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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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1st time they arrested i was 11 years old and. violence on the streets of paris as a protest is marking one guest star to the gallows best. known welcome to life my headquarters dog with me and the problem also ahead iran raises the price of fuel and introduces rationing sparking protests in parts of the country. polls close in sri lanka's presidential election national security is a top issue after the easter sunday attacks and chinese soldiers make a rare appearance on hong kong streets leaving their bags to clean up after weeks
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of bothered protests. police in france have fired tear gas to break up protests in paris the yellow vest movement is marking its one year anniversary the demonstrations began on the member 17th last year of a rising fuel prices and cost of living they made it turned into anti-government riots that spread across the country during its peak 300 years of protests but that number has gone down in recent months well let's go live to on the botha who's joining us from paris a lot of activity even seen a lot of protesters out and tear gassed me what's happening there. that's right won't close states really which has become pretty much the epicenter of the day's protests that is of course as you mentioned an anniversary. what we're
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looking at a pitched battle is here on this square where on the lines of police you may have just missed out but starting with a coming in from demonstrators in the square. until story but here you can see a water cannon that is being used quite liberally to disperse the crowds according to activists they feel that the french police over the last 12 months have been somewhat heavy handed in their tactics and their techniques according to activists as many as 24 people have lost all these 5 people have lost homes one person lost a testicle and they blame the little use of not just tear gas books a rubber bullets and also stun grenades as well we can see over here one of the police is actually holding here what is used to fine tear gas into the square and they fired the camera those plumes of smoke the tear gas fires that have been put out by french fire brigades because the demonstrators had lived
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a number of buyers around this area we know the numbers attending these yellow best marches have been windell significantly over the past 12 months and absolutely isn't what it was and this is very much a hardcore wing of the yellow best movement but they are of course using this anniversary to reassert their voice once again and could today's events rekindle the movement and reign. with us a big question as i said numbers have significantly dwindled for 2 reasons firstly they got what they wanted having a rule that would have seen an increase in tax on diesel overturned but was very much regarded as a tax on people outside the city in the rural countryside people who depend on they come from. but secondly also micron ended up going out to $11000000000.00 in financial aid laws the that went to low income families as. well there's also
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another reason why we've seen a reduction in numbers of people attending these rallies and floaty because of the nature of the yellow vest movement itself pulling support from both the far right the far left and everybody in between it failed to capitalize on its movements and become more than a protest movement we know that some members trying to get elected to the european parliament and failed so it's become a victim of its own confused identity in many ways and also when it comes to action like this from the hard core elements there are many people that feel that perhaps things are going to a little bit too. neat thank you for that and now that is me with the latest live in paris thank you. let's move on to other news now at least one person has been killed during protests in iran against a hike in fuel prices well several people were injured as they tried to enter an oil refinery in the southern city of synch on the cross a few has been increased by least 50 percent iran does has some of the world's
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cheapest prices because of its heavy subsidies the government has introduced rationing as it struggles to combat fuel smuggling revenue from the increase is supposed to go to families in need but many of our audience feel that they will be had hardest thing on the in tehran and the rest of iran everything is dependent on fuel prices if the price of fuel goes up in the night by day the price of rent will go up as well as other living expenses including fruit and vegetables it affects everything which is very bad i really believe that it will paralyze a class of society especially the laboring class. did they make this decision because they don't have money left we are on the sanctions they want to take the money out of the people's pockets they have a budget deficit. has more from. a price increase unlike any other ever seen before in the islamic republic or rainy and walk up to the news and they were shocked that the price of petrol is now up 200 percent the government
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announced that at midnight friday morning and the iranians have been reacting across the country so far in the capital many motorists have been turning off their vehicles on all the major highways as a form of protest to the increase now what is worrying for many iranians is the fact that this increase will likely affect other goods in the country the price of bread eggs and so forth will also likely increase the government has said that this decision was made by a special committee that's in charge of dealing with the country's economic future that committee is now meeting in the capital it consists of the head of the country's judiciary ibrahim where you see as well as the president hassan rouhani and the speaker of parliament ali larijani for now the protests have been quiet and calm we have heard reports that security forces are monitoring the situation and that the death that's been reported insurge on city in term on province was as a result of a number of people trying to storm and oil refinery there overnight and police
