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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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as i put the questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the news hour live from my headquarters in doha with natives of the parana coming up in the next 60 minutes all eyes on capitol hill as the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testifies this part of the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump. iraq's grand ayatollah condemns attacks on peaceful protesters as crowds gather in baghdad for another day of demonstrations. sri lanka's former defense chiefs comebacks to his ethnic tensions ahead of saturday's national
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elections. and sporting china's biggest swimming star defends his behavior during a random drugs test sanjana gives evidence during a public hearing where he were speaking banned from the sport for up to 8 years. in just under one hour the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine will appear before the impeachment inquiry into donald trump's conduct moravia van of it was dismissed from her role in kiev earlier this year after what she says was a campaign to discredit her by donald trump and his posts noir rudy giuliani so who is the real your benefits and why is the testimony so important well she's a career diplomat who had served as ambassador to kyrgyzstan and mania before posting in may donald trump removed her. after what she says. weeks of
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negative a campaign to discredit her she's expected to give evidence about the circumstances also her dismissal and what democrats say were efforts by transpersonal lawyer rudy giuliani to get ukraine to investigate the president's political opponents let's go to our correspondent heidi show castro she's joining us live from capitol hill where she's already testified privately so we have a good idea of what miss you benefits will have to say heidi. that's right and not only that but she was mentioned in this phone call between the president trump and president of ukraine volodymyr zelinsky trump has called you on of each quote bad news and the story behind how she drew the ire of president trump leading up to what democrats say are these allegations of corruption or bribery level that the president that backdrop is really what democrats are trying
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to sell to the u.s. public as the former ambassador of the radio bon of it she will tell her story before television screens in the coming hours and you mentioned she has already given her closed door testimony so we have an idea of what she'll likely say again and the picture she has painted previously is that there were 2 competing forces within ukraine while she was still ambassador there was members of the outgoing administration in ukraine who she had been very tough on in her fight against corruption and then she said that she was happy to see that the lewinsky had been elected in a landslide election and she found a lot of promise in him in cleaning up that corruption and she says that president trump's private attorney rudy giuliani have for months been already speaking with elements of the outgoing ukrainian administration talking about what she says are lies against her she says those elements of the outgoing ukrainian ministration
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wanted to get rid of her in the 1st place because she had been so tough on them that they were corrupt and then they have that added motivation of wanting to demonstrate that they still have clout that they could possibly even aid the ousting of a u.s. ambassador and thus demonstrate their they could still serve in the new incoming administration and so on of which is testifying that giuliani then took that information what she calls lies things about her like. she was against trump that she had said to people to ignore trump because he would be impeached she said that that never happened that she never had anything like non-prosecution list what she was also accused of but giuliani took those accusations back to president trop and apparently that did work to convince trump to have your vonage fired she says that in april she received a phone call from her superiors at the state department which came after she was
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her hurt her tenure in kiev was and she had been invited texts to stay there until 2020 so this call was really unexpected to her and in it she was told to quote get on the next plane home back to d.c. and that is how her ambassadorship which had been lauded by many career professionals as being effective as being a diligent career servant of the foreign service that is how it ended and that is the backdrop again elizabeth that. is expected to share today. thank you very much for the finale that as we will of course be going back to who once the 2nd day of public hearings begin thank you heidi but we are going to move on to other news for now to iraq where grand ayatollah sistani has condemned attacks on peaceful protesters and says none of their demands have been met the rocky human rights commission meanwhile says at least $325.00 people have been killed since
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protests began last month iraq's government has taken some measures to address grievances but many protesters want the political system of a hold in baghdad they have been confrontations between police and protesters but let's go to our correspondent natasha good name who's joining us live from baghdad to tell us what's been happening there today natasha. i was you can see it's friday and the crowds are 1 growing as is typical on a friday as you mentioned that the most prominent islamic cleric in iraq ali al sistani made a statement today encouraging protesters telling them that you know if this if this government doesn't realize that iraq will never be the same after protests and they're not hearing and seeing what's going on in the country he also said that if this new election law fills 'd to achieve real change it simply will not be excepted by the protesters and finally he says
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a failure to fulfill the demands of protesters so far raises serious doubts about those in power to achieve reform the government would say that it has drafted a new election law it's now in the cabinet and needs to be reviewed by the parliament it has mentioned this week a series of arrests of current and former government officials on government corruption related offenses and it released a few days ago more than 1600 protesters who had been detained clearly the government is attempting to diffuse some of the protesters anger. there remains a large divide between the protesters and the government they say that since 2003 they have been hearing quote empty promises from the government and their quality of life of only continue to deteriorate and they simply do not believe that this current government will enact the change that they have been on the streets for more than a month requesting now prime minister out
