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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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it's 3 articles of york times article 2004 campaign advisers kerry foreign policy crew as a clintonian i'm of the gentleman has expired give post-hole broke 2 older kids god 2000 i win that i'll be recognized a little brook beats with one government time has expired or decision i'd like to have but it was quickly corrected him. squarely recognized thank you ambassador it's like a hallmark movie you ended up at georgetown this is all ok. but it wasn't your preference 78 months ago correct now was not was in your preference to be the victim of a smear campaign was it now was in your preference to be defamed by the president and i had states including today was it now. wasn't your preference to be ousted and seemingly the pentacle of your career was it
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now you wanted to finish your extended tour correct i did what did you want to do after that did you know i wasn't sure there's nothing wrong with georgetown it's a fine place right it's a wonderful place but it's the only choice at the end of a distinguished career after all that it's not the end of a hallmark movie it's the end of a really bad reality t.v. show brought to you by someone who knows a lot about that. why did you. you previously testified that you sought advice from ambassador susan lyne at this time about what to do is act her act and. why did you reach out to the ambassador. because this was clearly so political and was not going to be.
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you know that the state department was not in a position shall we say to to manage the issue it didn't appear to me and so i asked ambassador some and who said that he. you know he was a political appointee he said he was close to the president and. he had just been in ukraine for a ship visit with some of his colleagues from brussels and so i reached out to him for advice when this was no longer a ukraine kind of an interview with mr lee it sankoh kind of a ukrainian but it became sort of the american. american politicians and pundits and cetera were. repeating those allegations i asked him for advice and made a lot to you is an extraordinary time in the advice meant
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a lot and and what was what was his advice. well he suggested that i needed to go big or go home and he said that. the best thing to do would be to. you know send out a tweet praise the president that sort of thing and what was your reaction to that advice well my reaction was that i'm sure he meant well but it was not advice that i could really follow it felt. it felt partisan it felt political and. i just that was not something that i thought was in keeping. with my role as ambassador in a foreign service officer and he gave you any specific suggestions on what to say about the president ited states or just say something nice about him yet just
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praise him thank you the balance to the chairman i want to follow up on this cruise line question and also harken back to something you were asked by a minority counsel earlier arrest a couple questions do you think you could have done more to push back against the smear campaign. and. i'm not suggesting this is what the cause was getting at but sometimes victims are asked or are you responsible for your own victimization what would you say to people who say isn't it kind of your fault i'm basser you didn't fight your own smear harder. well i think that. you know i've been a foreign service officer for a long time and just like the military we have our own culture we have our own kind of chain of command so to speak and i did everything that i could to.
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you know to to address these issues and ask the state department to do what i felt was the right thing which was support me when when it was important to do so because it was also about supporting the policy. i think it was for others to stand up for me quite agree represent of stuff i like. thank you since the chairman has gaveled out all of my colleagues with their consent i am going to read for the record many of the chairman's comments in september of the importance of hearing from the whistleblower again ambassador thank you for your patience thank you for your service but since we haven't been able to conduct ourselves in normal procedures i'm just going to use the 5 minutes for this so gemer 29 in the wall street journal quote the whistleblower at the center of the impeachment best a geisha and president trump will testify in the house very soon this is a quote by the chairman usa today september 29th talking with a.b.c.
