the israeli side of the gaza border have been told to stay closed on friday now in past history shows us that a cease fire between gaza and israel does not mean that conflict immediately ends that there is almost always tailing off period as it were. after the announcement of a cease fire it is possible that that is what we are going through at the moment but since the ceasefire was announced in the early hours of thursday there have been rockets fired from gaza into israel at least 3 times both sides must be wondering whether the overall cease fire may still hold libya's former president evo morales
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says calling for international assistance to end its political crisis made the comments in mexico where he's been forced into exile after disputed election results. i have plenty of confidence in the u.n. because we've had extensive talks at the un secretary-general he has a lot of social conscience plenty of commitment to the poor he should be the mediator not just a facilitator accompanied by the catholic church and of pope francis is needed we should add him there's about has more. thousands of protesters around bolivia's presidential palace they came here to show support to their leader ever want to. embed william is a 25 year old student he says he's warned about what's happening in his country. it's an interim government that does not represent us it's filled with white people
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that look at us with racism and hatred we came here to show who the original people of bolivia really are on wednesday interim president anyone yes sure in a new cabinet in a place where bolivia's mostly indigenous community was well represented and where this spirit of but mama or mother earth sacred to that community was once revered it's now been replaced with a bible across and mostly non indigenous representatives. if people are demanding the resignation of. the i mean. they're also saying that now it's time for civil war. to a seriously or and even though the new administration that they want to get by the . most a they are. not representative i like that. the government is trying to quell the protests with police and military presence on the street
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they're also trying to paint a negative image of abel more alice and accuse him of excessive while in power by granting media access to his private quarters in the presidential palace given the vietnam record he lived like a rich man and spoke and defended the poor this is an example of something he did and everything he has robbed even morale has never allowed the media to come to the floors of the presidential house in spite of the deep divisions in this country members of moralists m a s party agreed to hold a senate meeting with the legislators of the new interim administration they fear the party will be banned and one to be allowed to participate in the elections as it's unlikely it will more or less will be allowed to run. i would suggest to the movement for socialism party that from now on they have every right to participate in the general elections but they need to start looking for a candidate evo morales is not qualified for a 4th term that's why they have been so many protests by bolivians on the streets.
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people say they are protesting because they feel they new interim administration does not represent them and want to make sure they won't lose the rights they were granted when a woman alice came to power almost 14 years ago. turkey has supported 7 german citizens it says are linked i saw the 2 men 4 women and a child landed at landstuhl airport overnight $34.00 taisha it's a part of an effort by turkey to repatriate foreign i saw fighters held in turkish jails and the u.k. counterterrorism police arrested a man of heathrow airport hours after turkey said it had departed a british eisel suspect dominic cain has more from berlin for this is the 1st wave of returns by the turkish authorities of german citizens or german residents who have been in turkish custody people who have been decided upon by the turkish
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authorities as being so dangerous that they can no longer stay on turkish soil and yet for the german authorities the difficulty that they face is that on the face of it these specific 7 individuals have no charges against them they cannot be charged for any activities or their participation in any activities in the middle east under german law and as i say these people are then perceived to be innocent they can go about their own lives back in germany for the government there is the serious issue that many people in this country are opposed to the return of people who the turkish government have referred to in such disparaging terms but they must also a bay the law the government just as much as these individuals it is polarizing opinion in this country and of course there are more people the turkish government says it wants to return to germany. the u.s. is reportedly threatening to hit egypt with sanctions over its plan to buy russian
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warplanes cairo has a $2000000000.00 deal with moscow to buy more than 20 s c $35.00 fighter jets and a letter seen by the wall street journal the u.s. secretaries of state and defense warned egypt its risking sanctions and urged it to cancel that deal. the u.s. has already south korea to pay more for the presence of american soldiers in the country after pressure from president onil trump washington says it wants $5000000000.00 to help pay or for american troops their demand is straining a decades old alliance defense mark asked for says seoul should pay more for its security. still ahead on al-jazeera. refugee released from an australian prison count tells al-jazeera he'll continue to advocate for other refugees still stuck at that facility. on the visuals held in texas for a black man on death row convicted of killing