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a lot of them he has said that these are deep rooted issues it takes time to resolve them he also says he's only been in power for a year and he needs time to address that he also said that he would resign but there is no one in place to succeed him i spoke to a former member of parliament this week who resigned in a show of solidarity with the protesters he says that yes mad he is a symbol but a very important one to the protesters and that is why he believes if he step down it would send a clear message that their demands are being heard and he says that the government if it thinks that it can ride this out and that the protesters momentum will wait and they will simply go home he says they're making a gross miscalculation and we're seeing this kind of result among even people who have been attacked and are injure. the tech drivers of tahrir square have attained a kind of hero status turning their motorized rickshaws into ambulances on 3 wheels
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they've also been transporting food and medical supplies to protesters who are free now they say this work is putting them at risk. but how could i add to that i was told there were injuries to took took so once we arrived there the a to riot police targeted us burned my took took a rest me. you're seeing the wounds on his legs stood in front of his burned out talk talk this week to show the results of what he says are targeted attacks again . it's drivers to show the young men here are more important than the took took i don't care about it i sacrificed it for the people heider abdul hussein says 4 men asked for a ride and then tried to kill him when he wouldn't hand over his vehicle he lost his talk tuck source of an income that supports his family but that's the least of his concerns. as the doctors told me if i don't have medicine the world moves on i
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don't have money for medicine we cannot get it. despite the attacks talk trucks still race through the square honking for protesters to get out of the way drivers refuse to accept money ighly heidi says someone threw a bottle of cocktail on top of the tuck tuck he rents he had other protesters managed to put out the fire before it was destroyed. i'm worried about the took took more than myself because i don't own it when it was damaged i cried it's not mine. though they have to be pushed to admit it the tuc took drivers of tucker square have been losing money now even knowing they're being targeted those who still have a functioning talk talk to tell us as long as there are protesters who need them they'll continue to drive. so the talk show how will you know unlike the talk to drop ins responding to the defense ministries or mogs about the violence and protests when they have been the victims. there's been
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a lot of disbelief and of course ongoing anger here i think i mean rights commission says more than 325 people have been killed more than 15000. these anti-government protests on october. injuries and we've seen the photos we've talked to people who have from these tear gas canisters it's a really big thing in the square embassy international released a report saying that they documented the deaths of. 5 people in baghdad who were who died as a result of a military grade tear gas grenades being thrown in their skulls and the government says initially responded to the report saying that it had investigated and that these would be banned and no longer use them as a defense minister is saying that the iraqi government did not purchase these types of tear gas canisters he did not elaborate as to how they got into the country he
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simply said quote criminal days are killing a protester. thank you for that for now that is the time she can name the nation live in the iraqi capital thank you. now hong kong has confirmed its economy has dipped into its 1st recession and a decade and the government is blaming it on the increasing nevan untanned take on the protests and the escalating trade war between the us and china students blocked parts of the city for a 5th day a large rally was held in the city's business district they're calling on the government to commit to hold the local elections on november 24th one area correspondent drop mcbride headed out onto the streets where many of the protesters have been gathering this week is ending as it began with yet another unprecedented demonstration right here in the heart of hong kong this is the central district hundreds of people have turned out marching around had a street among them are obviously many of the protesters who've been involved in
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these months of increasingly violent protesters clad in black but they are being joined by people who are clearly so office workers using their lunch hour to don the mosque or join this protest as they do they are holding up the how you calling for the 5 to months that they have told for since the very start of this movement which is not in that polling of people to fight for freedom and to stand for the long haul the whole world must know the situation all phone call right now is obvious like an emergency we need help from everywhere we are now standing with hong kong and fighting against the home front government which is rubbish and sucks this is one of a number of these flash mob style demonstrations taking place this friday around hong kong that it comes as there has been severe disruption to transport networks a continuing standoff between students on
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a number of campuses with riot police just outside as hong kong braces for another weekend of protest. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including why some in south korea questioning its 7 decade military alliance with the us refugees at 2 major camps in bosnia struggle with overcrowding is down. and in sports roger federer beats novak djokovic trimix 1st meeting at the number one. now refugee journalist has arrived in new zealand off to 6 years and popular new guinea the shot he was held in a prison camp on man a silent and while they're heroes and award winning book and made a film on his smartphone andrew thomas reports from sydney. this there
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he says is finally freedom after 6 years detained in papua new guinea for trying to seek asylum in australia the iranian journalist is in a country that has welcomed him i think it's in the 1st time that i feel at them happy but i thought well you know i think it is. more one. who johnny fled iran in 2013 he got to meet the needs here and from there took a boat to australia as christmas island but australia to the refugees had a new policy of sending them to prison camps on remote pacific islands which was held on man a silent in papua new guinea conditions where poor some fellow detainees were murdered killed themselves or died through inadequate medical care but from behind high fences to chant he worked as a campaigner and as a journalist he became a spokesman for the refugees.
