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someone threw a bottle of cocktail on top of the tuck tuck he rents he had other protesters managed to put out the fire before it was destroyed. i'm worried about the took took more than myself because i don't own it when it was damaged i cried it's not mine. though they have to be pushed to admit it the talk took drivers of talk we're square losing money now even knowing they're being targeted those who still have a functioning talk talk tell us as long as there are protesters who need them they'll continue to drive a 0 back at. a refugee and journalists has arrived in new zealand off the spending 6 years in a prison camp in papua new guinea while there by whose boat chani wrote an award winning book and made a film on his phone and to thomas reports from sydney. this there he says is finally freedom after 6 years detained in papua new guinea for trying to
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seek asylum in australia the iranian journalist is in a country that has welcomed him i think it's in the 1st time that i feel at them happy but i thought why you know i think if you read more on. who johnny fled iran in 2013 he got to indonesia and from there took a boat to australia as christmas island but australia to the refugees had a new policy of sending them to prison camps on remote pacific islands which was held on man a silent in papua new guinea conditions where poor some fellow detainees were murdered killed themselves or died through inadequate medical care but from behind high fences to chant he worked as a campaigner and as a journalist he became a spokesman for the refugees.
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he gave many interviews including this one on talk to al jazeera he also wrote a book which won many awards and used his mobile phone to shoot clips for what became a successful film australia and papua new guinea have been quietly reducing the number of refugees in papua new guinea some have been brought to australia for medical treatment and state some have been resettled in the united states under a refugee swap deal agreed with barack obama before he left the presidency others have been taken in by european countries or canada everyone are innocent. and what there was a young government really. not. acts of war charlie who is officially in new zealand temporarily for a book there he says. he has no intention of returning to papua new guinea. i was in the city. conditions and to my great camps in bosnia herzegovina been
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described as unlivable the town of be had just struggling to deal with rising numbers of migrants as 1000 stuck near the border with the e.u. member croatia a people want the central government to relocate the asylum seekers mohamad as. near boston is northwest city of the hunch local authorities say makeshift camps like this hour's breaking point with temperatures dropping people here are living in worsening conditions there's no electricity and not enough food or water inside tents it's freezing and many are forced to make fires to keep warm there are no facilities no toilets no place for sleeping it's a very bad situation because it's very cold the camps were set up in june after local residents protested against migrants being relocated from the city center so police bring your rivals here but now the camps are overflowing. live like animals
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it's a problem it's raining every day there's a management problem here over the past few years this area has seen thousands of arriving from asia africa and the middle east seeking a better life in europe but their presence is raising security concerns and e.u. officials fear a humanitarian crisis the e.u. migration commission says the camp is close to mine fields laid during the bosnian war in the 1990 s. it does not fulfill the minimal requirements for the. conditions there or. not the finances support. all will be provided for 8. local authorities say they will restrict access to the camps if the central government doesn't do more to reader kate migrants but aid organizations warn that could have dire consequences as if you're going to force these people to eat you for 7 to say doors that is going to lead to a lot of changes so they will need to survive in the only sort students food do not
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have access to healthcare business interests have access to health care so we make sure that their health is ok but there is their elders ok and they also don't pose a health risk for the local population with no solution in sight people here say their future is uncertain and with winter approaching they can only think of survival really mohammed al jazeera reports say lebanon's major political parties have agreed on a nomination for the country's next prime minister demonstrators gathered outside the house of muhammad's a fairly angry at the reports he has been accused in the past of involvement in high profile corruption cases the former finance finance minister could replace sand head even who resigned over the ongoing protests were generic cheryl is in beirut for us one of the almost instantly when those reports came out that you could possibly be nominated for the premiership here in lebanon there was all these
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reports about his past in terms of corruption as we know obviously these protests that have taken place over now 30 days have been sent to the cross. the issue of corruption and the lack of governance here are without some of the stuff of the for example one of the cases that a lot of the demonstrators have been pointing out as well as activists online has been for example one of the. contacts that he was responsible for which was renting out prime locations on the seafront here in beirut what is now known as the 2 in abeyance for as little as $2.00 a year are from the states or he's paying $2.00 a year to. states permits are for this land and then renting that off to private companies for $10000.00 a year or so you can see in terms of just how deep corruption with regard to that just one specific deal is with regard to this particular person some of the some of