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news this week schiff the democrat who chairs the house intelligence committee said the whistleblower would testify very soon and the only thing standing in the way was getting security clearances for the attorneys representing the whistleblower so they could attend the testimony from fox september 29th rep adam schiff said sunday the whistleblower at the center of a growing scandal surrounding president donald trump will testify before the house intelligence committee very soon on c.n.n. september 29th shift said sunday on a.b.c. as well as n.b.c.'s meet the press that he expects the whistleblower to testify very soon the washington post september 29th in an appearance on a.b.c. news this week shift echoed polo seas message he also said he expected the intelligence committee to hear from the whistleblower very soon pending a security clearance from acting director of national intelligence joseph mcguire in the huffington post schip told a.b.c.'s this week that he expects the whistleblower to appear before this committee very soon in the new york post quote will get the unfiltered testimony of that whistleblower in the washington times
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quote that whistleblower will be allowed to come in these are all quotes from chairman adam schiff in talking points memo the question was posed actually this was by george stephanopoulos have you reached an agreement yet with the whistleblower and his or her attorneys about coming before the committee and providing the information 1st hand quote yes we have shift responded and as d.n.i. mcguire promised during the hearing that. whistleblower will be allowed to come in and come in without a minder from the justice department or from the white house to tell the whistleblower what they can and cannot say will get the unfiltered testimony of that whistleblower in daily coast we're ready to hear from the whistleblower as soon as that is done and we'll keep obviously riding shotgun to make sure that the acting director doesn't delay in that clearance process in c.n.d. she will get the unfiltered testimony of that whistleblower in market watch house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff said sunday that an agreement has been reached under which the whistleblower will testify before the committee very soon i
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can keep going but again the chairman refused to allow us to put these into the record with unanimous consent so i've read those out and as we know it is important to protect whistleblowers from retaliation and from firing and we want to make sure whistleblowers are able to come forward but in this case the fact that we're getting criticized by chairman adam schiff for statements that he himself made early on in this process shows the duplicity and just the abuse of power that we are continuing to see with a minute 54 seconds left i'll yield to my colleague mr jordan i think that for yielding i would also add that the chairman is promise we're going to see the transcripts but there's still 4 people we've deposed that we have not been able to use the c. there transcripts have their transcripts are loose and they're released and therefore the testimony they provided we're not able to use in these open hearings it's an open hearing all the available testimony from depositions that has been
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taken by the committee should be available to be discussed for the american people to see but no no no mr morrison mr hale 2 other miss miss williams 2 others have and another one have not yet been released so i hope the chairman releases that one of the point i would make in the last minute of mystify next time. the democrats have asserted that this this whole thing with with investor evanovich was part of some sinister scheme by the white house to get mr zelinsky to do investigate president let's get do an investigation if they're calling him master janowicz was part of some scheme by trump in palm kalen giuliani to give presents alinsky to do an investigation why would they replace her with the democrats 1st witness their star witness bill taylor i mean that that's the plan not the best plan i've ever seen put together their star witness their 1st witness mr
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taylor was here wednesday that's what they're up to i think i just demonstrates that that is not what went on here mr lindsey never undertook any investigations and the reason the aide was released as we discussed on wednesday was because vice president penn sinbad's for bolton and u.s. senators all talk with present selenski they were convinced he was the real deal as the ambassador has alluded to in her testimony that's why the money was really at your back says wall mr chairman a lot has changed since the whistleblower came forward 2 things in particular 1st most of what the whistleblower has alleged has been corroborated by the witnesses that we have heard from 2nd the president who my colleagues so shamelessly continue to defy and continue to pressure threaten and intimidate the whistleblower so i'd like unanimous consent consent to put into the record
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a september 26th 21000 article from business insider trump suggested the whistleblower who filed a complaint against him is guilty of treason which is punishable by death. objection how about september 26th 2900 vanity fair trump suggests executing the whistleblower sources like quote in the good old days 3rd objection september 29th whistleblowers lawyer raises fear for client safety from axios mr chairman the whistleblower has an absolute right to anonymity the whistleblowers lawyer has said that he fears for his personal safety and will only answer questions now in writing i wish my colleagues would join me in protecting the whistleblowers right to anonymity but here miss and given of age we're here to talk about you and what you witnessed and you saw a lot as it related to mr giuliani and i want to read a quote to you from mr giuliani but 1st ask you when you were in ukraine you understood that rudy giuliani was donald trump's personal lawyer is that right