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he gave many interviews including this one on talk to al jazeera he also wrote a book which won many awards and used his mobile phone to shoot clips for what became a successful film australia and papua new guinea have been quietly reducing the number of refugees in papua new guinea some have been brought to australia for medical treatment and state some have been resettled in the united states under a refugee swap deal agreed with barack obama before he left the presidency others have been taken in by european countries or canada everyone are innocent. and what there was a young government really. bad. acts of war too chummy officially in new zealand temporarily for a book there but he says he has no intention of returning to pop when you can
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a 100 thomas al-jazeera sitting. well conditions at my when camps in bosnia herzegovina being described as unlivable the town of health is struggling to deal with rising numbers of refugees and migrants thousands stuck near the border with inhuman but croatia residents want the central government to relocate the asylum seekers mohamad has more near boston is northwest city of the hunch local authorities say makeshift camps like this hour's breaking point with temperatures dropping people here are living in worsening conditions there's no electricity and not enough food or water inside tents it's freezing and many are forced to make fires to keep warm there are not personally please no toilets no place for sleeping it's a very bad situation because it's very cold the camps were set up in june after local residents protested against migrants being relocated from the city center so police
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bring your rivals here but now the camps are overflowing. we live like animals it's a problem it's raining every day there's a management problem here over the past few years this area has seen thousands of arriving from asia africa and the middle east seeking a better life in europe but their presence is raising security concerns and e.u. officials fear a humanitarian crisis the e.u. migration commission says the camp is close to mine fields laid during the bosnian war in the 1990 s. it does not fulfill the minimal requirements for. conditions there. not the finances. will be provided for 8. local authorities say they will restrict access to the camps if the central government doesn't do more to reader kate migrants but aid organizations warn that could have dire consequences as if we're going to force people to be for 7 to say
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doors that is going to lead to a lot of the ages so they will need to survive in their early start student food they will not have access to healthcare business interest they have access to health care so we make sure that their health is ok but there is there will dessicated and they also don't pose a health risk for the local population with no solution in sight people here say their future is uncertain and with winter approaching they can only think of survival really mohammed al jazeera. now they have been israeli air strikes in gaza and rockets fired towards israel on thursday night less than 24 hours after a cease fire was agreed israeli forces and as lama jihad fighters exchanged the cross border fire the violence began on tuesday after the israeli army assassinated a senior leader of the islamic jihad in gaza 34 palestinians have since been killed harry force that has moved from gaza this is just one of 3 deep craters at the site
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here in central gaza 3 separate structures that were destroyed in the israeli airstrike overnight wednesday into thursday in one of the things that strikes you when you walk around here is that the scattered debris is material like this flimsy pieces of zinc metal pieces of wood a few bits of concrete blocks that were used as bathrooms these were very simple homes for 2 separate families families of 2 brothers now one of those brothers was killed 2 women killed 5 children the other brother taken to hospital with serious injuries israel initially named the man killed as russ be saying he was a senior commander of rocket firing cruise here in central gaza we've been talking to maybe is around here. confirm yes resume i will know who else was killed but he was a member of the palestinian or for a t. police force he was not an islamic jihad member they said he was a simple poor man living in these circumstances with his family and the family of
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his brother we've also spoken to islamic jihad and they say that he was nothing to do with their organization either a muslim. nobody could believe it rusby is a simple man a palestinian authority employee he lived a poor life if he could see here this is resume. israeli military story has shifted since the initial moments after this attack it is now saying that it wasn't trying to kill an individual rather it was trying to destroy buildings which it thought were unoccupied it is now saying that it is aware that there were noncombatants inside these homes but that leaves important questions to be answered especially about the kind of target that this is usually when israel destroys the homes of people as a punishment those are the homes of senior commanders this isn't the kind of home that a senior commander in islamic jihad would live in as for the wider picture hamas has decided to call off the friday protest the weekly protests at the border given
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the tense situation that currently obtains here in gaza for now the wide a cease fire between islamic jihad and israel appears to be holding. there are polls lebanon's major political parties have agreed on the nomination of the country's next prime minister the demonstrators gathered outside the house of mohammad saffi the angry at the reports sufi has been accused in the past of involvement in high profile corruption cases the former finance minister for the place saturday who resigned after weeks of protests. now the u.s. is reportedly threatening to have egypt with sanctions over its plan to buy russian warplanes cairo has a $2000000000.00 grammont with moscow to buy more than $25.00 digits and a letter signed by the wall street journal the u.s. secretaries of state and defense warned egypt that it risks sanctions and urged to cancel the deal the u.s. is calling on south korea to pay more towards the cost of stationing u.s. troops in the country that demand was made during