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responded to that incident for now we're waiting to find out more about what this special committee will say about this price increase but many iranians are very worried and they are worried about what will come next as a result of this fuel hike. at least 19 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a car bomb attack in northeastern sylvia the explosion occurred in the city of aleppo in the countryside turkish officials are blaming the attack on kurdish wife in chief has. now polls have closed in sri lanka's presidential election former defense minister. and sergeants premadasa of the 2 main candidates national security has been a major issue in the campaign after that used to bombings that killed hundreds of people but in smith reports from colombo. rajapaksa. to the buddhist priest that he could rely on support from voters within sri lanka's majority think. but he also needs support from minority muslims and tamils too if
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he's to win this presidential election many of them are nervous of the prospect of a return to power of the rajapaksa got a pie was defense chief and his brother mahinda was president at the end of the civil war which the u.n. estimates killed 40000 people that party also courts nationalists this is a big clue lanka get in with. the. staff in sri lanka center for monitoring election violence say the poll has been free but not necessarily fair with reports of people being pressured on how to vote we have never seen that much influential factors like leaders leaders are coming forward from or one particular political party such as prima das is the only other realistic contender in this election he gets support from rural buddhists and minority groups who could swing the result in his favor. the ruling coalition is choice but this is
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a government that ignored warnings about the easter sunday suicide attacks that killed 263 people prompting rajapaksa to announce his candidacy we are hoping for a new future 3 lanka and. there a candidate and the same there are many candidates so it's going to be a very competitive. and i just hope their. you know whoever gets elected can deliver on their promises and ensure a safe nation and a prosperous nation and everyone can sort of believe in peace 60000000 people were eligible to vote they had 35 candidates to choose from. the run up to sri lanka's last presidential election was marred by violence and widespread intimidation this time it's been more peaceful it is though a tight race where passions are running high earner to make out is there a colombo. now chinese soldiers have been sent on to the streets of hong kong for the 1st time since anti-government protests began in may the troops were seen
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health in beijing supporters dismantle a fence and clear 5 blocks tall gaston. says it didn't ask for help to solve as many believe they were last seen a year ago cleaning up after typhoon. 5 has more from hong kong it was a very quick operation lasted less than an hour and the soldiers didn't have to travel far this is their base here the sentries are standing just off to my right here and basically they came out that they didn't travel very far they came up this this road here moving bricks as they went and turned the corner at the top a long the perimeter up there and then we're back inside inside the camp where they won't wear a uniform they were in their sports kit so they could be looked at is quite symbolic depending on your politics and as we go there is a lot of politics here on the one hand it could be seen as a fairly innocuous gesture this is just
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a public spirited action by the local garrison coming out as you mentioned there it's not the 1st time that troops have been deployed they came out a year ago to help clean up in country parts after thai food so it has happened before but then this is not the country parts we are in the nerve an area the middle of cow loon and over on this side is one of the university campuses where we've seen protests and there have been an angry standoff between students from this campus and soldiers inside here who they were show pointing lasers at having said that we have not seen any angry responses from protesters that the removal of their bricks in fact of anything they've been really played it cool they've kept a very low profile there's been some chatter on social media saying it doesn't really matter we'll just replace the bricks when we are good and ready but there will be others in the pan democratic camp who will see this you know as a further gesture as a further symbol of more erosion of hong kong's autonomy and the autonomy it's
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meant to have within china. just ahead on the bulletin the palace trying to laugh about a tragedy is just one of a long list of grievances and zimbabwe's government issued an ultimatum to doctors on strike hope am working to show. hello again it's good to have you back well over the next few days luzon is in store for quite a bit of rain we do have a tropical storm that's making its way towards luzon and you can see the clouds right there just on the edge of the map so heavy rains expected we do expect to see a landfall here from monday probably into tuesday morning as well and heavy rain is expected across much of luzon in total we could be seeing anywhere between $250.00 or higher millimeters of rain so flooding is going to be a big threat across much of the area for the rest of china though look to the north
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we're going to be seeing plenty of rain crossing the central regions temperatures coming down into the mid teens there shanghai you'll be seeing some clouds in your forecast with a temperature of 17 degrees while across parts of india of course the smog situation to the north has been a big problem down towards the south though we do have a few scattered showers that are pushing through much of the area they're going to get a little bit more intense as we go here toward sunday with a rainy day for you at 30 degrees getting even more stormy here as we go towards monday there up towards kolkata though it is going to be a fairly nice day for you with a temperature of 29 degrees and then here across the gulf we are going to be seeing some stormy conditions across many regions for around parts of saudi arabia as well here in doha expect to see the showers in the region but we don't think it's going to be a washout a temperature of $29.00. this december make the heroes of you asia africa the middle east oceania.