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a white teenager more than 20 years ago. hello good and welcome back to your international weather forecast well we have seen plenty of flooding here across parts of europe many countries right now are being affected by very heavy rain all due to this area of low pressure now we've been watching this area of low pressure for several days now really in the same locations of course this is what brought in all of the waves as well as the winds across parts of venice but up here towards the north in the u.k. we're talking about over $300.00 flood watches and warnings are in effect right now across much of the area you can see those clouds pushing across the region with more rain to come over the next few days down towards the south though it is going to be much heavier rain we're talking about the northeastern part of italy we could
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be seeing well over $180.00 millimeters just in the next 72 hours right across that area also affecting parts of croatia so we're going to be watching the very very carefully heavy snow is also going to be a factor across the alps as well over the next few days but unfortunately if you look at the forecast map things really don't change across much of this area that is why flooding is going to be such a big factor if you are heading over towards the west though for lisbon things are looking too bad as we go towards saturday we're going to be seeing those temperatures begin to rise a little bit more towards normal but unfortunately as we go towards sunday there is going to be more rain in the forecast. who was sponsored by qatar and. what are you protesting about how does this impact when their online life face minstrelsy comes directly out of translating slavery or if you join us on saturday this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue i mean mars not making it very welcoming for people to come back
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everyone has a voice in the churches through 'd the discussion newsgroup and are here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera. this is out there and these are the top stories right now thousands of anti-government protesters have turned out in hong kong for a 5th day blocking parts of the city demonstrators are gathering for a rally in the central business district. there's been more violence in gaza overnight less than 24 hours after a ceasefire was agreed to israeli forces and islamic fighters exchange cross border fire $34.00 palestinians have been killed since tuesday. reported 7 german citizens
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it says have links to ice all ankara is repatriating foreign eisel fighters and captured in syria u.k. police have arrested one man after turkey said it supported a british i still suspect. a kurdish iranian refugee who spent 6 years in a prison island cam'ron by australia has landed in new zealand it's the 1st time for who's for shawnees been able to leave up on new guinea he was given a visa to attend a literary festival in christ church during his detention the journalist wrote an award winning book on his smartphone about his experiences australia's been criticised for how it treats asylum seekers johnny spoke to al jazeera a short time ago they said he's enjoying being a free man and hasn't decided on his next move. i'm not going to hear an hour to only look at the possibilities. next couple of because i already accepted by many car so it just cause it let it go to our money car but i
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didn't make this decision yet i still don't done on the fence or your music let me especially when i am in this consing the airport 1st i was there to calm the little indigenous community christchurch. and by the river for me as a indigenous person as a person with eagerness background and 2nd the mayor not specifically what the company saw and there were people there so you know with serve only a very generous important. kindness exactly the opposite cults you know what there was spin and government has done on me and you know i don't know exactly opposite of you know the way strayer treated me. you know i think. all of my works that i have done you know.
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now i think you still describe. as you know are normal people like are those and i tried to show that space are serious as a human and you know i was walking against the creature that created by that was trillion dollar a month you know on a chant that. strongly as the years the nongovernment take action you know leadership. in our negotiations. not directly so because it was so you are doesn't want to accept refugees and others. they so you don't we don't let others. so you know this of course you need to start a new learned some that's why i think it's very important and that was news in and take action and just directly as negotiation team. there are
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more about plant people or were started. and 240 normal and you know among this group or large number of real jane. which are really you know or. are you never really are. so that's not just. going to use this opportunity to raise this issue who could pressure. straight to your heart to recognize you know our rights because we want our innocent people and what that was then and government is really really. bad week. nights and acts of courage for hundreds of south african airways staff have gone on strike calling for an increase in wages but also protesting
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against job cuts that are part of their alliance restructuring plan south african airways has announced it will reduce its workforce by almost a 5th and its flights have been canceled for friday and saturday in miller's live from johannesburg now so how is this affecting passengers to meet up. well passengers here are severely affected just behind us there is a queue of people waiting to get some sort of relief from south african airways their flights have been canceled they traveling many of them domestically and regionally and now they have no way to get to their destinations they say that the airline is offering to reschedule their flights but the issue is they don't know how long that will take not one of the passengers who's at the airport and stranded is darrell holden he's traveling he's traveled from islands to south africa plans to go to durban but now he's stuck at the airport just how frustrating is the sterile. insists surfer straighted spends at least 2 hours in the queue as of now