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a high level defense policy meeting in seoul and that's left some they're questioning the u.s. commitment to their relationship and fearing that north korea may feel emboldened lopez or they are reports a yearly security meeting between allies from the u.s. and south korea smiles and courtesies to begin but later fears that their military alliance may be threatened over money. president donald trump wants $5000000000.00 a year from sought for having $28000.00 u.s. soldiers stationed in south korea that's more than 5 times what a pace now but korea is a wealthy country and could and should pay more to help offset the cost of defense . some south korean legislators have cargo demands unacceptable and disappointing but the defense minister is being more diplomatic. longer me south korea and the u.s. have reconfirmed the common goals of the complete denuclearization of north korea
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and establishing peace on the peninsula. the presence of u.s. troops isn't tended as a deterrent to north korea but the demand for more money has led some in south korea to come. gen washington's commitment to its alliance with some critics calling for a fool us withdrawal there could be. an agreement halfway reached half way in terms of partial withdrawal accompanied by some increase in your mouth but not totally full amount that the us requires the us is also pressuring south korea to reverse its decision to end an intelligence sharing agreement with japan that fears that move initially triggered by trade disputes could end up helping north korea and china. trump has long accused nato allies and japan of not paying their fair share of defense cost but by putting pressure on south korea many fear the u.s. is also straining their decades old alliance can see
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a little list of the young al-jazeera now supporters of the u.s. death row inmate according for his release following new evidence that could prove has an assassin's 51 year old rodney reid is due to be executed next week in texas for the murder of a woman 23 years ago but his attorneys say new testimony implicates the woman's fiance instead and now there's increased increasing pressure on the governor of texas to intervene john hendren reports yet no one in the heart of texas one life is lost one is in jeopardy and those attending this vigil say that on wednesday the state plans to execute an innocent man that was yet was the it's a racially charged case a black man accused of the 1906 rape and murder of a white woman convicted by an all white jury and sentenced to die the main link
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police found rodney reid's d.n.a. on the victim but new evidence casts doubt on reid's guilt so this is what is solidarity justice are you confident you'll get justice. well with the support and what we have yes i just have to hold on to their ad says. that's what i have to hold on to a coworker of the victim now corroborates reed story that he was having an affair with stacy stites and they had consensual sex hours before she was found raped and strangled on a texas roadside forensic examiners have since admitted in affidavits that their estimates of the time of death could be wrong there is another bit of blockbuster new evidence that's been introduced and that is from a member of the arion brotherhood named arthur snow snow claims that wall in prison who spoke to the fiance of the victim a man named jimmy final on that final confessed that he had murdered stacy stites
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because she was having an affair with an african-american man read his always insisted he is not guilty i think a lot of people know the truth right now. a lot of people seeing the evidence has been of the develop over the years the victim's cousin believes him that. you know that it is then even though mark the texas court of criminal appeals has consistently denied reid's claims of innocence in texas governor greg abbott has so far declined to grant reid a reprieve stites sister believes reid is her killer too long we've been trying to fight for justice for ronnie who didn't as her justice at all any justice for stacy but a broader array of advocates are calling for a stay of the execution from texas senator ted cruz to celebrities like kim carr jesse in west see everyone around the around he says like ronnie reid's case reads family isn't just counting on the governor. a chance to fade my brother's life
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because he is truly innocent and we're not asking for anything special we're not asking for any favors we're asking for the right thing to be done in this case with just days to go they have asked the u.s. supreme court to stay the execution and give time to hear the new evidence before rodney reid's time runs out. my john hendren al-jazeera bastrop texas. now staying in the u.s. where 2 students have been killed and several wounded after one of their classmates opened fire at a high school in the state of california police say the 16 year old suspect is now in hospital after shooting himself that happened in the city of santa clarita the sheriff's office believes the gunman acted alone but say they are investigating all leads. now the flood head italian city of venice is facing another exceptionally high tide the government's declared a state of emergency their prime minister just that they contact is promising
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compensation for residents and businesses the venice lagoon tide picked on tuesday the highest recorded level in 53 years more than 85 percent of the settings historic sites are underwater right it's time for the weather with kevin and it's not just venice being affected by the storm kevin no that's right liz we're talking about a large area of western europe take a look at the satellite image right here notice the clouds all the way from the u.k. down across parts of italy now the big problem with venice course is the high tides as well as we do have that surge of winds pushing the water of the adriatic but because of that of course we're going to be dealing with some more high tides in the area i want to show you the rest of the what the big picture what is happening across europe right now up towards u.k. though they have been dealing with a lot of rain over the last not just week but the flooding here across much of the region is still a big problem take a look at this picture that has come in from honey borne and we're talking still as we go towards the next couple of days the flooding situation is still going to be