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the obviously there are other issues where people been pointing to not just him but also his 2nd wife who is currently a member of parliament. close allies through him so the fact that the political establishment screwed to assume that presenting somebody like him who within like i say i was of just merely reporting the possibility of him being a nominee for the prime minister premiership shows that either they're so out of touch as to how angry a section of lebanese society you are or the fact that they may believe that after 30 days of protests that they can now maybe get away with continuing the status quo because maybe they think that there isn't stamina in this. opposition protest movement israeli airstrikes in gaza and rocket fire towards israel as they have been seen just less than 24 hours after a cease fire was agreed israeli forces an islamic jihad fight this exchange the
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cross border fire the violence began on tuesday after the israeli army assassinated a senior leader of the islamic jihad in gaza 34 palestinians have been killed how a force that has more from gaza. well the quiet appears to be holding in gaza for now on friday hamas has said that there will be weekly friday border protests today that has happened before during rounds of escalation is follows a latest round of israeli air strikes overnight israeli military saying it was striking gaza islamic jihad targets in particular again as a result of sporadic rounds of rocket fire that had come out of gaza during the course of thursday after the cease fire was supposed to have been in place there are also some new pieces of information coming out about the most deadly single strike of the 48 hours of fighting that's taken place this week of the israeli airstrike on a house in central gaza india initially they said they were targeting
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a local islamic jihad commander a rocket commander in central gaza they didn't comment on what had happened there which was that 8 members of the same family had been killed including 5 children now the israeli army is saying that they were trying to target an empty house that they didn't know there were people inside there are now aware that there were what they call noncombatants inside the house and there are reports coming from the neighborhood that the man that israel initially said it was targeting a man called me i will mother who was not killed in that strike that it was another man and that there were 2 women and 5 children killed as well turkey has deported 7 german citizens it says linked to eisele the 2 men 4 women and a child landed at berlin's table airport overnight deportations a part of an effort by turkey to repatch foreign eisel fighters held in turkish
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jails in the u.k. counter-terrorism police arrested a man at heathrow airport hours off to turkey said it had deported a british eisel suspect dominic cain has more from berlin. turkey is proceeding with its deportations of european citizens it believes are not conducive to the public good in its country who it suspects of being involved in activities to do with i saw in the middle east the latest group to return to germany 2 women who it is reported are under investigation and the reporting suggests that these 2 women are to be questioned and searched by police when they arrive in germany the important thing here is not withstanding that investigation no charges as yet have been proffered against them nor indeed against the family of 7 who returned to take a port in berlin in the evening on thursday evening so the reporting of this in a wider context is quite interesting political classes are saying why didn't the
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government have more procedures in place to help process the people being returned to germany but also there is the suggestion that the people who so far have returned on not particularly perceived as having been involved actively with eisel in the middle east and that therefore there should be there is a danger that there may be some hysteria in the media reporting of these individuals and it is worth reiterating as yet there are no charges against these individuals and as a consequence they are free to go about their normal lives back in germany because they are german citizens and i saw suspect stuck in the buffer zone between the turkish and greek borders has been deported to the united states techies interior minister says the men boarded a flight from istanbul on friday teka try to deport the u.s. citizen to greece on monday but he was refused entry. trials of a new ebola vaccine have begun in the democratic republic of congo at least 3000
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people have been infected during this most recent outbreak and many patients who need treatment often find the health centers terrifying but as catherine sawyer reports now from north kivu province ebola survivors helping provide a human touch. it was in monkey where the outbreak started last year and this relatives of patients are anxious here waiting for news of their loved ones at this treatment center they're away from where the seeker being treated but even here they're not allowed to sit close to or touch each other and they're also being monitored for symptoms of ebola we're separated by this wire because the status of the relatives on the other side is not clear that is evelyn she's come to see how to we called nephew it has just been confirmed he has a body evelyn. it must be hard not to be able to hold your nephew i ask one of the
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last i'm just happy he's getting help but yes it is hard to see him and not be able to touch i can only look at him through a glass but i'm hoping so you know i'll be able to take him home. walking into an airborne the treatment center can feel frightening and for those waiting for test results while in isolation even was the only human contact is a health worker in ida contamination suits we were not allowed into treatment areas such as this where this men and women are recovering when there are deaths in the community people get afraid some people get abandoned or even killed that's why we have to put in place a message that works in terms of educating the people. but up to 1000 people have now been cured and this has brought hope to others. has he is believed to be immune to the disease and along with other survivors takes care of the sick the 6 month old baby. mother died after giving birth and celina is looking after her