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instance or are you familiar with rudy giuliani's quote in the new york times describing himself as a lawyer saying quote he basically knows what i'm doing comma sure as his lawyer we familiar with that quote it sounds familiar and you have a lawyer with you today mr von rich and you understand that lawyers act on their client's behalf is that right that it would be improper for a lawyer to go outside any directive that a client gives is that right it's my understanding. are you familiar with a new york times story on may 9 2019 where rudy giuliani says that he intends to visit ukraine and says we're not meddling in an election we're meddling in an investigation are you familiar with that quo that's 11 days before you were removed as ambassador is that right yes he is talking publicly about designs on coming to
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ukraine but what i think is interesting is that mr giuliani says we're as then we are he doesn't say i am not meddling in the election he doesn't say i am not meddling in an investigation he says we he's speaking for himself and his client and i want to talk about that quote we're not meddling in an election or meddling in an investigation is it proper for you or anyone who acts on behalf of the united states government to meddle an investigation. into police or why not well there are law enforcement channels and things need to be handled properly and without any kind of political bias. now this anti corruption crusader president trump who my colleagues have touted out as
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having such a great interest in anti corruption and both the calls that have been referenced today the august 21 call and the july 25 call isn't it true that president trump never mentions the word corruption and that's to. and as far as the foreign aid that my colleagues keep saying well he can't be guilty he didn't complete the cheat the aid went to the ukrainians isn't it true that the only reason the aid or the only time the aid went to the ukrainians was after the whistleblower complaint became public yes it was after the whistleblower complaint became public so you don't really get points when you get your hand caught in the cookie jar and someone says hey he's got his hand in the cookie jar and you take your hand out which is exceptionally what my republican colleagues and the president are trying to take credit for finally i want to put up the disgusting tweet from the president today where he attacks your character but i think i know who you are ambassador i think
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the country knows who you are he smeared you when you were in ukraine he speared you on that phone call with president selenski on july 25 he is smearing you right now as you are testifying ambassador yavanna vege are the president smears going to stop you from fighting corruption well i will continue with my work and if your country asked you again to fight corruption will you still do that despite the smears. and here you have done this to hurt your excellency. over here presidential distinguished service award and the secretaries the promus e. and human rights world. you're tough as nails and you're smart as hell and i know what
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you're a great example of what our ambassadors should be like here and ana to your family you are an honor to the foreign service you are an honor to this country and i think you for all that you have done and will continue to do on behalf of your country and i'm nervous about when i'm get ready do i want to do a 5 year history of ukraine in about 45 seconds and now i'm not sure a professor you can grade my paper ok valentine's day 2014 ukrainian people get fed up with the ukrainian president yet to covert it and basically overthrown him he goes on the run this was the revolution of dignity who was the acting president during that time when the end of coverage went out i think was. knowledge is that how you say a cina thank you for enlightening me church enough ok excellent then in march of 2014 that is when we saw little green men coming into ukraine an old smitten li the
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russians invade the ukraine and not only annex try to annex crimea but also try to and they invade the entire country in the eastern don boss as well yes and then there was an election and the president was portioned go that was in june of 2014 then you came to post in 2016 of august since that correct years later january 27th trump was elected and in december of 2017 is when the javelins were approved. and we saw those javelins delivered in april of 28 to be put to 1st use. then we had a ski elected and 2019 april right now the zelinsky defeated the previous president poroshenko this is no love lost between those 2 doods is there i don't pick them up and then in may of 202-1000 someone
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screws sworn in. so my questions. we talk a lot about rudy giuliani. do we know what officials within those alinsky regime he actually met with i know to a gentleman named by your mack who was one as alinsky s senior advisors and then we also know of the former attorney general on that we've already established here the we didn't was corrupt. and mr luzhin go served under zelinsky for a couple of months up until april i missed going to august is that correct that's right and their parliament basically voted him out is that correct yes that's right . so if rudy giuliani. is trying to influence the zelinsky regime was a guy that worked under the previous regime under porsche enco be the right guy to
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do it. so are you saying mr le tanka yes he could you did mr hussein go have much credibility within the zelinsky regime the current the current regime i don't think so he didn't he didn't and i missed your back to do you know of any other ukrainians that mr giuliani was meeting with that was part of the selenski regime. which is to remind i would've already have left by that point but there was a line not only even with the administration to come right selenski oil won the election there was a 2 month period of preparing to be installed as president even during that time were you aware of any there was. so there is. one of the oligarchy as we've heard about one of the oligarchy says named mr coleman ski and he met with mr truman and parra nonce and that was apparently to get