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a major issue there out here towards parts of spain along the coast the waves are very very high we don't see that the situation is going to be changing anytime soon take a look at the forecast map as we go towards the next few days here is that area of low pressure we are talking about and in terms of the rain well we're going to be seen as very heavy rain over here towards parts of spain and still over here towards italy so not only do we have the flooding situation in venice we have flooding situation across much of italy not just because of the high tides but it is going to be a major situation we're talking we're going to be seeing rain totals well over 350 millimeters particularly and that northeastern section back to you. thank you very much karen still ahead on the news hour hundreds have been killed in a drug crackdown in bangladesh bought has justice been served. in a threatening civil war supporters of bolivia's alst of president say the interim government is racist and as for the head coach of china's football team quits his
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$28000000.00 a good job will be here to tell us why. i was taken to. that i was severely beaten up. in forced labor say the intention was to make sure that. entitled to be the basic rights for citizenship rights once their villages were burned down reform to what is now become complex we're moving are basically your friends exiled coming soon on al-jazeera. from the al-jazeera london pool cost center to special guests in conversation as the resistance and i see joy in the midst of paying your books do that on from uninterrupted wire all of us people of color and they're just one college this is
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right there is why do you think they should live if you will have no color but exactly fatima bhutto meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot but look at a bad movie studio b. unscripted on al-jazeera. there's a problem in doha these are the top stories this hour the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine will appear before the impeachment inquiry into donald trump's conduct in about half an hour. van which was dismissed from her role in kiev earlier this year after what she says was a campaign to discredit her by president trump and has her so the lawyer of rudy giuliani iraq's grand ayatollah ali al sistani has condemned attacks on peaceful
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protesters and says none of their demands have been met the country's human rights commission meanwhile says at least $325.00 people have been killed since protests began last month and hong kong has confirmed its economy dipped into its 1st recession and the decade it's been blamed on the increasingly violent anti-government protests and also the escalating us china trade war. let's return now to the public impeachment hearings into u.s. president donald trump as the public gaze up to hear from the u.s. as former ambassador to ukraine victoria gate and be looks at how the actual process of the peach mint works. democrats allege don't trump abused his presidential power when he spoke in july with ukraine's lead to me is a lenski the call prompted a whistleblower complaint the foundation of the democrats' impeachment inquiry so how does the impeachment process work well it begins in the house of
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representatives which has evidence from witnesses and then debates and votes on whether to bring charges against the president if that vote is successful a trial presided over by the chief justice of the u.s. supreme court john roberts takes place in the senate a 2 thirds majority vote is needed in the 100 member upper house to convict and remove a president historically impeachments are rare out of 35 attempts only 2 presidents have been impeached bill clinton in 1998 and andrew johnson in 868 neither were removed from office a 3rd president richard nixon resigned while proceedings were under way trump has described the impeachment inquiry as a scam he's released a transcript of his call with the selenski which he says shows no wrongdoing now for the 1st time the world will hear publicly from some of the key witnesses in this investigation and american voters will judge for themselves who's telling the
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truth. so let's get more on this we're joined by robert met the former general counsel for the director of national intelligence and is currently counsel at morrison and 1st and he's joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera today so we are expecting to hear from going to read about of it today and but given that she was ousted by the july phone call in question what do you think that she can bring to the hearing. i think what she's going to give is background what we've seen is a dispute about what the president was intending with this phone call with zelinsky and with the other activities that have been discussed by ambassador taylor and deputies the secretary can't the other day maria yvonne of it was the subject of a concentrated smear campaign by allies of the president and i think that her testimony will provide a background helping us understand what was going on and why the president was
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doing what he was doing and this time that this is of course the 2nd day of the public hearing what they any what were the takeaways for you from the 1st and do you think that they have swayed the public in any way well i think those are 2 different questions whether it's way the public is very hard to tell a great deal of the american public is very dug in politically and not likely to have their views changed by anything and because of that i think what we saw in the hearing was 2 very different narratives you had the democrats in gauge in a fairly low key attempt to just bring out the facts and you have the republicans engaged in a much more histrionic effort to attack the democrats attack the whistleblower attack the motives of the people testifying and i think they're appealing to 2 very different audiences simply would with an effort to try to hold on to the people who