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what. makes a state city. this feel. good to have you with us on our syria these are our top stories police and promise of use water cannon and fired tear gas to break up protests marking the one year
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anniversary of the other best movement the demonstrators in paris the top barricades on the streets and set cars on fire at least $41.00 people have been arrested at least one person has been killed during protests in the run of a 50 percent increase in fuel prices the government has introduced rationing as it struggles to combat fuel smuggling head on says the revenue from the encrease families in need and polls have closed in sri lanka's presidential election former defense minister got the bite out of pox and sodje claim about the 2 main candidates for government in sri lanka have attached buses carrying muslim voices but no casualties have been reported. at least 14 civilians have been killed in attacks in the east and democratic republic of congo police say it's revenge for the army's offensive against rebel strongholds the attacks happened in 2 locations of the beni region of north kivu province where last month the congolese army announced an offensive to get rid of rebels affiliated to the allied democratic
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forces the a.d.f. has been operating along the dion. ganda border for more than 20 years now saddam's former president omar al bashir has been in court facing charges of possessing and knesset foreign currency and corruption but it has admitted to receiving millions of dollars from saudi arabia but says he didn't use it for private purposes and he's discovered foreign and domestic currencies stock pollinators home after his arrest bashir was forced from office in april after months of anti-government protests here morgan has the latest from khartoum the corruption trial against sudan's also president obama is in its 3rd month and on the mind the session on saturday the defense team presented the odds general as the main witness now the auditor general was supposed to testify during the past 3 hearings but because he was out of town he has testified today and the judge has accepted his excuse of being out of town and agreed to listen to him this saturday now the defense team is also saying that the media has been trying to sway public opinion people in the
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streets have been saying that the president is not facing the real charges which he should face which are work crimes and crimes against humanity in the western region of darfur and the southern regions of blue nile and south kordofan a newly appointed state prosecutors say that it's not their job to hand over the ousted president to the international criminal court where he's facing those charges as well as charges of genocide and an arrest warrant has been issued against him the state prosecutors say that it is up to the justice ministry and up to an elected government in 3 more years time to decide whether the president will be tried for this crimes here in sudan or whether he will be handed over to the international criminal court like many of the world victims in those regions have been calling for over the past few months. well u.s. president donald trump has been accused of intimidation after he attacked a witness on twitter while she testified at his impeachment hearing. out of it the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine was removed from her post earlier this year koster has more from capitol hill. president trump has said he too busy to watch the impeachment
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inquiry hearings threatening to end his presidency but he found time friday to catch some of the hearing unfolding on live t.v. and he tweeted about the witness on the stand his former ambassador to ukraine a woman he ousted from the post as we sit here testifying the president is attacking you or twitter. and i'd like to give you a chance to respond read part of one of his tweets everywhere marie of on average when turned bad. but would you like to respond to the president's attack that everywhere you went turned bad i mean i can't speak to what the president is trying to do but i think the effect is to be intimidating you vonnegut is a career diplomat who served more than 30 years under presidents of both parties in a july phone call the basis for the current impeachment inquiry trying to told the president of ukraine she was quote bad news and would go through some things it was
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it was a terrible moment a person who saw me actually reading the transcript said that the color drained from my face i think i even had a physical reaction it didn't sound good sounded like. a threat democrats say trump's attacks on you vonna vege amounts to witness intimidation and possibly an additional impeachment charge against the president trump defended his mid hearing tweet saying he had no intention to intimidate i have the right to speak i have freedom of speech just as other people do but they've taken away the republican's rights testified she was recalled from ukraine without cause in may she'd been drunk fully accused of undermining trump she said and was the target of a smear campaign conspired between trump's private attorney rudy giuliani and corrupt ukrainian officials or continues to amaze me is that they found americans willing to partner with them and working together they apparently