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a question next to the center parents of other children here are also eva sick for decades india and yemen when i was cured i went home and my family welcomed me but the neighbors were very afraid they could not even come close to me i chose this job to comfort those suffering a ball is a disease that has killed at least 2000 people including 600 children but health workers status is to get here early enough have a good chance of staying alive catherine soy al-jazeera is the democratic republic of congo. the u.s. is calling on south korea to pay more towards the cost of stationing u.s. troops in the country that demand was made during a high level defense policy meeting in seoul but it's left some questioning the u.s. commitment to their relationship and fearing north korea may feel emboldened kathy lopez whole day on reports. a yearly security meeting between allies from the u.s. and south korea smiles and courtesies to begin but later fears that their military
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alliance may be threatened over money. president donald trump wants $5000000000.00 a year from sought for having $28000.00 u.s. soldiers stationed in south korea that's more than 5 times what a pace now but korea is a wealthy country and could and should pay more to help offset the cost of defense . some south korean legislators have called the demands unacceptable and disappointing but the defense minister is being more diplomatic. south korea and the u.s. have reconfirmed the common goals of the complete denuclearization of north korea and the stabilizing place on the planet chiller. the presence of u.s. troops isn't tended as a deterrent to north korea but the demand for more money has led some in south korea to question washington's commitment to its alliance with some critics calling for a fool us withdrawal their. own agreement half way reached half way
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in terms of partial withdrawal accompanied by some increase in your mouth but not total in the full amount that the us requires. the us is also pressuring south korea to reverse its decision to end an intelligence sharing agreement with japan that fears that move initially triggered by trade disputes could end up helping north korea and china. trump has long accused nato allies and japan of not paying their fair share of defense cost but by putting pressure on south korea many fear the u.s. is also straining their decades old alliance can see a little this is a yawn al-jazeera. supporters of a u.s. death row inmates are calling for his release following new evidence that could prove his innocence 51 year old rodney reed is due to be executed next week in texas for the murder of a woman 23 years ago but his attorneys say new testimony implicates the woman's
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fiance instead now there's increasing pressure on the governor of texas to intervene john hendren reports now i just want to know in the heart of texas one life is lost one is in jeopardy and those attending this vigil say that on wednesday the state plans to execute an innocent man that this was the us was the it's a racially charged case a black man accused of the 1906 rape and murder of a white woman convicted by an all white jury and sentenced to die the main link police found rodney reid's d.n.a. on the victim but new evidence casts doubt on reid's guilt is this is what is solid bad justice are you confident you'll get justice. well with the support and what we have yes sounds odd to have to hold on to there at ces. that's what i have to hold
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on to a coworker of the victim now corroborates reid story that he was having an affair with stacy stites and they had consensual sex hours before she was found raped and strangled on a texas roadside forensic examiners have since admitted in affidavits that their estimates of the time of death could be wrong there is another bit of blockbuster new evidence that's been introduced and that is from a member of the arion brotherhood named arthur snow snow claims that wall in prison he spoke to the fiance of the victim a man named jimmy final in that final confessed that he had murdered stacy stites because she was having an affair with an african-american man read his always insisted he is not guilty i think a lot of people know the truth right now. a lot of people seeing the evidence has been of the develop over the years the victim's cousin believes him that. you know that he is then you know me even though my heart the texas court of criminal
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appeals has consistently denied reid's claims of innocence in texas governor greg abbott has so far declined to grant reed a reprieve stites sister believes reid is her killer too long we've been trying to fight for justice for ronnie who didn't deserve justice at all i need justice for stacy but a broader array of advocates are calling for a stay of the execution from texas senator ted cruz to celebrities like kim carr jesse in west see everyone around the around he says like ronnie reid's case leads family isn't just counting on the governor. a chance to fade my brother's life because he is truly innocent and we're not asking for anything special we're not asking for any favors we're asking for the right thing to be done in this case with just days to go they have asked the u.s. supreme court to stay the execution and give time to hear the new evidence before rodney reid's time runs out. my john
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hendren al-jazeera bastrop texas. the flood head italian city of venice is facing another exceptionally high tide the government declared a state of emergency there. conti is promising compensation for people and for businesses to venice lagoon tied peat on tuesday at the highest recorded level in 53 years more than 85 percent of this city's historic sites are under water. at a former president of bolivia is calling for international assistance to end the crisis in his country ever more or less made the comment in mexico where he's been forced into exile after a disputed election result you're going to go it alone i have plenty of confidence in the un because we've had extensive talks at the un secretary-general he has a lot of social conscience plenty of commitment to the poor he should be the mediator not just a facilitator accompanied by the catholic church and of pope francis is needed we