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already support them and how much of a challenge do you think it is for the democrats you know to capture vosa attention about the significance of trump's interactions with such a distant country. it's a good question there was a reasonable audience watching the impeachment hearings the other day it's obviously an issue that the democrats are going to have to portray not only that it relates to ukraine but that is it important issue with respect to u.s. diplomatic relations abroad and generally in general and our relations with russia and they've got a complicated case to make there yeah and i think with statements like ambassador taylor's they've made an effort in that regard it is absolutely a complicated case it's a complicated story what did you what do you make of it at the democratic speaker of the house of representatives now using this would bribery instead of quid pro quo to describe president trump's request the president's umansky you know is this
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an attempt do you think to simplify the story i think it's partly that i think it's also partly because of the fact that the constitution specifically says that a president can be impeached for treason bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors so bribery is specifically called out in the constitution as a basis for impeachment and i think that speaker pelosi has noted that the facts here fit quite comfortably into the bribery statute which makes it a crime to solicit anything of value in exchange for the performance of official acts and i think the her point is that's exactly what the president did here he solicited aid in his in his political campaign in exchange for the release of aid so i think she's trying to build a case that this is an impeachable offense most of the it's going to get your expertise on this today we do appreciate your time for that is robert let's live in washington d.c. thank you for thank you. now bonaventure hundreds of
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people have been killed in a crackdown on drugs amnesty international says there were 466 suspected extrajudicial killings by security forces in 2018 and that is the highest number in decades. has more. in may last year looked october gave birth to a boy she fell there was much to celebrate and planned a family gathering but her own father wasn't there he had been picked up by police 3 days earlier she found his body in amar at a medical college in dhaka he'd been repeatedly shot police say he was killed in a shootout with them carol. i didn't get to see him for the last time but he wanted to talk to me feet did not allow that he brought the body home after the police post mortem right before the evening prayers there are many similar cases reports of people being forcibly disappeared by security forces and then found dead killed in gun fights according to police this video is of months to shake
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a small time drug dealer when he was out in bail this woman who asks not to be identified tells us what she knows or has about. when he was detained previously he was shot in the leg twice by the police in custody he was supposed to appear before the court on august 23rd last year and he was on his way to the court but the police informed us that he was killed in an encounter later that day. they were on drugs in bangladesh has led to the death of at least one person that day a report from amnesty international has accused the law enforcement agencies of unforced disappearances and bribery occasions of evidence related to this suspect at cases of extrajudicial killings al-jazeera has request for an on camera interview was declined by the bangladesh or minister a so there's a man can instead his office gave a statement over the phone which say we think the. latest amnesty report is biased
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and it is their own making we strictly followed the rules of engagement during our operation against drug dealers the current government does not believe in any extra judicial killings or drive against drug will continue other human rights groups and professionals say evidence of wrongdoing by security forces is building a general impression certainly that he. is willing on in the sort of for the so called drug drive of the government into an esteemed people and putting them through the criminal justice process i mean on their way we are all aware at least one person is killed every day and not only for this drug i mean this extradition killing been going on for since late 2002. like mcduck many people say they have lost their loved ones and there is no legal follow up no one's been held to account for the killings and the body count is growing the
4:42 pm
war on drugs in bangladesh appears far from over and many here say they're concerned about what the future holds can be a charger al-jazeera savar bangladesh now sri lankans head to the polls on saturday and presidential candidates go to the fire rajapakse as political comeback has divided the nation after the deadly bombings in march has links to radical but this marks a major on the figure all suspicion among religious minorities then and smith reports from the gumball. you're seeing sebastian's in the gumbo has been restored as a place of worship after last april's suicide bomb attack. 114 people were murdered here on easter sunday the bomber was one of 8 who targeted churches and hotels across the country killing 263 people. she'll put a silver one of st sebastian's caretakers sort all. that. our i think a righteous government will be good for the chat we can resolve issues of the
4:43 pm
church and we'll be able to find out who committed this offense a damning parliamentary report says intelligence agencies and senior politicians were briefed that attacks were coming but failed to act. after the bombing got a buyer rajapaksa backed by his brother mahinda announced his candidacy for the presidency promising to restore security. but that makes muslims like ryan dean nervous one of his textile shops once stood here it was one of hundreds set on fire by british nationalists days after the easter attacks broke and appeared. if the way some politicians have been campaigning is anything to go by we think muslims will have to be cautious right wing british nationalist groups openly support the rajapaksa campaign but got a buyer has said he will create a secure environment in which all sri lankans irrespective of their race or religion will be able to live in peace. because jaffna peninsula another minority
4:44 pm