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a meeting for mr giuliani and those are that but those are not people that were actually in government were called became in this once the regime is that right. now ok mr chairman i yield back thank you. as castro thank you chairman and thank you ambassador for your 33 years of service to our nation a big question here today is why you were pushed aside as ambassador for example americans know that an employer has a right to fire an employee but they shouldn't do it for certain reasons you should be fired because you're disable because you're a woman because you're black and for other reasons and i think most americans agree that a president shouldn't fire ambassador or recall him bassett or because the ambassador is standing in his way of doing a corrupt act so i want to ask you did the president ever tell you why he was recalling you. did anybody at the white house ever tell you why you were being
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recalled now did the president ever consult you about who the good guys and the bad guys were in the ukraine now did secretary pompei o ever tell you why you were being recalled. and it appears in the testimony that we've heard in the intelligence committee so far that there were a group of the president's men perhaps secretary perry rudy giuliani ambassador sunline. who were in on this scheme to help the president get the bidens and investigated and i want to put aside president trump for just a 2nd and ask you in all of your years of service have you ever come across a president been asked by a president or known of colleagues who were asked by an american president to have to help the help that president get an american investigated overseas.
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i'm not aware of that. and if a president asked you to investigate a former vice president for this purpose what would you have said i mean with what i know today i would have said now and would you have considered an unlawful act i don't know that it's unlawful per se but i think i think again that there are channels for conducting proper investigations and that that would have been the best way to handle something like this but certainly it would be it's bizarre for a president to ask that some american be investigated by another government it's very unusual and also you mentioned that there is corruption in ukraine ukraine
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isn't the only country that corrupt that confronts corruption if the people in power in a country where corruption is rampant are being asked by a foreign leader who's got a lot of leverage over them to conduct an investigation could that be dangerous because they're they could trump up charges against someone if they want to they can and i also want to ask you i spoke to ambassador can't he made a comment yesterday about selective prosecutions and what it means going forward. what kind of precedent it sets and you've spoken about a dangerous precedent for the state department and for diplomats but i want you to help us consider the precedent going forward if there is no consequences for president trump or really any president who does this what are the consequences for
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this country and for any american not just a former vice president or presidential candidate or even somebody in politics but a person in business who does business in saudi arabia or some other country if a president is going to speak to another head of state or some foreign official and try to get that person investigated what does that mean for the future of the country and for americans well i think that. investigations prosecutions judicial decisions properly should remain with investigators prosecutors and the courts and i think that as i said before i think senator annenberg when he said that politics needs to stop at the water's edge i think he was right now. are you back to the chairman of the strength of thank the chairman and investor you've on
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a beach i'd like to join all of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle in thanking you for your service. i'd like to ask you about your earlier testimony about your senate confirmation and congresswoman's to pharmac it asked you. how the obama biden state department had prepared you to answer questions about the response and hunter biden specifically you recall that. and as she mentioned that you had been asked or been prepared for a question about hunter biden's role on the board of bree smoke but i don't think that you gave us the answer or answers that the obama biden state department prepared you to give in response to that question do you remember what those answers were yeah it was something along the lines of i would refer you to the vice president's office on that so did they in the course of that brief you about.
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the amount of money that hunter biden was being paid by. now that this wasn't part of a briefing i mean i had sort of big old books with right questions that might come up in preparation for your confirmation and they thought that under biden's role it breached might be significant enough that it would come up during your confirmation is that correct apparently sound i mean there are hundreds of questions well. hundreds of questions but were there hundreds of companies how many companies other than. did the obama biden state department prepare you to give me answers for and if so if there were others which ones. i just don't recall you don't recall that there were any other companies is that correct i'm quite sure there probably were some companies but i i mean you know this is a while ago and i don't recall but you specifically recall. yes all right.