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and i'm not sure when i'll get to the front and if i'm going to take it or not but i just hope that i get home today oh as i'm sure i'm screwed for a. for durham you know i don't know what i'm going to have your travel plans been completely thrown out the window own well i had plans for when i'm from the time that i get home so that's kind of going out but hopefully my family can reschedule with me because. they've got a busy schedule and i'm not sure if they can make it. carol thanks so much daryl is just one of hundreds of passengers at the qantas that's of african airways hoping to get a ticket but they're not certain when that will happen the airline has said it's tried to reschedule as many flights as possible it says incoming flights international flights would still continue and this major issue revolves around to many of the domestic flights in south africa and this all goes back to the strike
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a by hundreds of employees who are protesting against the job cuts and this really is all about the difficulty that south african airways finds itself in in that it's technically insolvent the company's cash strapped but also anger anger as these protesters is that they say it's a itself is to blame it's been accused of mismanagement and corruption and they say that this is a situation that could have been avoided we understand from south african airways that it's try to manage the situation as far as it can by intentionally by canceling these flights of the next 2 days but it does seem that the airline is having is going through some difficulties as it tries to accommodate stranded passengers here and john is all right miller with the latest from johannesburg for me to thank you. trials of a new ebola back say in how began in the democratic republic of congo at least 3000 people have been infected and an outbreak of this epidemic but many who have contracted the disease from the treatment centers can be terrifying. ebola 'd
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survivors are helping provide a human touch. it was in monkey where the outbreak started. and this relatives of patients are anxious here waiting for news of their loved ones at this treatment center they're away from where they treated but even here they're not allowed to sit close to or touch each other and they're also being monitored for symptoms of we're separated by this because the status of the relatives on the other side is not clear that is evelyn she's come to see how to we called nephew it has just been confirmed he has a body evelyn. it must be hard not to be able to hold your nephew i ask. i'm just happy he's getting help but yes it is hard to see him and not be able to touch i can only look at him through a glass but i'm hoping serene i'll be able to take him home. walking into
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a treatment center can feel frightening and for those waiting for test results while in isolation even the only human contact is a health worker in a decontamination suit we were not allowed into treatment areas such as this where this men and women are recovering. people are traumatized those left behind start know what to do they feel hopeless we have counseling sessions for those afflicted . but up to 1000 people have now been cured and this has brought hope to others. is believed to be immune to the disease and along with other survivors takes care of the sick 6 month old baby's mother died after giving birth and is. looking off to ha a crush next to the center pardons of all the children here are all to aid the sick . when i was cured i went harm and my family welcomed me but the
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neighbors were very afraid they could not even come close to me i chose this job to comfort those suffering a ball is a disease that has killed at least 2000 people including 600 children but health workers status. have a good chance of staying alive catherine sawyer. is to democratic republic of congo to students have been killed and several wounded after one of their classmates opened fire at a high school and the u.s. state of california police say the 16 year old suspect is now in the hospital after shooting himself in this in the city of santa clarita the sheriff's office believes the gunman acted alone but they are actively investigating all leads supporters of a high profile and made on death row in the u.s. are calling for his release after new evidence emerged that could prove his innocence ronnie rate is due to be executed next week in texas for the murder of a woman 23 years ago prisoner say new testimony employee kate's the woman's fiance
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john hendren has more. i'm outside the bastrop county texas courthouse and it was here where rodney reed was convicted for the rape and murder of stacy stites it was also here that he was sentenced to death death by lethal injection and that was to be carried out on wednesday nov 20th and with just a few days it would seem to be a hopeless time for the friends and supporters of rodney reed but it is not you can hear the singing behind me and that is because there is new hope there's new evidence that his lawyers have gathered i spoke to his mother just a few minutes ago and this is what she had to say to him home because we have the truth here in the world is watching and knowing the truth is that i didn't so this aborted you could see. that new evidence seems to corroborate rodney read story that he had a long ongoing relationship with the victim and that explains why his d.n.a.