worries about the return of the rajapaksa tamils $15000.00 people are officially missing after mahinda rajapaksa oversaw a ruthless crushing of tamil tiger fighters to end a 26 year long civil conflict. behi believes her daughter is still alive. the color would be 28 today i'm glad that there is no place i have not gone in search of her she is nowhere to be found no matter who is in power our player has been the same she fears that what little progress has been made to account for the missing might be reversed by a government that may not want to look too closely into the past. it's only 7 months since the easter sunday suicide bombings and security here remains tight and it's not fair over safety and stability the rajapaksa is hoping will convert into votes for him bernard smith al-jazeera
4:45 pm
a gumbo sri lanka. thousands of south african airways staff of gone on strike calling for an increase in wages they're also protesting against job cuts that are part of the airline's restructuring plan south african airways has announced it will hundreds its workforce i only a 1st many of its flights have been cancelled on friday and saturday. the former bolivian president is calling for international assistance to end the country's political crisis evo morales made the comments in mexico where he's been forced into exile after a disputed election result you're going to go it alone i have plenty of confidence in the un because we've had extensive talks at the un secretary-general he has a lot of social conscience plenty of commitment to the poor he should be the mediator not just a facilitator accompanied by the catholic church and of pope francis is needed we should add him but our correspondent toure is about has more now from the pas. thousands of protesters around bolivia's presidential palace they came here to show
4:46 pm
support to their leader everyone else. even better william when you ask is a 25 year old student he says he's warned about what's happening in his country still get a look and it's an interim government that does not represent us it's filled with white people that look at us with racism and hatred we came here to show who the original people of bolivia really are. on wednesday interim president jimmy 9 years swore in a new cabinet in a place where bolivia's mostly indigenous community was well represented and where this spirit of buy to mama or mother earth sacred to that community was once revered it's now been replaced with a bible across and mostly non indigenous representatives. people are demanding the resignation of as i mean. they're also saying that now it's time
4:47 pm
for civil war. to a seriously or and even the new administration 6 that they want to get by the. way they are. not representative i like that. the government is trying to quell the protests with police and military presence on the street they're also trying to paint a negative image of abel more alice and accuse him of excessive while in power by granting media access to his private quarters in the presidential palace gilbey of whom nobody called he lived like a rich man and spoke and defended the poor this is an example of something he did and everything he has robbed even morale has never allowed the media to come to the floors of the presidential house in spite of the deep divisions in this country members of moralists m a s party agreed to hold a senate meeting with the legislators of the new interim administration they fear the party will be banned and one to be allowed to participate in the elections as
4:48 pm
it's unlikely it will more or less will be allowed to run. i would suggest to the movement for socialism party that from now on they have every right to participate in the general elections but they need to start looking for a candidate evo morales is not qualified for a 4th term that's why they have been so many protests by bolivians on the streets. people say they are protesting because they feel the new interim administration does not represent them and want to make sure they won't lose the rights they were granted when able moralist came to power almost 14 years ago. now the husband of jailed peruvian opposition leader keiko for jean-marie has begun a hunger strike to demand have a nice. camping outside the prison where his wife is being held in jail while being investigated of a suspected money laundering june 2011 presidential campaign vetoed says she is
4:49 pm
a political prisoner. still ahead on the news. and scored by these new york mets fans one tacky to say one of the it's the must stop playing.
4:50 pm
it is time for sports now here's far elizabeth thank you so much china's one big swimming champion sohn yang is fighting to save his career in a courtroom in switzerland the 27 year old is accused of refusing to cooperate with
4:51 pm
doping officials son told a rare public hearing at the court of arbitration for sport that the drug testers had failed to prove their identity when they came to his home to collect an out of competition sample the 11 time world champion has already been cleared of any wrongdoing by swimming as a governing body but the world anti-doping agency is appealing against that decision because of the doping official i filed a complaint she came with her assistance without proving identification and also she wanted to film with her mobile phone she said on your phone so today i'm coming here to see you and i would like to take a picture but from my point of view this is really ridiculous i cannot trust or. the 3 time olympic gold medalist previously served in doping suspension in 2014 for using a banned stimulant sun says he took it to treat a heart condition son is now accused of smashing a vial of blood with a hammer to stop anti-doping officials taking a sample from his home during a visit and september 28th inning the most successful swimmer in chinese history
4:52 pm
could be banned for up to 8 years if he loses the case a verdict isn't expected until next year. we lead to know what happened on the famous night where soon i had to provide you in a blood sample so these questions would save a little bit more interesting i think for the public because it's not only legal discussions it's more also the question of the evidence of the of the witness what would they say and in the end the question is whether there is an infraction and what is the sanction if any. roger federer has booked its place in the last 4 of the a.t.p. finals in london at 38 year old swiss bank in a winner takes all clash on thursday the result means jocko which cannot replace rafa nadal as well that were won or whole pack reports djokovic confederate facing each other back in london for the 1st tare since their epic wimbledon final in july . that day it was the serve that provided old winning the longest singles final in