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out of thousands of companies in the ukraine the only one that you call the obama biden state department preparing to answer questions about was the one where the vice president's son was on the board is that fair. you understood from deputy assistant secretary george kent's testimony as it's been related to you that he testified a few days ago do you understand that that arrangement hunter biden's role on the board caused him enough concern that as he testified in his statement that in february of 2015 i raised my concern that hunter biden status as a board member could create the perception of a conflict of interest he went on to talk about the vice president's responsibilities over the ukraine or over ukraine ukrainian policy as one of those factors you recall that yes did you ever do you agree with that.
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yeah that it was a legitimate concern to raise i think that it could raise the appearance of a conflict of interest and did you discuss that ever with mr kent i don't believe so shortly before your confirmation in august of 2016. prosecutor general show and was fired by president poroshenko correct yes and the president. prosecutor general shoke and was the one who had opened the investigation into breached my correct. i think that's right but i'm not actually sure he was in charge of it at least at that point in time as the prosecutor general can are you aware of the very public statements by the vice president that that firing of the prosecutor general occurred in march of
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20166 hours after the vice president told president poroshenko that he needed to fire the prosecutor general or that he wouldn't receive $1000000000.00 from the united states you recall that yes all right and do you think that that raises a whole 10 chilled concern or conflict of interest that the vice president ited states was ordering the firing of the prosecutor in charge of a company that has been identified as one that is substantially corrupt actually down i don't think that. the view that mr show him was not a good prosecutor general fighting corruption i don't think that had anything to do with the policeman. but the legitimate concern about hunter by in this role was a legitimate correct i think it creates. a concern that there could be an appearance of based on your testimony ambassador i like to renew my request mr
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chairman that. hunter binds testimony that has been with this gentleman has expired requested by the republicans be considered the germans expired legitimate rather than as a sham as the fact it was suspended for 2 advise and an airman a time as a cave or an animist mr heck have you recognize that request and not recognize mr heck you are. embassador i'd like to think you very much add my voice of it of gratitude for your years of service frankly you're the best of this nation and i cannot think of anybody else i would rather have representing us in a foreign capital than you. my colleagues have gone to a great deal of effort to better understand the facts surrounding your removal i think the facts are pretty clear there was a smear campaign and it was orchestrated by a corrupt ukrainian prosecutor the president's attorney the president's son and even some of the president's allies it is a favorite t.v. station so that campaign led to your removal despite 33 years of outstanding
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service progressive responsibility and awards and so i kind of sit here with a mix of emotions on the one hand there's some pride and gratitude for all your outstanding service and on the other hand i'm angry like my friend from connecticut in fact i'm very angry about how it is the most powerful person on the face of the yearth would remove you from office after your stellar service and somehow feel compelled to characterize you as bad news and then to ominously threaten that you're going to go through some things so why am increase. but i'm not surprised after all as was suggested earlier he said the whistleblower may have committed treason a crime punishable by death even though the whistleblower strictly adhered to the
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letter of the law as independently attested to by both the trump appointed inspector general and the acting d.n.i. . after all he even demeaned the memory of senator mccain after he law i did his grave at the naval academy grounds despite a lifetime of public service and serving 6 years as a prisoner of war in a tiny cell in hanoi being beaten and tortured every day and after all he belittled the goldstar khan family whose son captain khan gave his last full measure of devotion out of love for this country and let me tell you as somebody who's older brother never saw his 35th birthday because of service in the vietnam war those words are deeply offensive words matter and the words leveled against you constitute bowling of the worst order your good character your outstanding reputation have been be smirched in
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a way that is devoid of common decency but here's my message to you there is nothing ambassador evanovich nothing he can say or do not a thing that will in any way diminish the nature and quality of the service you have rendered to our great nation not a thing and there is not a thing he can say or do that will diminish our gratitude to you for that service and i thank you again for thank you. so to as to the larger point. i would like you to answer what does this mean to you crane when the united states .


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