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was found on her a friend of hers says she was not looking forward to her upcoming marriage and that's because she was having an affair with an african-american man named rodney and there's another blockbuster bit of new evidence in an affidavit a man from the area in brotherhood a man named arthur snow says that he talked to the fiance of the victim a man named jimmy the now and that's the nel confessed that he had killed stites and he did so because she was having an affair with an african-american man so now everybody here is waiting for an appeal to the governor of texas and another one to the u.s. supreme court hoping that someone will stop this execution before wednesday. well it has been in jail proven opposition leader kick of fortune mori has begun a hunger strike demanding her release or vetoes camping outside the prison where she's being held he says his wife is a political prisoner which more is behind bars while she is being investigated over
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alleged money laundering during her 2011 presidential campaign proves supreme court has indefinitely delayed a decision on whether to free her. thousands of protesters are rallied outside georgia's parliament after politicians failed to pass electoral reforms. the ruling georgian dream party promised to shift to a new voting system by 2026 of its own politicians did not support the changes the constitutional amendments were a key demand often of violent anti-government protests during the summer international criminal court has agreed to investigate crimes against her henschel muslims and me and more more than 700000 row hinge of fled to neighboring bangladesh in 2017 the i.c.c. says there is reason to believe me and mars military committed widespread acts of violence amounting to possible crimes against humanity. thousands of people are expected to turn out after friday prayers for anti-government protests in iraq but
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and baghdad many tucked the drivers who have been volunteering their services say they're facing attacks tosca names back to several in the cities tahrir square. and . the tech tech drivers of tahrir square have attained a kind of hero status turning their motorized rickshaws into ambulances on 3 wheels they've also been transporting food and medical supplies to protesters who are free now they say this work is putting them at risk. is that i was told there were injuries to took took so i don't really arrived there the a to riot police targeted us burned my took took a rest me. and you're seeing the wounds on his legs karrar ali stood in front of his burned out talk talk this week to show the results of what he says are targeted attacks against drivers to show the young men here are more important than the took took i don't care about it i sacrificed it for the people hyder abdul hussein says
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4 men asked for a ride and then tried to kill him when he wouldn't hand over his vehicle he lost his talk took the source of an income that supports his family but that's the least of his concerns. as the doctors told me if i don't have medicine they were moved my aunt i don't have money for medicine way can i get it. despite the attacks talk to still raced through the square honking for protesters to get out of the way drivers refused to accept money ighly heidi says someone threw a ball atop cocktail on top of the tuc tuckey rents he and other protesters managed to put out the fire before it was destroyed. that i'm worried about the took took more than myself because i don't own it when it was damaged i cried it's not mine. though they have to be pushed to admit it the tuc took drivers of to. we're squarehead that losing money now even knowing they're being targeted those who
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still have a functioning talk talk tell us as long as there are protesters who need them they'll continue to drive. al-jazeera back. and we shall carry these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera thousands of anti-government protesters have turned out in hong kong for a 5th day blocking parts of the city demonstrators are gathering for a rally in the central business district rob mcbride has been out on the streets following the protests this week is ending with another unprecedented to have a rally bringing the center of hong kong to a standstill just as the weaker begin wave of course this week we have seen a change it seems the tactics with the protesters having these flash mob front type of demonstrations targeting transport links some major highways and so on and today friday again they have brought in various areas of home called island to
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a standstill there's been more violence in gaza overnight last in 24 hours after a cease fire was a creature who israeli forces an islamic jihad fighters exchanged cross a border fire a violence began on tuesday after israeli forces assassinated a senior leader of the islamic jihad and gaza $34.00 palestinians have been killed since then turkey has deported 7 german citizens it says have links to eisele ankara as repatriating foreign eisel fighters they captured in syria as u.k. police have arrested one man after turkey said it supported a british eisel suspect. a kurdish american refugee who spent 6 years in a prison island camp run by australia has arrived in new zealand it's the 1st time for has for chinese been able to leap up on new guinea he was given a visa to attend a literary festival and christ church during is to tension the journalist wrote an order winning book on his smartphone about his experiences australia has been
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criticised for how it treats asylum seekers hundreds of south african airways staff have gone on strike calling for an increase in wages also protesting job cuts that are part of the airline's restructuring plan south african airways has announced it will reduce its workforce by almost a 5th and many of its flights have been canceled or friday and saturday. 2 students have been killed and several wounded in california after one of their classmates opened fire at a high school police say 6 the 16 year old suspect is now in the hospital after shooting himself this happened in the city of santa clarita the sheriff's office believes the gunman acted alone but say they are actively investigating all leads and so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera at the top of the hour i have another bolzan for you in the meantime the strain is that next. it was during the prime minister's. mission is to give the critics on the 31st of
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october and making this country the greatest place on the british departure is delayed. follow drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. welcome to the stream team has bought health benefits to millions of people of us and tres but now there is a rising concern over potentially dangerous teens which trying to transform your body now some of the most popular up mostly by celebrities on instagram i'm femi oke i'm a link a beat out so you will look at the risks of drinking these teas and ask whether influencers are abusing the trust of their fans in your thoughts or twitter and you tube. that betty teeny teeny sales of the so-called detox string.


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