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succeeded in orchestrating the removal of a us ambassador you gonna bitch says she still doesn't know why she was ordered home on the next plane she was gone by the time the white house grows security aid to ukraine and trump pressed the ukrainian president to announce investigations into his political rivals republicans say democrats have been unable to directly tie trub to an impeachable offense the problem of trying to overthrow a president based on this type of evidence is obvious but that's what their whole case relies on. beginning with 2nd and 3rd hand information but now complicating the president's defense is this new evidence of possible witness intimidation in the form of trump's tweet that materialize before the public's very eyes democrats have tried to build up a radio bonaventure as a sympathetic witness and now trump himself may have helped them make that case
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while putting his own presidency in greater jeopardy heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. not in lebanon where protests have been on the streets for nearly a month and among the long list of demands as electricity stephanie decker has the story from beirut. they're making a point of being here around the clock the 24 hour protest calling for 24 hours of electricity the problem isn't let alone it's we don't have 24 hours and it just keep provided by the government this is you. you to this fact we have each person has to have it in the house we have to have a generator to fill the gap where we don't have electricity. so we will end up paying 2 bills for what i lecture city so the electricity is like 6 hours a day. just for the government electricity and we have provided electricity
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for our eating our money literally the reform of the electricity sector is part of caretaker prime minister sad how do these reform plan but with the ongoing political stalemate those reforms are as abstract as the idea of an interrupted electricity let alone has had functioning 24 hour electricity since before the civil war that's before $975.00 that's why everyone has to rely on alternative sources and that translates to a mass of crisscrossed electricity cables running streets and it's like this across most parts of the country this. couple tells us the situation is unbearable. your government doesn't provide enough electricity or gas why we have to use generators but if you go to the areas where the politicians live electricity is a valuable 24 seventh's so they don't feel our problems as they don't live in a blackout the demand of those on the streets government supplied uninterrupted 24
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hour electricity for all it's a demand that isn't new my parents have been asking the same you know it's insane that my parents 3040 years ago have the. things that they need the same things i would ask you right now you know we pay taxes what we get nothing in return our. government the ministry of. health and yet the people are surviving and yet the people are still here still working imagine how much more productive they can be when the government gives them just their basic living standards electricity is just one of a long list of grievances including water infrastructure waste management we're told that decades of widespread corruption and mismanagement means that hardly anything works here the way it should stephanie decker al jazeera beirut. now zimbabwe's government is threatening more disciplinary hearings if doctors don't
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return to work they have been on strike for nearly 3 months other poor pay and working conditions i don't much hassle has more from her already. principal was fired earlier this month along with hundreds of other junior doctors in zimbabwe the government dismissed him for going on strike to demand better pay and work conditions in public hospitals he says he wasn't paid in october and because he's now unemployed he won't get paid in november soon he will have to move out of this department. 2 weeks. and opinions. from. that's our best. in terms of food the bar was once busy public health facilities on usually quiet the waiting areas in awards are deserted the strike has dragged on for more than 2 months most doctors were fired after they failed to attend disciplinary hearings the reason was that they couldn't afford to pay for transport zimbabweans are struggling to deal
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with the worst economic crisis in a decade they are storage is a foreign currency fuel power and medicines there's doctors strike is a nother hardship that many people here say they have no choice but to enjoy. for myriad want to watching her daughter braxton suffer is painful the 3 year old's temperature is very high but neither nurses nor doctors are working at a local clinic. nice and. a lot of people are going to die if my child starts having fits in the middle of the night she could die if the hospitals were working doctors would tell me what medication and injections she needs i am scared i could lose her if she gets really sick but mary says she understands doctors want to better pay like millions of others in zimbabwe story inflation has eroded salaries and life is hard but they're worried mother just wants her daughter's pain to end. like she
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thinks it's a tonsils but says right now there is no one willing to help her. now a u.s. court has blocked the execution of a black man just days before it was to be carried out a 51 year old dog me read had been convicted of murdering a white woman in 1906 but the texas appeals court says new evidence of his and essence must now be considered john hendren has more from austin texas when rodney reed awoke on friday morning his days were numbered numbered to 5 he was scheduled to die by lethal injection at the hands of the state of texas on wednesday nov 20th that is for the rape and murder of stacy stites in 1996 but late on friday the texas court of criminal appeals issued a stay demanding that new evidence be considered among other things his lawyers got an affidavit from a friend of the victim that seemed to corroborate his story that he was having