4:53 pm
wimbledon history this time around satirist seemed determined to make up for that loss in his attempt to win the a.t.p. title for a record 7 tour and. a huge match for djokovic as well as the world number 2 needing to win this title to have a chance of knocking ruffling a doll off the top spot in the rankings of more djokovic how does moments. he was up against federer in imperious folds get the swiss making just one unforced error in the opening set took it 6 games to full with a capacity crowd of by the 700000 fans being treated to a swiss masterclass 20 time a grand slam champion barely making a mistake throughout the match federer racking up 23 winners that are used for evil unforced errors djokovic had no outside federal took the 2nd set 63 and with it the man i find joy did from the beginning i played incredible and i knew i had to that's what novak does and i was able to
4:54 pm
produce i was stephan magical you guys made a super special thank you i can't thank you no. so it's better into the lower for the 6 the target the a.t.p. fardell good for his own frame of reference to throw in the starting half hour al-jazeera. to football and i leave the game set to be played next month in miami has been called off after a court ruling in spain the match between that let it go on villareal was due to have been played at the home of the miami dolphins on the summer the 6 however when the league announced the game last month the spanish football federation refused to authorize it legal bosses and filed an injunction to force the federation to approve the match friday saw that case thrown out by a court in madrid. marcela libya what has walked away from his 28000000 dollar a year job as head coach of china the 71 year old resigned following his team's 21 loss to syria and their world cup qualifier at least former world cup winning
4:55 pm
manager had been in charge of the chinese team since 2016 when a massey is set to play his 1st match for argentina after serving a 3 month ban from international football as he was suspended after claiming the copa america organizers were corrupt after chanting his loss to chile and the 3rd place playoff america champions of brazil are the opponents for friday's game which is taking place in the saudi capital riyadh will be the 1st time the pair of met since the cold america's semifinals in july when brazil beat argentina to deal with the darkest day this year missy has to be qualities that are impressive and we have to recognize that strategically we don't neutralize a player that little we diminish these opportunities but we also know that football is essentially a collective small but regarding missy is unique player. more skepticism has been thrown at the n.f.l. and their decision to hold a private workout call and capper nick
4:56 pm
a former san francisco 49 ers quarterback was dishing for the team's on saturday in atlanta the league of invited all 32 teams to attend with at least 10 reportedly confirming they will send representatives but not everyone is convinced that this is a genuine chance for the 32 year old who hasn't played in 3 years you know i really hope this is in the sox for him to get back in leaders and i think he deserves to be in the it's nice to be. the one just yet not have a job. or base all things out of letters to this point with him it leaves you a little skeptical margaret aren't a good thing like everybody else don't always see. a new york knicks fans were in fine form as a welcome back one of their former star players to madison square garden. when. all this is the reception chris stops presuming this guy that he was booed all night the 24 year old played for the next for nearly 4 years until he was traded to
4:57 pm
the dallas mavericks in january to telling the team he no longer wanted to play for them despite his 20 points in the game new york playing the 3 point victory. elsewhere the new orleans pelicans are worried hard to turn around their shaky start to the season to meet the visiting l.a. clippers on thursday june holliday top scored with 36 points to lead the pelicans 21322120 7 when this is just their 3rd victory of the season. now you really got to see this to believe it up pretty hairy at the nedbank golf challenge in south africa england's tommy fleet with thought he'd had a good shot on to the green on the 14th hole unfortunately for him some local residents decided to move his ball later tweeted for help on any. related golf rules. ok and that is all yours for. you very much for that and that does it for the news hour but don't go anywhere we're back in just a few minutes live in washington d.c.
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thank you for watching. the earth is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 near us the world's leaders fail to agree upon a solution people are taking matters into their own. when talking you know even. with trying to significant think it's going to sound that it kills people and that it kills people now it's ridiculous both sides with the people's voice on al-jazeera make stories generate found some sort of headlines these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison doesn't mean right stopped at the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories without taking down the misinformation from the journalism it's
4:59 pm
about telling the story of the of those human beings on the ground with the listening post on al-jazeera. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon raghad 100 and hungary's in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we had paunch question as we can because yours and the problems that the culture of that these new cars and so it's immigrating to us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like food rations. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and love global tribe. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance
5:00 pm
we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. the. hello i'm elizabeth and this is al jazeera live from doha we have bringing you extended live coverage of the u.s. and pietschmann inquiry into president donald trump these are live pictures coming to us from capitol hill in washington d.c. where the 2nd public hearing is set to begin shortly. now the only shed jeweled witness for this day is the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine who says she was the target of a.


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