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should at home. the rights of all has more now from. thousands of protesters around bolivia's presidential palace they came here to show support to their leader ever what eles. even william when you ask is a 25 year old student he says he's warned about what's happening in his country. it's an interim government that does not represent us it's filled with white people that look at us with racism and hatred we came here to show who the original people of bolivia really are. on wednesday interim presidentially 9 years swore in a new cabinet in a place where bolivia's mostly indigenous community was well represented and where the spirit of or mother earth secret to that community was once revered it's now been replaced with a bible across and mostly non indigenous representatives. if people
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are demanding the resignation of. the i mean. they're also saying that now it's time for civil war. to a seriously or and even though the new administration 6 that they want to. say they are. not representative i like that. the government is trying to quell the protests with police and military presence on the street they're also trying to paint a negative image of abel more alice and accuse him of excessive while in power by granting media access to his private quarters in the presidential palace gilbey of whom nobody called he lived like a rich man and spoke and defended the poor this is an example of something he did and everything he has robbed even morale has never allowed the media to come to the floors of the presidential house in spite of the deep divisions in this country members of moralists m.e.'s party agree to hold
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a senate meeting with the legislators of the new interim administration they fear the party will be banned and one to be allowed to participate in the elections as it's unlikely it will more or less will be allowed to run. i would suggest to the movement for socialism party that from now on they have every right to participate in the general elections but they need to start looking for a candidate evo morales is not qualified for a 4th term that's why they have been so many protests by bolivians on the streets. people say they are protesting because they feel they new interim administration does not represent them and want to make sure they won't lose the rights they were granted when it will moralist came to power almost 14 years ago. china's president says mounting protectionism has eroded international trade and investment he made the comments on the 2nd day of the brics summit in brazil's
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capital on water up all over ports. the brazilian capital but. at the 11th annual international brics summit. the so-called brics nations comprised of brazil russia india china and south africa are considered the world's top 5 emerging economies. grade at one point during the summit chinese president xi jinping took subtle jabs at the united states saying tactics of quote bullying have eroded international trade and investment. see here you are i hope you will seize the opportunity rise to the challenges mobilize more resources from the business community and actively invest and do business in brics countries during the final plenary session russian president vladimir putin spoke about the common goals of this divergent group within the international community. brics states should take at leading role in the un with more initiative we should be more active in promoting a peaceful agenda we should be uniting like minded countries to resolve essential
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global and regional issues if those come some analysts believe that as the united states adopts a more isolationist role in global affairs countries like the brics nations will fill in the boito the other countries are tourists taking for themselves taking the effective to reaffirm the will try to reduce it's a good saying it's a good sign it's a sense of responsibility of those countries and it's a contribution that this forum can offer to the sinful world affairs thursday evening marked the end of the 11th gathering of these 5 countries although the agreement signed between member states will now wait to be set in motion the 2019 brics summit concluded with the signing of the best syria declaration a document that focuses on a wide range of issues everything from establishing more inclusive international trade policies to strengthening commitments to combat climate change. the chairmanship for the next prick summit now passes on to russia the summit is
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scheduled to be held in st petersburg in the summer of 2020. but as he via. lots more news to come in a couple of minutes so from now stay with us we'll have the latest on the hearings against u.s. president dog and the other day. every war makes a devastating impact on voters both rise explores some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important southpaws and we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to coexist with nature ok so what's going on there and simulating what happens when an elephant tamas life on to conflict on al-jazeera.
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this december make the heroes of europe asia africa the middle east oceania america's world cup to a stage played for the germans a connection that makes a statement peak for the us becoming the world's best cd excited to go to shore to say i want to be. told this fee for a call to. make cuts on your goal. to. cut down.
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this is 0. hello i'm has i'm see this is live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes i was shocked. absolutely shocked and devastated frankly all eyes on capitol hill as former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testifies as part of the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump. iraq's grand ayatollah condemns attacks on peaceful protesters as crowds gather in.


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