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a long term affair with stacy stites and that that would explain why his semen was found on the victim when she was found dead in another explosive piece of evidence an inmate in jail along with the fiance of stacy stites says that that fiance confessed to her murder he has since through his lawyers denied that he has done so but that is another piece of explosive new evidence this happened just hours before the texas parole board recommended a 120 day stay of the execution so that they could consider new evidence or the court's consider consider new evidence that is a very rare thing 566 people have been executed in the state of texas since it reinstituted the death penalty in 1982 the parole board has only asked for a stay 5 times it's only been granted 3 times and now rodney reed hopes to beat the odds now the chinese do more online shopping than anyone else in the world in many
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remote areas people have embraced technology becoming online entrepreneurs and turning one sleepy villages into the comus hub science louis has more problems. in less than a decade legion home has transformed his life the former street snack vendor is now c.e.o. of his own company it makes camping equipment and has an annual turnover of there are $9000000.00 puts it down to hard work good luck and the rise in online shopping. as the internet develops our shopping habits change there are also more opportunities to make money we can do business from home whether you are one person 100 people were on the same platform everyone can find something assumes. his success attracted the attention of others in village who asked him to teach them
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how to start an e-commerce business at least 16 family that's about 10 percent of the population here are involved in e-commerce in one way or another mostly as middlemen selling products made by others. but some like lucian friend are more on to printer he sells wood salvaged from old houses in the village. doing e-commerce gave me more flexibility i have to work any way either at the factory or at home i make about the same money but i have more freedom doing this i can take care of my children or go fishing if i like. across china there are thousands of villages like. rural communities whose fortunes have changed because of the internet power is owned by chinese multinational. and is china's largest digital platform it's where many e-commerce businesses got their 1st start.
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villages where at least 10 percent of households are involved in the economy and that have a combined turnover of at least one and a half $1000000.00 a year are known as top villages. not the government has been supportive infrastructure like law just transport this village is mostly operate on a free market basis with gliders or hope for the government. not everyone strikes it big in eco most but some are showing that the internet and business savvy can be a potent combination florence louis al-jazeera beige village judge young province china. now again is a problem and would be headlines on al-jazeera police in france have used water cannon and fired tear gas to break up the testers marking the one year anniversary
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of the yellow vests movement demonstrators in paris put up barricades on the streets and set cars on fire. at least one person has been killed during protests in iran over a 50 percent increase in fuel prices the government has introduced rationing as it struck struggles to combat fuel smuggling routes as the revenue from the increase will go to families in need. in tehran in the rest of iraq everything is dependent on fuel prices if the price of fuel goes up in the night i date the price of rent will go up as well as other living expenses including fruit and vegetables it affects everything which is very bad i really believe that it will paralyze a class of society especially the laboring class. the joy i did they make this decision because they don't have money left we are under sanctions they want to take the money out of the people's pockets they have a budget deficit at least 19 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a car bomb in northeastern severe the explosion occurred in the city of el bargain
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aleppo's eastern countryside turkish officials blame the attack on kurdish y p g fighters at least 14 civilians have been killed in attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo police say it's revenge for the army's offensive against rebel strongholds the attacks happened in to the occasions of the beni region of north kivu province last month the congolese army announced an offensive to get rid of rebels affiliated to the allied democratic forces. polls have closed in sri lanka's presidential election former defense minister go the parks are and sergeants claim a vassar are the 2 main candidates meanwhile gunman and sri lanka attacked buses carrying muslim voters but there are casualties have been reported well those are the headlines up front with maybe half an is coming up next thank you for watching . is there a. they don't believe in the 2 state solution do you still believe in the 2 state solution we listen what i said was that i would never start
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a war i'm anti war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges iran has the world forgotten the people of kashmir i'll ask a spokesman for india's b j p government why millions there are still under lockdown. i'm a half an bolivia's president evo morales was forced to resign from office and fled to mexico after a disputed election and pressure from the military was it a coup that's our debate but 1st the government of india stranger to controversy this week it welcomed the supreme court decision authorizing the construction of a hindu temple on the site of a demolished mosque what prime minister nouri.


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